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Conversations with Mach (18+ Mature Themes)

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Old Wyrm
Old Wyrm

Joined: 01 Feb 2015
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PostPosted: Mon Feb 23, 2015 9:09 pm    Post subject: Conversations with Mach (18+ Mature Themes) Reply with quote


?Hello, this is Mach.?

?Don't give me this Mach *** Eli!?

?Mike? What the hell, I thought you were turning queer in the clink you stupid son of a ***!?

?-Chuckling- Hey, hey... no one gets to tap this hot ***! Pristine fields here!?

?-Wryly- Yeah, yeah, what, this time around at least??

?*** you Eli. - Smirk- So what the hell have you been up to man!? I hear you got yourself transferred to another *** planet!?

?-A dull scratching sound the background - Heh, didn't know they let criminals be privy to movement of respectable folk like me.?

?Ptsh! Respectable my pristine ***! So who or what the hell did you do to deserve this!?

?-A slight pause, some shuffling- Oh you know, a few illegal on base activities, an inappropriate relation with a ranking officer or three, flagrant disregard of rules... guess they just thought there was way too much pretty around.?

?-A whistle- And people say I'm the trouble making thug of the family.?

?No, no, your the drug addled thug of the family, I'm the pretty boy thug of the family, and John's the smart thug of the family...?

?-Smirk- And what does that make Matt??

?The pretty boy who sucks as a thug...??

?-Laughter- Sucks is right! You know he turned full queer in the clink last time!?

?-A pause before smirking- Your chaffing me...?

?-Laughing- No joke man! Brought his 'friend' over last time he was out, little fruit was wearing a pink bow and goddamned garters!?

?-Laughs- Ha! Always did know the inside would get to him... just didn't think it get so.... inside him.?

?-Hearty laughter, a smacking sound with gasping.- Right!? -That laughter drains into a chuckle- Poor bastard. Never had a chance with our family though.... good on Bri though.?

?-Long pause- Yeah. Apparently the *** up gene's only travels along the male side of the Turners. -A slight rustle, some muffled noise before a distinct snap and suck.-?

?-Smirk- Right!? -Pausing- You still smoking Eli? ?

?-A pause before the blow of air- Do bears *** in woods? And what do you mean 'you still smoking Eli' like your some sorta saint...?

?-A snigger- Oh... yeah, Bri's been getting on my case. Been hounding me to keep in the rehab and you know those dicks don't like any sorta substance... have one have all and that ***?

?-A smirk, another exhale- Yeah... always was her way. Probably just getting back at you really. You remember that time we strung her up in the park? Duct taped her to that tree in Walbar??

?-Chortling- *** yeah... I was, what... 16 at the time and just outta juvie for getting pinched bunking it with Sandie Lauder!?

?Yeah, yeah... Bri was going to nail you for meeting up with Sandie again, what... 2 days out and get me and John for stealing from the Albimart. - A chuckle and another exhale- Smart as a whip but dumb as a post in sense.?

?-Laughing- Yeah! Threatening to tattle while John had that roll of duct tape for breaking and entering... not smart. But then after we string her up it was his stupid *** that goes and cuts her down 3 hours later cause he's afraid of the trouble he'll get in!?

?-Laughing- And of course he's the one that gets sent to juvie for that! Stupid *** and his conscious!?

- Hearty laughter fills in for a few ticks -

? -Gasping for air.- Yeah... yeah... stupid times man, stupid times... - A few deep breaths and finally a sigh.- You know... she's been asking about you again.?

?-Still chortling- Who? Sandie? Nah, I don't do litters...?

?-A smirk.- Asshole, I mean Bri. You know she's doing her white coat ceremony this May right??

?-That chortle dies, another puff.- Oh yeah? ***... already one year into her med school. Won't that be something... a Dr. Turner, the one in five. - A snigger.-?

?-A chuckle and that voice becomes somber- Eli... you know she wants you to attend. She says she keeps sending you messages but you never respond, never take her calls man.?

?-A silence broken by the crackle of a puff, the still hold before the exhale.- I've been busy man, ain't exactly cherries and pie moving to a whole new city. Anyway, she don't want me there... I'm Mach after all, trouble maker extraordinaire. I'd probably shack it with a couple of those interns for the ceremony!?

?-Another mild chuckle- Yeah, well, *** up or not she wants you there man. I don't what's your damage with her anyway, thought you were her guardian brother and all and yet you treat her like *** now-in-days.?

?-A suck, a puff- Ah stop 'rassing me Mike. You ain't slutty enough to be mom or violent enough to be any of our dads.?

?Eli, I'm being serious man. You've been nothing but a dick to Bri for years... hell, even her worthless old man has stepped up and set up that college fund and yet you can't even be *** to help her find out where the bastards hiding out.You've go mil clearance and it's a mil account that's feeding that purse so I don't know why you can't just do her that one favor man.?

?Hey, lay off Mike!... -A sigh blows through, a rustle of a cigarette being ground out- Look, guys a *** but I said I wouldn't tell Bri where he's at. Atonement with money not with words and I'm all kinds of on board with that notion.?

?Yeah, yeah, so you say. But everything you do antagonizes the poor girl...?

?Antagonizes? -Chuckle- We-ell, look who got hit with a thesaurus in a bar fight!?

?Shut it Eli, I'm serious here. Now I ain't no saint, furthest from it, and I ain't no loving family member, almost as bad as you really... but everything you do seems to spite Bri. Pics of conquests, lewd mails, never around for holidays or occasions... really, what the hell happened man??

?-A long pause- Just... who I am Mike. Yeah??

?*** Eli... I just hope you get your act together before you finally get popped off. You know how devastating would be to Bri to learn you kicked it before she could properly scold you for being an idiot??

?-A smirk- Yeah, she'd cry me a river...?

?Not if you keep acting like this she won't, but I kinda have to wonder...?

?Keep your wet dreams to yourself Mike, I don't wanna hear them.?

?-A pause- Fine... fine, we'll do it your way. This ain't over yet.?

?Yeah, yeah, mom?

?-Smirk- So... how's it in RhyDin? Dangerous??

?-A pause- Nah, like a *** vacation man. Babes and booze for as far as the eye can see...?

?-Another smirk- Yeah... right. Well, you take care out there, yeah? You get killed out there and I'll pee on your grave.?

?-Chuckle- Get in line.?

?-Snigger- No grass will be greener. Alright Eli... you take care.?

?Yeah, yeah, you too... -Pause- Hey Mike?


?Watch out for Bri for me, yeah??

?-Pause- Right, right. Laters loser.?

?-Smirk- Get bent stupid.?



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Old Wyrm
Old Wyrm

Joined: 01 Feb 2015
Posts: 324
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Jobs: Bullet Catcher, Village Idiot
Can Be Found: Likely where there's trouble (more likely caused by him)
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PostPosted: Tue Feb 24, 2015 7:14 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


?Hello, hello!?

?Lt. Elitia Turner??

?-Pause, sigh-Yeah??

?-Chuckling- Expecting someone else? This is Dr. Wagner with??

?I know who you are doc... ?Rustle, rustle, click, crackle, snap- So what?s up, my req go through? ?Exhale-?

?-Pause- Yes? about that Mr. Turner??

?Mach. Call me Mach? third line down under nicknames slash preferred names.?

?Mach? we need to talk about your health.?

?-Puff, exhale- Yeah? Fit as a fiddle and virile as a stud??

?-Sigh- More like a walking time bomb? would you seriously not smoke when talking to your doctor!?

?-Smirk- Bad habit doc.?

?-Exasperated sigh-You seem to have a lot of those. Now look, I?ve been reviewing the results of your last physical and frankly I?m concerned. Posttraumatic bone thickening in frankly all your bones and most worrisome in all parts of your spine, heavy wear to ligaments and tendons, raggedy lungs from your two pack a day habit, hepatic cirrhosis only exacerbated since you?re missing a quarter of your liver to begin with, you have atherosclerosis with mild plaque deposits which is not generally considered bad at your age? if you were obese which you are clearly not? heavy intra-abdominal scar tissue, heavy muscular scarring in general, probably some weak vessels in your brain thanks to your extensive history of head injury and concussions ? frankly I am aghast to know that your only 31.?

?-Puff, exhale- What can I say... hard job is hard.?

?Hard job is killing you Mach. You know you?ve had more regenerative healing than soldiers received on average during the Permiatic War? By twice. And on top of that your drinking, dietary, and smoking habits are not helping you in the least.?

?I served in that war you know. ?Exhale-?

?Two battles and you about got ripped in half at the last. And you know statistically other than follow-up care most those soldiers didn?t continue to require more and more healing afterward.?

?-Pause, puff, exhale- So hard job is killing me. Nothing to get excited over doc.?

?-Mildly groaning-But it is. You know regenerative potions and healing magic only work for so long right? After you?ve reached your saturation and tolerance point that?s it? back to the best of medical science and I can tell you we don?t have anything to fix the amount of problems you?ve been raising for yourself. Now you?ve been very lucky so far that you seem to have a retarded tolerance development, particularly for a potion dependent class like you? but this will only last for so long. Most men in your field don?t see it to retirement age before they start experiencing diminished performance of regenerative potions or start experiencing problems from unhealable stress and damage??

?Doc, most people in my field don?t make it to retirement to begin with.?

?And that is why you should be taking care of yourself now rather than burning up your body! What if you buck the trend, serve to 40 and retire? what then? You?ll have a body like a 70 to 80 year old with about as good a quality of life. ?

?-A smirk-?

?This isn?t a laughing matter Mach. Why do all of you A class hunters have this??

?It?s fine, it?s fine, that?s why I?m saving an actual full regen treat until after I retire.-Exhale, rustle of cigarette being crushed out.-?

?It?s not fine! By then it may be too late, you may be too saturated for a full regenerative treatment to do you any good if even you make it that far! This wear and tear is taking a toll on you Mr. Turner whether you admit it or not and it?s going to lead you to make a mistake one day that?s going to be final!?

?-A long pause ? Alright, alright. I get it. Eat more carrots. Is my req approved or what??

?-Sigh? a muttering of something under breath likely very profane and very not patient care oriented- That?s not the point Mach. You?re asking for yet another bump in your regenerative mixture supplement. Obviously problems are starting to affect you.?

?That?s what I?m supposed to do. More aches and pains, req for increase in regimen.?

?To a point Mach. And only when you?re in a combat role.?

?-Chuckle- Yeah, well I?m sanctioned to continue requesting increases so long as my combat mission remains active and funny thing doc, the civy mission doesn?t end. Anyway, I?m nowhere near the cutoff limit??

?If by cutoff limit you mean lethal dose then yeah, not there yet. But you are well above regular dosing parameters for one of your station and role? -Sigh- Whatever. I want you to see a specialist. Dr. Rabjohn??

?Aren't they a shrink? I thought you said it was my body that was failing, so why you trying to recommend me to a head doctor??

?Because your body isn?t throwing itself in the path of fireballs itself. The start of a healthy body, or at least less unhealthy body in your case, is a healthy mind.?

?***? -Smirk- Anyway, if you haven?t reviewed my record I?m off planet. Can?t lie in a comfy couch and talk about my mommy light-years and dimensions away.?

?-Shuffling sound of papers- Well then you better make it work? or find a local psychologist there. I don?t care. Until you start seeing some sort of specialist I?m not approving your requisition to increase your regenerative regimen.?

?-A pause before the spurting outrage- You can?t do that you ?oh my- piece of -oh my, oh my - who can shove your ?oh my, oh my, ohhh myyy-! You?re not out here dragging dangerous bastards in who?d no more roast you than say how do!?

?-Sigh- No, I?m not, and actually, yes I can. I?m not telling you to stop living as you are, I?m not that stupid. But I do think you should see a psychologist to at least try to address some of your problems? and maybe if we?re lucky it?ll have a trickledown effect on the rest. You send in proof of visit and I?ll approve your req? I?ll even draw smiley faces on my 'I's just for you.?

?-A long pause before an aggravated sigh- Fine? FINE! One visit!?

?A treatment round.?

?-Pause with some soft grinding sound in the background- No more guff about increasing my regen regimen!?

?Until next time.?

?-Very displeased grumbling.- Whatever? I?ll see what I can do.?

?-Much more chipper- Good!?

?Go to hell.?

?I?m the main military doc here in charge over class A licensees? believe me I?m pretty close.?

?-A snort- Whatever...anything else??

?Well, since I have you I would like to make a few recommend??


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Old Wyrm
Old Wyrm

Joined: 01 Feb 2015
Posts: 324
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Jobs: Bullet Catcher, Village Idiot
Can Be Found: Likely where there's trouble (more likely caused by him)
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PostPosted: Sat Feb 28, 2015 11:22 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


?Staffing and assignments office, this is Jezebel, how may I direct your call??

?Hey Jezzie, its me Mach...?

?-Polite cough-?

?Er, Lieutenant Elitia Turner, Military Bounty Offices number: 098325HL121780 calling in for my remote debrief interview with Cpt. Albright with the Military, Civilian Personal and Assignment offices.?

?Hello Mach, hold on one moment and let me page him... hows it been going with you??

?Oh you know, stupid is as stupid is Jezzie... still breaking hearts around the offices??

?-Giggle- You are such a flatterer Mach! You know I'm married.?

?-Grandiose- And the world is a little darker place for such a light to be chained down...?

?-Snigger- Still as sly a tongue as always, good to hear the reassignment hasn't changed you though being silly with an old woman is only going to get you in trouble! I'm going to transfer you in.?

?Alright, you stay beautiful Jezzie, remind Robert that I'm gunnin for you if he doesn't watch it!?



?Lt. Turner, your call is late.?

?-Pause, ruffle sound of a shrug- I was busy. Those REF10's don't just fill themselves out.?

?Yes... you've been going through a lot of those lately.?

?What can I say, magic and mad science is a little more impressive here then back home.?

?So I understand. -Clack of papers being organized before the ruffle of a folder- Alright... so it looks like all your paperwork is in order. On decla...?

?Look Morgan, is there a way we can speed this up? I don't want to spend an hour confirming each form and report and little detail over the phone with you. Just send me an ODRI3 if you have anything that needs clarification yeah? Now is there any particular thing you needed to talk about with me??

?-Aggitated sigh- That's Cpt. Albright to you Lt. Turner.?

?Fine, fine, Cpt Albright, can we just get on with it? I'm starved and was wanting to try and catch a show.?

?You know these policies and regulations are in place for a reason right?-Sigh- Fine... it's not like I don't have anything better to do than wasting my time and breath going over documents with trash like you.?

?There you go! So. Forms in order, is there anything else or can I call myself debriefed for now??

?Yes there is something in particular I wanted to discuss with you lieutenant. Some rather disturbing contact and conduct reports...?

?Contact and conduct reports... are you wasting money having people watch me! -Chuckles-?

?Mild surveillance not outside of regular norms, a prudent measure given your... colorful history and service record. You've also been making quiet the splash about so it's not like it's been hard to hear disturbing rumors where your name pops up.?

?Oh you flatter me. -Creak of chair sitting back- Alright, hit me... what have you heard of ol Mach doing.?

?This isn't a joke Lt. Turner, you've been conducting yourself with a rather large number of subversive and corrupting elements. -A ruffle of papers- Lets see... there are reports that you?ve gotten involved in hijinks with a member of the Shimmerscales? a Luna or Star something??

?Thar be dragons! ? A smirk-?

?-Unammused monotone-Yes? a rather large and prolific clan of dragons, morphs, and other assorted rabble. A lot of mischief and trouble seems to surround them from what we have gathered. So you understand it is puzzling why our reports of said interactions also coincide with you using an assortment of discretionary bullets including a phase shift translocation bullet with a 407PIA attached.?

?Because the girl wanted to fly.?

?A member of a family of dragons wanted to fly and needed your help??

?Hey! You do listen to me!?

?-A pause, a tired sigh- Okay? how about your relation with one Jewell Ravenlock, a known associate of the fae and their court in Rhydin and rumored associate of the fae organized criminal element??

?Yeah, she?s great. Nice and spicy with curves you can nibble on all night??

?-Clears throat- Yes, and potentially tied to organized crime.?

?Nah, I doubt that? or doubt she?s anymore tied to such than I am.?

?You shouldn?t be tied to such at all!?


?Lt. Turner, for your sake I do hope this is just your atrocious sense of humor? okay, how about your interactions with an entity that is purported to be owned by a Class 3B Madsci? an Evelyn Bell??


?A living box.?

?OHHH, that box. Poor fella? creature? thing.?

?Lt. Turner!?

?What? so I talked to a box. Usually that just gets one sanctioned.?

?A box owned by a Madsci.?

?Missing last I heard.?

?That doesn?t change the fact that it can influence people.?

?Oh it wanted to influence someone? -A snigger- ...ah, but what I meant was that just by interacting with a madsci?s luggage doesn?t mean I?ll be compromised. What, think I?ll turn madsci myself.?

?Let me remind you that you do have a 7.3 scoring on the Ruger scaling. Some would consider that kind of score just waiting for you to spark??

?-Chuckling- Naah, I lack the other half of the equation to be a madsci? I?m dumb as a post remember.?

?-Pause- Hmm? yes, true.?

?-Drab- Thanks for the vote of confidence...?

?-Creak of chair leaning back- Okay... how about your cavorting with mages??

?Cavorting? Oooh... hey, sometimes I gotta use the ol' Mach charm to apprehend mages and he seemed like he'd...?

?NO! No, no, no... just... no. I mean outside of work. You've been noted to hang out and get rather friendly with mage types, an empathic elfess, a pink haired class 5A mage woman, an unclassed warlock and demon! You do know those are the enemy, right??

?-Snap, click, puff, exhale- I wasn't aware citizens were considered enemies.?

?Those are not just citizens lieutenant, those are mages. Or have you forgotten that your title is 'mage hunter.?

?I'm fairly certain your forgetting that we are civil servants, not some inquisition out to burn us some witches because some idiot or another got turned into a newt.?

?Lt. Turner, I would remind you that magic is a subversive force... that is why there is even a specific wing of military and military trained police that deal with such.?

?No Cpt. Asshole magic is a tool. I use magic... you use magic... all of us use it to carry out our job which is to bring in bad people who use magic as a tool in their machinations, nothing more.?

?You will watch your tongue or I'll bust you to the brig for insubordination!?

?-Pause before an angry exhale- Didn't think this place was run by bigots, opp, sorry, bigots sir.?

?-Listy sigh- I don't get it... you of all people should hate mages particularly after what you've been part of... the Red Rose Incident, the Crisis of Calbara Mitsor, the Doran Ker case, the Permiatic War...?

?-Slight rustle of a shrug- Guess I'm just not that petty...or the world is too small and sad or life too short to be butt hurt about it all the time. I don't know. -Exhale-?

?-Palm slam- Life is so short for you lot because of all that!?

?-Another slight rustle of a shrug before silence-?

?-Pause- You know, I think I hate that the most about you out of everything. -Another aggravated sigh- Alright... how about your relation with all the demi-humans and non-humanoids? Lets see, a tiger morph, a satyr...?



?Cinder's a faun. Cute as a button too though not so quiet as one. -Exhale- Who's the tiger morph??

?-Sigh- A... Mi-Ok Son...?

?Damn, she really is a morph!? I though it was just an allegory or something...maybe a defensive line to try and keep overly flirty people in check yeah... -A chuckle- Guess I should be a little more careful... but that really ain't my style so... -Ragged exhale, obviously grinning-?

?-Mild grumbling- A dragon and minotaur.?

?Icer and Andu? Cute couple. No, strike that, the minotaur is with an imp I think... not sure she trusts me... pretty sage for an imp really. The dragon... I think is with another dragon? Don't know, haven't asked...?

?-More agitated grumbling- A psionic.?

?Who throws awesome parties! Shook my booty allll over the place, chatted up a couple of women... though I think one wants to shoot me for some reason. I thought we were doing demi-humans??

?-Almost audible grinding of teeth.- Just...- A very angry pause-...a construct...?

?-Smirk- Construct? -Pause- Oooh. Val? Don't know what she is honestly. Where the hell did you get construct??

?-Terse- Reports?

?-Chuckling- I think you need to fire your information gathering agents, it sounds like they suck.?

?-Words spoken obviously through clenched jaws- A slipper...?

?Slipper? -Pause, exhale- You mean Jane? Damn... I should probably press harder to get my forty bucks from her then... or would it be eighty now...??

?Lt. Turner! We didn't send you over there to become friendly with the natives you know!?

?-Exhale- No, you sent me here to practice the writ of bounty and arrest errant madscis and psyzards... as I have been doing if you'd read my collection of FOR209A's, B's, and D7's. -Rustle as a cigarette is ground out- And last I checked who I conduct myself with on my own personal time was personal.?

?You are a representative of the UTR's civil defense initiative Lt. Turner. You are the face for not only our organization but for your entire homeland and home planet...?

?No... I am just a bounty hunter. The face for our planet is Carlson the diplomat in the embassy offices. Ugly mug that is but I didn't vote for them so...?

?Don't you get glib with me lieutenant, you know what I mean.?

?I'd rather not. Anyway, this is a dimensional portal city, mish mash of cultures, of people... a melting pot if ever there was one... you either go native or go home. And I'm not going to sit around like some good little robot when I'm not working... if you wanted someone like that maybe you lot shouldn't have sent me.?

?-Tired sigh- Yeah, maybe not. -A grumble- If you want to send in a RFT109 I'll make sure it's fast tracked so we...?

?No thanks.?

?-Pause- What do you mean 'no thanks'...?

?Pretty sure that's common language. Thought the mil required at least a secondary school equivalent of education to join.?

?That's not what I meant! Months ago we had to threaten you to go out there and now that I'm offering to help bring you back your refusing! Why!? You could get back to your stupid life out here and get better care for your C3 S.A.D.S. and take lower risk assignments...?

?-Pause, a ruffle of a shrug- I like it out here... my kind of stupid.?

?-Quiet grinding of teeth- No... no... I think this is what I hate most about you... you just like to be contradictory. Alright... how about I arrange an exchange replacement so you...?

?I said I like it out here. I'm not accepting an exchange replacement. You can get this post open again when you nail me for gross negligence or if I abandon it like my predecessor.?

?Your predecessor was turned into a molten crater.?

“See. If I go that route then I'll have solved two problems for you yeah??

?-Long pause with grinding that finally gives way to a weary sigh- Right... right. Sorry.?

?Wow, that was creepy.?

?Shut up Lt. Turner. - Sound of chair creaking as someone sits back- You sweet dealers are all the same...?

?-Glib- Are we??

?-Sigh- This debrief is over, your dismissed lieutenant. Good hunting... but I am warning you we are watching and if you show signs of negligence or contamination we will pull you.?

?And we were just starting to bond. -Smirk- Aye, aye sir. Keep nose clean or will get it cleaned for me, got it sir. Sir, sir, sir, sir.?



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Old Wyrm
Old Wyrm

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 15, 2015 10:21 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


?-Grumble, groan, muffled cursing, THUNK, more muffled cursing and shuffling- What!?

?-Chuckling- Well, good morning to you too!?

?*** you.... oww.... *** me....-Creaking, thumping-?

?Rough night at it? -Smirk- You know that playboy lifestyles going to kill you...?

?-Sound of water running covering over more cursing- Hey... somebodies gotta live the dream.... damn it where's a towel...?

?-Chuckling- Yeah, well, you don't gotta live them all. So, who or what was it yeah??

?-Splashing, scrubbing, a gasp for breath, rinsing- Who... two beauts. Man you should see them, sizzling bods, rave pink hair, fine examples of the womanly form... sisters. Damn fine sisters Gin. -more scrubbing-?

?-Curious- Sisters? -Low whistle- Da~yummm you dirty dog Mach! Was it wild or was it wild!?

?-Chuckling, more rinsing- It was 'wild' man... screaming, yelling, crying, rolling around on the ground, nail digging.. *** was brutal. Got the bruises to prove it...?

?-Rustle, rustle, snap, puff, exhale- You always did have a nose for the best kinds of troubles Mach.?

?Yea... -Rustle, thump, gurgling heaving sounds in background before the whoosh swirl of a toilet flushing. Some coughing followed before splashing and gurgling.- ? you know me... like to stir them pots of trouble...?

?-Slightly strained chuckle- Yeah... drinking too??

?-More gurgling, spit, scrub- Of course... little local chaos brew and a few home grown...?

?-Puff, exhale- Wow! Was the party that good??

?SS X man... for the long and hard nights yeah. Detoxing now.?

?-A pause and then a low whistle- Wow... you really do find yourself some hot trouble. You... you need me to call anyone, get you delivery or something??

?-A long pause, some splashing and the water would turn off.- Nah... I'm not that bad off Gin... might call myself a pizza later on... wanted to go to that fashion party too.?

?-A pause, a puff, an exhale and finally a cackle- *** you can't be that bad off then! Alright, I think Yoyo is going to call you next time.?

?Yoyo? Damn I thought that joker was dead.?

?-A mild chuckle- Undead actually but still putting in a bit of work before it wears off.?

?*** ? that's rough.?

?-Puff, exhale, rustle of cigarette being ground out- Ain't that the truth. Alright Mach you take care... don't hesitate to call if you need anything yeah??

?Yes mooom?

?-A smirk- Jerk... I mean it though yeah? We idiots gotta look out for our own and your laying your dick alone in a hotbed.?

?-Sigh, smirk.- Bunch of idiots huh... yeah, yeah, I'll call if I need anything.?

?-Chuckle- To the end. Alright Mach, catch you later.?

?-Chuckle- Laters Gin?


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Old Wyrm
Old Wyrm

Joined: 01 Feb 2015
Posts: 324
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PostPosted: Tue Mar 24, 2015 1:39 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


?-Rustle, rustle, rustle- Mmph? wha? uh?. *** ?Thunk, rustle, rustle ?Hello??


?-Moan- Oh gods? please? quiet? more quiet or I? I?ll totally kick your ass? when I get up? or the floor gets down? -Groan-?

?-Smirk- Beer o?clock there Eli??

?-Scrape, thump, more groaning- Beer o?day yesterday? a holiday to green and stout beer? it was glorious? -Moan, grumbling-?

?Sounds like it. Celebrate like a native it sounds??

?-Smirk turn groan, thumping, scuffling- Don?t you know it? uh? -Urp-? not meaning to be rude? yet? but who is this??


?-Whimper- Softer! Softer please??

?-Growl- Asshole. It?s your kind and benevolent brother Jon.?

?Jon?? ?Pause-?

?The smart one not the smartass!?

?Ooh? Jon. ?Thump, thump, thump- Thought you were in the prison of pussies and pansies??

?-Rustle, rustle, TWEEEEEET was the sound of a whistle being blown-?

?FU...-THUMP, clatter, muffled cursing, thud, whine, scrape.- Really!??

?You mean the prison for respectable, white collar, non-thug types yeah. Less butt rape too but I figure that's not a bonus for you.?

?Screw you... -Urp, thud, thud, thud, hurl-?

?-Smirk- Sorry Eli, never acquired the taste for that... -Sigh- You know, there is a mute function right??

?-Cough, cough, flush- Is that so... think I'll... start turning it on when you start.. -Thud, thump, squeak, sound of running water-... start talking.?

?-Unamused- Real funny Eli...?

?-Splash, splash- Yes, that was much better!?

?I still have the whistle in my hand you know....?

?-Squeak- I mean ? Jon! What do I owe the pleasure of the call??

?Dip... I was checking to see if you got your retarded cat you dumbass....?

?-Scrub, scrub- Cat...? -Pause- Oooh! Sir Lemon! Yeah... why did you send her...??

?Because you requested her you retard and I was glad to be rid of the beast.?

?Oh... -Wry- You didn't like having the princess around??

?You mean your destructive little piss and *** maker. Really, how the hell did that thing get in my apartment while I was away!??

?-Rustle, rustle, snap, crackle, pop- You know her...gets where she wants yeah??

?And I'm sure the containment wards I found hidden in the hall outside my apartment had nothing to do with that...?

?-Puff, exhale- She really did go into your place all her own.... just may have had some help staying yeah??

?You know she shredded everything! Everything! How long has she been stuck there you neglectful asshole!??

?-Thud, thud, thud, creak- Not stuck... leashed. -Rustle, rustle- Bound to return for rest. You misinterpreted the Yll Qan for Yll Bal...?

?I don't give a damn what the stupid wards read!? Your going to pay me back for all the damage that little monster did!?

?Yeah, ye...aaaawn... ah. -Rustle, shuffle, thud. Puff exhale- You'll get repaid...don't get your panties in bunch.?

?-Sighing- Somehow I doubt that. -Rustle, flick, crackle, puff- I don't know why you insist on keeping that beast. From what I remember the ornery bastard doesn't like you...?

?-Smirk- Jealous... -Shuffle, thock, slurp of cold noodles- She likes me well enough, besides, was given Lemon.?

?Get real Eli. -A sigh before another puff and exhale- You know, I still don't know how exactly someone gifts another a familiar.?

?-Slurp- Genewally 'Ere, 'y 'amiliar... -Gulp- 'Here, my familiar...'?

?-Annoyed sigh- You know what I mean Eli...?

?-Mild chuckle, shuffle, shuffle, puff- Yeah... well, not something really I try and think on. Remember... pretty one.?

?You should you know... -Smirk- ? true, guess you were always all looks and no brains.?

?-Chuckling- Right!??

?-Chuckling- Yeah... still, Eli, you know familiars req...?

?Annnnyway, I can't get rid of her if I wanted... I'm an ass, not cruel you know. Would found her way to me inevitably if I hadn't warded her to your place.?

?-Pause- Hmph... yeah. You know, you really shouldn't keep beating yourself up on that...-Puff, exhale, ground out of cigarette-?

?-Puff, exhale- Oh, that's why I have all the lovely ladies for! And the occasional hunky man...?

?-Snigger- Ass... whatever, guess you'll do what you want to.?

?-Puff, exhale- Don't you know it... -Ground out of cigarette- Well, Sir Lemon did arrive a little bit ago... already making the place hers... thanks for that.?

?Don't be getting all creepy thankful on me now Eli...?

?Oh but I love you brother, I love you oh so very much! I just want...?

?-TWEEEEEEET goes the whistle-?

?YOU MO...-Thud, muffled cursing, skid, slide, grumbling- Damn you Jon!?

?-Smirk- Advance payback. Anyway, I got *** to do than wasting my time talking with your worthless hungover ass. Just wanted to check in.?

?-Chuckle- Right. I'll leave you to it... don't go getting yourself pinched for pussy *** again yeah??

?That's rich coming from you Eli. I'd say to take care but we know that's not going to happen. -Smirk- Laters Eli.?

?-Smirk- Laters Jon.?


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?This is Mach??

?MACH! How you doing!?

?Don! You stupid son of a bitch how are doing!??

?-Cackling- Oh you know me, work, work, work. I?ve read you?ve been up to no good as usual!?

?-Sniggering- Aw come on Don, you can?t believe everything you read about me.?

?Oh I know, just the disciplinary reports! ?Chortling- And it?s Dr. Wells you know!?

?Doctor? Oh come on I thought you got your doctorate out of a cereal box!?

?-Chuckling- Yeah, when I was a madsci? got a proper one during this work release stint I?ve been in.?

?-Chuckling- *** has it really been three years since I caught you? Doesn?t seem that long??

?I know right? Time sure does fly when you?re locked on base without your freedom??

?Don?t give me that Don you know you?re lucky you get to keep working rather than rotting away in a prison getting told on an hourly basis to play nice with the normies.?

?-Sniggering- I?m *** with you Mach, I know how cush this is? anyway, I?ve been free of the program for months now??

?Damn, they let a sociopathic dip like you out in public? ?Smirk- Well, if I have to hunt your ass down again just be warned I?m drilling lead between your eyes no questions asked??

?Your so kind Mach? -Smirk- Anyway, talking about drills between the eyes let?s start off with your eye yeah? How?s it doing??

?-Smirk, rustle- The eye? It?s doing alright I guess, kind of a low level sting like there?s some kind of constant feedback.?

?Hmm? yeah, you are sporting a rather traditional one there; some feedback is expected but where you?re at probably isn?t helping? -Rustle- When next your homeside we could always upgrade you to one of the new models. Got some nice ones now that are tech based? low level light, high zoom, distance magnification... even thermal on mil spec ones!?

?-Snap, crackle, pop, puff, exhale- Thanks but no? I want a mostly natural looking one thank you? no freakish mechanical whirring always glowing sort of affair??

?Oh come on Mach! Heterochromia iridis is like the in thing right now! You should embrace that you?ve lost an eye! I could even get you one of those fancy mood change irises that shifts all the colors of the rainbow!?

?-Mild chuckle, puff, exhale- Thanks but I?ll pass, all I need it to do is low light, some magic assist aim with my caster, and look good while doing it. How about we just do an adjustment.?

?-Pouting- You?re no fun. ?Snort- Fine, fine. Anything else of note??

?Yeah? I keep getting mild headaches and I think they?re from my mental resistance band. Like somebodies ringing a bell inside my head for giggles?.?

?Ringing? -Rustle, rustle, pause- ?hmm? sorry, looks like you?re out of luck on that. That seems to be a common problem among hunters out in Rhydin. It?s suspected the Nexus resonates with one of the protective scripts or perhaps all of them in the band so you really are getting dissident feedback on that. Guess you can consider yourself lucky that you?ve got a Gen 3 versus a Gen 2 band? looks like those bastards got migraines daily.?

?Lucky me?.?

?Hey, if you?re willing I guess we could try a tech based option. They?ve just finished approvals for a very promising device??

?You?re not talking about the Relling Industries Cyber Spell Anti-Manipulation Sub-Dermal band are you??


?The device that has a record of catching on fire and melting people?s faces off when exposed to excessive magic??

?-Defensive- Only in extreme cases??

?Don? I?m a mage hunter in a land that has a giant magical gnarl that causes resonance with my current band? what in the hells makes you think that device won?t totally melt my pretty, pretty mug off!??

?-Sheepish- There?s no literature backing that it would??

?-Puff, exhale, stern- Don??

?-Sigh- Ohhh alllright! ?Pouting- Didn?t want that trip to the Omelan Islands anyway??

?Really!? You wanted to use me for a company?s field study testing!??

?-Defensive- Can?t make progress without a few broken eggs??

?Don? you know it?s that kind of thinking that got you arrested in the first place right??

?But this is federally backed and funded so it?s okay!?

?-Tired sigh, puff, exhale- Alright? Don? no trying to make your friends into guinea pigs. Bad Don, bad!?

?-Sighing- Alll~right? -Rustle, rustle- Annyway, so how?s the Brewster working out for you? I see you got a pretty decent model which is kinda surprising.?

?My Brewster?? It?s been doing pretty well. I really can tell that there?s a potion performance boost with a dropoff in negative effects even with expired ones? still bleed like a stuck pig during detox??

?Well, everyone has a remission, just be glad yours is simply hemorrhaging of dead vitae yeah? Could be like Big? finally popped the cherry of his sat tol and learned his was debilitating back pain and short term paralysis? bastard near cracked his head open tumbling down a flight of stairs when his back locked up??

?-Puff- Damn? really? I thought he was supposed to be a natural, how the hell does he suddenly get a sat tol like this? And doesn?t this preclude him from service as a hunter now??

?It would but we?re pretty hard up for idiots wanting to move into Class A. They?ll likely A5 him and stick him with a support team of doubles. As for being a natural that was likely just a plateau? if they did their due diligence probably would have discovered this ceiling before he was out on a foot chase. But then you know? due diligence and hard up and such??

?***? that?s rough. I remember that kid really wanted to make a name for himself too??

?Yeah? well, like the saying goes: if you are really talented as a mage hunter you?re probably already a mage???

?-Smirk- True, true? -Puff- Talking about being mage like I was wondering if you think you could swing me an upgrade to my E.P.P and mana booster next time I?m in??

?You mean you actually want to upgrade something? That?s pretty rare for you? -Shuffle, shuffle- Let?s see? looks like you got a pretty up-to-date Ether Processing Plant? a Truestar mk 7 which is a good reliable workhorse? and your m. booster is already past job spec with your Titan? why the sudden upgrade those??

?Well... you?ve read my reports yeah? Saw the bit about me casting that stacked S3 spell??

?I read a lot about you Mach? according to half the reports you regularly fornicate with demons, have sacrificial pacts with witches, and build death rays on every other Wednesday? you mean the bit about you casting Niflheim was actually true!??

?-Puff, exhale, scrunch of cigarette being ground out- I know, wild right!? I just? thought I could do it? visualized it, charged it, sumped it, and -Clap- BAM! Crunch, schloop, cast? and it worked! Froze a giant column of water in the bay??

?-Low whistle- Wow... yeah, that should of totally fried you.?

?I know right!? And get this... I cast a level 3 dispel afterward...?

?Damn Mach... how....??

?That's the thing, I don't know! My first thought was lightening finger but I didn't want to harm the occupant and I just thought 'hey... what about Niflheim...' And when I crunched it all I just knew I could...?

?Huh... -Rustle, rustle, rustle- You know Martin... er, Danub.... crap... -Snap, snap, snap- Shark! Shark described a few occurrences of that too before his kickoff... feeling oddly 'juiced' or able... was attributed as a strange flux state of the Nexus there but little more was looked into it.?

?You know, I have been feeling a little more spry as of late now that you mention it...?

?There were also bouts of increased signs and symptoms of his S.A.D. disorder as well as frequent headaches and the occasional misfire of spells even though later analysis showed no quality issues with his reagents or caster...?

?Oh... damn...?

?I can't imagine getting a beefier processor and booster will help in that regard... if anything I would venture that it might make effects on both ends of the spectrum worse...?

?Hmm... I see... -Long pause-?

?... -Sigh- I'll see what I can do Mach... your not classed for anything but there might be an exception somewhere to be exploited...?

?-Chuckling- Thanks Don... I owe you.?

?You can save your thanks until after I actually get something worked out and all pending it doesn't kill you if I do.?

?Yeah, yeah, still...?

?I know. Been working with enough of you to at least partially understand that screwed up mindset. Anyway... to tide you over I do have some good news! Folks down in R&D have come up with a few new cantrip recipes I think you'll like which I'm going to get sent to you with dies and such. You've also been greenlit for a new caster model... now you'll only be 5 generations back rather than 12 that you are now...?

?Wait.. I thought I was only 5 generations back with my caster...?

?-Snerk- Are you kidding me? With that piece of junk you carry!? It's a workhorse yeah, real stable but come on man, I built something better than that when I was a budding madsci! -Chuckling- Nah, I was able to get my hands on a Manser Elite for you... not the latest or most decked out but it's got a smooth spell cycling process and flow tracking with multichannel support... and casts much faster than the crap piece you have. Does it for less too.?

?Ah, but I like the feel of the ol' girl I got now...?

?Now don't be a holdout Mach. I tell you this thing will be like night and day once you start using it. I'm even getting some custom work done so it should have a familiar feel and weight as your Dugger.?

?-Smirk- Thanks Don, I'll give it a whirl when I get it... certainly know how to treat a jerk!?

?Well, if your in a good mood about upgrades there is still that men....?

?Bad Don! Bad!?

?-Sigh- Gotta try... maybe I'll get one of the AA's going out there to try one out... oh, by the way, gotta ask, why did you cast Niflheim??

?-Mild- You really don't gotta try... -Chuckle- Thought you read the report...?

?Yeah... I was hoping for a little more truth and a little less tuna.?

?Well, why would you cast a spell that might kill you and then dispel it right after??

?To test a theory??

?-Sigh- Okay... assume you thought like a normal person and not some amoral madsci...?

?Hey! I'd resent that if it weren't true! -Smirk- Hmm... my next guess would be test subject so... that must mean someone your... attracted to??

?And they said you couldn't be rehab'd -Smirk-?

?Har, har... you know at least I've been in a healthy relationship within the past 3 years that we've known each other.?

?You do know 'dissection' isn't third base, right??

?And look! I've hit the deflection defense that you hunters are so good at! Looks like it's time for a new line of conversation eh??


?You are who you associate with Mach... -Chuckling, creak of chair- But seriously Eli... how you holding up out there??

?-Rustle of a shrug- Ain't killed me yet.?

?Not an answer.?

?You going to hound me? -Snort- I think you do deal with us hunters too much...?

?Yeah, well... maybe I still feel indebted to you for lying on your threat assessment of me those years ago and getting my Ruger score lowered, yeah??

?What?s this? You make it sound like I?ve done unscrupulous and illegal things on a secured military line when really I just rated you as I saw fit and helped get your Ruger test graded right?. Nothing under table about that.?

?-Long pause before a snort- Yeah? maybe your right... still, thanks.?

?I take cash and card? nice lays too but I don?t think you?ve got that in you??

?-Smirk- You might be surprised...?

?I doubt it.?

?Jerk... -Chuckle- So, how are you doing??

?-Sigh- Fine! I'm doing fine... really... have met some good folk, have met some naughty, and I'm generally having fun while I'm here. Good times.?

?You know Eli, there's a difference between good times and content right??

?You've been reading Dr. Wegner's notes haven't you??

?Doc to doc review yeah... still, you are a friend Mach... just don't want to see you burn out like so many other hunters yeah??

?-Sigh- Right, right... so any idea when my gear'll be in??

?-Creak of chair- Yeah... they should be shipping out end of month, just a few last forms to finish for the transfer... much more a bitch to get weapons there when you go by official channels...?

?Alright, sounds like a plan. I should be in for a six month physical in June so we can do the upgrades and adjustments at that time.?

?Yeah... unless you get cooked, you know, trying to impress the pants off people...?

?-Smirk- Oh I don't need spells to do that! Well, is there anything else Dr. Wells??

?Well, I... -Pause- Oh... No, no, I think we should be good for the moment.?

?Sweet! Alright, I'll catch up with later yeah??

?Alright... Oh, and Mach??


?Take care out there... and try to be happy...?

?-Smirk- I'll be the chuckliest of clowns! Catch you later Don.?


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?-Drab- Staffing and assignment office, this is Jezebel, how may I direct your call??

?Hey Jezzie, Lieutenant Elitia Turner, Military Bounty Offices number: 098325HL121780 calling for monthly debrief with Cpt. Albright.?

?Oh... hello Mach, let me page him for you...?

?-Rustle, rustle, click, crackle, snap- Thanks love, you?re the best.?

?-Mild- Flatterer... -Pause- Oh! Mach, did you hear.. what happened to Gin??

?Gin? No... last I heard bastard was doing alright. What, did he get himself Mrs. Reeve number six? ?Chuckling-?

?Ohhh no! -Hesitant- Mach... he was seriously injured!?

?-Puff, pause- Wait... what!??

?I'm sorry, I-I didn't know if you knew... He's in critical condition at the base hospital right now.?

?-Shocked- What!! -Creak, clack- Oh damn... is Gina alright??

?-Worried- Yeah... the mom's taking care of her at the moment and some of the boys around base are checking in on her regularly.?

?***... not Gin... he's so close.... -Pause- Was he on duty at the time??

?Wai... Mach!!! -Outraged- What is with you hunters!! Every last one of you has asked that question!?

?Ah... well... co-come on Jezzie...you know how it goes...?

?I most certainly do not! You all should be ashamed of yourselves! Your friend might die and the first or second thing that comes to your minds was whether he was on duty or not!!!?

?-Pause, sigh- Yo.. your right. Um... well...?

?-Long pause, sigh- Gin's not conscious, they have him in an induced coma while they're trying to regen him... -Irritated sigh- He took a railgun shot from a madsci he was trying to apprehend...?

?Oh... -A little more relieved, a little more tired- oh...?

?Eli... I didn't think you were...?

?-Light chuckle- Just better at hiding it. -Puff- Hey... how bad is he... really...??

?-Pause, sniffle- The regen isn't going well... he's... they say he's too saturated.... that the magic isn't taking hold as it should... they... they...-Sniffle, beeping-?

?Hey... hey... Jezzie... you know he wouldn't want you getting all messed up on his account.?

?Shut up... he... it's just... all of you...?

?Shhh... I know... I know... Hey, can you do me a favor Jezebel? Can you pass me along some contact information for Gina??

?-Pause, sniffle, beeping, hic- Y..yeah... I can... but... -Pleading- Oh no... no Mach....?

?-Puff- Just in case yeah? I know Gin... Ben... would want Gina to know the story... but we'll see yeah? Let's just keep our fingers crossed and maybe the ol' bastard will tell it to her himself...?

?The Way willing... -Hic, beeping-?

?Yeah... or at least our patron saint of dumb luck. Well... shall you transfer me in Jezzie? I think Morgan's going to break that buzzard if we dally too much longer...?

?-Sniffle- Huh...? -Beeping- Oh! Um... yeah, uh... -Shuffling- Hold one moment please... uh...?

?-Chuckling- It's alright... we'll talk later yeah??

?-Pause- Al...alright. I know you won't but... please try to be careful out there...?

?-Mild chuckle- I will... and thanks in advance for the contact info... you?re the best. -Smooch, smooch-?

?-Faint smirk-?


?Lt Turner, I'm sure kindness isn't a concept your real familiar with but I would appreciate if you didn't distract the front office staff after having me paged. My time is a precious com...?

?-Annoyed- Get off your high horse Albright, we were talking about Ben Reeves...?

?-Pause- Oh... Gin. That's right, that happened just this week...?

?-Pause- Gin??

?Yeah?? ?Pause, realization- I know I may come off as an uncaring jerk but I assure you I care more about you broken lot then you think.?

?-Obviously grinning while speaking- May???

?Asshole. I think your one of the worst ones to be honest?.?

?-Shuffle of a shrug, puff- What can I say, natural talent yeah??

?-Snort- Or something. At least your good on your paperwork, I?ll give you that Lieutenant.?

?It helps when you have a template for everything??

?Right? you know you wouldn't need a template if you didn't do so much wrong... -Sigh- Anyway, moving on to the Personal Performance Notes and Debrief...?

?You mean the ?bitch about Mach?s associations? part??

?-Sigh- Lieutenant, you may think this is pointless badgering but there are valid concerns and questions regarding who you associate with even on your free time while in Rhydin. Remember, this is a posting, and there are a lot of eyes on your records and you tend to make a lot of them nervous... and that's before you even start cavorting about with the very people you are supposed to be working against.?

?You mean spending time with the general populace. -Puff, exhale-?

?I'm not going to argue with you about this, just a warning Eli. -Tap, tap- Alright...let's discuss your continued relations with the construct.?

?Still don't think that classing works but sure, whatever. What about Val??

?Your still being friendly with it...?

?Her... -Pause- ...fake her. I don't really get it myself -Puff-?

?...It. And we have reason to believe that they have been involved in some nefarious activities. Brawling, destruction of property, arson... you wouldn't know anything about such would you??

?-Rustle of a shrug, puff- Should I??

?Ok, let me rephrase... we have eye witness accounts of you and her being together down at the docks the same night a crime scene you were recently involved with got burgled of its contents into a stolen truck which was used to demolish and burn down a building that was later identified as a hideout or a gang thieves...?

?Sounds like some folks got their comeuppance, still don't see how this involves Val or me.?

?The scenes anti-disturbance wards at the warehouse that was burgled were not tripped or destroyed meaning someone with authorization to be there was... someone like you. And before the building was suddenly attacked an 'anonymous' tip off about the impending act of wanton destruction was sent via text. The encryption on the text indicates a Taj source code and the impressive strength with ability to bypass normal ID protocols from emergency services indicates a military grade job... much like the phone that you carry for work. Whoever the parties involved they didn?t want a lot of casualties it seems. As for Valentine's involvement there is reason to believe that they have a rather sorted and violent past and that the thieves of this hangout had recently hit some merchants that Valentine was noted in security footage to have frequented.?

?-Puff- Sounds like I might have some work then if someone is using our military grade tech and authorizations for a little vigilante justice. And Val's part... really? You think she'd burn down a thieves den over some lost chance to buy shoes??

?-Long pause- That is why I am asking. There are some who would try to indict you in this Lt Turner given your sorted past... and just to let you know if you were involved in such wanton violence on foreign soil the punishment would be quite severe. You may not just get away with some corporal beating and a vacation in Stockguard for this kind of stunt?but you could minimize such repercussions if you were to give up information about this golem's involvement. There is no shame in a momentary lapse of judgment, being coerced into such reckless acts by a thing tha...?

?-Growling- Val is not a thing you shriveled dick jackass!?

?-Pause- Your tone Lieutenant?-Sigh- While your dedication to your relations is... admirable... it is misguided. Eli, this Valentine is not a person, it's a golem, a construct...?

?Yeah, and I say she's not... wonder who I'm going to listen to the guy who's actually dealt with her or the pencil pusher getting all their information third party from a bunch of gossip mongering assholes...?

?-Another pause- Eli, we have...?

?A lot of circumstantial *** that points to no one or nothing but a convenient excuse to try and get at someone you lot don't appreciate me dealing with. You want to scan my phone for your phantom tip? By all means I'll drop if off at the desk on the way out...?

?-Long pause, moan- Fine... we'll drop this... for now. Not even I believe your stupid enough not to cover your tracks if you were involved?but this is still under investigation and there are a few disciplinary auditors as well as purity assurance investigators that will not be very impressed with this response to the debrief...?

?Yeah, well, for the record they can go *** themselves sideways without lube....?

?-Tired sigh- Noted. -Tap, tap, tap- Okay... about your continued relations with the faun...?

?-Sigh- Cinder? Let me guess, you have firsthand account from your uncle grandpa of her baking a pie menacingly... -Scoffs-?

?-Dry- Real funny Lieutenant... No, we have a rather pricey bill from one of the general Rhydin hospitals for their care signed out under our 'incidental civilian injury insurance' but there is no bounty case attached to this.?

?You and I must have different idea's what incidental means...?

?That funding is meant for injuries incurred to innocent bystanders during the carrying out of your duties, not as your personal impress the pants off someone trick.?

?-Puff- Okay, one: my duties include incidental protection of the civilian population from monsters. If you'd read the injury transcript for Cinder rather than stopping at the non-human line you probably would have gotten to the deep, jagged, poisoned blade wounds and bite patterns concurrent to goblinoid attack.?

?Okay... so where's the incident report? The supplies used??

?Inventory request #20937 I believe... no bullets used, no injuries to self, just a few cantrips and what I used to stabilize her on scene. Also there was that IDC4 for a new shirt and pants thanks to all the blood.?

?You should have still filed an incident report even if you were just chasing away goblins.?

?Oh, sorry, I was a little preoccupied about my friend getting carved upon and near death... must have slipped my mind to fill in an ITRR13. Guess I could still use some work in paperwork, huh??

?-Sigh- Friend... you know she's a beastkin and from the lab work probably part elemental right??

?Oh? Well, damn, and here I just thought she was a person....?

?And it's any wonder why there are purity investigators sniffing around your file. -Pause- You said 'one' earlier... I'm sure I'm going to regret this but did you have other points to make.?

?-Pause, puff- Oh yeah... two: she doesn't wear pants.. ergo no need to impress such off.?

?-Groan- I knew I was going to regret asking that...?

?Hold on, hold on... -Thud, thump, tac, tac, tac-?

?Eli, it's all well and good that you have such a... liberal... view on what constitutes a person but less you forget constant interactions with such elements will only dull your hunters instinct. You are out there for a job, a duty, not to play nice with the creature populace.?

?-Tac, tac, tac, tap. Excited- Okay... you got mail...?

?-Soft buzz, hesitant slide, long quiet- It's... a picture of a deer tail with a bow on it...?

?Adorable right!? How can you not think someone with a tail like that is a person...?

?-Thud, groan, sigh- I don't know why I bother....?

?-Smirking puff- Cause you?re a glutton for punishment??

?Clearly... -Tap, tap, tap- Okay? moving on to your questionable interactions with people...?

?More people you mean...?

?-Sigh- People, I see you've completely ignored my advice about consorting with mages... the most worrisome it would appear is your... rather friendly nature with the unclassified warlock Zynn?

?Oh yeah, she's a real cuddle bug. Cuddle magnet really, that girl really knows how to bring a cuddle party!?

?-Teeth grinding- She's also an unclassified warlock who is seen often in the company of a demon...?

?Gothy? Yeah, gotta get that galoot a suit... maybe one for me too. Wrap up all this awesome in a bow yeah??

?-Exasperated sigh- You really see no problem with cavorting around with those of magical influence? Really!? You know Doran Ker was supposed to be a cult of personality as well an...?

?-Coldly- No. Don't you dare bring up Doran Ker...?

?Why? Remind you of the dangers that you so like to turn a blind eye to? How one of our battlemages was responsible for the death of your squad, of y...?

?-Through clenched teeth- I said we are not discussing this. And as I remember I was punished for taking your kind of solution to the problem...?

?-Pause, sigh- That wasn't my call Eli... if I could have I...?

?I don't want to talk about it Morgan. This is closed. Zynn is not Doran... no mage is until they show otherwise...?

?-Gently- El... Mach... there is something to be said about being diligent...?

?Yeah, well, I refuse to go through my life seeing that bastard in every shadow, every corner... I win, not him, me...?

?-Long pause, sigh- Alright... alright. But Eli... this isn't doing you any favors...?

?-Puff, grind out of cigarette- Yeah, well, I don't need any favors for that cost...?

?Just trying to give you some advice... -Tap, tap, tap- Fine... how about your relations with Serah Farron...?

?What about her? Healer and summoner type, nothing over devious about that... or are we going to start going over every mage type now because if we are I'm going to go fetch myself a book...?

?We will when encounters with them lead to you requesting a month?s supply of detox solution.?

?I just got juiced with some bad mojo... wasn't her.?

?Really? Cause this order came after you were witnessed to go chasing after her out of that Red Dragon Inn you like to frequent. You also got yourself two outpatient transfusions of three units apiece for severe anemia all in less than a week and there was no incident report to correspond it too.?

?Random assault, nothing to have reported...?

?By a Claire Farron perhaps? Another mage type protecting her sister from your rather? brash? manner??

?-Smirk- If Claire wished me harm I'd probably be chum in the bay by now... and my relation with Serah is nothing for you lot to be concerned over. Yeah, I chased her out of there that night; yeah, my *** up personality required some explaining; but we talked it out, we kissed and made up, I had to beat her back with a stick, and then on my way home alone I got zapped. Didn't see what did it to me. No connections, just crap luck.?

?Funny how crap luck always finds you whenever something comes up that you don?t want to talk about??

?I know, right? Crap luck a dragon near ripped me in two once? crap luck when I got part of my liver roasted away by a fireball? crap luck an imp took my eye??

?-Weary- Okay, okay, I get your point. But still, I don?t see why you?re trying so hard to protect her.?

?-Smirk- She hardly needs protecting by me? protection from maybe? but not by. Look, I just don?t think she needs some government stooge types poking around her business just because I associate with her, yeah??

?-Creak of chair- Yes, well, if such associations are going to alter your purity, taint you??

?Then you take that up with me, not against her or any of my associations. I swear, I?ll start filing harassment and slander reports direct to the ethics general. I don?t think even my bum rep deserves this sort of third degree to my friends??

?-Sigh- There?s no need to go to such lengths. No official inquiry has been called on you and everything we?re discussing here is just easy to come upon via heresay, no real probing needed. Just... take it as a warning that your actions do send out a lot of waves which pique a lot of interest.?

?I doubt Shark had this kind of badgering??

?Maj. Danub didn?t have nearly the colorful history that you have had? but still, there were a lot of questions regarding him and his relations. A few inquests made as well.?

?So what you?re saying is that you lot don?t trust anyone out in this posting. Assumed turning into some mage?s or madsci?s lackey until proven otherwise for the time being is that it??

?After the war? The Red Rose Incident? Yeah? pretty much. Maybe you think it simply nationalistic bigotry but there is a long, recorded history of the dangers of magic and magic like technology. Even with the advances now-in-days, sending modified normies like you after full on tuned arcanamancers or technomancers is still pretty much like sending sheep through a wood chipper and expecting a puppy to come out the other end.?

?Thanks for the vote of confidence??

?Just stating facts.?

?Right?well, if you?ve got any problems with this puppy you take it up with him.?

?So long as you remain frosty there shouldn?t be any need to look deeper? but honestly there are a lot of noses sniffing around for a ***? Anyway, moving on? -Tap, tap, tap, smirk- Ah, yes? this should please you, a request rather than a point of investigation.?

?-Wary- A request...??

?Yes, from the Spatial and Dimensional R&D. Seems they?ve picked up on some reports that you?ve found your dimensional doppelganger for that realm? one Race? ?Tap, tap, tap- Looks like a very good trans-dimensional paradox coupling?well preserved personality archtype and physical characteristics with acceptable variation due to T.S.R skew??

?-Smirk- What, the brains want to bring in Race and dissect him while asking me questions??

?-Snigger- No. They want to dissect you while asking this Race person a bunch of questions.?

?-Pause, dry- Har, har??

?-Chuckling- Oh this is much better than a joke. They?ve actually filed a request for your body upon expiration as well as for communication permits for peoples off world or off realm! ?Tap, tap, tap- There?s even an inquest here wondering if you?d be willing to undergo some experimentation while alive to test a few theories they have??

?I thought their thing was usually to determine differences not experimentation!?

?-Still chuckling- I think they?re still a little sore about that prank you pulled on them back during Souls Crossing last year??

?One portal accident! And come on, even you have to admit all those bouncing kittens were pretty damn diabetes inducingly cute!?

?Yeah? except it got them rung in with a bunch of new safety regulations and a lot of scratches.?

?-Smirk- Well, you can tell them that neither of us are interested. Already been bribed into a project to produce the most ruggedly handsome twins smut film ever by my doppelganger.?

?-Almost audible shutter- Please tell me yo...?

?We're going to call it 'The Thunder Clash of Hammers!'?

?Okay... okay... I get it.. I'...?

?See the hammers would be our...?

?I get it Lieutenant! -Clears throat- I'll work on nipping this little ?joke? in the bud... gods knows we don't need the pet madsci's in that department to really get excited about such an idea.?

?Thanks Captain. ?Creak of chair- So, are we done yet? I?ve got a poker game to get to just filled with characters I?m sure your likely not to approve of?.?

?-Sighing- Honestly? I?ve got a whole list of inquests regarding your relations including a suspected elemental named Luna, a bioengined named Zofie, a U.B.C.D. named Mona, a witch named Shae, continued relations with the fae Jewell? and so on and so on but I get the feeling I?m just going to get nothing but glib fuzz and defensive deflection from you regarding each and every one of these people I ask about so for the convenience of time and my sanity I?m just going to tick you down as ?No Further Insight? for each.?

?-Smirking- Heeeey, you?re starting to learn how to deal with me!?

?Yes, assume the worst and be surprised on the rare occasion that I?m wrong. I really have no idea how Lt Col Marasynko dealt with you for seven years? -Sighs, tap, tap- Anyway, just as a heads up Lieutenant there have been some inquiries made about having a third party observer do a run or two with you, make sure your exploits are above board??

?Are you *** me? I?m an A2 not some double A fresh on tour!?

?I know that, and brass knows that? but as has been the running theme here you make some people nervous? -Rustle, rustle- Now I don?t know if anything will come of this hearsay mind you but from what I gather it?s a request that has been put in by the ethics committee and looks like it has some backing by the political PR folks but I don?t know much else.?

?-Groaning- Just great? -Sigh- Well, might be nice to have some actual backup for some of these cases though honestly I?d rather just not and say we did. Gotta be better than having to babysit somebody... ?Pause- What sort of agency here would actually want to deal with such a crap request??

?The Watch is what I would guess. They?ve shown some interest in such since Capt Danub got turned into a smoldering crater along with a few buildings; there?s just hadn?t been much interest in pursuing such on our side? until now. But then it?s not real surprising since your investigations and writs tread painfully close to their jurisdiction?we?re only able to maintain a token presence there because we?re allowed to do so after all.?

?So what? I?m going to get paired with some poor sap from the Watch who?s there to make sure I don?t just randomly light things on fire for a lol??

?Like I said, I don?t know. You?ll be briefed in a few days what if anything comes from this. Right now this is just a little heads up? in case you are doing unscrupulous things and need some time to clean them up.?

?It?s your faith like a rock in me that is my guiding light? -Snort- Well, if worse comes to worse I hope their cu??

?NO. Do not complete that thought! Last thing we need is some foreign affairs fracas thanks to your incorrigible nature. ?Agitated creak of chair- I swear if I see a sexual harassment suit make its way into your file I?ll travel out there personally and cut off your balls!?

?-Mildly apologetic- Alright, alright, no scandals? but if they just so happen to fall for the ol Mach charm??

?Just? shut up Lieutenant. We?re done here unless you have any questions.?

?-Mild chuckle before a pause- Hey?.Morgan??

?-Annoyed- Capt Albright.?

?? about Gin.?

?-Long pause before a weary sigh- Twelve percent recovery rate after fourteen treatments? we?ve? already started processing his out paperwork??

?? Ah? damn... -Tired sigh, chair creaking with a fumph- He was only fifteen months till retirement too.?

?-Long pause, some grinding of teeth.- Yeah.... hey, Lieuten... Eli... doesn't it bother you th...?

?Well! Those folks money isn't going to gamble itself away! I bet...?

?Eli... it's okay to be upset you know. You hunters aren't the inhuman monster that you assume yourselves to be.?

?-Snappish- Oh how sweet of you to say... -Pause, sigh- Sorry... just... not looking forward to telling Gina...?

?Eli, we'll handle the formal declaration of d...?

?Not that. You lot can keep that little 'honor' for yourselves... I mean the story of his namesake.?

?Oh....-Pause- I'm sure... one of the others could...?

?It's okay Morgan. -Mild chuckle- I've known 'Gin' the longest so it's my dubious honor. But there is one thing I'd like to ask.?

?What is it??

?Go see to Jezebel yeah? I think she's rather broke up about the whole thing...?

?-Weary sigh- Yeah, she does get that way...?

?-Mild smirking- Yeah, always crying for us dummies who can't cry for ourselves... alright, I'll catch you later Morgan...?


?-Sigh- I mean: looking forward to our next debrief sir!?

?-Tired sigh- Close enough. Your dismissed.?

?-Smirk- Thanks chief.?


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PostPosted: Sat Apr 18, 2015 10:57 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


?Hello, this is Mach.?

?Lieutenant Elitia Turner, U.T.R.A. Specials Hunter Task Force - Civilian Branch? ?

?-Wary- Yes???

?Good Morning! I am Major Allen Bessick of the U.T.R.A. Foreign Relations Office currently acting as liaison for the Rhy?Din Portal City. ?


?Yes, that was an expected reply from what I?ve read of your file Lt. Turner -Chuckling- As I am sure Capt Albright has likely mentioned there has been some... interest? in having you work inter-agency with a liaison from the local law enforcement there.?

?He may have said something about such, yeah? more along the lines of it was something being considered not an absolute though??

?Yes. Well, after some review of your latest debrief it was decided that you may just be the right fellow for this assignment! The Watch is most amicable to a joint effort as well given some tensions regarding the scope of our presence there.?

?Is ?scope of our presence? some fancy way of saying ?crater in ground from last hunter???

?-Chuckling- There was some concern of that, yes. But more they are interested in having someone observe the tools and techniques used by our forces in the apprehension of criminal elements augmented with magic or magic like technology since we are one of the few that have such a successful program using otherwise normal humanoids.?

?-Wryly- Successful hmm? and I?m not sure what part of my debrief said that I was perfect for some sort of meet and play nice but??

?Oh, our program is very successful! Our survival ratio is nearly 23% better than other agencies that employ such non-touched natives for this sort of work! And it was the part where you get along so well with all the natives there of course! You?ve got a natural charisma that we feel is vital for a cohesive work experience.?

?-Tired- Right? -Pause likely for eye rolling- Ah, yes? charisma. Well, while I may be good at charming folks that doesn?t exactly translate well to cooperation in joint efforts??

?Oh don?t sell yourself so short Lt Turner??

?Call me Mach.?

?I don?t think so Lt Truner??

?-Grumbling sigh-?

?-Cloyingly friendly- I see we have gotten off on the wrong foot Lieutenant? I apologize. Please, let me try again! You are being assigned to this post regardless whether you approve or not. You will meet Warrant Officer Hardings down at the Benny?s by the portal station in exactly one hour plus or minus ten minutes for you?re in person briefing with our representative who will be acting as handler for you during this investigation and apprehension. If you disagree with this or fail to arrive for your briefing with the Warrant Officer at the designated time, which is entirely your choice to make, I will see you removed from your happy little post with every benefit you have acquired stripped and a string of black flags shoved so far up your ass that you?ll be able to floss with them for the next year. Have I made myself exceedingly clear?-Still creepily cheery-?

?-Long pause, tired sigh- Crystal??

?-Beaming- Very good Lieutenant! Everything you?ll need to know you will be briefed on by WO Hardings. I am looking forward to a glowing review and impressed water cooler talk about you you sly dog you!?

?Yeah? I??

?Remember, don?t be late! You?ve got a 44 to 64 minute window to make it the Benny?s! Please have a good rest of your morning Lt. Turner!?


?-Grumbling- What a *** *** *** on a *** *** *** sideways??

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PostPosted: Fri May 01, 2015 9:32 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


?Hey, you?ve reached the voicemail of Mach also known as Eli Turner currently on post in Rhydin. I?m probably getting in some kind of trouble or another so I can?t take your call for more trouble at the moment. After the beep thing leave a brief message with name, callback number, measurements, picture, bank account and routing information? that sorta stuff? and I?ll get back to you when I can? unless I?m dead dead? then I won?t...?BEEEEP

?Um.... hi Eli? it?s me? Bri. ?Pause, shuffling in background- I hear you changed for voicemail message again? you?re so terrible ?slight, forced chuckle, another pause-. So? Rhydin?offworld? you never told me? any of us really that you were being transferred. I? I don?t know why you hid this fact?or didn?t bother to call or inform us. We worry about you you know! Mike?. Mike was near beside himself when he stopped off at your place in Haverdyn? found your housing unit was occupied by some academy couple who didn?t have a clue who you were other than ?the jerk that killed the grass in the backyard with a bonfire!? ?A more natural smirk before the tone dies back.- He? nearly got arrested yelling at the people in the staffing and administration office.

-Sigh-S-sorry, that? that isn?t why I called. Um, I know you know that my white coat ceremony for the medical school is coming up and I was? just wanting to let you know again. ?Pause- Oh, um, actually did you get the date? It?s going to be the twenty sixth of Amnsreed starting at ten at the Lorenstern Auditorium on campus. I?I?ll send you the invite again, don?t know if you got the last one since you never replied. ?Exasperated sigh- Sorry, sorry? it?s just? I really want you to be there Eli. This means a lot to me and I want all of you there? I know you can swing the time?. Please?

I mean, it?s been a year since last we saw each other? back during Jusetine? You had that girl? Mirabel was it? are you and her still together? It? you two seemed rather close but then when I called back in Dalsreed a different girl answered? Melanie? Marissa? I don?t know? but I didn?t like how they sounded. ?pause- I? I don?t know why you don?t settle down with someone. I think? I think you might be happier that way. ?Soft chuckle- I can just hear you though? ?I am happy, I don?t need anything but the smoke and drink in my hand until retirement?? but I don?t believe that. You?re? you?re a good man... a good...-silence-

Eli... why? Why do you... why do you push us... push me away? What are you so afraid of? What aren't you telling me? I know your keeping secrets... you always were... the gangs... Vivian... your enlistment...Ellena... but it just seems lately you've become more and more secretive. Why? I just... I don't get it... You... you do these terrible things, send these assholic little messages and mail and play your nasty tricks and for what? So I can hate you? I just.... I want to understand why... and I don't want your little dodging answers. By the wheel I hate that about you! You hide and you lie and you kill yourself with your lifestyle, you keep saying 'in nine years, in nine years I'll give this all up' but will you really!? Is that just another lie or 'convenient miscommunication'!?

-Exasperated sigh bleeding agitation from voice- You know... just... do what you want... it's what you'll do anyway... I... I'm sorry to have disturbed you Eli. -Pause- But... if you can... please try to make it out... asshole...


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PostPosted: Sun May 03, 2015 2:07 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


?Hey, you?ve reached the voicemail of Mach also known as Eli Turner currently on post in Rhydin. I?m probably getting in some kind of trouble or another so I can?t take your call for more trouble at the moment. After the beep thing leave a brief message with name, callback number, measurements, picture, bank account and routing information? that sorta stuff? and I?ll get back to you when I can? unless I?m dead dead? then I won?t...? BEEEEP

?Lieutenant Turner, this is Captain Albright. You?ve missed your month?s end debrief interview call and I?ve received no reports or advance notice that you should have. I hope you do realize that without prior permission you are obligated to make these calls. Even If you?ve gone to deep cover you should still leave a message in a drop box location though I?ve found no such messages at any know drop box location. You are aware the repercussion that may be visited upon you for such a breach of protocol.

-Pause- You? you?re alright, yes? I?ve?. not received a dead man?s switch message from your phone so I?m assuming you?re physically still alive at least. I?ll? wait a week before I call to have feelers sent out to try and locate you. If you are deep cover I suggest you find a way leave a drop message soon. Otherwise? -Long pause-

W..we?ll talk later Lieutenant. There are a number of things I need to cover with you. Contact me soon.


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PostPosted: Fri May 15, 2015 1:28 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

?Heey?you?ve reached the voicemail of Mach also known as Eli Turner currently on post in Rhydin. I?m probably getting in some kind of trouble or another so I can?t take your call for more trouble at the moment. After the beep thingy leave a brief message with name, callback number, measurements, nudies, bank account, hot friend information? you know the drill? and I?ll get back to you when I can? unless I?m dead dead? then I won?t... Beeeep!?

?-Panicked- Eli, it?s Mike? where the hell are you man!! Some prissy bitchs from the base called asking if you?ve made contact with any of us? said you?ve been out of contact for a week or so man! Dude? where the hell are you!? Look? ?


??man, when you get this, give me a call back? okay? I??

?-Barely contained laughter- O..Okay!?

?-Pause- Wait? ELI!?

?-Trying really hard not to laugh- Hey Mike? ?

?You God *** *** stupid *** *** *** *** son of a *** *** I should shove my *** *** *** right up your *** *** *** sideways!?

?-Bursts into laugher-?

?What the *** man! We were worried! With the *** goonies calling after you we didn?t know what the *** was up you *** asshole!?

?-Gasping for breath- So?sorry! Sorry! I jus?just?! ?More laughter-?

?You *** ass! We were worried you?d *** kicked it!?

?-Still laughing but now calming down- I? I know. Sorry? really man, I am. ?Deep breath, exhale- Yeah? got myself laid up for a few days man, nothing serious.?

?*** ?. ?Grumbling sigh- Fine... fine! I know how you are? -Smirk- We are. I?m just... just glad to hear your voice. -Relieved exhale- But damn man? what do you mean laid up??

?-Scratching sound, rustling- Got zapped, nothing bad? but it cooked my phone and? I got drug into a hospital for a few. You know how they are.?

?*** man I know? institutionalized *** with the occasional sweet skirt. But backup? who the hell zapped you? Are you alright? Did you nail the *** that did it to you??

?Yeah? -Falls quiet for a long moment- I?m alright? and the ?***? is a friend. ?Thought before a snicker- I guess you could say I?ve nailed them but no man, they?re a friend. Not in the business of holding grudges against my friends.?

?Friend? *** man, last time I checked ?friends? don?t go roasting their buddies except maybe with words yeah? I don?t care how good a lay they may be, tha??

?Hey, HEY man?! Lay off, yeah? It wasn?t her fault...?

?Her?? Well, whatever, I know the reason for the zap weren?t her fault Eli? I mean, look who she did it to! But come on man? jolting a fellow hard enough to cook their phone and send them to a hospital!? I know you can be a real piece of work sometimes man but you?ve never warranted that. That is psycho bitch territory right there.?

?Mike... lay off, okay? Things are? complicated with her. And it wasn?t that bad man, just looked it to some bystanders, nothing more.?

?Complicated is a particular strange sort of kink that needs special sheets Eli? This? This girl sounds like a *** psyzard.?

?-Angry snap- She is not a psyzard!?

?-Pause- Okay? okay, hey man? sorry? but you gotta understand yeah? I hardly know what?s going on with you now that you?re posted all the *** out there? just what little you send and whatever the goonies call about. I?m concerned about my little bro? the other half of the MikEli Duo, yeah??

?-Chuckling- ***? For one, never refer to us like that again. Seriously, what are you, seventeen? And two -Sigh- I know. Sorry. Things just got weird for a bit, nothing more.?

?Alright, whatever you say bro, all knows you?ve always had your head screwed on straight on a pivot. And hey, we?ll never outgrow being the MikEli Duo yeah? Two Turner brothers raising hell till we?re so old we *** ourselves when we laugh and need a fist full of pills to pop us some wood!-Cackles-?

?-Wary chuckle- Yeah? come on man, that was a cute dream when we were teens but really? You?re a construction worker and I?m in the military. Either of us?could kick it at a moment?s notice. No rhyme, no reason.?

?I know, I know? but that don?t mean we gotta do *** that might lead us to pop off so soon. Hell, you?re stuck out in that *** hole for what, nine years? I don?t want to have to find out one day that you were shake and baked over ?complicated.? Ain?t no proper death to die away from the soil of your birth.?

?-Wry chuckle-Yeah? -Mildly- yeah?I? I know man. Wax and sealed cask until forty, yeah??

?*** yeah Eli. We?re too damn handsome to die young.?

?Yeah?-Pause- Hey, well, anyway? I?m still kickin and I?ve got some stuff to do so? tell everyone I?m okay, yeah? And? and that I love eacha their retarded asses.?

?What, can?t spare the time for your bro? ?Chuckling- I?m chaffing you. -Pause, serious tone- Hey? things really alright??

?Things are golden Mike. Just?thought to say such? or have you say such for me. Don?t want you all to worry about me.?

?Alright? alright. -Pause- Hey, Eli? if you got a problem man, just call, yeah? We?re bro?s you know? got each other?s backs since we were off our mama?s tits. True then? true now.?

?-Mild chuckle- No doubt man, no doubt. Hey, you take care of yourself idiot.?

?-Snort- You too jackass. Catch you later.?


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PostPosted: Thu Jun 11, 2015 1:38 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


?U.R.T.A. Civilian Staffing and Assignment Office, Specialist Horner speaking, how may I direct your call??

?Uh? -Pause- Oh, Lieutenant Elitia V. Turner, Military Bounty Offices number: 098325HL121780 calling for monthly debrief with Cpt. Albright. ?

?Lt. Truner? -pause, typing- Yes, your call has been expected. I?ll page Cpt. Albright now.?

?Okay? thanks. ?Rustle, rustle, click, snap, flick, pop-?

?Lieutenant, need I remind you that this debrief is considered an official meeting and as such you are held to the non-smoking restrictions in place during official business??

?-Exhale- Nah, you really don?t but I get the feeling you just did.?

?-Something muttered inaudibly. A few moment?s pass.- Um? sir-??


?? Oh, uhm, sir, Mach sir? are you aware that you?re on an on-air line? If you could report to a briefing chamber at-?

?I?m not on base. On location? providing security under the ?protect the civilian populace against renegade malficarum? clause of ?reasons I do my job.??

?-Muddled- Oh, umm, really? But protocol states that any debrief with potentially sensitive information be conducted in a contro-?

?So you?re saying I don?t have to report in because I can?t leave my post? ?Puff, exhale-?

?-More confused- Wh-what? No? I mean, yes. You need to go through a D3 security router at least to ensure adhoc tele-encryption? and sir, I did mention that smoking is n-?

?Specialist Horner was it??

?-Dumbfounded- Wha, uh, yes??

?-Inhale- Learn to chill, yeah? Rules are there to bend my friend.?

?I-I-I don?t believe that they are sir. They are in place to provide uniformity and discipline so as to save soldiers? lives!?

?-An exhaling pause before a smirk escapes- Right? hope you stay a comm off paper pusher then buddy. Look, tell Morgan I called but I?m on post and not able to reach a D3 so I suppose we?ll chat next month, yeah? ?


?Lt. Eli Turner sig? oi, that?s my pizza crust! ?Grumble- Damn ferret. Hmm, oh, right, yes. Signing off!?

?S-sir, please wa-?



-= A few minutes later=-


?Hello hello, this is Mach!?

?-Deadpan- Hilarious Lieutenant, you are a natural gods damned comedian??

?Really? Well, I have had so-?

?-Snapping growl- Shut. Up. Lieutenant! You think it?s clever to *** with the front office staff??

?Well, yes? wouldn?t have done so if I didn?t.?

?-Tired sigh- Lt. Turner, stop trying to be clever, you?re terrible at it. Right? so why, exactly, aren?t you on a secure D3 router or better back at the satellite office for this report??

?I?m on post acting as a body guard for a target of a known malificarum.?

?-Puzzled- Beg pardon??

?Did I stutter? I?m acting as a guard for a target that has already been kidnapped once by said mage prior. There is a high likelihood that another attack may be planned and so to protect the citizens of Rhydin City as is part of my writ of practice and perhaps to get the drop on this psyzard I have taken to home guard duty of this target until further notice.?

?-Uncomfortable pause- I would ask if you are trying to screw with me as well but it seems this being true is much more damning and aggravating than it being a joke and thus must be true?-Aggrivated sigh- You know, a single hunter makes for a poor guard compliment. That is a waste of your efforts and resources.?

?I beg to disagree sir. Target has several other protective parties interested in nailing this magus aiding in surveillance as well allowing me to continue with duties as necessary.?

?Ok, regardless, this sort of thing is generally a job for a dedicated force such as the Watch than some lone wolf hunter.?

?True? but I have positive rapport with the target and previous hunt history with the magus. Besides, a smaller force makes for a less conspicuous presence which can be beneficial in such operations.?

?-Long pause, tired sigh- You apparently have all your *** in order and I?m sure paperwork into the office so there doesn?t seem much point in beating on about this.?

?-Chuckling- Hey, you?re learning! ?Puff- Where?s Jezzie, by the way??

?-Mild grumble- Mrs. Trundle is taking some leave of absence.?

?Oh? Vacation time, nice! That girl??

?-Mild, interrupting- Personal leave. She took your sudden failure to report in very hard. Thought another of her ?family? had died.?

?-Stunned pause- O-oh? really? ?Puff, exhale- Sh-she knows I?m alright, yeah??

?Yes, she knows. I called her personally, and insisted she finish out her requested time away.?

?Oh? okay? thanks? -Pause- I gotta send her some flowers or??

?Turner! ?Snapping before a weary sigh- Just, shut up? and be around for your next debrief? or call ahead if you?re in deep cover again.?

?-Sheepish- Y-yeah? sorry about that. Unexpected and all.?

? Obviously. But then that?s why there?s the dead call switches that you could have? ?

?-Puff, aggravated scratching- I know, I know! Circumstances didn?t really allow for that though. All in my report.?

?Yes? -Mild- Your report? interesting read that? deep cover reconnaissance, high risk for exposure with apparent madsci scanning tech, and a whole lot of dick to show for your efforts.?

?-Puff, rustle of shoulders shrugging- Them?s the breaks of the game sometime. Anyway, I?m out here mostly by myself? they probably caught wind of my exposed six and bugged out.?

?And it certainly had nothing to do with some reported rumors of an altercation around the same time frame involving ?Mach and a couple of pink haired women.? Women who?s descriptions sound an awful lot like the Farron sisters you seem to keep having dealings with... despite repeated warnings. Of note in this 'rumor' is involvement of that warlocks pet demon, the witch, and another unknown element.?

?-Sighing- Still relying on your rumor mill Captain? Look, it's as on my report, yeah? None of this heresay BS you keep digging up.... seriously, who are you asking? The gossip rags? The neighborhood chatty Cathys? None of th-?

?Reputable information brokers. Of course they are willing to substantiate their claims with some blood samples found on scene. Apparently that Mach stood around like a retarded lump and got hit with a heavy dose of some exotic magical energy which pushed them into a SA schism and magicka overlord which had that Mach 'bleeding like a stuck pig' from eyes, ears, and mouth. Very similar to the mana purging hemorrhage many hunters are known for.?

?-Silence, long pause.- Really. You going to...?

?I am not.?

?-Pause- Hey, now, I?m talking, you?wait... really??

?Lt. Turner, I believe in this past half year I've learned a thing or two about how you tick. All you hunters tick actually... and it seems to me that as you put it on the report is likely how it happened... or at least I don't see anything to contradict such a notion.?

?-Stunned- Oh... well... yes! True and true then, um??

?But Eli, let me make this clear. If there was something that seemed amiss... unpure so to say... I would investigate it to the very limits of my abilities and drag the truth to the light so as it may be acted upon. Do you understand Lieutenant.?

?-Pause, simple tone- Yeah? I understand.?

?Then let me ask you frankly? there isn?t anything I need to worry about on this, is there??

?No sir. Nothing to worry about? just personal matters.?

?Personal? -Snort- Like the other ?rumor? I have of a Mach searching mad dash around Rhydin for a pink haired woman of same description as Serah Farron back in April which cumulated in several multiple gun shots fired reports to the Watch? -Tapping on a keyboard-?location Marketplace, around the central bell tower. One of the shots fired sounded like, per eye witness report, ?a toilet flushing while being fed into a wood chipper?? which sounds an awful lot like a caster spell.?

?-Uncomfortable pause- More rumors.?

?-Long silence- Lieutenant? Eli, it seems a lot of bad luck follows your? personal affairs? with this Serah Farron. And as you know, bad luck and hunters do not go well together.?

?-Tense- What are you trying to say Captain...?

?That perhaps you should cut ties with this individual before it gets you killed.?

?-Coldly- Is that an order??

?A suggestion? off record, to a dumbass I?m concerned over. I know you?ll do what you will regardless? but really, a lot of what I keep getting via the rumor mills is worrisome. An A.S. schism is not a light matter? out there without the support structure and proper arcane medical training it is a miracle you recovered and your S.W.F. didn?t just collapse. And need I remind you? if you die not in the pursuit of your service or due to a complication of your service you forfeit all your benefits as a sweet dealer? everything you?ve worked for down the tubes??

?-Somber- I know? I know? b-... ?Falling silent-

?Just? be careful Eli, alright? Or as careful as you or your lot can be. ?Sigh, clear throat, tap of papers- Though that isn?t very likely is it?your target for guard duty, it?s Serah Farron, isn?t it??

?-Long pause, puff, exhale-Saw the A.P.B. didn?t you??

?Just as you get crime stats to your phone I get them here for pattern analysis. So yeah? and the magus in question??

?Scionius? was involved in the Star Shimmerscale incidents back in February? I?m guessing at least an S3 classed magus with skills in barrier and destructive energy flow. Kind of a show off.?

?-Creak of chair settling back- Hmm? you want me to send you a Rapid Heavy Assault and Suppression Kit? Maybe a support single A hunter for backup??

?-Thinking- I?ll take the R-HAS? and if you can swing it a full entrenchment and escort set? but I don?t think I need support. The dynamics of this situation are? complicated? and I don?t need another hot head chomping at the bit to tear this mage apart. Too much potential for crossfire with natives.?

?A full entrenchment and escort set? For a single target? That seems rather excessive? -Chair creaking- Eli? this personal relationship between you and the Magi Serah Farron? it?s not an inappropriate one is it??

?All my relationships are deemed inappropriate, remember??

?Yes, let?s be glib about this after I just expressly said I?d crack down on anything that might be affecting your purity and potency.?

?-Weary sigh- Is it something you don?t usually get with hunters? Yes? kinda is? but it?s not affecting my purity. She?s not influencing me towards some dark agenda, I?m just... trying something different.?

??Something different? doesn?t exactly bolster confidence that you aren?t being influenced to some, perhaps not sinister plot? but to an unhealthy state.?

?-Smirk- Funny that ? unhealthy state. No, I?m actually trying not to play ?the game? with her.?

?-Long pause- Is that really wise Eli? I don?t know all the specifics of the game you hunters live by but as I understand it is-?

?A necessary evil of what he do? What we are? Yes? but healthy? We?re a lot of dopes but I don?t think any of us are that stupid to think it?s anything close to that. Look? it?s not influencing my perception any more than Sid did? and it?s not altering my potency? I know what I am and where I?m going. I just? wanna try something different before I get there, yeah?

?-Long pause, squeak of chair shifting- I?d like to believe you Lt. Turner? but you haven?t exactly been forthright about any of this. Secrets are not the companions of honest men.?

?Only sane ones who actually have friends while dealing with a paranoid organization. Look, what are you getting at Albright??

?That there are going to be eyes on you because of this. Mine, others? just a fair warning Eli. You?ve always been a wild card? I just hope for your sake as well as those who care about you that we don?t have to call an Aberrant Purification on you, I really do.?

?-Somber pause- It?s nothing like that Morgan, I can guarantee you that. But?but if anyone gets the bug up their ass to suspect such anyway.. to call me out for a purification? let me know, yeah??

?-Mild- You know, the whole point of a purification hunt is to catch the prey and you know as well as I that surprise is th-?

?No, no, I don?t mean tip me off to run. I? I can swallow a bullet as well as the next hunter, yeah? The last line of defense against taint? and if I serve my duty I can mitigate the scrutiny to those I?ve associated, so??

?Oh?-Deflated- yes? right. We?ll see?. but the aim is to not need such an intervention. Just? be careful. Particularly when women are involved, alright? Chivalrous and reckless make for a very bad combination by my witness. ?Tired sigh, creaking of chair- Right, anyway. Moving on to lighter topics lets proceed with our debrief proper. Beyond what has been discussed there are a few further points of inquiry.?

?-Pause- I-I will? as I can? -Puff, exhale, rustle of readjustment- Alright. What?s next on the agenda.?

?Valentine Song.?

?-Groaning- Are we really going to go over this? Really? After your offices had compromised her cover with their snooping??

?Yes, because you never mentioned them as an informant until you got yourself thrown in the brig for raising hell about getting them protected status back on 11 April. That sort of thing usually raises eyebrows? you know, literally flipping desks and such.?

?-Annoyed sigh- Yes, because as I just said your offices got her cover blown. Now there are folks after her.?

?As I understand from your W.I.P.S.R 108-B submitted. A regrettable occurrence but then if you?d been more forthright about details regarding your relation with them then-?

?Don?t give me that ***, ?a hunters associations while on post should be considered as potentially sensitive and treated with utmost care.? ?

?-Smirking- Quoting Foreign Affairs policies now? Cute. But the policies of the Office of Hunter Purity and Potency supersede the edicts put forth by the O.M.F.A.. Anyway, their importance as an informant is based solely on your word.?

?How the hell do you figure!? Didn?t you get my hunt report for 28 April where Val and I fought a cult and some S3 class summon in the protection of an altered group of hostages??

?-Taping- Yes? incidental hunt Case: 28A1737-098325A2? a case with absolutely no corroborating evidence, not even a statement from your friend Val.?

?What about the supply list used? My medical aftercare? The amount of arcane detox required??

?Circumstantial at best. You very well could have just had another ?personal? engagement th-?

?-Growling- Don?t you dare insinuate that I was using such supplies for extracurricular fun. I have never been tagged as inappropriately using the tools granted me to do my job!?

?Calm down Lieutenant. I?m not insinuating anyway?I?m simply stating facts. There is absolutely no concrete evidence that this operation took place other than the cost in resources? that doesn?t look good in the books you understand.?

?What looks good on the books!? I did the right thing, *** the books. And as I noted, it happened off world? I traveled through a portal an-?

?Which only means that you may well have been working out of jurisdiction on top of everything? -Sighing- Look, I do not doubt that what you were doing was just? I do not doubt that you helped save a group of potential primitives from a terrible death by? -Taping on keyboard, groan- ?drowning orgy.? You are a lot of things but you?ve always rated high on the personal justice rating scale which contributes to why a number of your past indiscretions have been looked at with a softer touch than otherwise warranted. But at the end of the day you are still a civil servant with your wages and the cost of your tools and resources paid for by the taxpayers of Tanga.?

?I-I know? but??

?But nothing Lt. Turner, that is what you boil down to at the end of the day. You need to understand that. ?Sighing- Of course I know you don?t care and will do as you think is best just like this time? but I must wonder why you were so stupid about things this time??

?-Puff, exhale- Didn?t have a good visual what I was walking into? so I took a full kit, personal and mil assets.?

?So you willingly followed a construct into an unknown situation??

?-Forceful- Val is not some mere construct. And yes, I did, because innocent lives were at stake. ?

?I understand your conviction Lieutenant, but you have to temper it with discretion. -Tired sigh- Aright, I?ll see about having a few more near expiration kits sent your way for your? discretionary operations? so long as they do not end in dead tree format back here at central.?

?Wait?are you telling me to do this sort of stuff ?off the books???

?I?m telling you to be discreet in your miscellaneous activities that you?ll do regardless of my approval or not but can?t do squat to prove actually happened other than the warm and fuzy feeling in your chest. You?re an A2 hunter Lieutenant, almost none of your operations are clandestine which I?m going to have to class this one as if you don?t want a long line of investigators suddenly taking a very keen interest in you.?

?-Puff, exhale, grinding of cigarette being ground out- Sounds almost like your aiding and abetting me in what may or may not be some sort of pseudo vigilante pursuits of mine.?

?I?m covering my ass Lt. Turner, nothing more. I?ve not meet a hunter and doubt I ever will who has not used their granted abilities for some sort of agenda. Parlor tricks to pick up woman would certainly have been easier to deal with? but since you are working to do good or at least decent which is in line with what the personality matrix assessment estimates of you I can overlook a little inappropriate use of resources? to a point. ?

?So you?re covering for me? -Mild pause- Look, I appreciate it, but I?ve never asked for you to do such. My idiocy, my problem.?

?Like I said, covering for us both, Lieutenant. Your actions, your ?idiocy? reflects on me as well. But yes, your continued questionable relations are raising a lot of eyebrows? generating a lot of questions I do not have the answers for nor the excuses to cover with. Adding in potentially unscrupulous activities and continuous interactions with tainting elements just adds more and more fuel to what may be, one day, your heretics pyre.?

?-Long pause- Sorry, but I?m not??

?Apologizing, changing, giving up on your ?friends??? Yes, I understand that. I?d be an idiot if I thought mere words could do that. I just want you to understand what repercussions may be brewing from your actions? not let such blindside you. Make sure you keep asking the question ?is this worth it? knowing full well both sides of the coin.?

?-Pause, frank.- It was worth it.?

?Alright? fine. I hope it keeps being so or that when it doesn?t it comes up as a whimper than a roar. ?Sighing as chair creaks, taping in background.- Moving on, let?s discuss a new name that?s recently crossed my desk: Sarai.?

?-Mild moan, sound of shuffling.- What about her??

?You mean other than the fact that they seem to be a full-fledged infernal of some hierarchy or another that you?ve been noted to? -Tapping- ?Drape upon like velvet while visiting nibbles and kisses upon as raindrops in a storm?? in public? Let?s see??likelihood of sexual relations: ludicrously high and likely very active.??

?-Snickering- Okay, you had to get that from some chatty Cathy types or another, at least folks who read far to many trashy romances? -Shuffle, pause, crunch- ***, outta smokes??

?Have a care Lieutenant. Or did you think that screwing demons was somehow not something someone in the purity offices might take notice of??

?She?s fun, so are fauns. Besides, no agenda there other than seeking mutual comfort? she?s not trying to get at our state secrets or any such stuff through my pants, just trying to get at what?s in my pants. Besides, I?m working on cooling my? heels? here recent.?

?-Weary groan- What have I said about trying to be clever? ?Sighing- Cooling your heels hmm? Right. Fine. Okay?so beside this infernal being a poor choice of bedmate they have been noted in reports for at least two of your hunts in regards to the Sanguine Cult cases.?

?-Pause- What? My reports hav-?

?-Bluntly- From other incidental reports. An EMS treatment report of a demoness of matching description to this Sarai from the hunt of two cultist knights? a little chatty mention of a woman of matching description from our interrogation of Tom Hopel. Funny how there is no mention of such a woman in neither of your reports for these two cases.?

?-Momentary pause- Oversight, didn't think it important mentioning...?

?Didn't think it important mentioning that a civilian is getting involved in criminal investigations and apprehensions??

?A demoness. She handled herself.?

?Not from the report I got from the EMS. Multiple broken bones and contusions, burns, a scene like a battlefield.... healed quickly but that's not the point. The point is that a civilian is getting involved in military affairs.?

?-Mildly- I know... I know.?

?Oh? You know? Well, and here I thought it may have been too hard a concept for you Lieutenant.?

?Now look who's sucking at being clever...-Sigh, creak of chair- Look, can you blame me for leaving her off the reports with how you all have been dogging my associates? I thought it best to let things lie after Tom, but apparently that didn't pan out as I had hoped.?

?-Dry smirk- Suppose I learn my clever from my charges. -Chair adjusts- And how did you hope lying about her involvement might pan out exactly??

?You saw the bit about Tom knowing me, yeah??

?-Tapping- Hmm, I recall something along those lines in your report. What about it??

?There was no way he should have known me... not by my full, proper name. That shows some sort of interest to have gone through the trouble to have learned such... but what?s more bothersome is that he didn?t seem to have much interest in who I was other than a hunter but then started spouting off about me suddenly... serendipitously even after talking about his little cult idol.?

?-Contemplative pause- Hmm... yes... there was some question into that... nothing that Tom opted to illuminate for us during his interrogations. So what does this have to do with the demoness Sarai??

?I know you?re not an analyst but come on, even you should be able to connect the dots.?

?-Grumbling pause, whine of adjusting chair.-?

?-Distant-Hey... TGoW... think you can get me some of these? -Rustle of cigarette pack- Comeon... fetch some for me and I'll give you three slices of piz...h-hey! Where are you going...! Little furry bast-?

?-Creak, thud of chair- You mean those two battlemage knights were actively seeking out this Sarai??

?-Shuffle of phone back to ear- Hnn...? Ah, yes, that's what I'm thinking. I mean, think about it: two knights traveling together in regalia and with mythrial swords just so happen to corner her in an alleyway with their blood slaves up above for support and containment? That's an awful lot of careful strategy for some random grab and drain.?

?Then what about what you proposed in your original report? That such strategy was adopted against a random passerby in case they happened to be someone of hidden potential as oft the case in Rhydin??

?Yeah, well, they weren't a typical passerby... and the fact they had proper mythrial swords versus just hand held focuses is particularly suspicious. Those fancy swords are only something battlemages use when facing off against a known, powerful threat. Basic BMK 101 for hunters ? pop em off while their swords are down. Besides, it just doesn?t fit the MO of other cases. They?ve been rather careful about choosing targets that won?t cause a fuss or not long against them, don?t see why they should suddenly now.?

?So you think they purposely targeted this Sarai because they were identified with you when you caught one of their co-conspirators? How would they know? The scene with Tom Hopel was secured and he refused any contact rights. Besides that what?s the point of targeting known associates of yours??

?-Uncomfortable pause- I-I don?t know. I think there may be some sort of telepathic comm between the cult members so that may be how they knew of her? as to why I?ve not dug up anything worth salt so far. It?s just? I got a feeling, deep, in my gut yeah??

?Okay, the telepathy thing I can see, it?s a known and prolific naturalistic spell on many blood mages repertoires. But come on, ?a feeling? is what your giving me as a causal link??

?Hunters that ignore their gut instinct typically don?t lead very long lives? Look, I know it?s far-fetched, hence the down low treatment. But if there is more to it than just bad diet than??

?-Groan- Alright, alright, I get your point. But you know, there?s better ways to go about these things, right? Use the system put in place to support you rather than work against it??

?Yeah, well, protocol dictates that she be brought in and placed into protective custody during the remainder of the investigation. Not only do I not think that would fly foreign affairs wise here but I think Sarai herself would probably reduce the satellite office into a pile of burning rubble if we tried to contain her as such. And I don?t want your sniffers and coats on her? saw what that did for Val and if the cult catches wind there?s more of our presence about it may make them bolt to ground.?

?-Stunned silence- Huh?suppose even you can think things out clearly? now if you can work past that secretive nature of yours...?

?-Singsong- It?s only unhealthy paranoia if it proves to be untrue.?

?Hmm? is that so. Alright... we?ll let you handle this your way for the time being. You are principle hunter out there and those are your grounds? just make sure nothing happens that may bite you in the ass later on. Civies in regards to you are extended to include the scope as is defined by Rhydin ordinance, not merely Tangian, so even infernals are protected under such it would seem.?

?-Coyly- Oh believe me, recompense for that was? paid in full? if you catch my drift.?

?-Moaning- I truly wish I didn?t Lieutenant. ?Creaking of chair, tapping- Beside that just be careful otherwise. Infernals may not seem so bad or to have a dark agenda? but they?re not chaos aligned creatures for no reason. And they are considered rather high on the taint affinity scale? so if you do continue to interact with them, in any regards, it will reflect poorly upon you and lead to further scrutiny by the purity investigators sniffing around your records.?

?-Mocking- Not more scrutiny, whatever will I do!??

?Sure, laugh it up Lieutenant, apparently you?ve forgotten how fun an inquest proceeding is.?

?-Sighing- No Captain, I?ve not. But I?m not-?

?Not going to let others dictate who you can or cannot associate with. Yes, yes? speaking of I just need to get some comments on a few more associates? mild inquiries these. Hopefully that will be it.?

?Great? -Shuffle- Alright, shoot.?

?New face? a Carla? Noted in the inn with you and Sarai? the two of you were drawing upon them.?

?We asking about normies now??

?Is that what she is??

?Far as I know, haven?t dealt too much with them. But I don?t sense anything particularly off about them? other than a little youthful naivety and a poor hold of her alcohol.?

?Right? okay, how about another? Eris? Noted associating with them a few places.?

?Okay, now you folks are just fishing all my contacts? but she is something more? supposedly.?

?Oh? And what is that??

?A goddess of chaos.?

?-Long pause, credulous- A goddess of chaos???

?What she says. Haven?t really verified that since, you know, little in the protocol manuals about verifying or dealing with deities except maybe using a demon god forged sword and a massive war of beasts and humanoids? but that?s just historical anecdote really.?

?-Sighing- Right? I?ll just list her as ?unknown? in the notes. Okay, on to your continued relations with Jewell Ravenlock.?

?Pass, no comment.?

?-Aggitated sigh- Alright, fine. How about with the warlock Zynn??


?You know, you?re not doing yourself any favors not commenting to inquests for more information from other investigators.?

?Well, if they have a valid concern to bring up I?ll be glad to angrily tell them to *** off on record when I find out it?s not really valid at all. Since it?s just an ?inquest request? I?m figuring they?re just digging for something to validate their negative views since, shock and surprise, nothing terrible has come up from my continued associations with these people.?

?Fine, fine, whatever...your headache later on. ?Tapping- Alright, something of a more positive note, how?s the investigation with Hope Jubal going.?

?-Shuffle of a shrug- Just starting? We?ve both been busy with our respective jobs. Apparently the girls moving on up at a clip? guess the watch needed themselves a hard headed girl scout. Hardings I understand is getting in touch to have a lunch meeting with her Lieutenant? guess she really likes those?and I?m gonna try texting her in a while as part of my long ?*** to get done? list.?

?Hmm, alright. Just remember, you?re a hunter first? get the job done and get it done right. The politicos can figure out the friendly business after a few apologies and stepped on toes.?

?-Mock shock- Why Cpt. Albright, I am amazed to hear such pragmatic words from your mouth! Thought you were the penultimate ink follower.?

?-Insipid- The body count is only going up Lt. Turner. Each day this group isn?t shut down is another day they have to get stronger, entrench more in the shadows and underbelly of that putrid place. And there are a lot of eyes, a lot of tension from both sides of the rift riding on this? feeling more and more like a powder keg to me. Want to douse this before any sparks start flying.?

?-Quietly- Yeah? I feel you. ?Clears throat- Hey, Albright. Whatever did happen to Tom Hopel? I got a hold of his interrogation report but after that I?ve not seen any follow-up judicial notes.?

?Oh, yes, you wouldn?t. He was being considered a special case under U.T.R.A. Foreign Affairs JAG.?

?Was? What happened??

?-Tapping- Let?s see? looks like Watch officials put in a request for us to extradite him back to Rhydin to stand trial for the murder of the six victims killed on Rhydin soil.?

?-Shocked- What!? I hope they gave the Watch the finger or three! That bastard murdered eighteen academy students on his escape? he should spend the rest of his life working off his debt to society!?

?-More tapping- He did, so to speak. Tom Hopel was executed on Sansreed 28th, 1737 for twenty four counts of first degree murder, thirty nine counts of first degree aggravated use of magic, and two accounts of aggravated absconding from the law. He was put to death by mana drain and his body was destroyed by incineration. Ninety one point two three percent of his remains post incineration was sent to the Watch offices in Rhydin so as to be in compliance with the extradition request.?

?-Long pause- Wait? executed? That?s not right. Mages are a resource so unless they are well and truly a bastard they?re supposed to be surgically suppressed and forced to atone for their crimes via service. You can?t atone for crap when you?re dead!?

?That is typically true? or was true. Public opinion and hence military and law enforcement doctrine have been shifting on the value of mages remaining alive to atone for their crimes as of late. Besides? it was felt that Tom may well have been given a lenient sentence in Rhydin and since he is considered a secrecy threat it was decided it would be better if he did not leave Tang again in anything larger than a coffee tin.?

?But.. what about mage rights? What about the Vers slippery slope conundrum? And he wasn?t exactly easy to catch you know? what about the other mages??

?-Ruffle of papers being straightened- Look, you?re overthinking this. Extraordinary circumstances if you remember? besides, some would argue mages and madsci?s are just being held accountable in the same vein as everyone else. If you or I were to kill twenty four innocent vics they?d not get past our middle initials before we were twisting in the wind.?

?-Apprehensive- I don?t know about that, all seems? wrong? to me.?

?-Sighing- Yes, I know you?ve bought into what that one magus Siddell Vers was selling but you gotta remember: you are a mage hunter for the U.R.T.A. military. Your job? or duty is to protect the general populace against esoteric and/or wild science, malificarum, and monsters. ?

?Yes, so they may atone for crimes. Be useful to society using the abilities they have. And you?re wrong, you and I would be tried and then put to forced labor for the rest of our lives too? capital punishment is not a judicial standard in Tanga. To start doing it because it?s convenient to do so against potentials will only lead us back to the good ol? days of the mob witch hunts.?

?Yes, yes, the Molderen Charter and Evinstein Proclomations? but that just places an unfair inequality on the? no. No, I am not getting into this? armchair philosophy and politics are for exactly that? armchairs. We have a duty to do Lt. Turner. Yes, it is uncharacteristic for Tom Hopel to have been simply executed as he was? but at the same time it was a necessary evil, a concept you of all people should be very well accustomed to. ?

?-Reserved- Yeah, well, maybe there?s a little too much evil being classified as ?necessary? for my taste nowindays??

?-Long pause, cool tone- Lieutenant, I would advise you to can that thought Right. Now. Am I understood.?

?-Pause, grumbling sigh- Yeah, your understood... sir. Crystal.?

?-Moment consideration before a listy sigh- And you wonder why purity crawls around your record like flies on ***. Look, hold your bleeding heart views, bang all the wizards and witches of Tanador Tower, piss on a flag for all I care? just remember what you have to do at the end of the day? do and do it with a smile and your lips buttoned tight. You understand??

?-Growling- Yeah, yeah??

?Yeah, yeah???

?Yeah, yeah, sir.?

?-Sighing- I really doubt that but fine. Any more questions or comments??

?-Shuffling, clomping- No, none.?

?Alright. -Finishing up typing, creak of chair shifting- Then I believe that should do it for now... though I'm certain my debrief report will do little to alleviate concerns of those poking and asking questions about you. Just... be careful, yeah? Your skirting dangerously close to finding yourself before a purity inquest.?

?-Muted padding- Aren't I always? -Mild chuckle- I know... I'll try to stay frosty as I can... life willing of course.?

?-Mild groan- Of course... -Shuffling of papers- Oh, before I let you go there was one last thing. Looks like your leave request has been granted.?

?-Pause- Leave request? What leave request??

?For Amnsreed 24th through 28th? The request was filed a month ago on your behalf by.... Jonathan Turner. Said you had sent him the paperwork to file for you.?

?-Thoughtful- Amnsreed 24th through 28th... -Realizing growl- oooh, that son of a bitch!?

?Is there a problem Lt. Turner? As I understand it it corresponds to the white coat ceremony of your sister Brianna, doesn't it??

?Problem!? Why would you take a request not fi... -Fall to silence, realization- You're a bastard Albright.?

?It's a good thing Eli, you should attend. You never know when or if you may get the chance to see your family again... or your homeland. Should take advantage of the excuses when you can.?

?Yeah, but... I've-?

?Been trying to live some outside the confines of 'the game' as I recall, yes? Or is that only in regards to bad news mages??

?-Grumbling sigh- Fine... fine! -Scrubbing sound- Alright... I'll try to make it...see if can swing things here with my schedule and such. Though thought you said to get things done fast though...?

?I also said that things seem like a 'powder keg'... and I think you may need this. My own 'gut' feeling as it were.?

?Oh, well, if it's a gut feeling... -Smirk- Alright. Well, if there isn't anything else then...?

?No, their isn't. You are dismissed Lieutenant, good hunting.?

?Thank you, sir. Lt. Turner si...h-hey! That's my speedo you little thieving bastard, get back back here you tube rat...!?



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?*** you, you suck, and I?ll see you in a week or so...?

?Wa-wh? Eli? What are y?-Momentary pause, realization, smug tone- Bring back souvenirs, yeah? Something distinctly Rhydin I think??

?Jackass?-Pause, mild- But? thanks Jon.?

?Don?t thank me until after the visit with your *** up family. And I didn?t do this for you man.?

?-Moments consideration, smirk- ?All the hopes on Bri???

?-Smirking- ?All the hopes on Bri...? ?Snap, crackle, pop of cigarette being lit- So, setting you up the bachelors single??

?-Snort- I?ll catch a room myself, thanks. Remember, respectable sorts here.?

?Yes? real respectable. So you are going to make it, right??

?Yeah, it?s only a few days? think I can swing that. Besides, someone told me best to see things when you can before you can?t see them no more?. or something like that.?

?-Snort- ?Or something like that?? Alright, I?ll catch you later. Remember, souvenirs? nothing cheap either!?

?Right, right? catch you later ***.?

?See you soon ***. Safe travels.?


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Text to Mach: You free for that call?

-Rather than a text response Shae's phone would suddenly come to life with an incoming call. It was from Mach-


- Shae picked up after the third ring. There was the sound of wind and water in the background. As well as something like a hammer.- ?Well hello, Eli."

?-Whispered grumble- Come on you son of a... he-... oh! There yo- -Cut out, suddenly the voice is much more clear and a little more drab in flavor without any sort of background noise save perhaps an ever so slight echo- Hello! Wait, Eli? Why Shaeshae, I didn't know we were so close... -Teasingly demure-?

"Cut the nonsense. What is this that's so complicated that you couldn't explain a few days ago via text? Why did you need Serah's wards down?"

?-Mild chuckle- Right to the point. Okay. -Sobering up tone.- You were researching into making Serah a new body as a sort of way to save here if she were to be taken by the visions, the chaos that was destroying her, right??

"Researching? No. I offered the arcane means to make one to Claire about two weeks ago. Are you telling me she's taken a turn for the worst? Where is Claire??

?Claire's in Valhalla last I saw. Look, Shae...-Tired sigh, a pause as he considered how best to approach this. Shae always was a sort of blunt sorts- Shae, Serah... that form of her.... died. -That last word was sort of a whisper.- On Wednesday night... I was there. ?

"-There came a period of silence. Then, at last, tired anger.- You jackass. If you ever keep something like this from me for this long again I will soak the bits that give you pleasure in life in enough magic to make them fall off. -Pause.- I'm sorry. That must have been difficult. Where is she? Have you preserved her? What do you mean 'that form of her'??

?Sorry, have sort of been dealing with a lot, yeah? -Almost snappish. A tired sigh escaped him.- Sorry, sorry... it... has been a little rough. -There was a pause at the string of questions- Things were dire, her.... body... was dead, just a shaky anchor for her spirit. I got her to Claire and she did some sort of ritual thing in Valhalla to try and...'rebirth' Serah into a newly minted form. It worked... I think. Will take some time to see... she'll most certainly need you. And she's with me... asleep right now. I'm talking via subvocalized transm... -A pause as he considered who he was taking with.- Technomagic.?

"I know what sub-vocalized sounds are. -There was a quiet grunt that said he wasn't quite off the hook, but when she spoke again it was of the more urgent matter.- So she's been revived into a new body? I assume Hope did that with Claire. Fine. But what do you mean she'll need me? Seems like you all have things in hand.?

?-Pause- No, just Claire. Their madsci.... erm, Hope wasn't there. Just some blood magic and divine voodoo and sorts. And of course she'll need you, she's strong.. very strong but I don't think anyone can just sort of accept that they died, were brought back in a new form, and be hunky dory with it all! Not after all she's been through, all she's done to prepare for... well... -Falls silent before it is broken with a smirk.-Shae, I don't think anyone, ever, should think I have anything in hand. Besides, rebirth and all now may be a good time to get away from the pains in her ass, get a fresh start yeah??

"Mach...-The way she began and trailed off said the anger was back.- Don't you dare up and disappear on her. She's had too many people do that to her already. You only get to leave if she tells you to leave, are we clear??

?-Dry smirk- Come now Shae, no one can ever truly promise that, not anywhere outside of fairytales. But... I will stay by her side... as long as I'm able or allowed...-Mild chuckle- Don't think I could leave her alone if I tried... -Fall silent, mild pause- Damn I could use a smoke. But anyway you need to be there. She'll need all the support that can be kicked up yeah? Hopefully I can move her back to her place in a day or so... just letting her build her strength up at Claires... you know where that's at??

"I'm not a child, Mach. You know damn well what I'm telling you doesn't exist in an idealized reality. -She matched his dryness with an annoyance that masked something else.- I know you care for her. Trust me, I get it. You aren't the only one. I meant what I said before. Don't keep things like this from me. -Long sigh.- No I don't sodding know where Claire lives.?

?-Mild- Sorry, sorry, just saying. And I didn't keep this from you, I've been busy dealing with all of this and figured you were owed a proper explanation than just a text yeah? Wheel keeps on turning and such. -A sigh before his tone turned more familiar- Ah, okay. guess she'll have to suffer just my poor company then for a few more days. Sorry, not that I don't trust you with how to get here but this place is sorta like the Fortress of Solitude or the Batcave... remote, hidden, and a safe haven for Claire and hers, not something I'm really keen on just giving out. Plus I don't think her guard company just lets unannounced guests waltz in... guess you could try contacting Claire but like I said last I saw of her she was non-dimension.?

"You could have called sooner, Mach. If you can text me, you can call me. For example. Call me when she's back home."


-Mach sort of cringed as the line suddenly cut out from an obviously angry push of button. Damn madsci tech and it's empathy for electronic devices- ?Sonofa..mmmm!" -Groaned mildly to himself as he ended that that call on his end.-


(Adapted from a conversation with the smashing Shae Stormchild!)
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July 3, 2015


"Joe's Pool Hall, 8-ball speaking. -That was exactly how she answered the phone.-"

"-Momentary pause, shuffle of phone away from ear obviously to check the number.- Wh-huh...? -A few soft taps as he checks the trans-dimensional settings. Muffled.- That looks right... did I *** up the protocol on her phone? -A few more taps.- Joe's Pool Hall? Where you located at? -Asked simply-"

"-She giggled because his reaction was exactly what she was going for.- Don't worry you got the right number. How's it hanging, handsome?"

"-Pause, smirk- Heh... yeah, I knew. Playing along yeah? -Sounding less than confident- Hey babe. It's... -Shuffling sound in background- Hanging to the right at the moment. -An empty pause that is most likely a *** eating grin- How you doin'?"

"Dude you totally didn't remove your pants just to check that did you? -She was almost sure he did!- Ehh. I'm- hey what time is it for you? You do know it is like 4am here right?"

"Come on Ser, you know I don't need to fully remove my pants to catch the lay of the land down there yeah? -And now he would would cackle at his own crass joke. A lazy puff taken from a cigarette.- Is it? -Pause as phone is moved away to check time.- Damn, sorry babe, didn't think.... it's midnight here but forgot the time desync. Problem with hardly sleeping... -Embarrassed little laugh- Uhm, I can call back later.... just... wanted to hear your voice."

"Nah it is okay. I've just been laying in the bed watching out the window. Some people are popping fireworks early and it looks pretty over the water. How are things over there? Still alive it seems.?

"Fireworks...? -Mild pause as he considered this- Oh right, the earthrealm holiday... um, independence day or something like that. Shoot. Sorry I'm missing such.... always nice to see explosions not directly aimed at you. -Mild chuckle- Yeah, I am. Much to the disappointment of some... and against some of the *** my brothers been pulling with me.?

"Or the marketplace blowing up with you in it. -She chuckled.- I don't know about its reason. Just that the 4th means fireworks.?

"I've not had the marketplace blow up with...-Pause in consideration- Well... okay, it's only done that twice to date, that's pretty good odds for me. -Spoken in that deadpan manner- But yeah, it's suppose to celebrate when earthrealm beat back an alien invasion I believe... or something like that...-Shuffle of a shrug.-?

?-The phone was moved and there was some quiet cursing on her side.-"

?-Little pause, listening- You alright there Ser?"

?-There was a pause and grunted.- Oh yeah everything is fine. Just rubbing one out. -Just because Mach was on the other end.-"

?-Mild pause- You're *** me, right? I seriously didn't just disturb you jilling yourself!?"

?-Low moan given for added effect.-"

"-Long pause- Sixty goats.... I'm fairly certain I can fuel an instant return gate if I sacrificed sixty goats... just need to find a large enough farm around here..."

"-She giggled on the other end.- No, I'm not Mach. TGoW was nibbling my toes and bit a little too hard."

"-Another moment consideration., some tapping- Yeah... sixty three goats to be precise.... probably will need to herd a couple of farms goats together to make that number.... -A little grumbling- What... those are my toes to nibble on! Little tube rat is muscling in on my territory! -A sigh before a smirk- So, Shae been by yet? Know she was planning on it."

"Yeah she came by and stayed the night cause she was like totally exhausted. She's been really worried about Antonia. It was awesome to see her. We talked, we chowed, we laughed, we- well I stopped her from wanting to kill you I think. -That must of been so comforting.-"

"-Another puff of cigarette- Oh yeah, heard some serious stuff happened to Antonia. Hope she's doing better... though doesn't sound like it if Shae's running herself ragged worrying over such... -Mild tone, exhale of smoke, another drag- Oh? Why was she going to kill little ol me for? -He didn't even make it to the end of that before smirking as obviously able to think of a few reasons why she might- Thanks hon, would find it hard to nibble on you being dead. -A little smirk- How about any other visitors? Other folks I need to be jealous of? -A wry sort of tone-"

"Sister is suppose to come by on the 4th with the kiddos. We are going to watch fireworks. Other than that nope. Just me and- -THUD. There is a sound of the phone scraping across the floor before fumbling and she picked it back up.- Opps! Sorry! So yeah just been me which is cool. I been trying to relax and get my self back into a-- well back into being me."

"Ah, tell her I said 'yahallo'... -A pause- Or don't... probably best not to start working on increasing the list of folks that wish me bodily harm. -Mild pause, slight wince at ringing thud.- You and...? -A moments consideration- You sure your doing okay? I can be back in about half a day. -A little concern in his tone-"

"Yeah I am okay. I guess I am still just kind of clumsy. -She sighed on the phone and she settled onto the bed again.- I'm okay. Really. Just ugh. So how are things there? You haven't told me anything!"

"Just ugh the fingers aren't doing it for you or just not the right fingers...? -A wicked little smirk at that- Sorry.... wish I was there for you. I'll be back soon, a couple more days yeah? -A gentle sigh, an exhale and shuffle as cigarette is ground out- What's to tell, I haven't been gone that long. Mikey's still a goon, Jon's still an ass, Matt's.... well, okay, last time I saw Matt he wasn't wearing short shorts and stockings... boy went full fruit last time in the clink! -A soft chortle at this- Don't know about the gang banger he's hooked up with but what can you do... heart says them and them it is...-A pause, was he smiling to himself?- And the girl of the hour Bri....well... she's still the smart one yeah, one that'll go far."

"-She spluttered a laugh.- If that were the case I would need a BoB. -Let him enjoy that thought for a bit!- Sooo when do I get to talk to one of them? Surely you going to hand the phone over to one of them? -That was just asking for a disaster to happen.-"

"-A cackle escapes him- You know they make mold kits for some of those yeah? Just... dip your pally's wick, pour in the rubbery mix into the casting, and then insert the motor of your choosing and viola! Made to order BoB for your lonely night pleasure! -And that cackle would roll into full on laughter at the thought... and how it was so something he would do for the pink haired one!-"

"So basically yours would be like the homewrecker with shoulder strap and kickstand?" She smirked as she slid down along the bed to fend for a pillow. There was grunting and groaning as she made swipes for it."

"Y-you want to talk with one of them after what I've told you!? -Speaking while laughing. In the background could be heard something... a window opening?-"

"What the *** has you so tiffed out here!? Gonna fall off the fire escape laughing like a jackal like that! -This voice was booming, naturally loud-"

"-Mach's laughter died down quite a bit- Get bent man, I'm on the phone yeah?"

"On the phone at this hour? Who you talking to, some bink for a nightcap?"

"-Scowl- No you stupid ***. Told you I'm quittin that style yeah, turning honest foORHEY! L-Let go you motherf- -Sound of struggle, some creaking metal with cursing and chuckling in the background-"

"Oi, hey! You the bird that Eli's trying to turn honest for?"-That deep, rumbling voice now resounding, obviously the winner.-"

"-Background- Let go you damned gorilla, and give me my phone back!"

"-She listened to the struggle and she was laughing but trying not to. It was really hard but laughing into the pillow helped. Then there was a voice, one she didn't know.- Heyyy that isn't very gentlemanly like. You got to at least tell a girl your name before hitting her up for info. Tch. -She was all grins and it bled into her voice.- Or should I just call you Gorilla? What are you doing? Sitting on him?"

"-Momentary pause with creaking and swearing in the background- Hey, Eli, am I a gentleman?"

"-Strained- You're *** heavy is what you are! W-when'd you become such a fat aaAH BASTARD! -Creaking groan-"

"-Voice loud once more speaking directly into the phone.- Bossy aren't you? Is that what Eli goes for? -Aside- You kinky bastard...!"

"-Background- Don't go talking to her like you fatass dip!"

"-Tsking- And you kiss such a sweet sounding bird with a mouth like that! I didn't raise you like that!"

"-Strained- What the hell you talking about? That's a woman, not stealing a car yo- -Creak, groan, metallic rattle- Mph!"

"Sorry 'bout that.. he's a pretty willy one for being so scrawny. -Chortle- I'm Mike and yeah, sorta sitting on your boy at the moment. Don't worry, I'll leave breaking him to you.. well, 'ssuming you're the bird that he's spouting off about trying to be a civil *** for. -Pause- Guess if you ain't then you might be breaking him anyway....-Contemplative on that.-"

"D'aww I sound sweet to you? You should hear me sing. -She teased to the voice. Mike. Mm. Did she know this Mike? Had he told her about him? Chewing on her bottom lip she tried to remember.- Name is Serah and yeah I'm the girl he's probably been talking about and he's not the kinky one. -Trying to blow the guy's mind? Nahhhh!- So you are like his family or something? Or just someone who sits on him on occasion and heavy pants at the phone?"

"You sing?" -Aside- You dating some singer?"

"-Groan, tapping, creak, grunting- "Ngh...g-n...'ill you g-geh..."

"I'll be, a singer! -Cheery- Oh and you're kinky too? ***, must be a match made in heaven for you two! Sorry for you furniture though... -A sad sort of whistle- And whaddya mean am I his family? Eli hasn't told you about his most awesome older bro!?"-Heavy creak, a rather complaintive moan from what had to have been Mach.- I'm the reason this joker even lived long 'nough to be the maladjusted asshole he his today! The MikEli duo me and him!"

"-Grunting, strained groaning, creak- Really... -Huff- ...y-you're really bringing that up...!?"

""Hell yeah I am! You and I...." -Turns back to phone- "Me and him raised alllll sorts of hell in the day yeah? Saved each others asses to!"

"I sing, I dance. I rock and I- -She suddenly stopped and cracked up. Nope she'll behave as best as she can.- I'm sorry dude but my mind is a lil wonky lately. I got holes in my memory but I'm getting better. And no making jokes or I'll come over there and boot you one! -She listened to the pair and smiled up to the ceiling.- Oh really? So you are the reason he is just a bunch of trouble. So tell me Mike. When did he tell you about me? Or rather what has he told you? Besides him trying to go clean or whatever he calls it."

"-A hearty chortle- "What? you a head case or something?" -Asked rather bluntly. Sound like more is to be said before there's a roll, a sharp sort of thud, a wiffle of air and a curse.- AH! *** Eli that's my ribs you jackass!"

"-Another heavy thud though much less resounding. Strained tone- "W-tch your tone wi' 'er 'ssmunch!"

"-A snort- "Protective, aren't ya.... suppose that always was onea your better *** up traits. -Smirk as attention returns to the phone- What can I say? *** circumstances lead to *** life yeah? We ran with gangs, stole, cheated... I was the papa of the family that weren't drunk and in jail... usually... and little Tia here was the mama except not spreading his legs everywhere.... guess that'd be Matt's territory... - A pause for thought as obviously was drifting off topic- What? You think this joker tells me ***? HA! Nah... h- -Rustling, thumping, groaning as readjusts atop of Mach.- Jeez... willy bastard. You? I ain't heard too much I guess.... stuff here and there since a few months after his transfer. What, you flighty about him? Cause believe me I ain't no gentile that wouldn't kick the ass of a girl that's dick chaining my brother around yeah? -That last part almost a growl despite the sounds of struggle in the background-"

"No I am not a *** head case. -She snapped at the phone. It wasn't hard to tell that it had hurt and rather pissed her off. Yeah annoyed the piss out of her actually.- I got hurt so sorry if I got troubles with my memory right now.- There was some silence as she listened to the other end, mostly just to collect herself before she went off on the dude.- I think it is more the other way around really. Lot of pretty girls here in Rhydin you know. -Her voice started to drift off and she fell silent again.-"

"-Strained- "Get off ***! Y-your being a *** prick man!"

"What the hell you mean, I'm just... -A pause at that snap. Consider- Oh... sorry... yeah., forgot about that bit, some crazy magics and ***. Right... -Voice fades for a bit in thought before he smirked, his tone friendly but heavy.- Yeah, and you're onea them pretty girls by my gather.... but *** as he is he seems to be set on you. Don't know if that mean's much out in Riding or whatever but here that sorta stuff is solid yeah? Hell, I ain't seen the *** this happy with things si- -Grunt, thud, creak- S-***! Let go of my ankle, Let Go Of M...! -THUD, CREEK- ***! Jon, JON! I-... let go!"

"- She sighed at his apology.- I'm sorry too. -The man didn't know any better so maybe she didn't have the right to be upset. As he spoke though? She felt her cheeks start to go rosey. He seemed happy? She started to ask something but then there was something going on.-?

"Give me back that phone you *** fo-... oh no, Oh No! You are NOT going to-"

"JON! CATCH! -Wiffle of air and creaking, groaning, and cursing become distant. THUD, THUD, CLATTER, SCRRRrrrrraaaaaap. Obviously no on was around to actually catch the thrown phone. Padding thumps approaching.-"

"What the hell you two idiots doing? And why are you yelling your fool head off Mike. -A new voice, mild mannered and drab-"

"The phone!!! At your feet! That's Eli's girl man!"

"And...? -Uninspired-"

"Sounds like a firecracker man! Make sure she's not going to hurt Eli man!"

"-Sighing- He's not twelve anymore Mike... -Groan- Fiiinnnee. -Rustle of phone getting picked up.- I'm Jon, who are you? -Rather blunt-"

"-Distant- Give me my phone back Jon! Give thOW!"

"-Distant-That's for grabbing my ankle and dropping me on my ass dickwad!"

"-She could almost picture Mach on the ground with someone sitting on him, the phone flying and sliding across the ground. And now she was laughing again.- Poor Eli. -He was lucky though it sounded like his family really cared. Cared enough to give him a hard time!- Hello to you, sunshine. I'm Serah and no I am not going to hurt him. You guys should be more worried about him hurting me. -She huffed at the phone and blinked.- Dude what is Mike doing? Bench pressing Eli?"

"Sunshine... cute. You must be Serah Farron.... pink haired magus that's been causing trouble for Machie there... -Stated frankly, a moments thought.- Dossier... gathered by his employers on corrupting elements. Cheery right? -A mild smirk though this fades at some distant yelling-"

"What was that about magus?"

"-Clears throat- I said 'So you really could be on the cover of a girly mag?"

"-Gaffing- You dirty bird JoOW. Stop!"

"-Distant growl- Stop being *** dicks to her or I- -THUD-?

"-Tired sigh- Idiots... anyway, listen, frankly I see a lot of potential for the both of you to hurt each other in this. Sorry for you if it happens that way but I'm going to have to side with my brother on this... not because of some familial obligation but more because he's still the stranger in the strange land yeah? -Pause. In the distance is cursing, creaking, and groan- I think Mike has him in a headlock and Eli's countering with kidney punches now...."

"-She frowned as she listened to this man, Jon, spout off about some Dossier about her. It wasn't like Mach wasn't innocent in the causing of the problems but she took the blame. Took it without saying a single word.- I am not exactly from here either. -She mumbled at the phone and after a moment she sulked into her pillow. Jon made her feel like crap. Superly so.- Yeah. Gotcha. -Was all she could think of saying. She felt..defeated. Why was that?-"

"Right... yeah, read a little bit about that... land full of lost folks. -A pause at that defeated tone, another sigh, almost sulking.- Look, sorry yeah? I'm not trying to ride you, just... trying to look out for my idiot brother that isn't exactly well known for thinking, right? He doesn't make this easy either, I don't know *** about you other than what I got from some of the files on him. What I do know is the moron hasn't looked that smugly content about a selfie with a girl for years... and I bet even you know how much that narcissistic *** is into his selfies. So yeah... just, yeah.... -Trails off embarrassed seeming. Shuffling, pause, tamping-"

New Text Message - Multimedia File (IMG)
<Attached is an image of Mach wrestling with a hulking figure that must be Mike. The both of them are out on a fire escape>

"It is fine, Jon. I get it. -She did.- I just am not that type of girl to hurt a guy you know? I have always been the one that has been hurt, abandoned or cheated on. There are plenty of women here in Rhydin. A lot of temptation. -There was a pause on her end.- If you have any questions just ask. I'll answer them. But between me, you, and the phone, I am not sure why he is drawn to me. I am seriously nothing special to others around here and not his- um... -She wasn't sure she should say this to his brother.-...his normal type. And I have tried so darn hard not to fall for him. I have no want to hurt him. I love the dumdum. -She smiled a bit.- And sorry. I know you are being the brother type and all. -There was some little jingle as she got the attachment and once it was open there was giggling. So much giggling.-

"-A smirk- Normal type huh? You should ask him abo-... -A pause in consideration, his tone losing that humor- You should ask him about Ellena Silspern. I think you'll be surprised what Eli's type really is rather than whatever the hell this 'Mach' or 'Blackjack' business he's so hell bent about after he enlisted. -Scratching, another grumbling sigh at a particularly loud thump- You dumbasses better save falling off the damn building until after tomorrows ceremony! -Yelling before another sigh followed by a smirk- I think you just answered a lot of my questions right there. Makes you normal to fall for that schmoozy ***... but it's a particular sort of idiocy to actually love the moron. But yeah, think we should talk... exchange info as I'm sure Mach has been secretive to you too... dip."

"-Loud thud, slam- Asshole! That's what you get for sitting on me!"

"-Groan, bang- Only way I could get your phone away and talk to your ~g~i~r~l~"

"-Growl, heavy thud, grunt- And then you were a total asshole to her!"

"Oh good grief. Make sure that he lives! -She might of giggled but she was going over what he had said. Blackjack?- Oh! Tell your sister I said congrats on her awesome accomplishment will ya? We can talk another time.?

"-Tired sigh- Great, those two idiots are coming to blows. I'll try to steal Eli's phone later to give you my cont-... HEY! YOU TWO ARE REALLY GOING TO... Ahh ***. Matt!"

"-Distant- What?"

"-Terse- Phone! I'm throwing it into the hall... -THUD, THUD, SKITTER. Sound of foot steps jogging away, sound of soft footfalls padding up.-"

"Helllo!? -A younger voice, masculine but with feminine undertones-"

"-And then there was another voice. A teen? Younger?- Helllooooo. -She chirped back.- They are killing themselves from what I heard!"

"Hello! -Bright and cheerful, almost bubbly- You must be Serah! I'm Matt! I've heard sooo much about you but I have to say I'd kill for your hair! -Sing song almost. Short pause.- Yeah... they do that. No knives or alcohol involved so its fine.-Blithely- I hope Mike and Jon haven't been giving you the third degree."

"Sooo much about me? Really? And no you don't! I've had things try to eat my hair thinking it was cotton candy. Just ew. Slobber everywhere. -Well Matt sounded like an adorbs squeezeable cutie.- Don't say that it might end up happening. -She sighed and rolled around on her bed and eventually started snuggling with a pillow. She was starting to get sleepy again and that sucked.- Yeah but that is what good siblings do right? They look out for each other. -She smiled a bit and tilted her face to the pillow.- Tell me about yourself Matt!?

"Oh yeah, a lot! And the pink hair would still be cute, caught the eye of Eli afterall! -A pleased little hum.- Slobber's kinda ich but hunters keep most the big slobbery monsters away from cities. -A touch of pride at this- But yeah, he writes to me so I actually keep up on him and he wrote about you a fair bit.... was in prison past year or so because of some drug smuggling chargers so... -Little sigh- Yeah, I guess it's brotherly... but you're a good girl and Eli is a bit of a player so they should be protecting you too! -huff- Me? Not much to say.... youngest at twenty, dummy, no real prospects... -Pause- I did fall in with a cutie while in the clink! His names Javenar! Total dream! -And now he's gushing while in the background three voices are cursing and banging about-"

"Whoa wait. Who was in prison? You?! -Bunch of misfits the lot of them. She smiled a bit when he came to her defense.- Yeah but I am a stranger and not family. They got to keep him protected, yeah? -He was younger than her but not by much. Wait. How old was she now? Chewing on her bottom lip she listened to the gushing.- A total dream. -She giggled but it was cut off by some grunting.- Omph! You ***! -She gasped into the phone.- Not you Matt! Sorry! Apparently TGoW wants to play. It is too damn early to play!"

"-Sheepishly-Yeah.... I was helping move some stuff and got picked up by the police.-Ruffle of a shrug- Certainly nothing like the stuff Mike and Eli used to do. Stealing cars to sell off and make money for rent, stealing food to feed us, fighting off bullies..... really brotherly stuff. -A mild chuckle- And never know, you may be family too someday! At very least they could stand to be a little less thug about such... -An exasperated sigh.- OH yes, a dream! Hunky and good looking but treats me right. -Almost dreamily. at the mention of TGoW a giggle issues forth- Awww! I wanna see! I don't think Eli really likes TGoW.... but then I think he's just sort of bad with animals in general!?

"-Distantly- I'm gonna beat your ass jackass!"

"-Distantly loud- Oh I doubt that! Comeon jerk!"

"-Distantly drab -Would the two of you just *** grow up!"

"-Listening it sounded like they only went through the rough stuff for good reasons. Out of necessity. She smiled softly and closed her eyes. - Me? Nahhh. I am sure he will get bored with me before that ever crosses his mind. -She was listening but during it was sort of dozing off. She felt so damn rude.- Tell you what. I am going to hang up in a sec so I can get some sleep but keep the phone a little longer. I'll send you a little video of him doing his war dance with his favorite toy."

"Don't say that! If you're negative about something you start subconsciously making the negative a reality! Geez, Mach said the exact same thing.... I think Jon's right, you two are both sort of idiots! -Almost admonishing but not quite as Matt seems to lack that vim his brothers has- Just be happy, the two of you, and let what happens happens! No more gloom, right!? I'll start harping on you for the same with Eli... can combine your sessions together! -A giggle before it fades into that bubbly tone- Your hanging up without saying bye to Eli? I can... I can turn the hose on them to try and break them up so you can say your gushy words! -Sounds completely on board with that idea.- But if you must you must... why not just send Eli a little video of yourself instead then, I think it would make his day, yeah? -Obviously smiling- Anyway, I can bother him about a video of TGoW later.... maybe with TGoW and Sir Lemon together! -Very excited sounding at that prospect-"

"I will say gushy words at him later don't you worry yourself about that. -She snickered quietly.- I'm tired and he called and it is like almost 4am now. I'm normally not even up at this hour -She made smoochie faces at the phone.- Give him a hug for me and make sure they don't kill him. You will totally be my hero. Was lovely talking with you. -Smooch smooch. She really didn't want to fall asleep on the phone with him!-"

"-Shuffle of a pout- Alllllright. And you better... going to have to smack Eli too for calling so late! I swear it's like he almost doesn't sleep....-A slight fade- Anyway! I'll turn a hose on them.... after a few more pics I think! Maybe even after!! You have a good morning! Remember, just let it happen!!"



New Text Message - Multimedia File (IMG)
<Image of Mach and Mike still garbing and punching at each other. A leaner, shorter man with longer brown hair that looks to be Jon is yelling at them all out on the fire escape>

New Text Message - Multimedia File (IMG)
<Image of Mach, Mike, and Jon all in a fray apparently fighting each other in tandem with no apparent sides.>

New Text Message - Multimedia File (IMG)
<Image of Mike holding a kicking Jon over rail of fire escape with Mach attempting a sleeper hold on the large man. All of them seem to be paused considering something. The fire escape cage seems a little further away from the wall then it did in prior pictures>

New Text Message - Multimedia File (IMG)
<Image of the three men trying to shield against a spray of water from off frame>

New Text Message - Multimedia File (IMG)
<Image of Mike trying to crawl back into the window, Jon attempting to scramble up the ladder to the next level, and Mach bidding a hasty retreat down the ladder. All three are still being assaulted by the hose>

New Text Message - Multimedia File (IMG)
<Shaky image of a cackling, soaked Mike scrambling with the panicked cameraman holding the phone in selfie mode ? a young looking man with bleach blond hair and rainbow highlights that is evidently Matt. In the background is a young woman chasing after them wielding what looks to be a shovel handle angrily.>

(Adapted from live play with the stirring Serah Farron!)
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PostPosted: Thu Jul 30, 2015 2:13 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


?Hello Hello.?

?Good afternoon! May I speak with Elitia Turner??

?-Groan- Speaking??

?- Mild chuckling- Well hello then. I?m Maj. Glen Callahan, or Dr. Callahan of the U.T.R.A but you can call me shrink, quack, doc, or whatever you?re comfortable with. You should have been expecting my call...?

?Yeah. And can do? Maj. Callahan.?

?-Chortling- Oh come now Elitia I?ve read your records, such formal titles of respect don?t really befit someone of your colorful nature.?

?-Defensive- For one, it?s Lt. Turner and two, I don?t really take a shine to head doctors... particularly when they insist on being buddy buddy with me.?

?Ahh yes. Well, perfectly understandable given the nature of our relationship. I just hope that I can garner your trust over time so as I can be of the most service to you.?

?-Derisive snort- Our relationship. You mean lap dog of purity working me to open up so I?ll tell you stuff you can nail me on, yeah??

?-Mild sigh- Yes, officially I am following up with you to help monitor your purity for the brass but at the same time I am a doctor. Do no harm, help all in need, you know the creed yeah? And look, you say there?s nothing corrupting going on so what?s the harm in getting some of your issues worked through??

?-Smirk- The fact that you assume there are issues to begin with is a pretty jerky view, don?t you think??

?-Blunt- Lt. Turner, you?ve served four active combat roles with intense, live combat and have experienced great personal loss and injury all the way up to nearly fatal. If you?re fine with all that then that just means there?s something seriously wrong. Look, I don?t expect you to trust me right off the bat but at least give me a chance? Work with me and I?ll work with you.?

?-Pause with rustling in background. Snap, crackle, pop of cigarette being lit before a drag and a sighing puff- Fiiiinne. We?ll try it your way for now... to a point.?

?-Cheery- Excellent? I don?t think you?ll find this nearly as bad as you?re envisioning Lt. Turner? ?

?I can envision pretty vividly. And it's Mach. Call me Mach.?

?? Mach. Yes, your namesake. Not one that?s easily guessable of its source. Pleased to meet you Mach.?

?-Grunt, puff-?

?-Mild chuckle- Anyway, I received back the result of that Briggs-Meyer?s personality test I requested you take. An E.N.F.P. from the looks of things.?

?-Exhale- Oh yeah? why exactly did you have me take that before our first call anyway? Doesn?t the Roger C.C.A. Personality Scale in my record cover most that stuff??

?Why? Because it provides fresh new insight into the mind of Mach of course. Helps get past some of the expectation and repetition bias inherent using the same test matrix over and over again. Besides, thought you could use some change.?

?Change? -Puff, exhale- It?s a test doc, those are pretty *** universally? multiuniverally really as I figure.?

?-Smirk- Yes, well, perhaps. But this one focuses on some aspects that the Rogers C.C.A. or even the comprehensive PACMA doesn?t touch upon. Take the Extrovert/Introvert axis for example. Sure there?s the Leadership/Subservience and Action/Reaction scales on the C.C.A but it doesn?t really go about attitude and motivation in the combinative sense as the Briggs-Meyer. I mean you score in the seventieth percentile for leadership and action both but you?re really only in the tenth percentile extrovert which is interesting. You need action and crave social interactions to a point but at the same time you need time alone and find a lot of solace in reflection?.?

?-Drab- Fascinating??

?Oh don?t give me that, you?re a natural manipulator per the PACMA. Like I said, it provides a unique and fresh view on you, a fresh lens to enhance what we already presume. I?m sure this stuff is actually very interesting to you? if it were about someone else...?

?-Snort- Alright, fine, new lens and such. So what does it say about me? Am I gonna go fruit cake and start using my mojo to make life very short for a lot of folks because of the company I happen to keep??

?-Creak of chair tipping back- You know it doesn?t work that way Mach. It?s all about degrees. A former friend of yours I was following had a very healthy relation with his daughter whi-?

?Hold on, hold on! You were tracking Gin? Why the hell were you tracking Gin!??

?-Clear throat- We were tracking him because of his daughter. He had a very close relationship with her which elevated his risk factor for becoming contaminated.?

?And you?re tracking me because I got a girlfriend. What? hunters having normal, healthy relationships gets them tagged as aberrant??

?No? not really... y-?

?-Sniggering- ?Not really?? but yeah.?

?Mach. Look at it from the vantage of the purity trackers. Is there nothing you think Gin would have done for his daughter? Do you think he?d remember his oath of temperance if she were in trouble? What about you? You?ve shown plenty of loose cannon tendencies in the past? could you tell me honestly that if? -Rustle of papers- Serah was in trouble, or needed your given abilities for something, anything, that you wouldn?t abuse the tools you?ve been granted? moreso than you would normally??

?-Agitated exhale- Look, I know I ain't no saint but do you think I would , or Gin would have, really give up government secrets or do a one eighty of personality and start slaying folks in droves just because of l.. a relationship??

?-Frank- Yes, I would. Or at very least having that trust, that openness to another makes you susceptible to dominance s-?

?-Growling- She is not trying to dominate me to some evil ploy!?

?I didn't say that she was! I'm merely laying out why this sort of intervention and monitoring is necessary, particularly regarding hunters in deeper relations than normally seen.?

?-Pause, puff of cigarette, exhale- And you don't think it's sort of really *** sad that having a healthy like relationship is considered a threat...??

?Mach, I find the whole existence of your branch of the military sad. From the need to subjugate mages for the public?s safety to having to ruin the lives of soldiers so as to make them capable of enacting such control and then being fearful that they may well become that which we are using them to control. It's all one screwed up system... which is why I'm here, in the middle of it, trying to do what I can. Because while you may find all this intrusive and bothersome I'm fair sure you know how much worst it could be.?

?-Drawn out pause quiet puff of cigarette, exhale. Mild tone- That's a pretty ballsy view to have as dog for purity review.?

?Well what can I say? Want to affect change in the system then the best place to do it is in the middle. Don't get me wrong, there is a lot of risk involved with hunters and rogue mages and esoteric scientist; I simply believe there is not as much to fear as some would believe. So I try to help those that I can, monitor them, guide them, and if it becomes necessary only then do I make recommendations to purity for action and only when all other options are exhausted. Certainly more a chance then many would give those like you.?

?-Another quiet puff, an exhale before the sound of a cigarette being ground out.- Alright, fine, say I believe you're earnest in this and not just gaming me. Then what? What do you want.?

?Just the chance to help you. Ben.... Gin opened up and we discussed many things on balance. Balance of who he was, of his relationship with Gina, and the road he traveled. And it was doing well for him, he heeded some of what we came up with to very positive affect.?

?Until he took a railgun bolt to the chest...?

?Yes an unfortunate circumstance. From what I... -Pause- Wait, are you...?

?No... -Sighing- I'm not blaming you for his crap luck. Sorry if it seemed that way.?

?-Challenging- Okay, but you may be blaming me for not getting him to quit being a hunter... to live his life with his family rather than continuing to go out until he met his end.?

?-Mild smirk- Nah... I know... knew Gin. Always a bit more things then just what seems. He wouldn't have quite if he wanted to. Simple and complex as that.?

?-Mild pause, creak of chair shifting- Is that so... -Adjustment of papers- You know, he did speak of you a lot. Seemed you two were rather close.

?Yeah? Huh. Suppose we sorta were like bothers in a *** sort of situation.

?Not surprising among hunters, to find at least one other whom to 'go to hell' with as it were. How are you dealing with his death??

?-Mild rustle of a shrug- Just fine, friends die. Part of life that.?

?Mach, you know what I mean.?

?Do I? Suppose even if I did it's not something I want to discuss right now yeah??

?Talking about what bothers you is important.?

?Yeah, well, so is not letting it control your life. Look, I'm fine enough, and if I wasn't I'll tell you. But I don't really have any interest in dwelling on this right now, yeah? So why not drop it...?

?Alright, alright, I understand. It's a touchy subject. You can talk about it when or if ever you want, but I will ask that you keep thinking about it. Putting it out of sight out of mind is a terrible coping mechanism over properly grieving.?

?-Snort- Now you're sounding like a proper shrink...?

?Don't get to have people call me doc just for giggles. -Light smirk- So then, new subject: Serah Farron.?

?-Creak of chair- Serah... what about her??

?Enjoying yourself??


?Any difficulties??

?To be expected when you get two folks together usually, from what I gather.?

?How about in conjunction with all the interesting reports swirling around that purities been gathering like a little collage? Of you badgering her and her being quite cross with you? A rather hot and cold seeming vacillating sort of public relation? An alteration of her physical appearance as of recent beyond what seems just cosmetic... magical almost??

?Hey, I'll admit, there have been some interesting times, and neither of us are guiltless in them, particularly not me and my schmoozy ways. You know how it is...?

?Humor me. What are these ways that your guilty??

?-Incredulous- You really haven't heard about 'the game??

?-Pause, chuckle- I have, simply confirming that is what you meant. 'Schmoozy', going to have to write that down for a new way to describe that. Anyway, 'the game' is a pretty well documented defense mechanism amongst hunters. So you've been difficult by your given nature, what about Serah??

?She... has been through a lot too. Both of us are a little colored by our experiences and circumstances.?

?Has been... so she is over such now??

?-Uncomfortable shift- Ish... life in progress...?

?With you at her side, trying to help her through such.?

?-Mild pause- It's nothing...hnn, not like that. Like how you might think which includes bad stuff and me killing folks for her or what not, you hear. Just... being there for her.?

?Think you could elaborate on that??

?-Long pause- Do I have to??

?-Moments consideration- No. Not yet anyway. Whenever you are ready... just, remember to stay true to yourself and your principles. She is not everything.?

?-Annoyed- I know, I know! It's not subversive... just... someone you care for that needs some support. To be at that someones side, in their corner. I know well what my limits in such are... what hers may be for me. Known expectations, easier to manage yeah??

?This must be the 'like' in your 'healthy like relationships.'?

?-Rustle of a shrug- What can I say, hunters are generally a crappy sort of lot and it takes a lot to change them back to a decent one and even then. -Pop sound made with lips- It's all over far to brief to matter.?

?Kind of jaded don't you think??

?Four active combat roles with a heaping of personal loss. I think I'm afforded a little jaded.?

?Yes. But you shouldn't give up to a nihilistic view. Particularly if you're trying to build a relationship with another. Heck, even just developing bonds, friendships, companionships, confidants... it's still important to go about such with a faith in your life and your future.?

?-Drab- Hmm...?

?-Sighing- I feel you and I are going to have a lot to discuss in future sessions. For now I think I'll let you go. Don't want to tax things too much.?

?Things... like my care for listening to head doc nonesense??

?Yeah, among others things. -Chuckle- Though before I go I wanted to show some of my sincerity. You work with me I'll work with you... and I've seen you've been fighting to get a bump in your regenerative mixture allowance pending a psych review. Well, consider yourself reviewed.?

?Wait, you're bribing me with stuff that keeps me alive??

?I'm trying to show you that there are more benefits to working with me on some of your problems than simply a lovely little chat with someone you don't really like every so often. Think you have quite enough of those with those calls to your handler.?

?-Gaff- Is that so? Maybe I'm a glutton for punishment.?

?We already know that given your life choices which have brought you here.?

?HA! You're a right cheeky bastard aren't you. Alright... thanks. Suppose you can't be all bad. Maybe it can be useful to talk with you... sometimes.?

?That's all I ask for is a chance to keep you out from anybodies crosshairs.?

?-Snort- Too late for that sentiment but thanks. Alirhgt, soooo...?

?You'll have your clearance for a bump by next week. As for today I want you to think of what we spoke on especially for next time when I'm in contact.?

?There's a next time? Aww man. -Pouty-?


?Yeah, yeah, I know. I'll... I'll think on things I suppose.?

?Thank you. Now if there is nothing else.?

?Hey, Doc Callahan.?


?Was... was Gin happy? With everything that was??

?-Mild pause- You know, I'm not really at liberty to say given confidentiality even among the dead. But... yes, he was. Moreso for his abnormal relations for a hunter.?

?-Contemplative- Hmm... is that so. -Slight shuffle of head shaking- Alright, thanks.... for everything yeah? Talking and *** and keeping the goonies at bay for the time.?

?Just doing my part. You enjoy yourself Mach and we'll talk later.?

?Yeah, yeah, you too.?


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PostPosted: Sun Sep 06, 2015 12:06 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


?Tech-e-Whiz Technology Repair Services, Regi speaking, how can I help you today??

?-Puff, exhale- Hey Regi, it?s me, Mach.?

?Mackie boy, how are you doing my man! Not bleeding to death are you? I don?t do carry out service, right??

?-Smirking- No, I?m not bleeding out today, thanks for the c-?

?-Crestfallen- Damn. I was hoping to do an autopsy on you too. ?Lethargic sigh, background shuffling and thudding- So what can I do you for Mackenzie??

?-Grumble, agitated puff- Repeat after me Reg - ?Hey, how you doing? Doing okay? That?s good to hear!? You don?t start off a conversation lamenting the fact that someone isn?t dead so you can cut up their corpse for study!?

?I thought honesty was supposed to be the best policy? Besides, not every day you get the chance to dissect a hunter.?

?-Uncomfortable pause- No ? just, no ? you gotta learn some tact Regi. This sort of stuff is why you?re considered a threat to society man.?

?What care do I have for society? Bunch of luddite lemmings the lot of them. Why if-?

?Regi, Regi! You?re about to start villianlogue.?

?-Pause- Am I? Shoot, gotta find a new distraction I guess. Looks like the old research into the ehteri-?

?Regi! Rambling!?

?-Pause, muttering grumble- -sect you when you shuffle off yo-? -Clear throat before return to normal pressured speech- Anyway Marker, what can Reginald do for you??

?-Sigh. Puff, weary exhale- It's Mach. M-ahh-k. Like the speed indicator yeah? Anyway, I didn't call to exercise your atrocious social skills or my patience. I'm actually looking for some information.?

?Well of course your name's Mach! -Indignant huff- What do you think I've been calling all this time? Anyway, information? Sorry but information really isn't my game, I'm a fixer not a hoarder.?

?-Blunt- Reg, honestly, you're both. Anyway, I'm more just looking for some contacts in the community.?

?Contacts in the ? -Pause before a jolt- Oh no! Nonononono! I'm not turning in any of my associates Mark, I don't care what you think you've got on me!?

?Turn in? -Dumbfounded moment- Wait, no. I'm not looking to make any arrests Reg! Jeez man. No, I'm looking to find someone who's business is information, or at least being in the know about stuff I don't think is up your alley.?

?You're looking for information... from other sparkers? -Thumping leading to a high pitched whistle- Why??

?-Shuffle of a shrug- What can I say, sparkers are a good source of information that usually goes missed by others. See patterns and connections that others don't right? And I'm looking for leads on some rather illusive sorts.?

?-Banging, tearing, and thumping followed by the splash of boiling water- So you're chasing a cold case and want some fresh perspective is it? And why should I think you're not going to arrest whoever I point you to??

?Because I haven't arrested your ass yet when you have charges pending? -Sigh puff- Look, of course I got conditions yeah? No one or nothing too shady or morally reprehensible because I got a conscious. But come on, middlingly ambiguous sort of seedy bad I'm okay with, *** man, that's the part of spectrum where I fall into!?

?My condolences. -Sloshing, dripping, and splattering-?

?Ass. But really man, I'm just looking for another ignorably dubious contact that would know about things outside your realm of expertise.?

?-Slurping of ramen noodles- A'righf, a'righf, so whaf you loosin' forf??

?Blood. And bodies.?

?-More slurping before silence of chewing and a swallow- Hey, I provide you blood transfusion whenever you sat yourself too much, what makes you think I wouldn't know what your looking for??

?-Puff, exhale- Uhh 'sorry, but information really isn't my game' sound familiar to you??

?-Scoffing- Details, details, always with the details Mort. Come on, out with it. -Slurp-?

?Yeah, the devils in them. But I'm not looking for medical grade stuff. I'm talking ritualistic things, human sacrifice material and that sorts.?

?-Pause as a few more slurps of ramen are sucked up- Thith 'ath ? -Gulp- This has to do with that cult you've been mucking about with? The one to the crimson dude or something??

?The cult to the 'Sanguine Lord', yes. Trail hasn't really taken off so I was looking for some new leads to shake out, see what produces fruit. -Puff, exhale-?

?Yeah, have heard a little about them I think. Murderous lot of cultist but not too much so so stay under the general radar. -Crack, fizz, gulping- Like their rhetoric too, and bleeding people but guess that's part of the whole spiel.?

?Uh huh, that's them: love their rhetoric, hate me, and in general the cronies are all in the dark. Even the battlemages back home can't crack them of anything more than a few baseless names and empty locations -Puff, exhale, cigarette butt being ground out- Seems some magical tampering is going on with their memories while out and about, best suspicion it's done by their 'crimson servants' that they all are so keen on.?

?-Slurp- 'Crimson servant?'?

?Blood golem, companion, familiar like things. It's partially what the blood is for. All the followers are blood mages and particularly strong ones at that though not really in the typical subterfuge and dominance sense. Probably a favor granted them by their 'lord.'?

?So ???

?-Rustle of a shrug- Well that's the thing now. Pinching the goonies is doing little to stem the cult as they just seem to crop back up like weeds and I can't seem to get a solid bead on their larger operation so can't really get at the head of the snake, yeah?. What I do know is that they're stepping up their operations, more of the lackeys cropping up, their moves are becoming bolder for a clandestine group. All ill omens man, smack of bad juju.?

?Hmm... -Long pause with the occasional slurp- Bad juju eh??

?Yeah, bad juju. What, got a problem with that saying??

?Oh no! Well, yes, but only because it's you saying it. Not a good sign in any right when a hunter gets the heebie jeebies on stuff. -Thumping and shuffling before a lot of rustling- So you're looking for mass blood??

?Yeah, or something like that. Storage or bodies or missing people or stuff. Morbid stuff or ways to cover up morbid stuff. I'm sure there's a business for that sort of affair somewhere in RhyDin and I'm sure there are a few madscis right in the muckity muck of it all.?

?Yeah, there is ? -Distracted muttering, more thumping and rustling- It's where I get some of that blood you keep bleeding out but you're right, I don't really deal much in the front end of that process.?

?-Drab- How comforting. Remind me never to go to any barbeque that you hold.?

?Aw, come on man, my liver and onions are to die for.?

?-Pause- I-If that was humor, than please just give up on that endeavor now.?

?Aww, you're no fun Mochi. -Clattering rustle of a paperlanche.- Ah ha! Wait, no ?. -More harried rustling- I do ? do know, whe- ah! -Thud, wiffle of papers crumpling and flying- Found it! Right, I do know a guy that might have some insight into what you're looking for. A dealer in rare and illegal alchemical and medicinal ingrediants.?

?An apothecary? What would an apothecary supplier know about ? -Pause of realization- Oh.?

?-Obviously grinning- Soylent green is people! -A dark chuckle followed by tamping sounds- But then it's also elves and dwarfs and minotaurs and goblinoids and any sort of sentient. Except mermaids and mermen, those go into tuna. ?

?Hey now, I said nothing too shady, right? I don't-?

?Relax, relax, this guys cool. Only harvests from his donors, doesn't kill them see. Will even pay for voluntary donations so you can pawn stuff off for a little extra cash in hard times.?

?-Wary-Yeah, sounds right benevolent.?

?-Pause of tamping- Look Muck, this guy's a saint compared to some and the closer to the nasty abyss you come the nastier the abyss dwellers are, right? But if you're gonna be some moralistic pansy about things then I'm not gonna potentially sell out one of my friends even if it's for a friend.?

?No, no, I got it, I got it! -Sigh- Sorry man. Just ? getting a little caught up in the good I've been living, yeah? Live in the sun too long and you start to forget how it is in the muck and such. But don't worry, I'll be fine with your guy ? you know, so long as he doesn't 'volunteer' me for donation.?

?-Moments consideration before tamping continues- Alright man, just make sure right? I'm trusting you. Betray that and ? well, suppose that would make you an enemy. -Blunt and almost cold- But hey, you have the hard part! I mean, I don't really know if Danman will deal with you or, you know, 'deal with you.'?

?-Tired sigh- Right, right, be careful and be ready to run like a fatman to the last ham sandwich, got it. So you really think this guy'll know what I need to know??

?-More tumping before one final one- Haven't a clue but at very least he might be able to point you in the right direction. Don't get me wrong, I'm not too interested in this unless you think it'll bring more hunters to RhyDin but I hope you remember who's got your back man.?

?Yeah, yeah ...?

Madsci ? Regi: Danton Delorno - Delorno's Alchemical & Traditional Medicine Pharmacy
- 1 Attachment: DATMP_Directions.pdf

?Nice! Thanks Regi, as always I owe you yeah??

?Pft, what's friendship if not mutual assured blackmail??

?Well it's ? -Pause- Well, huh, you know that actually works as a pretty good definition.?

?I know, right? Anyway Momo, anything else you need? Feeling peckish? A little short on life??

?And then the facade of respect collapses. *** eh man.?

?What!? A man of science can dream. -Slurp of noodles, glug of soda- Oh hey, how's your squeeze enjoying that number I did for you??

?Squeeze? -Pause- Oh yeah, the jetpack! Serah loves it man! A little embarrassed to use it around me but she takes it out quite a bit.?

?Good, good! The controls work well then??

?Yeah, no complaints. She took to it rather quickly and doesn't have any difficulties executing basics and even recoveries before she stopped asking for assistance and just going with it. Haven't sensed the float glyph activate either so doesn't seem she's ever lost real control of it.?

?Excellent! Good thing I pinched that scheme for the Legion mechanized armor suits! A little archaic in architecture but with some modif-?

?La La La! I can't hear you! Nope, no knowing no nothing about stolen military tech to the military officer! La La La!?

?-Slurp- Oh poo, it's not like mine looks a thing like theirs anymore. Though I still think she'd have liked the arm rocket launchers.?

?Regi, she's a civi, and my girlfriend. She doesn't need arm rocket launchers.?

?I'd think a 'girl friend' of any hunter could probably use some arm rocket launchers.?

?-Drab- Har,har, my sides are splitting, truly. And what do you mean 'girl friend', she really is my girlfriend man!?

?Don't tease about your sides splitting. -Slurp- And really, she is? My condolences to her then. Least she got a sweet jetpack out of the deal.?

?H- ? -Falls silent, sighs- Hmm. Yeah, maybe. Guess that makes me a selfish asshole yeah??

?The biggest. -Stated simply- But hey, some folks see that as a charm. And everyone oughta do what makes them happy.?

?-Smirk- Right ? still not letting you dissect me.?

?-Ruffle of a shrug- When reality denies there's always dreams Makie.?

?-Sigh- Friggin ass hats. Alright, I'm gonna go do some research on this Delorno guy, try to figure his game and how not to set him off.?

?A'right man, good luck on that yeah??

?Yeah, thanks. Hopefully this pans out ? -Fades out in passing thought- Anyway, thanks again Reg, I'll catch up later.?

?Anytime Mog. Happy huntings.?


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PostPosted: Sat Oct 03, 2015 7:48 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


?U.T.R.A. Staffing and Assignments office, Jezebel speaking, how may I direct your call??

?Hey, Lt. Turner number: 098325HL121780 returning a field report call to Cpt. Albright with M.C.P.A. ?

?Mach!? -Demure excitement- I-It's been a while since we've last spoken.?

?Yeah... -Smiling- yeah it has. How've you been beautiful??

?Oh I... -Pause- ...wait, should you be flirting like that??

?-Puff of cigarette- Huh??

?Since you have a girlfriend! Jeez.... and congratulations by the way!?

?-Dumbfounded pause- Wai-...what? How would you know I-?

?From your brother Jon! You know he's dating a girl down in administration right? Well he visits the admin co-op occasionally and he and I have spoken a little. Nice young man. Anyway, he told me you had a cute picture with her and everything!?

?-Puff, sighing- 'Nice young man' is it? Asshole. Don't get taken in by his words there Jezzie, guys a worse little snake than I am.?

?Eli! He's your brother... wait, so you don't have a girlfriend??

?-Pause, sound of hair scrubbing, agitated groan- Well, I dooo have one bu-?

?Then that's great! You better take care of her and treat her right! Be less... you and more... you I know you can be!?

?-Silent moment- What??

?Don't 'what' me! You know what I mean... like when you were with... you know... and not with the Colonel.?

?Ellena... -Wistful, lazy puff and exhale- The Colonel huh...-Mild chuckle- Sounds like she's moving up in the world some more.?

?Mach, that relationship wasn't good for either of you. I hope you don't or haven't gotten into another one of those. I mean, Ivera is a nice enough but-?

?Jezzie, Jezzie, hey, come on... don't say anything bad about her yeah? You know me, I wouldn't be able to just stand by for that sort of thing... our relationship was what it was. There were good times, there were bad....?

?You got arrested for insubordination and sentenced to solitary for a month.?

?... Okay. Granted some bad times with some are worse than others. But we were what we needed at the time.?

?-Unconvinced- Hmm... well, then I'll just stay quiet on the subject because I don't like what was happening to you when you were with her. This Serah that you're with now... she sounds much more your pace.?

?-Mild grunt, puff of cigarette- 'My pace' eh... hmm. We'll see I guess. That's the hope at least but life ain't hardly ever peaches and cream for folks like me you know.?

?And that's what I'm talking about! -Sigh, clear throat- Anyway, I'll transfer you in at once?

?Thanks Jezzie.?

?Oh, and Mach??


?It... it really is good to hear from you. We'll need to catch up next time you're Tang side, maybe you can bring along the saint that's gotten involved with you! -Soft giggle before the sound of tapping-?

?-Soft snort- Yeah, yeah... you too Jezzie. Hope you didn't tell Rob about me... want him to think the pressures still on to wow you. Don't want him getting lazy over a fine lady like you!?

?-Giggle- Flatterer!?


?Lt. Turner.?

?Hey Morgan, hows tricks??

?-Sighing- Better until this call, but suppose I couldn't have hoped for too much just because things seem to have calmed down some there.?

?-Smirk, puff- You call this 'calmed down'? Twenty plus arrests in two months all connected to this cult business??

?I was more talking about your lack of making the purity investigators overly nervous. You are still acquainting yourself with those dangerous elements... but no one new has hit the radar and seems not too much has really cropped up to be concerned over.?

?-Exhale- Shock and surprise, exactly what I've been saying.?

?Oh don't get cocky Lt. Turner, the part that you're complaining about is the primary reason why they're not so nervous about those you're consorting with at the moment. Your dedication is showing your worth... and the no small amount of foreign affairs spinning going on to keep the government types there calm helps as well. If it weren't for all this...?

?Yeah, yeah, then I should just grow myself a magical mustache to twirl, right??

?Cute. Real cute Eli. This isn't a joke you know.?

?Oh Morgan, it really is. Just not a very funny one.?


?Oh, I mean 'har, har' sir.?

?-Grumbling sigh- Fine, keep shooting yourself in the foot, see how long you can keep dancing like that. And when your ass hits the ground I hope you keep that fine humor cause there won't be anyone around to help you back up.?

?-Sigh- Right... sorry. Just, come on man, how many times am I going to get hit with the same threats until they stop??

?About as long as it takes for them to become a reality... one way or another. -Sighing, tapping of folder- Anyway Lieutenant, I didn't request this call so as to scold you over your poor choices. I'm calling about this 'Sanguine Hunt' case that has been taking up the lions share of your time.?

?The Sanguine Hunt... yeah, real nasty business that.?

?So we've seen with the sort of rabble you've been sending back. Brass is keenly interested to know just what is being done to resolve this case that's been dragging on for half a year now.?

?-Mild snort- Leg work, yeah??

?Leg work? This is a cult, Mach, not some criminal league. Half a year with a growing number of victims and no solid evidence is making the U.T.R.A look incompetent... and this is in compare to the local Watch there.?

?-Puff- I beg to differ. It is a cult, sure, but it's working like a criminal league. This isn't some orgy, murder group of mental degenerates lead by a cult of personality. These are dangerous folks, organizing and working to keep one step ahead of those who would shut them down. ?

?Yes, I've read some of your speculation... that there is some underlying purpose to this group beside simple worship to their dead god. But still, for things to drag on this long...?

?Is aggravating, but understandable. When I got contacted about this case by Maj. Bessick back in April I was quoted fourteen mages to contend with... and I've captured thirty seven to date. That's nearly three times the number of mages than was originally suspected of coming over. Hell, that doesn't include the Rhy'Din recruited! It's not incompetence if the original goals and assumptions prove to be wrong. Like thinking you're fighting a snake but come to find that you originally just had the tip of a wyrm's tail.?

?Some would say that you let the situation escalate.?

?Some would be *** idiots playing armchair strategist from the comforts of their cozy little offices a dimension and a half away. Look, I've been trying to get a bead on these guys but you have the reports, you know what I've been contending with.?

?-Weary sigh, creak of chair leaning back- I know. But at the same time it is my duty to try and push results from you.?

?Thought it was you're duty to make sure I don't go slap dash mad and start cooking folks for fun and profit??

?It's a multilateral mission with you. -Flap of folders opening- So why do you think this is more than just a cult??

?Other than the extreme measures they've taken to keep themselves and their business private and out of my sights? I dunno... just a feeling I get. Pattern's yeah? And the fact that you have this many mages flocking to a cause just seems sort of... counter-intuitive... at least to this sort of cause. You expect to see goonies, sure, but respectable battlemage knights? Academicians? Nah... maybe a few at the top but not this many.?

?So you think there's some sort of plot attracting all this 'talent', some reason beyond the worship of their dead god??

?That's what I don't know. I mean, I get the feeling that the two are connected... that the worship is important but it's for some greater scheme that I just can't see. Can't see it, can't track it, don't know what to look for... because 'a cult in Rhy'Din' sure isn't narrowing a lot down.?

?Daft *** place... -Creak of chair adjusting upright- So you have a lot of talent, a plot within a cult, and an ever growing number of vics.... what's the plan to reign this in Lieutenant??

?-Puff, exhale, ground out of cigarette- Well, like I said... work in progress. I'm following up on some new leads that maybe'll get me some new perspective on this... shake loose something I can use.?

?'Shake loose'... is that what all that hardware you ordered is about? Hi-quality caster carbine cartridges, crafted contact sigils and cantrips, a light hunters coat... looks like a piecemeal assault package to me.?

?...Vigorous shaking.?

?-Weary groan- Eli... this isn't-?

?It's a solid lead, I'm not going to be kicking down the door on some senior citizens bingo hall if that's what you're worried about.?

?And the source of this tip??

?-Pause- Albright... do you really want to know that??

?-Moments consideration- No. No I probably don't. But I imagine it is why you're requesting a refill of your slush fund.?

?Quality information isn't cheap... and sometimes you just gotta grease palms to get the gears going.?

?Hmm. So what about personal to use this excess equipment you're ordering??

?-Slightly hesitant- I'm... improvising.?


?Look, the footwork got caught sniffing about and paid for this information. If I sit on this for the six or so months for a temporary excursion force to be granted without any solid evidence the target could grow paranoid and just bug out leaving me at square one. So I'm trying to enlist some local help on the quick for this raid.?

?You know, you're taking responsibility for anyone else you involve in this case, right??

?I know, I know... why I'm working on convincing someone who's familiar with this cult and all it's nasty... and is rather resilient.?

?Right... -Tired sigh, creak of chair- Look, Lieutenant, just... be careful, alright? Sometimes when you poke the beehive it can become dislodged and land on your head if you aren't.?

?Why Captain, I'd almost think you're concerned for me.?

?Of course I am. I don't want another hunter turned into a crater like Danub. Myself and many others care about your health; likely more than you would figure.?


?Don't 'oh?' me. Your family, friends, fellow hunters. Even this inquest was prompted by Col. Trang who was following up on some of the disturbing reports that worked their way up to her desk.?

?Ivera Trang... heh, now there's a name I was sort of hoping to avoid having invoked in regards to me ever again.?

?Wh- -Pause- Oh... well, come on, that was some time ago. From what I can tell the Colonel never stopped worrying about you either... though to be honest you make that very easy for folks to do given you're reckless nature.?

?Really? Worried? Damn, hate to see if she actually starts to dislike me! -Smirk- Anyway, trust me Morgan, she's all free for you.?

?All free for...? -Mild pause, growl- Grow up Eli, not everything between two people is always about sex.?

?-Pause before a hearty chuckle- I never said... wow, you really jumped the shark there Morgan!?

?-Silence, embarrassed snort- Shut up Lieutenant. Dealing with you and your lot it's usually a good assumption that's what you're getting at.?

?-Trying to calm his cackling- Right, right, I think... I think you protest too much!?


?S-Sorry... -Clears throat finishing with laughter- Just screwing around with you yeah? I know you're married.?

?-Long pause, tired sigh- Right, hunter, looked into me didn't you.?

?-Mild- You've told me... I've met her. You know, I'm sure Genie would be pretty pissed if she learned that you forget who all you're talking about her to!?

?Wh-I-It's not like that! Quit twisting things around Lieutenant just because there's a sore subject for you. You're the one that dated a superior officer, and you got what was coming to you for it.?

?-Wry smirk-Yeah, sure. Maybe.?

?-Sigh, flap and tap of folders- Anyway... so something is at very least being done about these blood mages? Some resolution is on the horizon??

?Yeah, I'm working on it. Hope this raid will go well and I'll get enough info to try bringing down the organization. Actually, in regards to that you think you could start and expedite some paperwork for a support request for me??

?Support request? You think you'll need more hunters to take down this cult??

?Honestly? Yeah... don't know how deep this rabbit hole goes, but I just got a bad feeling. Don't think this'll be a one man show.?

?-Tapping of pen on folder, pause, scratching- Alright, I can do that. But you know Eli, I'll need evidence bef-?

?I know! You worry about the administrative end and I'll worry about evidence. Will get that sent over to you as soon as I think I'll need a team.?

?Freshly procured from your raid is it? -Tired sigh- Alright, can do.?


?-Mild snort- Still, to have you spooked. -Pause in consideration- Does this have something to do with your relationship with Serah Farron? ?

?Wait, what!? -Shocked- No... no... just simple math, yeah? I mean, sure, I am a little more concerned about my continued well being but come on.?

?-Mild chuckle- Well, good to see Dr. Callahan's assessment is pretty accurate.?

?What? What the hell are you talking about??

?Nothing, nothing. Just... hold on to that. Having some place, some one to return to is much more important than you probably realize to hunters like you. Good to see you might have found such.?

?-Grinning- What, you suddenly approve of my relation with a mage? Should I be recording this as a once in a lifetime experience??

?-Snort- Laugh it up if you will but you've seen first hand evidence of such.?

?-Long pause, an aggitated smirk- Sure, worked out swimmingly for Gin. How's the grass on his plot nowadays??

?Fresher than it had any right to be.?

?-Soft sound of teeth grinding- Yeah, yeah... so, anything more to discuss with me??

?Hmmm -Creak of chair sitting forward- No, the Sanguine Hunt case really was the main point of this. Just wanted to touch base, see where we stood so as to pass such on to the brass. Alleviate some concerns that are overriding other concerns regarding you at the moment.?

?Well, consider yourself informed then. Though maybe I should dick and dally more on this if it'll keep negative attention off the things that shouldn't have it.?

?I wouldn't suggest that Lt. Turner. Rhy'Din may be considered a crap posting but they'll still pull you if you end up being incompetent in maintaining our presence.?

?-Coldly- Is that a threat??

?Incentivizaiton. Just letting you know what could be on the line.?

?-Pause, derisive snort- Right. Fine. Well, if there's nothing else I got some stuff to see to.?

?That should do it, you're dismissed Lieutenant. Good hunting.?

?Yeah, yeah...sir.?


"-Sighing- So there you go Colonel. Need anything else?"

"No, no, that's good. Thank you Cpt. Albright. Don't worry about the support request, I'll work on getting that moving."

"Alright. -Slight pause- Col. Trang, if I may ask-"

"You already have your answer Morgan. Told Eli it yourself."

"You don't think you should be the one talking with Lt. Turner about this? Maybe compare notes, let him or even me know what analysis has come up with?"

"I don't see a need to. Mach's got good instincts and they're serving him well. He has a good handle on the situation, and in the long run him getting this done himself will only benefit whatever agenda he has."

"Or it could get him killed. Information is blood on the battlefield ma'am."

"-Soft chuckle- That's rich coming from a noncombatant like yourself. But I trust in Eli, he'll do what needs to get done. The man's driven and has a goal after all. Anyway, thank you again for letting me listen in on this call, we'll be in touch Captain."



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PostPosted: Tue Oct 06, 2015 3:55 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


?U.T.R.A. Vis Mallert Veteran's Affairs Hospital ? Psychiatry. How may I direct your call??

?H-Hey... um, Lt. Turner for Maj. Callahan's 14:30.?

?Dr. Callahan, one moment. -Tamping on keyboard- Ookay, I have it here. Give me a moment and I'll transfer you.?



?-anks... jackass.


?Dr. Glen Callahan speaking.?

?Hey doc...?

?-Surprised- Mach!?

?Yeah... it's me. What, didn't think I'd call??


?-Snort- Yeah, yeah. Some faith you got.?

?-Dry chuckle- In my career I've found it best to reserve my faith for the stuff I think has a snowball's chance in hell to occur. -Slight pause- And you can take from that what you will. Though really... I never expected you to actually call me to setup an appointment!?

?-Mild- Yeah, well... was wanting some perspective on things.?

?Isn't that what friends are usually for? Last I heard you h-?

?Perspective from those who can actually fully appreciate my unique situation... and aren't privy to the same sorta stresses that I am, yeah??

?-Pause- And what situation is that??

?-Puff, pause, exhale- You know, doc, if you're going to try and be cute I'll take my problems to my usual therapists of Mo Jito or Rum Ondarocks.?

?Mach, I'm a psychiatrist, not a psychic. Now when you say 'situation' more than one comes to mind.?

?-Drag taken, exhale, silence-?

?Mach, you called me. There is obviously something bothering you that you want to talk about... can't do that if you suddenly decide to clam up.?

?-Aggitated sigh- Fine. Fine! You know about the disorder that tends to afflict all us hunters, yeah? The death clock we all face??

?Spirita/Anima Dissociative Disorder. The degenerative disease that afflicts those not sensitive to magic.?

?And sort of puts a finite stamp on how long we'll live regardless of luck or skill, yeah.... -Puff-?

?What about it? Are you feeling distress or anger at your own mortality? A crisis of confidence??

?-Annoyed smirk- Something sort of like that, sure. -Drag of cigarette, moments thought, exhale- I... I'm feeling lost.?


?Uncertain on what to do. I mean, I accept.... accepted? Hmm... I know and understand that I'm going to kick it. All of us dipshits do the longer we spend in the corp. But... with things now...I-?

?Now...? -Pause, awe of realization- Your relationship.?

?-Wry chuff- And who says all your learning is just a crock, eh??

?-Soft smirk- You do. -Serious- And what about all this is making you feel lost? What are your concerns??

?-Incredulous- It isn't obvious? I mean, I'm dying, yeah??

?We all are Mach, a condition of life.?

?-Snort- Cute, I really gotta stop saying that if I sound even half as douchy when I do. -Puff- But no, there's something... different when you know when your end is... can see it crawling up on you plain as day.?

?Yes... a crisis of mortality. It's something commonly seen with so-?

?-Snapping- I'm not talking about some increased chance of death because I work a hazardous job jackass! I'm talking about knowing that no matter what you do you will punch it at a very specific time; knowing your day of destiny long before it ever happens.?

?-Silence- Sorry. I suppose this is more the fear of the predestined, the unavoidable. What is most quoted as the reason for 'the game' with you hunters.?

?Yeah... that.?

?-Considering- You... are feeling afraid of starting a future with the woman you are dating??

?I... kind of? More... I fear what I will become to her... both in life, and in death. That I'll be nothing more but a tragedy to her...?

?You don't want to be a burden. You don't want to saddle her with the loss of you... as more than just a friend.?

?-Long pause- Y-yeah. I don't. I mean... I know how bad it hurts to lose folk close to you... how it, how it eats away at you, numbs you to life.?

?Like Gin.?

?-Sound of teeth grinding- Yeah... like Gin. And others. And that... that's something I don't want to do to Serah... don't want to do to anyone really but particularly not her. It hurts sooo much worse when you are so involved with the person who dies.?

?Like Ellena.?

?-Mild hiss between grinding teeth before a long drag off his cigarette-?

?Have you talked about this with anyone? Barring me, of course.?

?-Angry exhale- Well, yeah. I have.?


?Those who don't have a *** clue what it's like to have their death carved on them say I should just suck it up and live things to the fullest one day at a time, take the blissfully ignorant and flagrantly irresponsible train to my end.?

?And those who can sympathize with your unique situation??

?-Depreciating smirk- Give you a guess what all those hunters playing the game say.?

?And what about Serah? Have you discussed this with her??

?-Mild sigh. A crackle of cigarette before the crunch of a butt being ground out- Things are... complicated on that matter. I think... I think we're both feeling lost on this.?

?Why do you say this??

?It just... we... there was a falling out... words were said, things done, a lot of raw emotions and thoughts surfaced... it was messy and... and things nearly ended there.?


?We talked about just going back to being friends but... I don't know. Maybe she just felt sorry for me because I was being... selfish... just gave in. Maybe I badgered her into sticking with it... Maybe. -Tired sigh before a smirk- Maybe this is why I decided to talk to a shrink who specializes in idiot hunters with atypical relations. What I meant about feeling lost.?

?Okay. Well, why do you think you badgered her into sticking with things? It sounds like you're pretty confident on where she had intended things to go.?

?Does it? -Inhale and exhale- Well, it's just that things have been... strained. Different. Like we're both kind of afraid to deal with the other, yeah??

?Hmm... -Rustle of adjusting in chair, the soft bristly chaff of fingers grooming a beard- May I ask what caused the argument??

?Oh... um... I sort of offered to let a woman stay at a place I owned. A friend that's working through stuff.... sort of bohemian... likes to steal spare clothes from the government apartment I have.?

?Oh. I see.?

?-Wary- See what??

?Why she may be upset.?

?-Sighing- I know, I know. I *** up. It's just-?

?It's how you are; no ill intent, no thought of how such could be bad. Just wanted to help a friend... Oh, I know that. Read enough histories and you can start to pick up the patterns. Yours is rather text book: crushingly poor upbringing, severally adverse conditions, an inescapable need to rely on your friends and neighbors, being forced to grow up far too early so as an adult you have some rather immature, naive views on things...?

?Hey, I'm a lot of things but naive-?

?Is one of them. It's part of your culture to be open to a fault with those whom you consider friend. And you're views on who are your friends is even immature too but this is, again , to be expected.?

?-Mild groan, displeased- Is that so... well, whatever. That's what started everything, opened the flood gates as they were.?

?And introduced.. or likely, reintroduced this doubt in you. But there's more, isn't there??

?-A moments silence before the rustle of movement. It continues for a bit before the bustle peters out with crackle. Silence is broken by the snap, crackle, pop of a lighter that precedes the long drag off the freshly lit cigarette- Yeah... she shared the same doubts... she broached the subject of just being friends once more.?

?But you are still together as of now??

?-Sighing exhale- Yeah, for now. But I wonder if such is for the best... or if she really wants such or is just... -Soft rustle of a shrug-?

?Hmm... -Tap of pen on a paper pad- So... what is it that you want??

?-Growling groan- I told you that's why I-?

?No, you told me you are feeling lost. But feeling lost and not having a desired destination are two entirely different things. I don't want to know what your struggles are, your reasoning and rationales for going one way or another or even another. I want to know what Eli Turner wants... where he wants to be.?

?-Angry grumble before sullen silence interrupted by the steady nursing of a cigarette-?

?-Soft exhale with the light scratching of writing in the background-?

?-Inhale, crackle of cigarette burning, pause, lazy sigh- I want to be stupid.?

?-Pause- Pardon??

?I want to be stupid... see what happens... enjoy things. But-?

?Than there is you're answer.?

?It's not that simple doc, I can't-?

?You can't spare her from pain, you can't protect her from such. You are going to die, you always were. And maybe you see knowing when it will happen as a crushing shackle... and I'll admit, it kind of is. But there are just as many people who curse never being faced with the end until it was upon them, regretted and hated taking their lives for granted.?

?-Long pause- Well, okay... I... maybe I can see some point in that. But living for a future that can not exist... isn't that just breeding false hope??

?-Mild rustle of a shrug- I don't see anything false about it.?

?-Incredulous- Doc...?

?What? You are in a land separated by time and space and universes away from that which is yours, surrounded by people from across the multiverse under a snarl of magic. I think if there is even a remote chance for something miraculous to happen to you than you are in the most appropriate place for it to be able to occur. Anyway, that's the beauty of hope... even a snowballs chance in hell is still a chance.?

?-Sigh- That's irresponsible.?

?-Chuckling- Life is irresponsible, it is unplanned... simply something we adapt to and roll with. It can be glorious, can be absurd, can be infinitely many things... so what's the point of trying to lay such grand plans when they'll likely just crumble anyway??

?Well I...that is... i-it's not that-?

?Simple? But it is. Those who can not fully appreciate your situation... those who can and tell you to hunker down... they're both right in their own way. But in the end all of them are simply trying to mold the life that is theirs. They are responsible for and can only affect that one and only one life... and any other machinations they may make is just hopes and dreams for things to follow a prescribed manner.?

?-Lazy puff of cigarette, a hollow exhale through nostrils- That's a pretty deep and pretty depressing view on things, don'tcha think??

?It isn't without it's flaws for being too broad but it works well when trying to convince hunters not to let their stupid, their conniving natures ruin things just because they're afraid to get hurt or to hurt others in kind.?

?So that simple, huh. Just go for it because damned if you do damned if you don't??

?-Mild chuckle- There's nothing simple about it. Never will be... but if that is where you truly wish to be at this moment then at very least you shouldn't be trying to get in your own way.?

?Well... then about Serah? I mean, she's been...?

?That's her question to answer. Like I said, you can really only truly be responsible for your life and to some mild degree those lives around you but only in the most mildest of ways.?

?-Another pause punctuated by the sounds of that last drag taken before the second cigarette is ground out, hesitant- So... if her answer is that she truly does not wish to...?

?-Softly- Then you have to respect that Mach. Respect it and move on.?

?Move on huh... -Tired smirk- To what??

?To whatever else is in your life. That is the grand dance of things. No such thing as a promised good ending.?

?-Wry chuckle- You can say that again.?

?It's the journey Mach... that's the important part. The beginning, the end, yesterday, tomorrow, you just have to take all of that with stride... make the best with it as you can.?


?-Finishing up writing- Sorry, where you hoping for a better answer??

?-Light sigh- Not really. You're a quack, not a sage. But... thanks, for the prospective... and the *** pep talk ever.?

?-Mild chuckle- Psychiatry is all about enabling the patient to gather the strength to overcome their own hurdles. It's a lot less hand holding than I think you figure... at least the stuff that you really need.?

?-Smirk- What I need, huh? I must be a hell of a whiner then...?

?If by whiner you mean a person poorly adjusted thanks to a harsh life than yeah, sure.?

?-Light chuckle- Gee, thanks, you know me so well. -Sardonic- Anyway, I think I got some more thinking to do, figure these 'answers' you prattle on about are malleable sorts of things afterall... but yeah, thanks.?

?Any time Mach, please feel free to contact me.?

?-Snigger- Not hardly doc, but thanks anyway. Laters.?


?-Sigh- Damnit... try to be well Mach.?

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 11, 2015 6:44 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


?Tech-e-Whiz Technology Repair Services is currently closed right now, leave a message an-?

?Regi, cut the *** and come get drunk with me.?

?-Pause-...How did you know that wasn't a recording??

?Cause you never sleep.?

?-Thoughtful pause- But I do sleep.?

?Hardly... and when you do you're jacked in so that doesn't count. Seriously... you build robots and you can't grasp the concept of an answering machine??

?I wouldn't want to waste their time.?

?-Eye rolling tone- Riiight... anyway, get your ass in gear. I'mma be there in-?

?Why are you coming here again??

?Cause we're going to get drunk. Come on Reg, you're the smart one here...?

?Intelligence doesn't make me clairvoyant Meg... why not start from the top??

?-Aggravated sigh- Look man, I just need someone to make sure I don't do something lethally stupid while I'm drunk, yeah? Chaperone with benefits...?

?-Mild- Don't you have friends to do this with??

?Nah man, I ain't looking for a good time. I'm looking to get *** faced.?

?... Again, don't you have friends for that??

?-Tired sigh- This isn't a social sort of affair. I... I don't want friends to be concerned over me or anyone to care really. I just... want someone to make sure I don't do anything overly stupid. An objective observer of my drunk escapades.?

?-Fiddling and clacking in the background- Good to see where I rank in the greater schema of things with you.?

?-Puff of cigarette, pause- W-Wait... I don't mean-?

?-Brightly- It is actually pretty commendable your grasp of our respective societal roles and such placement on the totem of social responsibilities to each other.?

?-Dim- And that is why I called you... well, assuming whatever the hell you just said means that you are an objective observer.?


?Perfect. Then I'll be by in a bit. What do you like to pre-drunk yourself with??

?Uncertain. I don't exactly think 'pre-drunk'ing is something people typically do.?

?It's not? Shame... guess I'll mark you down for rum too...?

?So exactly why are we going out of our way to poison your body and mind??

?-Long pause marked by the crackles of several puffs being taken from that cigarette- Serah and me broke up...?

?Serah... -Thinking- The woman you commissioned me to make a jetpack for, yes??

?-Tired- Y-Yeah... her.?

?-Frank- Was she displeased with the lack of rocket armaments??

?W-What? No... no! Nothing like that!?

?Oh... I see. Then what other reason would she have to be displeased with your cohabitation agreement and mutually exclusive mating rights??

?Wel-wait... what? -Woosh of wind waving by- No, no, never-mind, d-don't explain, not important. -Thoughtful pause- Or... or, well, maybe you could say that was important.?

?-Displeased pause- You're losing me Mitch.?

?-Crackle of cigarette, tired sigh- She... she couldn't deal with what I am...?

?A human??

?N-No, not that! I me-?

?A carbon based biped??

?T-That's the same thing! No! I-?

?An individual of marked favorable physicality but with a-?

?A Hunter Reg, the answer is a Hunter!?

?Ohhh~... yes, quite understandable that.?

?-Mild- Thanks for the vote of confidence there 'buddy'.?

?That wasn't one. Between 'the game' you hunters play to keep people at bay to the reasons why such could even be considered a good idea it is almost surprising to me that she agreed to your advances to begin with.?

?-Tired sigh- Yeah... I-I know. But it just... just... felt good... felt right. -Lazy puff of cigarette- I guess.. we were just fooling ourselves.?

?I always hypothesized that was a requirement for human monogamy... So what went wrong??

?-Grumbling- Reg, I called you for someone to make sure I don't do anything too stupid on my bender. Not to talk this out. That... -Sigh- I just don't want to think about it right now...?

?Yes, I understand why you called. And I'm trying to gauge how much chance for recovery there is of this relationship so as I can adequately judge how much 'begging the question' you may do while inebriated or if you will just be inconsolably dreary and depressed.?

?-Mild, depreciating smirk- The second option... unless I get struck by not only one but two miracles and I've seen enough hands to know that double royal flushes have never been in my cards.?

?Two? -Soft tapping- Ah. Ah! Yes... hard to make a future with someone who has none and is unable to propagate one in turn.?

?Mmm... yeah, that's about the crux of it. A lot of other stuff too but... but it all comes down to that. Just don't have the time.?

?Well, my apologies on this turn of events... that is something 'friends' are supposed to say to each other in this situation, yes??

?-Airy smirk- Yeah Reg, good for you.?

?And I'm not even on my medication. -Obviously smiling- So, the plan then. Drink, get you drunk, and then shackle her jetpack to a remote system so you can hijack her flight and terrorize her??

?-Stunned- Yeah, drunk an.. wait, what!? -Panicked- No! Nonononononono! Bad thoughts Reg, bad thoughts! Jeez.. come on man, that isn't... I mean... why would you even consider that!??

?Is it not also customary for the 'bros' to hate against the 'hoes' and do things to make them regret emotionally taxing the 'bros'??

?-Stupified silence- N-... that is. Okay, first off, never say 'bros' and hoes' again... never. Second, we agreed to... to still be friends, and you do not dash friends into the ground! And lastly... lastly... -Click and grind of teeth as falls silent-?

?You... you still love her.?

?-Awkward silence interrupted by the crackle of cigarette before there is the thump and grind of it being put out- Yeah.?

?-Soft sigh- I think I'll need to bring something to knock you out and bind you then... just in case.?

?-Soft snort- Yeah... maybe best. -Soft sigh- I just... it hurts. Hurts knowing that I screwed everything... and caused her so much pain just by being who I am That... that's torture.?

?It certainly is.?

?-Scoff- Another theory??

?I'm a madsci Mel. Spark touched. I can't just turn off who I am when it's inconvenient you know.?

?-Slight pause followed by a groan- Ah damnit... sorry man, I didn't mean-?

?It's quite alright. But just to let you know I may try to run experiments on you now when you pass out.?

?-Nervous chuckle- R-right. -Sigh- Hey, so how... how do you deal with it? I mean... you've had relationships before, right??

?-Mild chuckle- I have. And they don't. Work that is. But luckily I generally don't care thanks to the ingrained madsci apathy I have. If someone can' t deal with who I am then they they don't deserve me.?

?O-Oh. I see...?

?Well, that or try to fix me. That was a fun relationship!?

?-Mild pause- I... I'm not sure if I really want to hear about that or not...?

?Given our past interactions? Eighty four percent chance you really don't. But I will say, I do miss her. And we occasionally meet up in the information ether.?

?-Pondering before a revelation- She's not in Rhy'Din is she.?

?Didn't make it unfortunately. But from what I understand she's happy now. She hates the medication but it keeps her connected to her family so she grins and bears it. Unlike me. Screw the medication.?

?Heh... let go of that which you love so as they can find happiness huh??

?What? No. No, the squad of hunters on our tale stunned her during our escape. I calculated our chances of getting away at that point to be less than two percent so I continued on without her.?

?-Drab- Ah.... yes... suppose I did say I didn't really want to talk relationships so that's why I called you. Reason obvious.?

?-Chuckling- I am who I am. And you are who you are. We all live with that. So anyway, why exactly do you need a chaperone for your drinking??

?-Depreciating smirk- Because I hate myself right now. And last time I was feeling even remotely like this I almost picked a fight with a baker that I swear would have killed me.?

?Ah. Hmm... maybe a gag too then.?

?-Snort- I want you to make sure I don't do anything terrible, not serve me up to what kinky ass fates would want me!?

?Just being cautious Melon. Just being cautious.?

?Right... anyway, we good??

?Yeah.. sure. I don't mind. You are buying, right??

?Until I'm a heap on the floor.?

?Then grab some cash in case I have to steal your wallet to pay after you pass out.?

?-Grumbling- Right, right. Oh hey, and Reg??

?Yes? -Shuffling as moving to get ready-?



?-Pause- You're welcome Mach.?

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 03, 2015 11:50 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

You have 4 new messages. First new message received December 3 2015 at 10:05 RST:

?Hey Eli, it's Bri. Just wanted to call and wish you a Happy Birthday! I-I know. You really don't put much stock into such. -Chuckle- Always too concerned about ours to care about yours... dummy. That does reminds me, thank you for gift! Even out there you still were able to get something sent to me. Lot harder on this end though... I don't even know where to begin finding online shops for Rhy'Din much less if they'd take my credit! -Another chuckle before a thoughtful pause- Of course I don't appreciate how you left the last name part open on that placard. Asshole. Worry about your own love life rather than mine! How is Serah doing anyway? Make sure you tell her hi for me, okay? Anyway, don't mean to ramble. I just wanted to let you know I'm thinking about you on this day and that I hope you're enjoying it with friends and second family out there. Love you Eli, take care, okay??

To repeat this message please press Five, to save it press Seven to- *BEEP* Message Saved. Second new message received December 3 2015 at 15:37 RST:

?HEEEY! TIA! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRO! Come on Jon, wish Tia a Happy Birthday!?

?-Distant- I'm not wishing that jackass a Happy Birthday. Is that why you invited me to the store? Trap me in this car so you could ambush me into this?

?*** yeah! I learn being an ass from the masters! Anyway, why the hell did you think we were going to pick up cake??

?I don't know, because they're tasty and you're turning into a fatass??

?-Sounds of tires squealing, a loud smack, and muffled angry words likely cursing- ANYWAY, Congrats on another year... man, can't believe we're in our 30's! That ***'s wild! Doesn't seem like that long ago we were lighting up the streets of the old neighborhood just raising hell.?

?-Scoffing- The hell you talking about, you still do that with those dumbass friends of yours.?

?Pft, that ain't the same man. Me and Eli were something else... and we raised the rest of you snots!?

?Raised... that's debatable?

?Oh shut up Jon... Anyway man, hope you're living it up today man! Make sure to party for the both of us, yeah??

?Shouldn't you be encouraging him to be responsible. -Sighing- Moron. But be safe... and have fun.?

?-Exaggerated pause- W-wait, did you actually say something encouraging??

?...S-shut up man, I-?

?Oh ***! Eli! Make sure you save this message! We gotta save this evidence of Jon not being a prick for all prosperity man!?

?Asshole, shut up and give me the ph~ -sound of struggle... thump, thump, beep-"

To repeat this message please press Five, to sa- *BEEP* Message Saved. Third new message received December 3 2015 at 17:21 RST:

?Ha~ppy Birth~day Eli! Hope you're having a good one!!! Call me back, okay? Your last letter has me a little concerned. I'm hoping you're just being an idiot and not an idiot! Anyway, have fun and enjoy yourself! Ta~!"

To repeat this message please press five, to save it press Seven to del- *BEEP* Message Deleted. Fourth new message received December 3 2015 at 21:40 RST:

"Look who made it to thirty two! *** Mach, you've yet again crushed some of our betting pools hopes and dreams with your persistence man! -Chuckling- But still, good to see you make it another. Been a crap year all around but you did out live 8-Ball and Rain.?

?-Distant- Don't forget Young."

?What..? Oh yeah! Young! Did you hear the dumbass went and died getting himself a blowjob from a vamp? I mean, seriously, who does that!? 'Yeah, let me stick my blood filled appendage in your mouth... why yes, I do like it rough, please, use teeth...!' I mean, really. Idiot! That's the stupid of stupid sort of mistake... but then guess he was sorta tired of it all. -Thoughtful pause- Hmm... anyway, congrats on it Mach. Just wanted to wish you well given where you're at so separated from everything and everyone. Hope you're doing at least something fun even if no one knows what today is to you... owe that much to yourself, yeah? Anyway, you take care. Good hunting.?

To repeat this message please press- *BEEP* Message Deleted. You have no new messages. To setup a customized vo-

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 03, 2018 8:31 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote




?Yo, this is Mach, sorry I missed you but if you'll leave your name and n-?

?Ah, that humor of yours serves you well as always Mr. Turner, to think you could pull a fast one over me.?

?-Long pause, sigh- What do you want Delorno.?

?-Tsking- Such hostility, and I would think we'd have gotten over such by now in our relationship.?

?Nope, sorry, I'm petty like that.?

?-Drab chuckle- Well no matter. I have another request to make of our illustrious hunter.?

?You mean order.?

?Oh come now, orders are for the military which holds your leash Mr. Turner. In our organization we are simply like minded individuals working towards the same goals. Equals as it were. And as equals-?

?Yeah, yeah, equals make requests, governments give orders; whatever turn of phrase floats your boat but you and I both know where things stand.?

?Hmm... well, whatever. I suppose even you need some way to skirt your conscious of the perceived 'wrong' your doing.?

?Hey, I don't-?

?Moving on...there is an individual, Corwin Davos, which we have reason to believe is making their way to Rhy'Din. They are taking means... not ours, to get here and we suspect they've already garnered the attention of the U.T.R.A. so you should be receiving their dossier in the not too distant future.?

?Right. And??

?We would like you to collect this individual and deliver them to one of our offices, you'll receive details once you've checked in after acquiring them, of course.?

?So you want me to snatch them and dump them off with you, what do I tell the government folks that hold my leash happened to them??

?Why you'll tell them that you eliminated the target, of course. We'll provide you with an explosion for cover, don't worry.?

?And am I really doing that...??


?Eliminating them. Is that what I'm doing??

?-Pause- Mmm, do you really want to know what is to become of Mr. Davos??

?I'd like to know if I'm going to have to worry about them coming after me in the future or blowing my lie because they've popped back up after I've said they were toast.?

?-Soft chuckle- Oh you do like to worry. Be at peace, Mr. Davos will not prove any future problems for you, that I can garauntee.?

?-Dimly- Lovely.?

?You know it's that bad habit of overthinking things which robs you of so much peace.?

?I'd rather have a lack of peace than a lack of acknowledgment of what I'm doing.?

?What you're doing? Why it's your job of course, or do you only turn a blind eye to what you do and have done when it's done for an 'order'??

?-Disapproving grunt- Yeah, yeah. Corwin Davos, snatch and call, deliver to random ass location, got it. Anything else??

?No, not really, unless you were wishing some other payment for this side job then the services we already provide at cost.?


?Then that is all. Good day and, how do you people say it... 'good hunting', yes??

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 10, 2018 1:58 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


"U.T.R.A. Staffing and Assignments office, Sgt. Bramston speaking, how may I direct your call?

“[color=blue]Hey Rich, how’s tricks?

... Cpt. Turner... HL...121780. You’re late on your check in call... sir.

Oh yeah, uh, sorry, busy busy with all the weird and criminal out here you know…

Uh huh... Looks like the Colonel can squeeze you in. Transferring now, sir.

Right, th-

Click, Beep, Beep


121780... You’re late with your check in call.

-Cigarette crackle- Yeah, sorry ‘bout that, I’ve been busy. You should have all th-

Are you smoking? Put that out Cpt. Turner, this is military review.

-Pause, light click of tongue, grinding- Whatever, you’re the boss.

It's protocol, captain. Smoking is not allowed on U.T.R.A. administered grounds. You are in an iso-room at the satellite office, correct?

-Irritated sigh- Yeah, yeah, protocol and secrecy and crap… I get it, it’s out, okay? Can we get on with this?

Need I remind you that you’re the one cutting into my time with your inability to keep to schedule…?

Hey man, I’m okay skipping out on these if you are. No need to waste either of our time, yeah?

-Terse- You of all people do not get to speak of what is a ‘waste of time’ and what’s not. Someone has to manage your moral compass and duty as you have well proven you’re not up to task. Or do you disagree with the assessment passed by the Purity and Disciplinary boards when they reinstated you and assigned you back to your old post?

-Muted grinding-… No. Sir. I do not.

I didn’t think so. –Typing- Alright… looks like you’ve had another particularly busy month of hunts, both assigned and accepted local writs of bounty. Success rate… acceptable, though I see you’re elimination rate is still above par for what you were pulling prior - Laslow, Dellard, Davos

-Drab- You know how unpredictable and unstable on-the-run empowered folk can be. Sometimes they’re just… not containable...

-Snort- Very true, though given your history you were a fair bit more bleeding heart before. Well, for a time anyway at least… still not nearly as… effective… as you were eight years ago when you lost your command.

-Muted grinding, soft throaty growl-

… No? Still a bleeding heart then, even though those animals tried to take you apart during your incarceration?

-Irritated- Is there a point you’re trying to get at or are you just wasting my time…Sir.

…Hmm… no, I suppose not. Just trying to make conversation.


Hmm. –More typing- Anyway, whether it’s newfound zeal or increased incompetence do keep the explosions to a minimum. As I understand the local government there is miraculously taking a crack at improving civil services in an attempt to stymie the fallout of the almost weather like disaster patterns there. Your adding to the headache is not doing our foreign affairs departments any favors.

Right, I’ll make sure to try tickling first and let them use the explosions on me.

Don’t be glib.

Don’t make it so easy by being inane.

-Tense, silent pause; staccato typing- I see you’re still practicing some modicum of moderation with your associations now… or at very least there are no witnessed reports of you carousing around with corrupting influences as you were so want to do before. That fae royalty, the winged creature, those numerous unchained mages… Maybe you do learn, if only via the hard way.

Duur, I cans learned?


Yeah, yeah, glib, inane. But come on, are you really busting my balls because I’ve been keeping my head down? Been a little too good? Cause if that’s the case there’s this sweet little snake girl…

No, Turner, I’m not ‘busting your balls’ over any perceived improvement of your temperament. I just find it a little… convenient… that you’ve had such a drastic change of heart is all. ‘Stubborn’ was tossed around quite often in almost all your prior evaluation records.

-Snort- Stubborn, not stupid.

Debatable. –Typing- I do see that you’re still noted to be seen at some social events with the same recurrent individual - pale skin, red hair, goes by Keegan, I believe... Still nothing to say about them?

No sir, still none of your business.

Quite so it seems as it still doesn’t appear there are any records on this individual.

-Mild cough- No records that you’ve found, at least. Maybe outta get a better purity spy… or at least one with a better sense of humor if you have the poor schlub trying to go through the joke of a public records department here in Rhy’Din.

Or you could just volunteer information on them. The innocent have nothing to hide.

Oh? Thought I did…

Yes… the self-reported dossier you submitted at the start of the year. Quite the entertaining bit of fiction you’ve spun – the tale of a ho hum individual, wild in the sheets, that’s nigh impossible to corroborate or follow up on.

Hey, if you really want it I can provide videographic evidence of just how wild they can be between the sheets and everywhere else. Far be it for me to judge whatever gets your rocks off…

And again another deflection. –Sighing- It’s getting old Turner.

Not half as much as it is for me. Look, they’re just a girl, okay? Another lost soul in this city that has no shortage of such - warm, comforting, and they’re completely safe for my purity. So they’re my business and mine alone.

You say that and yet right here in your record you’re noted to have been in close, even intimate relations with not only an unchained mage but demi-humans and non-human creatures alike; and this is just during your brief time in Rhy’Din. So you must forgive me if I am rather suspect about taking you for your word.

Well, whether you believe me or not is your choice, not mine. And unless you’re going to jump through the hoops to serve me a warrant I’ve got no reason to humor you. Now, if Cpt. Albright were my handler than maybe…

You know as well as I that that’s never going to happen. If you ever show up in front of a purity inquest again there won’t a light strong enough to reach the bottom of the hole you’ll be thrown into. –Pause- Though then again Cpt. Albright could become your handler again, or at least help keep you company wherever you may find yourself buried…

-Pause before the soft grind of teeth- Right. Sir. Still nothing for you to know.

Hmm. –Typing- You know, if you’d just stuck with that one individual who you called in favors to protect when you were hospitalized… Ms. Boudreaux… then everything would be fine on these accounts. Proof positive human and they seemed to have had the same lack of self-preservation that you do.

-Tired sigh, sullen- Yeah, well, gotta balance the scales of disappointment somehow...

So I see. You know, that capricious nature of yours doesn’t actually serve you that well.

Yeah? No ***.

-Dry chuckle- I suppose it can’t be helped. –Typing- Though, perhaps, it’s a symptom of a bigger problem? Such as the affliction that discharged Maj. Ruth Ibanez of Rhy’Din General so claims you suffer from....?

… W-what?

Spirita-Anima Dissociative Disorder, Stage 4. Or so she stated in a rather strongly worded letter to the Health Board. Demanded your immediate relief from active duty; actually, for diagnosis and supportive care.

… Did she now -Taut sigh-… And?


Do you believe what she said?

Belief is not my job Turner – facts are; and from your record you passed your last physical. Your tolerances appear diminished from your last license review and yours saturation is… rather high… but not so as to bar you from duty. Was this assessment incorrect?

-Pause- No… no it’s not.

So what Dr. Ibanez said about your condition…?

… Completely baseless, sir.

Good. –Typing- Wouldn’t want a soldier with SAD-D traipsing around a land chock full of magic now, would we?

No, sir.

But I guess that means that capricious nature of yours is just a personal failure, huh?

-Growled- Yeah… guess so.

-Pleased- Hmm. –Typing- Well, aside from your still damage biased methods then I suppose you are performing adequately at your post for the moment… sans the mysterious comfort you’ve opted to keep. If they’re going to be a long term fixture in your life there in that rather corruptive land you know we will need proper documentation of them at some point regardless if you think it is our business or not. You are still under the watchful probation of Purity, after all.

I… I know. –Sigh- You… don’t have to worry about that…

Oh…? –Amused- Ah. That capricious nature.

-Weary- Yeah… something like that.

-Pause, typing- Probably for the best then. One needs focus and resolve to be the line in the sand against chaos as we are. –Emphasized keystroke- Well then, I believe we are done with this check in. Do you have any questions for me?

None, sir.

Good. Then you are excused. –Pause- Oh, and don’t be late for your next check in.




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