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Magnificently Hung

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 11, 2013 3:32 am    Post subject: Magnificently Hung Reply with quote

"To the leeeeft. Mhm, oh yeah. Thaaaat's the spot..." he murmurs coyly with a gentle laugh while sliding fingers along teh silken edge held stiffly in his hand. The rough padding of his fingers feel the subtle bumps and ridges flex and shift beneath his touch.

"Gentle now. Push too much and it'll never go back to the way it was." He grunts and widens his feet just beyond shoulder width. Druid maneuvers the painting back and forth above his head, trying to get it to just the right position.

Mask at home, the enigmatic man bites gently on his lower lip while working to keep the painting in place. This particular painting was something rather special to Chryrie and himself. A self portrait of their favorite past time. Across the canvas were streaks of black, and purple and gold. The smears of paint depicting a carnal scene as their bodies had been the brushes. Two golden hand prints glitter lightly beside the clear press of purple breasts that curve down towards a black splotched smooth stomach. A gap of white and then the clear impression of golden knees and black toes.

The tri-color rainbow of paint absorbed into Chryrie's unbound hair forms a slashed backwash of color around the central positioning. Her beautiful face is captured in black paint as a side view, mouth open in a silent orgasm. Looking at the erotic artwork from below, Druid licks his lips feeling a need to create another such piece even as he steps down from a stool of air. The painting hung magnificently above Kitty's desk.

"Wonder how long until she notices.." he murmurs. The very thought something of a bet between himself and his love. Pleased with his handiwork, Druid whistles a soft tune and makes his exit from Kitty's office, leaving all the protections as he found them.
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PostPosted: Fri Dec 06, 2013 9:31 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

After a long night at the office and a crushing loss in IFL, Vinny walked toward the Helston estate. He was twirling the key he was given between his fingers. When he reached the gates he found the lock. He was hardly surprised when they opened for him.

At least this wasn't a gag.

Meanwhile, Kitty was in her office, completely oblivious. She was still dressed from her business meeting earlier that day, complete with the business jacket and skirt. It was only because she happened to glance to the security camera monitors that she saw him approaching the front door.

Rather than just let himself in like he owned the place, he knocked three times and hoped someone heard him. He'd heard rumors about the security here and had no desire to test it.

By the time he had reached the door, she was already on the other side. She waited until that third knock before abruptly yanking open the door just long enough to reach out with a clawed hand, grab him by his shirt collar, and then drag him inside. As soon as she got him inside, the door was slammed shut behind him.

Vinny was yanked inside before he even got a word out. He pulled himself together while he looked Kitty over. "Mmmm... aren't you looking professionally dangerous?"

Kitty began to haul him to toward her office with a grin. "Tell anyone you saw me in a skirt and you'll find out how dangerous. You're looking a bit worn. Did you have a rough night, handsome?"

"Only that I just had my head handed to me in the rings. But it's looking a lot better now." His eyes started on her legs and worked their way up. "Don't worry. I know better than to make you angry."

She closed the office door behind them before she turned and wrapped her arms over his shoulders and around the back of his neck. She gave him a grin. "Oh you poor baby. How can I make it better for you?"

She was a little taller than him, and that made for a really nice view right then. He had a hard time bringing his gaze up to hers. When he did, it was paired with a playful smirk. "I'm sure you could think of a few ways."

She responded by leaning down to capture his bottom lip with her teeth and tugging on it lightly. "Well, we can't have you being all upset. It's my civic duty to cheer you up."

Vinny's hand moved along her back, keeping her close to him. "I'm a civic duty now? I'd much rather be a personal enjoyment."

"Well, I can't deny there's a great deal of that involved too." She agreed as she started to pull the bottom of his shirt upwards. "Let's get you more comfortable, hmm?"

They became a blur of limbs and shared passionate kisses. Clothing was being shed and tossed haphazardly aside as they were both working toward the ultimate goal. Somewhere along the line Vinny carried Kitty over to her desk and set her on the edge of it. His hands slid down her curves and then pushed her onto her back with one hand, the other hand going down to undo his pants.

As she thumped backwards onto the desk, paperwork and office supplies went flying in every direction. The mess only made her snicker as her clawed hand went down to grab a handful of the material that made up her skirt. Then something caught her eye. Her gaze lifted to see something on the ceiling. A white block with swirls of color over it. She went still as she stared at it. "What in nine hells is that?"

Just Vinny's luck. He was about to enjoy one of the hottest women in Rhydin and something ruined the moment. He turned and looked up at what caught her attention. "Ummm... I'm not sure, but I don't think it belongs there."

Kitty frowned as she pulled herself fully onto her desk and then stood up on the article of office furniture. Her hands went upward clawed at the air as she tried to reach the painting on her ceiling. She was too short! She growled in frustration and annoyance. "Who the hells would put a painting on my ceiling? And what is that...?"

She really looked at it then. The curves of the colored shapes. The distinct outline of certain areas. She knew that face that was contorted in ecstasy. "Oh! Oh no dude. Nooooo. This has gotta come down."

Vinny stared at it a little longer, trying to figure it out. It hit him about the same time as she figured it out. "I think you've been pranked! You want me to burn that and disinfect your office?"

"Oh I know I've been pranked." She flailed her hands in a futile attempt to reach the painting, but the lack of clothing made things jiggle in a way that Vinny probably enjoyed. However, it was a bit less than comfortable for her. She dropped her arms and crossed them to the stop the problem. "First we need to get it down."

"Not a problem." Vinny floated up until he could reach it and took the painting down carefully. Given what it was, he didn't want his hands making too much contact with it. "Where do you want it now?"

Kitty got down from the desk and looked at the painting. Her expression was a mix of annoyance and disgust. But then she quirked an eyebrow and a sly grin started to form as she looked at him. "Feel like going on a little trip?"

"Heh. With you, and what I think you have in mind? Absolutely." He gave her an ear to ear grin as he came back down to the ground.

She tugged her skirt back into place and then went digging in her office closet. A shirt was pulled from a drawer as she spoke. "Well, she lives outside of town, but her office is in town. Not that far from here."

Vinny set the painting down and put his shirt back on. "I can 'port us nearby. Then will we sneak in and leave this above her desk or in a more publicly viewable place?"

"Oh, I was thinking right in her lobby." She tugged her shirt on and then motioned in the direction of Chryrie's office. "She's about three streets west and five south."

"Ok. I think I know the place." A quick wave of his hand and a rift opened up for him to drag her through. "There. Perks of being skilled in magical science."

She had to quickly grab the painting before he hauled her through it. Oh then the queasiness of teleporting kicked in and she was sent reeling for a moment. "Eehh... Yeah. Eugh. Okay. Right. Where the hells are we?" She blinked rapidly as she looked around.

"Right were you told me to be." Vinny pointed at the building. "If I knew you hated teleporting, I could have flown us."

"It just makes me sorta... eh... yeah. Right." She started for that office door. She handed him the painting as she dug around in her pockets of her skirt. Jingle jingle! The advantage of being Chryrie's only sister was getting copies of her office keys in case of emergencies. Just had to find the right one. She started flicking through the ring of twenty keys.

Vinny stood there, looking at her impatiently. But then he gave her a wink. "Want me to break it?"

She didn't answer him right away. Once she found the key she jammed it into the door and gave it a quick turn to flick the door open. As she walked into the office, she reached over to the security pad and tapped in the code. In the lobby there was one particularly boring picture of a nature scene. Kitty walked over to it and yanked it off the wall and held it out to Vinny. "You can break this!"

He traded paintings with her and simply disintegrated the boring one. "Easily done."

Kitty blinked at the dust that was now on the floor. "That was... so anti-climatic."

She shook her head and then started to put the lewd painting on the wall in the other one's place. "Damn. I should've brought some of that glue that Trae is always talking about. Superglue or something."

"Superglue? That's so last decade." Vinny opened up a rift and reached into it. He pulled out a small tube and tossed it to her. "Molecular contact epoxy. Makes a permanent bond that can only be undone through some things like cutting out the wall around it, a miniature nuclear blast, or applying the solvent. Dont' get any on you."

Kitty caught the tube and looked at it, then at Vinny. "I think I love you." She burst out snickering and started to apply bits of the epoxy onto the back of the canvas. Once she was sure it was ready, she carefully put the canvas on the lobby wall. She even made sure it was a bit crooked to really set off the demi-goddess and her OCD. "Ohhh perfect."

Vinny laughed hard, loving the crooked bit. "I think everyone's going to love the view."

She took a couple steps back to admire her work with a grin. She put her fist toward him for a fistbump. "I think her client base will increase here soon."

As he returned the fistbump, he replied. "Want me to hide a camera to catch their reactions?"

"Sure. But first, let's go mess up her desk." She extended clawed fingers to grab him and haul him toward the back of the office.
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