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A Returning Nightmare.

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Young Wyrm
Young Wyrm

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 19, 2018 11:08 am    Post subject: A Returning Nightmare. Reply with quote

A Retconning.

OOC: Hello, I am Lesinda-Mun! I have been away from Bristol Crios for WAY, to long! After I went to university a little under 4 years ago, I had a small bout of depression and found it very difficult to bring myself to write here or elsewhere for quite some time. In the last 6 months however, I've felt a revitalisation and revisted a story I wanted to work more on for some time.

A little while ago I decided to tinker with Lesinda's back story, and created Mathian, a villain for villainous deeds in her life before she came to Rhydin. After tinkering some more with a friend, he became a playable character and came back for the vampiress he created. I quite enjoyed it, and at one point we decided we would have them duel to decide part of the story. Unfortunately, Mathian-mun was *really* ill on the day, missing the official duelling hours.
After some miscommunication, it was thought that this was the one and only opportunity to do this, so the character Mathian left and we never really spoke about it until now. I *never*, ever really liked the way things ended, and discovered recently that neither did Mathian-mun.
That?s when we decided to bring Mathian back and mess with Lesinda a heck load more!

CONTENT WARNING: Mature Content. Language, violence, disturbing scenes, etc. If you are not okay with these things, I advise against your reading these posts.
No really, Les gets a beat down more than once.
Now for the story!
Sidenote: All things written here, more or less, are by myself and Mathian-mun and conerted from live play.
Sometimes, the worst thing can be living through the worst moments in your life

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Young Wyrm
Young Wyrm

Joined: 30 May 2013
Posts: 74
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Jobs: Priestess, Artist
Can Be Found: Bristle Crios, or the Glen.
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PostPosted: Fri Jan 19, 2018 11:10 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Once upon a time, there was a man and a women. Mathian Shadowsoul and Lesinda Loa Acloth.
Mathian was a man like any other, and like any other man he feared death. Oh, at first it was no more or less than what every other person in the world felt, but it became an obsession when Mathian discovered he was a mage. He delved into magic like most people do, there was no malice in his search, just a want for more knowledge. And of course, the way to hell is paved with good intentions, as they say?
As Mathian delved, he learned, and pushed into Necromancy. No one knew exactly when his interests became obsession, but at some point he crossed the boundary and entered into a realm that was simply wrong. His experiments became, to the outside observer, disgusting perversions meant to cause pain and distraught the life force of those he tormented.
In reality, Mathian?s work was only half that. The other half was finding out what *happened* to the souls. Their mind, what made them, them?And where it went when they died. This way he could find a means of pulling his own life experiences away from the oblivion that would be his death. There were many options, but they often came with downsides that he found intolerable. Liches bodies decayed. Eventually, their minds even became a shadow of themselves, concerned only with hoarding power. While he wanted power, he wanted more than just to hoard it, he wanted to *wield* power?.Vampirism offered more interesting routes. The different strains available gave him several options to keep his body from decaying and his mind sharp; keen. But the need to hide from the sun?Intolerable. There had to be a way around that and, of course, with the proper application of infernal, dark magics, he found a way to almost combine the benefits of being a Lich with those of a vampire. He could turn himself, using a special strain and guarantee his body and mind?s continued survival, and then bind his soul to a phylactery that would protect his life force from being snatched into the ether and oblivion should his body be ?killed? in the more traditional means to end vampires. It was quite amusing to come back after being staked and rip the head off the poor hunter that thought they had successfully killed him.

As with all things magical, there was a price to pay: Always. You had to give something, to get something, a rule that could never be broken. In this case, for Mathian?s magically enhanced and altered vampirism there was a price to pay for the immunity to the sun, one had to drink approximately 8pints of blood, inside 24hour period or else they would lose that immunity. After nearly 48hours of not drinking blood, the vampire in question would die in spectacular and violent fashion. *Intolerable.* There had to be a way of getting around it, and eventually, Mathian found the answer. Magic.
It was so simple he actually didn?t believe it at first, but when he drank from the body of a mage, a rival necromancer whose family had long been inbred to improve their magical abilities, he actually found himself stronger, reaching what would normally be his peak, and then surpassing it. The answer then, was to gather feeding chattel from magically inclined families to make his physical body a powerful entity, while his soul was protected and safe. It was while he was building up a cadre of other vampires, to form a coven, that he discovered Lesinda and her family.

Now, it was through no fault of her own that Lesinda was turned into a vampire. Simply the virtue of existing had been enough to cause Mathian to become infatuated with her. Barely 19 years old, she was quite a beauty, but as it turned out, this was only half the reason Mathian wanted her.
Her family?s long, long line was filled with powerful mages, and her father and mother were no different. Both of them came from powerful families and had made it their business to hunt down dark creatures of the night. Upon having two children, though, they put that life aside and moved to a quiet, sleepy village. Unfortunately, this was the village Mathian had chosen to test his new coven upon, and one of several they used to keep their insatiable appetite from driving them to death. Mathian saw her, and laid his plans. The magi blood coursing through her veins would be delicious to feed from, and turning her would make her last so much longer as a source of entertainment.
And so it was that the coven of vampires fell upon the Acloth homestead, murdering all but one in a bloody mess. Lesinda was forced to watch, sitting in the lap of her Sire, while he drank from her, and turned her.
When the others discovered what Mathian was doing, they all, much to his surprise, stood up to him. There were already too many of them, the commotion of taking the household would attract attention from the village and they didn?t have the time to babysit a new Childe, who would also be voracious in her appetite. If Mathian wanted a toy, there were plenty to pick from in the village once they had the strength to take it. With no other choice, Mathian left his newly formed childe. It was that or face down half a dozen other vampires, at least some would be as strong as him now.
It was decided they were to burn the house down, so that when the villagers arrived, they?d know what had happened and who had done it. Lesinda was left to burn, and burn she did, but she was lucky, for it rained heavily that night, the house was made of timber and the fire was poorly set, leaving it to be smothered by too much fuel and then water before it could take. That didn?t mean the vampires didn?t come out of it damaged; scars raked her back from being burnt, her vampirism taking hold only afterwards, only ever healing her fully back to this point.
A day passed before the green haired vampiress was able to crawl out of the wreckage and make her way to what she thought were her friends; people she had known her whole life.
They took one look at her now red eyes and cast stones at her, driving her from their home. Some of the men chased her with bows, launching missiles at her whenever they caught up to her, giving Les almost no time to rest, so she ran and ran and ran, stopping only to consume the blood of animals. It was weeks before she arrived at Rhydin, and Bristol Crios.
Years passed, and Lesinda learned not to be so fearful of the outside world, yet more passed and many things happened to her, but the one that had most to do with this story was the moment her Sire tracked her down again, and tried to take her with him when he left.
She fought, and lost, and fought again anyway. Lesinda would not willingly give up her freedom, and in some way, this seemed to affect Mathian. He had built up a dream, in regards to her, a scared, lost little girl who needed him, wanted him, and he was only too willing to be her hero, so much so that when she initially rebuffed him, he did not believe it. Couldn?t. It didn?t fit into the narrative he had built, the story of how she was meant to behave.

*Damn it*, this wasn?t how it was meant to go! The Childe was meant to go with the Sire, whether they wanted to or not wasn?t the question! And then her friends, several and powerful, interfered. Got in his way, *challenged him.* Intolerable.
An ultimatum was set. They would duel, fight for her freedom. If he won, her friends would cease their interference with his plans and if she won, he would leave her be.

But they never fought. Mathian was pulled away from the object of his obsessions once more for coven related business, the centre of his lust and fantasies would have to wait.
For the next few years, Lesinda was happy. She was, in her mind, free. He hadn?t shown up, therefore he forfeited and relinquished control of her. For the next few years, she was happy and free.

But all dreams must come to an end. Mathian Shadowsoul, the Black Wolf, stalked Rhydin once more in the hunt for his toy. No longer under the fantasy or illusion that she would come to his open arms willingly, he was no longer interested in her *willing* participation in his plans for her life.
Sometimes, the worst thing can be living through the worst moments in your life

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Young Wyrm
Young Wyrm

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 19, 2018 11:11 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Day One, Part One;

Sometime after her last encounter with the wolf, Lesinda was walking through the labyrinth of alleyways and side streets on her way through the marketplace once more, her aimless walking took her obliviously near the Wolf.

Mathian roamed the streets. His senses more keen in this form. He sniffed at the air for had been a few days again, he wanted to find her, and when he did, he would approach from the direction she was walking rather than behind her. He found the alleyway she was heading down and sat at the entry as she turned down the street. He grinned, a baring of teeth when he saw her in leather...ever the strikingly beautiful girl...

"Shoo...." Lesinda said with little conviction, still not realizing who the hound that had harried her the last week or so was really.....It was unnerving the way he considered her like that, and she thought about her options. She could always turn back and head back the way she'd come, or she could go forwards, the main street was a few turns away, the wolf wouldn?t try anything in the crowds, would he? Surely not, someone would scare him away, the noise would keep him away! She edged around him somewhat, moving near the wall, away from the wolf and keeping an eye on him and making a point of not turning her back to him. ?Shoo!?

When she moved to go around him, he moved to get in her way again, growling a low warning growl. She wasn't going anywhere. He moved closer, licking his chops.

"Stop that!" Lesinda cried, swiping her hand at his snout, and backing up until she was up against the wall. "Go...go away! Go find a b*** to play with!" She shouted at the wolf. He seemed intelligent enough, so why did it insist on dogging her footsteps?

With her swiping at his snout, he growled again and prowled he did, he shifted. Black fur gave way to black clothing. Black pants, a long black coat, black gloves and was winter after all and there were appearances to maintain...His red eyes were the last to change to the steely blue green color, still fixed on her face, "I do believe I have." Mathian purred, that wicked grin on his face as he closed the distance, taking advantage of her shock and reaching out to place his leather gloved hand on her chin.

"...No..." She whispered very quietly, her eyes wide in disbelief as he shifted. Lesinda was terrified of him, and frozen in place when his hand touched her chin. Staring up at Mathian, she tried to press herself against wall even more, like she might be able to sink into it and disappear, to flee away from her tormentor.

"No? No more 'shoo, shoo'?" He teased, smirking, his eyes...that rarely showed amusement certainly showed it now. Amusement, lust, self-satisfaction. His other hand held her chin firmly while the other went to her thigh, to the hem of her skirt.

"No....S..Stop...Y-you left..." She tried to shy away from his hand on her thigh, but she was so terrified, she could hardly move. "You left...."

"I did and now I am back." He murmured and leaned closer so he could simply speak in a whisper.

"Ahhh..." She shivered away from his touch, as much as she could and stammered. "D-D-Don't touch me.....Y-you don?t own me anymore?" She tried to take his wrist in her hand and push him away from her skirt and thigh. Her leather cloths constricted her in such delicious ways for his eyes, no doubt, and left her feeling unprotected. "You...Don?t...Own me anymore?"

He gave a soft sigh, like a patient teacher or guardian and leaned his head toward hers, pulling to the side to murmur next to her ear, "I will always own you, Lesinda. No matter where you are. No matter where I am. You. Are. Mine." He grinned and pulled back a touch to look at her face again, his hand not deterred from its exploration of her.

She tried to push him away with more force. "No....No. You left.....You abandoned me the first time, you left again, I.....Just leave me alone!" His touch disgusted her, unwanted memories returning of how he?d invaded her mind in the past to get the reaction he wanted.
She wanted *nothing* to do with him.

He pursed his lips, his smirk falling into that neutral look of his and his eyes hardened some. His fingers moved to her throat rather than her chin, "I had little choice the first time and the called. That is beside the point. I am here now and I am not going anywhere without you."

"I don't want you...." She replied, both hands moved to the hand under her skirt and she shivered in fear. "L-leave me alone, Mathian....I'm happy here, without you in my life..."

He sighed, withdrawing his hand from her skirt to grab one of her wrists and hold it against the wall, "You roam the streets at night alone. That does not speak to me as the actions of a girl happy where she is. You feel an ache that you do not understand because I was not here to guide you as I should have been. I can teach you so much....You have to simply submit." He brushed his thumb across her lower lip before holding her throat again.

She tried to resist him but she was pinned. Struggling against him, her free hand moved to the one on her throat. "No....I wander because I like exploring...." She writhed against him, her struggles becoming more pronounced. "Let me go, Mathian...."

"You have lived here for a few years now, you should know this place well enough." He growled, frowning at her when she struggled, "Stop." He used a thread of power in his voice, "You do not need to struggle or fight me."

"Hah...." She gasped slightly. He still had power over her.... Not as much as he had. But it was there. "It changes all the time...." Lesinda replied softly, her struggles more or less ceasing in that moment, but her hand remained on his wrist, and her red eyes remained fixed on his. "I don't. Want. To. Be. With you." Lesinda repeated, tilting her head back, raising her chin defiantly, even though she was close to shattering like ice on the inside.

His eyes narrowed and the steely blue green color of his eyes faded back to red as he bared his teeth. In a quick jerk of a movement, he turned her around to press her cheek to the brick wall and growled next to her ear, "No...You do not want me? Liar... You could have fought me off these last few times, yet you did nothing of the sort. A meagre weak attempt to free yourself of me before submitting. You even had the chance to call out for aid yet instead you hid us from sight so that we could continue."

"Ah!" Les was turned, pressed against the wall. "You...." She shuddered, her eyes wide in realisation that *he* was the one tormenting her mind these last few weeks. She tried twisting around, so at least she could see him in the corner of her eye. "How could....You...Do that..." Lesinda shivered. "I d-didn't want th-them to know.....You....You would have killed them!" She responded, it was the best, closest thing she could say to the truth. She hadn?t *known* it was him, shape shifting so he could abuse her.

He sneered, "You just did not want someone else to see how much you were enjoying being ****** from behind by me." He didn't try to fondle her again...though he certainly wanted to, he was annoyed with her words. He did not let her turn to look at him, he kept her cheek and chest pressed firmly to the wall, "Who cares what would have happened to them? They were, Lesinda. Have you still not learned that?" He sighed, looking on her belt for her enchanted flask that kept her fed, "Perhaps you should learn..."

"I didn?t know it was you!" She snapped back, trying to turn her head again, trying to use her free hand to pull him from her face. "Now I do, it sickens me! I could throw up, I....What...What do you mean?" She struggled against him, unable to see where he was looking, she tried to pry his hand from her own. His word of power was fading so she began struggling again with renewed urgency. She didn't try kick him in the shin but from the way her feet shuffled, he could tell it was a matter of time before she considered it. Or aimed higher than that....

He growled and instead of holding her wrist, gripped her pretty green hair as he snatched up the case in hand. He knew there was no sense in pouring it seemed to refill. Supplying her with blood without needing to annoyed him....but it also gave him an idea. If he could replicate such a thing, he could see his clan back home thrive. "Stop resisting."

Oh, it would run out. It just held far more that its size suggested it possibly could. Lesinda cried out, twisting around in his grip to try and face him, both hands going up to the hand in her hair. "Give me back my flask!" She retorted. "Let me go, Mathian!"

"No. You have no need of it. With all these humans and other mortal creatures about, you can feed on them quite easily." He held it away from her, his hand like steel in her hair, "You are a petulant childe."

"I'M NOT YOUR CHILDE" Lesinda shouted, half pain, half anger, turning her red eyes on him. "I HATE YOU!" she added, and then a pause....She tilted her head back slightly, then spat at his face, her own twisted in rage and disgust.

He closed his eyes when she shouted at him and spat on him. Keeping them closed for a moment longer before opening them and frowning at her. His hand shifted to hold her face rather than her hair and yanked her forward then slammed her back into the wall. Brick colliding with the back of her head that would have killed a human without issue. She sounded like an angsty teenager to him...and perhaps that's what she was in a way. Though, she did have fine reason to hate her tormentor, he figured her immortality would have let her put things into perspective.

She stared up at him, anger written across her face. Terror, too, for she knew what she had done, knew it would not be taken lightly, but the anger controlled her now. She was pleased, seeing the resulting spittle on his face.

Then he grabbed her face.

Then the terror controlled her.

She felt the world shift forwards, then backwards rapidly. Pain blossomed in the back of her head, stars in her vision of the palm of his hand. She twitched slightly, whimpering in pain as her body reacted to what should have been a death blow. Her arms fell to her side, twitched and remained there while she wept red tears of pain, fear and frustration. Her whole body went slightly limp and she leaned against the wall, the only thing holding her up with his hand gripping her face at this point. Somehow she managed to find the presence of mind to utter three words. "I.....Hate........You..."

He snarled at her words and let his hand fall from her face to grip the front of her clothing and hold her up via that instead, "Of that, I have no doubt and, I suspect, I will never change your mind on that fact. But the simple matter is, you may hate and despise me, little girl, but I am your sire. I made you what you are. I have certain obligations, as do you. You are a sorry excuse for a little vampiress, and for that, I accept some modicum of responsibility but you WILL learn." He lifted her feet from the ground, "I will teach you. One way or another."

The world was disjointed for her, like she was observing the actions from a faraway place and not from her body. She heard his words, barely and felt the ground fall from her feet. The blouse would prove to be a poor handhold and the sound of straining stitches might be heard. "I...Don?t need...You...? Lesinda managed. "Never needed you..."

He rolled his eyes, "Yes, yes. I do not care." He lifted her over his shoulder to carry, "You will learn." Mathian adjusted her skirt so she wasn't flashing everyone as he walked down the alleyway, through the twisting labyrinth of Rhydin backstreets. He'd gotten a car, a black sedan that he sat her in the backseat of, laying her out before getting into the driver's lock engaged on the doors.

She started acting up when he threw her over his shoulder, still dazed from the knock to her head, there was very little she could do to stop him aside from the odd, weak flail. "Where...Where are you taking me? Put?Me down!" Once she was laid out in the backseat, she tried to scrabble weakly for the opposite side, grabbing the handle and pulling.....Futilely, she kept pulling in disbelief. Of course he'd lock the back doors. She looked across the back seat back at him in fear again, before looking up at the window. There was more than one way out of a car. She balled her fist and swung as hard as she could at its centre.

The windows were tinted, no one could see them inside as he started to drive. Unfortunately, it wasn't a car made for transporting supernatural creatures so the vampiress's strength would be enough to punch the glass out. He grit his teeth and stopped the car with an annoyed sound.

As soon as the glass broke, Lesinda was already pulling herself out, to throw herself on the ground before he stopped. She had a one track mind and that was getting away from Mathian, which was exactly what she would do. Scrabbling up onto her feet in a mere second, she paid no heed for looking around, simply looked back the way they had come and started running as fast as her wobbly legs would take, each step getting stronger than the last as the head wound healed.

He was uninjured and able to go his full speed from the get go, so once the car was stopped, he bolted after her, able to catch up to her quickly. "Must I break your legs to get you to be still?" He growled, reaching out to grab for her wrist as she fled.

She dodged. He probably would do just that if he caught her, she suspected, and had no wish to let him. Darting back down an alleyway, she twisted and darted, zigzagging as best she could. "Leave me alone!"

He was growing impatient and annoyed so magic would be utilized next. He threw his hand out toward her and a wall of dark wailing energy arose in front of her. "Stop running!"

She ran into it. She tried to stop, but she simply couldn't stop in time, rebounding off of it with a shriek, flailing.

The wall felt like ice and she could feel it sap her strength, like the void sucking at her borrowed life force...dark magic of course, as was Mathian's speciality. The souls of the dead screamed silently at her from the wall as it squirmed and pulsed. When she rebounded, he caught her around the middle and growled.

She was weak from the wall as well as the head wound and now she was back in his arms. It didn?t stop her from struggling in the least. "Get off me! LET ME GO!" She shouted, trying to get attention to her plight. Someone would surely hear and come help, distracting her sire.....Maybe?

"Stop." Again with the power in his voice, this time, a growl accompanying it, he was not amused, "Be still."

She stopped. She even stopped breathing, taking his command literally as the power it hit her, staring up at him and hating herself for doing so, even though she wanted desperately to punch him in the jaw then, or spit at him again.....The look on his face had been worth the head injury.....Maybe.

"You will come with me. I have things to teach you. To show you. That you should have learned when I first took you as mine. Things were not done as they should have been but I am here to rectify those issues if you would JUST. BEHAVE!"

She quaked in fear of him when he shouted, although the statement could be taken as a question, and while his command had been for her to be still, some room was allowed to let her respond to him....So she did. She spat at him again.

He closed his eyes before growling and grabbing her mouth with his hand, his fingers on one side of her jaw and his thumb on the other...then squeezed. The pressure felt like he was going to crush her jaw, "....Do that again and you will lose your tongue." He spoke quietly, a low warning tone in his voice, "....Get in the car."

She tried jerking away from him but it came out more like a nervous twitch than the violent action she'd intended. She whined in pain, however, and managed to shake her head slightly. No. She was not going to make this easy for him. If he wanted to damage the toy he?d made for himself so long ago, then fine. "I am not your b****."

He took a deep breath and let it out slowly...not because he needed to breathe but because he needed something to calm his rising rage at the girl. "Fine. I will make you." He growled and squeezed her jaw harder as he summoned a cane from the inky black darkness of his magic into his hand.

Another squeal of pain, but she pulled back against him, fighting the compulsion to do as he said. It took a lot of willpower to resist him, bring her hands up weakly to his wrist to try and pull her from her chin.

His grip was like iron and soon that cane was fully formed. He gave her a pointed stare...he had given her a chance...she'd brought this on herself. He pulled his arm back and with all the force of a god damn truck, brought the cane sailing toward her knee.

There was a sickening CRACK and she collapsed, once more her sire was all that held her up. The wail that sounded from her lips could crack a pane of glass, and she gripped his forearm as her leg failed under her. "BASTARD"

He brought the cane up again, this time, aiming for her thigh. Considerably harder to break...and harder to heal.

Lesinda saw it coming and moved her hand to try and ward off the blow, her other arm pulling away only to strike at the forearm of the hand gripping her jaw with a vicious jab. Like hell she'd make this easy for him. "LET GO OF ME YOU BASTARD!"

He released her when he saw the jab coming, taking a step back to raise the cane again. He was done talking. If he had to beat her into submission, he would.

She lost her balance and fell to the ground to his feet, scrabbling back from him under the threat of a beating, she looked up spitefully at Mathian. "Come near me again with that and I'll set you on fire."

He sneered and of course, didn't listen to her. He pulled the cane back again, his other hand held outstretched just in case, ready to create a shield should she make true on that threat.
Oh, she did, both hands snapping up, cupping a large ball of fire that she hurled in his direction with all her pain and fear bundled into. It was quite the firework. And it was aimed directly at Mathian's heart.

It was a little stronger than he'd expected, but he'd expected it so he was able to backhand it away....with the power of it though, it did knock him a little off balance and singed his hand, destroying the glove he'd been wearing and making him wince.

She grinned, triumphantly at him. "Give me back my flask and ****. OFF."

Oh no, it wouldn't deter him, another swish of his cane came for her body again. No words. She would learn her place.

She ducked, throwing herself to one side as her knee was still slowly putting itself back together, and Les quickly tried to put another fireball together, hurling it at him in a rushed manner. She?d hoped the first one would by her more time, but the head injury and then running into his wall had taken their toll. She was weakening, fast.

He didn't let up with swinging the cane. Her sloppily cobbled fireball was easily avoided as he came at her again and again.

The cane connected. First her arm, snapping like a twig just below her wrist, then he caught her chin, sending her sprawling to one side with a pathetic cry. She no longer had the energy to resist him, not that he seemed to have noticed that yet.

If he did, he didn't give any indication. Or...he knew good and well, but wanted her to suffer more of a beating to teach her a lesson, so the blows kept coming from the cane to various parts of her body.

Bones snapped, cracked and splintered under his onslaught. She managed barely to cover her face, try and curl up in a ball and shield the softest parts of her from his blows, assuming he didn?t just kick her over or something, and whimpered constantly. There was nothing more she could manage, even as skin broke and her white blouse became stained red with her own blood.

He continued to beat her, letting her curl in her feeble attempt to shield herself. When he was satisfied with how bloodied and broken he'd made her, only then did he stop and stoop down, pressing the handle of the cane under her chin to force her head up, "Spare the rod; spoil the child, so they say...."

Her chin was raised and she didn?t resist. Couldn't. She barely managed to look at him; a mixture of blood and saliva ran down the corner of her mouth, and her eyes were staining her sweet, alabaster white skin. If she tried to spit at him again, all that happened was more blood mixed saliva rolled down her chin, she was limp in all her limbs.

"Much better." He commented and stood, scooping her broken body up again, "You shall learn the hard way then."
His comment received silence, aside from the whimpers of someone in great deal of pain as he carried her back to the car and popped the trunk. He would take no chances this time and tossed her rather unceremoniously inside it before shutting it firmly. "Nn..." Was the only sound she managed, seeing where and what he planned to do with her, before she was tossed in. The action elicited a cry of pain from her lips, and the green haired vampiress tried to cast a look up at him before the door was sealed.

It was then, or shortly thereafter, that she lapsed in unconsciousness.[/b]
Sometimes, the worst thing can be living through the worst moments in your life

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Day One, Part Two.
Mathian had a home he'd purchased, not terribly large; only one floor above ground but it had a basement and a sub-basement so it suited him just fine. He pulled into the garage and shut the door before opening the trunk, prepared for some manner of assault to come flying his way once the boot was popped but he had done quite the number on her with that cane he'd manifested.

Lesinda was still out of it, contorted into an uncomfortable position that had more or less remained the same since he'd thrown her in there. The only new thing he might notice was that while her wounds had started to heal, she?d obviously not been feeding enough to heal fully, and she has some spectacular bruises! Her chin where he'd clipped her looked raw and angry. It looked like she had some broken fingers, one arm was broken and from the look of her left leg, and the knee was a total write off. Oh, and apparently one of her lungs had been punctured or something because there was blood seeping from her mouth and onto the floor of his trunk. All in all, fun times!

He tisked at her when he saw the blood on the floor of the trunk, "I shall have to see to the detailing of the car at a later date." He leaned in and scooped her up in his arms, figuring she wouldn't be struggling much at all now in her state. If she did...well...he would be glad to teach her another lesson. He was done trying to convince her to listen with his words, if she obeyed with a heavy hand, so be it.

There was no struggling, barely a move from her. A few drops of blood dripped from her open lips, but aside from that, the vampiress was unresponsive. A matted lump of bloody hair at the back of her head perhaps showed why she was still so unresponsive, that crack to the back of her skull had evidently been quite effective.

He was confident she would be fine in time and given enough blood. Last time, he'd bound her to a bed...that had not gone as he'd wanted it to. This time, he had a room prepared for her. No chains, no ropes, just a room....though the door was very much locked from the outside with him holding the key. He entered the home and headed down the stairs to the basement and into the open room. It was a fairly simple room, basic furniture and bed and of course, no windows. He intended to keep her weak so the sun would have just complicated things when he starved her of blood. Instead of dumping her on the bed, he laid her down on it and stood back, "Hn...You?ll need to heal up a touch before I can teach you anything. I suspect anything I attempt to educate you on now will just turn to fuzz in that rattled brain of yours."
He summoned a person from the home, he'd enthralled a few people as feeding bags. The human came into the room and stood blank by the side of the bed with him while he bit into their wrist to tear it open...the person was in a dreamlike state that they would never wake from and didn't feel a thing as he held the bloody wrist to Lesinda's mouth with the command of 'Drink.'

Her nose twitched when the wrist was cut. Her head barely seemed to move, one moment it was lying flat, the next she had the wrist in her mouth, fangs sunk deep into the flesh as her instincts too over more or less completely in her current state and with his commend for her to drink.....So she did. Several of her wounds began to heal right there in front of Mathian within moments of her getting fresh blood.

He nodded, satisfied with her eating. He stood by to watch, staying by the door for the moment. If she wanted to drain the human of life, so be it...he didn't care about their life...just Lesinda's. When he was satisfied that Lesinda was healing and would end up draining the person of life he nodded and moved out of the room, shutting the door behind him.

After Mathian left Lesinda alone with the thrall, not much happened, as far as he knew. Lesinda did indeed drain the person of their life force, every drop of blood they had to give, she took. A sort of blood frenzy had come over her, in her battered and broken state, and the opportunity for her body to repair itself was one it wouldn't give up without a fight, locking Les' conscious mind down for the night. It wasn't until the following morning there was an ear splitting scream from her room....Cell? And an almighty thump against the door that kept her imprisoned.

Mathian had the door reinforced, it would take some time pounding on it to get out if she tried bashing it down. Eventually, her sire opened a window in the door, silver bars grating it but he could see her and she could see him just fine, "All healed up I see."

An object was hurled at the door when the little window opened, possibly a glass. How very clever of him, to have such a thing installed, and with silver bars no less! Upon examination, Mathian would note that she was standing over in the far corner, and the body of her meal was on the other side of the room. "Why did you let me do that?!" She shouted, pointing at the body and staring at him accusingly.

The shards of glass tinkled against the bars. He peered over to the lifeless body and raised an eyebrow then looked back to her, "What? You had to eat. Nothing has been lost." He shrugged.

She blinked at him, her upper lip curled slightly, before she schooled her features and took a deep breath, eyes shut. "Mathian. I don't care what you expect from me right now. Just...Get in here, and take this body away. Please."
He smirked at her, tilting his head to the side a touch as he regarded her, "....And why would I do that?"

Lesinda's eyes snapped open to stare at him again. "Why...? Why would you leave it here?"
"Why does it bother you?" He raised an eyebrow, folding his arms over his chest.
"It's a dead body Mathian." Lesinda replied with a hiss. "Why do you think it bothers me?!"

He smirked at her, "Technically, so are you. Does the sight of a discarded candy wrapper offend you in such a manner? That body is just left over wrapper for the gooey delicious centre." He would remove it...but not yet.

"You're not going to turn me over to your way of thinking, Mathian." Lesinda replied coldly. "They were a living, breathing human being, with dreams and aspirations just like you and me. The only difference is that we, are monsters, you far, far more." Lesinda crossed to a chair and sat down, turning it to face the door, crossing her arms, and gave him a level stare. "But I'm not going to argue philosophy or ethics with you. I'm going to sit here, and stay here until you've taken that body away from this building."

"Sit where you like, it's your room after all." He gave a sniff of a laugh, "And we aren't arguing. They are food and entertainment...nothing more. Humans are weak and there for our disposal."

"For now." She replied, tilting her head back slightly to look at him, before shifting slightly to make herself comfortable. "You're welcome to your own opinion. It's the wrong opinion, but who am I to stop you from thinking what you like?"

He chuckled and shook his head, shutting the window again and leaving her to sit there with the corpse.

Les tensed her jaw a moment, staring at the door for a few moments, waiting to see if he was going to come in. When he didn't, she snarled silently, and glanced at the body. She moved slightly, picking up the sheet on the bed and laid it over the body, before resuming her seat, facing the door. She had fed from fresh blood, so she was quite capable of sitting through the night and keeping vigil until he came back. "Bastard." She finally said, quietly to herself.
Sometimes, the worst thing can be living through the worst moments in your life
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Day One, Part Three.

It was well into the night that Mathian returned, she only knew he was coming because his magic sprung to life in the form of restraints against the chair she was seated in before the heavy lock on the door was undone. He wandered into the room and headed over to the dead body drained of life, "My, you were hungry, weren't you?"

"Ah!" She started, surprised by the restraints and struggled against them before he walked in, and she looked up at him with another cold stare. "Perhaps if you had given me my flask, I wouldn't have been."

"Not happening. There's much I would like to learn from that bit of enchantment..." He murmured as he held his hand out toward the body and it was engulfed in violet flames that quickly dissolved flesh and bone until it was only ash on the floor. It was a grisly 30seconds, seeing the flesh melt, muscle sluff off and bone decay so rapidly.

Lesinda wrinkled her nose and looked away, not interested in watching. "It's nothing more than a pocket dimension contained inside a hip flask, surely even you are able to bind such things in that way?" She asked, jabbing at his ability as a magic caster. "And just what do you intend to do the next time I have to feed? I won't be that hungry today."(edited)

"I'll find other thralls to feed you, I'm sure. Or, if you would behave, you can feed off several donors." He turned back to look at her and raised an eyebrow. He licked his lips and smirked, seeing her in restraints amused him a great deal.

"I won?t feed off them again." She retorted defiantly. And wholly aware that if he left it long enough, she wouldn?t be able to stop herself even if she wanted to. The chair creaked softly as she pushed against the binds, trying to force her freedom.

"Then you'll perish." He snorted, "You'll feed when your body needs it....Lesinda, why do you refused to willingly feed from humans? I really am curious. You do know you don't need to kill them, right? ...I mean...they are of no consequence but you can take from multiple individuals."

"Where do you think the blood from my flask comes from? People donate to the blood bank and I pick up an order." Les replied shortly. "Why I choose that and not to feed directly from someone is my own choice and you can *** right off before I tell you why, Mathian."

"Honestly, girl." He sighed, shaking his head, "It's a simple civil question that you cannot even answer." He tisked and turned, heading back out of the room. As soon as the lock was clunked back into place, the restraints dissipated.

Free, she stood, snarling an insult at the door and his back, informing her sire where, exactly, he could shove his 'civil' question. Still, it had to have been nearly a full day since he had last fed her, and with no sun to guess the time, or potentially kill her, Lesinda didn't know the exact time. She stared at the door, and wondered....Raising her hand, she tried casting a spell on it. All she needed to do was heat the metal in and around the lock...Then she could step out and escape.

At the magic touching the door, she saw the energy of it. A sickly rippling wave of energy surrounding the door that absorbed her magic, neutralizing it....or perhaps adding reinforcement for further attempts.

She gritted her teeth, letting her arm fall. Of course it wouldn't be that easy. She sighed and ran a hand through her hair, remembering the matted, bloody mess at the back of her head, she frowned. Had he even bothered to furnish her with a shower in this room? Did she really want to make herself presentable for his perverted gaze? The room had all the necessities she would require...except blood and communication to the outside world of course. Or electricity for that matter. But there were books, a desk, a shower and such.
She sighed. She needed to feel the water hitting her skin, at least se could still have that. She reached for the strings of her corset and stopped, casting another look at the door, as she suddenly recalled something.....She turned her back on the door, and felt for a small, secret pocket on the inner lining of her corset. There should have been a vial of specially prepared blood, very potent and saturated in magic. It was one of three a friend had given her, and so far the only one opened, she used it only in emergencies to stave off a bloodfrenzy, and right now it might be the only way she had to eke out her existence under Mathian, or overpower him.
Sometimes, the worst thing can be living through the worst moments in your life
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Day Two.

Mathian left Lesinda alone again for a few hours, letting her do as she wanted in the confines of the magically sealed room. He fed, did some research on that flask, finding truth to her words on the mini portable hole. Eventually he came back down and unlocked the door to step inside, no restraints this time.

By the time Mathian entered her room, Lesinda had showered and washed. She'd put her cloths back on after, minus her corset. She was sitting at the desk with a book out, when Mathian walked in she snapped it shut and looked up at him with a somewhat cold glare. "What do you want?"

"To talk." He stood near the door, leaving it open for the time being. "About?" Lesinda replied, turning to face him. "Well...why you refuse to feed on living beings for one."
"Because I don't." She replied. "I don't owe you an explanation, Mathian." He rolled his eyes at her answer, "Fine. Something else then." He watched her a moment, "What are you reading?"

She leaned back against the chair and considered him for a moment. "How to escape a megalomaniac?s dungeon."
"Hardly a dungeon. You aren't shackled to a wall or bed this time, you should be thankful for that much." He folded his arms over his chest, "Also, I'm fairly certain I didn't include that book on the shelf." He commented dryly, "It's like pulling teeth with you..." He murmured.

"Let me ask you a question, Mathian." She replied with a level voice. "What were you expecting, exactly? You beat me unconscious, threw me in your trunk and locked me up. The last time you had me locked up, you raped me. I don't want to be near you, I don't want to learn from you, I don't want anything you have to offer. So how exactly do you expect me to react?"

"In truth, I'm uncertain. I suppose all I desire is you. To have you close on hand, as I've wanted since I first saw you. Though it seems every time I am near you, I lose my sense of propriety and focus only on having you." He made a hen sound in his throat before continuing, "Infatuation, I suppose, ultimately. It is my responsibility as your sire to see you trained properly and inducted into the society effectively...but I failed at that, initially, but now that the resources are more sustainable, I can focus my attentions on you as I should have from the beginning. " He tilted his head to the side a bit to regard her, "I know, I know, you say you do not need me to teach you anything...but you should learn never the less."

"I won't learn from you." Lesinda replied softly. "How long do you think you can keep me here? It?s been, what? Two days? My family and friends are going to be looking for me."

He tisked, "You'll learn one way or the other. Maybe something will be absorbed through that thick skull of yours." He waved his hand, "And I'll keep you as long as I need to. And if your friends come looking around here for you, then I guess it shall be time to return you to the clan."

"Mathian, there's isn't anything you can teach me..." Her brows furrowed, and she sat straighter in her seat as she pushed the flutter of panic down. "You won't be able to get me out of the city....They'll already be looking for me, they'll find me Mathian. It'll go easier on you if you let me go now..."

"I'm not giving you up again. Your place is with me and that is where you will remain." He shook his head, "Oh? You know everything about the blood frenzy then? And that if you don't feed by a third day, you will perish?"

Lesinda gritted her teeth. "I'm not yours any...." His next words made her stop and she stared. "Yes, I know. I was adopted by a vampiress and a demi-god, Mathian. I know what blood frenzy is."

"You are mine. I turned you. My blood created what you are." He raised an eyebrow at her adoptive parentage, "Tell me of them.?
"No." She replied, shaking her head defiantly at both his statement and his question, shutting her mouth with a soft click.
He set his jaw and frowned at her, "....what am I to do with you?"
"Let me go and never bother me again?" Les supplied quickly, looking up at him.

He rolled his eyes, "Hardly." He looked to her again, "...I suppose some solitude may help your demeanour...failing that, I suppose more beatings will have to do until your spirit is broken."

She continued to look at him rather defiantly, and was thankful for the fact she was sitting down during this confrontation. It had already been nearly two days since she last fed, the third was rapidly approaching and she wouldn't last much past it, if at all. She was sure there was a limit she could reach before her death, but even coming close put her in a near insane state of mind from needing to feed. Lesinda could already feel it at the back of her mind. "If you must leave me here on my then, at least give me back my flask. I'll need to feed soon..."

"No. You're not getting your flask back. You'll deal with your hunger the same way every other vampire in our coven does. I'll find you a donor." He snorted.

"I don't want a donor!" Lesinda snapped, standing up so sharply, the chair clattered onto the floor behind her. "What I want is my flask and m freedom, if you won't give me either, I don't see why I shou- Ah!" While she spoke, Lesinda had attempted to twist around and pick up the book she'd been reading to fling it at Mathian, but she sort of twisted, got tangled in her own feet, and fell down to her knees. Lesinda held herself up weakly with a hand on the desk beside her and turned a hate filled glance at Mathian. "I don't belong to you or your coven."

He smirked at her a bit, she was such a child...He tisked at her. ?You'll obey eventually." He moved over to the chair and righted it up before heading to the door, "I'll not see you starve, Lesinda."

She collapsed weakly to the floor, leaning against the leg of the desk while he righted the chair. She didn't have the energy to run for the door, and even if she did, he'd only catch her before she crossed the threshold. "No...You?ll just torture me instead." Lesinda replied. "That's your plan, after all, isn't it? Wait until the last possible moment you safely can, then shove some poor soul in here with me, slit their wrist and just let me fall upon them in a frenzy until I'm either so well trained at the mere prospect of blood I'll do whatever you want, or I start 'behaving' myself, hm?"

"Essentially, yes. Since you won't feed willingly, I need to get you to frenzy first." He shrugged, "You could make it easier on yourself and just do as I say, but you're stubborn and hate me."

This time she did manage to reach up for the book and gave a very good try at hurling it at him. It probably feel short, but the intent was there. It?s the thought that counts, after all, right? "Get out..."

He was already heading for the door when the book skittered to a stop beside him. He snorted, shaking his head, "I will see you again later, childe." Mathian closed the door behind him and the thunk of the lock being set into place again.

There was a quiet sob when the door sealed shut behind him, as Lesinda contemplated her fate. How long could she manage to survive with her mental state constantly dipping in and out of a blood frenzy until she was found? It had already been the better part of four days, she could keep it up maybe a week in total, but.....Mathian would drive her insane. That was her choice, comply or go mad with bloodlust. What choice did she have, really?
She cast a glance at bed and the vial of blood she?d stuffed down the mattress under her pillow. That would help, but it would run out eventually?
Sometimes, the worst thing can be living through the worst moments in your life
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Day Three.
The older vampire was able to find a donor for Lesinda again, of course, waiting until she was mere hours away from true death and bed ridden before delivering the slit wrist of the victim for her to drain. This time, he remained there to watch his childe feed in her frenzy. Sometimes, at least he knew with himself, when he lost all control, he was like an animal...ripping and tearing and not just drinking the blood but devouring the flesh for every drop of plasma the donor held. It was some sort of strange arousing display for him to watch her lose control.

Lesinda was laying in her bed when he returned. Her eyes fluttered open slightly to spy him, and she managed to shake her head slightly. "" Of course it was already too late and the slit wrist was there for her. She wasn't as bad as the first time, having no injuries to heal, just the need to feed, it was strong. Mathian could see the shift happening in her as she breathed in the scent in the air. Her whole demeanour shifted, the iris of her eyes become wide like saucers and she sat up slowly, staring at the offering her sire had brought. Everything about her was tuned to her need to feed, reaching out Lesinda seemed strangely controlled in her mannerism, almost seductive as she brought the donor's wrist to her mouth, fangs distended and within moments, she sunk them into his flesh with a pleasure filled moan. It was swiftly followed by one from her victim. Lesinda's hands moved, one held the wrist to her mouth while the other grabbed his shoulder and pulled the donor down onto her bed.

Mathian watched her feed, no doubt she would drain this fool as well. The donor was in a dreamlike state, both from Mathian's mind controlling compulsion and from the strange pleasure Lesinda's bite gave. It would only take less than a minute to drain the man of enough blood to make him pass out and only five minutes or so total for her to drain him completely of blood. Her sire stayed for the entire process.

Soon she was straddling the poor man's lap, leaving him lying on his back, her fangs moving swiftly to his neck and piercing the jugular. He barely lasted 5 minutes before she had drained him of every drop. When she was finished, she sat up, kneeling over her prey with a low moan, arching her back as the sudden high hit her, now she'd finally fed after needing it so badly.

The way Lesinda fed and drained the man of his life satisfied him. The way she arched and moaned made him satisfied in a different manner...such a little thing drove him crazy and he wanted to bend her over the corpse and *** her. But...given as she'd just fed, she would be stronger and he didn't want to chance losing his cock if he brought it out so instead he simply purred at her, "Good girl....See? Better now."

"Mmm" She purred back at him, turning her gaze his way, her eyes were still wide like plates, and there was something behind them, some....Sense that something was wrong. She just....couldn't remember why, right now. She'd fed, that was the only important thing, wasn?t it? Lesinda blinked slowly, before arching her back further, until the back of her head with touching the heels of her feet, arms stretched out above her head. Her eyes spied the door and her head tilted slightly, upside down as it was. Some conscious part of her mind jabbed impatiently at the unconscious part that was currently in control.

She was acting like a languid cat, it amused him a great deal....but he wasn't going to push his luck today. He would eventually, but not today. "Enjoy your night, Lesinda. I'll be back in the morning to collect your garbage." He backed toward the door and headed out. Her conscious mind no doubt screaming at a missed opportunity when the lock clunked in place again.

It was, so loudly eventually she frowned in annoyance as understanding suddenly and abruptly arrived. Oh. Right. She didn't want to be here. Of course...She sat up abruptly to look at the body on her bed and shuddered suddenly, her eyes retracting to their normal size. "Barstard..." she muttered quietly, then took her sheet and wrapped the body in it, before depositing him on the floor by her door. Mathian probably left it there to torment her when she came back to her senses, well, mission accomplished. Although this time she didn't completely wig out and throw herself at the door, which in hindsight might not be such a bad idea now she was fully fed....

She was welcomed to make the attempt again. Nothing seemed to have had happened the last time she'd rammed into it, no shock or rebound...but no crack in the solid door either.

Lesinda considered the door that kept her. Then looked to the ceiling.....Perhapes she could rip it down? Would Mathian have thought head that far? Then again...She looked down at the floor. Just how far down were they? There could be a sewer right under their feet that she could escape into....Gods knew what could be down there but it had to be better than what awaited her here, surely...? Les glanced at the bed. At its head, tucked into the mattress was her little vial of blood. A combination from different sources, highly charged with magic. She could drink it all now, and take her chances, but then she could also ration it out, sip it before she lost her mind to need and be more present the next time Mathian came with her meal....Lesinda ran her fingers through her hair. Her family had to be looking for her soon, if not already. She just needed to last long enough for them to find her.

She could entertain her time by thinking of all the sweet justice that would be brought upon Mathian whenever her family DID arrive to rescue her. She couldn't entertain thoughts of 'IF'. Could she over power her sire the next time and flee? Could she tear down the ceiling and be buried under too many layers of rock and house? Could she dig deeper into the earth to see what passages laid there? She could...but there was no guarantee that he would ever stop.

As these thoughts ran through her head, Lesinda paced the room's perimeter, combing her hair with her fingers. There had to be a way out of this! The way she saw it, she had two choices. She could fight him, and probably receive another beating as spectacular as the last one, or submit. Let him 'teach' her, and bid her time to strike. She stopped and sat heavily on the bed, facing the door. She had to make a choice, and soon. Submitting most likely had several negative connotations attached to it. He wouldn't just want her to let him teach her...he would want to control her, to use her as he desired, as he had from the very first.
And she did not want that. Lesinda leaned fell back against the bed and wrapped herself up in whatever blankets remained and curled up in a ball. She had to rely on her family. They would come for her. It had only been, what? Three days? They would only just be realising she was missing by now, perhaps tomorrow. She had to be strong. They will find her, she told herself sternly. And eventually, she fell into that strange torpor state where she managed to sleep, until the following morning and Mathin returned for the body.

Mathian didn't tease her today about the body. He did restrain her again however simply wouldn't do to have her running out the open door as he was taking care of the body disposal. As before, he burned the body with his magic but this time, he didn't leave immediately after....he dismissed the restraints and watched her, "...How was your rest?"

She refused to look at him throughout the process, once she was free, Lesinda sat up and straightened her hair, adjusting her cloths deftly for a moment. "Aside from knowing I'm trapped here with a madman? It was just fine, thank you."

He made a 'tch' sound, "I am not a madman, Lesinda." Though he was pretty sure that was the first time she answered without any sort of reluctance and said thank you to boot. He folded his hands behind his back as he stood up straight, watching her, images of her arched and giving that satisfied sound after her feeding returning to his mind...making it rather difficult to think on much else. "Good, though. That pleases me."

She wrinkled her nose at the idea of anything pleasing him, and glanced down at her hands for a moment, settled on her lap. It occurred to her that she'd not changed her cloths at all in the last three days and wondered if Mathian had gone to the trouble of providing alternate clothing for her. She wondered if she wanted to ware anything he'd picked out for her. After a moment, she realised she'd not replied to him, and shrugged softly. "There's a saying...That if you keep doing the same thing, expecting something different to happen each time, then its a sign of madness." Lesinda spoke softly, and glanced up at her tormentor. "You keep kidnapping me and expecting something about me to change in your regard...One might call that madness of a sort."

"Mm..." He seemed to consider that and gave a small shrug and bob of his head, "I've heard that saying as well. And I suppose, in regards to you, there is some grain of truth to it. I will not stop." He didn't approach her, he simply stayed where he was for the time being...entertaining rather dirty thoughts of her, "Your place is with me, not with anyone else. It stopped being your place anywhere else when I turned you...You belong with me now. You could have anything you desire at my side, you know...want for nothing."

"I want my freedom." Lesinda replied quietly, and looked away from him. What was the point of this conversation? He wasn't going to give, and eventually she knew he's ware her down until there was nothing left to fight him. She just...Had to last. A week or two, she could do that, surely? "I have, and will never, belong to you."

He sighed, "What more freedom do you need? Submitting to me would give you freedom you never had wouldn't have to worry on anything other than obeying me." He tisked when she gave her objection again, "You do, you just don't realize it fully yet. You will. I can be patient."

"Obeying you and being free are mutually exclusive.? Lesinda said, with somewhat defiant raise of her chin in his direction. "I'm not you're childe, Mathian. I do not belong to you, and I won't make it easy for you by just....'Giving in'." She smirked slightly. Trying to put on braver face than she felt. "If this is all you have in your bag of tricks, then it?s no wonder the others were able to convince you to leave me behind in the first place..."

His eyes narrowed a bit at her, hitting a bit of a nerve with her comment regarding the others forcing him to leave her behind. He tisked and shook his head then held his hand out to the side, his dark magic forming a cane, "I don't know...I think my particular bag of tricks is rather effective...."

When the cane formed, she shifted slightly, moving away from him unconsciously, but remained seated on the bed, hands on her lap. "It doesn?t seem to have been so far....I'm still defying you after all. D-do you really think another beating will change that?" She bit her tongue for letting her fear get the better of her and stumbling over that word, but it was done and she still held her chin up high. "Seems like a lot of wasted effort when we get back, I bet they'll just force you to give me up again." Then she gave a dismissive sniff. "Some Sire you are."

He gave a sniff back at her, "Silly girl....I don't mind putting in the effort after all. In fact, I sort of enjoy it." He moved toward the bed, "Now...I suppose I can give you the option. Either I beat you into unconsciousness again with this, or I just cane your backside like the brat you are." She shifted again, moving further away from him, suddenly not liking the way his mind was turning there. "I think maybe you can just leave now. It won't make a difference either way."

He smirked when she shifted away from him, "I could. But I'd rather discipline you for your smart mouth and unruly behaviour. Why, what sort of sire would I be if I didn't teach you to have some respect?" He reached out with the cane and poked her with it.

She swiped her hand at it, to slap the cane away, waited for him to take a couple more steps and then flung herself across the bed, trying to throw herself to the opposite side. It wouldn't slow him down much, but then it didn't have to yet. Mathian was quick to move around the bed and raise the cane to begin swinging at her, aiming for whatever body part may be a touch too slow.

Well?That wasn't meant to happen as she?d envisioned in her head. She wailed as his cane connected with her arm, throwing her balance off and left her crumpled at his feet, the damage to her arm quickly healed itself given how soon it was after she had last fed, but now she was waiting for the next blow to land.
It didn't come at first. First, he placed his foot on her wounded arm, pinning it to the floor and tilting her chin up with the cane, "Apologize."

She winced, whimpering. Lesinda gritted her teeth, staring up at him when that cane touched her chin and after a second or two, snatched her chin away from it. Well...This was one of those times where she had to make a choice..... "I...I'm sorry..."
"Good girl. Now...what are you sorry for?" He would make her say it, make her take back her words to save herself from a beating.

If they could have, Lesinda's cheeks would have burned red with shame and anger. "I'm sorry I implied you were an incompetent sire." She replied shortly, hoping he would accept that and just leave her alone now.

He smiled, "Very good. Though...I'm not sure how sincere your words are. I think a few more swings will teach you." And with that as the only warning, he withdrew the cane from her chin to raise and swing down at her again, not lifting his foot from her wounded arm.

"No!" Les shouted, and then wailed again as it connected, struggling to free her arm and get away from that cane. Les twisted around, trying to present her back to him, while her free arm shifted to cover her face, mean while she sobbed and cried out. "I'm sorry! I'm sorry!"

He was all cruel smiles for the time being as he cracked the cane into her side, finally letting her arm up so she could curl more effectively against the blows. He hit her a few more times before he was satisfied that her sobs and cries of 'sorry' were more heartfelt. Once those cries were truer, he stopped and dismissed the cane, "Much better." He cooed down at her then crouched, reaching to take her pretty green hair in his fist, "...Keep this in mind the next time something smart comes to that pretty little head of yours, hm, Lesinda?"
She didn't resist him, shaking at his touch and fell silent when he grabbed her hair in his fist, only managing to murmur one more time. "I'm sorry..."
"Good girl." He pet her cheek before releasing her and standing up, backing off and heading for the door, "Next time, perhaps you'll keep your smart comments to yourself. I trust you'll learn eventually..."

Lesinda pulled herself into a corner to watch him go, tucking herself into a small space between a bedside table and the bed itself. She waited until he was at the door and then spoke softly. "I hate you."
Sometimes, the worst thing can be living through the worst moments in your life
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Day Four.
When Mathian left, Lesinda remained tucked in her little corner, between the bed and the bedside table for a while longer, and then looked up at her pillow. Reaching over, she shoved her hand between the mattress and the headboard until she found the tiny vial of blood, pulling it out to considering its contents. It was one of three she'd been given by Andu, the blood inside was a mixture, all heavily steeped in magic. The idea was for her to use it in an emergency to stave off her blood lust if she ever needed to, to keep herself going into a full on frenzy. Obviously, it was meant as a stopgap and wouldn't help much here, except.....She glanced up at the door. If she drank all of it, and then fed on a fresh victim.... Lesinda dug her finger nails into her palm, making herself bleed. The scent of her own blood would cover the scent from the vial when she popped it open. It was only three quarters full, but it ought to be enough for her purposes, and downed the whole thing. When the rush hit her, she had to close her eyes, thankful she was seated. The whole world span under her for a second, and then sh shoved the empty vial under her mattress and tucked herself into her corner, fingernails firmly dug into her palm, staring at the door. When Mathian came with her next meal, she would allow herself to fall into the bloodlust, let herself drain the thrall, and then try to make good her escape.
Mathian came by a day later to deliver her meal in the same sort of dream like state of wander that the victim seemed to be in. Mathian, like the few times before, opened up the vein for Lesinda.

When he arrived, she was waiting for him, topped up by the her vial of blood, she was able to willingly slip into that near mindless state and uncoiled from her position slowly, her movements strong and fluid like last time, she crossed the room before Mathian could get too close and bar her way, falling upon her victim quickly, Lesinda pinned them against the wall and ran her tongue over the wound Mathian left, lapping up any running blood before her fangs sank deep into the Thrall's neck.

He was somewhat surprised to see her not laid up in bed but coming to him instead. He frowned a little bit...maybe she wasn't as desperate for blood yet, but he had timed it...and he wasn't about to wait longer than that for worry that she'd perish in case her clock wasn't the same as his.

She certainly was desperate for blood, and laid into the thrall?s neck, sucking deeply on his life-force. Her eyes were that same, wide, saucer like discs, perhaps he was imagining things? She certainly did seem to have a reserve well of strength when the frenzy was on her, so perhaps that was all this was....Lesinda certainly hoped that was what he would assume, as her conscious mind reminded the-now-in-control hind that there was a plan to stick to.

Mathian dismissed it after a few moments of watching her feed. He licked his lips and enjoyed...of course perverted thoughts coming to mind.
She almost hoped he would start getting those thoughts, dirty man that he was. It would only help her cause for him to be distracted s she finished feeding, letting the thrall fall to the ground with a deeply satisfied moan at the back of her throat. Fresh blood, straight from the source, was always better than getting it bottled. And, predictably, he did let those thoughts take a more firm hold than the last few times. Before, he had just entertained his thoughts alone after...but today, he approached her, reaching for her wrist.

She allowed him to grab her wrist, turning her head to look at Mathian with those big, round, blood red eyes. The palm of her hand still had dried blood on it and her fangs were still extended. There was blood on her lips, still coating her fangs and she licked it away slowly with each pass of her tongue, almost teasingly.

It worked like a god damn charm, he gave a low noise in his throat and turned her so she was the one with her back against the wall instead of the thrall and licked his lips. He hadn't drank from her in a very long time...he wanted it, wanted her of course.

She squirmed between him and the wall, giving another low moan. With her mind in its current position, this didn't seem like such a bad idea...Then her hind brain was jabbed by the conscious part of her again. Oh, right. The Plan. She squirmed again anyway, that poets blouse doing little to hide her arousal, while Mathian?s tight pants made it difficult to hide his growing erection. He lowered his lips to her neck and sank his teeth in. Mathian gave a groan at the taste of her magically charged blood, made certainly more charged with the special blood she'd ingested.

Ah. She hadn't planned on that. Her neck arched back and her eyes went wide as a more urgent moan rocked her body, long and loud. Lesinda shivered under Mathian. Damn. This was not part of the plan! Why did he have to choose tonight to sink his fangs in!? Her magically charged blood would definitely pass on to him and....Gods, his fangs were so....She moaned and again, shuddering.

His other hand came to collect her other wrist and hold both against the wall as he drank from her. She could feel him shiver and heard him groan so close to her ear as he pressed his body against hers. He wouldn't take much, maybe a pint. His tongue would lick over the wounds, sending further tingles through her.

"Ah..." She shivered again. ***. She needed to act, both her hands were restricted now and she was starting to lose control quickly. Lesinda pulled her head back slightly, not that she had anywhere to go and looked at Mathian's face for a few seconds. That was when her head shot forwards, aiming to smack him right in the face with her forehead. Not that this was her only plan, oh no. Her knee shot up as well, right between his legs while her hands twisted to try and rip free of his grip.

He had been grinning at her when she looked to him, thinking she was giving into her blood haze and such but the look was wiped off his face when her forehead connected with his nose with a sickening crunch. He cursed and staggered back, releasing her wrists, since he staggered back, her knee missed his groin full on but did clip it and make him gasp and his hands go to guard instead of holding his broken nose.

Good. She darted sideways after that, aiming to rush the door, burst out of the room and then slam it shut behind her, locking him inside so she could affect her escape fully. If there were more thralls outside? Well....She didn?t want to hurt them, obviously, but she wasn?t going to slow down to rescue them either. Her own escape was what mattered right now, she'd send someone to help them later.

"No!" He shouted, some power in his voice but without a command, the pull of it was missing...just the strange tingle of power. What followed were angry sounds of frustration as she bolted away, however...Mathian wasn't an idiot, he had secondary precautions in place for if she ever managed to get out of her room. One of those power sucking, soul crushing walls of souls stood at the top of the stairs.

She put all her weight and everything in her being behind slamming that door shut on him and pushing the lock into place. On the other side, Mathian growled and it took a few precious seconds for him to dismiss the spell work he put on the door so it could be blown open. She heard the door explode off its hinges as she tested the magical wall for a quick way through.

It felt awful...icy cold penetrated into her very core, seeming to feed on hope, happiness and any other positive emotion and fill her with dread, fear and hopelessness. Nope. Nononononono, that wasn?t meant to happen. She gave a little run up and threw herself into it, hoping her momentum would carry her most of the way past the barrier and she could rely on what strength she had left to push through the last of it. She was so close! The souls whispered and begged at her, crying and wailing in her ears as she pushed through the dark wall. Moving through it was like molasses.
"Lesinda!!" He shouted, marching up the steps, getting closer...but the force at which she flung herself into the wall was enough to get her through.

Les collapsed on the other side, shivering. Gods that had been awful, but Mathian was on her heels. There was no time to stop, no time to wait, she picked herself up and started forwards, leaning on the wall for support and hoped Mathian would have to remove the spells he'd set up to keep her contained before he could pass through himself. She just needed to get out. Where was the exit? She couldn?t remember coming into the build so she pushed forwards, hoping it would present itself soon, and wondered if it was daylight outside. Passing through that barrier had sapped her strength, and she suddenly wished she'd saved some of that blood back from the vial...
Right on her heels, while Mathian had trouble with the spells on the door, the wall was his brand of dark magic, it was simple for him to easily walk through. He growled and threw his hand out toward her when he spotted her, dark tendrils of that icy cold power reaching out to grab at her ankles, an attempt to catch her before she made it to the door.

Yes! The door was in reach! She reached out, grabbed the handle and......Something freezing latched onto her ankle and she stopped to look down with a slow blink. Her mind was fuzzy, still slowed from passing through Mathian's barrier, took a second to recognise this was exactly the wrong thing she should do in this situation and she tried to scrabble at the door and get it open.

With a growl, he yanked on the tendril to pull her leg out from under her, "...I see I'm going to have to tie you down after all." Mathian's nose was still crooked from her breaking it...he would break it to fix it later but right now, there was only one thing on his mind.

"NO!" Lesinda shrieked as her legs fell out from under her and she collapsed at the foot of the door, clinging to the door handle, panic consuming her mind as she twisted the door open and hoping it wasn?t daytime. That was just be the icing on the cake, to be so close to freedom only to get burnt in the sunlight.

It wasn't the blaring bright day but the sun was still peeking over the horizon, it was going down. He growled and yanked again as he moved toward her, "Let go of the damn door handle." He snarled, his voice low and clearly angry, power was laced in his words.

"No..." She sobbed, fighting the compulsion to obey, if she could just get one hand on the door frame, but it was out of reach now, his last yank upsetting her balance. Les tried pulling back, yanking herself forwards to try and reach some kind of handhold to get herself across the threshold.

He knew he had a touch of control over her, not enough like in a thrall but certainly enough to cause her conflicting loyalties to her body and his word. "Stop struggling. Now."

"No....." She struggled. Oh, how she struggled. Would Mathian at be impressed with how is little childe fought his control? The shear willpower it took to overcome his commands? Lesinda didn?t know, but she knew betrayal as her hands released their grip on the door handle and she looked at them in disbelief. How could her own hands betray her like this? " no..." Her voice was quiet, barely a whisper as she tried to make herself step forward. She even seemed to be hesitating, just slightly, about pulling her feet up under her oncemore. Just....move damn it!

He practically kicked the door shut as he walked up to it. The next kick was to her jaw. "Little bitch." Mathian was not pleased, his cool eyes having turned red...a strange reaction to the magic in her blood and feeding from her. He reached down to grab her by her hair and haul her up to her knees, snarling.

The door snapped shut in her face, leaving a strangely disappointed look there, before the boot connected with her jaw, snapped her head back and left her sprawling on the ground. She was hauled up to her knees without a word, barely a murmur of pain. She'd been so close to freedom, so close....And then she was looking up at Mathian, and not even his disjointed nose could bring her any joy.

"Hope that was worth it." He growled, looking slightly unhinged as he glared at her, "...You are not getting another *** chance." He snarled, not usually one to curse but she'd pissed him off. He didn't form the cane this this time when he began in on her, he used his hands and feet to break her bones and make her suffer.

She didn?t answer, didn?t resist. What was the point? She'd blown her one chance, the only chance she'd ever get. It didn?t matter if Mathian never changed anything about the conditions from this point onwards, she'd never be able to pass that barrier again, never be able to overpower him from even a second without that vial of blood. He'd won. If he needed to beat her to show her the error of her ways for trying to escape, so be it...
Sometimes, the worst thing can be living through the worst moments in your life
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Day Four, Part Two.
Mathian had beaten poor Lesinda into the ground...almost literally, he'd cracked her head off the wooden planks of the floor and stomped on her body. The beating would have killed a human within moments but luckily...or unluckily, she would survive. It would take some time for her many broken bones to heal, especially since he wasn't going to feed her again for another 36 hours. Her sire carried her limp and broken body back to the room he'd kept her in...But then decided that since it would take a bit of time to repair the door he'd blown off the hinges, she would call the subbasement dungeon her home for the next little while. So, Mathian carried her down to the next level of the house, darker and colder, it served as his laboratory, research centre and dungeon. Here, the more wilful creatures were kept in cages, the ones he couldn't completely dominate to make as thralls for food....they moaned and whimpered quietly, having given up begging for release, either of death or freedom they no longer cared. He moved past them, giving them no mind to a cell with chains attached to the walls...your typical medieval looking cell. He laid her down on the cold wet floor and shackled the restraints to her wrists and ankles...the chains were surprisingly light but glittered brightly, silver...they burned into her skin when he clamped them closed.
After she was shackled in place, he crouched down next to her and growled, grabbing her chin and holding it...unsure if she could hear him in her dazed state or not, "You will remain here until I'm convinced you are sorry for your foolish little escape attempt. And when I am not so angry with you, perhaps you can earn back your comfortable room." He snarled and released her with a shove before standing and stalking off. The heavy door was slammed shut and she was left alone.

Lesinda's mind had drifted long after he began the beating. The door to her freedom....It would have been fairer if the sun had been rising. If she had been burned, at least then she would not know that she had the chance to escape this hell, Mathian had imprisoned her in. Bones creaked and shifted in their broken state, they healed as she still rode the edges of the feeding she'd had so recently and fantastic bruises appeared all over her body. Bloody, ugly and bruised a small whimper passed her lips when she was picked up and carried, Lesinda was barely able to recognise the changes in temperature until she was laid on the floor. The Silver burned her skin and was a sharp, new pain that forced her mind back to the here and now. Her eyes could barely open to gaze up at him when he held her chin, his words registered but before she could begin to formulate a response, she was shoved back to the ground. The smell of burning flesh began to fill the room and Lesinda wished she could pass out once more, away from the smells and the burning pain. She was going to scar if he didnt come back to feed her soon. Again....

Perhaps if she had scars she would remember the lesson better. The lesson being never do that again. Mathian would force himself to forget about her for the next few hours, busying himself with getting the door to the room repaired and working on some research, attempting to replicate that flask of hers. He was in correspondence with his coven...they didn't seem overly pleased with the idea of not having to feed but it was either that or starve and they had already lost some of their number to that unfortunate event. It was when he no longer had anything to occupy his mind that his thoughts returned to first, anger but after some calming, his usual feelings for the pretty green haired girl returned to overpower the rage. She would still be bruised and sore from the beating but he suspected the major bones would have healed by now...he doubted she would be ready to repent by now but he could always hope. Almost 12 hours later after putting her in that cell, he returned.

She was leaning against the wall when he returned. Eyes closed, there was little movement from her on his entry, her clothing was ripped and torn from his latest beating, the white blouse was stained and tattered, the skirt was in a better shape being made of leather but it was also damaged. Lesinda's legs were tucked near herself and she was pleased she was still wearing her stockings still as they protected her ankles at least, but her wrists....They were black where the silver touched, ugly and burned with a foul liquid, one could possibly call blood seeping from the open wounds. She would definitely remember this lesson.

He moved over to her and gripped her hair, hauling her to her feet when he saw that her leg bones had healed, a feral growl in his throat, "Get up."
"Ahh!" Lesinda cried out when he woke her, attempting to comply with his command. Les was still weak and she struggled to get her feet under her once more, she whimpered as the shackles on her wrists moved, burning a new part of her skin.

He sneered at her and pressed the back of her head to the stone when she finally got her footing, "You could be treated like a princess, Lesinda. But instead, you act like a little bitch..." He pulled her head away from the wall...but instead of slamming it back into the stone, he forced her to turn and pressed her cheek to it instead, growling next to her ear, "so I suppose I'll have to accept that and treat you like a whore instead." Mathian snorted and pushed her skirt up onto her hips, exposing her backside and admiring the view for a moment before growling again. Lesinda only whimpered in response, allowing him to touch her as he pleased.
Oh gods....This...?
She bit her bottom lip and squeezed her eyes shut, offering no resistance to him...Maybe when he was done?She could ask him to unshackle her wrists, or give her a pair of gloves, something...She heard a growled voice in her head, more a snarl than anything, 'good girl'.

* * *

"...I'm sorry...Please...I?I'm sorry..."
Mathian snorted, "I bet you are." Sarcastic; He didn't sound convinced, she had said it before and rebelled against him again. He didn't pull away though, still holding her up and petting his hand along her body, just wanting to touch her skin and take his time...he had always been so rushed...
"I?m sorry..." She repeated pitifully, she really did mean it. Perhaps she didn?t regret breaking his nose or trying to turn his nuts into paste, but she defiantly regretted not saving her vial of blood for a better chance to escape. "Please..." She shifted her hands, the shackles clinking against the wall. "...I...I'll do anything...Just...Please..."
He looked to the shackles and gave a sniff, "If that were all it took then perhaps I should have started with this after all, hm? Seems you react better to punishment than luxury." He sighed and shook his head, pulling back and tucking in to zip up and straighten his clothing, "No. You shall remain here, as you are, until I am convinced you will not attempt anything so foolish again, little girl."
"I..." Les sobbed slightly, falling down to the floor slowly once he released her. The command to stay made her try to keep her legs from buckling but it was a losing battle and her cheek remained pressed to the wall, sliding against the stone as she fell. "J-just the wrists...Please?"
"But then what would you learn, Lesinda?" He waved his hand, "You may as well attempt to get comfortable, as you will be here for a time." Granting her permission to relax from the position. He folded his arms over his chest, watching her a moment...considering removing the shackles but he would hear her reasoning first.
Released from the previous command, she shifted her position, she made a small effort to shift her skirt back down and tuck her legs back under herself with several whimpers as the shackles shifted. Her wrists were caked with a thick, viscous liquid that was passably blood, her wrists were black and cracked where the shackles had been sitting for so long and she glanced up him with a fearful look in her eyes. "...please...Mathian....Th-the shackles.....I ne-need to f-feed." Her voice cracked and she stumbled as she spoke. She was losing blood and her vampirism couldn't keep up with healing the wound, Mathian undoubtable knew how much pain silver could cause, the extensive damage it did, how hard it was to heal from it. "I...I'll do anything..."

Oh, he knew good and well. He continued to watch her with his arms folded over his chest. "I shall feed you later, not now. You should have thought of where your actions could have landed you." He gave an annoyed sigh, she did behave when he was *** he would give her a small reward. Mathian moved over and waved his hand over the locks of the shackles, the magically sealed silver falling away from her wounded wrists. He frowned and took hold of her forearm and a handkerchief from his pocket to clean the thick blood from the wounded flesh.

Lesinda gasped at the release, her head fell backwards and leaned against the wall and she immediately seemed too relaxed. There was a small flinch when he touched her, but Lesinda made no motion to resist or pull away from him, past that. The blood smelt unpleasant, like it had spoiled, its colouration darker than it should otherwise have been. "Th-thank...You..." Les mumbled softly, enjoying the sensation of not having the metal clamped on her flesh.

He made a noise in his throat, acknowledgement and annoyance as he went about his work of cleaning the spoiled blood from would make it easier to heal without it in the way. He lifted his eyes to her face and nodded, "...just remember that they can go back on in an instant if you act up...understand?"

She nodded quickly, although the motion was so small. She could feel unconsciousness welling up once again, Mathian worried too much, Lesinda had lost hope of breaking free. The vial of blood, empty now and stuffed under her mattress still unless he had found it, had been her magic bullet. The one shot to get free, and it was gone now. Her only hope was that her family would find her. "I?m sorry..." She whispered, blackness quickly overtaking her mind while he worked.

He watched her pass out and when he was finished his work, sighed and frowned down at her. He cared for his own twisted way, past just wanting to control and possess her. He knew she couldn't get cold or sick, but there were rodents that occasionally snuck in, he would blame it on that being the reason he removed his long jacket and laid it over her body as she rest. Mathian watched her a moment longer before heading out to leave her be for a while. He would be back to feed her, sooner than the 36 hours he'd planned given how weak she'd gotten from the shackles.
Sometimes, the worst thing can be living through the worst moments in your life

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Day Five.
Mathian returned 12 hours later, 24 hours after her attempted escape with a thrall for her to drink from. He suspected she would be quite weak so he brought the poor sap over to her and had them kneel before he slit open their wrist and pressed it to Lesinda's lips.

Her snapped open when the wrist was slit and he hardly needed to move the bloody arm to her mouth before her lips clamped on, her fangs digging in viciously and she drank voraciously from him, groaning desperately. She needed this, badly. "Good girl." He praised her and sat back on his heels to watch her drink so deeply, so quickly.

The irises of her eyes were wide like plates again, eyelids fixed back. There was a small, tiny growl from her in response. An almost feral look crossed her face before it vanished again just as quickly as she went back to the business of feeding.

Her reactions amused him, but he supposed he understood...he was feeding her at irregular hours and putting her body through much strain. He cooed at her as she fed, encouraging her to drink every last drop, as if she needed his coaxing at all with how hungry she was.

The coaxing was indeed unneeded, Lesinda finished her feeding faster than ever before, pushing the thrall to one side with a pleasured, long moan and collapsed against the wall once more. The bruises that still covered her body started healing immediately, Mathian got to watch as the bruises began to vanish from her skin.

He took hold of her forearm to inspect her wrist...he figured those would take longer to heal but he would check on them regardless.
The skin was still cracked, but the colour was returning steadily, the bleeding had stopped mostly and what little blood there was, had taken on its normal scent and colour. She moaned softly, the shackles at her ankles clinking slightly as she shifted her position. The taking of her forearm gained the vampiress? attention and she turned her head to look at him, eyes still wide, like she were high on some kind of drug. And in a sense, she was, especially if there had been something in the blood of her last victim.

He smirked a bit at her wide eyed look and pet her cheek, "Good? Feeling a touch better?" He sat down on the cold floor, pulling her forearm a bit, inviting her to sit in his lap. "Uhuh...." She replied lightly, with a long slow blink. The pulling on her forearm went unresisted. If he pulled her to his lap, then his lap she would sit upon. She stared off into space, before giggling softly.

He purred, pleased with her obedience in this dazed state of hers, "Hm? Good....what is amusing?" Mathian pet her hair and moved it away from her neck to nip.

"Nothi- Ahh~!" Lesinda began to answer, and then was cut off by the nip. T nip was in a sensitive area, making her wriggle in place.

"Nothing? I you just felt like giggling?" He grinned against her skin, petting his fingers along her spine slowly and grazing his teeth against her sensitive neck, wanting to bite her...her blood was always so very good....

"Uhuh..." She replied, groaning softly at the grazing on her neck, making her want to make very unlady like noises. "Ahh....You...Can't keep me here forever..." Lesinda murmured quietly, coming down from her post-feeding high in slow steps. Even so...Lesinda's back arched slightly as the fingers worked their way down her spine, causing shivers to shot through her, her small, lithe body squirmed on his lap.

He gave a sigh against her skin, "I am aware of that..." He murmured and pressed a kiss to her neck before sinking his fangs in and groaning at the taste that her magical blood brought. His hand gripped at her back as her blood flowed into his mouth. Her squirming and blood made it difficult to sit still.

Lesinda's head tilted back as she screamed, arching her neck in a deliciously tantalizing manner. The scream was accompanied by a sudden jerk and twist of her body as Mathian's fang sank into her skin, forcing her into a toe curling orgasm, swiftly followed by uneven breaths and groans passing her lips, making her writhe and her hips buck on his lap, as much as his hands allowed at least. He had....A way, with her neck.

He shuddered at the sound of her sweet scream and how she arched and squirmed. Mathian pulled her so she sat straddling his lap, her bucking and writhing of her hips against his as his mouth remained fixed to her offered neck. He would stop the flow with his tongue to savour the taste of it before letting it flow again...just a mouthful at a time. She moaned, the sounds echoing off the walls, her body grinding against his whether she wanted it to or not.
The hand not clenched at her back went between her thighs to stroke and probe. His nostrils flared a bit and he wanted to be inside her again...but this would be enough for now, having her grinding and releasing in his lap. He took just a few mouthfuls more before licking over the wounds to see them healed faster. He gave a low groan of pure pleasure and leaned his head back.

She moaned, arching her back again to press her breast into his hand. Les was giving into his probing and exploring, it was all she could do....Offer him her body and her obedience, for now. Until her friends and family arrived....Yes, she would convince herself this was for self-preservation. The way her body betrayed her mental state was all part of the trick, yes.

Mathian figured that this was all too good to be true...she wasn't fighting him, she was responsive and obedient. But he would take what he could get from her for now...perhaps she had learned her lesson after all and really did want to do anything to make sure the beating didn?t happen again, "...if you can behave....I will remove the shackles and we can continue in a more appropriate space, Lesinda....if not...well...I will still remove the shackles but simply take you here on the floor instead." He would have her again?

She dipped her head in a nod, whether to his first or second statement couldn?t be confirmed, but she understood what he said his intent behind them. She would....Give herself, too him. Let him take her however he wanted. She had no want for another beating, and with almost all her hope burned away, Lesinda didn?t have enough to fight him again, here, locked in this cell with him.

"Good girl." He purred and kissed her cheek before scooping her up and standing, "Come along then." He set her feet on the floor and headed for the door with a wave of his hand. The shackles on her ankles fell away so she could obediently follow him?. 
Sometimes, the worst thing can be living through the worst moments in your life
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Camellia stared at her phone in mild frustration. The poor little device wasn't at fault really, it was ust dillagently informing Cam that her sister, Lesinda, was not answering her mobile.

Of course, this did not sit well with the young swordmage and her brows furrowed in concern. It had been far too many days since she'd last heard from her, and that was simply not like her. She always answered after three days. Aways.

It had been five.

She pockted the phone and looked up with a grumble. Their parents, Arthour and Mai, were not currently in the realm. Their father had business in another realm, as the partron deity of a citystate gone empire that was now running afoul of some demon king. All of which meant Cam and Les were on their own for the forseeable future...and now Lesinda had gone and vanished.
Something felt wrong though...Camellia was certain she knew what had, or was going, to happen. She'd need help...
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Day Six.
Lesinda stood in her room, under the shower. What little clothes she still had were on the floor someplace as she allowed the waters to rinse away her cares and pains. It was only a short measure, eventually they'd be back. And the nightmares were waiting, always waiting to remind her of the beatings.... Standing under the running water, Les allowed her glamour to fail and fade away. It was hard to keep it going with Mathian's current feeding regime anyway, and honestly, she wasn?t sure it worked in this room, not that she'd had an opportunity to check after all. Lesinda opened to her eyes to stare at the ceramic floor, her green hair a curtain around her face as she leaned against the wall. She needed to get her things back from Mathian...While he hadn't found the hidden vial of blood, he had taken the ring Renna had given, Rand's amulet and the contents of her pockets, including the coin Skid had given her. While she wasn't sure the ring worked anymore, she was positive the other two items could be used to summon help, but first she needed to get them, and use them outside this room. But how was she going to convince him to give them back?

Mathian didn't know what the items did...but he could tell by the tingle of magic in them that he didn?t not want her to have them while she was still so...difficult. She heard the door to her room open and close again...Mathian had come to bother her it seemed.

Lesinda felt a flutter of panic in her chest, standing in the shower, naked, with him in the same room and she quickly shut off the water and grabbed a towel. She didn?t want him sullying the waters for her, and stepped out, towel covering her body, to blink quietly at him and wonder what he wanted.

He was in her closet, looking about, he would burn her old clothes since they were dirty and torn but he would find something more suitable for her. Of course there was an arrangement of clothing she could have chosen herself but he was a controlling psychopath after all. He cast a glance over her way, his eyes moving down her towel clad form and back to her face, a smirk on his lips, " need to stop your shower on my account, my dear."

"..I was finished anyway?" Les replied quietly, making sure she was dry before moving over to a hanging dressing gown and slipped into it, showing as little skin as she could get away with and belted it so she could dry her hair more freely. "What did you want?"

He made a 'tsk' sound in his throat when she didn't reveal anything interesting but was still smirking, "I was just looking for something for you to wear...your clothing holds stains and odor that are unpleasant so I will have them would not do to keep you nude all the time." There was that smirk that spoke a different thought had crossed his mind.

She sat slowly on the edge of her bad, looking at the floor from behind her towel. She did not exactly like the idea of wearing something he had provided for her and the idea made her shake on the inside slightly. "I can pick out my own cloths, thank you..." Lesinda replied after a moment, looking up at him for a moment, ten averted her eyes back to the floor. "I would like to feed soon..." She added apprehensively. She still had a whole day to go through before she would be overcome by bloodlust, but she hoped he would allow her a couple of pints today and a couple tomorrow.

"I am certain you could..." He kept his eye on her, glancing back from her to the clothing and back again...the door wasn't locked currently because he was inside, it only locked from the outside after all. He had the door replaced in quick fashion, when she had been returned to her room last night, it had been fixed... "Yes, I am certain you would. You are not getting your flask." He took the comment to be another request for the enchanted item, not a request.

If she thought she could run out that door and lock him inside this room again, she probably would have. "I...Didn't think you would be giving it back to me..." She replied, trying to make her request a little clearer. "There are somethings I would like back though...My ring and amulet, a few things from my pockets..."

He huffed a short snort of a laugh, "Not a chance. I can feel the power in them, I know not what they do but I can tell you for certain, you are not getting them back...for now. Perhaps once you accept your place, we can discuss it." He found some clothing he seemed to find suitable and removed the hanger from the closet to hang it on the doorframe of the closet. A longer skirt with a slit up the side and a peasant shirt.

She should have known he would detect the subtle magic?s inlaid in them, but, if he didn?t know what they did and was open to the idea of returning them to her.... "Will you also give me my flask back?" She asked quietly, glancing up to consider the cloths he set out for her and was half tempted to find something else in there.

"In time. Do you think you have earned it back?" He folded his arms over his chest, like talking to a grounded teenager. At least she seemed a little more sullen and less lippy, good..."I do think you should take fresh blood. Yes, yes, I know it is from donors at some clinic...but where is the fun and pleasure of it? Of the bite? It is wasted."

"I...I..Use the flask so I?m not tempted to take more than I need..." Lesinda replied at length, staring at the ground once more. It was a half-truth. Honestly, she was revolted by her need to drain people. "Having it on hand means I don't have to worry about feeding and I like to feed regularly, over the whole day..." She murmured, toying with the towel in her hand. "It?s easier....Safer..." She said simply, finally at least giving him some explanation as to why she insisted on using the flask. It had only take, what, 2, 3 days and a couple of beatings to get it out of her? Progress!

Progress was something to be pleased about and that she'd actually answered him, it was like having a civil conversation...why, she hadn't even spit at him yet today. "But why does that matter so much to you, Lesinda? Human beings are nothing. Surely you can see that...your turning should have shown you that...why show loyalty to a race that wants you dead?"

She was quiet for a long moment before she replied. "Because I didn't want this. It isn?t loyalty, and there are many that don't care about it. You just have to have restraint....So I have restraint..."

"That is the do not need to have restraint." He watched her for a moment then sighed, "....I will allow you your flask, on one condition."

She swallowed nervously, looking up at Mathian. "On what condition?" Lesinda asked, she was expecting the worst from his next answer and wondered what he could possibly want from her in exchange. She had already said she'd do anything to avoid remaining in the silver chains....Then again, last night she'd done whatever he'd wanted of her...
And it had involved many different lewd acts but after which, he had let her alone and escorted her back to this room rather than the dungeon and wretched chains. "The condition is that I feed from you each night."

"W-what?" Lesinda stammered in shock, staring up at Mathian as she clutched at the towel in her hands, worrying it to death. "Did I stutter?" He arched one of his eyebrows.
"N-no..." Lesinda replied, looking away again. There were a few tense moments that followed, and then she gave a short nod. "Okay..."

"Good." He nodded, that wolfish grin coming to his face, "....Dress and I will return with your flask...or don't dress, it is a lovely view after all." The lecherous litch nodded and headed for the door.
Lesinda squeezed her eyes tight and gritted her teeth until he had left. She was seriously tempted to throw something at the back of his head, but the image of that cell downstairs flashed back into her mind and she shuddered. Why did she agree with his condition?! Because if she didn?t, he'd keep starving her for two days and feed her at the last possible moment to break her. At least this way she would get to keep her mind intact.... Lesinda stood and move to the closet, stepping off her bathrobe and looking at the cloths he'd left out. No underwear...she doubted he'd bothered to get any and slipped into the skirt and shirt he?d left out. Next time, she'd defy him, but at this moment she just wanted her flask back.

It didn't take him long to return with the item, thankfully she had finished dressing by the time he got back, though he looked a touch disappointed to see her changed...but at least she had put on what he?d chosen. Small victories were key to winning the battle. "Here you are." He held out the flask, giving it a little shake between his thumb and forefinger.

Lesinda had been waiting for him and when Mathian shook the flask, she eyed him lightly for moment, before stepping closer to reach out for it. She was half expecting a trick from him, not that there was much point to being cautious about it. It he was going to do something, he'd do it.

But, to her surprise, he did nothing but release the flask for her and fold his hands behind his back to stand straight and tall as he always did. "...." he looked at her expectantly.

She was actually quite surprised by this and took the flask, pulling it close, staring up at him for a few seconds, and then glanced down at the flask, maybe he'd done something it it, she thought to herself, carefully removing the cap and ringing the contents up for a quick sniff. Normally it contained B- blood, her preferred type, but if he'd been playing around with it, examining it, he might have replaced it.

It smelled and felt normal, as normal as a magically enchanted blood flask can anyway. He hadn't seemed to have tampered with it. Though after a moment, he raised an eyebrow.

She looked up at him for a second, then tipped the flask to her lips and drank deeply, her throat working periodically before she replaced the cap on it, securing the contents from being spilled.
It tasted just as it always had. He seemed to grow a touch annoyed and finally spoke, "We were doing so well with your manners now where have they gone?"

She stared at him for a long second before clearing her throat softly. "Thank you." It made her tongue almost burn just considering saying those words to him, but Mathian evidently wanted her put in her place...

He grinned, "There you are. Very good. You are most welcome, Lesinda." He looked her up and down, "Do the clothes fit comfortably?"

"Yes." Les replied stiffly, and after a moment she shifted, placing the flask on the bedside table before turning her head to face Mathian once more. "They fit fine. Although I noticed a lack of underwear."

He smirked a touch, "Oh? Terribly uncomfortable things those, are they not? Though, I am more than willing to take accurate measurements to secure a brassier for you."

"I know my sizes, thank you." Lesinda replied quickly, almost snapping at him in irritation. Of course he would use it as an opportunity for something lecherous in regards to herself and she had to bite her tongue to keep from adding anything more to the statement.

He had to laugh at how quickly the answer was snapped at him, "Very well. A mutual loss." Mathian purred, "Now have had your drink, now I will have mine." he gestured her close to him again with a finger.

She really didn't want to, and gritted down on her teeth once more before taking a few steps closer to him, twitching her head to one side, flicking her hair over her shoulder to clear her neck for him. She made a point of presenting the least sensitive side for him.

He gave a small purr of approval and when she was closer, looped his arm around her middle to hold her close and lowered his lips to her offered neck. He inhaled her scent and gave a small groan before digging his teeth in to savour her blood.

"Hah..." She gasped when his fangs sank in and she felt the world falling away from her. Even though he bit into the side she'd offered, it still had a profound effect on her body and Lesinda's breathing became quicker, sharper. Her hands pressed lightly, futile against his chest, she didn?t have the strength to fight him off especially now his fangs were in. All she could do was stand there and bare it, trying not to gasp or moan too much.

He would groan a pleasured sound at the taste of her magical blood and she would feel the effects it had on him the tighter he held her and the more he drank. His tongue bathed in her blood, coating it before he swallowed. A fine deal indeed.

One she regretted with each passing moment, what choice did she have at the end of the day? He would torture her with the need to feed...And then probably take her afterwards and feed himself. This was the lesser of two evils, she hoped. Eventually a small moan did manage to escape her lips and she could feel herself weakening steadily, deciding she ought to now try and take control of the situation. "M-Mathian..."

He probably would have. Mathian shivered a touch at hearing his name on her lips and licked the wounds one more time before pulling away to purr down at her. His arm was still around her and his eyes having turned red from her blood, "Mm...Much better...."
Sometimes, the worst thing can be living through the worst moments in your life
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Day Seven.
Lesinda was sitting at the desk in her room, reading again. Her flask sat beside her, half empty now. Mathian had set out clothes for her but she'd ignored his choices, electing instead to wear something else. It didn?t seem to matter though, as he'd not been back to check in on her since that morning. At least...She thought it was the morning. There was no clock, no electricity, no windows. She had no way of telling what the time was, and simply assumed he was feeding her in the afternoons still.

Mathian was rather pleased with the arrangement. He got more or less what he wanted and she got to not kill people...for now anyway. For once, he knocked on her door before opening it. Granted, he didn't wait for her to respond but the illusion of privacy given for a brief moment. He saw she was wearing something else than what he'd chosen for his doll and sighed, "Did you not like the clothing?"

Lesinda looked up and blinked in surprise when she heard the knock on the door, before it opened to admit Mathian. She leaned back in her seat to regard him quietly before she shrugged softly. "I don't really care for any of it..." Lesinda replied quietly, crossing her legs. She was wearing a knee length skirt and a dark blue shirt. The items he'd selected for her were left sitting on the door of the closet.

" could always go nude, of course." He smirked and folded his arms over his chest, "What are you reading you require more reading material or entertainment?"

She flipped the book over so Mathian could read the cover and sighed. "Keep dreaming." Les replied and then considered his second question for a moment, looking at the other books he'd gathered for her. "How long do you intend to keep me here, Mathian?"

"Until you accept your place." He watched her, nodding to the book cover, "However long that takes."

"My place?" She repeated, looking up at him. "Mathian...When are you going to accept that it just won't happen?" She sighed and shook her head, looking back to her book. "Never mind....Was there anything else you wanted?"

"I have come to the understanding that you will never like me or enjoy being mine, but it is your place and you will accept it. Your place is beside me at the clan. Or under me or where ever -I- deem you to be." He frowned at her, striding closer to her.

"I will not accept that." Lesinda replied quietly. "You can beat me, chain me up and starve me until I go insane, but I will never accept you as my Sire." She reached over to her flask and uncapped it as he started striding voer to her and to take a sip.

"I suppose I will just have to do just that. Every day. And perhaps take away that flask of yours again."

"That won?t change anything." She murmured, and raised the flask to her lips. "I'll do what you ask of me Mathian, within reason. I'll take blood from your thralls, I'll even behave myself in front of your clan." Lesinda turned her head to look up at him with an almost dead look in her red eyes. "But I will never. Ever. Accept you as my Sire."

He sniffed a snort, "You have trouble accepting reality then..." He tisked and reached out to take her chin in his hand, "Enjoy the last couple of days here...we leave for home soon."

She allowed him to touch. Not that she could stop him....Lesinda looked up at him, before snatching her chin out of his hand and drank from her flask quietly.

He bared his teeth briefly at her pulling away but he let her, "..." He gave another annoyed sounding sniff and turned, stalking out of the room again.

Day Seven, Part Two.
Mathian had left, undoubtable a little irritated with Les. She couldn?t blame him, she'd pushed him today. Not wearing the cloths he'd picked out, defying him.....She wondered if he would still give her back her amulet, ring and coin...She had no hope he would return her phone, assuming he knew what it was. Given he could drive a car, she had to assume he was intelligent enough to have kept up with technology. She flipped a page in her book, staring numbly at the pages. She was getting weak again. The high from feeding directly from the source always stuck around, since feeding on the blood, and life force, of a being directly from them was more potent than drinking from her flask. Mathian ought to have been along by now, she figured, with today's meal. Or maybe a refill for her flask....He was probably late to punish her she decided and looked over at her shower, wondering if she had the time to step in quickly before he arrived.

The older vampire arrived, giving a short sharp knock before coming into the room. He wasn't alone, he was dragging a girl by her arm, a touch older than Les was when he turned her. He had dismissed the dream-like state of mind control he generally kept the thralls in so she was crying and begging and trying to pull free of him; obviously terrified. When she saw Les, her pleas switched from trying to convince him to trying to convince her to help. Mathian did not look pleased at all as he released the girl with a toss, causing her to lose her footing and fall on the floor at the centre of the room. "Feed." Mathian snarled and folded his arms over his chest.

Lesinda blinked, first at the sharp knock, and then at what Mathian brought with him. Looking from the girl to Mathian and scowled at him. "What is this?" She asked sharply, standing up from her seat slowly and crossing the room towards the girl, keeping her gaze fixed on Mathian.

"Dinner." He answered simply and the girl had found the pleading getting her no where so she curled in a ball and simply cried.

"No." Lesinda replied simply, standing between Mathian and the girl. "Take her back where you got her and try again."

He snorted, "Beggers cannot be choosers, Lesinda." He gestured, "There is no food here to feed her and I am not going out again tonight. So either she starves and dies anyway or you feed and she dies. You get to choose that much today. Figured I'd give you some sport since you've been all cooped up."

Lesinda's jaw worked as she stared at him for several moments. She couldn't believe she was considering draining the girl's blood....An image of those silver shackles flashed through her mind briefly, and Lesinda sighed quietly, her shoulders sagging in defeat. She was lucky he hadn't come and chained her back up down there, Lesinda supposed, she'd pushed him too much today and this was her punishment instead of that. Lesinda crossed back to the girl, and knelt beside her. She whispered something, so quiet even Mathian wouldn't hear her, and then, in a flash, Lesinda darted forward and pinned the girl, sinking her fangs into her neck. Les did all this while keep her back to Mathian, refusing to let him enjoy the sight of what he was forcing her to do.

The poor girl was trembling like a leaf and only managed to give a squeak before Les was on her. The strange feeling of the bite certainly replaced some of the fear with pleasure but only some. Mathian rolled his eyes at Les blocking his view...a shame, he rather enjoyed watching her feed. Soon enough the girl's small sounds stopped and her eyes fluttered closed, the loss of blood rendering her unconscious. "There, is that better? Not so snarky with fresh blood. It tastes better, doesn't it?"

She ignored him for a few moments, and then she stood up slowly, running her hands through her hair before she turned around to face him with a quiet snarl on her face, before regaining control of her features and replaced it with a neutral look. Lesinda stalked over to Mathian and stopped just within arm?s reach of him and raised her chin expectantly, refusing to answer his question.

He smirked, glancing over to the girl motionless on the floor then back to Les to loop his arm around her, "I know it does." He cooed, "Good job." He brushed her hair off of her neck, unfortunately, not the usual side and leaned in to bite.

She turned her head, denying him the side he chose. She could still feel it, where he first bit her all those years ago.....It made her sick thinking about how good it felt to feel someone bite her there. Lesinda wouldn?t allow him to do it again, not so easily.

But she'd denied him too much today to let it slide. His hand moved into her hair to grip it firmly, meaning to yank her head to the side he wanted, "...Do I need to add a beating to the list tonight, childe?"

She hissed slightly and winced as his hand found that grip in her hair, opening her eyes slowly to stare up at him. It was quite the hate filled stared and slowly, she turned her head back the way it was before. At least she had tried to deny him what he wanted.

"Good." He grumbled and brushed his lips against that sensitive side of her neck before sinking his fangs in to bite her.

There was another low hiss as his lips pressed against her skin and she gasped, her eyes snapping open wide as her knees tried to buckle. A long moan rattled out of her mouth once his fangs where in.

He grinned against her skin when he felt her knees wobble and her body get weak. His grip around her tightened to hold her in place as he enjoyed the taste of her magically charged blood. The blood and her moan did wonders.

She tried, vainly, to push against his chest. To do something to make it end sooner but his bite, there... Her sire's bite always caused her body to refuse her orders properly, but now.... Lesinda moaned again, writhing in his arms.

He held her tight, not letting her squirm away from him too much, but feeling her writhe against him just made it all the more fun. Mathian gave a pleasured groan. She could deny it all she wanted but he was her sire and nothing would change that.

That wouldn?t stop her from trying to get away from him though, even as her moans grew louder and more desperate, until there was only one thing that her sudden jerking could possibly mean against his body, and the fluttering of her eye lids, the curling of her toes....
Sometimes, the worst thing can be living through the worst moments in your life
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A few days later.Written with Darcy-Mun.

Day 10.

It had been a day or two since departing from Cain's manor and dealing with Lesinda's impudence after. Now that he was once again confident to take his childe out, he decided to head to the Ribald Paladin to see if he couldn't make some more contacts and allies in this interesting place. Mathian had Lesinda on her leash and collar again, but thankfully for the vampiress, this collar didn't have the silver on the inside of it to burn her when he tugged, though the thin chain was and held in a gloved hand.

She still resented the collar, and try as she might, she couldn't hide that fact. Lesinda did her best, however, to hold her chin up and be presentable in the dress Mathian had selected for her. She resented that, too, which was probably part of the reason she struggled to hide it. So much resentment piled up... She stood close to Mathian, slightly behind him as they surveyed the room, although most o her attention was on her sire, so she could judge when he'd tug or yank on the leash.

Screams, the smell of blood, beaten up, and dead bodies weren't out of the ordinary here. But what may be the out the ordinary was the blood bath and mess of bodies Darcy had left the Ribald Paladin in. The bartender was spared of course and all damages were paid for. Covered in blood and gore if not for those forest depths she'd be unrecognizable. Passively she watched the bartender and a couple of staff members clean up the mess. Perched on the bar she took a swig from a bottle of Vodka and her gaze snapped to see the door open. A slight tilt of her head as she spied a vampire she did not know and Lesinda. That...Was a bit of a surprise and it showed with how her eyes widened.

Oh good lords, blood....And so much. Lesinda whined quietly, her eyes went wide as the scent hit her like a wall, and she glanced up at Mathian once again.

The scent of fresh blood hit him before they even walked into the tavern. His nostrils flared a bit and one slender eyebrow arched at the state of the place when they entered. He scanned the place with his blue-green eyes and spotted the blood covered woman not paying her much mind, then to the bartender and cleaning staff before he gave a smirk, "Perhaps we should return later when there is a more clean space to sit and relax." He turned his attention down to Lesinda, "Pity."

Lesinda's nose twitched and she glanced around the room again. She didn't recognise Darcy right away, why would she after all? Les hardly expected to see anyone she knew down here. "I-if you w-wish.." She stammered, visibly struggling. Mathian hadn't let her feed fully for a day, wouldn't do to let her out when she was at full strength and could escape him, now would it?

Setting down the bottle of Vodka she would slip off of the bartop. Forest depths bleeding that abysmal black as she shed her humanity as easily as a snake shedding a layer of skin. Life and death rolled off of her in maddening waves as she approached them both. Her gaze snapped to Mathian as she tilted her head once more, "Why do you have my dear friend on a leash?" Her voice was hollow and empty like she wasn't entirely there and really she wasn't.

"Mm?" Lesinda blinked slowly at the moment, brows furrowing as she tried to consider the woman that approached them. The voice was... "Darcy..?"

He grinned at Lesinda, "Of course." He purred then turned his attention to the blood covered, deadly aura-ed woman's approach. Once again, his eyebrow arched and his eyes looked Darcy up and down, his gloved hand gripping the leash tighter, "Because she is mine." Simple answer, his tone taking on more of an annoyed one...Lesinda's friends always caused him grief. He had hoped to be away from them at least down here.

Lesinda glanced between the two of them and swallowed with more than a little fear. She shifted slightly, leaning towards Mathian when his grip tightened on the leash, she really didn't want to be pulled around by him...

Her darkened gaze moved from one to the next. The simple answer got a nod from her, "Hm...Well she doesn't look too happy to be yours." A simple observation as she gave a smile that was not one of her usual ones, "Also poor thing looks starved." A shake of her head as she tsk tsked slightly and held out a hand for the leash, "I am going to have to ask you leave her in my care so I can ensure she is properly taken care of. Do so without a fuss I don't want to have to rip out your heart and cut off your head." Not a threat just a simple fact.

"No. I suspect she is not terribly happy to be mine, but that does not change the fact that she is." His eyes narrowed a touch at her hand and sniffed a snort at the gesture, "Dear lady, you have already made enough of a mess in here today from the looks of it. I doubt the proprietors would hate to have added any mess that it may make in attempting to strong-arm me into handing what is rightfully mine over to you." He gave a small shake of his head, "I must decline your offer."

Les blinked in surprise....When did Darcy become so...Dangerous? She looked up at Mathian on Darcy's demand and Mathian's reply with a shudder. The little spark of hope that had come to her, was snuffed out. Of course he wouldn't hand her over just like that.

She had tried to be nice. Really, she did. But when he declined her offer that smile was quick to turn into a frown, "Lesinda is not willingly yours and that I have an issue with. I have an issue with slavery in general. I should know having been kidnapped a few times myself and forced just like she is being forced. The only time I don't have problem with it if it's role play but that's only in the bedroom."
A flash of a fierce smile to that, "Enough of a mess?" A sudden burst of a malicious giggle was heard as she shook her head, "Oh you don't understand! I am just getting started! You see...The Sisters have determined their Threads of Fate have been cut and I am only just doing my job." Withdrawing her offer hand she'd clap her hands together and rocked back and forth on her heels, "You may have ownership and possession over one's body but not over the soul. It is an illusion if you think she is really and truly yours. The soul only belongs to the Gods themselves." She goes off on tangents and don't worry she'll make sense sooner or later, "I am giving you one last chance to be civil before I rip your soul or whatever magick animates that body you're in and throw you down into the Underworld where Hades can deal with you. He's always itching for new souls."

Her spiel made him smile wide and amused though the humor didn't reach his eyes as his fist wrapped around the silver chain another turn. "Fun." He said flatly, "But I am no charge of the Greek Pantheon of Earths, so the Fates nor the Lord Hades hold any sway over my soul." Mathian sniffed, "If you feel inclined to attempt it, so be it. But know that when I return from your little liberating actions for Lesinda, it will be you that she can blame for the poorer treatment when she is mine once more." He gave a small tug at the chain, not enough to pull Lesinda anywhere, just snapping it tight briefly for emphasis. He sneered, leaning forward a touch, his form towered over both women, "Try, and fail, and I will be certain to save your soul for my own entertainment."

"Darcy...." Lesinda said with mild caution in her voice. Mathian was dangerous, and she looked from her sire to her friend. Les bit on her bottom lip in worry. If she did manage to free Les from him, then she didn't understand how he could be a threat after that....He'd be dead, wouldn't he?

There was a shake of her head then, "Doesn't matter...Doesn't matter what flavor of deity or deities you worship or don't worship...I always find a way to make exceptions because when it comes down to it no matter the culture or flavor the core message and belief is always the same."
Darcy the multi-cultural demi-Goddess extraordinare! "Oh do not worry one hair on your handsome head I will personally ensure that you do not come back." There was a bright grin to that, "My soul?" A blink then she laughed to that before a brow raised to Lesinda at her word of caution. A shrug of shoulders then, "Enough talk...Shall we dance then?"

He chuckled at the strange compliment coming from the woman before he shook his head, "My dance card is full, thank you. Good day." Mathian purred and turned on his heel to begin walking away, fist still wrapped in the chain.

"Hn!" The sudden turn yanked the chain and Lesinda stumbled after Mathian, but she was a little slow in following him, glancing over her shoulder back at Darcy.

People underestimated her all the time. Which had a tendency to work out in her favor. A shake of her head and a blur of speed, she almost moved as fast as a vampire, and she'd move to block their way, "Oh but you must indulge me! You see I do love to dance." Lesinda would get a wink from her.

Lesinda blinked, watching Darcy move suddenly. Her lips twitched slightly into a small smile back at Darcy, but it vanished quickly when she looked back up at Mathian.

The thing is, he wasn't underestimating her...not really...he was fully expecting her to make good on her word but instead of a fist through his chest there she was in front of them. Mathian gave an annoyed sigh, "Must I? Fine." He muttered that turned into a growl. He flung the chain to the side and it animated on its own, lifting up straight into the air as if pulled by some unseen hand until Lesinda was forced onto her tiptoes. Dark inky cold energy seeped from his fingers to mist about him like vapors of the river stix. The underworld, death and immortal souls didn't worry him...he commanded the dead and the power of necromancy with ease.

"Yes, I do insist." So far this had turned into the most cordial confrontation she had experienced in ages. It was different and refreshing. At the growl she grinned, "Oh so the kitty has claws." She was pleased by this. Darcy was only momentarily concerned by the chain pulling Les because vampires didn't need to breath after all. Unless Lesinda did then Darcy would have to ask her about that later! A brow raised at the mist and she clapped her hands together, "Very nice and impressive. Show me yours and I'll show you mine!" Reaching into that pocket of space and time as Darcy withdrew her trusty Crowbatpoongun. Go ahead and laugh it looked like something out of a cartoon that shouldn't function but it certainly did!

"Ah!" Lesinda's hands grabbed at the collar when it went tight, dancing on her toes as she tried to ease off the pressure that cut off her airway. Not that she needed to breath, but it was still uncomfortable! She made a noise that made this fact very clear for everyone present.

It was always much more satisfying to deal with someone who was polite before the battle than a snarling dumb animal. He almost laughed at the strange cartoonish acme-like weapon: almost. Instead, Mathian reached a hand out that seeped the black steam while bringing his other palm up and with it, rising a wall of howling, wailing souls, creating a dense certain of them...she could still see through the mass but getting through it would prove uncomfortable. Would her weapon's ammunition penetrate the barrier?

A roll of her eyes as they landed on Lesinda, "Girl please you don't even breath." Though, she did sympathize with her. Her gaze sweeping back as she watched the wall of souls rise up. A shake of her head as she tsk tsked again. Her weapon was nothing but a ridiculous physical thing which couldn't penetrate such magick. It wasn't enchanted in anyway. So, it was of no use. Tossing it in the air it disappeared back into space and time with a resounding pop. Darcy herself however was not bound by such laws so excuse her as she walks right up to the wall her palm flat as she ran her hand over it. Pulling her hand back it formed into a fist as Darcy would start to punch the wall of souls. Physical force that was always the answer, right? -d-

"Nnnhh!" Lesinda replied with great feeling. Both in reply and a warning. She'd ran through one such wall before, and hitting it was probably not great idea in her mind...

She would quickly find the wall was not solid but more that viscosity of molasses that sucked the warmth from anything it touched, be they physical heat or emotional joy, this strange summoned wall sucked at both. At Darcy's comment, he did flick his eyes over to Lesinda and smirked a touch...she was a silly girl, clinging to her humanity and things that no longer air. Only useful for annoyed sighs or speech.

"Interesting..." Was really the only response worthy of such a thing. She felt her warmth and joy being sucked away, "It's like...A Death Eater!" Someone had been binging Harry Potter movies lately. Most people would struggle to get away from it but Darcy wasn't most people. Seeing as how she couldn't punch her way through she would start to move towards the wall. Letting it envelop her form Darcy's goal was to slowly but surely make her way through the wall and to the other side.

Mathian didn't know what a Death Eater was but it sounded rather apt so he grinned a touch as she pushed her way into the thick of the wall. Inside the wall had other effects; whispers of the dead murmured and cried things to her, people she'd known and lost, souls perhaps she herself had cut short, people in the room recently deceased. It also sapped at her strength, making forcing her way through the barrier a struggle. The vampire was preparing a spell as he saw Darcy moving through toward him, hoping the wall made her weak enough so when he unleashed his spell on her, it would do more damage.

Darcy was to put it lightly insane. So, the cries of the dead would surprisingly have her laughing. Not a joyful one but a maddening one. Indeed she could feel her strength being sapped and while she had the regenerative abilities of Wolverine even strength and stamina took time to recover. Still she laughed as she moved in practically slow motion through the wall. She was almost through! She could make it!

He was hoping she did now, her laugh was getting annoying for certain and holding the energy in his hands for too long caused the flesh of his fingers and hands to whither and blacken. Violet and black sickly energy pulsed and stretched between his hands.

Her hand would emerge from the muck and mess that was the wall and soon followed by her other hand. Grunting in effort as she tore herself through only to fall flat on her face. She had made it but man was that difficult! "Just...Give...Me a minute...To catch...My breath..." Darcy muttered from her spot on the floor.

Yeeeaaaaahhhh.....Les is just kinda staring at her would be rescuer.....Laying...Face first...On the floor.......

Mathian raised an eyebrow at her rather unceremonious exit from the writhing wailing wall mass. He sighed and shook his head, "You do that. Lesinda and I will take our leave." He still held the necromatic power in his hands, ready to blast it into her face if she lifted it.

She said she only needed a minute and that much was true. Darcy caught second wind pretty quickly. Just ask Harry about her stamina and endurance! Not immediately getting up a hand would shoot out to reach and grab a hold of Mathian's ankle, "I am not done with you yet." Still on the floor.

"Do keep your hands to yourself, miss." He twisted away and since she seemed to be able enough to lash out, he felt it time to release that fluctulating orb of corruption. He hurled the power down toward her, intent to hit her with it, of course.

Les will just keep tugging and pulling at the collar. It or the chain holding her was bound to give eventually, right?

"Oh I never keep my hands to myself!" Darcy started laughing again and even managed to rise up slightly before she was hit with well that corruption. Her body jerking backwards as she rolled around screaming and laughing in pain. It wasn't a pretty sight it was downright horrifying. Writhing on the ground for a good solid moment before she started to breath past the pain and the burning to stagger to her feet. Gods the woman just didn't give up. Her healing factor would kick in but not fast enough to heal the corruption, "Is that all you got!?" Really, she wanted to know!

No, seriously, Les is wondering when the hell Darcy became so violent. She never had thought of the other woman as being the fighting kind of person, quite honestly...Lesinda stopped to stare a moment, before she tugged and danced on her toes some more. This collar was digging into her neck rather uncomfortably!

"No. But it looks like it should be all that you handle. Simply walk away and we will forget all of this. Lesinda is being well taken care of, I assure you. Why, she has even come to learn to say 'please' and 'thank you' like a good childe." He began forming more energy quickly in his hands, several little orbs gathered at his fingertips, peeling back the skin of them since they were already blackened and shriveled, revealing yellowed distal phalanges. His magic, like most, came with a price...while he could wield the unholy energy, it clearly did damage to his own form as well.

Darcy was like an onion she had layers Les layers! The blackened flesh that she couldn't immediately heal would slough off of her face and even then her body was working on repairing the damage. It was something straight out of a horror movie, "I cannot walk away from a friend and family..." That was Darcy's flaw right there she was fiercely loyal to those she cared about and would do anything to save them even if it meant forfeiting her own physical form. Growling as she met his magick with her own magick. The air would become thick with the sensation of death. Maddening whispers were heard as she focused that raw energy and that raw power on Mathian alone. Such a display of power would force lesser beings to submit. It was all a power play.

But Mathian was no stranger to Death. The magic would simply make him smile, certainly a more mad and wild smile but no less a smile, "....Admirable....but foolish...." With a fling of one arm and then the other, ten little golf sized balls of energy launched toward her. They moved like liquid filled sacs, like little evil water balloons filled with death. All heading in her direction.

"Your mom is foolish!" Because did you really expect any other kind of an insult from her? Blackened hues would widen to those balls of energy launching towards her. She'd fling herself forward to try and dodge them and make a move against Mathian. But even so she wasn't Super Woman despite her disillusions. Darcy may have managed to miss a couple but the majority would hit her. A blood curdling scream was heard as it hurt but it was in no way the worst pain she had ever experienced. Staggering as she was hit she almost went down to her knees. With the last burst of strength and coherent thought she'd launch herself, a la wrestling style, towards Mathian.

Lesinda winced and tried to cry out when her friend took such a beating...It was a little bit more than distressing watching Darcy getting beat up like this and she struggled some more with the her collar, if she could just get free, then they could both attack him.

The vampire sneered and accepted the lunging demi-goddess but he had a much larger reach and was at more or less full strength since he hadn't gone through the wall of souls nor been hit by that necrotic power that ravaged the body. Could he over-power a weakened Darcy? Maybe...he would see. If he could, he would be sure to have her facing Lesinda when he put that point blank blast of undeath into Darcy.

Don't worry Lesinda Darcy's got this! Actually...No, no she doesn't have it. She was all pure unfiltered rage as she lunged at him. The woman was a force of nature even in her weakened state. Stronger than the average bear she'd try to hold him in her steel like grip. The muscles in her thighs flexing as she squeezed and would ball her hand up in a fist. She was going for another punch but there was a blink as she was facing Lesinda suddenly. Darcy knew even before it hit her, "I am so sorry I have failed you my friend." Was all she could manage before she was hit with another blast. It was too much for her to take physically and she would crumble and collapse onto the ground like a rag doll.

"Nngghh!" Lesinda cried out again, trying desperately to get free. There wasn't much she could do aside from thrash slightly, and make the collar dig into her skin further. Red tears filled her eyes and she shot a look of hatred at Mathian.

He nudged Darcy's corpse with his boot to see if she was dead but with the blasted hole through her chest, he suspected she was quite so. Mathian wiggled his fingers and the handle of the leash came snapping to his hand, dragging the angry Lesinda with it, "An unfortunate outcome for your pretty little would-be-rescuer. A shame..." He tsked, frowning and maybe half meaning it too.

Lesinda followed the leash, right up to Mathian, where upon she pushed with both hands at his chest in a vain attempt to shove the older vampire. "You bastard!" She almost spat the word out, as an angry fist lightly thumped against his chest.

"I gave her the chance to walk away. Or to let me walk away. It was her own fool choice, girl." But he didn't stop her from hitting him or name calling...for now anyway.

Indeed her physical form and shell was well and truly expired. The moment her last breath was exhaled and the light faded there would be a sudden brilliant bright white light that would illuminate the area for just a brief moment. The spark! Her spark was something to behold and it took the form of a woman with brunette hair, brown eyes, sunkissed skin, and clad in ancient Greek garb. There was a shake of her head as she tsk tsked, "Do not worry my child I am not defeated so easily and I will come for you." The words warm like the sun on a perfect day at the beach with the call of gulls and the scent of the ocean in the air. You could almost smell and taste it. As quick as the sensation was there it disappeared as Darcy was sucked into her next body/form/shell.

She was still too weak to put up much of a struggle against him, so her tirade didn't last long. In fact, it was interrupted by Darcy's...Spirit? Well that was something, indeed...She looked up at Mathian, but averted her gaze once more. She was fairly certain she'd be paying for this outburst later, no sense in goading him into more. Les hide the mild look of triumph from him by wiping and rubbing at her eyes, to remove the tears, yes.

...that....was weird. Yet strangely satisfying. Mathian had never encountered that sort of thing before. He had rather enjoyed the encounter with Darcy, it really had been unfortunate that she'd forced his hand so part of him was pleased that she would be back, "Well then...I suppose you have naught to be so distraught about, childe. So...cease your mewling or I will give you something new to weep over." But she was already wiping her he smiled, "Good girl." He purred and sighed, looking to his ruined gloves and bone protruding fingertips, "I need to feed. Come along." Turning on his heel, he would start them off once again out of the tavern instead of into it...let the poor Tavern keepers deal with one mess at a time.

Great. That meant she got to play pin cushion for his fangs again, didn't it? Lesinda followed close behind Mathian but there was one little thing at the back of her mind that made her smile behind her hands. Her friends would definitely knew she was missing now. And they'd be coming for her, and several of them would be pretty pissed at Mathian for killing Darcy as well as kidnapping her. The result would be fun to watch, for her at least.
Sometimes, the worst thing can be living through the worst moments in your life
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Day 13.

Having been returned some time ago while Mathian was out, Lesinda had gone to her room and settled down. Right now she was in the shower, lathering her hair while the waters splashed around her. She twisted this way and that, making sure the waters hit every part of her except her head, until she was ready to rinse the soap out and stood under the shower head and allowed the water to fall freely. All through out, her eyes were shut and she ran her fingers through her hair, right down to the green roots with a pleased sigh. She liked showers, and being in the rain in general. The only thing that could stifle her mood now was if Mathian stumbled in drunk.

Mathian didn't drink much, other than blood of course. He could, he just didn't. No, when Mathian returned home, he was in a rather fine mood. Her sire heard the water running and for a moment was tempted to go join her but decided against it, letting her have her moment alone. Instead he headed to his own room to stretch out and relax, a grin on his face.

For that she was grateful and continued her shower in peace, before stepping out of the shower, wrapping herself up in a bathrobe and moved over to her table, towel in hand, scrubbing at her hair.

When he heard the shower stop and her moving about was when he headed to her room. He gave a light knock before opening the door, again, allowing her to have some illusion of privacy before he invaded it. "Evening. How went your time with your dear wife?"

She froze, a bare moment before he walked in, and continued drying her hair. She didn't know why, but she actually expected that he would wait for her to answer that time.... "It was fine, thank you." Les replied in a neutral tone of voice, gently padding her neck dry now.

"Good." Maybe one day he would wait for her to answer...but not today. He watched her a moment, "I am a touch surprised you are still here...I expected you to flee if I were not home when you returned."

"What good would that do me? I'm sure you have a trap of some kind on the front door now..." She had, after all, shown that unless he forced her, she could not only make her way past one of his wailing soul walls, but get to the door and exit the building if she had a mind too. She felt he would have changed his security down now, probably replaced the door handle with one made of silver too.
Speaking of, she was still wearing her collar. The silver buckle glinting through her hair.

He had the doorknobs made of silver, she was right on that, but other than that, he hadn't changed anything about the security. He raised an eyebrow at the collar, he hadn't put it there, "Gift from Renna?"

She looked up at him. "You put it on me when you let me leave this morning with Renna. She took the leash off but left this on....." Lesinda replied with a mild trace of surprise. After all, Mathian wouldn't let her roam outside without some kind of reminder of her position, would he? "And the buckle is made of silver...."

"Oh...." He had honestly had been a long and rather lovely day, "I suppose I had just assumed Renna put it on you..." He shrugged and gestured her over, "Come here. I shall remove it now that you are home."

Lesinda stood slowly and walked over to Mathian, turning so her back faced him, she pulled her hair to one side, exposing the collar for him. "I take it you had a good day?"

"Quite." She could hear the smile in his voice even though she was turned around. He had his gloves on so the silver didn't burn him as he fiddled with the buckle carefully to remove it without burning her skin.

When it finally came away, Lesinda breathed a small sigh of relief and rubbed at her neck idly where the collar had been.

He looped his arms around her middle and held her back against him, not letting her go just yet....but he didn't do anything to her. He just held her.

Held as she was, Lesinda stood mutely against him, neither pushing nor pulling one way or the other. She'd wait until he was done or ravaged her there and then, which ever came next. Although her head did tilt slightly at the curiousness of it all.

He certainly wasn't acting as he normally did. What had he done today that put him in such a mellow and decent mood? He hadn't told her where he was going, only that someone had arrived the day before with a message for some business. He leaned his chin on top of her head a moment as he continued to keep his arms around her and keep her where she was.

Lesinda blinked softly in confusion and wondered what the hells was going on. She felt like a rabbit caught in the jaws of the fox, only it was refusing to finish the job and left her wondering if there was a chance of escape here or just a fools hope. "A very good day..?"

"Mm, quite." He smiled then sighed, disappointed that she wasn't relaxing as well. He released her and shooed her away before folding his arms over his chest, "Tell me about Renna."

Shooed, she moved back to her desk and glanced up at him. "What do you want to know?"

"Whatever you can tell me. I do not like the idea of sharing you, but she is also quite a bit more power behind her than I am prepared to deal with."

"Renna....Is a goddess." Les replied softly and shrugged. "She's insane. Easy to anger, deeply passionate. She created an array of nanite 'viruses' that she can use to control people, make them like her..."

"She says that she contains some of your DNA. She is an enigma to me...I do not like mysteries, any information you can share on her would be...appreciated." He wasn't demanding she tell him...not yet anyway.

Lesinda shrugged gently, settling down in her chair and picked up hair brush, running it through green strands for a few moments, stalling just a little, probably just to annoy him. "She absorbs people's DNA to improve herself." Lesinda replied after a moment.

"Hm, and how does she do that? Blood? Osmosis?" He didn't sound impatient yet, she was answering his questions. He moved over to her bed to sit at the foot of it.

"All of the above. She could you whole or take just a drop of blood, which ever she takes a preference for."

"And you are married?" He raised an eyebrow, a little confused on that part too, "...For some reason I never really pictured you marrying a woman with how much you enjoy penetration."

Lesinda stopped a moment in mid brush, before continuing. Renna was a touchy subject in truth, and she had no real interest in telling Mathian about her relationship with Renna. Several moments passed as she continued brushing her hair before giving a simple answer. "Yes."

He took a deep breath and let it out in annoyed sigh, "I am attempting to have a civil conversation with you, Lesinda. It really is like pulling teeth with you." Mathian muttered.

"Perhaps I don't like the subject matter." Lesinda replied softly. "Or maybe I just don't enjoy talking with you, Mathian." She changed sides and began running the brush through her hair once more. She was consciously ignoring the fact that the dressing gown had slipped to expose a thigh and wondered if he would notice more or less if she covered it up again.

He grumbled, giving another sigh, "Why would you not like discussing your loved one? I was hoping you could put some insight into who she is the only one of your little friends that actually wants to work with me and not work against me." He normally would have been all smirks and lewd looks but today he wasn't, he was pensive and contemplative.

Lesinda shrugged softly. "She's insane." She repeated and carried on brushing her hair. "I have no idea what her thought process is. Honestly I thought if she found you, she'd rip your head off."
She stopped suddenly and turned to look at him. "She has an ulterior motive. That's the only thing I know for certain."

"I believe that was her initial intention...she had me at her mercy that was for certain." He removed his gloves, "We all have ulterior motives, Lesinda..." He sighed, "It is always more difficult to surmise the plots of the insane..." Mathian lifted his eyes from his hands to her again, "Was she always insane or did she turn so after you wed?"

Now it was Lesinda's turn to smirk. "What, you think my behaviour drove her to insanity? Do you fear for the state of your own mind?" Les tilted her head slightly, before sitting straight once more started brushing her hair once more. "I've never known her any different."

He smirked a touch at her questions, "I am fully aware of my state of mind, Lesinda, thank you very much. That is no fear of mine." Mathian grunted, "...It does raise a few more questions about you now though, why would you marry an insane person?"

"I love her." Lesinda responded simply and directly as she set the brush down.

"Hm...." He was quiet a moment, a small frown on his lips before he cleared his throat, "Tell me about that then. How do you know you love her? What does that even mean? What does that even feel like?"

Lesinda's hands scrunched up on the table. "I love her, it's as simple as that." Her reply was short and stilted. "I want and enjoy her company. What else am I supposed to say?"

"I do not understand that." He muttered, shaking his head. He got the distinct idea she didn't want to talk about it...and in truth, he was too tired and exasperated with her to continue to try, "...Nevermind." Mathian stood and shook his head, wandering off out of her room again.

She sat quietly as Mathian left and when he walked out she growled quietly to herself. What was she meant to say? That Renna had kidnapped her years before, forced herself upon Les and infected her with a nanite virus that forced her to orgasm when Renna was near? Lesinda shook her head sharply. She didn't want these memories to come back.

Mathian certainly would be interested to know all of that information but since she was uninterested in discussing it with him, he would have to ask Renna...maybe. Or just pester Lesinda again later. For now, he would attempt to return to the good mood he had been in when he'd returned home instead of the rising annoyance he was feeling like anytime he had when he chatted with Lesinda.

Lesinda sighed softly to herself, picking up her haibrush once more and started brushing the damp green strands of hair with an irritated sigh. She was tired of this....These constant games with Mathian, the back and forth conversations that enevitably ended with him getting annoied, withholding her meal and driving her to the edge of sanity.
He was winning, bit by bit, and it infuriated Les that she was giving in so easily....Not that she could figure out how many days it had been. No windows, no clock, she didn't even know what day it was out in the 'real world', although her feedings helped keep some track of time, at least. She'd be rescued soon, she was sure...
Sometimes, the worst thing can be living through the worst moments in your life
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On Torpor.

Lesinda slept soundly in her room, safe at least in the knowledge that Mathian prefered his perverse abusies in his own oom rather than hers, and she fell into a 'Light' torpor.

The process of Torpor was, for her at least, quite important. In fact it was a ralativly important event for any vampire with Mathian's particular strain as it facilitated an ability to process blood without consuming it.
Life-force exists within blood, the heart acts as a convertor for that life-force, drawing it out of the blood and turning it into something the vampire can use, at the same time imbuing the vampire's own blood with some of this life-force, sort of like how a mortal's body would store fat for later use.

During normal activity, a vampire would drink from a victem, the blood passing through to the liver where the organ would carefully screen the new blood into the vampier's own bloodstream. From here, it would pass to the heart where the potential magical energies of contained life-force would be absorbed and realised in the vampire's body. At this point, some residual energies would past into the vampire's own blood and continue to be carried around their body, acting as a reserve of energy.
This process of absorbsion will continue until the new blood is exhausted, leaving only the vampire's own blood left in their veins, leading to a need to feed. The more exertion the vampire puts on their body, the faster the new blood is exahusted.

During torpor however, the new blood is infused directly into the vampire's own blood, with only enough energy being siphoned off to run the process and keep the vampire's heart beating. This means that when a vampire 'awakens', their body is already filled with potent energy, and for a group of vampires that need to feed almost daily by an entier adult human, any chance to reduce thinning out their feeding chattle is often a welcome advantage.

All of which made Lesinda a valuable asset for Mathian. Her blood already being infused with magical energies meant that she was a fine catch, Mathian's vampiric strain thriving more on the blood of those with magic, binding it to the more basic magical energy of life-force.
When Lesinda drank from a person with potent magic in their blood, it would be infused into her own creating a concoction that was again more potent. The process torpor would mean that there was even more blood in her body after a good, long feed and for this reason Mathian had instilled a need to frequently 'sleep'.
The basic idea had been put in her head of what and why Topor was, and simple experimentation had led her find she was more energized afterwards than if she went without, but on an instictual level she knew that it was important that she sleep. This was wholely due to a compulsion Mathian had set in her mind when he first turned her, inorder to make her the perfect blood bank for his own, personal use and amusment.

And when Lesinda awoke from her sleep, Mathian came striding into her room mere moments later with a broad smile on his face. It was feeding time, after all.
Sometimes, the worst thing can be living through the worst moments in your life
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What a difference a few days could make. Camellia had sifted and scurried through the sewers to find her sister. Her meeting with Renna, her request that she 'pay' for Renna's help to find Lesinda had been too dear. She would find Lesinda herself, gather their friends and strike at Mathian and retake her.
Camellia had....To her mind, had the unforunate pleasure of meeting the rulers of Harm's Way, although fortunately it had led to he bacing able to find a where, in general, Lesinda was... Now she just needed to find out where exactly. Dressed up in her usual skulking gear, her hood covered and hid Cam's features nicely, nice enough to satisfy herself that no one will recognise her as she searched and moved about the shadows.


Lesinda was in her room, much as Mathian had left her when he had....His surprise trip. Although she was a little dishevelled from having struggled a little bit, bound as she was. Mathian had been in the process of teaching her the virtues of keeping her mouth closed when he didn't ask for her opinion.
Of course, she didn't much enjoy this and continued to bicker with him until the gag had been introduced. Now? She was sitting quietly, waiting for his return and more than a little annoyed she was still tied up.

A portal blipped into being and Mathian strode through, casting a glance behind him in an almost paranoid manner as if checking for something following before it closed. He continued to watch the spot for a few moments before looking over to Lesinda. She was where he'd left her, albeit a touch more dishevelled. He stood watching her for a few moments, silently contemplating and trying to recollect his thoughts rather than have his mind spinning with the surreal experience he'd just had. Finally....his shoulders slumped, his straight posture broken for a moment before he moved over to her and stood there, looking down at her, his eyebrows were pulled together a touch and there was something in his eyes she hadn't seen before. Sadness?

Her brows furrowed in confusion and her head tilted slightly....This...Was new. Worrying, almost. She wondered what had occurred to cause this to Mathian...She recognised the portal as being Renna's, what had she done to him?

He opened his mouth to speak but nothing came...he tried a few times before he simply sighed and closed his eyes, shaking his head. He unclasped the gag from her mouth and dismissed the enchanted ropes before he swallowed and stepped away, "'re free to go...." Mathian's voice was quiet as he took a seat at the foot of her bed, leaning his elbows on his knees and clasping them between his legs.

She blinked in utter disbelief at Mathian's words and the release of the bounds. She expected she'd have to pleasure before she got that far....She stood up slowly with another look at Mathian. That shattered, defeated look on him. "...You know what I meant when I said she was insane now....Don't you..?"

He nodded, a shallow motion of his head, not lifting his gaze from the floor ahead. He wasn't looking straight down, just out with a contemplative frown on his face. Shattered, defeated...good words for how he felt inside.

Lesinda straightened her hair out and cleared her throat. "I want my things back." She said quietly. He still had Renna's ring, the coin and her necklace from Rand. As well as her phone, come to think of it, assuming he hadn't just thrown that away. Les wrung her hands on her lap and wondered if this was just a trick...Such was her luck that she would go from the jaws of one to the other.

He gave a sigh and stood, leaving her room to head to his own and to the closet. Mathian pulled out a small chest and undid the magics sealing and protecting it before opening it. There were several things in the box, not just her items. There were 2 other rings, a broach, some tiny vials of powders and liquids and a picture that she couldn't make out from where she was. He scooped up her items and placed them on his desk before closing the box again and putting the magics back in place.

Lesinda watched was mild interest in the contents of the box, but her attentions focused more on her things. The coin and necklace especially meant a great deal to her. She swallowed, wringing her hands again in anticipation.

He put the box back away in his closet and gestured to her items before walking away to resume that leaned over seated position on the foot of his own bed. He couldn't compete with Renna...not that it was a competition but it didn't matter what he did to Lesinda, Renna was right. She wouldn't ever be his. Besides...if she could endure whatever Renna was, there was no way he could control her if she honestly put effort into it.

Lesinda moved, gathering her things quickly and turned back to her own room. If she was free to go....She needed shoes and a coat, proper cloths as well.... Once she'd put her jewellery back on she collected those extra things and stepped out of her room with one more glance at Mathian. She stood in the door wearing a black leather coat buttoned up to her neck. She spared him that one glance before she started to the front door slightly apprehensive as she reached out for the handle. She tucked her hand up on her sleeve so she could grasp the silver.

He didn't look up to see her leave. He was too devastated. He had just wanted Lesinda to be his but he was finally and painfully fully aware now that no matter what he did, that would never happen. He had failed in his endeavour to make a childe that would be at his side. Mathian sighed again and stood, leaving the room to go to the dining room/kitchen/experiment area to work. Working always helped him focus and forget.

The door opened, and shut firmly behind her. Once she was outside, Les shivered all over. She...Was free....She blinked softly and shivered again before walking away from the building. She didn't know where exactly they were, but it wouldn't be too difficult to get back up to the surface. Once she was up in the city, she'd find her way home easily. But right now....Lesinda walked away from the house with ever increasing speed and had broken out in a run well before she reached the corner, fleeing the nightmares that snapped at her.

Mathian hung his head, his hands pressed to the table that the cadaver was splayed out on when he heard the door shut behind her. He grit his teeth and it took a few moments before he snapped and upended the table, sending papers, pens, bodyparts and jars flying. Beakers and containers shattered when he threw them and raged at his own frustrations and failings. Alone with no intention of following her.


Camellia walked the street she suspected to be the home of Mathian when she was shocked to witness her sister bolting past her and to the exit back up to the surface....The younge swordmagess blinked in confusion, but ather than shout or cry, she paused, looked, listened and then followed. She would not have someone tail them and recapture Les after all this time....
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Day 22
It had been nearly a week since Mathian had let Lesinda go free, and she'd speant most of that time cooped up in her room with her sister standing guard. But eventually the urge to wande got the best of Les and she found herself unable to keep staring at the same four walls forever....

Lesinda stretched with a subtle yawn, basking in the midday sunlight. Dressed in a simple outfit, she hadn't made much effort with he appearance today, wearing a simple black skirt, stockings and vest under a dark red leather overcoat. She pulled her flask from her belt and took a few sips, the bright sunlight always made her weaker but she enjoyed sitting in the warmth. It was nice, rather than being cooped up in Mathian's house all the time, being in the fresh air, moving about the city with her freewill. Lesinda moved on, walking along the street and through the alleyways quite.....Well, not happily. She was in a little bit of a daze. Nightmares plagued her mind when she went to 'sleep', and she couldn't seem to warm herself when she was awake and moving about. Les smirked softly, oh how Mathian had misjudged her wanderings! She loved moving about the city, seeing the sights and smells, mapping out the ever changing twists and turns in her head.

Lesinda had terrible luck with stalkers it seemed because it didn't take long for her steps to be shadowed by a figure in black that kept to the fringes of the area, out of sight but keeping her in his. Heavy travelling cloak with a hood that shadowed the features, the 5'8 man kept track of the vampiress's wanderings for the last week. Where she was staying, who she was with, what she did...learning, tracking, observing. A beautiful and unique recurve bow was slung over his shoulder with a quiver of red fletched arrows at one hip and a pair of short swords at the other. His clothes, black and brown, were worn and not terribly modern...he wasn't from the city and he hadn't spent much time here. Dark metal plates of armor protected vital spots on his body but didn't limit his movement.
She did seem to have a terrible time being stalked. Unfortunately, thanks to her somewhat.....Not completely 'here' state of mind, Lesinda was more or less oblivious. She dived down a backstreet and wandered slowly, the coat licking at her heels as she moved. Her stark, green hair that contrasted brightly with her pale skin was flowing freely, not that the length gave it much to 'flow' with, but there it was. Her fingers grazed along the mouldy old bricks of the wall here and there, or graced the corner of a crate or box as she moved around them.

It was obvious she didn't know he was there and for that, he felt a touch guilty as he pulled his bow from his back and nocked an arrow as he walked in the fluid motion of a well practiced archer. He pulled back the string and held it to his cheek, aiming between her shoulder blades, it would punch through her back and pierce her heart...simple...and a shot he'd taken many times with many others before...he never missed. Today though, he did...he pulled his forward arm to the side a touch and the arrow whistled past her ear, the glint of a silver tip was seen before it embedded into the mortar of the wall ahead.

Lesinda yelped when the arrow thunked beside her and she jumped back a few steps before whirling around on her heel to confront whom eve at shot at her, both hands raised in preparation to defend herself.....And....She paused....A moment of hesitation as she stared at the man with the bow for a few seconds. That....Face. She could just about make out his features.

He had changed. His face had always been smooth and handsome. Now...he had scars and scruff, his hair longer and shaggy poking out from under the hood. His grey-green eyes were hard, not mischievous and playful and pinned on her. He would still kill her...he had to...but he wanted to see her one last time before he did. She hadn't aged a day... She saw his chest expand a touch as he took a deep breath, a breath to steel his thoughts as he drew another arrow and nocked it...he didn't pull it back or aim yet.

She barely saw him draw another arrow as she focused on his face, her bright, ruby red eyes stated back into his for a hart beat....And then her eyes went wide, she gave a strangled cry of shock and leaped backwards, tripping over a box as she tried throwing herself away from the man. It couldn't be....This was a nightmare, it had to be.

"Don't run, monster." the boy that never had a harsh word for anyone called to her, "You know what has to be done. This is a service to all those that you would slaughter....and to you." The last part was murmured under his breath, thinking it to himself but with her sharpened senses, she probably heard it. Along with his steady heartbeat...he wasn't afraid, or angry. He was determined.

"Ahh..." She stared at him in clear shock. "Th-this is a nightmare..." Lesinda said, pushing herself further away from him as she tried to get herself back up onto her feet, trying not to trip over her own feet again as she got up. "You...You're not real. You can't be...."(edited)

"Why not? You expected the rest of your vampire kind to have killed everyone in the village by now? Trust me, they've tried." He still hadn't pulled back the arrow..this...was unexpectedly harder than he had thought it would be. Hearing her voice, seeing her face. But he had to remember....Lesinda wasn't Lesinda any more. She was a blood sucking monster like the rest, "Just stand still and let me end it."

"Mathian..." Lesinda barely whispered the name as her mind raced, filing new information. She still couldn't believe it was Leo in front of her...."He s-said...." And then her faced hardened and there was a little tick, a twitch, in her features. The look she levelled at him was quite unlike anything he'd even seen before, and she balled her fists. "I should have known..."

"So you did join with him." He sniffed a snort of distain, "...Goodbye, Lesinda....I am sorry I wasn't a better shot back then...." He had been away hunting for deer or some other game when her family and his mentors had been attacked and murdered. He pulled the string back to touch to his cheek, levelled the silver tipped arrow for her heart and fired.

Her hands shot up almost before he'd loosed the arrow, and wall of fire erupted before her, disrupting the course of the arrow but also turning it into a pile of ash before it had a chance to reach her. The wall of fire vanished and she stared at him. "Stop toying with me, Mathian." She called back, before she started walking towards him, and he arms gestured out to the area surrounding them. "What is this? Your grand plan? You invade my dreams to grind down my will power, make me think you freed me, mm?" Lesinda's features twisted into a snarl, and her pace quickened. "Bring my...My friend here...Trying to teach me I can't trust anyone but you or something? Is that it?!

She could hear his heartbeat quicken when the firewall ate up the arrow and he quickly grabbed another to notch it. This time, a layer of ice covered the arrow from where he touched it at its fletching before it was fired. He didn't answer and neither did Mathian...because he wasn't there. Mathian was still in Harm's Way, otherwise occupied with a certain succubus or his research on the bloodfruit plants. "You stopped being my friend when you became this thing and did not submit to destruction."

She wasn't so easy to get, twisting her body to the side, the arrow zipped past her and she continued advancing, increasing her pace further. "GET OUT OF MY HEAD." Lesinda roared at what was once her dear friend, she brought up he hands, bringing them together in a clap that thundered towards him in a shockwave, normally enough to throw the average person off their feet.

He dropped his bow and went to reach for the blades but he had no defense against the magic...most vampires weren't mages after all. His eyes widened before he was launched backwards, clear off his feet. He rolled and skidded across the street, his hood coming off. A touch dizzy and disoriented, he laid there for a moment.

She ran, charging forward when he fell and pounced upon the man, pinning him down. "You would pick him, to *** with my mind, wouldn't you?" Lesinda said, vey uncharacteristically. At least, for the Lesinda he used to know...She straddled his waist, her hands gripping his forearms to try and keep him pinned down.

He grunted, pinned for a moment but her parents taught how to fight against those monsters that were stronger so he had to figure out ways of now to use that force against them or be more flexible. He twisted and squirmed, frowning at her...she wasn't his friend anymore, clearly she'd lost her mind. He grunted and brought his leg up in an extremely flexible manner to get between them and kick or leverage her off of him.

She hadn' really expected that and the kick caught he off guard, loosening he gip on him and throwing her to one side from him. It was definably one theory that she'd lost her mind and if he had seen and experienced what she had in the last few years....Well...

He hadn't seen her in years so he had no clue. He rolled to the side, drawing his blades...silver....he didn't straddle her but got to his feet instead, ready to fight.

She glared up at him with a hate filled look. "Why did you have to pick Leo?"

"What in the blazes are you talking about?! No one picked me, no one sent me!" He glared back at her.

Her brows furrowed again and she stared up at him, before she slowly began to stand up to her feet. "Y...You're.....You're not Mathian...." Lesinda murmured gently. "This isn't a dream, is it....?"

"Of course I'm not Mathian!" He snapped, "I am not like you. I am not a blood sucking monster. I kill them. And I am here to kill you. And if I ever see Mathian, I will do the same to him and any others of the clan that feeds on innocent people and is destroying my home!" Anger and hate made his voice hard.

Lesinda stood fully, staring at him. "Leo...Is..Is it r-really you?" She spoke softly, and her hand inched out to touch, just to graze his arm, to poke him gently, but she snatched it back before she could make contact. "No..No it can't be. Mathian said he killed everyone....It's just a trick...”

"Mathian is a vampire and a liar. And you have clearly lost your mind. These years as a monster and his toy must have addled your brain. As a service to your family, our friendship and who you used to be...I will put you to rest." He got into a fighting stance, blades at the ready before it was his turn to charge.

Lesinda backed up, she'd never been much of a fighter, and it had been he brother that was the one to carry on the family tradition and so when she collide with the wall, she raised her hands to try and ward him off. "Wait! Leonard, please!!"

"I am sorry, Lesinda..." For a moment, there was a break in the hard look he had given her, a soft sadness of regret before he steeled himself again.

That momentary pause on his part at least gave her the chance to lash out with a fist, aiming for his face since she had little other option aside from casting magic on him again. "Stop!"

And he'd charged right into it. His stab fell short and his face hit her fist...knocking himself out from the combined force of her lashing out and him charging in. He fell with a clatter and a thump, rolling and schmucking into the wall with a grunt and a groan. He was quite possibly as clumsy as she was at times...

"Ahhh..." That hurt, for a few seconds and then she fell to her knees beside him, taking a second to kick away his blade when it fell from his hand. "Leeooo..." She clasped his face in her hands, trying to see how bad the damage was. At least he wasn't dead.... "Damn it...Why..Why are you here..." Les held back a sob. This was....All too much for her. Between him and Mathian she wasn't too sure if she hadn't lost her mind now.

He wasn't dead, but he would have a beautiful headache when he woke up. He groaned but was rather out. He had had been 8 years after all. He had scars on his face and hands and neck, old bite marks that looked like they were torn rather than carefully placed punctures. He was warm and his heartbeat was steady. It was Leo in the flesh.

Les hands fluttered over him as she searched for any specific wounds on him and chewed her bottom lip. She could understand why he was doing what he was.....Didn't make it hurt any less when he called her a monster... Lesinda looked around, wondering if he was on his own or not...

He seemed to be alone. He was well armed and armoured, even the marks at his neck were a little hard to have seen as there was a neck and shoulder guard to keep a face from getting in there. He groaned softly at her fluttering touch, a small brief smile in his unconscious state before it was gone again.

"Idiot." She said quietly. "Only you would come here all alone for the sake honouring the dead..." Les smiled softly at the idea....It was ironic really, since honouring her dead family involved him killing her. She pulled a small note book from one of her pockets and a pencil, jotting down a small note that she left on his chest, before swiftly unbuckling the empty scabbard at his waist and retrieving his sword. With very great care, she placed the sword back where it had come from and tied it closed in it's scabbard so it wouldn't slip loose as she moved and looked back at Leo. The note was pretty simple and straight forward in what it said. 'If you want your sword back, meet me at the Red Dragon Inn. Please don't try to kill me. Lesinda.' He seemed more or less safe here....However, she decided she would wait until he came too before leaving.

It didn't take long for him to come to again, ten minutes at most. His hand came up to hold his head as he groaned, groggy and probably concussed but he'd be fine.

When he came to, Les stood slowly, holding his sword in her hand as she watched him coming round.

He squinted, for a moment disoriented and confused to where he was but he saw a figure nearby and scrambled to his feet, groping for his blades. When he only found one, he pulled it free and growled, wobbly on his feet, the note falling from his chest to the ground, which caught his attention before it returned to her in a snap.

She'd already turned by then and was moving away from him. A steady, loping stride that became a sprint in moments, leaving alone with his single blade and her note on the floor. He'd notice she'd even taken the time to leave his bow beside him.

"Get...Get back here!" There wasn't much heat in his voice though, he was still disoriented. But she was gone and he cursed, running his fingers through his hair and shoving his other blade away and moved to gather his bow...and the note. He read it and frowned deeply, lifting his gaze to look after where she had gone...he could probably track her...but he didn't know the city. He cursed again and sighed, slinging the bow over his back again. He supposed he would have to ask around to find where this Inn was...

That wouldn't be difficult, given how famous it was. Lesinda was long gone now, disappearing into the distance.
Lesinda had gone directly to the Inn after leaving Leo in the street and tossed the sword on the counter top before rounding the bar to get herself a nice, long drink from a hidden flask her father kept in the cooler. And then she let out a sob that racked her whole body....The building was empty aside from herself, and she didn't expect to see Leo anytime soon, so she figured it was safe to let herself go. After all, she had every reason to.

Leo spent about an hour getting over the headache he had and wandering about, talking with folks. When he found the place, he made sure his weapons were readily available and looked around the outside of the building for exits and entries and possible ambush points before he took to the steps and inside. Immediately, his grey green eyes scanned about the room for the green haired vampiress.

He didn't have much luck in spotting her right away, however the fireplace was crackling away cheerily to itself, and there was a small sign on the bar declaring it to be 'self service'. It was possible Lesinda was sitting at one of the couches that ringed the hearth, if the position of the one of the side tables and the addition of a metal hipflask were anything to go by.

He carefully looked around the room again, slowly moving about it. He wasn't interested in a drink but he would go over to the bar to check behind it in case she was hiding. He headed over to the hearth and the couches, his hand on his sword hilt...uneasy.

She was on the one of the couches, and there on her lap was his other blade, still sheathed. Lesinda seemed....Asleep? Her eyes were closed, at the very least and it certainly seemed like she was sleeping.

He squinted at was probably a trap or a trick...he could probably snatch it from her if she didn't know he was there. Or....he could just end her there and collect the blade later. He slowly drew his other sword from its scabbard....she looked so peaceful in her strange sitting up sleep...maybe he could end her quickly and she could go in peace, not feel any pain. He swallowed hard and pulled back the sword.

"I guess you're not going to pay attention to that part of my note...." Lesinda murmured quietly at the sound of his sword being drawn. She opened her eyes to look up at him. "Could you please put that away, Leo..?"

He winced when she spoke, "....I'd hoped you were asleep..." Leo murmured but slid the blade back into its scabbard, holding out his hand for her to give him the other one back.

"I was." She said simply, and gestured instead to the couch opposite her, rather than offering his sword back. "Not just yet....Please?" Les asked him, her voice very soft.

He made a fist out of the hand he'd held open for the sword and gave an annoyed sigh...but he sat, folding his arms over his chest with a huff, like some pouty child who wasn't given his toy back.

She couldn't help herself....She giggled at his expression, recognising it from their past. It was shot lived and she reached over to her flask, taking a sip of the contents before she looked back at him, taking another moment or two to assess his features.

Her giggle, her mannerisms, her face...they reminded him of the past...and it hurt. Terribly. He had to look away. His features were more or less the same. He'd lost the softness of youth and certainly gained more muscle and chiselled form in the near decade that passed.

She sipped again, before chewing on her bottom lip for a few seconds before she tilted her head at him. "So....How are you?"

He looked over to her at her question, looking like she had two heads for a shock that she would try to have such a cordial conversation. "We aren't doing this...." Leo muttered and leaned forward, holding his hand out again, "Give me back my sword and let it be over.

"Leo." She said sternly, looking at him squarely for a moment. "It has been nearly 10 years since I last saw you. I..." Les paused and sighed softly before she smirked slightly. "It's so ironic..."

He frowned at her and leaned back in his seat again, "Fine. You want to reminisce? Fine." It was clearly not 'fine' but he would humor her...if not snarkily, "How have I been? Oh, wonderful, thank you. I spent the first few years of the last decade trying to protect villagers from Mathian's depraved vampires that would make sport of hunting the townsfolk. Putting down frenzied stragglers that were stupid enough to try hunting alone. Another few years dodging attempts on my life by the cranky leeches that found out who I was. Then the last year tracking Mathian here and while I lost his trail, I picked yours up. Ironic." He grit his teeth and sighed, slumping in his seat, some of the heat leaving him at his rant as he looked across at her, "....why are you still existing?...why do you continue to dishonour your family?....let me end it, Les...please..."

"Because I don't want to die." Lesinda replied honestly and with barely a beat between them speaking. "Which is ironic because I hate everything about my existence." She tilted her head at him. "I wish you'd found him a couple of weeks ago..."

"You died ten years ago, Les...this....this isn't life. This isn't right." He shot back before he muttered, "...Wish I found him long before that..."

"I'm still me." She replied, and then she laughed slightly. "Is this the real life, or is this just fantasy~" Lesinda tilted he head at him and nodded softly. "I wish you had too. Maybe I wouldn't have spent the last two weeks being raped by him."

"You aren't. You are a blood sucking monster created by a blood sucking monster. You are no different." It hurt to say...but this wasn't Lesinda anymore, he had to remember that, it was a vampire that wore her form. At hearing she was raped for two weeks, he flinched a bit and almost said he was sorry...but he didn't...he didn't know what to say to that, "....I wish I woulda found him before everything."

At his words, she turned her head, looking at the fireplace instead of him and she liked her lips. "That would make it too simple, old friend...." Les replied. "I wish he'd just killed me...."

He watched her a moment, " let me do it now. You don' don't need to suffer...if you really are you still, you would want me to."

"You know....There was always one thing you never fully grasped, Leo..." Lesinda replied softly, still not looking at him, he attention more or less focused on the fireplace. "There was always one lesson father tried to teach you. Do you recall what it was?"

He frowned, annoyed that she would even bring up her family, he felt no blood sucker had the right...but she seemed so like the girl he remembered. It was hard. He hadn't known anyone that had been turned....and especially not anyone he had cared for so deeply. "...Les...just give me back my sword...let me put you out of your misery and reunite you with your family...."

"He tried to teach you not to hate." Les tilted her head and her face was blank as a slate of stone. "You're just helping me, I suppose. You know how I feel and you know the best course of action, right?"

He pursed his lips at her words, "...I don't....I don't hate you..." Leo sighed and murmured, running his fingers back through his hair, frowning at her, "...I just....hate seeing you turned into this. I tried to end it for you after the villagers...after they did what they did." He hadn't been there, he had come home the day after to discover the burned remains and hear of how she had been turned, "I know that you never wanted this. No one wants this..."

"After the did what they did...." She repeated. Now she turned her head to look at him. "They stoned me." She said softly. "Nan...You remember her, the old woman that looked after all the children while our parents where away...? She spat on me, kicked me. Lucy..." She bit back a bitter sob and scrubbed furiously at her eyes as red tears started welling up. "Lucy, my best friend, stood there reading from her little bible declaring me a harlot and a devil." She took a deep breath to try and steady herself. "It was you that kept hounding me, wasn't it?"

He had been angry with them for what they'd done...he had been told only that she'd been chased off. He watched her...sympathy in his eyes. It must have hurt to have everyone she knew turn on her as they had...and here he was no different. He could tell himself though that he was wanting to do this for her sake, "...I didn't want you to suffer, Les...Your family never woulda wanted this for you..."

Lesinda gritted her teeth a little and looked at him. "Why is it the only two people from my past to come here for me, have wished nothing but to fore on me what they have decided is best for me?" Lesinda replied, and suddenly his sword was in her hand and she tossed it at him almost carelessly. "I didn't want this for me anymore than them, but I still have no more want to die now than I did then, Leo. I have a life, such as it is."

"So you want to continue to live as a monster? Stealing life from others to continue your unnatural life?" He had felt sympathy for her...but if she wanted this now, that sympathy would disappear, "They're dead now, y'know. Nan and Lucy..." He murmured, catching his scabbard and blade and laying it in his lap.

"I get blood from the blood bank, Leo. People in this city willingly give their blood." She replied. "And if you all me a monster one more time, I'm going to knock you out again."

He frowned, "People...willingly give their blood to vampires here? Why??" He looked terribly disgusted with that. Then raised an eyebrow, opening his mouth to say something but he closed his mouth again and sighed, "Alright....fine..." Leo watched her a few moments.

"Because not all of us are monsters." Lesinda replied, standing up sharply, picking up her flask as she went. "You're not going to budge, that much is obvious. I had hoped...I had...." Les ground her teeth with an agitated sigh and looked up at Leo, right in the eye. "I guess now I get to look forward to you trying to kill me as well as Mathian trying to *** me in random streets now?"

"No, wait." He reached out to her, standing as well, "...I just...I..." Leo floundered for words. Maybe he was wrong...but he'd only dealt with Mathian's sort so it was hard to think of vampires as anything else...even if they were his childhood sweetheart. "...maybe...we..could talk more?...."
Lesinda looked at him for several seconds before she adjusted her coat slightly. "Okay." She replied after a moment and settled down again, eyeing him up. "What do you want to talk about?"

He looked uncomfortable, uncertain and he leaned the sword against the couch rather than in his lap, "...I..." Leo sighed, "...miss you...I mourned your death with your family' me, who you were died." He looked back to her and gave a faint flick of a smile, "'s weird...seeing you and hearing nothing's changed. But it has. So much has..."

Her lips twitched slightly in a smirk and she tilted her head slightly "Yeah, it has..." Lesinda replied with a soft nod and then ran her fingers through her hair. "Did.....I...Didn't..Find out if....If there were any...Remains...”

He winced, nodding a bit, "...I...made sure they were buried when I came home..." He looked down at his lap, "....I'm sorry I wasn't there. I kept thinking about it and still think about it...if I'd been home, maybe I could have helped..."

Les shook her head. "No, you couldn't have..." She replied given him a soft shack of her head. "There were a dozen of them, and they over whelmed my parents....You would have died along with them..."

" least I could have said I did something." Leo murmured and rested his elbows on his knees. Guilt weighed on him a bit after all these years before he sighed, "...I figured...if I could put you to rest, I would be making up for it..." He flicked his eyes to her, " don't feed from people?"

"N-no." Lesinda replied. Which was a lie. She did feed from people, usually the willing, other times, the not so willing, but definitely deserving of an early grave. She toyed with the flask in her lap. "A...Few years ago...Someone forced me to drink their blood, before that…I only drank animal blood."

"Forced you to drink their blood? That...person sounds warped." Leo frowned and looked at her flask, " keep blood in there?"

"She is." Les replied, and then she gave a nod. "My...Um....I was adopted a couple of years ago, the man that adopted me enchanted this to hold ten-pints of blood. I get it refills at the blood bank..."

"Hn..." He sighed, "...Well...that's good you aren't hurting people to get what you need..." Leo murmured and scratched his jaw, "...your uh...your hair looks nice."

Lesinda looked up and smiled at him, and ran her fingers through it. "Really...?" She asked, leaning back against the couch. "I always wanted to dye my hair..."

He nodded, "It's...different but suits you I think..." He was a little off put by her eyes though and would look away, "...I'm...sorry I tried to kill you..."

Les tilted her head to one side and gave him a considering look. "Does that mean you're not going to try again...?"

He sighed, "....I won't try again...I still think you should just let me end it since you even said you hate what you're right." Leo sighed again, "...It's...not my place to tell you what's best for you...."

A smile bloomed on Lesinda's face at his words, more so the last ones than the bit before, and Les leaned forward, slipping off her seat and for a moment she hesitated slightly. She wanted to hug him, but that might be too much, far too soon....She eased herself down on her knees instead, shifting to tuck he legs under herself and lean her head against his knee. Sort of something like what they did when they were younger. "I've missed you Leonard..."

He blinked a few times when she came over and did the familiar lean. He hesitated a moment before giving a sad smile and reached out to pet her hair slowly, "...I'm glad I missed you." a terrible joke meaning of his aim rather than emotional state, the dorky smile that came to his face revealing that before he nodded.

She snorted, and then laughed. "That's terrible."

He snickered, "Yeah, I know....gotcha t'laugh though..." He smiled, "....missed that the most..." Leo murmured and continued to pet her hair slowly.

"I haven't had a lot to laugh about recently..." Lesinda replied quietly. "Thank you...for taking care of my family...I..Didn't exactly have the opportunity..."

His eyebrows pulled together a bit, "...I'm surprised you aren't with Mathian...I tracked him here so I figured he would be with you..." He murmured, almost a growl which was so out of character for the kind hearted boy she'd known. A lot of things could change in 8 years after all. He nodded though, "...I know....and you're welcome...they...were like my family too..."

"I know..." She murmured softly, and then tilted he head slightly. "I...Mathian's Clan made him leave me behind after he stated turning me." Les said to him softly. "When....I was...When I left.....I got here on my own. Mathian followed a couple of years later...He let me go, and then....Couple of weeks ago he turned up again." Lesinda sighed softly, but she'd clenched her gloved fists through this explanation. "There, uh...There's another person that....Thats sort of claimed me...That woman that made me drink her blood. She made Mathian give me up again....I don't know if he'll come back for me after that."

He frowned, still petting her hair slowly and softly, "...Yeah, I tracked him here this last week or so...this city is freakin' huge..." Leo sighed then frowned again, "...So...the woman made you drink her blood claims you but made Mathian leave you alone? least he'll leave you alone now?"

Les shrugged softly after a moment. "I don't know...I think so....He...He's obsessed..." She replied quietly. "But Renna...She's mad."

"One evil for another is better than both?" He offered, not really knowing anything about the situation, "...If I find Mathian, I'll kill him..."

Les was quiet for several seconds before she dipped her head slightly. "You...Should leave..." Lesinda said very quietly. "He'll just kill you Leo..."

He frowned, looking down at her, "I'm not a child anymore...I've learned a lot. I kill monsters like Mathian...I would have killed you if...if you weren't you."

Les stiffened slightly and tilted her head slightly, before she stood slowly and moved back to the couch she'd been sitting at, but moved around it, running her hand along the backrest. "Mathian isn't like normal vampires, Leo..." Lesinda said slowly. "He's a better mage than I am and.....He...He's different."

He pouted a bit when she stood and moved away from him. He watched her, feeling a pang of sadness that she didn't believe in him, "...I know they say he can't be killed..that he comes back somehow...but...I'll just kill him again and again til it sticks."

She glanced up at him at that, and she blinked slightly. "Do you know...Has he been killed before?"

"Well....I dunno....I've talked to some other hunters and they say they've heard of hunters that have killed him but he's still around so...either they're lying or he comes back." Leo shrugged.

"He could be a lich..." Lesinda said softly, looking down at her fingers, tracing out patterns in the stitching there. "It would explain some things....If he is...Leo...You don't stand a chance.."

"Lich? What's that?" He frowned, never terribly magic-savvy. He had some ability, but he was always more skilled with the martial arts of a bow than with the arcane.

"And undead necromancer....Someone who's magic is so attuned to dark, death magic, that they were able to bind their soul, or part of it, to an item, an object....The better ones can even bind their soul to another living being...Each time they die, their consciousness just returns to a safe place and can return to their body, or they can form a new body..." Her fingers continued plying the material of the couch. "They're always very powerful magic users.....Which explains how he's able to force people into vampirism..."

He frowned, "...I see...." That did freak him out a little bit...but if he could kill Mathian once, he could probably kill him multiple times. At least that's what he thought, "...So...what happens if the object or item destroyed?"

"He....Well....He might die, or he might just be killable." she looked up at Leo. "But something like that...He'd have it so well protected Leo, you'd never be able to find it"

"Never say never, Les." He watched her, "...If...if I can't put you to rest to honor your family's memory...then....I'll focus on that instead."

"You...." She smiled sadly. "You're not going to be able to move past that...Are you?"

He winced at seeing the sadness in her smile, he looked down, "I'm sorry...I...I'm's just hard...."

"I understand..." She murmured. "Alot of the people that live here don't like vampires either...." Lesinda shrugged softly. "I am, what I am....I'm Lesinda Loa Acloth. I'm a vampire." She snorted. "Ironic...A family of vampire hunters...I wonder if this has happened before...." Les shook her head softly and looked up at Leo again. "You should go back, Leo...Get everyone out of there, move on..."

He frowned, shaking his head, "....I'm not leaving until Mathian is dead. The village...there isn't much left there anyway. Everyone is already moving on or too damn stubborn."

"Mathian will kill you, Leo..." Lesinda replied almost desperately, the tone of her voice mirrored in her pained expression. "Please...I...I want to know that s-someone got...Out okay..I...I don't want...." Lesinda scrunched up her eyes and stamped her foot in frustration. "I don't want you to die because of me too!"

He frowned and stood up, wandering over to her, " one's died cause of you, Les....they died cause of Mathian." He hesitated a moment before he pulled her into a hug.

She was hugged and Lesinda didn't know exactly how to react to that, standing stiff as a board. She sniffed, and sighed before clearing her throat. "W-why do you think they attacked us, Leo?" She whispered. "M-my...Family, he wanted to kill us....An...And turn me.." It was, at around this point, that Lesinda broke down and sobbed. "It was all about us, Leo, everyone that…That he killed.."

He swallowed hard, squeezing her tight in his arms in the hug, "...They attacked you cause Mathian is a sick monster....You can't think about things like that...he killed people because he likes it...even if you or your family hadn't been there, he still would have killed people." Leo pet the back of her head, holding her and letting her cry, " and your family saved a lot of people...before you came to the village, we were all just cattle, your family gave people the courage to fight where they could...your family took me in after Mathian killed mine....I woulda been just another casualty if your parents hadn't been there...."

She didn't have any more words left now, and just kept crying, wrapping her arms around Leo's form with a sob. She hadn't had a proper, emotional moment since Mathian had let her go and the last couple of weeks were coming out all over Leonard's coat, because vampires cried blood. The contrast on her alabaster white skin was quite stark.

He just held her, tucking his head against hers and let her cry as she needed to. It wasn't the first time he'd had blood on his coat before and it wouldn't be the last he figured...just...not like this before. He gave soft sounds at her as he pet down her hair and back.

"I've missed you..." She mumbled, after who knew how long. She'd stopped rying by now and just sniffed every now and then.

"....missed you too, Les." He murmured, closing his eyes with a sigh, "...I'd thought that when people were turned into monsters...uh...into vampires...that they automatically liked doing the things that Mathian did...killing, hurting people for fun, taking life because they can..." Leo sighed then smiled faintly, "I'm....glad you're still you...."

"If....If they hadn't forced him to leave me behind...I....I probably wouldn't be..." Lesinda said quietly.

"Then....we'll just be glad that they did then." He sighed and softly kissed her hair before clearing his throat and murmuring an apology for the action, "You've been living here for a while now then?"

It was strange...Being held by him again...She turned her head slightly and nuzzled in against his chest with a soft nod. "Yeah...."

It was certainly strange holding her, that was for sure. He sighed, "'s....a lot different than back home. I spend more time lost than I do knowin' where I'm going."

She snickered softly and smiled. "You were always getting lost at-" The smile dropped abruptly and Les cleared her throat before continuing. "At home..."

"...This is your home now, it's okay." He smiled faintly and turned his head to look down at her, " happy here?"

She nodded softly at his question. "I.....I have a family...Friends that...That don't care what I am...”

He winced but nodded, "..That's.....that's good." He looked away again, but didn't let her go, still hugging her close.

She didn't ease up on him either and gave his chest another nuzzle. "I...I don't want you to go..."

He blinked a few times at the nuzzle and her words. Leo smiled faintly, "I'm not goin' anywhere...."

She squeezed him gently and tilted her head up to look up at him a little. "You promise..?"

He blinked a few times then smiled again, nodding, "mm, promise." He made a little cross over his heart.

She blinked at him a couple of times and then smiled, laughing softly.
Sometimes, the worst thing can be living through the worst moments in your life
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PostPosted: Sun Jul 22, 2018 6:25 pm    Post subject: Day 42 Reply with quote

It had been, what? Over a month now since the episode with Mathian. Lesinda had stuck a deal with Giovanni, securing her own freedom and that of Leo too. The last couple of weeks had honestly been the best in a while, but the last couple of days.... Lesinda couldn't explain it, but she felt uneasy. Like an itch between her shoulders that could be reached no matter what.

And that was why she was out here. Lesinda had lied to Mathian, and to Leonard... Her hip flask was not the only way she fed,it just helped her to control her....urges.
The drugs she’d obtained from Cane were a gods send, blocking out Mathian and his ability to infiltrate her mind, but she couldn't take them all the time, it was too dangerous. That led to days like this one.... Something with her Sire and Les could sense it. It forced to her going hunting, something she’d sworn to Leonard she didn't do, to try and alleviate the sensation. It made Les feel dirty, skulking around the alleyways, knowing that Leonard thought she was just out at the marketplace for a walk, but what could she do? The idea of her being a vampire was bad enough for him, what would the knowledge that she went out and killed people do to him and their renewed friendship?

Not that she went after just *anyone*. She wasn’t Mathian after all … No, Lesinda had lived in the city long enough to know how to move about unnoticed more or less. She wasn’t as skilled at the art as her sister Camellia, but Les was good enough…And she had Renna’s network to work with as well, when it came to finding the ‘right’ kind of people kill.
Her target was a male, skulking around while he waited for his victim... Abuser and paedophile, just the right kind of scum that she didn’t feel bad about what she needed to do to survive. The man stole away the innocents of children, ruined their lives forever… Just like Mathian.. An inner voice chimed at the back of her head, as her fangs grew out and Lesinda flexed her fingers, silently stalking behind her prey. Defiling and pillaging, evil and violence, all for his own self service… It didn’t feel so bad, when she came up behind him grabbed the man be the shoulder and yanked, her other arm rearranging the placement of his kidney and a swift kick to the back of his knee made him collapse into her embrace.
He barely had a moment to cry out before her fangs flashed, digging into flesh piercing an artery, spilling warm salty blood into Lesinda’s mouth, fuelling her undead life for another day, and then he didn’t make another sound ever again.
Sometimes, the worst thing can be living through the worst moments in your life
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