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The arrival of a Mobster. Sort of.

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PostPosted: Thu May 23, 2013 3:31 pm    Post subject: The arrival of a Mobster. Sort of. Reply with quote

December 21st, 2020
SVT Dimensional Control aka SDC
Location Classified

The Terenzios could not take credit for the brilliance of design that compromised SVT Dimensional Control?s headquarters and sole location. They had just barely begun to duplicate the level of technology that was inside. But, when you helped an entire planet ascend, the Galactic Federation tended to hand out perks. The Terenzio family had also long since graduated beyond mere mobsters. They got things done, usually that few others could do, sometimes at great cost to themselves. But hey, they were gangster like that.

There were four divisions inside the SDC, but the building itself was so self contained there were twice as many floors. Holographic personal computers, in whatever shape their owners wanted them to be, human, alien (you wouldn?t believe the number of R2D2?s running around the place) walked down the hallways along side of the various agents, and not all of them were human either.

Vasco Terenzio was a human. The oldest born of triplets, he was also the serious one, though his sister Simone often competed with him for that title. And with good reason. This particular lifetime hadn't been very kind to her.

Vasco was standing in front of the cryogenic tank. Around him, scientists in their cliched white lab coats ran around to the various holographic computers, inputting final calculations. Inside the tank was his grandfather, Marcello.

"Bro, you have to let me go too." Lucien Terenzio, Vasco's brother, the youngest and graduated playboy (some days) stepped up to his brother and clasped him on the shoulder. "It's the Legend of RhyDin."

"Eventually. Maybe. Pop-pop gets first shot though."

Lucien drew the family gray eyes over to the tank. "What if it doesn't work? Or worse what if he's 100 when he gets there?"

"The nerd squad have informed me based on a lot technical *** I don't understand, when pop-pop arrives he should be in his thirties give or take. If he's not, I'll assume they have wheel chairs."

Lucien chuckled. "What are we hoping to find there?"

"For now, it's a curiosity."

"C3PO," Lucien glanced over his shoulder. The golden droid, especially shiny today because he'd just finished a polishing walked closer to Lucien.

"Yes Master?"

"Mission risks again?"

"Primarily, the shuttle transporting the elder Terenzio could malfunction inside of the Nexus. He could be trapped there."

"Dude, high risk mission. You have to let me go." Lucien looked over at his brother, nearly pleading.

Vasco chuckled. "We need you here Lucien, you know that."

Lucien huffed. "Stupid Earth and it's stupid doorways."

Vasco's amusement lingered. "C3PO, what are the odds the Sirian headset will retain it's functionality inside of the Nexus?"

"Excellent, Master Vasco. The Sirian's take into account all-"

Vasco held up his hand. "Just wanted the cliff notes. Thank you."

"President Terenzio." One of the thicker scientists with a very strange looking set of goggles covering his eyes looked over at them. "The cryogenic tank is ready to be moved to the shuttle."

"Excellente." Vasco glanced down at his watch. "Proceed. We've got ten minutes till that wormhole appears."

"Completely messed up that pop-pop will be asleep through the coolest ride ever taken. Ever." Lucien turned, walking up to the full wall glass window. Below them, a bullet shaped shuttle was being prepped.

Vasco made a face. "I hate wormhole travel."

"That's because you're a p<censored>."

"Now Simone gets to go to RhyDin before you."

Lucien snorted. "Yeah. Okay. Send trigger happy to the new realm. That'll go over well."

Vasco clucked his tongue. "She is a little angry."

Lucien sighed. "If I had to look at the spitting image of the man I keep losing no matter the lifetime, I might be too."

"She'll get a happy ending. Eventually."

"I hope so."

Down inside the control the room, the tank was placed inside the shuttle by the AI's. The Tech Control Master looked up at the window and gave Vasco a thumbs up.

Vasco waved his hand over the glass in front of him and a control panel materialized. He inputted the correct sequence to clear the shuttle for launch.

"Remind me to put something in my will that says, if a future mission comes along you can bring me back to life for, do it."

"Basically you want to copy Pop-pop's."

"Well, yeah. I want it to sound cooler though."

"Master, it's time for your lightsaber lesson," C3PO reminded.

"Oh yeah. See you at the board meeting, V." Lucien clasped his brother on the shoulder, took a last fond, lingering look at the shuttle containing their grandfather and walked away.

Vasco nodded once. Folding his arms over his suit covered chest he focused his attention back down in the control room. "Computer, switch views."

The entire wall in front of him changed. Instead of staring at the control room, Vasco was now looking out into the infinite beauty of space.

"5,4,3,2,1." His mouth quirked faintly when the gigantic wormhole was suddenly there, flashing a dull blue light into the darkness. His smile grew when the shuttle was shot from it's port, a straight trajectory right for the wormhole. It took seconds for gravity to take over and suck the shuttle inside.

"Shuttle is deployed." And then a moment later. "Target has reached it's destination Mr. President."

The voice echoed out on the comm system. Vasco nodded to himself. "Good luck, pop-pop. Have fun." A single wave of his hand returned the window to what it had been. Vasco turned, and headed back to his office. There was still plenty to do in this timeline.

To Be Continued....
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