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Maggie for Governor

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Mairead Harker
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Adult Wyrm

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 20, 2016 10:47 pm    Post subject: Maggie for Governor Reply with quote

((Cross posted in the Rhydin Election folder))

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Rhiannon Harker sat down to lunch with her daughter before the next Meet and Greet session began. "So, how did last night's town meeting go?"

Her mouth full, Maggie made a so so gesture with her hand. When she finally swallowed what was in her mouth, she said, "I don't think I made a good impression on some of the people that don't already know me."

"That's to be expected. People have preconceived notions of what a child should and shouldn't be able to do." She set Maggie's audio recorder on the table to return it. "Tell me what you know or have learned about your fellow candidates."

"Well," the girl wiped her mouth on her napkin, "most of them are like me and actually want to help people. Two of them, I hope they don't get past the primary. The Drow guy that said children are delicious in soup, he was there. He had some good ideas. He doesn't pay attention to some things that maybe he should."

One slender brow arched as Rhi studied her eldest child. "Go on."

"Well, there's a candidate named Mu and she's," she made a motion with her hand is if trying to coax the word out, "eccentric. She was saying she was going to give out free pancakes to kids everyday." She held her palms upward and bounced them up and down a bit. "Soooo, I asked her how she felt about children in schools getting free breakfast if they don't get it at home." Maggie neatly folded her napkin. "She never said where she was going to serve the food, so, I figured it was a fair question."

"Seems fair to me, but what went wrong?"

"I guess the Drow guy, Cianan, that's his name, didn't understand that someone with a goal of better education was also concerned about them eating, too. I always study better on a full stomach. Other kids probably do, too. Anyway, he heard the free pancakes part, but the lack of a where escaped his notice."

"What'd Mu have to say to your question?" She already knew who had said what from listening to the recording of the night's events.

"Her wording was a little odd, but it came down to her believing that if children didn't get the right care at home that they would get it with public support. She said yes to serving free pancakes at schools and orphanages. Feeding hungry people is a good thing."

"Unless whatever they are being fed makes them ill," Rhi commented.

"True. Like Da and too much sugary stuff."

"Precisely!" Rhi grinned at her daughter then looked over the list of candidates. "Let's see, you covered ... Mu and Cianan." Her finger paused on what might be a dark horse candidate. "What about Will Somnia?"

"He had to leave before his turn to talk, but his statement was about staying the course and all. Pretty much live and let live, but help out when the people need it."

"Sounds sensible."

Maggie eyed her mother. "That was pretty much what Gran said over pizza."

"She is my mother, you know." Rhi winked at her daughter.

The girl scooted her chair over. "That leaves Andu, Ammy, Francis Collins, Katt, and that Drumpf guy."

"Well, Andu, Ammy, and Katt, I'm acquainted with or know well. The other two, I don't recall meeting."

"Trust me, Mama, you don't want to meet them if you can help it."

"Tell me a bit about the ones we know."

"Katt wants to have a council like Governor al-Amat did. She supports better education and health care. Andu says he would like see more parks in the city for families to go to. Places all over, you know?"

"And Ammy?"

"She had a lot of ideas. She wants people to feel comfortable coming to her to talk about their vision of things, more or less."

"She wants everyone to have a chance to be heard?"

"Uh huh! And she likes my ideas about better education."

"You know, Maggie, it sounds to me like you'd be comfortable working with any of the people you already talked about." Rhi was studying the last two names on the list.

"Except Cianan. I think I hurt his brain."

Rhiannon hid a breaking smile behind her cup of coffee. "Why is that?"

"Because when he was rubbing his eyes after Mu answered my question, Gran asked if he was tired. He said no, he was in pain." The girl shrugged.

A couple of people filtered in to talk with Maggie. Rhiannon murmured, "We'll talk about the last two in a bit."
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Mairead Harker
Adult Wyrm
Adult Wyrm

Joined: 01 Nov 2011
Posts: 262
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Can Be Found: Harkers' Island or Cardinal Inn
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PostPosted: Thu Sep 22, 2016 12:47 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Early evening of the same day

The Academy's office was in Pearl's capable hands while teachers and students continued with their daily lessons. Maggie did many of her lessons at home or when no one was in the conference room. Rhiannon Harker and her mother had been spending alternate days keeping track of the family firecracker's activities. The girl climbed into her mother's Land Rover and buckled up for the ride home.

Rhi didn't waste any time getting to down to business as they headed for Dockside to take the ferry home. "We were going to talk about those last two candidates."

Maggie was quiet for a bit. "They give me a bad feeling. I think the Drumpf guy might be all wind, but that doesn't mean people won't get it into their heads to do things because they think he'd want them to. He could also be a victim like Rakeesh was, but ..." Maggie's eyes closed a moment and when they opened there was wisdom in them that was usually hidden. The voice of an ancient spoke through the girl. "She sees it, but doesn't know what it is she sees."

"Will you stop sneaking up on me like that, Zaph," Rhi said in an annoyed tone.

"I have been with you all of your life, you should know the signs by now." The words were delivered in a matter of fact way. "With or without me, she would still be who she is. Just as you always have been you."

"You mean how I killed someone at six years of age? That was with your help, I've known that for years."

"It is a matter of perspective, Rhiannon." Her head turned to study the woman beside her. "Mairead has learned to co-exist with me, channeling my knowledge and wisdom."

"Are you saying I didn't?"

"On the contrary, you did, but as you grew into being a woman, it was Athena's guidance you needed not mine." A sighed escaped her lips. "You killed because not doing so meant death for yourself and others. Like your eldest child, you cannot always find the words to say, but you are capable of taking swift action when it is warranted."

Rhi was quiet a few moments before adding, "Like the creeps in front of the school that attacked her and Doran."

"She did not need me that day." The curiosity was evident on her face as she watched the people loading their transports onto the ferry. "Those that came before her and you have taught her that sometimes defending one's self or others results in a death. The son of Hades and the fire tamer rendered aid to the young ones. She trapped the attackers with fire and he ... made them suffer." There was no need to expand on that.

"I notice you avoided saying much about Doran," Rhi said dryly.

"Mairead is fond of him. You knew this, I did not have to tell you. Time will tell us all what might grow."

"Those that have no desire to rush the future are wiser than those that force things." Rhi gave Zapphira a sidelong look. "Does he know about you?"

"I believe a better way to say it is that he senses me. I bring changes to her moods and he is an empath with a high level of sensitivity."

"She's already learning to help shield him from some negative emotion. Catie and Rick, does it with them, too." She cleared her throat. "We were discussing the final candidates when you reared up, Zaph. Tell me. What does she see, but doesn't understand?"

"Like you did as a child, she can sense evil. It's subconscious to her young mind, but she knows it's there."

"Both or one?"

"The one with the awful artificial hair, I suspect he is, as your mother puts it, a candidate for filling large balloon transportation."

Rhi snorted, "You mean he's full of hot air?"

"Among other things." A lofty laugh drifted out of her. "The others are quite misnamed. Humanity has more than one definition, being compassionate to people and animals among them."

"A whole lot of trouble is coming and they're going to be starting it. Zaph?" The ferry was about half way to the island.

"What is it?"

"I'm going to need your help. My children, my students, they're all going to need that extra bit of safeguarding."

"No, Rhiannon, you will need Mairead's help with that. I shall safeguard her." Her eyes closed and when the voice came out it was Maggie's once again. "She doesn't sneak up on me anymore, but she gets really wordy sometimes."

"Clover, we have our work cut out for us."
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Rhiannon D Harker
Young Wyrm
Young Wyrm

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 25, 2016 5:10 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

It was an ordinary morning at Harker's Academy or it seemed like it. Instructors were given the usual reminders when some organization or other got its head up its backside about racial equality or wanting to register those with magical or other innate gifts. This time, however, it wasn't someone with a sports title or a journalist raising concerns and riling up the masses. This time, it was a group supporting a candidate for Governor. If they got past the primary and won the general election, would Rhydin's non human citizens be in for at least a year of hell? Rumors were flying that people who had passed for humans were lending support to the cause. What would happen to them when they were found out? Would they automatically be accused of sabotage and treason of some kind?

Rhiannon was at her desk writing up a notice to the parents that extra safety measures as well as more intensive hand to hand defense training for some of the students were going into effect immediately. She was recommending that life signs bracelets be worn by students between the time they left home and time they returned there. The bracelets, created by her sister, were a simple looking item, about the size of a hospital bracelet that tracked the wearer's heartbeat, blood pressure, etc. If at any time the signs couldn't be read and voice contact couldn't be established, it would be predetermined at the parents' digression whether the child should be sent home or to a hospital via transport beacon. People like the Humanity First group were one of the biggest reasons that Rhi had opened the school in the first place. Too many children had been injured or killed by such organizations and their instigating. She was about to print a copy of the notice for a proofreading session when she froze in her tracks. Rhi felt the sensation of what could best be described as a sledgehammer making contact with front section of her skull. Before she could sit, wails of anguish came from some of the classrooms. Each child that had cried out looked as though they, too, had experience that sensation. Rhi swallowed hard, the children were all very gifted empaths.

Her eldest daughter was sitting with her back against the wall and holding her head in her hands and murmuring, "It was so loud like a volcano blowin' up! And then it stopped; it just stopped."

Rhi's face was suddenly drained of color as she recalled part of a story when a planet was destroyed. I felt a great disturbance in the force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I feel something terrible has happened.* Not long after, they learned about the bombing at the rally in Dockside. Maggie's Meet & Greet session was canceled for that day and the rest of the week. Attempting to be Governor of Rhydin was taking a back seat to coping with a sensitive issue; comforting families, helping frightened and wounded children. Hadn't she been asked about those issues not so long ago? Several of the students stepped forward to join Mairead in hospital visitations. There was no Obi-wan, but there was still hope and it showed on the faces of Rhiannon's students.

* From Star Wars Episode IV - A New Hope
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