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The Happiest Place In the Universe?

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 15, 2018 8:58 pm    Post subject: The Happiest Place In the Universe? Reply with quote

Maybe Henry hadn't included Raven in all of the details regarding their trip. A few liberties had been taken and the man hadn't exactly told his wife what he had intended to do with his hefty Christmas bonus (he hadn't even told her how much it was). In the end, Disney had been a given for the buxom, blue-eyed beauty's knowing pleasure. It was, of course, all for Adelaide's birthday.

Henry just never specified which Adelaide.

Romeo and Duncan had been in the know, of course, at least as much as it involved them. It had resulted in travel arrangements made for the three men, their unwitting significant others, and a certain precious little girl who was sure to get her brilliant little toddler mind blown. Three suites at the Walt Disney World Dolphin Hotel for four nights and the final at the Hard Rock Hotel Universal, with a number of spa and activity packages included. Park hopper passes for all of their days. The full scope of the deception had only been revealed as they group pulled up to the first of their two grand lodgings, with Ro and Dunc grinning like idiots and Henry simply smiling a small, smug smile. The expectations were few, nothing more than the request that he and Raven get to have one night out alone and that everyone congregated to spend the Adelaides' birthday with them. It made for a wealth of possibilities as the sun set on their first night there, a prelude to five days of fun and fantasy.

Raven trusted Henry implicitly when it came to their travel preparations just as she had when it came to their honeymoon and so many other trips. The man was a veritable travel guru which mean Raven simply had to worry about the Rhydin side of things; packing their bags and wrangling everyone that would be attending. Adelaide had been called out of school for the week and both the dance studio and circus school had been informed of her impending absence as well. The older Addie had far fewer commitments to manage, simply making Michi promise to feed Fred and Freya while she was away. Back in a week, she would be home before they knew it.

When the morning came, Addie and Ro slogged across town in the cold, the former sporting a monster hangover from pre-celebrating her birthday with her friends the night prior. It wasn't every year you turned twenty one. Not as though it was significant in Rhydin but it was a big deal to Addie. Soon she would have to go to Amberhelm to lock in her commitment (or lack thereof) to the Weavers. But for now... the happiest place in the universe. Surprised to see Duncan and Eleanor there, she made smalltalk with the couple until it was time to go. Thankfully Rhydin's magic meant it wasn't a terribly long day of traveling though little Adelaide was overdue for a nap by the time they got there.

The word "dolphin" changed everything. The toddler instantly perked up, yammering on about how dolphins were her favorite animal of all time. Raven was nice enough not to point out the fact that just yesterday it was horses. Her excitement was too cute too ruin. Her older counterpart was far more stunned. Hip to hip, side to side in the hotel's lobby while Henry checked in, Addie leaned her head to Ro's shoulder. "Soooo did you know about all this?"

"I might've," came the subtle response, his mouth curving crookedly and dipped his chin to kiss her forehead before fessing up. "Henry thought you might be interested. I told him you would very much be, needed it, and then might have made a suggestion or two about the arrangements. Far as he's concerned, you're his fam, fam, and I thought we could use the time away from Rhy'din together."

He took their keycards and Mickey Mouse wrist things in one hand, scooped both of their bags up by the handles in the other, and started to move away from the others. It would seem that all of the couples were moving to different locations in the hotel.

"You sneaky..." she trailed off with a grin, leaning into the touch of his mouth. It was sweet, she couldn't even be mad. In truth it was nice to get away though she was more intent on making sure her younger counterpart had the time of her life. Addie had never done anything cool like that growing up, rather they spent the bulk of their time in Nosgoth, especially after her mother had died. "I'm still getting used to this whole family thing... but I'm glad for it. He's a good guy."

Armed with keycards and the magic bands (hers was purple of course), they made their way to... holy *** that was a nice suite. Judging by the awestruck look as they stepped in, today she was a little less rockstar, a little more pizza girl. When she finally stopped gawking, she made it a point to search the entire place to check it out. It all culminated with her grabbing him to tug him down onto the plush king sized bed with a giddy giggle. "Oh my goddess, this is freaking amazing... where are we going tomorrow? I desperately need a pair of rose gold Minnie ears."

"They love you. It's all that matters." Playing the part of pack mule, he let her get them into their suite and joined Addie in marveling at the subtle opulence of their accommodations. Their bags were stowed near one of the massive dressers and the keycards tossed atop. When She broke from her awe, Ro was in the middle of slipping out of his jacket and caught unawares, resulting in a heavy flop on the bed and a subsequent round of wrestling to get free from the garment before he was pressed close to her. Forehead to forehead, nose to nose. "Mo chroi, you can have whatever you want. And we can go wherever, if you wanna coordinate with the others or not, so long as we're all together for the big day. So, what do you wanna do first?"

"I'm grateful for it... thank you for being here too." She kissed the tip of his nose and nestled in against him. Earth was warm compared to the cold they had left behind on Rhydin. She could get used to it. "Truthfully I'm a little overwhelmed by it all. I want to go to the place with the castle and the different mountains. And one of em has animals but maybe we can save that one for Wednesday? I don't know... or maybe Wednesday can be the world place with all the food and booze from the different places. That would be a neat way to spend Valentine's Day. Bet we could get Elle and Duncan to go with us too."

She kissed the tip of his nose and he her chin, before winding his arms around her. He held her there, just like that, as they talked. "Once we're settled, we can always get together with everyone else and see what they wanna do. I'm pretty much game for whatever. The hotel has an arcade, sooo..."

Ro grinned.

"I also made sure that if there were any noise violations, there'd be no walk-of-shames in the morning near anyone we know. But if you wanna do, Epcot is it? We can do that on Wednesday if you wanna glutton it up."

"I think Mom said something about doing dinner in the restaurant here after they get Addie settled. We could go explore the rest of the hotel after that. Including the arcade if you want." She too grinned, plenty bemused by her boyfriend's penchant for finding an arcade to play in pretty much anywhere and everywhere.

"Oh that's right... I oughta ward the place just in case..." Addie stretched but made no move to get up just yet. Portal travel always wore her out and his arms were far too comfortable. "Is that the name? Let's pig out on Wednesday, yeah. Tomorrow... we can go to the Hollywood something or other place. They have a rollercoaster that goes really fast and this tower of horror thing that shoots you up and drops you. Then mayyyyyybe on Thursday we can go to the castle place and then Friday can be the animal place before we go to the Universe on Saturday. How's that sound?"

"It sounds like you've got it all figured out, mo chroi," Ro laughed and gave her a squeeze. "And left me with nothin' more to do than enjoy your company. I've never done anything this grand before, this place is long gone on my Earth, so..."

The notion sobered him up some, causing the smile to slowly fade and for him to pull tighter against the dark-haired girl. He spent a few long moments with his face buried against her neck before finally speaking again. "It all sounds like I'm gonna make more happy memories with the most important person in my world."

"Four days, four really big parks. It seems like a decent plan unless the others have something else in mind." She said with a diffident little smile. His smile faded and she tightened her arms around him. Her hand rubbed up and down on his back until he wanted to talk again. "I heard Elle say something to a similar effect. But it'll be okay... we're going to have the best *** time ever. I couldn't imagine someone else I'd rather share this with more than you."

"It's gonna be a week to remember, mo chroi." She could feel him smiling against her skin some moments later. "That, I promise. We're gonna make it the greatest time we've had in a long time. We'll eat terrible stuff and get on all the crazy weird rides."

"Preferably not in that order unless we want to add throwing up to the list." She laughed quietly, one hand sliding up the back of his neck to play with his hair for a few moments. Eventually she let him go, leaning back ever so slightly. "Wanna get unpacked then we can go meet up with the rest of 'em for dinner?"

"Point." He chuckled, but when she leaned back and asked her question, Romeo was shaking his head. "Not yet. Right now, I just wanna hold you and enjoy this. Maybe kiss you some more and test the bed before we join the others. Sound terrible?"

"We can unpack later..." She smirked and leaned back in. Inevitably they ended up almost thirty minutes later for dinner, grinning and blushing like a pair of cats that ate a whole lot of canary before coming down. But when all was said and done, they had full stomachs, good company, a decent lay of the hotel's amenities, and a night cap in the suite's jacuzzi tub before crashing soundly amidst pillowtopped mattress bliss. The following day promised to be a whirlwind of fun and food and childlike wonder. It was no surprise they called this the happiest place on Earth, Addie couldn't imagine a happier place even on Rhydin.

Romeo had clung to her especially tight that night, limbs entwined in an embrace that transcended definition and was often punctuated by soft kisses and murmured words. Up long before her, the big blond bruiser disentangled himself from her with a light kiss and set their little suite coffee pot to brew, before crawling back into bed and waking Addie by helping himself to breakfast. It was like that the first few days, the exquisite sweetness tempered by the (not so) discreet shenanigans that had been the more public hallmark of their relationship. When he wasn't treating his Adelaide like a princess, he was doing so for the younger, or at least as best he could.

Hollywood Disney, Animal Kingdom, and Epcot seemed to come and go in a flash, but filled with pictures and treasurable memories that served as the antithesis to the end of the previous year. Romeo couldn't get enough of his Pizza Girl and searched out every moment he could to wring her for the most brilliant smiles and nerdy moments. This was her. This was them. Their third day stretched into a long night, after drinking their way around Earth and stumbling back into the suite for some very loud, rough sex that resulted in two phone calls from the desk and one personal visit from a manager before they fell asleep as a sweet, tangled mess once again.

It was the perfect way to end one good day and start a better, though the latter had begun with warm snuggles and a much more romantic bout of shower sex that nearly made them miss the transit to the Magic Kingdom.

It was Valentine's Day... night, what did the front desk and management expect? Just the same, they stumbled free of their suite bright and early for another magical day. This one promised to be the most magical of all if only because they were going to the "one with the castles and the mountains". For all that Addie knew about Earth and enjoyed the Disney franchise, the finer points of its theme parks were a little lost on her. So she simply didn't care about names and instead focused on making the most of every minute and every hour of the day. Sporting one hell of a hangover once more, she tried not to trip off the shuttle that dumped them off right in front of the gates. Her younger counterpart was off like a shot, leaving Raven and Sophia to chase her down while Henry chuckled in the background. The older Addie snickered too, incredibly pleased with just how the trip had panned out thus far. After some obligatory posing for the cameras in front of the park and on main street, she stole Romeo away for some time to explore, just the two of them.

Circuitously, they broke away from Main Street USA and set off into Adventureland and Frontierland. Its quaint kitschiness had a pizza girl grin etched across her expression all day. From there it was up through Liberty Square and into Fantasyland. Though Tomorrowland was plenty fun, she eventually begged Ro to go back to the corner of Fantasyland to get yet another ham and cheese pretzel from Gaston's Tavern. There were pictures with characters and autographs scribbled into a little keepsake book, a button that declared today her birthday and plenty of well wishes that went with it. She even got a rose gold mouse ear headband, just like she wanted. But dinner was approaching so she reluctantly ducked beneath a drape of Ro's arm and cozied up to him as they walked. "Suppose we should get heading back to the little central square-y area?"

His camera was filled with hundreds of pictures at this point (and not all of them appropriate) but Romeo seemed all too intent on taking more, including video of Addie interacting with some of the character actors and getting autographs. When he wasn't, the man was glued to her, one arm tight around her waist to make all of the kisses he plied her with, mouth, cheek, temple, and neck, much more convenient. The cash he had on hand flowed like water any time something struck her fancy, though it amounted to inexpensive little trinkets and mementos that would likely decorate her dress or their walls at the beach house.

When she ducked beneath the protection of his arm, he drew her in for a slow, probing kiss before turning them towards the hub of the theme park. "I think," he mused. "That I wanna get a few more pictures o' you in front of the Beauty and the Beast castle before we meet up with the others and do birthday dinner. What do you think, Mo Chroi?"

"I think... that sounds excellent. When they do the fireworks, can we come back here and watch from this angle instead? I'm told they look spectacular over Belle's castle instead of just over Cinderella's." The hopeful grin was wholly unnecessary, she knew he wouldn't say no. Still, she punctuated her request with a kiss, a second, and a third before bobbing a little on her toes. One hand lifted to fix her mouse ears headband before she leaned back in to walk with him. "This place might be my favorite. With my favorite person even."

"Then maybe we can do this every year," he suggested after the three kisses and a little more cuddling as they walked. "Make a longer time out of it. They do have beaches and dance clubs, and all the other stuff you like. Think on it."

The words seemed to come out easily enough, but the closer they got to their destination, the more tense Ro became. By the time they reached the best spot he could think of for the moment he intended to capture, he had to kiss her again just to soothe his fragile nerves, long and deep and lascivious. He knew the others were there, somewhere, watching and waiting. They didn't want to miss seeing what was going to happen to the beautiful young woman, especially in the wake of December's tragedies.

"Okay, Pizza Girl." He hefted his camera and pointed her way. "Give me some good shots?"

"You think so? Maybe... maybe every other year. That way we can see other places too." There were so many worlds in the universe, Addie couldn't fathom restricting herself to a single place. Still, the thought of coming back here was particularly sweet.




That said, his tension was palpable and she tried her best to soothe it away with hugs and kisses and smiles. Most of it she chalked up to a combination of being on an Earth that wasn't his and a little bit of being up to his neck in her family. They could be a bit much at times but they were what she had so she was grateful for it. Even if they busted Ro's balls a bit, they did it out of love. Ever a natural in front of the camera, she struck a few serious poses for him, before giggling and giving him some more naturally happy shots, big grins and touristy pointing and wide arms galore. "Like this?"

"Perfect." He murmured for her. "Gorgeous." He was no professional, but each picture was snapped with particular care, savored for the wonderful moment it was. He had taken maybe another two dozen photo before glancing over the camera at her, looking thoughtful. "Tell you what. Turn around a look up at the castle, maybe like you're reachin' for it."

"You're biased." She teased him with a grin. Turning around, she slipped a coy look over her shoulder and took a deep breath. "Okay, okay, like... this?" Up went her arms, reaching as far as she could. One foot even kicked up behind her a bit to really put some oomph into the pose.

"And rightfully so." He stuck his tongue out at her.

"There, that's it." But even as Addie turned her back on him, Ro was tucking away the camera and closing the distance to her. While she posed, the big blonde bruiser pulled a small box from within the depths of one big cargo pocket, fingering its felt surface as he dropped down onto one knee behind her. It was there that he lingered, waiting for her to lose patience and turn around to him. "Now here comes the money shot..."

"I can't reach any further!" She laughed, wobbling on one leg until she had to set her foot down to keep from falling over. Still she posed, patient to a point until he made her nose scrunch with his phrasing. With a deft twirl, she was already in the process of chiding him for it as she spun. "Roooooooo, this is Disney, you can't talk about--"

One second, two seconds, three seconds. "Ro...?"

"Adelaide," he breathed her name like a fervent prayer from lips that had suddenly gone dry for what he was about to do. Romeo lingered there on his knee and with shaky hands, lifted the small box between them. "You are the center o' my whole world. My life. My love. Your heart, the way you love me, has made me a better man and I would be a fool if I didn't try to spend the rest of my life with you, earnin' the sweet perfection of every smile."

He trembled was all too serious when he smiled and finally asked. "Would you do me the greatest honor of becomin' Mrs. Adelaide MacKenzie and be my wife?"

Though the box between them was supposed to be the centerpiece of the moment, her eyes were on his face. That rough and rugged face that she had grown to know and love so well. A face that had seen her through the good and the bad. The face that she woke up to every morning and kissed goodnight every evening. It was a face she wanted to kiss every day forever. Her hands curled around his, wrapping up his fingers and the box. For a moment she thought her legs might give out on her and though she felt the weight of many eyes on her, she somehow managed to stay upright. A little tug on his hands sought to get him up to his feet with a slow nod that soon bobbed quicker and more fervent. Her eyes burned and her cheeks were damp, but she was grinning as she answered. "Hell ****ing yes, I will!"

Oops. Sorry Walt Disney.

She tugged, which prompted Romeo to shoot to his feet like a rocket and crush his mouth against hers, burly arms slinging around her waist to hold her tight against him. In the moment, he threatened to devour her precious mouth whole, but eventually pulled back with a gasp and nuzzled his mouth along her jaw and neck. "You won't regret it, mo chroi. Promise."
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