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Stories From The Past: Major Events of the Universe

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 01, 2016 3:32 pm    Post subject: Stories From The Past: Major Events of the Universe Reply with quote

(This is a work in progress that I will fill in as I write)

Galactic Calendar Year 1178:The Invention of Hyperspace Gates
Faster Than Light (or FTL) travel was created over 800 years ago, with the hyperspace rings, allowing near instantaneous travel from one end of a system to the next. There were a few accidents, but for the most part, the venture is successful.

Galactic Calendar Year 1230:The Invention of FTL Drive As technology develops, so too does the desire to explore more of the universe. Using the technology from a dismantled Hyperspace ring, Scientist Virgil Temmes creates a ship capable of creating its own entrance into a hyperspace wormhole, going from one end of his solar system to the other without the use of the jump rings Within 20 years, the technology becomes standard in most ships.

Galactic Calendar Year 1251-1560:The Formation of the Spacing Guild and United Systems Military
The first travelers began to strike out into the galaxy, colonizing the habitable, deserted worlds they found or making contact with the indigenous peoples of inhabited worlds. After centuries of discovery and expansion through the galaxy, corruption, crime, lawlessness, and piracy run rampant among the stars. Trade routes are often hotbeds for ambushes, hijackings, and other such attacks. Tired of their supply and transport ships being preyed upon, the inhabitants of Boros propose an alliance with the other heads of the major planets within each system to create a unified government that will control and police the criminal activity that has been tearing them apart. Those planets form the Core worlds sitting on the council as representatives of their various systems.

The United Systems Military is formed and a massive fleet is quickly constructed. Bases on all the major planets and moons are erected with the main hub of the organization on Boros.

Relative peace and prosperity spreads throughout the galaxy and explorers begin to feel safer, delving farther and farther outward into the galaxy, colonizing border planets and moons on the outer rim of the known universe.

Galactic Calendar Year 1270-1730:The Lexinum Wars
With the colonization of the planet Broma and the planets within her system, the discovery of an element the indigenous tribes of Broma called Lexinum caused a huge mining effort. The versatile element was used for everything from an incredibly efficient and longer-lasting starship fuel to sturdy building materials for armor, architecture, and even ships themselves. By 1600, the Lexinum had been nearly completely mined out of every planet, but one. Broma, the most lexinum rich of the system remained and strict regulations were placed on mining, air traffic, and even weapons use by the reigning Lumanib Empire. Over the next 130 years, the monopoly on the element caused several attempts to overthrow their emperor, Pharis Lumanib from the Jacarans, Korivani and Iritian empires. In 1729, Emperor Lento Lumanib's palace was attacked and his wife murdered by a heavily armed invasion force from the former dominant force in the Lexinum trade, Jacaru. With the help of Lumanib's own brother, Malick, communications were blocked and a virus sent through command net, crippling all of their battle ships. Heir to the throne of Jacaru, Faran Thulis, lead a force into the Ragnar palace and took over. Malick was then imprisoned and tortured for months. His wife dead, his Empire crashing around him, and no one coming to their aid, Lumanib organized the tribes and lead a two-front war on the ground and in space. In the last dire moments of the battle, the communications blockade was broken and call for help sent out. Just when all seemed hopeless, the Guild sent the USM armada and decimated the Jararan fleet. On the ground, Lumanib managed to kill Thulis with the help of his disgraced and mortally wounded brother, Malick and take back his kingdom. When the dust settled, Lumanib effectively ended his own empire, leaving the lexinum in the hands of the indigenous tribes who control the precious element to this day. Lumanib disappeared and was never seen again.

Galactic Calendar Year 1816-1930:The NeoTarran Uprising
The expansion of galactic civilization means the discovery of new worlds and the need arises to prepare the planets for habitation. The best geneticists in the universe begin work on creating artificial life forms to do the work for them. Meant to be mindless drones capable of incredible feats of strength. For 100 years, they help terraform homes, all the while being underestimated by their creators. The first uprising takes place on the moon of Salin, when a Neo refuses to do obey the orders of his supervisor. When the supervisor attempted to beat him, the Neo, who would eventually claim the name Vabadus, grabbed his abuser by the throat, crushing it and killing him instantly. In the silence that followed, the other Neos saw his example and turned on their masters. Word spread throughout the outer rim, moons and planets falling to the Neo's. Vabadus left Salin making contact with his people, leading them to create an army. The mostly human inhabitants of those border planets join together and combat the Neo's head on. The humans are outmatched and out gunned and casualties are enormous, continuing for 14 years.

When the NeoTarrans gained control of Vergus Station, preparing to head toward the Core worlds, the Guild's attention was drawn to what was happening on the outer rim. The USM battleship Regent is sent in to put down the uprising. Elena Del'as, the commanding officer of the Regent made contact with the Neo's to offer and ultimatum to the savage beasts. What she discovers is a race of thoughtful creatures simply trying gain their freedom from oppression. Vabadus is well-spoken and intelligent, pleading their case and stating that he, too would like an end to the war. A cease-fire is declared by all sides while the guild decides what is to be done. The conversation between Vabadus and Del'as is leaked, garnering sympathy throughout the galaxy for the beleaguered NeoTarrans. Pressure from the populace leads to the drawing up of a document known as The NeoTarran Concordant. The Neos are officially considered sentient beings and recognized as citizens, and therefore, under protection of the Guild. The NeoTarrans claim Salin, the moon that spawned their entire uprising for their home. They remain largely peaceful til this day.

Galactic Calendar Year 1935:Autons Inc. Is Established
In response to the withdrawal from the Terraforming business by the NeoTarrans, a robotics craze overtook the core planets. Several different competitors fought a corporate war to become the best. Chief among them was Autons Inc. With Dr. Alfred Martin at their head, the company brought about massive advancements in everything from medicine, terraforming, and intergalactic travel to theme park attractions and waste management. Before long, Autons became the leading name in robotics, collecting the greatest minds in the field and putting them to work in their labs.

Galactic Calendar Year 1970-1982:The Valarian War:
The Valarian War began 37 years ago when operatives from the planet Valaria attempted to assassinate the Prime minister of their neighboring planet of Noveria during a peace summit. Tensions had been rising between the two for millennia before the spark of violence plunged them into war. Noveria being the core planet of that system, the United Systems Military pledged their support immediately, while many of the lower class planets and moons and a few of the core worlds pledged their armies in support of the Valarian cause. For 12 years, the war raged on, many of Valaria's allies surrendering and withdrawing support as it became clear they were embroiled in a war they could NOT win. The final battle ended on Valaria herself when Major Loren Metcalfe, acting commander of the USM battleship "Resolute" had run the Valarian high command back to their home planet, whereupon they were bombarded with an orbital strike so intense, it rendered the planet's surface uninhabitable, and wiped out most of the Valarian Race.
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