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Young Wyrm
Young Wyrm

Joined: 11 May 2012
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Can Be Found: Aear Alda, or on the lighthouse island, or in the air, or with Darius, in Rhydin
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PostPosted: Thu Jun 07, 2012 2:27 pm    Post subject: Stirrings Reply with quote

Something I thought buried so deeply is stirring.
Something I thought I would never feel again is awakening.
Something I thought I would live without for the rest of my days.....

Some things are not as I thought.

Nothing stays the same forever. And that is both good and bad, near and far.
What have I learned?
Yesterday is a memory, one I cannot live in.
Tomorrow is not a certainty, so I cannot live in it either.
All that I have....all that I am....all that matters....is now.

And today....he is here.


He was morning
And I was night time
I one day woke up
To find him lying
Beside my bed
I softly said
"Come take me"

For I've been lonely
In need of someone
As though I'd done
Someone wrong somewhere
I don't know where
Come lately

You are the sun
I am the moon
You are the words
I am the tune
Play me

Songs he sang to me
Songs he brang to me
Words that rang in me
Rhyme that sprang from me
Warmed the night
And what was right
Became me

You are the sun
I am the moon
You are the words
I am the tune
Play me

And so it was
That I came to travel
Upon a road
That was thorned and narrow
Another place
Another grace
Would save me

You are the sun
I am the moon
You are the word
I am the tune
Play me

The song: "Play Me"
Music and lyrics by Neil Diamond
This version sung by Tami
"You cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore."
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Young Wyrm
Young Wyrm

Joined: 11 May 2012
Posts: 24
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Can Be Found: Aear Alda, or on the lighthouse island, or in the air, or with Darius, in Rhydin
1625.48 Silver Crowns


PostPosted: Wed Jun 13, 2012 8:58 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

To mortals this would be late, middle of the night, or middle of the morning before the dawn, but to a night elf, this is middle of the time of wakefulness, the epitome of function and the time she liked best...the time when she could move relatively unnoticed among the humans of this realm, without questions, without stares, without revealing hidden agendas. She pushed her way into the Inn quietly, taking note of who was there and where. Moved to a table not near the couple talking, but not so far away her sensitive ears could pick up their sounds....but then again, her ears could pick up sounds from this room, all the ones upstairs, and for yards and yards out front and out back!

She watched the woman staring at her reflection in the mirror....she had heard some creatures in this world could not even been seen in such....vampires, the undead, and she shuddered at the thought of such an unnatural creature, her gaze curious to assess if this was one...not maliciously....just innocently curious. Familiar with human emotions, she recognized panic when she saw it, on the face of the mirror starer. But that its own motivation and the room cleared. She smiled and looking around at the empty area, decided to practice. Snapped her fingers in the direction of the bar. It became curtains of silk, wafting and waving gently in the sea breeze. Snapped at one wall, it became the scene of the beach, a sun setting over the rolling waters, in golds and peachs and pinks, over bluegray. Snapped and the room filled with the smells and the sounds of the shore....the odor of salt waves, the call of sea gulls, the gentle lapping of wave breaking upon shore. She had magically transformed the bar into a table by the sea shore. She sat back in contentment and smiled.

Uh wait. Too hard the chair here. Snapped her fingers and she was in a
deeply cusioned lounge chair, with a pillow under her head and feet, and the softest lightest blanket to cover her legs and feet. Ahh, nothing like comfort, she enjoyed it so. And pleased to see that she had not lost her touch, her magic still as effervescent, and efficient, as ever.

Darius would open the front door of the Inn, He never liked the possibility
of high population of races. The leather boots clunk on the ground, as he adjusted the armor and looked around. Spoting someone that stuck out far more then everyone else he made his way toward well his lovely magic Night elf... "You miss the ocean that much dont you? Why not the
lake in the glen? The docks or the Islands my dear.." He smirked at that and looked about... "Not too sure others will enjoy what you did to the
place my love.." He slowly pulled a seat out next to her and sat down
pulling a glove off showing a rather chared hand, though he moved it perfectly fine and with no pain, he began to clear the small cracks out..

Her head leaned back, eyes closed, she could hear anyone approaching long before they reached her, so any danger she could alert on....answering while still in that position, she knew the voice, her face aglow with who it belonged to...."There was no one here to ask if
they minded or not....and besides as soon as I leave, things will return to normal." Now opening her eyes turning her head and to heck with it....she got up and climbed into his lap, wrapping her legs around him, sitting to face him, leaning down to rub her nose softly agaainst his. "Darius. I greet you like I have missed you. Because I have. Are you well?"

"Of course i am well my Eternal moon.. For it is just another cycle i must
endure." He wraped his arms around her softly and chuckled. A small kiss being placed on her lips as his glove slowly being placed onto his hand again. "And so what are your wonderful plans for this ever lasting evening?" He smirked at that, knowing full well what she had planed...

She hugged him back, caught up in that moment, too late to stop him from covering up the hand, she noticed it, then he slid his glove on to cover it. She took it within her two hands anyway, and kissed the outside of the glove, as if that might impart some magical healing to what she assumed was wounded flesh. "What do you mean, another cycle you must endure?" They had not had many conversations about....what their own individual natures were....Rande felt she knew not much about him at all sometimes, except for what she could feel and sense.

"Well, A cycle of my life is grim of course, many memory's haunt me... I
supose i should come out with what i used to do my love..." He took a deep breath and sighed looking at her hand, though under the glove it did not heal, for it was not a wound... But a gift that was given, He smiled and chuckled to her. "In my past, ive murdered people, Children, Woman, Men, Anything for the sake of bloodlust bound in my tribes name... Now that my clan has fallen i am alone." He brushed the hair out from Rande's face and smiled to her. "I have been a assassin of the Yjas since I was born... But the feelings i have for you are pure of my own heart, nothing more.." He smiled to her and placed his for ehead against hers.

In the relative quiet of the bar, with only the sound of the sea and the lowly pitched voices of Darius and Rande to break the silence, Darius had her full attention. She listened to his story, understanding, closing her eyes with their foreheads touched, rested there in his contact, her
voice soothing. "I have been a warrior at times, your duties are not unknown to me. We do at times what we are called to do. And make peace with our god about it afterward." Not an excuse for what he told her, or a bargaining away of its moral implications, she just spoke from her heart. And he was in there, in her heart.

"And what if it is for my god Rande?" He smirked and moved his head
back slightly, His beard had gotten alittle more gray enlaced in that ashe black hair. "When i die, Will you wait for me to return?" He was confident on that part, He had a feeling that her pure soul would give him a reason to fight and be the prophet of his tribe, The only Yjasmir... The fury of the

She drew back so she could look into his eyes, her own so very blue as to
almost obscure the pinprick of pupil, filling edge to edge with blue on blue. Fingers so gently rifle through his hair, push away his cowl, trail down to his cheek. Contemplating, choosing her words slowly. "I do not know the nature of your god. I sometimes do not know the nature of my own although I serve her as High Priestess in the Temple of Elune, something I was born to do, a destiny given me by the prophets of my
race. Still it does not mean I am omnipotent, only Elune is that. There are times I see on glimpses, parts, and those are the times I have to trust in Her for the rest. I have to have faith that She works in a way I know not of, but that is for the benefit of all. I believe that. Like I believe in you, no matter what you tell me your god asks you to do. I will wait for you Darius the Honorable. Although I am already by men standards ancient, I have many more years in this lifetime. If you ask it of me, I will use them all in waiting for you."

"So it is set... The Yjasmir, And the priestess of the moon." He smiled and kissed her lips softly again. "Though it must be Near a volcanic structure my dear... For well, It is how my culture does so..." He chuckled and grined to her, That sly grin did have a hidden value to it, the grin of not only a murderer and theif, but that of a husband...

Her own lips lingered on his, the small chaste kiss he gave so brief, so sweet, as to leave the wanting for more. "I only care that I am awake, to be sure I am not dreaming." Her way of saying, it must be at night for her....her only requirement....so that Elune may be present and give to them Her blessing. 'Um. Do we have to live...within the volcano?" A bit wary of that, she could be near it, she supposed, particularly if it was near the sea, but not sure how she might fare living actually inside it.

He nodded to her in acceptance of her terms... "Then so be it... The unity
of the Yjasmir and the Child of the elune... The moon, And the molten fury..." His hand interlaced with hers and he smiled. "However we will live somewhere we both can sustain."

Thinks about a little cave on the side of the volcano mountain near the sea. "I think it might work."

"Very well My dear... Nothing a little... work cant fix to make it just like
home, May look like a cave on the outside, but on the inside it will look of a home, kings will be jealous of.." He chuckled and placed his arms on her hips softly smiling...

The night becomes the day, light streaming in the windows now in testimony, beginning to rob the night elf of her strength, giving her the need to rest. She lays her head down on his shoulder and settles in close, her face pressed up next to the side of his neck. Sometimes
there is a time for no words. This is one.

He smiled to her, and slowly pet her hair softly picking her up and taking
her to a room inside the inn, of course, a room for the both of them. His body must adjust to her schedule, though it was simple... At night this assassin would prowl... The day was never a time for him to prowl....

((Adapted from live play between Darius and Rande, with thanks to Darius' player.))
"You cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore."
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Young Wyrm
Young Wyrm

Joined: 11 May 2012
Posts: 24
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Can Be Found: Aear Alda, or on the lighthouse island, or in the air, or with Darius, in Rhydin
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PostPosted: Tue Jun 19, 2012 3:47 pm    Post subject: The Gift Reply with quote

Renna's stall was nestled amongst the others. Fortunately for her, it was right smack in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the busy Marketplace lifestyle. On display in her booth, was an array of potted Rosa Giganteas - her white roses, grown by her own two hands... Uh... Claws... She stood smiling behidn her booth, rearranging the display every so often, adjusting the sign that read: 'Five Gold Pieces Each,' so that it could be better seen by passing potential customers... The blonde, had her hair tied back, and she wore a simply yellow sun dress. Dull red eyes, half lidded, almost lost in thought, even her smile was a touch half-curled.

Darius was making his way though the streets of the market place, looking at the wares that most of the merchants had. He stoped at the sight of the flowers lingering there and examining them with his eyes, The well maintained gottee was toyed with by the concealed fingers. A small grin formed on his lips before he chuckled. "Have you ever seen the Flamespouts of the Aloit volcano miss?" He chuckled softly and moved a finger toward the stem of one but stoped retracting his hand. "Forgive me, I should ask before touching your merchantdise.. .May I feel it?" He motioned to the flower and smiled softly, the grey heairs trimed his beard as his hair was about shoulder length, Though ash black to the sight.

Suddenly, someone was talking to her. It broke her from her vacant stare, and quickly she blinked, and lifted her head to view the man who had just reached to touch one of her flowers. She straightened her posture, and grasped her dual wickedly mechanical finger-bladed gauntlets together just in front of her chest as she spoke, "I don't think I've seen them, sir... And, oh yes, of course you." She smiled brightly to the man, inclining her head to one side, "Just be careful of the thorns. They're barely noticeable on these Rosa Gigantea hybrids." She hadn't met this man before. She turned, and dipped down to reach off of a small stool behind her a plate of white chocolate rose cookies. She offered one to the man. "Have a cookie. I baked them myself. They're free - all customers get a free cookie, even if they're just browsing."

He riased a hand to her and chuckled. "I can not..." He smiled to her and nodded touching the flower softly, the leather gloves protecting him from the thorns as he sighed. "Thank you for the offer though.. How long did it take you to grow these wonderful plants?"

She smiled still regardless if he did not want to take a cookie. Instead, she placed the plate back down onto the stool behind her, her smilg simply glowing with pride at the complement to her flowers. "Two weeks. These flowers have been hybridized so that their growth rate is almost tripled the standard Rosa Gigantea... But it's a lot of work to maintain them. They need to be well cared for."

"Hm... I dont know if I could tend them, and im not to sure if Rande would either, Then again she does live pretty close to water..." He thought a moment and reached into a concealed pocket pulling out a single coin that he spun around his finger as it split apart into five seperate coins and he placed them in his palm offering it to her. "Ill take one.. Miss..." He left a moment for her to introduce herself.

Woot! She got another sale. That made five this morning. She dipped again behind the booth's counter, holding now a cup full of gold coins towards the man, so that he may drop the coins into it. After all, if she tried to take the coins from him using her claws, he might not have any fingers left to carry the flower pot. She beamed, "Oh, the names Renna Egorwrath Bloodstone, and thank you very much sir for your purchase!" She smiled, "Please take any one you like, but I recommend that one," she pointed at one of the flowers inparticular, "He's a little older than the others, and stronger, too. He'll last a very long time if you look after him properly."

"Very well Miss Bloodstone." He looked at it and simled. "Perhaps next time i go to my homeland ill bring you a Flamespout.. They dont shoot flame dont worry but they are a pheonix plant.." He chuckled and held up the one she spoke of, pot and all. "How well can this plant sustain heat?" he placed each of the coins into her cup and smiled softly. "They are beautiful... And naturaly beautiful plants are always tended by a beautiful woman.." Oh yes, hes still a charmer.

"B-beautiful...? Th... Thanks..." A flush of red crashes across her cheeks, threatening to expand to her nose. Her blush was very furious, but, well she sort of chuckled it away and tried so very hard to keep what she likes to call her: 'business face.' Renna settled the cup down, and nodded to his question, just a touch, "They do survive well in heat, but you need to make sure they're watered frequently if that's the case."

He smirked coily and chuckled as well. "Are you sure you dont need some water? Looks like you cant take to much heat yourself.. You almost turned into the Yjas's hoof.." He chuckled and pointed slighlty to her blush and made a wide smirk. "But i must say, I think Rande will thank you as well for this beautiful flower M'lady" He looked up to the sun and smirked. "Well i do not know if she will be ariving here in the light of day..."

And now he's blatantly trying to make her even MORE embarrassed! She struggled to hold back her grin. The man was a nice person, and it's a change for Renna to meet someone who doesn't really know the stigma that follows her in every waking moment. "I'm fine, I have some wine back here to keep my lips company." Renna bowed her head forward a touch, blonde bangs covering her eyes now, "Thank you for your purchase, more so, sir. I hope your wife will enjoy the flower too..." She blinked, then, at his comment. "Oh... Has she some affliction with the sun?"

"Now now, to much wine and im sure i could make you end up giving your franchise to me.." He chuckled and leaned slightly on the stand, The Chain wraped under his cloak coming into view slightly. "Well, Sort of, shes more active during the night.. I think its just a religious thing she has, Not much into it myself but none the less i support her and wont aim to try to get her to change her schedules.." He smiled to her. "Though of course not many people want to come see a local blacksmith at night and want to purcahse, instead you have a higher probability of geting murdered and having your gear taken then making a single coin." He nodded slightly, though most likely it was do to experiance...

Several nights past had her diving and gathering the tears the Mother would share with her, having enough to offer for sale in her modest stall at the end of one long row...that corner booth....far off the midpoint. One would have to be persistent in shopping to see all the vendors or look in particular for what she was selling to find her. She was that unusual, that much of a specialty. But displayed upon the countertop were several specimens laying against a background of black silk. So if her wares were there...might she likely be, as well?

She chuckled a touch, "It's hard for me to get drunk, sir. I'd have to drink a lot of wine to make that happen!" She mused. Renna blinked, and nodded a touch, "I see... Religious? Well that's... Okay I suppose... Yeah it is best not to force change on anyone. Especially those you love." She beamed a merry smile, as she turned to adjust a few boxes behind her. "Oh, yeah, the city at night is very dangerous... But... Heh, I don't get that problem." She turned, and held up her dual mechanical claws, smiling nervously, "Some times these things scare away people, but they're helpful for warding off thieves when I make my deliveries at night... And... Well, it's a double edged sword, these... Some times I scare away the customers with them, unintentionally, of course." She frowned deeply, leaning on the inside wall part of her floral booth, dull red eyes roaming the busy Marketplace.

Arms folded, her form lurked in the early morning shadows as she leaned up against the buildings. Her dark gaze floating over the day's start of business; she was watching one particular stall for some time now. The creak of leather giving her position away as she shifted her lean::

He raised a brow and offered a hand to her. "May i examine them more closer." As a blacksmith and well, a relatively capable inventor he desired to look at them to understand what they looked like, how it worked, to see if it was her hand or if she was wearing a gauntlet, How ever he did not know if Rande would be at her little stall until later, when he goes to visit her. "Such things are always worth taking a look at.. You never know what you may learn from diffrent people.."

Her tongue ran over her back teeth as her jaw shifted. The Scathachian's attention shifted to bring this man into the fold. Still far enough away to barely pick up the gist of their conversation, she could read body language well enough. And she knew enough to keep her eyes peeled.

"Oh... My... Hands?" She held one of those gauntlets out towards him... The black alloyed metal was covered in barely glowing runes of Infernal, Angelic and Elfin in origin. The metal itself is not of this realm, and if anything, not of any realm. Although the gauntlet was plated, the articulations of the fingers were absolute. The forehand of the gauntlet, appeared like it could open up to reveal a hidden compartment. Be careful though, those finger blades are deadly sharp... And don't worry about the power of Necromancy practically pouring from the metal, it just makes the gauntlets feel ice-cold to the touch. "... Oh I see. Well... I don't know how they work, really... Only Mantic-I mean, my sister, knows... She made them." And they were indeed her hands.

She was standing behind her stall, facing in the direction of the sea, arms flung about herself in a self-hug, breathing deeply....close enough to be ready should anyone wish to examine the pearls on display.....yet far enough to not be engaged yet in the crush of sellers and buyers traveling throughout the area....one in particular on her mind, as she drank in from the Mother the strength and peace of Her ways.

And she barely noticed Issy staring at her all that time. Her attention was firmly on the man's interest in her gauntlets. "She's coming soon, you could ask her when she arrives."

Her ebon gaze drifted over the pearl peddler as well. Only once did she see a two small boys lurking about that stall. But as she watched them, they looked up while the stall's mistress was faced the other way; in catching the Judge's stern gaze and slow shake of her head, they skedaddled away quickly, leaving the pearls to their mistress. Her eyes once more turned toward Renna and her customer.

He took her hand carefuly into his and looked it over his eyes taking in the engravings and taking his time examing it.. "Magic, runic magic perhaps?" He was speaking outloud examing the runes.. "I can understand a few of them, But some of them are strange, I may know quite a few languages but..." His hands taped the Angelic runes. "I do not understand these ones..." He let go of her hand and smiled slightly his eyes turn to Issy and quickly followed her eyes to see Rande... "Well, Theres my lass, Ill leave you and your friend? Sister? is this her?" Motioning to Issy and chuckling... "And well, i learn more about it if i study it myself... can never trust a creator to reaveal all the secrets of something.." He gave Renna a nod and bowed slightly. "I must take my leave m'lady, May Yjas watch over your steps." he kissed his fingers and placed the finger on the gauntlet softly before heading off to visit Rande with the plant he had purchased for her.

Renna glanced to the rune he tapped, and she smiled, "It means Soul. But there are some that even I can't read... It's a pretty old language of my home land, and, well, since I didn't make these things, I can't really translate the others..." Renna tilted her head a touch, and then turned to see where the man was looking off to. She finally spotted Issy when he indicated her. "Oh, no, that's not my sister... My sister and I we're... Twins..." She nervously shifted on the spot, and smiled to him, thank you again for your purchase. If you have any problems with the flower I'd be glad to come round and help!" She waved to him with her deadly fingerblades, "May Nemesis smile on you, sir!" She lost her smile, and her eyes lost their cheery expression, when she regarded Issy with dull red eyes. After a momen't stare, she smiled, and, gave the woman a motion of her hand to beckon her closer.

Whatever was hers was offered in kind to whoever had need, for they were given to her in the same way by the Sea. Feeling the disturbance, but it was as if a little nudge against her elbow, nothing malicious, just street urchins who had not enough to eat and no one to care for them....she would have allowed the theft under such circumstances...and made no move to interfere with whatever they needed for the necessity of their sustenance. Yet she would have also thanked she who protected the
pearls by her firm stare, had she had the chance to do so. She breathed in deeply again and a singular scent drifted to her senses....causing her sea-blue-green eyes to flutter open. She had spent enough time in his presence to know it was he. She turned to face out to the marketplace, taking a step into the booth, nearing the counter to look across it. Where?

As the pair looked at her, she shifted once again. The groan of her leather vest signaled her movement. The Judge circled back and around, through the Marketplace, like a shark circumventing its prey. She slipped through the stalls as if she were nothing more than the wind. The blades of her Order swinging lightly against her hips, though never touching even the veils of fabric that wafted from some of the stalls as the morning breeze carried through the bazaar with the promise of the sea nearby. As she moved past the pearl vendor, she nodded to the woman lightly and paused nearby to watch Renna and the gentleman from a different vantage point.

Though she could smell him, he knew his ways to avoid the sight. to mold to the environment as he watched her carefully and moved inside the hustled streets of the market, Though making sure to elude her eye sight and sneak up on her before wraping a arm around her waist, holding the plant up to her. "Ah.. Vedri, M'lady Rande... A flower for my hearts eyes?" He held the flower her had purchased from Renna up for Rande to view.

There's... Something of a strange feeling creeping up inside her... You know that feeling, when you're in a dark alley, and you think someone's behind you with a knife, ready to slit your throat at a moment's notice? Yeah? She's got that feeling all of a sudden when she lost sight of Issy, as she moved away. Oh... Maybe she didn't see her gesture? She frowned again, and turned to open up a box behind her, taking out another plant pot with another rose happily sat within. She sighed a touch, her dull red eyes half lidded again. She held the rose up to her face, and took a deep sniff of the flower's aroma. "Hey there little man, one of your brothers just got sold! Isn't that great?" She was indeed talking to the rose.

Just in time to spy the leatherclad warrior, for what else would she be with such weapons hanging at her side, and Tyrande being one would know, she acknowledged her nod with a fist to her chest, the warrior way of greeting, and a demure nod, the two gestures not seeming to fit together, but from Rande they would strangely mesh. So caught in her greeting to the woman, Darius did indeed sneak up on her, his arm about her before she realized it would be there, but his voice followed the touch soon
enough to have her halfway turn into him, the flower noticed. A peace offering for his absence? He would be lucky, this time! so said her small gift of a smile. "For me? How lovely. Thank you love." She kissed his cheek in graditude and let him set the flower on the counter, enchanted with its color. "What kind is it?"

The link between the two stalls was this man, who now received all of the silent scrutiny of the well-practiced priestess of Scathach. And while she did dip her chin in acknowledgement of the woman's gesture, she remained aloof...and all for Renna. She was ever aware of what she was capable of; and never, under any circumstance, would Isuelt ever let her guard down around her. There had been too many years, too many battles fought, too much blood between them.

"Well my dear i beleive this flower was called a 'Rosa Gigantea'... A nice lass Named M'lady Bloodstone was selling them so i figured you would enjoy it... Pardon my absence ive been having to knock my apprentice upside the head a few times geting his head back into the fact he has a trade he must learn. Oh, and it seems they are getting married as well him and his eclipse.." He chuckled softly and sat down behind her stall, relaxing slightly and smirking. "Why have you not come visit me at home? Have not leanred to summon Yjas yet? Well i supose i still need to teac hyou how to do that.." He smiled and chuckled softly.

She settled the plant down next to the others, and sighed. Then she looked up. A young girl was at her stall now, and could barely see over the stall's table. The blonde blinked, and leaned over her plants to look down at the girl who stared back up to her. She smiled sweetly to the girl, "Hey there! What're ya doing down there, little girl? Oh!" She turned and grabbed the plate of white chocolate rose cookies, and held it down for the girl, "Would you like some cookies? They're chocolatey yummy!" The girl, just blinked, looked to the cookies, took one, and was about to plop it into her mouth when... Her Mother came into the picture. The mother scooped the girl up, and rebuked her harshly about talking to strangers, especially criminals... Renna blinked, was about to say something, but instead, she got slapped across the face. The mother stormed off, child in tow, kicking and screaming... Leaving Renna at her stall, nursing her burning hot cheek with an icy cold gauntlet...
Renna looked, well, sad, now. Even some tears started in the corners of her eyes. But she smiled. All she could do was smile, and, not feel hatred. NO... She can't feel hatred. "... Heh." She giggled a little, "Silly kids..."

As if an alarm had gone off, Isuelt's slinking gave way to a straightened posture. She went rigid as her body jumped to full attention. A small girl. Renna. An offering of sweets. In the Judge's mind, this was a gruesome fairy tale in action. Her throat was suddenly full as it held her heart, her boots carried her closer to Renna's stall... And then, her mother saved the day. But Renna looked...so...unsettlingly unphased by the behavior. Odd.

The Giant Rose? roses? He had no idea what roses meant to her....or did he? Did he somehow sense things about her she had never shared with him? She loved him for some reasons, maybe that was one she didn't even realize! When he sat, she moved with him, leaning up against him, close to him, a finger extended to touch gently the side of his face, the shell of his ear, the line of his chin. "It seems you keep some secrets yet from one who would know all about you, Darius. If you would allow it."

"Some secrets are not to be shared, Some secrets are traits even a daemon would resent, Though to summon a Yjas it will take a very very complicated procedure my love.." he wraped a arm around her softly and smiled... "Like how i hate water... it burns my flesh do to the pact i took.." he nodded and smiled to her softly.

Her fingertip trailed across his lips even as he was speaking and when he stopped she pressed her own to his in a soft and chaste, and very brief, kiss, but her voice was filled with concern. "The Mother hurts you so? I have never known the Mother to be so unkind, without reason." Beginning to understand him just a little bit more, she frowned. "We do have some differences it would seem." Unspoken her worry that what those were, would not keep them apart but she was still learning of those too.

"like you, The flames Curate my flesh... the flame of the Yjas is the purity of my life.. Water Burns as flame serenades.." He said after he returned the kiss to Rande with a small "But opposites always attract dear.." His hand slowly taking hers into his as he pet the roof of it and chuckled.

She looked down at their hands so entwined, then raised her gaze to his. "But water quenches the flame, extinguishes it so that it will not rise and flourish. Do you think....it will be that difficult....for us I mean?" She was thinking that if they were doomed before they even began, if they were that opposite....no, she did not want to think on that further. She squeezed his hand, holding it perhaps more tightly than normal, afraid of what it might mean to pull away.

"As long as you do not try to force me into water i think we will be just fine... a few flaws in our little way i supose its a good obsticle to overcome my love.." He nodded and removed his hand showing the small almost lava looking veins. "This is a sign that i may become a Yjasmir, My life may be extended my love, even after i pass of human age, i will still be here with you... Flames always appear, even if one dies it can spark up once again. You agreed to wait for me.. to see if i do come back.." a hand slowly petting her cheek as he kissed her lips softly again. "Just because death threatens us, that we are different, do not let it tell us that we are not meant to be Rande.. I may be a shadow.. But forever will my fire burn inside your heart."
"You cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore."
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PostPosted: Tue Jun 19, 2012 4:05 pm    Post subject: In Gratitude Reply with quote

A small folded note was left for Darius upon her pillow on the bed, meant for him to find when he woke...for the Daughter of the Moon would already be away.....

It was decorated on the outside with various sizes and colors of pearls, pink, coral, lavendar, and of course, white. His name was the only word written on the outside of the envelope.....Darius. On the paper written in her own hand were these words, of her own heart....

A rose he gives me, does he know
Just what the rose has come to show?
From long ago, when life was young
And full of promise, full of song
A woodsman came to claim my heart
But with it soon he did depart.
Not of his will, but Yersa's might
Her deadly dream cut short our nights
To leave me here without him still...
He sleeps and dreams in emerald hills.
Yet told me thus before he went
That I should not his loss lament,
Go take the hand of yet another
To give me what none could asunder.
So one has come, as was foretold
In ancient fable of long ago.
The rose he is, beneath the steel
He wears outward, as if a shield.
White for the purity of his heart
When first we met I sensed his part
Was not what he gave the world by day
But buried neath his shadow's sway.
I looked beneath and found his truth
His own heart broken in his youth,
Yet still he held it out to me
The rose, his love, forever be.

Something had dropped out of the folded page and now lay resting on the table before him....a pendant on a silver chain....a dragon in silver rising and flying through flames....those flames made out of tiny red pearls embedded in the pendant....red is an extremely rare color of pearl, in fact most did not know of its existence...yet there they were.

The letter was signed.....

I give you my heart, now and forever.

"You cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore."
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Young Wyrm
Young Wyrm

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Can Be Found: Aear Alda, or on the lighthouse island, or in the air, or with Darius, in Rhydin
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PostPosted: Thu Jun 21, 2012 4:30 pm    Post subject: The Ceremony Reply with quote

Darius was waiting at the docks for Rande, His hand slowly playing with the necklace around his neck, the necklace that his love had given him. He glanced off over the water in his wait and sighed ever softly before whistling a soft tune.

Dusk and dawn and all the hours of the night in between were the domain of the Priestess of Elune and she guarded them well. Often she was in partnership with the One to whom she had become Savior, the One that together she had travelled into these lands of Rhydin, unknown to them both until some time afterward. They had found no way to go back, back the way they had come surely not, and now...having met Darius....she had no wish to return to where she was from...there was nothing for her there. Anything she could do there....she could now do here. Even Aear Alda, the great sea tree of life, had been resurrected here and now grew directly from the seabed to the south of the lighthouse island, giving her....and the One....a safe haven and home in these lands. Extreme sensitiviity to hearing....in particular hearing those she was tuned in to hear, those she cared about....had her picking up the whistle from the docks of Darius. He would not know it yet, but his touch upon the pendant she had given him would transmit a signal to her....it acted as a sort of beacon, so that she could home in to wherever he was when he touched it. Her magic was strong to communicate with those she loved....be they man or beast. Her thoughts reached out to the Golden One who soon would be seen flying low along the top of Aear Alda....and land there, in wait for Rande.The moon reflected off the golden scales of the beast as he flew toward Darius, Rande perched up high on his neck, just behind his head, directing his flight with her whispers in his ears.

Darius saw the dragon and sighed slightly, but those whispers made him loosen up just enough, the blade was released, seeing as the dragon was the normal attacker of his homeland he did not share a good bias upon the draconian race. Though he did notice a single girl.. That single aura that he saw, that essence of his heart, his passion and love... "Though it had to be a dragon.." HE smirked and chuckled again before standing up and making room for her... waiting still for her to arrive on the dock.

The golden dragon swooped low over the edge of the docks, making a pass of observation, as was his habit, before coming in for a landing. His wings were still, as he glided past, their shadows passed over Darius, and so Rande could not see the expression on his face, hidden within the shadows as it was, or else she might have jumped from the dragon's back on th first pass and run to him, asking him what was wrong. She would have no idea that this was yet again another difference between the two of them...they really had not had much time for talking about things such as homelands and histories. They flew on past, and made a huge circle in the sky, coming back around, when this time the dragon would make a landing on the end of the dock, which would carry him a few feet along it toward Darius, but not quite right up to the man, before his momentum was halted and he folded his wings down and tucked them along his back, lowering his head almost to the dock, allowing Rande to slide off. She ran her hand along the scales of the dragon's neck, giving him a pet, much as she would if he had been a horse she had just rode in on...then, all smiles, she turned and ran to Darius, giving him a quick once over, but he didn't appear to be in any distress. Deciding he must have rubbed the pendant accidentally, not knowing he was calling her, she kissed him lightly on his cheek, with a hug to go with it. "My love. How are you?"

He kissed her softly on the cheek and smiled, warping his arms around her softly and waiting thinking. it over a last time and nodding. "Of course my love, i am ready to hold the seven oaths... of bonding.." He smiled and chuckled softly. "That means i am willing to be your life mate till the end of my existance... I desire to do it now if that is alright to you my love.." He nodded and pulled the seven jewels from his pocket. the hidden meaning to the jewels he had adorning his weapon.

"Now?" She looked at him incredulously. "Oh! But I am not dressed for a wedding, Darius! And the fae...they should attend me....my court of faeries....they are always in attendance of me whenever something of monumental importance happens. Although..." she paused, turning to look at the dragon, still sitting on the end of the dock. "I suppose since he is here he might be a substitute for them....as a witness you understand. But still, I have no proper wedding gown. At least not yet. I really thought..." now she turned back to Darius, her hands upon his shoulders, pushing in closer to him, so that she brushed right up close to him. "I thought you might want to take a ride first. He said he would be agreeable to it if you wished." She nodded in the direction of the dragon, who was patiently, and quietly, waiting for further instruction from the woman he owed his very existence to...whom he would forever serve. "I assume you saw the note....I left for you." Silly elf woman, who knew he saw it, and knew he had called them by the pendant! Fishing for what he might say about it? Ah the female mentality!!!

He chuckled and smiled to her. "Though i do not like poetry my love... I think it was perfect..." He leaned forward and kissed lips ever softly. "And about that... The draconian race and myself have had many disagreements... And i prefer not to be to far in the sky..." He whispered into her ear softly.. "the last time i was on a dragon i was tearing under their scales to get to the vitals..." He kissed her behind the ear and smiled.

She watched him as he spoke and little by little her bright and beaming smile was slowly fading, with every reveal of his words. He hated the poem? Oh bloody hells. Her face flushed crimson with embarrassment of what she had written on his note. He fought with dragons? Oh damnit to bloody hells! Her mouth dropped open in surprise, for next to him, her best friend was...that dragon!! He hated flying?? He liked to gut and disembowel dragons? Her face drained of all its color and she put her head down, pressing it against his chest. How could she have gotten it all so very wrong? She was trying so very hard to be generous, be thoughtful, be loving, only it seemed like everything she did he had some reason...good ones, too!!....for recoiling from it. Her voice, with her head buried in his chest, was muffled and low. "Oh Darius. I did not know any of this. I tried so hard. I tried to give you....show you....how much you mean to me." She looked up at him. "The pendant. If you do not like it..." something she would assume because of what the dragon might remind him of...."I can get you something else. Its just....I thought...well. Here I am a dragon rider. And we were going to share that with you. It is a special ability, to have a dragon allow you to ride them. He had consented to care for you, as he cares for me. Because of the debt he owes me. Of course, now I understand why you....would not be pleased with that. Or...with...me. Perhaps I am not meant to be your mate. Perhaps this is not something my god...and yours....would bless."

He placed a finger on her lip and shushed her. "The time in the past is long gone, I love the gift you gave me, and i am more then willing to try anything you have me, at least once... If i don't like it then you will know that i wont do it again.." HE brought a hand across her hair to get it from her eyes. "i love you Rande and everything you do means something to me. little or small it means alot more then doing nothing." He smiled to her and nodded slowly.

His touch...his finger on her lip....his brush of her hair from her face....it had been a long time since she allowed a man's touch to affect her like that. Did he know? Did he have any idea how such a simple innocent thing as touching her....could bring a thrill of such magnitude to her....could make her so weak in the knees? What was that....desire? Carnal need, something she thought she long ago put behind her? A response to a male's attention, in other words called pride? A precursor to actual....caring? Maybe even love? She had no idea, was a bit afraid to delve too deep into it to find out. She just knew...she felt safe with this man...she liked being in his arms....it had been that way from the moment she met him. A thing called trust, hard to earn, never easily given...and yet here she was, willing and ready to give that and more to Darius! The warrior in her was usually not so trusting, not so easily won, not so naive as to give in so soon or so completely. What was wrong with her? And he was waiting on her. "You know. He will also be loyal to you. You do not have to do anything to cause it, it is his way. He has said. That is one function of the pendant. You can call him by rubbing it. You can also call me, as I am the dragon rider. But either way....he will be sworn to protect you with his very life and do your biding....the same as he is to me, alone now. Once I have a mate...and...children...his protection...his debt...is owed to them,as well." She looked at him, wondering if that might soften his feelings toward dragons.....at least....toward this one. "Perhaps not all dragons....are the enemy of your people Darius. Perhaps the golden ones are different. Special. It....could be, couldn't it?"

HE nodded. "I will give him a chance.. And im sure we will argue, I shall give him a chance since you are his friend, but that will not still blind my sight from him my love... Do you wish to start with the Oaths?"

She took his hand. "Rather determined aren't you?" Teasing in her voice, secretly she was thrilled....she had wanted to be his for a while now...there didn't seem to be any reason not to go through with it. Oh the fae....alright. "Um....could you wait just about....ten minutes? I am afraid that if we do not allow the fae to be here...they might never forgive me!" her eyes twinkled at him....did he even know what she was talking about?

"I will give you ten minute then dear.. Ten minutes exactly." He chuckled and nodded slightly to her. "I assume the Fae is the same Fae i know.. woodland spirits?" he kissed her lips softly again and held the 8 gems which where attached to chains, the same chains to the chain spear he used as a wepaon,.

She nodded in answer to his assumption. "They are. They have been the attending court for the Priestess of Elune since....antiquity I believe. Always. And while they are mostly honorary, they do still retain quite a bit of magic in their presence, and I would hate to have that directed against me....rather than for me....I am sure you understand." All the while she was talking, she had been sending out vibrations for them....the fae were so sensitive, so secretive, they operated on vibrations well above most elves, and certainly all humans, but Rande, as High Priestess, had been taught from childhood how to communicate with them....a secret that only the one chosen to be High Priestess would be given...either during her training for the office, or during her initiation rites. So, by now, they would be on their merry little way...flitting and twinkling and blinking on and off as they flew in great haste from Aear Alda in the center of the bay to the docks where they now stood. "Besides....they will be bringing me....some proper wedding attire." She just smiled at him now, letting him wonder about that one! "Where are we going to make our vows? Here? On the docks near the ocean's edge, my love? Or do you have something else in mind?"

"As my tradition, it is where you desire, but if this does not suit your wish, then i suppose we can go wherever, my love for you is rather.... Bursting from my chest.. Im very impatient when it comes to this my love.." his hands taking hers softly and he kissed her hand then her lips softly.

It wasn't like she could not sense his urgency, he fairly danced with it, and certainly it tingled along her veins when he touched her. Good thing that at the exact moment he uttered the word "impatient" the fae burst on the scene....literally!! Little round orbs of brightly colored light, blinking off and on, their intensity at a high level due to the excitement of the urgent message sent to them by Rande....they encircled the couple's heads like rainbow fireflies...pulsing their happiness with their lights. Then came the second wave, little spheres attached to and flying with a garment that they dropped over Rande's head, as she raised her hands for them to do so, leaving her attired in a white gown of silk that clung to her body, its bodice and skirt covered in patterns of roses made of pearls....after which those little fae all flew up to light in Rande's hair briefly....then leaving and as they did so, leaving little white pearls embedded in her hair where they had landed. Rande now looked the proper princess bride! And as the fae flew about them, she smiled at Darius. "Since I took the time to dress for the occasion, its only fair that I let you choose the place." She stepped up to him and took his arm, squeezing it. "I am so excited, where are we going?" If he left it up to her, he might find himself standing on the backs of dolphins in the middle of the Bay of Rhydin, so this would be his chance to take control of just where he might feel most comfortable!

"Let us do it here... Right now..." He smiled and kissed her cheek softly. "Are you ready my love?"

Beneath the shadow of the golden dragon's wings, with the fae as attendants, stood the Daughter and Priestss of Elune, the last living elf of the Kaldorei, by the waves of the Mother Ocean who had always heard her heart's desire,....and Tyrande Whisperwind reached for the hand of the man who stood beside her....soon to pledge he would always stand beside her...as she would make the same vow back to him. She had words she would say to him, not sure if this was the time, so she looked to Darius for instruction as to how to proceed. "I am." is what she said. "I will, I do!" is what she thought!

"Rande, the blood of the Yjas is my own burden, but without you, the pain of the eternal fury would consume me in the end... Through your love you purify my mind to the image of the stars and sky, Through my fury and blood i will be devoted to you in life and death to ensure the purity of our love stays strong. And even when the night fades we still hold eachother in our sleep, in our wake. when the world, burning bright with the fury of the Yjas, our love will remain true..." The final stone he touched was that of the Jet... "And even in our death our spirits will remain pure, Love bound to eachother for eternity. Rande if you accept, I shall be your Soul mate for ever on, that no twilight will ever be unaccompanied, that no day will be left alone.. " He then took her hand as the stones formed that of a pendant, molded in fire for a mere moment before forming a charm. the charm coming down holding each stone in the form of a phoenix. as he moved to place it in her hand.

She watched in fascination as his precious stones floated in the air before them, even more so when his hand set them afire, and listened with her heart to the words of love he pledged to her, thinking this was the most magical, the most beautiful of all the nights she had ever known. She looked at her hand, taken by his own, and the phoenix pendant left within its palm. She knew that shape, knew that symbol, and words of an ancient rhyme came to her, which she shared with him, spoken in a whisper...

"Beneath the tree of knowledge in the garden of paradise stood a rosebush.
And here, in the first rose, a bird was born. His plumage was beautiful, his song glorious, and his flight was like the flashing of light.
But when Eve plucked the fruit of the tree of knowledge, and she and Adam were driven from paradise, a sparkfell from the flaming sword of the angel into the nest of the bird and set it afire. The bird perished in the flames, but from the red egg in the nest there flew a new bird, the only one of its kind, the one solitary phoenix bird.
The legend tells us how every century he burns himself to death in his nest, but each time a new phoenix, the only one in the world, flies out from the red egg. The phoenix knows the secrets of life and reincarnation that even the gods do not know! The bird of paradise---renewed each century---born in flame, dying in flame!
When you were born in the garden of paradise, in its first rose, beneath the tree of knowledge, our Lord kissed you and gave you your true name!"

She raised her head to slowly look at Darius. "Now I know the truth of Darius the Honorable....and the rose....and the phoenix. And forever will I carry it in my heart...for my heart is no longer my own, but thine. I carry your heart in mine own. Just as you carry my heart within yours. Yes I Tyrande Whisperwind of the Kaldorei the spirit of the nightwind that forever whispers songs of love will have you Darius of the Yjas, to have and to hold, until and beyond our deaths, for it is love that rises from the flames of destruction, love...that never perishes....but lasts eternally."

"You cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore."
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