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Birthday Blues

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PostPosted: Sat May 03, 2014 6:18 pm    Post subject: Birthday Blues Reply with quote

Wrapped in an a powder blue satin robe over a matching silk chemise, Elessaria watched the sun rise on the first day of Spring while she sipped a cup of hot tea from her perch on the bedroom deck?s small swing. It peeked through pastel -colored clouds to a backdrop of Bandito crunching on his breakfast and a symphony of songbirds serenading the celebration of a new day. The Empath lowered gaze from the beautiful scene to the delicately carved, rosewood box on the cushion next to her. She balanced the mug on the side of her knee since her legs were tucked beneath her and slightly to the side as was the petite elfess? habit. With a little flick, she flipped open the lid and began to sift through the contents. Each piece Eless removed held a memory?some happier than others, some more intense than others?all very emotional on this, the day of her birth.
A platinum and diamond chain sparkled in the growing light when she lifted it from the box, letting it fall back in with the tiniest tinkling noise. Elessaria traced the edges of wooden splinters that when intact, had once formed a baby?s cradle. She let them fall back into the box, joined by a few fallen, crystalline tears. A laen ring was selected next, accompanied by a sigh, before it too was returned to the velvet lining of the box. The tears flowed more freely when the elfess caught Bandito?s attention by removing a ball from the memory box. She shook her head slowly, her whispered words choked with emotion, ?Nay, sweet boy. This was treasured by Nuage and ?twas the only toy with which he ever played; on the rare instances I could coax him to play. Thou hast more than enough toys of thine own.?
A flower crafted of rare colored gems brought a tearful smile to her trembling lips as she remembered her old gnome friend who saw to her never having to do without ever again. A crystal charm holding a few grains of sands, still on its broken chain brought a fresh round of tears. The fragile, dried gardenia flower was brought to the Lady Fire?s lips where she placed a reverent kiss to the papery petals. ?Mama??
A green and blue, magic gem tugged Eless? pale pink lips into a brief smile as did a leather pouch embossed with double ?T?s?. As the sun crested the tops of the blooming trees, she set her mug down in order to exchange it for the trinket box. Yellow gold eyes followed her every move, filled with worry and echoed by a nervous thump of the dog?s tail. More memories were poured over as she pulled each item from the box. She didn?t need to look when her fingers found a carved wooden gear and a smooth, unbroken circle of chainmaille. Sobs finally joined the river of tears and in a fit of frustration and temper, she flung the box from her lap, startling Bandito and scattering the contents everywhere.
When the flood of emotions finally ebbed, with the help of dog kisses, she rubbed his ears. ?I need to clean this mess up, hmm? Happy Birthday, Elessaria, ? she murmured against his grey furred neck. ?I am sorry if I scared thee, Bandito.?
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