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Wreak Havoc

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Against Descent
Young Wyrm
Young Wyrm

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 03, 2018 7:24 pm    Post subject: Wreak Havoc Reply with quote

I let the blade do the talking
So my tongue shall become iron
And my words the mighty roar of war
Revealing my divine anger's arrow shall strike

Heilung, "Krigsgaldr"

That face was one I hadn't expected to see again. At all, if I'd had my druthers, as they say. And so I scowled at Tek Fire-Eyes, as cool a greeting as I ever gave anyone. There had been a good reason why we hadn't worked out. As Garou go, even among his own kind, he was considered on the soft side. Easygoing. Maybe that was because he was a Child of Gaia. Not that anyone would have argued that he was improper--save for his decision to date me.


Meanwhile, as my kind went, well. The Old Man knew I could be trusted, but save for Theora Hetirck, there were a good number of Euthanatos who thought I was too close to what old Voormas represented. If they knew about Voormas in the first place. I thought that a joke. Far be it from me to walk the path of the Nephandus or worse--that was what I hunted, for Artemis' sake, but. I digress. Senex had left me to my own devices, though he'd bade me stay on Earth. Even with Autumn and its drives calling. Maybe he'd seen something. My own foresight and visions, ever capricious, had shown me nothing.

That, however, was probably for the best.

My first impression of Rolf Howls-at-Winter was that he was huge. I mean, Jo is massive, too, but this guy had three inches on him, and another twenty pounds of muscle at least. That, and a crappy attitude. I didn't like him much, and the feeling was mutual. He glared at Tek over my head, while I got to watch the rise and fall of his chest as he bellowed like a bull moose in rut. I kept my face expressionless as he slung curses at me--that, I didn't give a damn about. When he challenged my fighting prowess, that twisted my lips a little, but time would prove that to him. When he started in on Tek, and worse, Tek's mother? By then, I'd had enough, and he was too red-faced and bawling still to see it coming. At least I didn't use a knife. I'd give him a few chances. This was his first.

I punched him in the groin, putting everything I had into it, and he dropped like a practice bag whose chains had been cut, gasping, hands clasped over his crotch. Couldn't get his breath. I gave him credit for that, because he wasn't vomiting yet. As it was, I placed the sole of my boot on his head, leaned in and down, and snarled at him. I'd heard that violence was one of the few things that got through to the Get of Fenris, and here was evidence. Fine by me. His pale blue eyes flicked up at me through the tears, and then I spoke clearly.

"You can say what you like about me. I've heard worse, and I don't expect you to care much for me. That's fine. However, you will respect your elders in your own damn nation. Tek doesn't need my help to keep your ass in line, but Sings isn't here to defend herself, and I respect that woman. So you will speak of her with courtesy, and if you do not, you can expect to meet the business end of my fist again. Or worse. That is not a threat, because I do not need to threaten you to get my point across. That is a promise. Do you understand me?"

He finally managed to take in a nice, deep breath, and his face twisted, reddening again. I pivoted my ankle, making sure the stiletto heel slid into his ear, and leaned in again. The snarl turned into a yelp real quick, but I wasn't trying to deafen him. Even if I knew he'd only regenerate it when he could, especially if he reopened his own wound.

"Cass isn't given to joking, Rolf. I think you might want to answer her, and do your best to not yell." Tek had been there the entire time, of course, but he hadn't made any moves to interfere. I'm sure he would have, if he'd thought I was in danger, but he knew what I was capable of. And vice versa. I just figured that the Philodox was far more inclined to try to keep the peace. Sure, I preferred that, too, but that just didn't always work. It was why we'd actually worked together for a while. Also why we hadn't worked out in the end. We both knew it, he just liked it less than I did. I felt the Get struggle under me, and put most of my weight on to that one foot. As submission holds go, it shouldn't have worked, but he still remembered what I was capable of. Maybe he didn't want to provoke me more.

He could be taught. "I understand you," Rolf said, though anger put a growl into his voice. I took my foot off his head and leapt back, and he surged to his feet and tried to swipe at me. And that was when Tek, in Glabro, slammed into him and pushed him into the wall. Plaster drifted down, covering us as if with snow. It had been a nice hit.

"You need to--" Rolf started, glaring down at the still-shorter Tek, while the Child of Gaia shoved him into the wall again. "You tell her what you told me, pup, or I will walk, too, and you can go find yourself a new pack to run with. One who will put up with your ***," he growled into the taller man's face. I just stood back and watched, arms folded over my chest, and shrugged.

"If he goes, I go. I don't need to be dragged into Garou business again." Or at all. I already got enough suspicion from others, just from being Euthanatos. Not to mention my other history. Rolf didn't like me, I didn't like him, and that was going to be trouble. I could leave him alone with whatever was going on, whatever Tek wanted me for, but I was pretty sure old Howls-at-Winter was going to pick at me like a scab. See if he could get a rise out of me. My temper only went so far. Which meant I'd put up with only so much of his *** until I snapped and left him on the ground again.

"But she is--" he started again, glaring at me and looking down at Tek again. Then, I lifted my hands in the air. "She can walk. I'm at loose ends at the moment, but I'm sure the Old Man will have something for me to do..." Eventually. I didn't tell them that. Bad enough by then that Autumn being right around the corner had me more bitchy than I was normally. Probably why I'd punched him, too. But the words I'd spoken? They made the Get's face fall, even over Tek's shoulder.

"I'm not here to put up with your sexist *** or whatever it is that crawled up your ass. Tek asked me to come here, just so we get that clear. I'm here as a favor to him." Certainly not a favor to me. "He asked me to hear you out. If you don't want me to, I can busy myself elsewhere, I promise." At that point, I almost didn't care why Tek wanted me to hear the Get of Fenris out. I mean, sure, I got that he was young, but he wasn't too young. Old enough to know better. But maybe too young to care. Or with something like a death wish. I was educated enough to know that when I saw it.

Once upon a time, I'd had one myself. I'm still not sure what had shaken me out of it. Maybe duty. Couldn't tell you for sure, even now.

I could see Rolf trying to compose himself, and so I waited. I wasn't the one wasting time, after all. He was. I could read it in his movements--half of that show of bravado had been anxiety. Putting on a show for people who weren't there. For a moment, I pitied the kid, not that I'd show it. That wouldn't do either of us any favors, either. Of the two of us, I was the less patient one, at least. Tek just regarded the younger Garou in silence.

"My pack is lost. I only escaped because I was visiting kin. Our caern was captured by the Dancers. Our Theurge sent a spirit to warn me away, but I cannot leave them there! I do not know if they yet live--and if they do, they were likely made to walk the Spiral, but--"

"But you came here to beg for help for your lost cause. And most of the Elders told you no." Because I knew enough about the mystical scene in Pittsburgh, really. And just enough about the Garou to be in danger. "But Tek has always been a sucker." I looked over at the Child of Gaia, but he knew I had his number, and so just shrugged. "And you," I said, pointing at him, "Were hoping for mine. What do you hope to get out of this? Except a bunch of new battle scars?"

Admittedly, those were a Thing amongst Garou, but they didn't do *** for me. Normally I wasn't so mercenary, but Black Spiral Dancers were bad news, with a capital B. And I knew it.

But I never could pass up a chance to throw the dice. I waved a hand, cutting off Rolf's words before he could speak.

"I hope you have your passport ready, Tek. Where are we headed?" I looked over at the Get of Fenris and arched a brow.


***. I hated the cold.
"Some prices are just too high, no matter how much you may want the prize. The one thing you can't trade for your heart's desire is your heart."--Lois McMaster Bujold, "Memory"
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Against Descent
Young Wyrm
Young Wyrm

Joined: 06 Jan 2009
Posts: 44
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Jobs: Mercenary, Priestess
Can Be Found: Rhydin City
3463.30 Silver Crowns


PostPosted: Sat Jan 06, 2018 12:40 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

"We'll keep marching to the top of this tower
As God isn't at home, no.
There's nothing in the way that could stop us
It's your time to go."

Coheed and Cambria, "Gravemakers and Gunslingers"

It took more than a few days for both Tek and I to set up a way in. You see, it wasn't actually Norway we were going to, but the Svalbard archipelago. So not just cold, but seriously *** cold. And somewhat restricted, though there was a single incorporated settlement there. It was the cold that put me off, though, despite the fact that I had enough cold-weather gear to survive it. "Survive". Not "enjoy". I wasn't planning on using any Rotes or anything, not yet. It was likely that the Spirals knew we were coming, and I wanted to do as much as I personally could to get the drop on them. Which required planning. And waiting.

Neither of which Rolf was good at.

He clearly chafed in the hotel room we'd holed up in. It was in Oslo, while we waited for certain forms of documentation to be delivered, as well as our plane tickets. And he paced, back and forth, practically wearing a hole in the damn carpet. I said nothing, just made sure I had a couple of guns with me, along with my concealed carry permits and the permits for the...larger hardware, too. I was well aware it would probably look like I was big game hunting, but I'd had plenty of practice in how to explain my equipment away. And if that failed, well. That was what a hint of Mind magick was for. As the movie went, 'not the droids you are looking for'. Meanwhile, Tek leaned over a map of the archipelago, and beckoned Rolf over. That, at least, stopped his pacing for a moment. It started the whining, however. But he was young--he couldn't have been more than 20--and afraid, and as much as it grated on my nerves, for the moment, I let it go.

"So, where do you think they might have been taken?" Tek asked, peering over the map. "You said you were from Longyearbyen, right? Or is that just where you live?" Since both he and I knew damn well that there were ways that the Garou could move through the Umbra to get places faster, when they wanted. Much like our Correspondence.

"We had a Moon Bridge on the mountain. Pyramiden." That made life easier, I thought idly. Though Tek made a face at that, and looked up at Rolf. "Isn't there a coal mountain near Pyramiden, too? I thought I read that in a Smithsonian article..." I gave them a blank look. I knew about Moon Bridges, vaguely, but I hadn't thought either of them would be open enough to tell me about them. Being that I was a Namebreaker, and all.

"I thought the Spirals liked *** like that," I said. About as much as the Nephandi did, at least. Or certain sorts of Nephandi. I wasn't expecting any team-ups here like I was dealing with back in Rhydin, but the thought still curled my lips. That was an annoyance. "How long has it been since you got out?" He'd probably told us earlier, his face said as much, writ with anguish and anger as it was, but I wanted to practically tattoo the information on my brain. Only repetition would do that.

"A month, if that. I--" I cut him off, again. It was getting to be a habit, and one I knew he didn't like. I actually didn't like doing it either, but if he was going to start snivelling again, we didn't have time.

"Okay. And I figure these are all big, tough, higher-ranked Garou than you who got caught. Assuming they lived, and are still alive, and haven't danced the Spiral, they're not going to be in a good way. Tortured at least, starved at least. Yes, Tek and I will do our best to get them out, but you have to do something that's going to be very difficult for you." He glared at me, and I gazed right back at him, impassive. "You're going to have to be the one to get them out, if they can be saved."

Damn, old Rolf had finally taken a seat, but at my words, he surged back to his feet, and would have stepped towards me if Tek hadn't put an elbow into his chest.

"You trust me, but you don't trust her," Tek murmured into the silence. "You will have to. One, she does know what she's talking about. Two, I know she's thinking that she shouldn't take the Moon Bridge with us. But Cass," and I glanced at him, then. He was right; at least familiarity took us that far. "It's both safer and more expedient for you to simply come with."

"But she's a Namebreaker!" Howls-at-Winter protested. I'd been expecting that, so for the moment, I said nothing.

"Yes, she is. And I am a Philodox. I have judged her, and by the ways of our people, she has not been found wanting. So I ask; are you questioning me? I outrank you, pup." I had to make a face at Tek's words. I didn't personally like his pulling rank, but there didn't seem to be much recourse to getting anything through the Get's stubborn head.

"No," Rolf admitted grudgingly. I resisted the urge to smirk. Really, Namebreaker though I might be, I had more respect for the Garou than that. They'd given mages that name because some of my kind raided caerns--their wells of mystic power. If I was desperate--even then--I'd ask before taking. Well, probably. I tried to be better at planning, so that never came up. And in a pinch, making my own luck with Entropy.

Tek knew that, at least.

"All right," I said. "Like I said, I know you don't like it, Rolf, but let's face it. You probably have the best resources to get your people out. I know you probably can't do much beyond regular first aid, but getting them someplace out of the fighting and warm? It'll be invaluable to actually keeping them alive and safe. And no one here doubts your bravery. That's why we're asking you to do that. Because we trust you to have our backs, and your packmates' backs. Do you understand me?"

"I'm not saying anything different, Rolf. Nor am I agreeing with Cass because of shared history. I am agreeing with her because she's right. If it were another Garou, I would be saying the same thing. I will personally vouch for you in the future, if I need to." At that, Rolf gave the first glimmering signs of agreement, and sat down again.

"You will?" he asked. Tek nodded, and yet the Get scowled. "I do not like this, but I will do it."

Wonders would never cease. I picked up from where I'd left off.

"So our flight from Oslo back to Longyearbyen takes off tomorrow. I should have all our paperwork by then. Rolf Sighvattsen, you're local, so you get to play tour guide. Tek and I are researchers of...some sort of bird. Uh. Black-legged kittiwake? I think they're endangered, somehow." I'd tried to do my homework. "For the most part we play tourist. You're going to pretend my guns are yours, because of the polar bears. At least until we're out of town."

"I don't want your stupid guns!" Rolf snarled, and I rolled my eyes. "You're not keeping them. They're supposed to be a polar bear scare tactic, that's all, but no one's going to believe I can fire anything heavier than say, a .45, at a cursory glance." Never mind I could fire anything I had in my equipment bag. It was neither here nor there. Rolf was just being difficult.

Not that I was going to tell him that.

"We'll probably be where we need to be by nightfall. It's still close enough to summer that the authorities shouldn't find it odd that we want to go off into the wilderness for an overnight tour. They won't like it, but they'll permit it, we've got the right documentation for it, and we've got you." At that, I slapped Rolf on the shoulder, and he bristled. I wasn't fast enough to get away, but he only managed to grab my wrist, and I didn't let him pull me closer, digging my heels in. He did his best to crush my wrist, and it hurt, but I didn't give him the satisfaction of seeing my face change.

Tek's brow furrowed, but his expression turned into a smirk, gaze still fixed on Rolf. I said nothing as the Get stepped closer to me, now, since I hadn't given him any satisfaction yet. I couldn't feel the fingers of my left hand, and it was purpling nicely from the lack of blood. But that wasn't my dominant hand, anyway, and he hadn't noticed what I'd been doing with my right while he was posturing. Not until I pressed the blade right against his groin.

Jesus, why was it always there? Well, no. He did have an entire freaking foot on me. Probably couldn't be helped. But still. I thought it was getting damn old. The look on his face was funny, though. He turned white and released my hand, stepping away fast. I didn't pursue him.

"So glad we could come to this agreement, Rolf. Get some sleep, boys. We'll be needing it." With that, I stepped through the door to my own room and let it shut behind me.
"Some prices are just too high, no matter how much you may want the prize. The one thing you can't trade for your heart's desire is your heart."--Lois McMaster Bujold, "Memory"
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