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Protests and Dinner Dates

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 13, 2017 12:36 am    Post subject: Protests and Dinner Dates Reply with quote

Thump, thump, thump, thump!! And not the good bedroom thumping kind either. It's the nightclub kind of thumping that's related to heavy vibrations and budding migraines. Andrea could feel the beat practically in her chest as the car she sat in vibrated as well. Usually this wouldn't be a big deal, the club would be passed and they would be on their way. They being Lilith and her, since Andrea hadn't been alone in the vehicle. And while at first having the hellcat behind the wheel was a good idea, she had second thoughts currently with their current predicament.

Now what, just what, could be stopping them from their lovely evening of fine dining in Old Temple which would obviously lead to a messy hotel room that housekeeping would grumble about in the morning? A protest.

Another. Damn. Protest.

"You've got to be kidding me." Andrea said while rubbing her temple. The Lilith behind the wheel slammed her palm rapidly against the horn. At times Andrea thought it went to the beat of the music, but that might be her imagination.

"I'm going to just ******* gun it." Lilith threatened to the redhead beside her. Traffic had been moving, but at a snails pace. The car in front of them seemed to finally get past the mob that seemed to give way just enough for it to go through, but these two wouldn't get the same courtesy.

"Alright. Are they pro-human or anti-pro-human?" Andrea said at first. Trying to bring a little humor to the situation. "Or maybe it's new and they're protesting the *** music being played here." With how many protests were going on? Can't act like it wasn't a possibility.

"About to be blood stains on the windshield.." Came from Lilith, along with some other words that were not exactly heard thanks to the rapid blaring of the cars horn. This turned out to be Andrea's cue to start rolling down her window to poke her head out. "HEY! MOVE YOUR ***!" she eloquently said without the need to add a please at the end of it. Not like her voice was alone, there had been multiple other disgruntled drivers and passengers behind her.

One of the nearest protesters said something but it had been jumbled with the rest. The look on Andrea's face said more than enough that she didn't get what he said, which made him speak up. "YOU HUMAN OR NAH? WE AIN' LETTIN' NO HUMANS THROUGH!"

****. Now she wished Lilith took the bet. Anti-human protesters had been the redheads pick!

"Uh.. Non-human, so go ahead and let us through." She lied. Because who the hell cared? The crowd didn't seem to buy it and a few of the protesters were trying to flash light on Lilith. Who, by the way, kept pointing at the dash clock. Andrea huffed out while looking away from Lilith. The expression she gave to the the protester was one of `Well hurry the **** up.`

"She's lyin'. Smells human to me." A girl in full black with a little skull-themed bandana hiding the lower half of her face said. For someone trying to appear edgy she had a pretty damn squeaky voice.

"I ain't believing' that ****. Get outta' the car. You got scales or wings or somethin'?"

"Excuse me. Did you just assume what I am? I'm species fluid and right now I identify as faekin." Okay. That at least got a bark of laughter from Lilith. The rest of the crowd didn't seem to share the same humor though and were already shouting obscenities and the like. Nice, a few of them even had a crowbar.. or is that a tire-iron. She really needed to get her eyes checked. Or she could just pull her head back in when the tire-iron (yes it was a tire-iron, she had been correct) went smashing into the passengers side mirror.

"We're late for dinner." The Lilith said in a highly disgruntled voice, one which Andrea still thought was a little sexy; she couldn't think about it too much since the reinforced window at her left got a taste of metal action of its own. Don't worry, it had been a passing swipe since Lilith physically showed her annoyance at being late for dinner to the protesters by hitting the gas and ramming right into them.

Now that thump, thump, thump sound is the car bumping over and driving through the scrambling crowd. She had to admit, it was a better sound over the damn club music. Andrea looked over her shoulder to see the quickly diminishing sight of injured protesters when something caught her eye. Looked like there's going to be a fairy with a missing wing out there, since one appears to be attached to the car roof with the way it draped over the rear window. "Faekin?" She heard Lilith say.

"What? Are you questioning my species now too?"
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