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Jiggity Jiggity Jog and...The Rest of the Story.
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Nicholas Maddox

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 12, 2014 11:10 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

In the Unseelie Court:

The King was quiet. What was worse, he was quiet and still, and this naturally alarmed his court. Worse things tended to happen when these conditions coincided in their infamous leader.

Time passed, and things continued, though it seemed the chill in the place deepened and the brooding air about Madoc only worsened.

At length, someone came to call. Word of this preceded the visitor, naturally, and arrived at the King?s notice by some poor being who did not live long enough to even rise from his bow. Hopes that this act of cruel murder would ease their potentate were destined to be disappointed, however.

The visitor arrived, and he had about him an air of bad news. The Fae folk who lived there found other places to be. Relatives to visit, even. Anything to get them out of that place.

?Well??, asked the very annoyed King as he sat on his throne wiping blood off his hands with a black cloth.

?The elf no longer has the sword. It can?t be felt upon her person any longer. The consensus is that she must have given it to the Crow. We don't know for sure, because we can't feel it on him.? He stepped back a little, just in case.

The very beautifully crafted glass of red wine sitting next to the Fae King?s right hand was suddenly flung with terrible strength at the informer. It shattered against his chest and red wine flew everywhere. Madoc spoke in a voice cold as ice, with frost plumes spilling from his mouth as he did. ? You are telling me that my advantage is no longer mine?! You are TELLING ME that mixed blood, trumped up bird has my Sword??!? The voice thundered, and ice sculptures shattered, tumbled all about them as the king rose to his feet.

A very quiet and trembling voice gave the unpleasant answer. ?Yes, my King.?

He did not live to make it out the doors he suddenly fled towards.

While his minions cleaned up that fresh spill of blood, Madoc wiped his hands on more black cloth. ?We?ll see. We?ll see about that.?
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