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The Endless Night Rave

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Author Message
Death of Man
Young Wyrm
Young Wyrm

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 20, 2017 2:53 pm    Post subject: The Endless Night Rave Reply with quote


winter solstice | dockside district

The Endless Night Rave is taking over the old ironworks warehouses in Dockside. Beginning at sundown on the winter solstice (Thursday, 21 December 2017) it runs until the sun touches the horizon the following morning.

The entrance is free as long as you leave your inhibitions at the door. Once inside, you'll find every vice satisfied and all manners of depravity fulfilled. Drinks and drugs, all there for the taking. Mind the music; it has a life and magic of its own.

There are private rooms above and below and evil lurking on the edges of the dance floor. Watch your step... if you still can.

((This is a board event. Feel free to reference it, post below, and play into it if you'd like.

The Endless Night Rave is actually a front for both a local unseelie court of faeries and the Night Court (vampires) to cull a large group of new victims all in one night. The faeries used glamour to draw people into the rave. Even the fliers were touched with their magic.

Your character is welcome to come to the rave to be ensnared or just show up, have a good time, and manage to escape unscathed. If you want them to show up and knock some heads? Please PM me first so we can chat. I'm happy to allow characters to play hero, but no one can stop the rave from happening or running the full length of time.))
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Ancient Wyrm
Ancient Wyrm

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 21, 2017 3:26 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Ducii was always looking for an excuse to leave her inhibitions at the door, and clubbing was one of the best ways to do it. As the sun set, she R-Ubered to the old ironworks warehouses. When it pulled up to where others were already beginning to filter in through, she shot the driver a dazzling smile and handed over a small pouch jingling with coins. "Thank you," the blonde bombshell purred, gracefully exiting the carriage.

She grinned, looking down to the glamoured flier then back up to the warehouse. The music already to called to her and she hadn't even entered yet, coursing through her veins extinguishing every trace of the unwanted blood that contaminated her insides. Shutting off the thinking side of her brain, she follows a crowd up to the door, her arms lifting her body as the music grows louder. Chocolate eyes are heated, drunk on fire and her lips kiss the threshold of liberty as she abandons her inhibitions and dances her way in.

Her elbows gracefully tear through the air, in perfect rhyme with her stiletto clad feet. Setting a curve that no menace can surpass; for she is here for herself tonight. Her feet hit the floor in a boisterous cry for all that was denied. One arm stretches out, her waist jerking outward vivaciously. It seems to reject all the silent judgement that the world offered to her.. The other arm follows suit with yet another jerk of her slim waist. There is nothing that can calm her tempestuous gale as she slides through the crowd, brushing bodies in her exploration of the scene.

She bursts into flames with every bob of her head, every jiggle of her shoulders, with every gyration of her hips. Not seeking a partner in her debauchery, she kindly declines any forward advances. Not one for drugs, she expertly sashays around the peddlers and finds herself advancing on the booze. However, if she was roofied, she'd never know. The blonde could be pliable, even when drugged, but she was firm in her demands to be left alone. No one would be taking her tonight; she owned the night.

Gyrating and spinning around in fanatic circles, every jerk of her waist, every flick of her hair, every beat of her feet, ever shrug of her shoulder beckons to the world and says, see me, watch me, want me... but I'm not yours.

Maybe she was persuaded into a private room by a male or female for a brief tryst, but she could be found still dancing in the middle of the room as dawn broke.

No one could cull Duci this night.
Playing with the Deuce of Hearts,
knowing it ain't really smart.
The joker ain't the only fool
who'll do anything for you.

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Eddie Blake
Young Wyrm
Young Wyrm

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 22, 2017 9:19 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Tahlia had seen one of the flyers, the perfect cure for the chaos that had kept her head down for the past few days. Someplace dark, and loud, and, most of all, a chance to indulge in all manner of vices. Setting the flyer on the counter, she snapped a photo, and sent it off to her favorite party partner. "Hey puddin...wanna take me out and show me off? This sounds like a blast...Pick me up at 9." Fairly confident of the answer, she headed to raid her closet for the perfect purple outfit to sweeten the deal.

Tahlia was lucky they made it considering all the purple she had on. It was a miracle that she still had it on, but Eddie had promised her a night of dancing. Something about the place had him feeling spooked, an odd sense of glamour that resonated wrong against the fae side of him. Faces looked a little too eager, and odd offers were hidden between the words in whispers. "I got something you can put your mouth on..." He turned away from the sound, took Tahlia's hand and tugged at her. "Let's go dance babe."
Opportunity dances with those already on the dance floor. ~ H. Jackson Brown, Jr.
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Tahlia Faras
Adult Wyrm
Adult Wyrm

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 22, 2017 9:23 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

The blonde stayed tucked tight to Eddie's side, something pricking along her skin, but nothing she could put her finger on. Maybe it was just because the big man felt so tense, which was rare...she wasn't going to let the hungry stares ruin their night - it wasn't like those were unusual at all. Especially not when the two of them were together. Still, she was more than happy to follow him out onto the dance floor, the occasional glimpse of a familiar face lost in the thump and grind of the music.

The problem with being Fae, some things made your skin itch. The problem with being a con man, there is the tendency to not trust what's offered. That can hamper interpersonal relationships, or save you from a night spent with a straw in your veins and a whole lotta strangers lips sampling your inner self. Eddie spent the night keeping Tahlia within inches of his frame. Sometimes they call that dancing. Whatever it was being called, by the few faces he recognized, they did it until the sun broke the horizon. Sunlight meant only one thing, it was bedtime.


But now and then, a woman walks up, full blossom, a woman just bursting out of her dress - a sex creature, a curse, the end of it all.
― Charles Bukowski, Post Office
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Sin Incarnate
Young Wyrm
Young Wyrm

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 22, 2017 10:51 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Even if a flier hadn?t been shoved in his hand by a passing stranger on the street, the pulsating flame of radiating immorality coming from the ironworks of Dockside would?ve drawn in the devil. Promises of an endless buffet of sins, he could feel the prickle of tipping morals, vices abused and the steady thrum of life from outside. He?d dropped the classy suits, exchanging it for a second skin of jeans, cotton and leather.

In order to leave his inhibitions at the door, that would require Ace to have inhibitions in the first place. Though once inside, he was able to abandon any reserve he otherwise held in public, purging himself of his multitude of masks worn through decades, centuries, millenia of false names and faces that were never his own.

Consumed by the Seven; a pinnacle of Pride himself, radiating confidence and the Mother of all sins with the eloquent finesse that boasted he was meant for it. Born from it. From his core, to the top of his head to the tip of his toes.

Stirring Envy of those in want or need of attention while pilfering or redirecting those they sought it from to others. He danced to the rhythm of his own war drum. At times almost too intimately to be considered casual, while he brushed off the advances of others.

He wallowed in the Gluttony of vices. Drugs, of his own making, was exchanged through the mouths of his dance partners, inciting the diabolical laughter soon after as their insatiable voracity amplified, turning them to ravenous creatures of the night. To feed and consume more, always more.

Drinks, sought in the name of the Green Goddess, set his mind free and those who dared to test his intemperance were granted just the same. Generous in the luxury of splurging, he invited anyone and everyone within his vicinity to indulge in the lust of life and inciting the true innovation the Green Fairy was meant for.

Sloth was the hindrance of those who?d overindulged. Those he?d pushed, enabled, persuaded, and convinced. Who had been sucked under his intoxicating influence and found themselves swept into the storm with no life jackets, staggering or too inebriated to stand at all. Pushed to the brink, reaping what they?d sewn of their sins painted in his smile, the dancing of Hellfire in his eyes that at times could be caught between the flashing of lights from the party.

The Endless Night was thriving with Lust; for life, for the desire of others, the brushing touch of writhing bodies and impaired inhibitions. It was in the way he moved, the looks he?d shared with those able to summon it from a devil himself. Through the undulating motions of hips and arms, he?d spotted another he knew. One who instilled and bred the sin with every movement, poured from her like silk and honey.

For a moment, he considered his own Greed. To pilfer one?s attention solely to himself, for a moment. A small sliver of time, giving in to selfish needs as he swept up behind her in the ploy of a stranger. Hands to hips, lips to an ear. ?I see you, I want you. I?ve watched you. They can keeping you for the night, but let me steal you for a moment.? Building up tension through the writhing of bodies to beats unknown, he?d promised Silver Tongue Persuasions and wild abandon for as long as she?d allowed him.

Returning from private rooms covered somehow in more sin than he?d come in with, he?d given the room back their muse. Intentionally, or unintentionally influencing Hellish courses of their own rights.

Finally, as the night dredged on and just when he thought he wouldn?t be complete.. There was but one final sin to enclose the circle: Wrath. He felt it like the pleasurable raking claws of malice, he saw it in the pulsating thrum of evil that brought the devil?s fire to his eyes, a baleful smile to his lips. One that might?ve been seen in passing to yet another familiar face he?d spotted. One glued to a man?s hip, and the nefarious Hellfire of smile and eyes likely didn?t put the man at ease to keep close to the woman. The one who received a promising wink. He?d be gone the moment they weren?t looking, lost in the sea of sins and bodies.

Whole. Complete. He was no prey, but a living radiation of influence. Should any of the Night Court attempt to feast on him, they?d be met with the corrupt, pure potency of the Seven if they could get past the sulfur in his veins. He wouldn?t stop them, but he could not be culled. He?d whisper his influence in their ears, enable them to their malice.

The Unseelie Court?s glamour held no effect to him, uninfluenced by their enthallments with the pure blood of the Fallen and Hell in his formless bones and marrow.

Yet, he did not hinder. He was no Hero. A subtle miscreant who watched, who participated with abandon, and when the first rays of Dawn broke across the horizon, he was engorged from the night?s consistent feeding.


"There are no secrets in life, just hidden truths beneath the surface"
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The Halcyon
Young Wyrm
Young Wyrm

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 23, 2017 1:11 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Halcyon's silvered eyes were keen, cold, watching in a distant cool as the old ironworks opened for business. Flesh instead of ore, both as malleable as the other. It couldn't be difficult to forge a mind overwhelmed in drink and drugs and music into something entirely else.

She turned away and walked away from the building. Stupid awaited her on the street. She pulled herself to his saddle.

The fliers for this rave had been passing around Halcyon's parish like wildfire. She noted quickly that even parents paranoid of anything going on seemed not to mind at all how excited their kids were about it. To Halcyon, they were simply fliers. To others, they were something more. It was enough to put the paladin's back up.

There were only a few ways for the teenagers to get to the Dockside event, and fortunately, years ago, streets had been closed off to car traffic in an effort to hinder the drug and prostitution trade. It worked, more or less. At least made the hypes and johns get more exercise.

The excited laughter and squealing and glee of a large group of teenagers fell silent as with three heavy clops of hoof, their path was barred by the giant gray horse. They all slowly looked up to see the paladin regarding them absently. Thoughtfully.

"Hey, come on, we're not doing anything, we're just hanging out, and you can't just harass us because you're in the guard!" one of the girls blurted out, pushing to the front of the little pack. The rest gained courage from her, and began to yell at the impervious woman and her gigantic mount.

Without warning, Halcyon half stood in the saddle. Chain sang out as she spun a length finished with a huge hook over her head. It cracked and rang, leaving her hand to wrap in a clash of cold iron around a light pole. The chain ran across the street, implacable.

"You can't do that!" the girl yelped, backing away from the paladin.

"Road be closed," Halcyon responded absently.

"Fine, we can go the long way, what is even your problem?! We're just going to a rave! Just because you have a stick up your ass doesn't mean we do!" a boy snapped, glaring at the woman and horse.

"Me problem be that I bein't allowed to just shorten by a head anyone tryin' t' take or harm ye devils. So. Shall we make a deal?"

The teens stared at Halcyon, baffled. They muttered amongst themselves, then finally, the first girl folded her arms over her chest and regarded the woman with narrow eyes.

"What's this deal?"

"Come," Halcyon noted, abruptly swinging from the giant's saddle. She aimed for their curiosity and paranoia alike, and struck home. Shrugging, the girl, then the rest, straggled along after Halcyon. Each step she took was punctuated with the rill of spurs, carrying them further and further from the rave.

Years, decades, ago, 'Bonny Bunny's All Furry Fun Review' had been a reasonably popular funland mini golf course and arcade. It featured indoor golf courses filled with creepy taxidermy animals and badly preserved greenery. There had been a few bizarre dark rides, and at one time had featured a floor show of creepy animatronic toon animals.

The gates were open. The front doors to the building were open. The power was on. Halcyon stopped at the gate and regarded the teens.

"...No way," a boy whispered, wide eyed. Bonny's had always been too well locked up to sneak into. With surveillance cameras and silent alarms well maintained, it had become a holy grail for urban explorers to break into.

"Have a care. I be told the place be haunted and that the robot animals be restless," Halcyon responded lazily, seeming to lose interest in the group of teens.

"You're just going to let us run wild in there," the girl demanded sceptically, "And then we get arrested for trespassing in the morning?!"

Yet as she protested, several of the teens were already heading for the allure of the creepy funland.

"Guys! Come on! She's setting us up!"

"I be on camera, yonder, allowin' ye to go within," Halcyon pointed out, nodding to one of the pole mounted security cameras.

The girl bit her lower lip, looking to the camera, then abruptly hurried to join her friends. A smaller group of teens were already there, exploring the old building. Screams of terrified delight rang out. The PA system squawked before pouring out the garbled and horrific music for the animatronic floor show.

No creepy adults and their weird ideas of fun, no getting shown up by glamorous scene queens, no having to keep checking their drinks. It just seemed strange that the taciturn paladin had opened the place up for them. To lure them away from the lure of the rave.

"Dudes, check it out, ancient Bonny weed," a boy gloated, displaying a small plastic baggie of marijuana, "It was in cash register. No money, though."

"That's not ancient weed, that's fresh. Halcy must have planted it there."

"See? She's setting us up!"

"If she is, she's doing it pretty stupid."

"Dank! There's Surge and Ecto Cooler in the soda fountains!"

There were fresh snacks, even packs of cigarettes. The bathrooms worked. Some of the animatronics had been moved throughout the building, giving a Five Nights at Freddy's vibe. The teenagers simply couldn't figure why Halcyon would go to that trouble.

Which didn't stop them from calling their friends to join them at the funland.

"I hope she doesn't think this is going to make us trust her," one of the girls sniffed, tossing her head, "She's RhyDin Guard, they don't give a damn about us."

"She's the only one of them who gives a crap that my sister disappeared," a boy replied slowly. He glared at the groans and denial around him.

"Asphodel just left with your dad, okay?"

"No. She didn't. Are you all mental? We hate our birth father. Judges couldn't order us to see him. He's a wack case who wants to experiment on us. There is no way ever Asphodel would go with him, and you guys all know it, but you are all standing here saying she did!" the boy burst out, his hands clenching, "And that cop is the only cop that's listened to us and is trying to find her."

"If that's true, then, why?" a girl frowned, "She's just an elf and human, right? All up on that grim halfbreed thing, lame, I mean, most of us are."

"She's a paladin," one of the other boys called as he stuck his head under the Surge dispenser and turned it on. He sucked down a few mouthfuls before speaking again. "She can't see glamour, either. She totally called out Franklyn's crappy Civic when he had it glammed up to look like a Lambo."

Halcyon idly watched as several more teens turned away from the Ironworks rave, hurrying to catch up with friends at the old mini golf joint. She leaned to Stupid's massive shoulder, pale gray eyes mild.

"Those who hold this rave shall not be pleased that you turn away these," Stupid remarked in a thunder of rumbling.

"I be not here to make anyone happy," she noted, finally drawing her brows together, "But I wonder, m'lad. A rave in an ironworks. That cannot be comfortable for the fae there."

"That may be the idea."
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