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Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 04, 2018 8:30 pm    Post subject: Meanwhile, back at the ranch... Reply with quote

September 2017

Text to Kate (10:04AM): Morning, hot tits. Sun's out, and I don't have plans. If you don't, we should do something. I will use the puppy eyes if I gotta, but don't make me bring that weapon out...

The text was sent during a late October morning, while Thad relaxed in a lounge chair with a cup of coffee on his studio apartment balcony. Enjoying the morning sun soak, in little else than a pair of Nike sweatpants. Barefoot and shirtless, displaying tan washboard abs. Short, spiky blond hair was mussed from sleep and a pair of sunglasses spared I just woke up squinted basset hound slanted eyes from being stabbed by the rays of the morning sun.

Generally, that was his morning. Enjoying a cup of coffee, giving Mrs. Stevenson (the fifty year old woman whose apartment was adjacent from his balcony) a wet dream heart attack, and for the past couple weeks...sending a morning text out to Kate during his wake-up ritual. An inebriated, intentional one night stand gone fling that seemed to receive his first texts of the day.

As it was, he set his phone on his thigh, returning to his cup of coffee as Mrs. Stevenson came out to overwater her plants as an excuse to stare at him. Removing one hand from his mug, he raised it to wave before his lips puckered to send a smacking kiss across the street distance. Poor Mrs. Stevenson didn't stand a chance; more importantly, the flowers were drowning.

Her phone buzzed but Kate didn't read the notification right away. In fact, it was tucked in her back pocket while she ran an errand, Dog trailing behind her. He'd decided to stick with her for some strange reason today but he clearly did whatever the *** he wanted. Kate had to respect that, if nothing else, so she didn't complain when he played her shadow for the day. At least he didn't smell.

A labyrinthine path led her through Treme and toward the Irish Channel. The little names of these places fascinated her, even if she didn't understand the context. This city was a serious *** of different styles meshing and overlaying each other over time. And it wasn't even that old, which impressed her even more. Maybe that was what made it feel so comfortable.

Stopping in a small caf? to use the bathroom, Kate finally checked her phone. Rolling her eyes, Kate sighed and debated with herself a minute before responding.

Text: Puppy eyes don't work on me. Not even from real puppies.

By the time Thadeus had received a response, he was stepping out of the shower and wrapping a towel around his waist. Cinching it at his hip with a shove of his thumb, he left a trail of water footprints over the checkered white and sky blue tiles as he walked to the sink. Reaching his hand out to clear a section of the steamed reflection, his hand paused in the down-sweep to the blinking light at the top of his phone. It was resting on top of his clothes, and pressed the Home button to reveal the notification of Kate's text. Snickering to the initial message before it was cut off, he pressed it then swiped his thumb to unlock the screen that revealed the entire message to him.

Rolling his eyes himself, it was a touch more endearing before the hook of a smirk curved his mouth. Giving a tug to the towel, he arched his spine back before opening the camera. A snap of the flash, he sent it with some flavored text.

Text with IMG attachment: [A quick snap image of washboard abs, V-line, and beneath the towel.] How about incentive instead, then?

Shaking his head, he set the phone aside on the covered seat of the toilet. Then worked on getting dressed.

Dog had been gracious enough to wait outside the caf? until Kate reappeared once more. Glancing around quickly, an opportunity presented itself. Crossing the street, a sultry smile curled her lips at a woman sitting on a sleek Yamaha. "Hey there. Don't suppose you'd let me borrow this, huh? Promise I'll bring it back." Her voice was pitched low, and when she was close enough, a fingertip trailed across the woman's collarbone. The woman frowned at first, trying to resist some inner impulse, but ultimately she nodded and climbed off the back.

Kate purred, kissed her cheek and hopped on. Revving the engine once, she set off, telling Dog to catch her up. Somehow, she knew he would.

A few hours later, Kate was back at the mansion, refreshed and ready to respond to a certain text message.

Text: I'll be by in an hour. We can bang it out before my meeting.

For someone who had her phone attached to her hip At All Costs, she had a knack of taking forever to respond. At this point, Thad simply went around his daily business in the meantime. Hair dry and styled, fully dressed and post-lunch at Jacques-Imo's, he was well on his way back to the apartment in his Malibu from a few errands himself when his phone buzzed in the cup holder. Waiting for the next red light, he opened the message and sent off a quick See you then before he was turning the corner to make his way home.

An hour later, he was lounged on his couch in front of the flat-screen with his feet kicked up on the coffee table and an open beer in hand that he idly sipped on. He was only half paying attention to the football game, enough to know what was going on. He was in partial Man Cave mode, with a slice of Nookie on the side that stopped him from getting out the Cheetos.

Her day didn't revolve around answering his texts. Imagine that.

Knuckles rapped smartly on his door, waiting for it to open. While she waited, her gaze was glued to the glowing screen in her hands, thumbs flying.

What? Why not? Rude.

"C'mon, what the *** is wro--" He started in as the ball was fumbled before his head turned to the rap-tap-tapping on his door. Was it a raven? No. It was a Ball Buster. Taking a swig of his beer before he sat up, he set the bottle on the coffee table before he stood and walked slowly - just to be a dick - to the door. A heartbeat standing at the door, he finally pulled it open. "Housekeeping? Oh, no. It's you," as if he wasn't expecting - or waiting - for her. "I suppose you'll do..." Then, should she still be glued to her screen, he'd be glaring at the Decepticon in her hands. "I see you brought Megatron.." He muttered. He might've named her phone. There was so much distrust in his look.

"This ain't no turn down service," she quipped while brushing past him into the apartment, her attention still downcast. Once inside, she stopped and kept tap-tapping at the screen for thirty silent seconds before finally turning to look at him. "Hm? Oh yeah, Megatron. Sure." Tucking her phone away, grey eyes narrowed in an appraising glance, looking him over like an antique vase she wanted to buy.

It was that quip that had his glare slipping at the Transformer in her hands. The corner of his mouth twitched, a foreboding movement that breached into a smirk. He tilted his torso just slightly to let her past, closing the door behind her before he turned around. It was a physical strain to not roll his eyes when she remained glued to her phone, and had half a mind to not start humming the Jeopardy theme song.

He whistled it instead.

It ended abruptly, a feign of innocence as blonde brows ticked upward when she appraised him. Loose, low-slung jeans and a snap-button shirt that was styled as pale blue jean without the skin irritating fabric and thickness. Naturally, it was outfit chosen with good times in mind, and accessibility as he lifted his hands, tilting his wrists as if waiting for her to give him the Kate Stamp of Approval. "Eh?" Though it wasn't her face he was looking at, making his own assessing sweep of murky green eyes. "Lookin' good, but you're a little overdressed," he tilted his head, sarcasm dripping from his tone like battery acid.

Cheering and a horn blowing on the television briefly drew her gaze, noting the score, but she swung her focus back to Thad. "Steve, tell me...if we'd spent the day together, what did you envision us doing?"

Confusion danced over square facial features, basset hound eyes blinking slowly for a moment to conversation taking a flip. Ill-prepared, obviously so, to answer any question that wasn't involving nether regions, stupidity came out of his mouth with a rasp of "uhhhhh..." He didn't even correct his not-name. "Show you a different Quarter? Take you to lunch, maybe?" His brows furrowed, "scar some waiters... I hadn't really planned anything.. figured we could've winged it and took the Impulse route." He shrugged, his hands falling before his fingers found the chiseled tone of his hips.

"Uh-huuuuuuhhhhhhh....." She drew it out, speaking volumes with that one sound. "So you know that this," and she gestured between the two of them, "is not a spend-the-day-together kind of thing, right? It's never going to be that kind of thing. I thought we talked about this."

His head turned slightly with that sound, eyeing her with a tainting of confusion. That doesn't sound good. Shaking his head, his hands slipped from his hips as he draped himself into a lean against the wall. Arms lifting, they loosely crossed over his chest. "I wouldn't call lunch an all-day thing, Spike." He dubbed her as Spike, she was awfully prickly. "We did talk about it," he nodded slowly, "and I'm not givin' you my class ring," he teased with a sweeping uplift of brow. "Or my letterman jacket... honestly... you'd just drown in it.." He muttered. He was rambling, on the defense. His shoulders lifted, and stayed up there for a moment. "Who says we can't have some chill with our ***? I have Netflix..."

While she was expressive with sound, he was expressive with the ability to word-vomit and seem like a total idiot. It was a talent, really.

Retro high school memorabilia references were completely lost on the alien. Her home world was a far, far cry from this place; in some ways, more advanced, in others more primitive. Felt the same about the people.

"And what comes next? Sleeping over, dating, generally spending time together?" The sting was lacking from her words, buoyed only by curiosity. "Because I feel like you want it to tip in that direction."

She never appreciated his references, but he was used to it. He, ironically, questioned which planet she was from. Completely oblivious to the fact she was an alien. It was a good thing, else a whole new level of references would be made. Guaranteed, she would not appreciate or like any of them. On your phone again? You phoning home? Slap! Ouuuuuuuuuuuuch...

"Sleeping over really only affords more sexy time," he argued, taking the logical route. If he was stung by her words, he didn't show it. She assumed that was what he wanted, and he stared at her for a moment. It said enough, but his words contrasted. "I'm not requesting being your boyfriend. You're a fun chick, Kate. Just," he lifted one shoulder, shaking his head. "Maybe a little friends with the benefits." Liar.

They both knew the score and they both knew that the other knew. It wasn't much of a game, as far as games went. Weighing her options, Kate shrugged and stepped toward the bedroom door. "I know I'm fun," said with nonchalant arrogance, breezing through the doorway. "Let's get the benefits part done and we can talk about friends after, okay?"

Thirty minutes later, Kate stepped out of the bedroom, fully clothed once more and smoothing her hair with her fingers. "So, back to the conversation. As I said earlier, we've talked about this. I don't do the repeat-until-settling-down thing. I don't settle down. Ever. I can't even tell you how long I'll be here, but I know that at some point, I'm going to leave and this place will be a dot in the rearview mirror. No attachments. I'm not judging what you want, more power to you for realizing it. I wish you much luck in finding the little wifey but it's not me, Steve. It will never be me. So..."

Turning to find him wherever he was, Kate gave a little smile and clapped him on the shoulder. "It was fun, your dick is pretty nice. May the you to your...happiness." Or whatever. She may have failed at creating a graceful platitude but at least the message was clear.

He shrugged away from the wall when she spoke of being fun and started toward the bedroom. Like a tether, he couldn't help but follow. "Alright, Smalls," he sighed, working open the snap-buttons on his shirt as he slipped through the doorway after her.

Thirty-three minutes, thank you. Those extra three minutes are important. She was fully dressed, and he was making his way to the doorway while fastening his jeans. The shirt was gone, somewhere. Maybe lost forever behind the dresser, or out the window. Who knows. He didn't bother fixing his mussed hair. Pants half-way fastened, his hands lifted in surrender. "Whoa.. whoa.." He laughed awkwardly. "Calm down, Gunner. Jumping the gun there a bit. Perpetual bachelor isn't willing to lose his dojo," he shook his head, "you can get me on a knee under the table, but not with a box in my hand....unless it's your box.." His brows furrowed, and his head shook to clear it before he got into Full Ramble Mode.

He stopped abruptly when she turned, eyes turning down to the hand on his shoulder, then flicking them back to her. "" His head tilted when she complimented his dick awkwardly, but the message became clear a second later. "Right." He sighed, shrugging off her hand with a roll of his shoulder. "This is the... hey, it's been fun but Never Again speech," he snickered. "Well, stay... you.. Spike.." He might've made it worse by the awkward pat to the top of her head before he slipped past her. Obviously, he wasn't used to being on this end of the Break Up scenario. "Sure you can let yourself out," he muttered, making his way to the kitchen.

As many times as she'd given some version of this speech, it was never pleasant. Kate didn't do it to be cruel but to save from agita down the line when hearts were more involved. More involved than her own, anyway. This one went about as well as expected, from what she knew of Thad. At least nothing got broken or set on fire.

"We just aren't going to be compatible. No sense in you spinning your wheels here when you can be gaining traction elsewhere, yanno?" She wasn't going to say it was better for him or a silver lining; that would be douchey. One side of her mouth curled, being told she could show herself out. Lips parted to say goodbye but her phone rang first. Pulling it out of her back pocket, she hit the green Accept button.

"Hey Robbie cakes, what's up? ... Oh yeah?" Kate sputtered a laugh while opening the door. "Yes, you have to go with me. No, you can't bring a book..." Her voice trailed down the hallway from his little apartment, most likely to never grace its halls again. Unless she started banging a neighbor.

He lifted his hand, laughing it off as he shook his head. "It's okay, really. It's fine. Don't be offended if I use you for the Broken Heart card later." He smirked, giving her the finger gun over his shoulder. "Maybe it would work on Janessa.." He muttered, lifting his eyes. Apartment 5D hottie. She got a call, and he saved the roll of eyes for when he was turned away and she was making her way out the door. He pulled open the fridge, reaching for a cold beer before he paused, glancing to the freezer. "Goose, don't let me down," he muttered, shoving the door closed before pulling a bottle of Grey Goose from the plume of frigid air.
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