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A Marbles Drop in Reality

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 07, 2017 2:16 am    Post subject: A Marbles Drop in Reality Reply with quote

Apple Blossom..

What a strange thing to hear while working.

Not that she isn't used to it. The prying of the Green Opal, PathFinder, did enough with whispers on its own ? when it's not amplified with her being the warden of the Tower of Earth and all. But this had been downright odd. Odd enough for her to lower her hammer and pull away the sweat stuck goggles that protected her eyes. The grotesque mesh of metal and enchantments that she had been hammering on didn't seem like much of a concern compared to possibly hearing things that didn't quite match the tone of the Opal.

She pushed some papers away which held the plans of her next weapon and spied at the clock that had been hidden away under it. No, it wasn't time for her to take her pills. And even if it had been, she would have noticed the alarm. Plus hearing voices wasn't exactly something she's prone to. Paranoia? Yes. Hearing voices? Far from it.

So if it wasn't the Opal ? then what was it?

"What is it?" The rock whispered to her.

Alright, that confirmed it ? not the Opal. And with its question that meant it had no clue what had happened either. She ignored the magic rocks probing questions for the time being and began moving away scraps of metal and other such things that made her work space within the depths of the Tower of Earth not at all a safe environment. Apple Blossom, Apple Blossom. She swore that's what she had heard... but what OF the blade?

It had been a wreck. A warped and blemished blade that lost its luster when the fire engulfed her once Seaside residence. It, along with a gunblade, had been the only weapons to survive that the blacksmith Kruger put both his time and sweat into forging for her. It's red shimmer and flowery designs were left blackened by the fire ? nothing more than a memory of once had once been. While she had forgiven Lilith for the transgression, she did have good reasons and all, Andrea still felt disappointed at the loss of the weapon. While the gunblade was something she tinkered with and fixed ("fixed"), Apple Blossom had been left in its tarnished state. She doubted she could ever give it back its shine.

"Where is it.." She muttered to herself.

Apple Blossom had been among her things within the Towers earthen forge. While she never took a hammer to it, that did not mean she hadn't tried to forge her own take on it with new materials. The attempts she did all turned out failures. The first blade exploded, the second she threw into the Twilight Isle lagoon after it wouldn't snuff its own fire out post-enchanting. The third one hadn't been much of a failure. Sure, it engulf itself fire at times, but it's main purpose had been fulfilled and it the thing made for an excellent fae killing weapon. She had to re-forge it into what it is now, a more competent blade, and it currently resided with her friend and former lover: Rayvinn.

Still ? her imitation blades did not share the same beauty with its modeled origin. Apple Blossom had been made by hands and skill that far exceeded her own.

It's fine.

She accepted that fact and it hadn't bothered her too much. People aren't special, there's always going to be someone stronger, better, faster, and smarter than you. All she could do was keep hammering, creating, and honestly occupying her time with something that dulled her thoughts and made her focus on a singular thing: a weapon.

But while that did not bother her.. What did bother her though ? that voice.

There it is. Under all the designs, notebooks, and even a few of those mangled weapons she had created. Andrea tugged the wooden box and paid no mind to the cluttered mess as it fell away as if she failed at Jenga.

Apple Blossom..

The voice came to mind. It hadn't been like before, this time it felt only like a reminder ? a ghostly whisper of a memory. Andrea furrowed her brow at the thought, undid the cases clasps, and lift the lid. She expected to see the remains of a blade that she could not equal. Its steel crisped black with flowery designs nicked and chipped; no longer did it have its red saya, nor tsuka as well.

What she got had been a vision of the past made reality. The blade that rest there laid untarnished ? no longer a morbid corpse left charred by an inferno. Andrea's lips thinned in question, but such thoughts did not stop her from reaching to take up the now reformed blade. The lightest click sounded as she gently tugged at the katana. The styled habaki looked upon first before she drew free the rest of the blade slowly.

The red hue.
The art of flowers that made a blade meant for killing into a canvas of art.
It's all there.

The whisper began to make sense. The tone of it, the feeling behind it, the more she focused on what she had heard the better the image of its owner came to her minds eye. Andrea turned her eyes from the blade and looked up the speckles of faux-starry light that made up the crystallized sky within the depths of the Tower of Earth.

"Kruger." She muttered.
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