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Body Bender (13's Vacation.)

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 09, 2017 6:18 pm    Post subject: Body Bender (13's Vacation.) Reply with quote

Her hair had been messed up, spiteful as ever on the journey to the random rooftop in which she sat. Barely armed against the cold, save for a t-shirt, jeans, and a blanket that was wrapped around her as she glared daggers to the empty sidewalk below, trying to think of a plan. Something to make her feel better or at the very least, get back at him. A thousand options were considered while she sat there for long enough to keep track of time. She didn’t cry, or have a change of expression the entire time she sat there.

I should just lose it to someone else… Sammy, that’d piss him off… Nah, I can’t do that to Sammy..

Maybe I’ll just go back to the lab for a while. I do miss Jack, and it would be nice to see Doctor Hotstuff for a while. Maybe lean him in Cady’s direction… Nah, he just thinks I’m trouble, if anything that’ll hurt the poor girl’s chances…

Ugh, why did he have to leave? If he didn’t say it back, I’d have been fine…but he just left. How could he just leave? I didn’t even care if he felt it too… I mean, I thought he might have… Was I stupid to think he might’ve? He’s seemed like he could at times… but even still.. He left.

It was the most unattractive thing he could’ve ever done.

Just ran away…

Those eyes trailed to a girl who’d just crossed on her side of the street, a pretty thing, using the cross walk. The idea of a hunt was considered, but she wasn’t quite sure what she was dealing with. Hesitation halted to full on denial as she looked to see a man nearby on the other side of the street.

But that’s when it happened. Death, she could practically smell it manifesting as the girl collapsed to the ground. The moment the heart stopped beating she felt a tug of her soul in that direction—how long had it been? A smile crept across her face as she considered that possibility.

…or…I could be someone else for a while…

So excitedly had she taken the opportunity to snatch the body up with her own soul, that she hadn’t seen the man running across the street to the girl. The man kneeled down next to the redhead’s corpse just as 13’s slumped over on the roof, falling into a deep sleep when she left it. Eyes opened suddenly, just as he pushed on her chest. “W…” Wait! Too late, he was trying to revive the corpse she’d jumped into. Suddenly, everything was getting dark as the girl’s body was jump started back up. Heartbeat after heartbeat, 13 became suffocated and stifled.

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