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City burning? Better start betting!

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Nayun Takamine
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Adult Wyrm

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 14, 2017 9:31 pm    Post subject: City burning? Better start betting! Reply with quote

The main dining hall was abuzz with talk of the ongoing conflict within the city. Televisions were dragged in and set up at the walls so that the piling onlookers could take in the sights and await eagerly for more word. Yes. Eagerly. They looked more like sport fans watching a home town favorite go against their biggest rivals than concerned citizens.

This was Adenna culture. War, for better or worse, is a glory to be respected and held high on a pedestal. A death fighting is the most glorious death of all; where heroes who fall could rise to the heavens and claim their own glimmer of light in the sea of stars.

Being stationed in Rhydin only caused most seasoned warriors within the Adenna embassy to become slightly combat-crazed. A few had asked to leave to help in the bloodshed, but were denied by an almost apologetic higher official. What side they wanted to fight for did not matter, it was the fight itself that played like a pied piper to the lust of violence that swelled in their hearts. Even the Siovanui Seirichi sounded disappointed when she couldn't leave to punch a dragon to death for its meat.


Nayun hadn't seen what some of the crowds were oooo'ing about, but it must have been good. The dark haired woman sat respectfully at her corner at the main table of the hall and did not seem concerned with the ongoing action being mentioned about the room. Her mind had been questioning other things.. such as: I should be training. along with other gems as, This is well beyond max capacity and is a fire hazard, this is why we have different time slots for dining..

Her inner thoughts were disrupted as she saw the princess, Michi, coloring a tree blue. Nayun reached over calmly to claim and replace the blue crayon with a green one. "Trees are green and brown." The smaller girl didn't seem all that startled by what had been going on around her, but boy when that crayon got taken away... the water works were about to happen.

The child's babysitter had noticed this and respectfully took the crayon back from Nayun and returned it to Michi's hand. Crisis seemed to be adverted, though Nayun couldn't help but thin her lips at the coddling.

Seirichi's Mur-inspired "AAAAAAAAAAOOOOO!!!" echoed next. Which came with a following cheer and fist pumps from those circled around a larger television in the east corner of the room.

"Five silvers on there being at least five car bombings!" Lisa called over the crowd, who only became more excited as betting was thrown into the mix.

"I'll take that on!" One called out. "A HUNDRED ON THE PRO-HUMAN SIDE!" Another followed. The trend continued, each person taking a side while none seemed to honestly care who or what they chose. Sure, there had been a few grumbles from a small minority, but they were left to walk out and be made fun of while they went. "Go piss on someone elses parade, pansies." Being only one of the many comments hurled at the complainers.

"Is anyone even watching the gate?" One of those leaving muttered, "The Eye is, she won't let anyone through.." came another.

Nayun watched as Lisa and the crowed continued with their betting. She heard Seirichi's voice, and soon enough saw her waving hand, as she stood on tippy toes to peer over the crowd and yell. "Who wants in on the strung up bodies pool?! Less than twenty or more?! HIGH ROLLERS ONLY! You're keeping track of this, right?" She called out to Nayun, who only nodded as she opened her planner and started writing down the wagers being thrown about around her.

When Nayun did take a moment to look up from her writing, she saw Michi being handed a porcelain white piggy bank. The girl, who needed some help to step up to stand on the table, raised the piggy bank and threw it down with glee. The crash had caused some of the crowd to quiet and look her way (one of them being Seirichi, who only began to grin).

"GO FAERIES!" The small girl yelled out. The hoots and hollers of the crowd bringing a bright smile to her face, and an even brighter one when her mother pushed through said crowd to give that blue hair a few pats. You have to teach them while they're young. Betting is a sport for all ages. Nayun had been sifting through broken porcelain and coin to see the exact amount Michi had offered while Lisa pipped up beside her. "Yes dear. Bet it all on the fairies. There's loads of them in this city. Good bet." She then continued to Seirichi, "You're raising a fine young woman."

"She's her fathers daughter." Seirichi cooed happily then sucked in a large breath. Next came a bellowing, "I'M GOING WITH THE NON-HUMANS TOO, WHO'S WITH ME?!"

A mixture of boos and cheers came from the betting crowd.
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