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Marketplace Fountains: Adopt-A-...Fish?

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PostPosted: Thu May 03, 2018 9:36 pm    Post subject: Marketplace Fountains: Adopt-A-...Fish? Reply with quote

Rhy’din Daily Newspaper


Front page of the Weird And Wonderful Section.

At some point over the past couple of days, those who wandered past the fountiants nestled in the heart of the marketplace noticed that they were steadily becoming more and more populated by….. Goldfish. Regular plain old pet store goldfish, or at least plain for Rhy’din. Some were calico colors, others rich golds, and shiny oranges, while others were black as coal. Others were more unusual blends of blues, greens, or purples as well, or some color combined with stark white. Some had fancy fins, and some did not. The selection was wide and varied.

Also making an appearance by each fountain were sturdy tables that housed buckets of fish food for those who wished to feed them, along with nets, and stacks of the little plastic cups and lids used to transport fish home safely. There are also stacks of pamphlets tucked in weighted holders filled with information on goldfish, and the proper guidelines for care, and raising healthy fish. On each table hangs a sign that reads:

“Feed us, or adopt one of us! We need good homes, ones to call our own! Just be gentle, and don’t jostle us too much on the way!”

No one’s really quite sure how they appeared, who brought them, or set up the tables, but it seems like there are plenty of people out there that have decided to take one home!

((Anyone who wishes to write and share something for this playable is more than welcome to do so here! I can’t wait to read them! <3))

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