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Dix-huit [Birthday Adventures]

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 03, 2017 12:08 am    Post subject: Dix-huit [Birthday Adventures] Reply with quote

Saila's Apartment

After a vague and cryptic back and forth of texts to ensure Saila was actually home, Hex had relayed to Shep that it was time. Time for what? A master plan, of course.

Shep came with a disguise - one he claimed to be absolute genius --and Hex couldn't bring himself to break the man's heart by telling him that it wasn't. The biker had set aside his kutte and denim, exchanging them out for beige shorts, a button up short sleeved shirt, boots and a hat. The crowning jewel for the disguise? Sunglasses, as if the beard wasn't distinguishable, but his eyes would surely give it away. Of course, he knew better... but he hoped Saila would at least get a kick out of his efforts!

It had taken some planning, and creativity to get the trolley and the massive shiny and glittery silver wrapped box with an overly large purple bow slapped on top up the stairs to the second floor, but after swiping some sweat from his brow, Shep set his clipboard and realistically fake delivery form on top of the box. He relinquished a grunt as he wiggled the trolley's flat scoop beneath the box and eased it back so it could be wheeled toward Saila's door. "Think this box could use a diet," he grunted, smirking as he heard the thump from the inside of the box in response. Chuckling deeply, the biker whistled an almost jolly tune as he wheeled the box closer, maneuvering it sideways with some shimmying and wiggling once they got across the narrow platform.

Easing the trolley upright from its tilt, Shep turned toward the door and picked up the clipboard, tucking it between his forearm and chest. Lifting his chin, he steeled himself into some form of professionalism in his role as Delivery Man before he raised an inked and ringed hand to knock out a little rap-tap-tap-rap-tap! on the doorway, then waited.

Amare would probably fall over and die of shock: Saila was actually researching something on the internet when she became aware of the presence of the biker and his... package... at the foot of the private stairwell access to her apartment.

It took an act of heroism not to move on the curiosity that crawled all over her like a buzzing fly; the mercurial teen literally sat on one of her hands to keep herself from reacting or going to see what on earth he was up to. She waited out what felt like an eternity while Shep wrestled with his task, muscling it up the stairs and across the narrow foyer to the door, and it felt like she really might jump out of her skin from anticipation when he took those several seconds more to adjust and get into character.

Finally. The sound of the knock on the door was like the scratching of a hard to reach itch; the wave of pleasurable relief was all out of proportion to its stimulus. Practically bounding out of her chair, laptop forgotten, Saila was across the small apartment and opening the door in four steps or less.

The words "Hey Shep!" were already most of the way out of her mouth when she really stopped to look at him. Brows furrowing, the sound died on her lips altogether as she blinked curiously mismatched eyes once and then again, trying to focus. She looked him over slowly, taking in the shorts, the sunglasses, the official looking clip board. Equally puzzled and amused, her head tilted curiously. "...uh. Hi?"

Shep was absolutely in character by the time the muse opened the door. Okay, so his stance was more soldier-like and stiff than a lax Delivery Man, but he was trying! When she started to greet him, he raised a brow and immediately shook his head. He fought a smile behind those whiskers that twitched with the effort as he moved the clipboard away from his chest, raising his other hand to tap at the red paper sticker slapped to the left breast pocket that read Hello, My Name Is... Ship, the name written in with black sharpie. "Hello, I have a package for one..." He looked to the delivery sheet as if he didn't already know her name. "Saila De-Fort-es," he drawled out her last name like it was a foreign word to him before reaching out to pat the large, glittery box on the trolley that was emanating a highly familiar energy.

"If you could sign here, please ma'am," he asked formally, fighting so hard at that smile that threatened his face as he held out the clipboard and plucked a pen from the right breast pocket of his shirt.

"Ship, is it? Ah..." Something twisting uncomfortably in her belly, Saila trailed off, her fingers twitched at her sides. She glanced down at the package with its big purple bow, and forced herself to relax. Acting.

The girl swallowed, cleared her throat, lifted her gaze back to Shep. Her expression by the time she got there was pure sheepish apology. "My bad. You just.. bear a striking resemblance to someone I know." The teen winced when he butchered her name, shaking her head as she brushed vivid violet strands back behind one of her ears. "...Yeah, that's me," she agreed, reaching for the pen and clipboard.

She signed it like she would an autograph, complete with a flourish and a little x over the i. Adding a heart just to the right of her name, she handed them both back all professionally. "This is... huh. Not quite the package I was expecting... are you sure it's safe?"

"Yes'm. Ship," he nodded firmly, with the most unconvincing tone. He wasn't the best actor, but he was trying his damnedest. It wasn't easy considering he was trying so hard not to laugh. Which only proved more difficult when she went along with it and claimed he looked like someone she knew. He reached up, scratching that distinctive beard. "I hear that a lot, if ya could believe it," he grunted. "Must have a common face 'round these parts.." He raised a brow behind those glasses as she signed away.

The package speak almost had him losing it and ruining the acting completely as his whiskers twitched and he had to clear his throat to swallow a chuckle. "It's a big'un, but m'sure it's as safe as it can be," he shrugged, taking back his clipboard and tucked the pen back into the breast pocket.

There was a muffled sound coming from the box, and Shep gave it a subtle nudge with the toe of his boot as a friendly smile shone over his face. "D'ya mind if I just..." He pointed to the inside of her apartment, his hand on the handle of the trolley. "It's a heavy box, gonna need to wheel it in," he assured her before his foot pressed to the bottom bar and he tipped it back slowly, waiting for her to give the okay before he'd wrestle the box inside.

It was testament to the year she'd spent acting that Saila didn't laugh outright, but even she couldn't quite prevent herself from smirking. "I'm ...not entirely sure what a--" the teen cleared her throat, "--big'un is, but I'm sure I can manage it."

Her smirk spread into a grin as she took several steps back, pulling the door more widely open as she went to clear the way. The apartment was small -- only four hundred square feet -- and nearly every available surface was covered in live plants. One wall directly opposite the lofted "bedroom" was gently blue with a rippling like waves, and lanterns like jellyfish were suspended from the ceiling. It was a little like being underwater on a lushly vegetated reef.

"I guess... just.. leave it in the middle of the floor here?" She gestured to the space between the couch and the stereo.

"Oh, I'm sure ya would if ya saw it," he had to force that laughter down, and the banter was almost too much. "Sure ya'd do jus' fine," he nodded his agreement to her managing it as he pressed his lips together.

As she opened the door wider and stepped out of the way, Ship gave a slight nod. "'Preciate it," he grunted, turning his back to the door as he set his clipboard on the top of the box so he could use both hands and a technique of using his stomach muscles to keep hold of the trolley. Taking careful steps backwards, he shimmied the box a little to ease it into and through the door frame as he wheeled it on inside, one step at a time before he gave a look around. This time, he couldn't help but smile. "Well, ain't this place just like goin' to the ocean," he hummed, his tone riddled with approval and appreciation for the decor.

He looked over his shoulder when she gestured and told him where to put the box. "Yes'm, that'll do jus' fine," he smirked once his head was turned away from her, and he wheeled the box to the spot she'd gestured, turning it around so it was facing her. He tipped the trolley upward, settling the box on the floor before he shimmied the flat stand out from beneath it with a couple grunts before it was freed. He let out a heavy sigh and smiled to her, reaching up to tip his hat in a nod.

"Well, that'll be all... hope ya enjoy your present," he gave her a coy smirk, picking up his clipboard and tucking it beneath his bicep before he was making his way towards the door. It wasn't until he reached the doorway and stepped out of it, pushing his trolley along with him that he turned and reached to close the door for her, pausing with his hand on the doorknob. "Oh, and Happy Birthday, toots," he winked, seeming to drop the facade altogether just as he was closing the door behind him.

Knowing full well what --or rather, who-- was in the box, Saila had gotten into the spirit of the thing. "You sure I can't get you something to drink?" she called, ever so solicitously, after him as he began to move away. "You're welcome to stay and hang out for awhile," her smirk spread as a nonchalant shrug rolled over narrow shoulders. "I mean, my birthday was almost a month ago and it's too early for that... Friends and cookies thing that happens in December, so... I'm in no hurry to open it."

Shep was well on his way out as he shook his head, trying to diffuse the hospitable muse. "No, no. I've got other deliveries to get to, ma'am!" Planning, I have planning to do! "I 'preciate the offer, but I'm a busy, busy," he emphasized, "man - err, delivery man. Thanks though! Ya very kind!" She's up to something... "Was it? Oh, well..." He glanced over his shoulder and hers to the box as he'd gotten to the door and shook his head. [i[Uh oh! Ya in trouble, chief![/i] Now he really needed to get out of there.

"Christmas? Well," he smirked, this time teasing the box in the middle of the room. "Maybe you should wait to open it then." He couldn't help himself! "Thank ya, but no... no... I gotta go!" He was closing the door and escaping in an almost rushed manner. Once that door was closed, he was briskly walking down the stairs.

Meanwhile, the box knew better. Also, the box thought she was such a brat.

Truth be told, the girl had been sort of dying to know what the hell He--the box, that is -- was up to from the moment she first became aware of it, more than a mile from the apartment. There was no mistaking the energy it contained even if she hadn't heard the muffled grunt that had issued from its depths a short while ago, but Hex seemed to revel in going out of his way to surprise her so Saila was... indulging the both of them in prolonging the surprise.

She laughed as the door swung closed behind a very suddenly hurried She--no, Ship--and the teen shook her head as she surveyed the box. Perplexed but also highly entertained, the teenaged brat made no effort to approach the box, moving instead to the kitchen which...really only served a purpose as a well stocked bar.

While Ship had managed to escape, the box lingered in that same spot. The tracker inside could sense each of Saila's - the brat's - movements in the apartment, and there was a muffled snicker coming from the box before it was stifled abruptly. She was moving away from the box, and there was no questioning she'd know what was inside it - Hex knew better. While she was being a brat, he - err, the box - was patient as hell.

Though she may hear the scraping of metal against cardboard, maybe even the brief shimmer through the glittery wrapping paper as a hole was punctured from the inside-out. A couple seconds later.... she may even catch the metallic sound of a zippo cap flicking, the kssht of its wheel and the flicker of flame before a plume of smoke was pushed out from that newly punctured hole.

Saila had only gone to the kitchen to pour two glasses of whiskey--it was a nice one, though not as nice as the bottles Hex had gotten them from his family's stash-- but it was just long enough that apparently the box got impatient.

Snickering to herself, she started back towards it and then had a better idea, pulling an aboutface and heading into the kitchen. She snagged a third glass in one hand and turned the water on...

Leaving his glass on an adjacent end table, Saila made her way to the box at last. Nudging it with the toe of her boot much the same way Shep had, she juggled both glasses in one hand and used the other to investigate the box a little more closely, hoping it had a lid.

Whether it was impatience, or 'the box' merely being a smartass, it was hard to tell at that point. But those plumes of smoke seemed to blow out periodically through that punctured hole in the side as she went about her business pouring whiskey.

The nudge to the box got a muffled, soft grunt before a rather pointed... puff of smoke came out of the box, like it was some kind of smoke signal game. Though it was known better to ever play Hide and Seek with the muse.

Upon further inspection, she'd discover the box certainly had a lid. The distinct shadow of the lid's lip differentiated the bottom of the box from how it was opened, and the separation of the four ribbons on each side cut off and seemed to only be for decoration instead of actually holding the lid closed.

Though she may hear some soft rustling from the confines of that cardboard box...

"Oh ****, my present's on fire!" she exclaimed suddenly, sounding appropriately alarmed. She'd found the lip of the box and pried it suddenly upwards, shedding light on the man within...

...And also the source of the fire. The box lid fell aside at an angle as she shifted the glass of water from one hand into the other, dumping it unceremoniously on the box, the cigarette, and the man inside. Safety first!

Hex had been knelt on one knee to fit inside the box, leaning his forearm on the knee bent upward and smoking his cigarette. There was a light dusting of ash on the floor of the box from where he'd flicked it loose. He was calm, simply waiting with the occasional puff of smoke blown to the hole he'd made in the side of the box with a pocket knife so he didn't hot box it - literally. It was when she'd nudged it moments before that he'd fit the cigarette between his lips and gotten something small from his pocket, holding the string of the item, poised and waiting for her to open the box.

Her exclamation brought out the distorted bark around the cigarette filter. "You little br-....Ngh...." He grunted, when she upturned the lid of the box and his head reflexively ducked as water was poured over it, the sizzling of his cigarette from the paper getting wet and the cherry being extinguished, his eyes squeezing closed against the assault of water. "....brat.." He snickered, that slicked hair had cascaded down from the water, over his forehead.

He slowly rose from his crouch, the edge of the box coming no higher than where his belly button should've been if he'd had one. He was shirtless, wearing only jeans and boots, leaving the muscular and inked torso open to the air that was now sparkling with both the water... and glitter. Written over his chest - though now slightly smudged from the water that had poured down him - was Happy Birthday scrawled in purple glitter. The wet, mottled cigarette was spat from his lips with a duck of his head, letting it fall to the bottom of the box as those molten gold pools found the mercurial muse, a sly smirk curving over his mouth and dimpling one side before his hands rose from the box next. In them was a party popper that he lifted over her head and he gave a sharp tug to the string with a POP! that echoed through the apartment, just for paper confetti strings to burst out with the sound and rain down over her head.

As below, so above and beyond, I imagine
drawn outside the lines of reason.
Push the envelope. Watch it bend.

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 03, 2017 1:31 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

"Oh, oh my g---" Saila didn't even finish her sentence as she whipped her phone out of her pocket, likely ripping the fabric slightly as one of those diamond-hard, fire-proofed Taneth applied sparkly jewels snagged in her haste to free it. She navigated to the camera app and snapped a picture, quick like a bunny, just in time for the miniature gun powder pop of the party cracker over her head.

Paper streamers in her hair, Saila took a few more pictures with a quick application of her thumb, grinning so wide that the smile threatened to violate the integrity of her ears. "You did this to yourself on purpose? For me?" Delighted didn't begin to cover it.

"Eh?" The smirk on his face was there for a moment, as he raised his hands in a showy way like whatchu think? At least until she was whipping out the phone that had those brows soaring. "What're you... oh hell no," he shook his head, those damp tendrils of inky black slithering over his forehead with the movement as he pointed at her. "Don't even think ab- dammit," he muttered. Too late. That first shot rang out that clued him in to the photographic evidence, then two more. "Brat," he snickered, shaking his head. But didn't seem to be bothered enough to try to snag her phone. It might've had something to do with that ear-to-ear grin on her face, or the questions she asked. The I can't say no to you complex he had with Saila only seemed to ring more true in this moment.

"What... shove myself in here like a Jack in the Box and paint myself with glitter...?" He scoffed as if there was absolutely no way he'd ever do that. He even rolled his eyes dramatically before the smirk threatening to return bloomed. He looked down to the box that went as high as his lack-of-belly-button, his hands coming to the top edges as he considered how he was going to get out of it. His leg started to lift, like he was going to climb out, before lowering again and he snickered. Hands grabbed the front wall of the box, a quick jerk and thick tearing sound of cardboard made as he ripped it down the middle nearly to the floor.

Hex stepped out of it like the doors of an old western saloon, and the fruits of his efforts were littered in a sparkly mess on his hands and his jeans that gleamed the same purple as his chest. "...Maybe..." He smirked, looking up with a back and forth tilt of his head like he was indecisive. "But I was thinking you might be just a little worth it," he teased, lowering those bright pools of amber to her.

"Guilty," she said it nonchalantly, accepting the blame and the moniker. So she was kind of a brat. He seemed to like it that way!

Once she'd snapped her pictures, she shoved her phone back into her pocket for safekeeping -- like that would keep it safe, if he was of a mind to take it-- and she was still grinning as she watched him go all King Kong on the cardboard box he'd wrapped himself in.

Giggles spilled from the corners of her mouth, washing over her teeth in steady peals. Stepping aside as he tore himself free, she bent down, her fingertips brushed along the edge of the paper, putting it together. "So you...put yourself in a box and let Shep wrap you up in it... then made him carry you up the stairs?" She giggled more. "That... is amazing."

"At least you can admit it," he smirked. He did seem to like it that way. It just meant she could put up with him!

He might change his mind on getting that phone later, maybe when he thought about all this with a bit more depth. For now, it was safe in her pocket.

His glittery hands reached up to smoothe back those wet locks, which... only smeared more glitter in his hair. But it was the least of his worries considering the events set in motion for later. He chuckled and looked at the destroyed box he'd busted though. "That.... about sums it up. I'm pretty sure I owe him a whole lot of beer, a few lap dances," he paused, raising a finger with a pointed look. "No, not from me... And..." His brows furrowed. "Something else he's yet to reveal to me, which should make me worried... but..." He shrugged. For all he knew, Shep was making him worry about that unrevealed favor for the hell of it. The waiting is what'll drive ya nuts. He could hear it already! "But worth it," he smirked, looking down at the glitter on his chest before he smeared it with his fingers.... then reached out to smear it in triple streaks with his fingers down her face like sparkly war paint. "Definitely," he barked a laugh.

The presence of glitter had never yet deterred the mercurial muse, and the fact that it was now being liberally applied by Hex only strengthened her love for the sparkly metallic stuff. Thus painted, she laughed gleefully and fished her phone out again, this time pushing the button to reverse the camera's lens so she could take a ridiculous selfie.

With that done -- and maybe she'd done it in part to shake the immediate mental image of Hex giving Shep a lapdance out of her mind -- Saila closed the distance between them, winding both arms around his waist. Pressing her chest against his, she kissed him lightly on the collarbone, unheeding whether she got glitter in her mouth or not. Tipping her head back slightly to look up at him afterwards, the girl shook her head in admiration of all he'd done and accomplished - and indebted himself to, she thought briefly of the unnamed favor she still owed a certain warlock - and gave him a little smile. "But... my birthday was awhile ago. We went on that trip already."

With the glitter now shared between them, Hex snickered at the selfie she decided to take just as his hand left her face and he watched her. "I'm starting to think glitter is to you like cars are to me," he smirked, chuckling to just how delighted she seemed over it.

It was a good idea to shake that mental image free, considering it wasn't a pretty one! It might make Hex cringe. His arms were reflexive, fluid, and inevitable as they wound around her in time with her movements,. The pressing of their chests only exchanged more of that glittery substance between them - and he may have shifted more to smudge it on her to share it. But his movements ceased the moment her lips found his collarbone, his head tipping down as he nudged her temple with his nose for a return of affection. His head pulled up when hers tipped back, he raised a brow while she shook her head. "What?"

Then she told him. One massive shoulder lifted almost dismissively. "Yeah... we went on the trip. But it was kind of Halloween..." He smirked devilishly. "Nah, nah," he shook his head. "Your birthday's all about you, babe. And I've got alllll dayyyy to make it all about you," he whispered, his head lowering to bump the tip of her nose with his own. "Even if it's a few days late..."

There was a tender moment when their eyes met, a softness to the expression in their strangely unpaired hues that betrayed just how completely touched she was that he'd gone to all this effort -- even painted himself with glitter! -- on her behalf. The softness in her eyes matched the warm fuzzy sensation behind her navel, the feeling that made her just a little weak in the knees. For the space of a few scant seconds, she just stared up at him, her arms still wrapped around his frame.

The playful smile came a moment later, mirth and good humor overtaking the vulnerability on her face. Her brows rose skeptically. "...Wait," she asked with an air of perfect innocence. "Aren't they all already?"

The warmth in her eyes matched the warmth in his, her expression reading how touched she was by his efforts, while his expressed just how worth it she was. While he wasn't the biggest fan of that sparkly substance, he'd paint himself with it if it meant bringing a smile to her face. It only had a little to do with getting over his glitter complex...

That boyish dimpled grin spread to her as she smiled at him, and his chest quaked with that barking laughter when she made a rather valid point with the air of innocence - but that didn't make it sound any less cocky. "Well.. you're not wrong," he teased, with a slight sway of his hips before his arms constricted around her suddenly to keep her tight to his chest as he peered down at her. His shoulders hunched slowly as his eyes stayed fixed in place. "But today..." His forearms slid down the small of her back, over her backside then tucked beneath before he was hoisting her off her feet.

"Today... makes you the star of the show, baby," his chin tipped upward as she was taller than him now, and both his smile and the chuckle that rattled his throat were hellish in nature before he smudged his lips over her jaw.

Saila snickered when he agreed with her, shaking her head. "No, silly, you weren't supposed to actually go along with it..." But she was glad of the constricting warmth of his arms, all too pleased to be pulled tight against him.

She'd have been pleased to stay there, too, but it was obvious he had other plans, and the moment he lifted her, long legs split and then wrapped tightly around his waist. "I love you," murmured the girl as she turned into that smudge of lips, aiming for an actual kiss.

His grin was as broad as it was dimpled. "And that's exactly why I did," he told her, absolutely defiant. There was no question Hex had a rebellious streak.

With her legs wound around him comfortably, his arms parted away from each other to keep one beneath her while the other wrapped around her back. His fingers dipped into those silky tresses of violet as she murmured those words that soothed the hellish man into being the teddy bear she'd made of him. His smiled softened from its devilishness and he whispered the words against her lips. "I love you, too." His lips used for the kiss instead of talking, his arms locked around her as his fingers slid up into her hair further to deepen it.

The teenager giggled again, a light, happy sound. "And you say that I'm a Brat." Rolling her eyes good-naturedly, whatever followup there might have been died instantly, rejected in favor of the much more serious business at hand -- kissing her man.

Confident both in the strength of her legs and the endurance of the one arm that still held her, the girl lifted both hands to curl into thick black hair gone damp and sticky with water and mousse and purple glitter. She kissed him like she was starving for him, like it had been years since they'd seen each other last, not hours.

"You" It really was true that kissing was the best way to get either of them to shut up, and it was an effective trick they both employed. But it was absolutely serious business!

Between her legs and the arms wound around her, her hands were free to roam and his eyes closed warmly to the feel of her fingers in his hair. Even if it was sticky and damp. The way she kissed him like he was the only one that could sate that hunger always sent the best of shivers up his spine. It was no less returned from him as his head tilted, his lips parting against hers with the snaking of his tongue that swept over the bottom swell of her lip to get a taste before slipping further with intent to entice her own out to play. Balanced easily on one leg, his other foot knocked aside the giant box in his way before he was pushing past it, walking toward the stairs up to her bed blindly - though never quite blind, as he'd already memorized every bit of furniture in their endeavors.

Though the slight contortion in their kiss from the smile that painted itself on his lips had a chuckle escaping vocally while a mental thought slipped through. It's my turn to get glitter everywhere.


The sun was considerably lower in the sky when the muse came up for air at last. The bed was practically ablaze with purple sparkles as the afternoon light filtered in through the giant windows, catching the glitter that littered, well, everything.

And she did mean everything. Saila had glitter in several places that glitter probably shouldn't be, but she seemed perfectly content with it. Sprawled as she was on the Hellion's chest, the teen laced her fingers underneath her chin, propping it up so she could look at him. "Mm. That was fun."

Was it mentioned it was everywhere? Hex had so many sparkles, he was waiting for them to be cast for a friggin' Twilight Stripper role. Laying on his back, with one arm bent to tuck his hand behind his head, and Saila sprawled over the sparkly span of his chest. His other arm was wrapped around her side, fingers dancing down the length of her spine nearly to her tailbone then up again to the nape of her neck. The curve of his smile was slow to grow but imprinted one dimple on his cheek as he lifted his head to press a kiss to her nose. "You're starting to make me rethink my views on glitter, Speckles," he informed her, a chuckle vibrating his chest beneath her hands.

"That's right because glitter is ****ing awesome," Saila nodded resolutely, emphatic. She grinned then, because Hex had glitter all over his face, and it glinted in the sunlight like he was made of purple fire. The sparkle of light she saw in her peripheral vision told her that she was every bit as liberally coated as he. Naturally, this pleased her immensely.

"So, is this a marathon day, or are we supposed to be doing something?" She wanted to know, eyeing him with catlike curiosity, like she wasn't quite done with him. To be fair, Saila was never quite done with him, and hoped she never would be.
As below, so above and beyond, I imagine
drawn outside the lines of reason.
Push the envelope. Watch it bend.

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Old Wyrm

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 29, 2017 7:41 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

"I know, I know," he sighed. "You're the Glitter Advocate of Rhy'Din," he teased, his lips - which had sparkles here and there - spread into a grin.

His hand slipped out from behind his head as he caught his bottom lip between his teeth. "Nghhhh..." Groaned softly, a small battle reigning inside his head but the not-so-obvious answer won. "As much as I would love," he emphasized as his hands smoothed over her back, arms wrapping around for a soft squeeze, "to go for a marathon day... or week..." He smirked, his eyes shifting to the windows whose light hinted that the time had gotten away from them again already. "We are supposed to be doing something soon." He lifted his head, bumping her nose with his. "So how about we call a raincheck on that marathon and go do a thing," he smirked, and those thoughts were pure static, with no hint to let her in on his plans.

Saila sat upright, straddling his hips. Glitter sparkled liberally all over her, and the effect it had on her gently swirling, phosphorescent tattoos was eerie, like serpents slithering among a gentle fall of ashes. She eyed him suspiciously, her strange gaze narrowing. "A...thing? We're going to do a thing?" Saila cocked her head quizzically. "You're up to something."

She was still deciding whether or not to dig deeper when a static she found oddly soothing moved over her. It was an achingly nostalgic feeling, reminding her of someone else entirely, but it confirmed her suspicions. "...Sneaky. You are definitely up to something."

He looked up at her as she sat up, those molten gold pools were a striking contrast to the darkness of his hair and the specks of purple glitter flakes that littered his cheeks, his forehead, his nose - well, all over. Since he was the one who'd started with the glitter, the ghost of his sparkly birthday message was smudged and smeared all over his chest. The expanse of tattoos were mottled and misconstrued beneath the glow. His hands smoothed over the tops of her thighs that hugged him, and her suspicious look was met with a steep raise of brow. "Yes, a thing." He scoffed. "What? Nah...." He shook his head.

But then, the fact that she took blatant notice of the static in his head that meant he was blocking off his thoughts came to light, and she was calling him out on it. His grin spread and it was undeniably Hellish as his shoulders shook with the soft laughter that rocked his chest. "Of course I'm up to something. I show up in a box with glitter on my chest and you think that's all I'm up to?" He beamed.

His stomach muscles contracting and tightening as he sat up quickly. One arm snaked around her slender waist, his other hand came down to the bed for balance as he rolled, flipping her onto her back as he rolled to his knees and that propped hand over her. "Oh, baby, I've just started," he warned her, shoulders bunching as he leaned down to press a kiss to her mouth that held warmth in it, then a couple softer, quicker ones to the corners of her mouth before he was rising. "Okay, but this time..." He lifted his hands. "We really can't afford distractions..." He eyed her, biting his bottom lip like he really, really didn't want to, but then he was climbing off the bed and to his feet.

"...He pins me to the mattress," she says like she's narrating this turn of events to an unseen audience, gesturing to the ceiling like she's onstage. "He pins me to the mattress on my back with my thighs still wrapped tightly around him, and then... then he tells me we can't get distracted. Can you imagine? He actually thinks this isn't distracting."

Saila heaved a melodramatic sigh, and then pushed herself up on her hands. The look she gave him was mischievou---no. The look she gave him was pure evil, her lips curling in a particular kind of grin, her hair falling in curly, glittery tangles down her ribcage to hug the curve of her breasts, her tattoos glowing gently in the afternoon sun. One brow arched just so. "...Probably we need a shower before we do this thing..."

He couldn't help the laughter that spilled from her narration. "Man, that guy sounds like an ass****," he teased her, lips curled into a grin that peeled back against his pearly white teeth. "I can't even imagine," he sighed, shaking his head.

Oh.. oh. But she got him back. He knew it was coming the moment he saw that Incarnation of Evil Smile, and he turned his head, eyeing her from the side like don't you do it, woman... But she did it. The enticing way her hair fell over her, accentuating her frame with that bed-tousled look. The grin on her face with the glow of her tattoos that the glitter only drew more attention to beneath the light. "We probably.... should... shower..." He eyed her, those golden orbs narrowing on her playfully. And despite - or maybe in spite - of himself, he knelt on the edge of the bed and tipped forward to catch himself on the mattress beside her.

"Dammit, woman, you are just so distracting," he accused her, with a smile on his face as he leaned forward and pressed his lips to hers for another kiss. "Youdidthatonpurpose," he called her out, mumbling against her lips. Onta you...

"Nah, he's not an ass****..." Saila defended her man, even from himself. Her grin spread slowly as he edged back towards her, relenting, victory painting itself into her glittery eyes. "I love that guy. He's super adorable. He's just... " She made a thoughtful face, lifting her chin as though searching for the right word.

It was just a dramatic pause, though; anyone who spent time around Saila knew she twirled her fingers when she was actually looking for a word, though most of them didn't know why. "...Kind of a brat," she finished just as his mouth met hers. Long lashes fluttering, she leaned into his kiss, nudging his nose with her own.

There was more revenge to be had, though: just as the kiss was getting intense and distracting again, Saila pulled abruptly away and scrambled to her feet. "Well, time for that shower..."

"Not even a little bit?" He briefly pouted until he saw the victory that shined in those bright mismatched eyes. "Oh really?" He asked, when she boasted her love for that guy, like he wanted to hear more. But the super adorable part had him crinkling his nose. "Don't know about that one.." He raised a brow as she 'tried to find' the word, but he knew better. He knew that little tell of hers. There was a brief smirk right before he'd kissed to being called a brat.

That kiss had been well on it's way to distracting him again.. but then she decided to get her vengeance, and the suddenness of her breaking it had him tipping forward just a little to try to chase her. He grumbled disapprovingly, very nearly pouting as he peeled his eyes open to watch her scramble to her feet. Oh, she'd gotten him, and it was clear by the almost proud, almost pouty look on his face. The announcement had his brow perking as he pulled back on the bed, straightening with his feet on the floor.

"Convenient timing," he smirked after her, and seemed to just be strolllllllling after her. "I suppose we should, though.." He sighed, but that long gait was brisk behind her as he'd be ever-so-subtly and ever-so-gently, caressing his fingers down her spine like a feather. And it took all he had to fight that smirk.

Saila was feeling pretty triumphant to be sure, pretty proud of herself for winning that one (...assuming it could actually be called winning, which was debatable). She grinned ever so nonchalantly over her shoulder at him as her long legged stride carried her angular, recently bedazzled frame towards the bathroom, only to find him essentially right behind her, his fingers playing just so over her spine.

Saila shivered, hanging back to bring his body close to hers once more. "I mean.... I guess we could skip the shower..."

She'd won that round. He'd let her have that one... she earned it. Brat. But it was when she hung back, and he took only one more step that had the line of a muscular frame flush to her back. His fingers left her spine since there was no space for them and he snickered when she rethought the decision on the shower. "What's making you change your mind?" The smirk was growing wider, turning into a full blown grin at that point as his fingers crawled around her waist. His head lowered to hover over her shoulder. "We're gonna be a mess for that thing if we don't," he smirked. Oh, if only she knew just how messy it was gonna get, too.

The teen seemed to be seriously pondering it, weighing the merits of being clean against the merits of being...naked with Hex some more. His body moved against hers and she leaned back into him accordingly, tipping her head to let it rest in the small depression at the front of his shoulder.

Her long lashes fluttered once as she settled against him, at least briefly. Warm arms circled her hips, and she practically snuggled into him, almost like she was thinking about taking a nap. While standing up. Stark naked. In the doorway of her bedroom.

"Mm." She mumbled in a tone that was somewhere between drowsy contentment and lustful curiousity. "Is this a thing we have to be unmessy for?"

His head turned as she settled in against him, his arms and torso creating something of a standing mattress to form herself against without worry of it tipping over on her. He raised a dark brow at the way she seemed almost nap-ready, and he eyed her speculatively. "Now ain't the time for a nap," he teased her.

Well, wouldn't that be timing... Surprise! Nope. Sorry guys, she went into her sleep coma. Hold your places! She'll be back in... err... okay, it won't be for a while. As much as he didn't mind being the mattress for the naked abomination, he gave a light squeeze to her waist with muscle corded arms and a rousing nudge to her jawline with his nose.

Though her question had him chuckling against that messy cascade of violet at the side of her neck, he shook his head. "No, this is a thing you can be plenty messy for," he told her. "Long as you don't mind being messy in public... ish..." Okay, so it wasn't necessarily public, but there would be people. His hips swayed lightly behind her, which had him making her sway with him. "Though... I have a question myself... Do you even own bright clothing?" He inquired, those golden pools finding the side of her face as one brow soared higher than the other.

...He genuinely seemed uncertain. The last time he'd seen her closet... it was just a sea of black that you could drown in.

Moving bonelessly against him as he swayed, the teen ran her nails lightly over the backs of his tattooed arms, tracing the rippled line of muscle up to his elbows. "Public, huh? I should... probably shower then."

Her eyes were still closed, though, not that she needed them to resume her lazyish stroll towards the bathroom. They flashed open, though, when he asked her about her clothes. "Y'mean... other than underwear? No." Her brows furrowed suspiciously, and she came to a stop again. "...Why?"

Her nails left a trail of goosebumps behind that spread over the inked skin, sending a subtle quake of a shiver to roll down his spine for her efforts. "That... might be a good idea. Even if it's biased by my want for a shower." His nose crinkled at the bridge, considering he was a mess. His hair, the sparkles... other reasons...

But when she started that lazy stroll, he seemed to tag along for the ride. His gait was timed with hers effortlessly as they edged closer to the bathroom until her stopping had him pressed firm to her back once more in his own abrupt stop. He snickered. "Oh, I'm well aware how colorful your underwear drawer is, babe," he laughed. "It's like the Pride parade threw up in there," he smirked, but it didn't linger as he gave her a look. "...I can't tell you why. Just know that if you wear black... wear something you're also not afraid to get ruined," he smirked.

Saila peered up at him quizzically, her brows inching together as her lips pursed, but she didn't inquire further. She knew how much these surprises meant to him, and resigned herself to waiting it out, whatever it turned out to be.

"I pretty much have to wear black if we're going to be in public," she murmured, as though to explain herself, as she resumed walking towards the bathroom. Once she'd crossed its threshold, Saila separated from him at last, stepping halfway into the shower to turn it on. Twisting the hot water tap almost all the way on, she stepped back into the warmth of his body while she waited for it to heat up.

"...Clothes I'm not afraid to get ruined," she echoed thoughtfully. "This is a very strange thing you're putting together..."

"Okay, fair enough, Goth Queen," he smiled softly, reluctantly releasing her when they crossed the threshold and separated. She readied the water and... caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror. "****in' hell..." He shook his head, snickering, and pulled his eyes away from the image of himself looking like a Magic Mike extra. He'd much rather look at her, especially as she returned to him, and his arms wasted no time in winding around her waist. The corner of his mouth hiked upward as he winked.

"Baby, you don't know the half of it," he assured her, maybe a little bit proud in the moment before he smudged his lips over hers. "I looove you," he hummed against the corner of her mouth, considering he knew how much it bugged her when she couldn't catch those plotting thoughts of his.

"Goth...Queen..." mused Saila, turning the words thoughtfully over her tongue. "I get called some variation on that a lot. Is it 'cause I wear black?" She wasn't sure what else qualified her, beyond the pale skin and dramatically hued hair she hadn't had a single hand in choosing. "Oh, wait, could be the cemetery connection, thing..." she hummed thoughtfully, still musing on that point as she curled and flared her fingers underneath the spray of water, both to search for more information and to check the temperature.

Once she was back in his arms, the teenager smirked. "Love you too, Brat," she fired back at him, but there was no anger in it. She could feel how pleased with himself he was even if the rest of it was murky. Sure, she probably could have pushed her way inside anyway, and on something else she might one day try. For right now, though, she was pleased with how pleased he was with successfully keeping anything from her. Saila giggled.

"C'mon, Magic Mike, let's get clean."
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PostPosted: Wed Jan 03, 2018 1:28 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

"It could have something to do with that," he snickered. But yes. The pale skin and brightly hued hair. "But... you also rock the style," he chuckled, just to raise a hand. "Which... for the record... You won't find me complaining about." While he wasn't into the sharpie eyebrows and dramatic goth scenes, Saila managed the style with a subtle finesse that he found attractive. Though.... he couldn't give credit to her style for her beauty, and the fact that he seemed hellbent on keeping her in the least amount of clothing as possible would say so.

His grin was wide spread but parted in a look of feigned shock when she fired that term at him. "Me? Nah." He shook his head, denying it to its fullest before he turned his head to sputter out a laugh. Magic Mike? He... wasn't sure if she knew what that was, but she'd certainly gotten it from his head. "Alright, but if you're gonna try to get a lap dance out of me, I'm charging extra," he teased, briefly narrowing those golden hues at her before he was giving playfully encouraging light swats to her rear end. "Let's go, woman."

"Wait wait... a lap dance is an option?!" Saila whirled around to face him then even as she stepped backwards into the shower, her steps perfectly confident, like she was rock solid sure that she knew where she was going and wouldn't slip. Probably she was. Her mismatched eyes were wide, alert with interest. "I totally need a birthday lap dance now." Her nod was a decisive one, but a moment later she relented. "I mean. Not right now, but. Before the night is through."

He cursed himself a moment too late for mentioning a lap dance. Oh no... here we go... He eyed her speculatively, uncertain for a moment if she was being serious, but also because she was walking backwards into the shower. He didn't particularly aid her, confident in her graceful ability, but he was always at the ready to catch her if she fell - this time, in a literal sense.

"I didn't say it was an option..." A soft glare that was still in the playful range. "...But I also can't say no to that face." He snickered at her nearly doe-eyed expression until she at least compromised on it not being right now. "And you're abusing your birthday privileges nicely," he laughed in begrudging approval, climbing into the shower with only a pace to spare after her, reaching behind and around himself to tug the curtain over the bar with a soft screech of metal rungs to steel. "... But I'd say a good four to five bottles of Scotch are going to be necessary before you get me dancing on your lap," he narrowed his eyes on her, before he reached out to press a palm to the middle of her back to draw her in flush against his chest while the shower head rained hot water down, smearing those purple flecks down and making a mess of the shower floor.

Sometimes you have to make it worse before it gets better, and that's exactly what the shower was doing. From the moment the water hit her, the glitter that had accumulated in her hair washed down her shoulders in veritable rivers of purple mica, catching in the overhead can lights with flashes of brilliance as they spilled down her body, charting lines across her narrow curves like a topographic map.

Grinning proudly when he praised her for working the birthday advantage, Saila pressed her body flush against her lover's, just in case he needed any additional convincing. "Mm. You offered. I'm just taking you up on your generous suggestion..."

Whether it was a matter of additional convincing or not... it seemed to be bending him. Fingers smoothed and caught some of that cascading purple flecked waterfall as it streaked down her back from her shoulders and hair alike. But she went ahead and pointed out his offer, which had him snickering. "Well... I was kind of joking..." His grin was growing, "but... you did show up in little more than a trenchcoat for me on my birthday.." He reasoned, his head tipping down to bump his nose to hers. "So I maaaay be in a generous mood.." He chuckled, pecking a totally non-distracting kiss to her lips (right...).

"Maybe, huh?" Saila snickered, lifting her chin to nuzzle him back. "If I'm really lucky?" Her gentle teasing died away as their mouths met, her body pressing that much closer against his as the steam rose in thick clouds around them.

It was some time later that she pulled away from him at last, just enough to breathe. She broke the kiss reluctantly, but there was that hum of suppressed excitement that rolled off his skin like electric static. It reminded her that there was a secret, a surprise, a thing. And anyway, surely most of the glitter has been washed away? Maybe?

Her hands were pressed lightly against the broad expanse of his chest. "We're getting distracted again..."

"Or if you're really good. Luck ain't got nothin' to do with it, babe."

It was safe to say, he didn't envy the landlords who owned the apartment complex... or anyone responsible for the drains of Rhy'Din. Surely, the sewer monsters were going to look glamorous, though. When the kiss broke, his necessity for breathing was less than hers, but it was still needed eventually. The smoothing of her hands across his chest, the change of temperature from her body heat against the hot water pelting him from above. It added to the thrum of his excitement, but yes. There was the excitement of secrecy, of promise and surprises that he was keeping tucked behind the box he'd built in his mind. She was open to the other parts of him, but those thoughts - those of his stubborn plotting - were kept away, locked up tight.

His forehead rested against hers, eyes remaining closed for the moment until her reminder of their consistent problem was voiced. His lips split into a smile, the battering rumble of laughter soft in his chest like rolling thunder unleashed. "You say that like it's a bad thing," he teased her. Peeking one golden pool from behind lid and lash, he peered at her. "But you're right. We have things to do," he agreed, a reluctant nod of his head had his forehead turning away from hers. Reaching, he put an end to the spray of water from the shower head and reached behind to draw open the curtain. He climbed out first, snagging a towel from the rack. He held it out to her with each end caught in his hands, still warm from the bathroom's almost stifling temperature and steam. "As much as I hate seeing you covered..." He pouted.

"****, I only get it if I'm good?" Exclaimed Saila in the space between the kiss and pulling away. "Well. There went that idea..." She rolled her eyes dramatically, her chest heaving in a pronounced sigh to indicate just how put upon she was obviously feeling.

Hex turned the water off and Saila spent a moment wringing the water out of heavy purple tresses, twisting thick strands up into a knot and then squeezing in a further shower of water and...glitter. It was safe to say that the teenager was covered in it permanently.

Letting go of her hair, she stepped over the threshold of the shower and walked into the outstretched towel, a smile on her lips. Water droplets glittered on silvery lashes like prisms in the fading afternoon sun, and as her body met the limits of the towel, so her fingers reached out to cup his face. "Mm. Distraction is always a good thing... at least when you're the one doing the distracting. But I'd hate to rob you of all your careful planning..."

His laughter was boastful, springing loose to her jest that tickled him. At least until it was cut off at the knees abruptly and he gave her a wavering look. "Don't you go good on me... I like it a helluva lot better when you're bad."

Still, he stood there with that offered towel. As she stepped into it, its outstretched fabric bowed while she found its limits. With more give to it, he reluctantly, so reluctantly, wrapped it around her, and it was clear in his expression and the uncertain way he did it that he didn't want to. He didn't want to, but it helped when she cupped his face and spoke of more distractions being a good thing. His lids lowered lazily, lowering his head more completely into her grasp. "I mean, I'd love to distract you some more, and be distracted by you.... But we do have plans."

He wrinkled his nose. "Very important plans." A nod into her hands and he turned his head some to playfully graze his teeth over her palm before kissing the inside of her wrist. His arms wrapped around the towel covering her, as if that could possibly help him not imagine every inch he'd already memorized time and time again. "To be continued..." He warned her, brows waggling at her with a smile that broke loose before he was quite literally sweeping her off her feet to bring her out of the bathroom.

...There was definitely some grumbling under his breath about clothes being dumb.

"****in' better be," Saila agreed just moments before she found herself swept up into his arms once more, which...didn't do much to help her resolve where staying away from him and not getting distracted were concerned. Grinning, the teen crossed long legs primly underneath her not-so-prim towel, as though to prove that she was being good now. She slipped one arm around his neck, fingers curling into damp black strands at the base. "Good thing you're so cute, huh?" She smiled, nuzzling his cheek affectionately on the short walk back to the bedroom.

Once there, she pulled her arm free and sat up in his arms as best as she was able. "Well," she said resolutely. "Time to get dressed."

His elated laughter came with the way she demanded it be continued later. "You bet that sweet ass it will be," he assured her, sternly so. There was a brief, playful narrow of his eyes like she was going to be in trouble. The prim crossing of her legs had him snickering as he played his role of Taxi, but his face scrunched to the talk of him being cute. "Good thing you're cute," he countered, but still tipped his cheek into the nuzzling before he was returning it in his natural grumbling fashion.

When she made her declaration and sat up, he sighed dramatically. "I guess so..." And there was a split second of warning - through thought or his devilish smile - before... he literally tossed her onto the center of the bed, leaving the springs of the mattress to absorb the soft impact - as obviously, he wasn't a douche enough to toss her roughly.

"My ass is pretty sweet, isn't it?" She agreed lightly, giving the ass in question a little bit of a shimmy. It wasn't all that effective, given her current perch, but the idea was there. Saila met his narrowed gaze with a rise of challenge in pale brows, her lips quirking playfully, practically daring him to get her in trouble.

And then suddenly she was airborne. Whether she'd been aware of it in advance or not, Saila still squealed in delight, clapping her hands together happily, fearlessly, as she landed on the mattress with a definite bounce. "Hey! That was fun. We should do it again."

He chuckled to her remark, just to eye her dangerously when she gave that shimmy in his arms. "Watch it, babe. I might just get a sweet tooth," he waggled his brows at her, then emphasized with a snap of his teeth - just in time for her to give him that daring look. She was asking for it wasn't she?

Then she got it when he tossed her! He let out a bark of laughter to her delight, the clapping of her hands and then shook his head with a dimpled, ****-eating grin when she said she wanted to do it again. "Of course you'd be the one woman who'd like me tossing 'em around," he teased, snickering before he crawled over the side of the bed to get to her. Scooting up next to her, his hand came out to her hip and with a flash of a devilish smile, he gave her a guiding push to roll her to her side. Then, without hesitation, he'd duck his head down with a playful growl... then bit her sweet ass. Naturally, it wasn't one to be painful, but there was definitely a love bite there! ....He did warn her.

This time, there could be no mistaking that she knew exactly what he planned to do, and still, she let him do it anyway. Rolling amenably onto her side, she squeaked again when he bit her, squirming out of his grasp. "Okay, okay..." she wriggled her way off the bed to get away from him, landing in a crouch on the floor beside the mattress. Peering at him over its surface, she rose to her feet and brushed imaginary lint off her imaginary clothes with an audible clearing of her throat. "Okay." She said again. "We have to get dressed."

Turning deliberately away from him, she crossed the short distance to the closet, which was basically just a sea of black clothes and day glow underwear. Tossing a look at him back over her shoulder, her smile took a devilish turn. "...But don't think I'm going to just forget what you did here..." It was a promise, not a threat.
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PostPosted: Wed Jan 03, 2018 2:05 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

There was a subtle pout when Saila squirmed away from him, but it wasn't totally sincere, more playful. She'd escaped, and he raised a brow when she landed beside the mattress. Golden pools squinted at her as she peeked over the edge, relaxing when she rose. "Okay?" He questioned, amusement glinting as she brushed off her imaginary wardrobe and cleared her throat. Lip caught between his teeth, his chin lifted with a tick of his brows. Yes...? There was a spill of snickering laughter when she mentioned getting dressed, and he knew it was about time to let that finally happen. "Okay, okay..." He nodded, palms to the mattress as he pushed himself to sit up on the edge of the bed.

He was mid-stand when she caught his attention with her look, and that devilish smile that summoned a distorted mirror version of his own. It grew significantly at her promise, brows wiggling playfully. "See, now that's what I wanted to hear," he chuckled deeply, straightening the rest of the way as he stood. He looked to the discarded jeans on the floor, snickering as he picked them up and gave them a once over. They were damp from the water, and completely splattered with glitter. "...Nope." Sure, he'd get messy again anyways, but he wanted a clean slate. He didn't even put them with dirty laundry, he just walked over to the trash, got everything out of his pockets, and dumped them. Engine grease? Fine. Glitter...? He'd find remnants in his washing machine for months!

Walking over to the dresser, he slid open the drawer that stored a couple of his outfits. He wasn't a material man, especially not with clothes, so he simply chose the top accessible outfit that conveniently was a plain black tee shirt and pair of jeans, a pair of boxers. He took a lingering look at her naked form before she hid it beneath clothing, a hook of a smile curving his mouth before he started to get dressed himself.

Saila sashayed her way into the closet and... stood there for awhile, mulling over the piecemeal instructions she'd received so far. Something that isn't black...well, that's out. Something in public, so something cute, but also something I wouldn't mind getting messy... The purple haired teen ran her fingers lightly over the various clothing items that hung in rows on the three bars installed at different heights, trying to let the fabrics themselves guide her. She called up memories of Sabine, and Jackie, her two friends with considerably more shopping experience than she'd had to date, and tried to imagine what either of them would suggest. (She'd considered just asking Quinn, but no sooner had she had the thought than an elaborate answer came back to her, something involving multiple layers of body armor and possibly a nun's habit.)

Choosing something at last, Saila emerged from the closet in a tshirt dress that made her think of Hex and Shep (ahem, Ship) both. It was black of course, cut into a low V-neck but with the actual collar of the shirt still remaining, so that she appeared to be wearing a choker style necklace. The front was emblazoned in white with an eagle's head seal surrounded by wings. Across the top it read "Rock N Roll" ; across the saddle of her hips it read "Motorcyle", and just underneath that, it said "Hellraiser Tour". Yeah, she figured her own personal Hellion would approve, especially given the short length.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, she pulled on thigh high socks that were black and white striped, and then began the long slow process of lacing her boots. When she was finished, she stood, brushing out the skirt. "What do you think?" The girl wanted to know as she struck a very actress-ish pose. "Does this meet all your requirements?"

By the time Saila figured out what she even wanted to wear, Hex was already dressed and messing with that wild mane of hair. Considering it had dried during their bedsheet fiesta, it was an untamed mess of waves that determined exactly which parent he'd gotten that trait from. What took him the longest to get ready, was taming it again and slicking it back while she got ready, and laced her boots. He had the necessities on her dresser, and it was a methodical process that he didn't need a mirror for at this point. He knew the routine like the back of his hand, something he could do with his eyes closed.

Turning away from the dresser when she asked, his eyed locked on the dress she'd chosen, the stockings, and the boots that pulled the outfit together. A slow, devilish grin that was softened by indents of dimples in his cheeks spread wide as he made his way over to her, messily wiping his hands off on his jeans. (They were going to get ruined anyways.)

He could easily see from there, but he acted like he needed a closer look. "Hm..." His eyes scanned over the words on the tee shirt dress, corners of his mouth twitching as he seemed utterly amused by it. "I don't know, maybe a twirl..?" Naturally, he was looking at the skirt of the dress as he said so, standing only a couple feet from her. He crossed his arms pointedly, as if this was simply a studious opinion and he was the judge. "It's black.. but... I think I can let that slide considering." He muttered, raising a brow at her.

Silvery brows arching skeptically at his faux-studious expression, the girl nonetheless executed a half turn, spinning away from him. With her back turned, she made a show of wiggling her butt, ostensibly to show off the skirt he was having so much trouble appraising. It had nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that she knew how much he liked it, naturally.

"Hey, there's white on it!" Protested Saila, because the white image and writing totally meant that it wasn't perfectly black, right? White counted as a color, just ask her. "And my socks have white on them too..." Executing the rest of the pirouette so she could face him again, the girl had both arms crossed over her chest in a mock defiant way, like she was daring him to argue with her logic.

His head tilted as he watched the skirt ruffle in her partial turn, fighting the smirk that was threatening the integrity of his mouth. Though, the tell-tale signs of his approval came in the catch of a canine at the corner of his bottom lip. The slight abusive indent of the tooth as he nodded slowly. He did like it. He liked it the moment he'd read those words, and just about every else about it. The drapery of v-neck, the cut of the skirt. The stockings, the boots. Though he could argue that she could rock anything, he seemed particularly keen on this one.

"Right, my bad," he chuckled, lifting one hand from his crossed stature in surrender. "That solves everything," he teased with a wink. It's true, it would work! "I noticed.." He hummed, about her socks. He looked at them, a coy smirk making its presence known after all. He watched her finalize the spin, and fought his laughter in her mock crossing of arms. Her daring look was met with a lift of his chin as if it was a personal challenge, and his chest expanded in a show of resistance.... before he deflated a split second later with a gush of air leaving him and that boyishly dimpled grin.

"Alright, m'sold... you look damn good, babe. And it fits the quota," he smirked, uncrossing his arms as he took that final step toward her, pressing a wet kiss to her cheek as he wound her up in corded muscle of arms. "What do you say we get this show on the road? Before I get distracted again," he wrinkled his nose as he nuzzled into her temple.

Grinning brightly when he relented, Saila let the cross of her arms drop. Lifting both hands to rake her fingers through long purple curls, she finger-combed them a little but mostly left them loose and wild. Like a doll, her hair was still unnaturally well kept despite their previous periods of distraction, somehow falling in sexy tousled waves that were mostly if not entirely dry already. "Glad to have met your approval," she said loftily, a haughty note in her voice that dissolved almost immediately. Stepping forward into his embrace, she kissed him lightly on the tip of the nose with only a subtle rise onto the toes of her boots.

Stepping back before they could get distracted again, her strange eyes traveled every inch of his frame in kind, putting him through the same appraisal, like he was wearing anything different than normal. She held up one hand, twirling her extended index finger in a half circle, indicating that she wanted to see the view from the other side, too. Fair's fair, right?

"As if you need it..." He teased, his smile coy even through the reflexive way his nose crinkled to the kiss. Yes, he was pointing out her teenage rebellion. He knew it was in there. Even if technically she was "legal" now.

His arms released her, a bit more willingly this time with a goal in mind, but the way she gave him that scrutinizing gaze had him lifting his arms as well as a brow. Silent questions in his eyes, seeking her own approval of his... normal attire. She gave him that expectant twirling finger and he let out a snicker. "Alright," he nodded, lowering his arms before he turned around in a spin of heel. With a slight blue steel look on his face, golden hues narrowed on her in an overplayed sultry way, and... there was a slight sway of his hips that was less sashay and more like he was using his hips as a hynotist's watch. "So? Do I fit your standards of arm candy?" He teased, waggling his brows at her.
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PostPosted: Wed Jan 03, 2018 2:17 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

The girl did the only thing she could do, which was to give a low whistle of approval. The man might not actually be an incubus, but he sure knew how to play the card. "Daaaaaaaaamn," she said, dragging out the word the way she'd learned to do when you really wanted to emphasize it. She watched the ticktock of his hips like she'd been momentarily hypnotized, making a show of shaking her head to clear it as her strange eyes lifted back to to his face. Her grin then was soft, full of warmth and affection for him. "I love you so much. Let's go do this thing."

It took everything in his willpower not to burst out in that deep, barking laughter of his to that drawn out word. "Glad you approve," he mimicked her loftiness, paraphrasing her own words back at her. Some of that laughter was let loose to her hypnotized look, the show of shaking her head to break the spell of his swaying backside. He finished the spin to face her, that half-cocked smile resting on his lips. He broke the distance between them once again, tilting his head down to rub his nose against the tip of hers. "I love you too, babe. Let's hit the road."

He smiled, giving a playful pat to her backside before he broke apart from her to go get his keys, wallet, and other items from the counter he'd put them on in the disposal of previously ruined pants. They all had their placements in these ones, and he turned toward the door. "You're just lucky it's... pretty much pointless to blindfold you," he teased, giving her that hooked smirk before he was opening the bedroom door, waving his arm to gesture her to go before him.

"I mean, you could," Saila said amenably. "It just wouldn't do you any good." The teen flounced past him out the bedroom door and down the stairs of the loft back onto the main floor of the apartment. It had gotten dark outside at last, casting the entire darkened space in shadows, but she navigated expertly around what was left of the box in the middle of the living room to the edge of the couch, where she bent to retrieve her bag of everlasting holding. Then she returned to him, without so much as stubbing a toe on the edge of a table, illustrating the truth of her confession.

As he joined her in the living room on their way to the door, she lifted mismatched eyes to his face. "Unless this surprise of yours involves zombies," she went on, suspicious. "It doesn't involve zombies, does it? I mean I've only met one zombie, and that one really likes to throw things at me." In a good mood and excited about her surprise, Saila had turned into something of a chatterbox. She pulled the front door open for him and then locked it behind them, taking the private stairs to the street at something of a jog. After all the stalling and getting distracted, she was suddenly very excited about seeing what he'd planned.

"I don't know, it could come to a little bit of use," he snickered, and his tone was too innocent for its meaning. His expression was just the same contrast. He waited while she proved her point, smirking as he watched her maneuver gracefully through the shadows. "Show off..." He jested, chuckling through it.

He looked at her when she joined him, a brow raising to the mention of zombies. "I... won't say for sure, but I don't believeit will involve zombies," he snickered. "If there are," he lifted his hand, smirking. "I had nothing to do with it, and can't be held responsible for errant items thrown at you," he laughed. She was being a chatterbox, but he didn't mind. He could feel her excitement like a physical manifestation of her emotion, tickling the edges of his mind in a blast of peculiar energy that seemed to amplify his own mood. He slipped out the open door, waiting for her until she went for the stairs. "Slow down, Roadrunner," he scoffed, but his own steps were hot on her heels.

Bursting out onto the street, he caught the door on the back swing and smirked as he nodded his head to the curb. "Baby's waitin'," he was already walking backwards toward the car, taking care not to stumble over the edge of the curb before he stepped onto the street. Spinning on boots, he was making his way to the driver's side. They'd spent a lot of time in her apartment, and while he wasn't in so much of a rush, he felt the backlash energy of her excitement in a mixture with his own as he pulled open the driver's door and eased inside.

"Like what?" She asked nonchalantly, only the innocence in her tone was actually innocent. She legitimately had no idea what he was talking about. She didn't spend too much time thinking about it, though, and when he called her a show off, the girl just grinned.

Out on the street, she followed the line of his nod in the direction of the vintage muscle car, laughing as he turned to face her and walked backwards towards it. "Wanna prove you can do it too, huh?" Asked Saila playfully with a waggle of her brows, though she was begrudgingly impressed that he didn't run into anything, either.

She split from him to go around to the passenger door, hauling it open and then folding herself into the seat. Pulling the bag down from her shoulder, she practically bounced in place; her excitement fed his, feeding hers in kind until they'd escalated each other to a fever pitch if they weren't careful. She was trying to scale it back - honestly - but the day had been so much fun so far that she kinda couldn't wait to see what they were going to do next.

"So," she said as soon as he'd gotten into place and situated. "Where we goin'?"

"Guess you'll just have to wait to find out.." There was a hook of his mouth, secretive. ... Or at least until they touched again. She'd likely get an image in the back of his mind, then, but it wasn't a subject lingered on and he didn't let himself get distracted by it. Priorities.

There was a laugh of delight when she questioned him and he waggled his own brows at her in the midst of his backward walk. ...Then spilled the beans. "Actually, I just memorized where the placement of the curb and the car was..." He admitted. It was no supernatural ability that helped him move, just photographic memory. There was still that subtle smirk on his face when he turned around to get into the car. Settled into the seat, he closed the door behind him once his legs were clear. Wrestling keys out of his pocket, they were shoved into the ignition and turned to gun the engine as she bounced in the seat beside him.

He glanced over to her, golden pools dancing with amusement and his own excitement. But his chin lifted defiantly, eyes turning to the road as he pulled away from the curb, and turned in a familiar direction. "You'll see." He said nothing else as the dial climbed on the speedometer, peeling off in the direction that would take them outside of the city and toward the Glen.
As below, so above and beyond, I imagine
drawn outside the lines of reason.
Push the envelope. Watch it bend.

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