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#Dockside: Summon Stone

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 05, 2015 3:19 pm    Post subject: #Dockside: Summon Stone Reply with quote

The sound of scraping chalk against stone. The lightest clicks of rubies and other such jewels being put into place. A circle for summoning forged by the diligent hands of Jesse for the purpose to fulfill a need that had been deeply imbedded inside her mind.

"And.." there came the paused. A jerking of her wrist to create the final symbol within the secondary outer ring of the circle made by the white chalk.

"Complete!" Jesse said with a low cackle.

With that she backed away. The chalk once used tossed haphazardly to the side.

Where the chalk had been held a dagger took its place. She gripped it and set the very tip against her opposite palm. A tugging motion, flesh rending and a spew of white blood erupting from the now gaping wound. Fingers clenched to draw more blood as arm outstretched so that the blood now fell within the summoning circle.

"Come now! From the realm of the void!
Your punishment forgiven, your crimes forgotten!
I heard your call, sister! You will now walk this world once more!
I sacrifice mine blood to this symbol of power!
A pathway for you to walk! Out of the void and into the life!

The incantation had been ad-libbed. The words themselves had been charged with magic to allow arcane energies to flow freely and power the circle which now lit like blue fire against the stone floor.

From the floor came two points, two which connected at the very base. Then two became four as swirling nether-energy drew up high to connect the lines yet again. A final one at the apex drew the blue flames of the last two toward it. From that -- a door had been made. A heated, waxy substance filled the space within the door. Ripples and vibrations rocked through it, as if something were knocking from the other side.

What first ripped through the red, liquid well had been a hand. Fingers, almost shaped like talons, twitched and gripped at the open air for something to cling to. The hand jerked forward and followed with the outstretched arm. The waxy substance hardened, causing issue to the summoning, but another jerk of the arm caused the hardened piece to shatter and melt once more.

Jesse stood there clutching her still bleeding hand against her chest. A look of pure delight filling her face. She watched as the creature on the other side continued to fight through the passage. The single arm now had its partner reaching out to grip at the very fiery edges of the portal, and soon enough a leg came gushing out from the liquid wall as well.

Finally. There had been a face. Dim pupils and pale like like the appendages shown. It held a resemblance to the witch, yet had a more of a wild structure to it. Darkened lips drew away from one another to expose duo rows of razor sharp teeth, something better explained as being akin to a sharks.

With one last pull. The creature pulled its remaining head from the portal. Slick, blonde locks fluttered forward and fell upon her shoulders whilst she staggered some steps away from the portal. It was until she hit an invisible barrier that she stopped. The summoning circle had been warded.

"How long?" The sound of clicking teeth followed while darkened fingers rose to brush against the pale flesh of her cheek. Its voice had been quiet, croaked even. As if words had not escaped past them in so long. The creature who looked much like Jesse peered about the empty building the two stood within.

"S.. Sister! You've been in the dark void for over a year. Not quite two years, but not quite one. Somewhere between!"

"Has Twilight Isle fallen? Did the counter attack against Simon's bombing end how I planned it would?" The creature rumbled.

".. No, with the council concluding you were too unsafe for exploration, the one they put in your place quickly began attempts to destabilize your forces." Jesse explained with a pained expression.

"I heard your voice though, Sister.. as did the one before me. I knew I had to take her place so that I could summon you, least we all fall under suspicion.. Mother has decided this world to be pointless in the search, and we are being told to vacate this realm for the time being. I am overjoyed that I was the one to bring about your return.. Many of us have missed you."

"If that were true then there would be no barrier keeping me from stepping out from this circle. You allow me to leave one prison and step into another." The clicking of teeth continued. Talon-like fingers pressed and folded to one another to create a knife hand. With a harsh push, the blade made of flesh and nail struck through the barrier. Sparks of arcane energy erupted in defense, but in the end found itself useless as the creatures second hand did as the first. With a push at both ends, a small hole within the barrier had been created for the daemon tainted one to step through.

".. O.. Only a precaution, Sister! I did not know what the void held.. If I had summoned another by mistake, then I needed to be prepared." A nervous tick came to Jesse's face in the form of a twitching smile. "It is not enough to hold you.. As you so kindly demonstrated."

Silence befell the two of them.

This came to an end when a palm jetted out and roughly took hold of Jesse's face. A dark swirl of perverted nether energy began to invade the space around the blonde woman's head. She felt as if her brain were being sucked -- and yet, that is exactly what had been happening.

The creature went through the memories which had been housed within Jesse's mind. A mind that had been shared with countless once they returned back to the world between. A mind that this creature had once been connected to as well, before the imprisonment within the void.

"So we lost.. yet I kept the title for some cycles more. And now, I am the Baron of Dockside -- the place where we are currently." The hoarse voice croaked out again. There had been much more information she had taken with the melding of their mind, but the venture into Dockside had been the most recent of news.

"Your mission is a success.. You heard my whispers and followed their call, I will never forget your sacrifice." The creature, the Jesse of the Twilight Isle invasion stated within her low tone.

"Your memories will live on, but you know you cannot return to the world in between any other way.." The words caused the non-corrupted Jesse to nod. She knew this had been true. Her mission had been to create the story of a suicide or death and never return to this realm.

Except now. The only one who knew of this plan had been the other standing before her -- the person who would not be hindered by the master plan once mothers eyes turned away from this realm.

"I will extract the memory of this meeting from your core, but I will remember it and you as you are for all eternity... I hope, if you are reborn through the machine, that you find another realm in which you can enjoy your time."

Her hand still covered the face of the other Jesse, who now appeared to be smiling. With a jolt of her arm, that blade-hand ripped through the stomach of the girl. Long talons tore through flesh and muscle alike to embed deeply within the other. The sudden jolt of released dark energy had been enough to cease suffering in an instant.

When Jesse dropped her counter part, it had been only to pull her arm free so that she could catch and scooped the other her up while settling onto a knee.

A bloody hand reached to close the eyes of the now gone child of Jessica. Palm then set itself to cradle the softness of a cheek.

"Thank you, sister, for returning me to this world."
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