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Education and Medical Outreach *updated*

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 01, 2016 4:12 pm    Post subject: Education and Medical Outreach *updated* Reply with quote

For those seeking out medical attention, shelter, safehavens, education, or simply aid - these doors to one and all, no matter their race, gender, or background.

These listings will be added to the Welcome Center pamphlets, indicated on maps with information attached, and anywhere else that would like to make this important information known.

Medical Outreach, Shelters, and More

The Shanachie Theater, De Luca Dance Studios, and Incredible Edibles
Fully trained first responders on the premises during working hours and will happily extend their assistance to anyone who requires medical intervention.
These three businesses will also endeavor to securely transfer such patients to the nearest medical facility for further treatment.
For More Information Contact Mataya De Luca

Old Temple District Fire Station and Medical Clinic
While centered in the Old Temple District, they are willing to go out and help other districts as needed. Open 24/7 and are willing to help anyone who needs help.
For More Information Contact Johnny Storm

Traveler's Crossroads
Once the building used for the Bon Bon Boutique now is a shelter for travelers passing through the city and need a place to rest or find information. While it is not only used as a shelter for travelers, it also offers medical attention to those who need it or a place to rest their head if they have no place to turn to.
For More Information Contact Katt Batten

Old Market Womens Shelter
Caelum Training Center in conjunction with the Old Market Womens Shelter offers weekly self defense classes for women and children, free to those at the shelter and at a reduced cost to other participants.
For more information, Contact Terry King

Farron-Queen Memorial Youth Outreach Centre
The FQM Youth Outreach Centre offers classes and seminars on a number of topics include personal finance, resume building, health and wellness and other subjects for the city's at risk youth. The Centre also offers after school programs as well as mental health and substance abuse counseling and a job placement center.
For more information, contact Pandora Fox

Education Outreach, Schooling, Self-Defense Classes, and More

Academy of Bristle Crios
The Academy serves all ages, from day care, preschool, grade school, high school, and college level courses. We also provide several weapons and fighting classes, including self defense classes.
For More Information Contact Lydia or Leta Tolmay

Private Tutoring by Serah Farron
Ms. Farron will take students that need home-taught classes. Tutoring will be based on each individual student needs.
For More Information Contact Serah Farron


GrangerGuild's Dreams Matter Foundation Fund has been set up to payout grants and tuition fees for those who are unable to pay for their education.
For More Information Contact Caroline Granger

Batten Aid & Trust
Need tuition or a grant? Need the funds to start up or rebuild your business?
This goes out those who not only need fundings for their business but for medical and education.
This goes out to the small and large businesses alike.
To those who want to help the community grow.
Batten Inc is offering aid those who want to do just that.
In honor of it's founder, Edward Batten, Batten Inc is offering funds to help those who are in need and those who wish to simply need a helping hand.
The funds are not offered freely, however. Instead B.A.T is asking for a little assistance, when able, in giving back to the community. Such ways are, but not limited to:
Your time - During emergencies offering aid to the shelters or safe havens. Places that are offering their services for the Medical and Educational outreach could always use a hand, not only during times of crisis. If you are looking for a job some of these places are looking to fill spots and expand their manpower. Feel free to contact for more information or finding jobs.
Donate to causes such as shelters, safehavens, health care institutions/providers: clothes, blankets, food, etc are always greatly appreciated.
Supplies donated to the schools or for those who are going homes as private tutors.
The list is endless in possibilities.
For More Information Contact Katt Batten

If you are interested in adding your shelter, medical care, education, or funding please contact the Governor's Office with a description you would like to be presented.
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