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The Twins... {Open for Play}

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 29, 2017 4:53 pm    Post subject: The Twins... {Open for Play} Reply with quote

Mage House, Unknown Time, Personal Bedroom...

All was quiet in the small pocket dimension Heraldyn called a bedroom. Therein, she grumbled as she silently lamented the undoubtedly scholarly turn her life had taken. Slipping her arms through the sleeves of her school blazer with a modicum of disgust for the choice of colors, the diminutive teen exhaled her held breath and slammed the door to her wardrobe shut. It took her mere moments to realize who the boy of similar height was that had already fully-dressed himself in his student's attire and had been standing beside her amid her minor throes of frustration. Priony... All she could do was cast a malicious, sidelong glance in her brother's direction.

"What, are you spying on me now, Pry?" We might be siblings, but that doesn't mean our interactions can't function on at least a minor level of tact," she bemoaned as she stepped over to the mirror posted up in one of their space's corners. Whilst they shared a room, the organization was anything but mutual. In fact, it would be more appropriate to call it a bisected residence, as the girl's space was almost entirely orchid and fuchsia in coloration with steel gray accentuation; whereas, her male compatriot appeared to have taken more toward the school's creed of black and red. Gold served to run along the seams of just about everything on his end that coincided with the gunmetal edges of her partition.

"Well, excuse me for doting upon the one person who is meant to be my equal, my sister. Listen, Hera... forgive me for being so alarmed in saying so, but you haven't really... taken to Crios's tenants and aspirations with a suitable degree of enthusiasm. Is there aught amiss I should know about?" he inquired in that infuriatingly playful monotone of his. Oft did she wonder how one could imbue one's voice with such a lack of emotion, be so reserved with one's body language, and still be able to toy with her in such a manner. It took some doing, but she managed to fish free the tangles in her silvery locks with one of the lavish brushes their private benefactor had provided for them, all the while sneering at her paradoxically dour counterpart through the reflection.

"Oh, I'm soooor-ry! ...I just don't like those edgy colors they've got going for 'em. I mean, the red could be gorgeous if they didn't have black there to ruin the presentation," she offered up in retort whilst kneeling to pull up her stockings and adjust her skirt. At last, she reached into her pocket to retrieve her hairband. A touch up to her forward-hanging bangs would suit her purposes whilst she poised the accessory just above them. A final glance in the mirror and a twirl about would do... nothing to alleviate her depression. It was still a very displeasing look even as she made strides to customize things for herself.

"Fufufufu... Still don't like it even after basically not adhering to any of the uniform stipulations? What a troublesome girl. Our Lord would be proud to have such a willful lass representing him."

"Yeah, you can go right to the lowest of hells and die with that stupid quip. Who are you to determine what Our Lord thinks is suitable wear, anyway? What are you, his keeper?"

"What a silly question. The both of us are His retainers, and you know it. I would even say you know that better than I, given how many times He's had to remind you."

Perturbed beyond the point of personal patience with Priony and his , she scoffed at him and passively sauntered toward the door of their conjoined abode, her eyes seemingly intent on searing the entryway open through sheer force of will. That said, the boy was swift in finding his way in front of her prior to her reaching her intended goal.

"I shouldn't have to remind you to be on point with your behavior this time around, should I? The instructor we're meant to meet isn't all that... given to childish antics. He'd just as soon dismiss us were you to... act up. Not to mention everything that's been happening of la--" Of course, she was wont to halt him with a well-placed finger to his ne'er-faltering lips before he could finish in his ramblings. She wasn't about to let his clean-cut, pedantic manner of doing things get in the way of her enjoying her stay here: not by a long shot.

"Leave my issues to me, Priony. I'll do what I do best and indulge myself. All you need to do is worry about keeping the two of us out of harm's way. Use that illusory junk you love so much."

"You realize you're talking to a door, right?"

Hera blinked once, and surely enough, she came to the realization that he'd vacated the spot she'd sworn he'd been occupying. Another of his nonsensical tests, no doubt. Gripping the handle to the doorway, she would step through the magicked threshold and appear in one of the many hallways of Mage House. Priony would follow closely behind, snickering under his breath as they ventured into one of the rooms designated to serve as the Commons.
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