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Lux Aeterna :: A Table of Contents

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Claire Gallows
Ancient Wyrm
Ancient Wyrm

Joined: 20 Feb 2013
Posts: 818
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PostPosted: Thu Jan 29, 2015 5:40 pm    Post subject: Lux Aeterna :: A Table of Contents Reply with quote

Lux Aeterna
A Table of Contents


Duo Corda, Unum Animam: Memoriis

Before Rhy?Din came Lucis and with it, Noctis and Claire?s story began. A review of the years leading up to the catalyst that brought Claire (and subsequently Noctis) to Rhy?Din, this story covers their meeting, their differences, and eventually their love story. Timeline: Approximately Early 2010-December 2012.

Where There Is Love, There Is Pain

Planning a wedding should be a joyous occasion, right? Beginning in late January of 2013, Ubi Amor, Ibi Dolor (Where There Is Love, There Is Pain) details a wedding dress shopping trip gone awry. It is the end of one chapter in Noctis and Claire?s lives, and most definitely the beginning of another. Timeline: Late January 2013-Mid February 2013.

Embracing dreams. Zack?s story.

After being adopted by Darkmere Alcar, Zack Alcar endures intense training with some help from friends and family in Nosgoth as well as Rhy?Din. Mastering the elements among other skills is no small task and as he learns about others, Zack learns more about himself as he too grows. Timeline: April 2013

With Your Voice In My Head

A chance trip home rekindles Claire?s connection with her Eidolon guardian Odin. A guiding influence through the good and the bad (mostly the bad), Odin tries his best to keep Claire on the straight and narrow during her first months in Rhy?Din. These are her conversations with him. Timeline: April 2013-December 2013

Capax Infiniti

After Noctis arrives in Rhy?Din, all hell breaks loose and Claire?s already unstable life is turned upside down. The pair take their leave from the city, holing up at a beach house outside of Rhy?Din City. This one shot marks a turning point for Claire, Noctis, and even Doom the Dog. Timeline: June 2013


Claire?s ever precarious relationship with her sister, Serah, is further exacerbated by Claire?s distance. A Hail Mary pass in the form of a hastily sent present serves as a white flag. The communication that comes after that, well, that?s a little more complicated. Timeline: July 2013

Sublimation: The Moon?s Shadow

The space-time continuum is thrown for a loop when everything goes out of whack in Rhy?Din. Claire and her best friend Zack get a brief glimpse into a life that could have been. If only things were different. Timeline: September 2013

Sublimation: Splintered Sky

As if getting a look at the life that could have been wasn?t bad enough, Zack and Claire are faced with a complicated issue when two of their children from another time show up in this Rhy?Din. Jade Rose and Gabriel Zackary carve their own paths in the new realm while simultaneously trying to find their way home. Timeline: September 2013-November 2013

The Storm?s Edge

Tense relations between Claire and everyone?s favorite pirate Diritas Ashin finally come to a boil with an intense meeting that ends with Claire taking Diritas?s life. The posts that follow detail the aftermath of the pirate?s demise. Timeline: October 2013

But Think of the Children ((The Dragon?s Gate Orphanage))

Shadow the elf and baron of Dragon?s Gate comes to Claire (and others) about how they can better serve the homeless children of the city. The result is tucked into a back corner of the Dragon?s Gate district in a remodeled estate. Timeline: October 2013-December 2013

Making Chrissmas

Thanks to her time in Rhy?Din, Claire experiences Christmas for the first time as well as all the fun that goes with it. From decorations to gift giving, all were welcome to contribute to the holiday cheer. Timeline: December 2013

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Claire Gallows
Ancient Wyrm
Ancient Wyrm

Joined: 20 Feb 2013
Posts: 818
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Jobs: City Guard, Sword for Hire
Can Be Found: The Sassy Owl Saloon or Underwood Manor in New Haven
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PostPosted: Thu Jan 29, 2015 5:45 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


From The Depths of Dreams

A nefarious influence infiltrates Claire?s subconscious, leading to nightmares and lucid daydreams that leave her in psychological shambles. From innocuous warnings to death and destruction, each night that passes sends her further and further down the rabbit hole. Timeline: December 1st, 2013-February 10th, 2014

From Heart to Paper

Serah struggles with her mortality and impending death and decides to put her thoughts to paper in hopes of leaving some small part of her behind for those she cares about. Spanning several months, her journal details all the highs and lows of a roller coaster like that. Timeline: December 2013-March 2014

No Rest for the Wicked

After a gruesome murder in Seaside, the reigning Baroness is left scrambling for answers. The harder Claire looks, the more questions she has but maybe just maybe she can trust those closest to her to get to the bottom of it. Timeline: January 2014

Sister Mine

Serah finally finds out just how fragile Claire?s mental stability is when the swordmage Arthour seeks her out for a rather difficult conversation. As if the younger Farron didn?t have enough on her plate, how will she react knowing that Claire seems to think she?s dead? Timeline: Early February 2014

A New Arrival

Amidst all of the chaos, Zack and his fiancee Raven have a little bit to celebrate and share that with their friends and family. Timeline: Mid February 2014

Brushed From the Palm of a God

Claire?s abrupt disappearance from Rhy?Din has all the markings of previous departures and she leaves many wondering just where she ran off to. The answer lies within a retelling of her time back upon Nova Chrysallia in its final days and a transformation that sticks with her even once she makes the difficult decision to return to Rhy?Din. Timeline: February 2014


Raven Ekia is drawn away from her family in Nosgoth by an irresistible force hell bent on getting their hands on her daughter, Adelaide. Will help come in time or will Raven be lost to the mist? Timeline: March 2014

Sublimation:Tabula Rasa :: Lila?s Journal

Another timeline, another choice, another child. Lila K. Farron-D?Artainian finds her way to this Rhy?Din and has quite a bit less luck in finding her place than Jade or Gabe did. Grappling with abandonment, anger, and substance abuse, her journal serves as an outlet for her frustrations in her brief time in Rhy?Din. Timeline: October 2013-May 2014

Time Waits For No One

Time ticks by in leaps and lulls for Serah as the shadow of death continues to loom over her at every turn. A near death experience makes it even more real and her recovery afterwards provides a fresh perspective for the young woman. Timeline: March 2014-July 2014

The Forget-Me-Nots

Lila?s meteoric rise to emerald ranking in the dueling venues? Outback isn?t without its bumps in the road. Love, loss, and unfortunate decision making ultimately spell doom for the violet haired time rift child. Timeline: April 2014-May 2014

The Gauntlet

Jade Alcar and Maximus Shimmer-Scale work together toward improving one another?s fighting skills. Little do they know that they?ll be brought together (and pulled apart) by far more powerful forces than they ever realized when getting into this. Timeline: April 2014-In Progress

Press Release from the Office of Giovanni Diamante

Caelum Enterprises, Team Dirty and the Farron/Caelum family releases a response to the death of Lila Farron. Timeline: May 2014

In Memoriam

The handful of people that knew Lila Farron pay their respects either together or in their own ways in the days following her untimely death. Timeline: May 2014-July 2014

Playing With Fire

Claire seeks out counsel from Arthour Chazore-Silverblood in regards to the threat that is Scion. When Serah is threatened through her dealings with Diritas, Claire has no choice but to address Scion head on. Timeline: July 2014

In Love And War

The Royals of Lucis find out that Claire and Noctis are expecting and place demands on the couple that tests their relationship as well as their loyalty to the kingdom. With war on the horizon, can Lucis afford a second front? Timeline: July 2014-In Progress

Nosgoth Chronicles: Darkness Falls. The Sun Still Rises.

After Nosgoth is ripped away from the other Alliance realms, the King of Nosgoth is left reeling from the magical impact taken as he shields his people from the catastrophe. A cloak of darkness settles on Nosgoth and not even Darkmere?s family can rouse him from the depths of his depression. A breath of fresh air arrives from the Southern Coast, but will it be enough to return Nosgoth to what it once was? Timeline: August 2014-In Progress

Tasting Temptation

Serah finds her own way to play with fire through a liaison with her bodyguard Sven, hired on by none other than Serah?s sister, Claire. What oh what would the boss think? Timeline: September 2014


Claire?s reign in the Tower of Earth finally proves beneficial when things go awry and the creatures of her element come to her aid. As she struggles with the strain of pregnancy and balancing that with her self-imposed commitments, she also has to come to terms with the fact that it isn?t just about her anymore. Timeline: September 2014-January 2015

Sun Eater

Hope, the woman formerly known as Clarice Queen, finds she has an affinity for rare works of art. Unfortunately for her, they?re not exactly free for the taking. Timeline: October 2014


The Tower of Earth welcomes an unexpected gift from an even more unexpected giver. Kruger leaves a little something for the Keeper of Earth and her unborn children as well as a note denying any culpability. Timeline: October 2014

Press Statement: Dragon?s Gate Orphanage

News of Vanion Shadowcast?s ?return? to the Iron Fists League dueling circuit prompts concern amongst those that had a hand in his demise and Shadow, with Claire and Zack backing him, make sure the public knows the truth. Timeline: October 2014

Devil's Night At Old Temple

The Baroness of Old Temple throws a two part Halloween celebration at the baronial manor. Consisting of family friendly day events and an adults only night time party, there was fun to be had for all. Timeline: October 2014

Setting the Record Straight

Questions abound during the Iron Fists League season and press manager Giovanni Diamante takes a little time out of his day to address the paparazzi and their numerous inquiries. Timeline: November 2014-January 2015

Making Christmas 2.0

Another year, another tree, another yule tide celebration. Claire and company's second Christmas goes a bit smoother than last. Timeline: December 2014
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Claire Gallows
Ancient Wyrm
Ancient Wyrm

Joined: 20 Feb 2013
Posts: 818
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Jobs: City Guard, Sword for Hire
Can Be Found: The Sassy Owl Saloon or Underwood Manor in New Haven
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PostPosted: Thu Jan 29, 2015 5:46 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


New Year, New Arrivals?!

The time has come (if a bit early) for the Caelum twins to arrive! An announcement is sent out the day after. Timeline: January 2015

Sleepover at the Orphanage

The half-elf Ahni Valyntine spends a night at the Dragons Gate Orphanage courtesy of an invitation from the headmaster Shadow. Timeline: January 2015

Death Becomes Him

After a rather untimely demise, Team Dirty teammate Sandalio del Saenz faces his own mortality. Timeline: January 2015-??

Delivery to the Orphanage

The new Keeper of Earth sends a thoughtful gift to the previous Keeper of Earth as well as her children. Timeline: January 2015

One Hundred & One Years

Death isn't all that permanent in Rhydin, is it? Timeline: ??-January 2015

Fire and Blood

Serah stumbles across a friend after he's painted the town red. And not in a good way. Timeline: February 2015

That's Some Freaky Pet Semetary Stuff Right There

Rocked by the death of her best friend, Addie takes some extreme measures to remedy the situation. Timeline: February 2015

Fever Dreams

In the wake of That's Some Freaky Pet Semetary Stuff Right There, Addie finds herself plagued by clockwork nightmares that may or may not hold the key to unlocking just why she and Kane have come to this point in their timeline. Timeline: February 2015-Present


Claire grapples with Noct's absence while trying to keep all other aspects of her life from toppling. Timeline: March 2015

Offensive Adventures with Michi

At Addie's urging, Michi attends a LGBTQ support group... this is what happens after that. Timeline: March 2015

Shades of Red (18+ Mature)

Serah's past catches up with her in a rather lethal way. Timeline: April 2015

Tokyo Ghosts

Far from Rhy'Din, Hope sets off to try and fill in the blanks of her past. Timeline: May 2015

Losing to Chaos

A prelude to Emissio... Timeline: May 2015


Serah returns to Chrysalia in hopes of figuring out just what the heck is going on with her lately. Timeline: May 2015

Weight of a World Gone

Serah finds her time running out as her visions increase in intensity and frequency. Timeline: May 2015


In the wake of the breaking of the Heart of Chaos, Claire sets out to reclaim the so called pieces in hopes of not only saving herself but hopefully Serah as well. Timeline: May 2015

Comparing Notes

Claire and Shae sit down to have a talk about the state of things; in particular Scionius and Serah. Timeline: June 2015

Requiem Aeternam

The younger Farron's time runs out at last. Mach and Claire scramble to enact the last resort plan. Timeline: June 2015

Over the In Between :: Fragments

In the aftermath of Requiem Aeternam, Claire gets a nice bit of introspection. Timeline: June 2015

Education at Dragons Gate

Baron of Dragons Gate, Shadow, proposes a partnership to Shae leading up to the opening of the Dragons Gate Dojo. Timeline: July 2015

Outlander Day-Pieces of Gran Pulse & Fragments of Lucis

Rhydin's Outlander Day finds Claire scrambling for little bits of home to share with the community. Timeline: July 2015

Down & Out

Tight rope walking is hard. Especially when you're torn between the forces of good and evil. Timeline: July 2015-In Progress

Be Still, My Mind

With a full mind and a few silver, Addie buys a pretty, twinkly purple journal. In it, comes all of the ramblings of an off-kilter teenage girl. Timeline: August 2014-In Progress

We All Fall Down

Almost a year after her return, Lilith claims FireStar. Or maybe FireStar claims her. Timeline: October 2015-In Progress

From the Dark Comes the Catalyst

Making good on a promise made over a year and a half ago, Claire sets into motion the groundwork for something by which to remember Lila and Clarice. Timeline: October 2015-December 2015

Times & Measures

As all hell breaks loose in Rhydin, Claire takes moves to prevent more damage than has already been done. Timeline: November 2015

Trial and Error. Mostly Error

In the wake of her break up with Mach, Serah tries to put the pieces back together again. Timeline: December 2015

Mutually Assured Destruction

Lilith has a run in with the mage hunter Mach. A minor misunderstanding blows up into a whole lot of violence and maybe even reconciliation. Timeline: December 2015

Farron-Queen Memorial Youth Outreach Centre Grand Opening

The community comes together to celebrate the opening of the outreach center named for two lives lost too soon. Timeline: December 2015

Another Year, Another Tree

Once more Yule falls upon Rhydin and the lands linked to it and so too does Christmas come to Caelum Manor. Timeline: December 2015
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Claire Gallows
Ancient Wyrm
Ancient Wyrm

Joined: 20 Feb 2013
Posts: 818
See this user's pet
Jobs: City Guard, Sword for Hire
Can Be Found: The Sassy Owl Saloon or Underwood Manor in New Haven
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PostPosted: Sat Feb 27, 2016 1:19 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


Something Invisible Snapped Inside Her

Serah deals with the fallout of not only her breakup with Mach but also the Hunter's subsequent hospitalization and everything that happened after that. Timeline: January 2016

The Sassy Owl Saloon

Open Location Thread, no timeline

Distill & Chill

Caelum Manor's long term guesthouse occupant teaches the lady of the house how to brew, kick back, and unwind a little bit. Timeline: February 2016


Claire receives the worst call of her life. The aftermath isn't too pretty either. Timeline: March 2016-April 2016

Daddy Issues

After meeting his alleged daughter from another time, Cooper needs a little time to work through the shock of it all. It's nothing that a long drive and a longer conversation with Claire can't fix. Timeline: March 2016

Liberet Infinito

Much like in Capax Infiniti, the beach house proves to be a perfect catalyst for some much needed perspective. Timeline: April 2016

Answers! Finally!

After a year of trying to fill in the blanks after the events of Shades of Red, Serah finally gets the answers she's looking for. Timeline: April 2016


After parting ways with Zack after three plus years of being together, Raven works on rebuilding her life and reconciling just how difficult goodbyes can be. Timeline: May 2016-Present

Ama Me Ferociter

A frank discussion about the past changes absolutely nothing about Cooper and Claire's dynamic, much to her surprise. Timeline: June 2016


In possession of another of the Outback's opals, Claire finds herself under challenge and looking to the rock for answers about how to outwit its former holder. Timeline: August 2016

Play Date

The growing play group of Adelaide, Alexander, and Averia gets a new addition in the form of Kruger Allen's son Nikolai. Timeline: September 2016

Of Shields & Squires

As the first Overlord to name a squire, Claire sits down to lay out her expectations with her new squire, Nick. Timeline: October 2016

Silent Echoes

Though written in 2016, a stack of letters are delivered to Averia Caelum 17 years in the future. Each one is a little glimpse into the past thanks to Nick Allen. Timeline: September-October 2016 // AU October-November 2033


Despite the fact she'll never get to send them, Averia writes a response in 2033 to each of Nick's letters from 2016. Timeline: AU October-November 2033

The End of the Line

Nick leaves Claire one final letter to hint at his fate and to warn her of what is to come. In the aftermath, she fulfills a promise she made to him months prior and sets off a chain of events that finally sees Nick home. Timeline: October 2016 // AU October-November 2033

Uncovered (A Journal)

What starts off as an exercise in putting her thoughts to paper soon turns into more than Claire bargains for. November proves rife with stumbles and lessons alike. Timeline: November 2016

Stealing Time

After their previous meeting ended with seemingly irreparable damage to their friendship, Kruger seeks Claire out where she can't run away and offers her a few words, an apology, and a peculiar book. Timeline: Late November 2016

Borrowed Life

Given a second chance, Nikolai learns to navigate the immediate aftermath of his return to 2033. Timeline: AU November 2033

A Hasty Retreat

Anti-non-human sentiment reaches a crescendo and sends Claire and her less than human family out of the city in its wake. Timeline: December 2016

Diverging Directions

Team Dirty says goodbye to Hope, leaving Claire to question just what is left of the team she had built. Timeline: December 2016

An Eosian Yule

Averia, Alexander, and Nikolai venture from Rhydin to Eos for Yule and the annual Trinity Ball. Timeline: AU December 2033

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Unlike years past, Caelum Manor exuded very little Christmas cheer for their first holiday without Noctis. The Guest House found a bit to make up for it, making for a modest Christmas between close family and friends. Timeline: December 2016

The Twins Turn Two

To celebrate the birthdays of Averia and Alexander Caelum, a Pixies & Pirates themed party is thrown, complete with dress up, themed food, and fun favors. Timeline: December 2016

Two Minutes to Midnight

After twenty years worth of uneventful Trinity Balls, a newcomer makes a splash with an unexpected proposition for the young heir to the Lucian throne. Timeline: AU December 2033
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Claire Gallows
Ancient Wyrm
Ancient Wyrm

Joined: 20 Feb 2013
Posts: 818
See this user's pet
Jobs: City Guard, Sword for Hire
Can Be Found: The Sassy Owl Saloon or Underwood Manor in New Haven
296677.18 Silver Crowns


PostPosted: Mon Mar 06, 2017 1:13 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


Et Fulguri Abecedarium (The Lightning Alphabet)

A collection of alphabet themed visual imagery and explanations for each as inspired by Claire's life and history. Timeline: N/A

Words Like Wildfires

After Nikolai's surprise proposal, the Lucian press seeks to unravel their newly formed bond with a series of scathing gossip articles. Timeline: AU January 2034


A late night jaunt to the hot springs leads to a little bit of an unexpected surprise for Claire and Cooper. Timeline: January 2017-April 2017


Seeking to escape the pressure and press of Insomnia, Nick and Averia retreat to the King's country home only to stumble upon a mysterious manor in the woods. Timeline: AU February-April 2034

Shreds of (in)humanity

As anti-human sentiments in the city build to a rolling boil, the Sassy Owl Saloon's proprietors are once more caught in the crosshairs. In other words, in which Cooper finally loses his ****. Timeline: February 2017

Protests and Dinner Dates

In a city that always seems to be caught in some tumult or other, life really must go on like normal. Protestors be damned, Lilith and Andrea are making it to their dinner reservation. Timeline: February 2017

City burning? Better start betting!

At the Adenna Embassy, much of the Valentine's Day chaos is watched by eager and intent eyes. It's only inevitable that the bets and money are thrown down soon after. Timeline: February 2017

Benediction -- One Year Later

One year after Noct's death, Claire is left to reflect on just how far she has come in that time. Timeline: March 2017

A Marbles Drop In Reality

Andrea finds her ruined blade Apple Blossom mysteriously mended anew. Timeline: April 2017

Delivery for the Double Diamond

Terry King makes a well earned delivery in the wake of Claire's back to back Diamond win. Timeline: April 2017

Interlude in Sea Minor

Claire, Cooper, and the twins make their way to Rose Cottage for a much needed reprieve from city life. Timeline: April 2017

Captain Clara's Super Fantastic Video Log

Clara Wyatt finds herself in Rhydin of 2017. With no immediate way back, her travels and adventures are recorded via video log. Timeline: April 2017-Present

Two's Company, Three's a Crowd, Four's a Party

One by one, others join Clara in 2017 Rhydin. Timeline: May 2017


The time comes for Claire to say goodbye to Caelum Manor in favor of something a little closer to the city. Timeline: May 2017-June 2017

Meet the Gallows

Cooper, Claire, and the kids head to Virginia to meet the cowboy's family and maybe solidify their bond a little more than before. Timeline: June 2017

There's always a hitch...

Displaced from his own time and dealing with a heavy case of a broken heart, Jake leaves the city and with it, Clara, Liyun, and Edward. Timeline: August 2017

A Notebook Torn

Bits and bobs from Clara's notebook, ripped and stolen by one of the Hunters that nearly took her life. Timeline: August 2017

Last call before shadows fall

On the cusp of a fight for his life, Cooper calls in every favor and friend he can think of. Timeline: September 2017

Enraged: My Own Apocalypse (Cooper Dies At The End)

The culmination of a story almost a decade in the making. Read it, you won't be disappointed. Timeline: September 2017

Birth Announcement

The Gallows clan grows by one. Timeline: September 2017

Caelum Training Center at New Haven -- Now Open

Team Dirty's gym moves to New Haven and opens to the public for the very first time. Timeline: November 2017

Safe Haven (A Very Henry & Raven Wedding)

After a short engagement, Henry Wyatt and Raven Ekia tie the knot in spectacular fashion. Timeline: November 2017

Another Year, Another Yule

The annual Christmas story, you know how it goes. Timeline: December 2017

The Twins Turn Three!

On the eve of another new year, the twins turn three and thus a party should be had! Timeline: December 2017
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