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Saints Preserve Us: Blessed Are The Children

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 14, 2013 12:20 am    Post subject: Saints Preserve Us: Blessed Are The Children Reply with quote

((The following is taken from live play on 8/4/13. Many thanks to everyone: Alekto, CARNAL, Icer, Andu, MC, Izumi Takamine, Finn, Julianna Frostbite, Lucky Duck, Daugolozan, Ebon, Ripper!))

For an evening that was spoiled by heat and humidity, the gods could not have sent a more lucid omen. Bhaal, the god of murder, it would seem was up to his old tricks again. His minions had been spotted around the city, and in no short order did they stop in to the Inn. Perhaps their intention all along was to bait Isuelt, as she stood sentinel for Scathach, and her allies? In any case, it was an evening that produced moments of heroism and inspiration in the face of the dire and dangerous.

Izumi Takamine stood up at the bar counter, not on the counter itself, though the fairly short girl needed to lock her boots on the upper supporting legs at the base of the seat to get some loft in order to make herself more noticeable. "Hey guys, just saw most remarkable thing on the way here! Riding through market square, I saw image of great flaming ram horn skull in the sky, just over where that orphanage is. And I swear I have not been drinking!" she added hastily.

As Isuelt and her allies raced out of the Inn, they feared what they would find.

The portal opened and Alekto and Carnal stood, square on the roof top of the Rhy'din Orphanage. "Should we get the show started Carns?"

"After you Sister of Hurt!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" Carnal gestured to the orphanage which was of fine construction, built a large part by her father's money.

"Time to set some fire." Alekto formed a globe of fire and handed over to Carnal," Find something to set ablaze. I'll start on the other side." And she moved across the roof, beginning to set the orphanage's roof alight. Her hand shot in the air, and Bhaal's skull appeared in flames over the orphanage.

Carnal happily skipped about and procured the articles given to her by Alekto and by *her*. The killer clown threw them into the air towards the peaceful orphanage with a squeal of glee. The crimson and iron objects smashed into the building and exploded into deep red flame at the point of contact bathing the building in flame and noxious crimson smoke.

"Remember Carnal, she has to be here, she has to go into the fire, she has to save them.... We must get our point across to the ***** that we hold the power now."

Carnal flips and hops to and fro like a wild savage around the fires. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Sometimes I just kill myself!"

"Just wait for the screams. Wait for such a beautiful song. It will light up the night." Alekto didn't want to leave until she knew the orphanage would burn to ash. Making her way back to Carnal's side she mused," Bhaal would be pleased."

"P R A I S E BHAAL!!!!!!!!!! LOVE THAT GUY!!!!!!!! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahah ahahahahahahahahahaha! What a night!!!"
"Ready to go home? Or did you have another place you wanted to burn?"

Carnal's smile fades as she looks to Alekto "I want to cut baby. I really want to strip meat off bones..."

"Let's go home for now. I'll find you a baby later." The fire portal opened again as she took one last glance towards the burning orphanage.

Isuelt had hitched a ride with Icer and she heard others behind her. She raced toward the area, her eyes looking up at the unholy face of Bhaal in the sky. " more kids!"

Icer's wings beat as the dragoness flew as quickly as she could. Nostrils flaring. She was trying to beat the flames before they destroyed too much.

Morgan was a street kid. Hood up as he smelled the fire. Doing nothing more then heading that way.

Behind the pair comes Andu, in full battle gear with a 16 foot naginata in hand. "Issy! Can I have Gaia evacuate?!?"

Icer's jaws parted, sending her icefire to battle the infernal blaze, "Issy, get the kids!"

Andu recalls Issy's statement earlier, and will do nothing to "violate the rules".

Isuelt rubbed her head, having flashbacks of the last time Alekto dangled (literally) children on fire for her amusement. "YES! YES ANDU! Get those kids out of there!"

The Orphanage was burning, bubbling with sickening fire. Hissing flames came out of the window and beckoned to Issy like a toxic dance. Inside children began to scream, caretakers inside scrambled to make sense of what was happening.

Andu slaps at his upper left Arm. "Gaia! Zulu on the Orphanage ahead of me!!"

"Icer! See if you can put out any of the flames!" Isuelt was pointing to the southern end of the building.

Coming around Morgan saw the blaze and heard children. Whatever was on his back was off as he bolted towards the orphanage.

Icer wheeled about the sky, sending another frigid blast toward the flames, trying hard to extinguish them.

Less than a second later, blue light starts showing for seconds in various places inside the building. At the same time, Columns of blue light form in the street outside, each pair of lights takes less than 3 seconds to form and fade, and leave a child, or caretaker in the street, safe for the moment. The lights don't stop till all those living inside, including any pets or mice or pigeons that happen to have taken up residence.

Isuelt swore under her breath. She felt useless....just like that night. But at least she could evacuate as many as she could. She darted forward, toward a doorway free of flame and smoke. "HEY!" She screamed, looking for children, caretakers...anyone. "COME ON! GET OUT!"

Crimson noxious fumes filled the orphanage and slid throughout the building with deathly grace. Those who breathed it in immediately felt as though their lungs were set ablaze themselves and gored with raw horns...another treat from the Temple of Bhaal.

Izumi had made for the market plaza at top speed, which for the Rabbit was a stately 80 kph or so. Luckily she was able to spot the telltale signs and remembered the general direction of the sign she'd spotted, and screeched to a halt just at the verge of the burning orphanage. She dismounted but kept her helmet for the time being, as well the white surgical mask over her lower face. She had begun to dash toward the burning structure but halted as seeming teleportation occurred all around her.

Isuelt?s cotton shirt was lifted over her mouth and nose as she waved a few individuals out of the building, "MOVE!"

The fires seemed to laugh at Icer?s ice. They whisped and whipped, some even hissed back towards her as backlash. Andu's teleportation, well it was working. The kids were getting out that way. There would be no deaths tonight, no, that was not the plan, this was a message to Issy. No ONE was safe.

Even though it was hard to breathe through the noxious smoke, the little dragon continuously battled the blaze, growling as it flared up in response.

Morgan whistled towards Izumi and motioned to her as he pulled his shirt up to cover against the smoke, let alone the fumes. arms going out to get some stumbling kids out of the building.

Andu moves to stand between those rescued and the Bhaal pair. ?Everyone! Out of the Building, Gaia's got it!!? Gaia and Andu's planning started way back in Kain's time, and so are well advanced and developed.

Isuelt squinted her eyes against the smoke, it was thickening. But she would be damned if she let one more person die because of the whims of the followers of Bhaal.

Hearing the whistle Izumi sprinted over to help Morgan, coughing from the fumes in the area. Though a bit staggered from the noxious smoke, she still was sturdy enough to provide a crutch-like support for some stragglers to hurry them well out of the range of the fire.

As the young MC and Izumi covered their faces they still could feel the heavy "burn" from the red mist as it at first tickled their eyes then seemingly started biting at them. As it did with Isuelt as well.

Tick tock went the clock....The fire welled up and scorched the mark! The singsong humming came from a robed figure standing on a rooftop a block or so away. A plain staff held easily, the affectation, as everything else, stage prop. Firelight glinted off cats-eyes, unblinking as he observed.

As Issy moved through the building words streaked after her. "Doomed. Useless. Puppet of A dying Goddess."

Morgan dealt with the burning as much as he could, used to pain, although after a while it was limiting him. Seeing that Andu was moving defensively he moved to join Andu's side, two knives sliding into his hands as he scanned the area.

Isuelt coughed against whatever heat and pain bit into her skin. She found a little one cowering in the corner. And as she scooped up the small girl, the Scathachian headed for fresh full sprint.

Another circle, and Icer took another choking breath, diving toward a window ledge. She'd hover there and loosen as much of her element as possible.

Lucien Mallorek didn't know which way the heroes went when he left the inn, but enroute home, he saw the rising smoke and blazing fires burning like a beacon. He was really starting to hate fires.

So was Icer!

The swirling image of fire continued to take the symbol of the skeletal ram's head above the blazing building...hovering above like a demonic host. Sharp flames periodically shot from the ram's grinning mouth towards the minotaur Andu and the various do-gooders. All children and caretakers were liberated from the blaze, but nothing seemed to be helping as the wood withered to it's hunger.

Andu plants his Naginata hard into the ground. He takes a deep breath and then releases it in a yell that would shake nearby windows and shingles. ?No Innocent Will Die While I and Mine Stand.?

A snarl as the flames licked at Icer?s wings and scales. Soon she was backwinging to avoid the infernal heat, and to catch another breath.

Isuelt heard voices...but that was impossible, right?....from the flames. As the Judge nearly stumbled through a doorway, she could see the exit beckoning to her. Beams were falling and crashing around her and the little girl she held in her arms, smashing into flames.

Andu grins and steps forward, spreading his hands, then kneeling to launch a fire suppressant grenade, on a timed fuse, at the Burning Rams head.

Morgan wasn't quick enough as the Flame licked his side, shooting a sharp pain up his side.

Lucien came to a skidding stop as the sight of the burning structure came into full view. "Geesumpetes," he muttered under his breath as he stood, frozen for a breath, or two at the hellish sight.

The massive beast Daugolozan, being enriched with raw magic himself, could easily feel the traces of dark magic here beyond mere flames. The site seethed with it...and it rank of foul tongues.

?Gaia, If the rescuers agree, Beam them out of there.? Andu pleaded.

?My oh my...? Daugolozan had to nod at the theatrics of the rams head, his laughter akin to a boiling teakettle.

The child held onto Isuelt?s neck for dear life, fear powering the little grip. "It's okay...-cough....cough-....I'll get you out of ....." Another beam fell, Isuelt dodged it to the side.

Unless stopped, the grenade reaches the fire in the sky, and explodes spraying fire suppressant foam all through the area and steal the oxygen from the fire.

Morgan was on the ground in pain as he searched through painful eyes to find Izumi. His side easily at the stage to be considered of a second and near third degree burn.

The fire sent at Andu himself? It seems to move through his armour into a place far behind him, while never showing a sign behind him.

Izumi was much distracted by the biting and pain of the mysterious fumes in the air, as she attempted to make her way to Morgan to effect his rescue as well. "Something toxic around the air" she called as she stumbled her way up. "Quickly to the Rabbit!"

Smoke curled up from Icer?s nostrils as she sent another frigid blast, though she wasn't fast enough to dodge a nearby flame. It tickles her side, and left a terrible sting.

Grenade? Vs Fire? Ha! The ram simply swallowed it, grinned, and exhaled flames off in the minotaur's direction. But nothing came out, just smoke.

A hand reached into Lucien?s pocket and he swallowed thickly as he uprooted himself and approached.

"There is still someone in there." Morgan was bleeding but he didn't care as he tried to get up in pain "I?m going in." shirt, although burned at the side he started back in to make sure everyone was out.

?Gaia, take the children and their caretakers to the emergency rooms.? Andu himself just stands there, as if inviting those in the air to do their worse to him, as he stands there grinning.

The suppressor grenade of the minotaur's seemed to hold back there lapping flames from further striking the young speedsters. The crimson mist began to whirl about and creep from the building to flood the streets themselves. That's the advantage of having faced pyros before. One can come prepared so much more easily.

Inside the orphanage, Isuelt went down to a knee. Over the cackle and laughter? of the flames, she heard the soft crying of the little one in her arms.

The orphanage began to crumble, fall, withering to waste. Fortunately everyone was out... well... except MC and Issy.
Icer was finally forced to land, nostrils flaring. Though a foot stomped at the mist as it swirled.

Izumi followed behind as quickly as she could, stumbling and half blind from the smoke. She was unaware of it herself, but any place the flames had come close or touched her had simply taken a temporary bluish iridescent look, apparently undamaged by the heat element at least.

There was no way Isuelt would let this girl die. No way. The Scathachian powered up and looked around for an alternative exit. She held the girl close, "I got'll be eating ice cream in no time. I promise..."

The fires were methodical as they seemingly intentionally surrounded MC. The heat growing sickeningly intense.

Lucien saw the silhouettes of a few of the heroes. The burning mark was unmistakable and a frown creased marred his brow. Coming late to the scene, he didn't know the full situation and he started murmuring under his breath, fingers brushing over a few items in his pockets.

Falling beams and wood was being dodged as Morgan moved towards the sounds of crying "Ayo lets go!" He turned, the fires closing in he bit his lip and charged throw, barreling at speed through the flames, this was going to hurt.

From above, there was the sound of something falling. A faint whistling sound, not unlike the sound that bombs sometimes made when they were falling from on high to explode on the earth, that grew to a shrill crescendo, just prior to the arrival of...a blur that quite suddenly smashed into the ground, just before the flames, shattering earth and stone in a small crater as dust was thrown upwards. It was mere moments before it cleared, revealing the tall, nearly statuesque form of a man, red of hair, blue of eyes, white of skin, dressed simply in jeans and a blue button-down shirt. Standing in the midst of that wreckage, he looked around with a dangerously calm expression at those involved in the situation, simply...taking it all in.

Lucien instantly recognized this orphanage as the edifice that The Baron's fortune built shortly before his death.

A sharks-grin, and deciding to add a bit to the mayhem below, Daugolozan held up a hand, muttering the first syllables of the Charm. Under the arcane urging some of the flames writhed upward, snaking around the ram's head to form a flaming crown.

Had Icer seen someone go back inside? Another stomp, before dodging a falling piece of rubble. ?Get them out, now!?

Izumi abruptly noticed the odd look to her skin, and barreled on behind MC. She tried to call attention to her newly discovered fire resistant nature, to let him know to retreat and allow her to proceed, but she had no breath to spend on the words. Instead she increased her pace and tried to grab MC to drag him bodily back out of the rubble.

Isuelt blinked as she thought she saw a figure in the flames. Was that another kid? A caretaker?

Hopefully the figure in the flames was creating an exit for Issy because Morgan was attempting to barrel on through towards her, ripping himself away from Izumi even though he was burnt, and badly.

There would soon be nothing but ash. The building falling in the wake of MC and all those who were leaving.

Rage flared up within the Barrister as he moved closer and the cold realization of which building this way struck him. He heard Icer's cry but his attention remained fixed on the building proper. His hands were pulled from his pockets, then he paused as he looked at the crumbling building.

Isuelt didn't know who it was, but she followed MC....carefully. She was fighting for breath with every step.

Lucien murmured under his breath, muttered the trigger word and threw his hands out toward the burning building to strike the building and fire with...not water...but...marshmallows.

Appearing behind Daugo was none other than the fire dancer, Alekto. Looking at the crown she grinned," Nice touch.."

Andu plants his Naginata and yells up at the Bha'al pair. ?Go home to your ?master?! You can not win here.?

It didn't take Julianna Frostbite long to get there, the indicator pinging her to Issy's location. She looked as she ran over to the her, "What the hell...?"

Icer would use her body as a buffer, between the falling structure and those who had been evacuated.

That landing had rocked the earth as Finn came in from the sky, but he wasted no time once the situation was evaluated. As soon as he saw what was happening, he strode right for the flames and those he saw within them, his mouth opening and a single word shouted from his lips that was in no language any present would recognize. Whatever it was, there was a sudden wave of roiling force that blew out from him to clear a path through the flames for those trying to get out.

A stream of white fluffy, foamy, confection...Lucien?s thought...smother the fire as well as soften the collapse.

When Morgan came to the final wall he lowered a shoulder and went throw it, blowing out a hole hopefully enough that Issy, the child and Zumi could get out as well. Once out he simple collapsed on the ground.

Marshmallows or not, there was no saving the building.

Of course Icer might be staring at marshmallows, before adding her own ice once more.

If there was any surprise at the sudden appearance of the redhead behind Daugolozan, there was no given sign. ?It's always amusing to watch simians run about trying to handle that which strikes out from the blackness of night.? He snickered softly, half-turning his head to glance backwards.

A miracle? A breath of fresh air reached Isuelt?s lungs and a moment of vision's clarity. She blinked and saw a way to escape the fiery, crumbling building. "There!" She yelled for MC....

Alekto strode to stand beside Daugolozan as she watched. "You looking for a job? Or just a night of fun?"

Julianna looked around to where the last location told her Issy should be, the flames being spread wide towards the building on fire, she patted Finn?s arm as she ran past, "Preciate it." In she ran until she found Issy with a girl in her arms.

Izumi burst out of the ash as well, unburned but almost shimmering now with that witchy blue iridescence. She was however near frantic with breathlessness and could barely see, not even knowing if Morgan had made it out with the victim he'd been after or not.

Morgan was far ahead of Isuelt, but it was soon that the Scathachian followed, still gripping to the child in her arms, whose tears felt hotter than the fire.

Out away from the building, those children and caretakers not in need of immediate care gather.

Finn was no simian. He predated 'simians'. For that matter, he predated...just about everything, really, save for very few. As soon as that word was shouted, he did what any other in his place might do: he strode right into the path his voice had created for him, right up until he could see Issy and MC, and whoever else was in there, speaking in a regal tone that was command beyond question. "This way! Now! Move - I can't hold this back forever!"

When Julianna reached Issy she had to yell a bit above the roar of the burning timbers, "Any left in there?!"

At this point Morgan wasn't moving much, all he felt was burning, whether it was his skin or his breath or the fumes in his eyes or lungs, he just felt burning. At least he made it out and cleared a path for Issy and them.

And Daugolazan was probably one of those few. Amusement for a moment. As he turned slightly now to look at Alekto. ?And tonight appears to be a night for mayhem, murder and arson??

Jumping over the remnants of ash and downed walls, Isuelt followed....was that....her lord, C? Chulainn? She was blown from the vision by seeing Julianna. She was coughing deeply and so she handed the girl to Julianna as the Judge tried to draw breath.

Andu shakes his head. Then takes a deep breath and yells, ?Everyone is Out. Clear away from the building.?

Icefire leaked from Icer?s jaws as she took another coughing breath, soon moving to check on Izumi and Morgan.

"We are not to murder tonight, just to make the priestess quake in her pants. The real fun begins soon, you are welcome to join..." Alekto smirked to Daugolazan.

Lucient?s eyes narrowed as he watched the few stumble and stagger out of the burning building.

"I....I don't know...." Isuelt answered Julianna as best she could as she looked back to the building...and to the figure of the man who had yelled to her. If he was even still there.

The remainder of the fire damaged building sagged inwards like a gutted stag. The stench of that red mist still lingering in the air....hovering.

Without much disturbance, the fluid of Julianna?s movement as she took the child from Issy was flawless as she reached under the arm of the woman and gripped around her ribcage, "No time for a stroll....let's get out of here shall we. We'll chat in a minute." And she started moving the woman along with her and the child in her arms.

Izumi drew the emergency healing tonic that was concealed inside the handle scale of the knife at her pack straps, whistling and passing it Morgan's way as she caught up as well. "You got injury. Better drink that" she stated as she now had the presence of mind to rescue the Rabbit as well, walking it further away from the now ruined building to a safe distance within the plaza itself.

Finn was there in a flash, just under the collapsing sections, hands up to catch the falling parts at two key structural points with bare hands on bringing material....and yet, the fire seemed not to want to touch him as he held it up. "MOVE IT!" The words were uttered in a tone of command that thundered like the wrath of the ancient gods themselves. Those present hearing it could choose to deny it, but in these circumstances, who would want to?

Watching Finn over her shoulder, Isuelt was ushered away by Julianna. "I think....." Coughcoughcough. "...I think...that's all of them...." She prayed it was.

Morgan pushed up as much as he could on his limbs before turning to look, or at least do what he could, at Izumi. Safely outside he took a drink of the tonic, although its effects were slow. He took a deep breath and staggered only further away from the building.

Those with Issy are the last. Most of the rest already standing dazed in the street, unless they needed medical attention.

Backing away as she heard Finn, Icer was going to need a long soak! Muscles heaving.

"We're Comin'!" Julianna growled out as she looked down at the girl in her arms before those ice greens flickered back to focus through the smoke ahead and they were clear of the building. She released her looked back down at the girl, her breathing was shallow, her tiny chest pulling with each attempt to fill it with clean air, which by the looks of it....wasn't much. She darted her eyes around to find where to take the girl for help.

The Scathachian looked around, hoping her allies were accounted for as well. As her chest heaved with labored breathing, she turned to watch the destruction that the Bhaalites had once more wrought. Her nostrils flared as her jaw set.

?Oh, I think I shall simply watch for now, my dear.? Daugolozan?s voice shifted, at one moment dry, almost brittle, the next deep, sonorous. ?I would simply hate to interrupt what appears to be a lovely hatred in the making.? He had his own plans, and truth be told, they could do with a bit of mischief distracting. ?Though, I may add a few touches...? Extending a hand, fingers curled in almost exaggerated slowness, as the guttural syllables of the ancient Charm of Making rolled from his lips. And slowly, along the base of the burning building, a whitish mist slowly flowed, mingling with the other vapor already running riot and obscuring vision in some areas as it built up volume, in other areas it flowed along the streets, a cool caress of dew impossibly birthed from the flames.

As soon as everyone was out, Finn let go, releasing the sagging sections and letting them collapse around him, the flames roaring upwards like the infernos of Hell itself.

Well Morgan was probably easily missed, looking more like a child that would be in the building rather then one ballsy enough to make sure everyone was out.

Andu waves his Naginata over his head to attract the attention of those exiting the building. And others standing about.

No wince came from Isuelt as the building collapsed, no tear, no whimper. But a swell of boiling hatred for the Temple of Bhaal, for Alekto, for Carnal and for everything they stood for. So deep and so pulsing was the red-hot wave of hatred, that the Scathachian shivered as she let it shoot through her entire body.

Lucien?s hands were slipped back into his pockets, watching the building consumed and fall. Fingers tapped unseen in his pocket.

It was a few moments before Finn walked out of that hellacious conflagration, completely unharmed, the very flames parting before him as though they feared to touch him. A piece of burning debris was brushed lightly from his shoulders as he stepped from the fire, moving in Isuelt's direction.

"Well then, until we meet again, stranger." Alekto grinned and took a step back, vanishing in flames.

Coolness from Flames? Andu speaks softly while waving his weapon. ?Gaia. Children and Caretakers to the ERs. Now. And tell those there what to tell them.? And the last of the children and caretakers vanish in columns of blue light that quickly fill with golden sparkles, and fade just as quickly.

?The games afoot, the pieces are in play...How they will affect the game, who yet can say?? Daugolazan mused, the teakettle laughter whispering softly as he turned attention back to the streets a block away.

The Judge could nearly taste the loathing in the back of her throat. It took Finn's approach to shake her from her fantasy of ripping Bhaalites limb from limb.
Icer was still standing between the kids and the flames.

Finding a group of healers close by, Julianna gently laid the child for them to tend to and she is back at Issy's side, the look on the woman's face garnering a smirk of her own, "My, my it would seem this has hit more than a usual nerve." The hard edge in her voice belying the haphazard look of the smirk, "Who did this?"

The tall Scathachian blinked and looked to Finn, dropping to a knee before him, her head bowed in reverence.

A glance as Morgan noticed Issy. He had got a good bit of healing from Izumi's tonic, although it wasn't enough as his body was covered in second degree burns. He moved over to her since he had seen her as he barreled through the building before it collapsed.

As Issy dropped, Julianna?s brow shot up along with her ice green gaze leveled on the one she was bowing to. She looked him over, "Interesting reaction but...ok."

Andu looks around, then shrugs. Everything more seems to be in hand. ?Gaia, could you grab my mug from the Inn for me?? A smallish column of blue light, and Andu is holding his usual huge mug, and sipping from it.

Julianna's surprise was well-founded. Isuelt had never knelt like this. As in ever. If Julianna was one to show shock...her features could have been photographed and made 'shocks' poster child.

Dropping out of the night sky, Ebon Ilnaren settled on the street, his own reaction to Isuelt's bowed head little more than a quick glance; if she was doing that, she had her reasons, and there were people hurt.

Finn stopped as he came within arms reach of Issy, looking down upon her before he knelt before her and took her hands. Standing again, he pulled her up with him, speaking in a tone that was unmistakable in its regal notes. "You need not bow before me, priestess. This is no time for reverence, even before me." He looked over at Julianna, looking largely amused, but nodding to her. "These were the enemies of the followers of Scathach." Despite his unquestioning tone, his glance to Issy for confirmation of that was hard to miss.

Soon Icer was easing Issy's way. Nostrils still flaring as she was trying to such in air that remained untainted.

Hey it was that Julianna chick that wanted to cut his heart out. Well Morgan was standing next to her, although in one hell of a shape, burns all over as well as his clothes in near tatters, he was dumb enough to go into the flame, not run from it.

"Yes, my lord." Isuelt nodded soberly to Finn, as she backed up his summation for Julianna.

Ripper comes sprinting now from the south, having detected the flames and made it as fast as he could to where the varied denizens of Rhy'din are gathered. He makes his way toward Andu, where he leaps and lands before the minotaur. "Andu, what happened? I smelled the flames almost a mile away.?

"Bhaalites?" Ebon had moved to Morgan's side, reaching into his belt pouch to get some burn ointment, but though he didn't look up, his words were directed at Finn and Isuelt.

?Bha'alites attacked the orphanage. They burned it, but we got all those inside out with minimal injuries, I believe. Those running in after stragglers were more hurt.? Andu filled in the newcomers.

Morgan glanced to Ebon and nodded gratefully to the man. He had already had some healing, though it wasn't complete.

Listening to Finn then the 'my lord' from Issy, both of Julianna?s brows shot up for a brief moment before she shrugged. Woman was odd but there was always a reason for what Issy did so she'd just accept it. "Ah yes. Bhaalites, I believe? I remember...nasty bunch of @ssholes from what I have heard." Her eyes flicker to the still burning building and wondering around he groups of people covered is black soot and struggling to breathe. Her teeth clenching as the muscle in her jaw ticked as her eyes wondered over the destruction. She glanced between Issy and Finn, "They take house calls?"

Izumi was now returning to her normal color, the odd tone her skin had taken when near the fire gradually vanishing. Her outfit was a bit singed, though thankfully not to the point of immodesty due to the long fleece jacket having burned away in places but left her seifuku beneath intact. After giving herself a pat down to determine she was okay, she sat on the vinyl seat of the Rabbit and surveyed the rest of the responders.

Ripper looks toward the ruins, spines rattling. You know he has a soft spot for kids. "Where is the one who did this? I'll rip him to pieces!"

Isuelt was standing now as she turned from Finn to look upon Icer, Ebon, MC, Julianna and the rest of those allies gathered. Although her voice was not up to its usual volume, she did her best. "Yes, followers of the god Bhaal did this. Specifically a fire dancer named Alekto and her sick clown-like other half, Carnal."

?No, Ripper. If you want in on the fight, talk to Issy. But they are gone, for now.? Andu privately shared with Ripper.

"Be still, Morgan." Ebon was gently spreading ointment on the young man's injuries. "This will help cool your burns, and prevent infection while the healing does its work."

Andu stands near, in full battle gear, leaning on his naginata from Izumi, and sipping from his usual mug of coffee. All the children and caretakers not receiveing care are gone.

Whistling, Daugolozan turned and started across the rooftop, the robes flowing around him until replaced by the crisp Armani. His attention already wandering toward other things, he faded into the night, off to speak to an antiquities dealer down in the West End. Time and relics waited for no man!

As if Isuelt were issuing a Wanted Poster decree. "Bhaalites are to be approached with extreme caution and eradicated with extreme prejudice." She swallowed and glanced over the faces gathered, "I do stress caution. They are not to be trifled with...very rarely are they alone. Even when it looks like they are."
Aha. Names. Ripper looks toward... Sniff sniff. Yeah, he's smelled Issy before once or twice. Just need to look at how the others are looking toward her to see that she's the one in charge. So Ripper will slink toward her after nodding to Andu. "Where are they?"

Icer was still breathing heavily, an eye twitching. But whether from the pain of her burns, or her hatred of the Bhaalites, or even both, one might never know.

"That fire dancer again? The one we encountered in the alley behind the Red Dragon, so many months ago?" Ebon spoke up.

Morgan winced even though Ebon was doing it gently. Trying to stay of strong resolve he didn't move and nodded "Thank you (w)" He whispered to Ebon as he listened to Issy speak.

Isuelt?s dark head nodded to Ebon.

Finn couldn't help it. He had to laugh at Julianna's bravado. "If they were so easily located, my young friend, it would be highly doubtful that they would appreciate uninvited guests." The blue eyes glimmered with a mirthful light. "But I doubt that should stop us, if we were ever to locate that information." He turned back to Issy again. "Your thoughts are of vengeance." The tone was not reprimanding - far from it, in fact, it sounded as if he approved whole-heartedly.

Isuelt?s glance swung toward Finn, she swallowed and nodded once. "Yes, my lord." Her voice was hushed in tone for him.

A healer he was not and the others were well tended. Lucien moved around the perimeter to the burning, smoldering remains of the orphanage and walked the perimeter of the fallen structure.

"You can count mine in with hers as well. I don't know them, haven't met any and I'm not much of a people person. I think I should become more socially conscious." Julianna smirked as she slid her gaze to Issy and flickering it to Ebon, "So they've been seen around huh?"

Hm. Okay, very dangerous. Fire dancer. Ba'al: an ancient deity out of Sumeria purported to be master of the heavens. See, a classical education can be useful. Which means these "Bhallites" must be worshippers of this supposed god. Very dangerous, oh yes. He'll sit close to Issy and... her Lord? Now that's weird. But he's not questioning the logic. This is Rhy'din. Forget it, Ripper.

It might not seem the time for humor, but Andu's chuckling a bit as he reviews the recent events in his mind, one particular incident near the end causing the chuckle.

Lucien was scouting out the flickering perimeter and Andu's chuckle was also noted. Isuelt nodded to Julianna.

Icer watched Lucien walk the perimeter of the still smoldering rubble. Tail tip twitching slightly. She was feeling the burn now and slowly she slid toward Issy once more.

Finn nodded, approvingly. "Good." It was all he would say to the subject. He nodded to those present. "Your efforts are much appreciated, friends. Those victims of this assault may stay at my shelter, until such time that a more permanent home can be arranged."

Julianna nodded at Issy's confirmation. "Good to know. Seems I'll be a social butterfly in the near future." Her eyes hardening the more she chose to roam them over the aftermath. That muscle ticking at her temple again.

Looking up, Ebon nodded to Julianna. "Yes. They've had something of a resurgence in the past few months." He glanced to Isuelt for confirmation, then looked back down at Morgan, checking to make sure he hadn't missed anywhere.

At one point, Lucien squatted down and used a broken piece of burned timber to poke around the rubble. A nod to himself, he stood up.

?I'll have a crew start clean up in the morning. It should be clear for building with in the week.? Andu offered.

Ebon had got just about everywhere. Being the quiet one for the most part Morgan finally spoke up "Um.. if you guys ever need a runner or something of that sort I will lend my services...." He tried to get a smile out.

Isuelt looked to Finn for a moment, possibly surprised at his support. But then, of course, she smiled to him as it seemed to fit perfectly. She bowed her dark head to him.

Now, vengeance is something Ripper likes very much. "Issy, what can you tell me about the Bhallites?"

Andu nods to MC. ?You ever want a job, training, or supplies, come see me.?

A glance up at Andu from barrister Mallorek, hearing him mention clearing the site within the week.

A cut of Julianna?s eyes to the bowing head she saw from Issy again. A slight shake of her head.

Andu grins wryly at Lucien, ?I've got road crews real experienced at cleaning up from avalanches, cave ins, and other natural disasters. This should be no problem for them. And they are used to working quickly.?

Morgan nodded as he simply fell silent again, listening quietly.

"Thank you," Isuelt directed that to Morgan, then to Julianna and Ebon....then to Icer, Andu, Izumi as she let her gaze wash over them. A sigh and a clear of her throat, still that sickly smoke felt like it was in her lungs. She looked to Ripper, "The Bhaalites follow the god of murder, Bhaal. Sworn enemies of my Temple." She glanced to Finn briefly before she continued, "They are able of incredible you saw...."

Ice blue eyes of the dragon settled on Ripper as she listened.

"Keep me abreast of the progress. I'll have funds and materials secured for reconstruction as soon as you have the site cleared," Lucien offered with a nod to Andu.

Isuelt nodded to Ebon and then to Lucien. She was grateful for such allies.

A nod went to Morgan as well, one of respect for the offer. It would never cease to amaze Finn how such people, whose lives were so very short, would be willing to sacrifice themselves for each other, even when they were nearly perfect strangers. This was why he sometimes wished he was closer in kinship to them. Turning to Andu, he spoke again. "You have a way to transport these victims? My shelter is right next door to Fio Heslton's WestEnd Eye studio."

?Anyone know who is in charge of the Oprhanages? I need to speak with them about making it so I don't need to be here for Gaia to evacuate them, if this should happen again.? Andu nods to Lucky. ?Consider it done.?

Ebon hadn't even noticed Lucien until the man spoke, and gave him a nod of greeting.

If Icer would allow it the tired and hurting Morgan would move over to her and lean against her, his breath still on the raspy side.

And that's where basic cognitive skills as pertaining to detective work. A different Bhaal than the one Ripper's read about. That just up's the danger factor. "Yes. So I see. How do you expect to find them, then?"

A bow of Lucien?s head was offered the Judge. "Lady DeRomiano." Then a nod to the Judge's friends and allies gathered.

?Many of the rooms in our lair have cleared out.? Coughing as a wisp tickled Icer?s throat. That smoke still clung.

"There is no single organization in charge of all of the orphanages and fosterages, Andu. Those of us who provide such services tend to keep in communication, though." Ebon answered.

"Yes, very cruel. Totally unacceptable disregard for the little children. Me'n my tribe, Rappappa will be eyes and ears in Little Asia and the fringes of West End near to there. We're established enough that not much go on around there without one of us keeping our ear to the ground get word of it." Izumi declared. "Any other support needed from us, just ask and we'll give it.?

Lucien?s hands slipped back into his pocket and down the road his went.

Andu turns to Finn, and gives him a slight bow of respect. ?Yes. The trains of the RTS can provide transport, or those willing can be beamed there with Gaia's transporter.?

Julianna huffed a sort of chuckle at Issy's description of cruelty, "They aren't the only ones." Her eyes roaming again, taking in the destruction as her voice took on a sharp edge, "As it stands this just pisses me off. I'm eager to find out just how cruel...."

Isuelt moved to Lucien and put a hand on his shoulder before he was too far off. He stopped and turned his attention to the Scathachian.

Andu glances around at the coughing. ?I suggest EVERYONE that inhaled some of that smoke get themselves checked by both Medics and Healers.?

A nod to Lucien and Ebon, before easing Icer?s cool snout to the sore area on her side.

"I'm fine, Andu." Ripper doesn't breath, technically. But the mino should know that. He'll follow right on Issy's heels. Without really stepping on her heels, of course.

Then Ebon looked to Finn. "If supplies are needed, or additional space, send word to me through Isuelt and I'll send what I can or take in those who need it."

Finn nodded to Andu. "That is acceptable. The doors shall be open for them when they arrive." Turning next to Ripper, he gave a rather...thoughtful look to the xenomorph. "Such is no easy task. But if I were to offer a suggestion..." The brilliant blue eyes turned towards Issy next. "...I would advise that one of their number should be captured and...persuaded to offer us information." Ebon was nodded to as well. "Many thanks, friend. I will pass that along to our...current benefactor. I believe he is known to you."

Ripper?s attention snaps to the stranger. Head tilt. "Do they have a base of operations?"

Icer didn't seem to mind Morgan using her as a leaning post.

Morgan smiled up at Ecer and whispered "(w) Thank you" Turning now to give a V for victory to Izumi and motioned for her to join him by his side.

Andu nods again to Finn. ?Gaia shall send them as they are cleared by the medicals and healers.?

?It would nae be the first time we.. ?danced.?? Icer murmured.

"Thank you, Lucien. You okay?" Isuelt was speaking quietly to the barrister before she looked for a moment back to Finn and a thinly veiled smile touched her lips. He was speaking her language.

Finn's suggestion got one hell of a grin. As she brought it first to him then swiveled it to Issy, "Oh yes. I can be very persuasive if you would like some assistance with that."

"If we can capture one of them, I will certainly make myself available to assist in... interviews."

A wry grin ghosted at the corner of Lucien?s mouth. "I should be asking you that. I'm not the one that ran into a burning building."

Ebon and Julianna seemed to be thinking alike, and that made him chuckle.

Julianna cut her eyes over to Finn again, "Keep throwing up great ideas like that and even I might bow to you..." she looked over to Issy before her head snapped back to Finn, "..might."

Izumi left the Rabbit and strolled over to join MC, looking with some concern at him and at Icer as well. "Gonna be alright, both?" She asked them. "Bones o-kay?"

?I've had worse.? Icer said softly to both, along with a smile and nod to Morgan.

"I will be fine,? Morgan heaved out a sigh. "Need a new jacket though for sure," he looked down at his clothes, which were basically just tatters all around from the jacket to the under shirt and shorts he had on.

Isuelt squeezed Lucien's shoulder, always thankful for him. Then a wink for Julianna. The Scathachian couldn't help but smile at that for Finn with a flick of a brow.

Andu grins a bit himself, traps his naginata between upper arm and chest and reaches into another pouch on his belt to pull out a different looking grenade, and bounces it lightly in his free hand.

Ebon had also offered ....assistance. Woe be to the Bhaalite that they captured!

What do you know? There was that all to eager grin again as Julianna shot it to Ebon, "And that's exhibit A for 'Great Minds'." A wink shot at him.

But first they had to capture one.

Lucien brushed a chaste kiss to Issy's cheek. "We'll talk soon." He tipped his head to the others gathered. "Looks like you've got an army gathering," he added.

Finn gave Julianna a look that came with a rather tight sort of grin. "I would appreciate it if you did not. I have tried to persuade Lady DeRomiano that she has no need to bow to me, but she has not heeded my words, and I have given up at that task." He let out a chuckle before he turned slightly more serious. "I would advise caution in our choice of those we 'interview'. Somehow, I doubt pain would be all that effective on the pair that were just encountered here."

"Why can't we just find the fire dancer and cuckoo, and annihilate them?" Ripper offered. Oh so simple when it comes to aliens.

Izumi nodded ruefully, looking at her own Rappappa jacket which was purely ruined. Finally she shrugged with her usual serene grin. "Could be worse. I'll send a message to Saorin to get us a couple replacement made. Might's well get a couple backups"

?There are other means than pain.....? Andu sips from his mug of coffee. ?Sensory deprivation seems to work well.? Andu's grin turns more than slightly evil.

She smiled softly to Lucien, "Take care, Barrister." She looked to the others and sighed, "Unfortunately, the Bhaalites have always, for eons, been a slippery bunch. The Scathachians have been at war with them since before recorded history."

?Lesson number one of the Hero business, Little BB, ?Always? have back ups, of everything.? Andu spouted for Izami and Morgan.

"You as well, M'Lady." Lucien offered to Isuelt.

"Be well, Lucien." Ebon called.
For Lucien, and home the road led.

"You got it slick. No bowing. Wasn't really gonna anyway." A slight smirk to Finn as Julianna sharply nodded her head to him. To his next words she thought a moment, heard Andu and thought some more. Then another nod. "I'm willing to give it at least a good old college try." Her face serious.

Finn shook his head at Ripper. "No. Whoever these people are, they would care little for delivering a message that way - if anything, it may make matters worse. They are subtle in their movements and tactics, and taking two out of the equation would simply take away a pair of weapons. Even those without weapons can still cause serious harm...perhaps worse, if their motivation is sufficient."

Ebon turned to look at Andu. "You may have hit on something."

"Yeah A few won't hurt." Morgan looked over himself and shook as he spoke mainly to himself "I was dumb" Running into a fire, genius.

?You were nae.? Icer murmured softly to Morgan.

Andu grins and lobs the grenade lightly to Ebon, the pin obviously still in it.

"Then how will they pay?" Ripper definitely latching to Finn for the answers now.

"And if what the Lady DeRomiano has told me is accurate - and I have no reason to doubt that it is - this pair is the least of the instruments the Bhaalites here employ."

The delinquent raised one shoulder in a tiny shrug. "Not dumb. Did what you felt like you had to do. Wasn't really time to count the cost, had to be split second judgment." Izami looked to Morgan.

Morgan glanced up to Icer "Running into a burning building head long?" That was a bit louder but it dropped back down as he nodded "Yeah..."

Icer answered him, ?You still have saved lives.?

"Yes. We..." Isuelt paused, but let herself continue, "my Sisters and I have had reports from other Scathachian Temples. The Bhaalites are on the move. They are planning something big. They are infesting towns and slithering around..." She licked her lips, "They are targeting our Temples and slaying Scathachian priestesses."

The grenade stopped in mid-air and began to spin like a slow-moving top, then arced back through the air to Andu, pin still in place, as Ebon looked back at Isuelt. "Like a culling." There was venom in his voice at that word.

Nodding lightly "yeah I guess." Wincing as Morgan shifted some of his weight, all be it not much at all, off of icer and onto his legs.

Andu shrugs and takes back the grenade. ?Black Globe grenade. Courtesy of Dia with an assist by Gaia. Twist the ring to set the time, pull the pin. Throw. It creates a black sphere that absorbs "All" energy that encounters it. Either from inside or out. Which means no gravity, no light, "nothing" for those caught inside to "sense" other than themselves.?

Finn looked to Margan. "I have been a round a long time, young man. Your act was selfless, for those you did not know. There are few actions which can be counted as being so noble. Let no one - not even yourself - say that such actions are foolish in any way. Even the gods themselves are rarely so willing to show such courage and honor as you have this night."

Julianna?s glance fell to MC even as she was focused on both the conversation going on with the Bhaalites and the one in pieces going on between he and Icer, "You did well kid. Very honorable which we have discussed in a dueling ring you may not possess. I'm rarely wrong...glad it was in this situation." A curt nod before her attention focused back on the one conversation about her next target or targets if needed.
Unseen Killer: Wait a minute... "Then this wasn't a random attack. This was an intimidation stunt." It's all clear now. Thank you, Ebon!

Morgan glanced up towards Finn and a nod and a smile, then to Julianna and a chuckle with another nod. Alright he was wearing a calm smile "Anyone need something to drink. I think I can make a quick run and be back with some waters and stuff" Even in tatters and burnt he could move.

That tick of a muscle at Julianna?s temple is seen, "It's rare there isn't an alterior motive when evil pulses through this city." A slight shake of her head, "I'm getting tired of this disregard for the innocent."

Isuelt pressed her lips together and nodded to Ebon's sentiment. "It's how they get to us. We're meant to be the guardians of the innocent." She looked to Julianna. "It's their version of taunting."

?Are you sure you can make it?? Icer nodded to Morgan.

Morgan nodded to Icer "Yeah, I won't go at full speed, but I will be quick.?

Icer quickly added, ?If you?re sure.?

Andu spoke up, ?Issy, if you need a safe place for your sisters, Gaia and I can offer you a complete level inside her to make your own.?

Ripper knew it! "So what's the next move?" He looks between Finn and Issy. "I'm all ears."

Finn nodded to Ebon, and Issy as well, a dark look coming over his features. He was not the goddess the Scathachians so revered, and yet he viewed them in his own way much like any man might view his daughters.

Ebon raised an eyebrow at Andu's offer to Isuelt, and then just shook his head.

"I...Andu, thank you. But our Sanctuary is holy ground. It will stand." Isuelt was resolute, perhaps more so about not running.

?I still will stand with you.? Icer purred to Issy. She had stood with the sisters before.

Andu nods. ?I understand, but consider the offer to stand, if you have any elders, or non-combatants you want out of the "line of fire".

"Please be careful if you see these followers of Bhaal. They are dangerous and not to be trifled with." The Scathachian?s dark eyes lovingly sifted over each face of her allies gathered.

Julianna chuckled to Andu, "Why don't you just ask her to get on an airplane." The chuckle was good-natured as she knew his offer was to help protect her ally and her sisters and she respected that despite the smirking tone.

"Sound like bad news for sure" Izumi replied to Issy's report on the infesting of towns. "Guys like that, they won't stop at just targeting one group. Everybody ought to be warned. Dunno what real help Rappappa can be, other than maybe keep informing from our neighborhoods. Well.. if anybody need a weapon I can make some up. They aren't magic, but they are pretty durable" She glanced to Morgan and tossed him the key to her beloved Rabbit. "Ride instead of walk" she offered.

And yes, despite the gravity of the situation, Isuelt's eyes ticked to Julianna and a small smirk flicked at her lips.

"As will I. If it ever gets to that point." Ripper looks right at Icer.

Finn looked towards Ripper. "We need someone that can find one of these Bhaalites, first. That will be no easy task...and I think none here will be up to it..." And then he looked at Julianna, a thoughtful expression on his features. " perhaps someone who knows that kind of darkness."

Andu nods to Issy, then grins at Izumi. And holds out his Naginata. ?As this weapon is proof of, since she made it for me.?

Morgan tossed the key back as he spun around "I got it Zumi" He was off at a trot towards the Inn to go and get some waters for everyone. He doesn't drink, or else he would bring back beers.

Isuelt?s head bowed to Icer. It was true, the dragon had been an ally of the Scathachians for a long number of years. And she had seen what the Bhallites were capable of.

Andu raises an eyebrow at Julianna. ?Gaia is magic, not tech. What tech is in her is add-ons, later additions. Not "Her".?

"Any sufficiently advanced magic is indistinguishable from technology, Andu, you should know that." Ebon grinned as he said that.

Now we're talking! A hunt! When Finn mentions the darkness, and looks at the other stranger, Ripper?s attention will dart between the pair. Tail flicks once, agitated, as he takes all the pieces into that magnificently powerful brain of his and puts them together. Was Julianna, perhaps, one of them at one time?

Andu shrugs and grins at Ebon. ?And any Sufficiently advanced Technology is indistinguishable from magic, Ebon.?

Isuelt?s long legs moved back to Finn, her voice dipping low though she knew he would probably be able to hear her if she hadn't spoken at all. "You have stood between me and fire once again. I know now why my patroness chose you out of all of the warriors in time." Again, her head was sunken in reverence to him. She would need to go and report back to her Sisters and get a plan together to share with their allies.

Julianna she feels the gaze and slowly turns hers to meet Finn's. Her face mask as her eyes narrow. She had a feeling he was seeing inside her mind and her abilities and seeing things she never wanted seen. That tick of muscle at her temple working as she glances over at Issy, remembering that these things had no regard for life and she knew that dark tendancy was within her as well. Her gaze came back to lock on Finn's. "That would need to be the case wouldn't it?"

Finn looked to Issy with a gentle smile. "You are a daughter of Scathach, and in many aspects I see you the same way. How could I not?" Turning, he settled his gaze back on Julianna. Oh yes. He could see. He was no mere mortal, after all, but he was not the one for this task...not hardly. "Indeed it would be. Though I think perhaps...a guardian angel might be in order as well. Someone as familiar with that darkness as the one chosen." The blue eyes turned back to Issy. "You wouldn't know anyone like that, would you?"

Isuelt?s lips curled slowly into a smile to Finn, "I might." Perhaps it was getting easier to breathe after all.

Morgan returned after some time. A bag of water bottles in one hand, Icer?s water dish in the other with a few more bottles in it "I got water" He announced as he approached.

"I'll take one Morgan." Julianna holds a palm up for him to toss one when he is free to do so.

Ripper?s long hand stretches up as well. Toss him one, please!

A bottle is lightly tossed towards Julianna and then one to Ripper. Moving over to Icer he poured her bowl and laid it in front of her as he tossed another bottle to Izumi, Issy and offered the last two towards Finn and Ebon. Andu had coffee.

Finn smirked to Isuelt. "I rather thought you would." And then he turned to Ripper with a smirk. Oh, no, he had not forgotten the xenomorph, who looked like something out of a nightmare. "Monsters to hunt monsters. Perhaps three..." His voice took on a thoughtful tone. "...yes, three. A number of unholy trinity, one might say."

Julianna catches the bottle without her eyes having ever left the conversation or the one speaking, she catches it and uncaps it before handing it over to Issy, "Here."

Izumi caught the bottle with a grateful nod and twisted the cap free so she could have a drink. The heat and fumes had left her considerably thirsty.

"Thanks, Morgan." Ebon nodded.

Icer smiled to Morgan, then she buried her snout into that dish. Soaking her jaws and letting the water flow down her throat.

"Thank you," to Morgan and to Julianna as she took a water. Her eyes then looked to Finn and she nodded. "I will tell the girls to prepare lookout detail. And...make ready for a guardian angel." Yes, definitely easier to breathe. "As soon as I find out more, I'll pass it along," she offered to the group. She was half tempted to pull the Scathachians out on patrol and have them home tonight. She was truly and deeply grateful for the allies and friends she had made in this city, both old and new. She hoped that other Scathachians in other corners of the world were as fortunate as the threat of Bhaal bore down on them.

?This will not be like hunting prey...this will be like hunting another predator. No easy task." Finn turned to the others and gave a bow of his head. "I should depart now, to ready the shelter for my new arrivals." A look went to Andu then. "The shelter will be ready by the time you arrive, and my thanks for transporting those people."

Isuelt added, "Please be careful of them, my friends. And watch yourselves. Allying yourselves with the Scathachians isn't always a party." She tried a smirk at her joke.

"Very well, then." So Ripper turns to the two women walking on the dark side with him. "I've endured worse, Issy. What's the plan?"

Icer would not show any pain. Nodding her horned head as she heard Issy, ?Aye.?

Julianna chuckled at Issy, "I'll take those odds." A playful dig of her elbow to the woman.

"I'll see what more I can find out and then let you all know," Isuelt nodded to Ripper. And to the rest, her gratitude was written all over her face.

Andu chuckles, ?Not all parties include cake or booze, Issy.?

Isuelt smiled to Julianna, "Good."

"Good night, then, my friends. Isuelt, I'll be in touch." Ebon made ready to depart.

"Very well, then. You know where to find me." Smile, then Ripper starts sniffing among the ashes. Perhaps digging for clues?

Isuelt then turned to Finn and bowed at the waist to him. "Thank you. Always."

Morgan nodded to all as he just remained and the ground, drinking the last of his water.

Icer offered, ?Safe travels, Ebon.? And nodded to Finn as well.

Isuelt waved to Ebon, getting ready to depart herself.

Izumi nodded and sketched a bow, a gesture that was sort of between bow and a duck of the head between the shoulders.

Andu silently waves to Ebon, and looks around at the others present.

One last nod was offered all around, and then with a sudden blur of movement, the man leapt into the air, pushing up hard enough to leave an impression in the ground and sending a small, sudden up-spurt of ejecta as Finn vanished up and into the night.

Julianna gave an upnod to Finn, "Invasive but wise fellow. Not bad." Still a little wha-what? when Issy again bowed to him but having heard his responses and insight into what needed to be done to go after the enemy she shrugged a shoulder. She could get it. She wouldn't participate but she got it.
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