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Arresting Offences

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Author Message
Watching You

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PostPosted: Fri May 11, 2018 11:43 pm    Post subject: Arresting Offences Reply with quote

“All right folks. You all know why we’re here I’m sure –”

“Because this is an ungoverned land and we’ve got month end quotas to fill!”

“That’s right! Our paychecks don’t just write themselves like they do out at Twilight Isle!”

“People get paid for going there?”

“You’d think it’d be more popular.”

“Enough enough! We’re here to teach the people of this town that they should fear the law and respect our badge! I want each and every one of you to fill your necessary quotas by the end of the month! Keep your eyes peeled, or the villain lurking in every dark shadow of this place will peel them for you! No longer will we be the joke of this town! I want to fill these jails and line our pockets with bail money and fines ---”

“We’ve got limited space in the cells as it is Captain. After last week’s jail break…”

“Which reminds me – No orcs! Leave them alone. Locking them up costs us too much in construction repairs. Hit the streets everyone! Let's roll out!”


((OOC: Basic premise is that there’s some overzealous new hires on the Watch and there’s a breakout of arrests all over the place. What’s your character going to get picked up for? Encouraging minor to overly ridiculous infractions! Icons for participation! Post below your story! Please have fun with the setting / writing prompt!))
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Ebon Ilnaren
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Ancient Wyrm

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PostPosted: Sun May 13, 2018 2:53 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

"Hold it right there!" The young Watch officer raised a hand-crossbow at his suspect. "You're under arrest!"

The man he was addressing stopped in mid-stride, then turned slowly to face the officer, raising an eyebrow when he was the dart aimed at his chest. "I beg your pardon?"

The officer edged closer, keeping his weapon raised. "You heard me. We've been getting reports of muggings in this alley, and I'm pretty sure you're the one responsible. We'll get the truth out of you over at the station house. Let's go!"

His expression one of dumbfounded amusement, the man gave a resigned sigh and, turning as directed, began walking up the street towards the local Watch precinct. Onlookers stopped and stared at the odd pair as they passed, the heroic Watchman and his obviously-nefarious prisoner, and the young officer felt his heart swelling with pride. Several folks stopped as if to ask a question, but the prisoner just shook his head with apparent shame while his captor smiled and nodded. "No need to thank me, citizens! Happy to be of service!"

Finally they reached the station house and marched inside, all the way up to the watch sergeant's desk. "Sir! I've caught the Back Alley Migger. Got him just as he was coming out of the alley, sir!"

The sergeant looked up, and blinked when she saw the arrestee. Then she blinked again, astonished, before turning to the rookie. "Officer Tubraat, what makes you think that this is the Back Alley Mugger?"

"Well, it's pretty obvious, sir! He's all dressed in black, and look at those shady eyes!" Slowly the young officer became aware that his comrades were all chuckling at him, as were a few detainees being processed, his prisoner, and in fact the sergeant herself.. "What?"

"Do you not read the papers, rookie?" asked the sergeant, rolling her eyes when the officer shook his head. "This is Ebon Ilnaren. Two-time Governor of RhyDin. Licensed hero of the city. He's one of the good guys, kid, and if he wanted to, he could've handed you your own head, still wearing that dumb look on your face." Then she turned to Ebon and grimaced. "Sorry about this, Mr. Ilnaren... he's one of the newest batch of receuits, and I guess he's a trifle overzealous."

Ebon shrugged, more amused than upset. "No harm done. I'll just have to remember not to take that shortcut out of the Inn next time." Then he turned to his would-be captor. "Officer... Tube-rat?"


"If you're going to make it in this city, always remember that sometime the good guys wear black." With a pat on the young lad's shoulder, Ebon went on his way home.
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Old Wyrm
Old Wyrm

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PostPosted: Tue May 15, 2018 10:01 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Charlie Eight dispatch need assist. Lost pursuit of suspect on foot in Docks – last seen north of Scuttlebutt and Raven.

Charlie Eight confirm, go for channel 5. Report.

Response to 10-15 at 14:45 Scuttlebutt and Parrot. Suspect wanted for multiple assault and battery's with a deadly weapon, multiple instances of destruction of property, and resisting arrest...

Dispatch confirm, escalating disturbance call to emergency. Description?

Suspect is six foot Caucasian male, brown hair, medium build in white long sleeve button down and brown suspenders, gloves, slacks, and boots. Notable eyepatch over right eye and hip holster with firearm. ID is 'Elitia Vance Turner', alias 'Mach'.

Dispatch Charlie Eight, confirm: six foot Caucasian male, brown hair, eye patch right eye, white long sleeve button down, brown suspenders, gloves, pants, and boots. Armed with handgun and currently on foot last seen heading north of Scuttlebutt and Raven. ID: Elitia Turner or Mach.

Confirmed. Code 5 ID?

Code 5... hold on. Um, standby Charlie Eight.

Standby? Repeat dispatch you want me to standby? I'm in hot pursuit of an armed and dangerous criminal!

Charlie Eight, desk wants a direct, standby for call.

"... Charlie Eight, standing by for call..."

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Ancient Wyrm
Ancient Wyrm

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PostPosted: Tue May 15, 2018 11:00 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

"Uh, ma'am, you can't go straight to the front of the -"

The custody sergeant looked up as Mataya De Luca gently nudged her way to the front of his line and laid her cuffed hands on his desk. He looked past her to Officer Tubraat, and groaned.

"What is it this time?"

"Oh, I'm apparently under arrest for soliciting children," Mataya informed him with a bright smile. "You know, at the dance studio. Which I own. And run dance classes from."

The sergeant only groaned louder. "Officer Tubraat, what were you doing in a dance studio?"

"In pursuit of a suspect, sir," the over-zealous officer informed his sergeant. "I witnessed this woman handing candy to children and inviting them inside, sir."

"Tell me, officer, were these children wearing dancewear, by any chance? Accompanied by their parents?"

Officer Tubraat hesitated. "I ... didn't look that closely, sir."

Mataya watched as the sergeant rubbed his forehead, almost feeling sorry for the man.

"Tubraat, you just arrested the owner of a dance studio for giving her own students candy, with the full permission of their parents and guardians," he said in a weary tone. "Remind me to take you through the basics again."

He undid the cuffs on Mataya's hands.

"Terribly sorry, Ms. De Luca," he apologized. "No harm was intended. you are free to go."

"Oh, it's all right," Mataya assured him. "Just so long as it doesn't happen again. I quite enjoyed the ride in the police car. Do come and see Hamilton - discounts for the police, as always."

"Ma'am, that is bribery, and against the law -"

"Tubraat! Just ... just go away, would you?"
Life's like a play; it's not the length but the excellence of the acting that matters.
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PostPosted: Tue May 15, 2018 8:06 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

"Let me get this right.. you're arrestin' me because I'm black?"

That right there had the two officers sharing a look before quickly setting their sights on Terry.

"No! It has nothing to do with your skin color-"
"By the way, I don't see in color." said the shorter one with thick black glasses.
"Yeah, Paul doesn't see in color! But like I was saying, it has nothing to do with your skin color. It's because of THIS right here!"

What were they showing? A glass bottle. One that had tea in it before Terry decided to, you know, drink it.. and then throw it away once empty.

"This should be recycled."
"Yeah. Recycled."

"Okay I'm pretty sure this is about me being black now."

She didn't really think it was that but it was fun watching them get upset

"We're going to add resisting arrest if you keep that up! And.. what else?"
"Yeah! Slandering officers of the law!"

"I didn't see any recyclin' can around here anyway." Not that she'd actually pay attention because trash is trash and she's not at all focused on the environment -- just don't tell someone like Gren that.

"It's the green one right over there!" They both pointed over to the green trash can farther away. Terry really couldn't make it out without squinting.

"Except I was coming from.. that way." She's pointing in the opposite direction. "So I didn't see it all the way over there." Turning her finger to point at the green trash can in the distance.

Then began the talks of how that shouldn't matter, she should know better, this is her fault and they were just doing their job.

"What's this all about?" Terry turned to see some guy beyond six foot stepping in on the scene. She was quick to point at the officers. "They're tryin' to arrest me 'cus I'm black."

"My brothers wife is black! WE'RE NOT RACIST!"

"Is it 'cus she's human?" The guy added.

Oh. Maybe she should have went with that too. The George guy is an elf.

"YEAH. Is it 'cus I'm HUMAN?" She made sure to speak up a little louder.

"Wait.. George," Now the two watch members huddled and whispered at each other.

"Alright.. we're going to let you off easy with a ticket."
"Yeah. A ticket."

A small crowd started to form around at that point so it was a good idea for them to scram ASAP.. or, wait -- George had the thought. Could they haul them all in for an unlawful assembly? That's a thing, right? They huddled again and talked it over.

"You know, you can probably just walk away.." The tall guy said with a psst, psst over to Terry.

He's right. The two watch guys looked far too busy trying to figure out how many charges they can rack up right now and weren't really looking at her.

"MS. KING ARE YOU GETTING ARRESTED?!" "OOO! SCANDALOUS!" And now there's a group of St. Mary's girls in full uniform taking video.. So this would look really really good for the office when they see her giving the camera a thumbs up then a shushing gesture before booking it from the scene.

When she booked it the crowd started getting the same idea.

".. Okay, unlawful assembly and noise complaints. We can go with that."
"Yeah. That!"
"We break in three and round them all up.. one,"

The two sprung into action and looked around quickly with handcuffs ready.

"We didn't slip into another dimension again, right?"
".. No, I think they all just ran away.."
"We don't have to tell the chief about this, right?"
"Let's not.."
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PostPosted: Wed May 16, 2018 12:03 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

“So do you like your new job?”

“Yeah! I feel kinda bad that I have broken some plates though,” she answered sheepishly, “Hey, when are you going to get one that isn’t working at the stables?” Sylva asked the young man who was walking with her as they strolled down main street. She couldn’t help but think he was sulking under his hood with the way he was slouched over.

“I like working at the stable plus I get to ride the horses all I want and I get to practice my sword out in the field without being bothered.” Cratos was unphased by her question and had grown accustomed to her frequently asking questions. She was a curious creature and there was nothing wrong with that.

“Hmm.” She could see his point. “Ms. Nicole is really nice. All of Maggie’s family that I have met is nice.” She was lucky to know and have a friend in Maggie. Not just because it got her a job but because it made her life all that much richer.

“Hm? Oh, hey! What is that?” Cratos moved ahead of her to pick the black item laying on the ground. “Looks like a purse. Must be that lady who was ahead of us.” Cratos explained.

“Oh!” She snatched the purse from him and started out into a run in hopes to catch up with the lady and give it back. “I’ll catch up with you at home!” She told Cratos before she turned a corner and was out of sight.

“Hey you! Stop”

Sylva didn’t think it was someone calling out to her. It wasn’t a familiar voice.

“I said stop! If you don’t stop I will shoot!”

The word shoot gained her attention and she slowed to look over her shoulder to see what was going on. She saw some short person..chasing her? And the moment she had turned her head a tall man came around the corner, catching her shoulder with one hand and her arm holding the purse with his other.


She bowled right into the man but was more startled by the fact he was grabbing her in such a way. Her eyes went up to the man who had her, the footfall of the guy behind them quickly coming up. “Wh-wha?”

“We saw you steal this.” The taller of the two men said as his grasp crawled up her arm until it was holding her wrist.

“I did not! I was bringing it back to that lady” Sylva protested quickly.

“That is not what we saw,” the shorter of the two exclaimed, trying to catch his breath. After a few puffs he took out a pair of cuffs attached to his belt, “You are coming down to the station, young lady.” *Click* Went the first cuff into place while the partner lowered her other arm.

“I didn’t do anything wrong!” Sylva whined out in another protest and since she felt the taller man’s grip on her loosen she quickly yanked herself from his grasp, sliding herself back from the two of them. The purse was quickly dropped, as if it were hot lava in her palm and instead that hand quickly went into her messenger bag, fingers grasping around a piece of carved jade.

“Where the hell do you think you are going?!” The taller one shouted and grabbed at her arm, forcing her hand from the bag. Seeing the piece of jade between her fingers he quickly yanked it away. “What is this? Something else you stole?”

Sylva’s eyes went wide and she made a grab at the jade horse. “N-NO! That is mine!” She grabbed the man’s hand, trying to wrestle the precious item free.

“Why would a child like you have something like this? Don’t lie to us! You stole it!” The man popped her face with his knuckles to throw her off.

Instead he found her biting his hand, just short of the jade horse he happened to be holding. It wasn’t no light bite, either. She sank her teeth, fangs and all, into the man’s flesh. His skin tasted like cigarettes and beer, his blood no better. As gross as it was to her, she had no intentions on letting go.

The man howled out and while the shorter man grasped at her cuffed hand. “You little brat! Let go!” While he had gently rapped her across the face the first time, this time his knuckles met her face with a solid punch. Instead of letting go, she bit down harder. It caused the taller man to punch and he didn’t cease until she relented.

When she did release the shorter of the two men used her arm to pull her away, throwing her to the ground. “You’ve done it now, girl! Instead of just going in for a simple case of thievery now you are going in for assaulting an officer.”

She spat out a chunk of flesh she had ripped from the taller man’s hand, “”

Before she could even finish the tall man had torn up the distance between them and drew his leg back before swift kicking the fallen Sylva right in the gut. “Shut up, bitch.” He snarled down while planting two more kicks into the girl’s torso.

Despite the kicks, she made no sound other than the woosh of air leaving her lungs and the wheezing afterward. She didn’t fight back. Would not fight back. How could she? If she attacked them more than she already had she would be in more trouble and if she killed them? She would be no better than she was back then - becoming that monster she was trying not to be anymore.

“Hey! Hey! That is enough, Crosley. Think the kid has learned her lesson.” the shorter guy said as he turned her onto her stomach and finished cuffing her hands behind her back.

“Whatever.” Crosley spat. “She isn’t a kid, Lambert! She is one of those monsters running around. Look at those teeth marks. She’s got fangs! Probably killed those people last week we found drained of blood in the back allies a few months ago.” He snarled as both men reached down, grabbing under one of Sylva’s arms and dragging her up to her feet.

Dazed and completely confused she was dragged all the way to the jailhouse, tossed into a closed off cell in the back of the building. The two men said something that was lost on her. Her head was still ringing and hell if she had any idea were she was. She managed to plant her rear on the ground with her back to the wall which was terribly uncomfortable with her hands still cuffed. She didn’t complain, didn’t scream out about the injustice of it. She just sulked and waited - for what? She wasn't sure.
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PostPosted: Wed May 16, 2018 9:42 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


Jewell paused, pushing her sunglasses up into her hair so she could arch a brow and give the officer a long stare. He was young and would be handsome if he wasn’t so pimply and bothered to shave off the peach fuzz he likely considered a beard. More amused than anything, she suppressed her smile, “Is there a problem, sir?”

“You’re under arrest!”

Her grey eyes widened at that and she almost laughed, “For?”

“The crime of being too beautiful.”

Now she did laugh, sweet as honey. “Oh is that all? I confess, I’m guilty as charged. What are you going to do about-- Hey! What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Quicker than she imagined, the officer had slapped handcuffs around her right wrist and was wrenching her left arm back to imprison the other. “This isn’t funny! Unhand me this instant.”

“Nothing funny about breaking the law, ma’am.”

While she protested and cursed him in at least four different languages, he tried to push her head down and get her into the back of the car. When she resisted--of course she resisted--and bit him? He tazed her. She went more willingly after that.

“Dispatch? Bringing a live one in. You copy?”

“We copy.”
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Perpetual Motion
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PostPosted: Wed May 16, 2018 11:01 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

There was something very ironic about being trapped in a jail cell with Jewell of all people, something that tickled at the little cracks in the memories that had been removed and reforged by Evelyn Augusta Bell’s endless cycle of death and regeneration. She did not seem too perturbed by the circumstances of her captivity, only that they had taken away her Game Boy after taking her in.

The officers here didn’t seem to know how to turn it off or didn’t care to, and its cheerful eight-bit tunes taunted the scientist as she snaked her arm through the bars and wiggled her fingers in the air, only an inch shy of the end table where they had left the device alongside a harmonica, a thermal detonator, and Jewell’s sunglasses.

“Your arms aren’t long enough,” she reminded Evelyn again. As if she didn’t know.

“Not yet they aren’t,” Evelyn grunted, attempting to shove one shoulder in between the bars (earning a mild eyebrow raise and nothing more from the sleepy guard sitting outside their cell), “but I don’t think we want to wait ‘til Memorial Day.”

Her fingers caught on the edge of something, pulled, and brought the cheerfully-chirping little Game Boy Color crashing down onto the stone floor, cracking loudly as something broke and its batteries popped out. The guard chuckled.

Jewell shook her head but refrained from saying I told you so as she absently rubbed the burn mark on her t-shirt. “What happens on Memorial Day? I may have some time to kill.”

“The Noncorporeal Mafia planted a small bomb in my left ear,” she said, wrenching her body back out from between the bars with effort. “It should go off on the 30th. If I can get it out of my head by then, we can use it to escape. If not, then maybe you can escape. Or maybe we’ll both die.” She checked her watch compulsively, watching the eleven hands tick this way and that, looked up at Jewell, and shrugged at her.

The guard’s mood had gone from sleepy and quietly amused to actively alarmed.

“Rather not die again this year, honestly. Do you have any other plans besides potentially letting your own head explode?”

“Olaf has a much better head for heists than I do, but he must still be in that stand-off. Those poor, poor deputies.” Evelyn put her hands on her hips as she sighed at the small window in the back of their cell. Sirens wailed in the distance. She checked her watch again. “How do you feel about meteor showers?”

The guard had left his seat to stand at the door to their cell with his club out, staring at Evelyn’s back with an open expression of fear and uncertainty.

She let her head fall back against the wall with a thunk, eyes rolling to the ceiling, “You ask the weirdest questions.”

“Really?” Evelyn gave her the most puzzled look, blinking at Jewell as if she’d just sprouted another head outside the confines of West Wetterwarblian mating season. She shook off the faerie’s observation and pressed on: “Are you allergic to craisins?”

The guard had plucked the large, heavy key ring from his belt and was in the process of finding the right key when the small, chromatic sphere resting on the table next to Jewell’s sunglasses started beeping. Evelyn only spared it a glance. They’d be fine for twenty more seconds.

“Nope.” She nodded to the fumbling guard. “Maybe he is. Are you going to throw them at him?”

“Are you allergic to craisins?” she called out to the guard, currently sweating and swinging his attention (and club) between the pair of women in the cell and the strange, beeping sphere. “Oh, pick that up and press it three times or we’ll die in six seconds.”

That prompted a mad scramble, keys and club both clattering to the floor as the guard dove for the sphere and clicked the button on top of it three times. All that changed was that the beeping took on a new, shrill urgency. Evelyn ignored him while she dug a ziploc bag of assorted dried fruit out of her shirt pocket and tossed it to Jewell.

Then she paced along the edge of the wall, counting floor tiles.

The faerie gaped a moment, “I thought you were joking…” Then she opened the bag and started tossing craisins at the guard one by one.

“Just hold it like that for an hour and you should be fine!” Evelyn called over the rising noise to the whimpering guard, wincing at every craisin that pelted him in the face. “And Jewell, don’t waste those, we’re supposed to share them.”

She threw one more at the guard while muttering, “You really need to work on your leadership skills.”

Doors were flying open and feet were stamping down the stairs and into their cell block. Time to go. She dragged a clock key on a tiny chain out of her wristwatch and drew a square around four of the floor tiles. Then she yanked open a cellar door that hadn’t been there a split-second ago.

The dark passage looked down on a busy factory floor, row after row of battle armor in the process of being assembled by a small army of hovering drones. Red lights were flashing, klaxons were blaring, and sparks showered down from the ceiling onto the floor as security personnel with gleaming black lances and black-tinted visors fanned out to look for intruders.

Evelyn held out an open hand to Jewell, looking at her with a bright, eager grin.

She jumped up off the floor, craisins in hand. “But what about the guy who arrested me? That mother ****er tazed me!” Even so, she took Evelyn’s hand.

“In fifty-nine minutes and forty-two seconds or as soon as he lets go of it, that sphere,” indicating the wailing device in the hysterically sobbing guard’s hands, “will start unleashing infinite spiders. Good enough?” she asked, giving Jewell’s hand a firm squeeze.

Her grin was wild, “Good enough. Let’s go!”

No sooner had they dropped through the passage than the cellar door slammed shut and vanished beneath them, leaving a scattering of mysteriously scorched craisins in their wake. The guard stopped sobbing with a sharp gasp as a hairy, segmented leg reached out of the beeping sphere and tickled his middle finger, to the horror of the breathless officers now clustered around him.

Infinite spiders?” a young, pimply officer asked with a quaver in his voice.

Off in the distance, sirens wailed.

((Adapted from RP with Jewell! Thank you!))
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PostPosted: Wed May 16, 2018 1:45 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Shale breathed a sigh of relief when the beeping stopped. The sound had not been good for his concentration, even though he'd maintained enough to keep his cellmate in line. Now that it was gone, the warlock was able to refocus his thoughts and the murderous look in the orc's eyes slowly dimmed to one of more subdued violence.

"I said no orcs! Didn't I? Didn't I say no orcs?" demanded the captain whose eyes spotted the pair in the cell as he walked in.

"But, Captain, we didn't arrest the orc!" replied the officer, partner to the pimply faced lad who was ignoring this conversation and continuing to stare at the sphere in his hand, or maybe it was the first two spiders to have crawled out of it and begin scurrying up his arm.

"I see." replied the captain, scorn dripping from his voice. "I am pretty sure that is an orc in one of my cells."

"help" mouthed the young officer, though no sound managed to pass his lips. A dozen more spiders had exited the sphere.

The orc in question sat in the middle of Shale's cell, just to the left of the hole it had dug its way up out of. Its skin a pale, putrid gray, was wrinkled and wet. If the pair had looked more closely they would have noted patches where there was no skin at all. In a couple bone was clearly visible and one looked like a bolt hole straight through its chest.

"Yes, Captain." answered the officer as it was quite obviously an orc in the cell.

The captain rolled his eyes and turned to pick up the arrest paper work. "What's the scrawny human in for?"

"help, help, help... by all that's holy, help" pleaded the arachnophobic officer, though still unable to make the sound. The spiders counted several hundred by now. They marched up his arm, over a shoulder and down his back and leg to the floor. From there they'd begun a progression towards the cell.

"Human trafficking," answered the arresting officer. "He was picked up soliciting around the morgue."

"Really? He doesn't look like a slaver. Have you told him that he can be released once he purchases the permit?"

"Yessir, but he refused. Says something about live ones not being as useful and mostly wanting just blood and hair. Jimmy is looking to see if there is a separate permit for parts."

"Parts, blood and hair??" The two were far too engrossed in their own banter to have noticed the further progression of the spiders. Tens of thousands had found their way into the cell now, skittering around Shale and climbing ontop of each other into a mass the size of a small dog. "Lords below, Frank, you arrested a warlock."

"HEEEELLLP!" The scream finally broke, though with it so did the man. The pimply officer feinted as the millionth spider left his person and continued the parade into the cell. He crashed to the prison floor.

In the cell the formation continued to grow as more and more of the spiders gathered. As it approached the rough size on an ox Shale's golden eyes sparkled and he released the spell he'd been putting together while the officers spoke. Dark mana encircled the mass of arachnids and pulled them into its fold as if they were fuel. The sound of a million skittering spiders stopped as one six foot spider was left in it's wake.

With the warlock's attention on the spider, the ghoulish orc felt a slack on the magical leash of control that kept it from killing him. Having been recently in a grave, it was used to spiders and crawling things so paid that creature no mind. It was Shale who needed to die. It's purple tongue flicked the length of one long yellowed fang as it stood and took a step.

The officers, at least the ones who were still conscious, watched with slacked jaws as one leg of the spider flashed through the air like a scythe and neatly separated the orc's head from its shoulders. It made a squishing sound as it struck the floor and rolled through the bars to rest at their feet.

"We'd like to leave now, if you don't mind," said Shale. "Hmm.. well, once she's done." he corrected as the spider had begun to eat the remains of Shale's previous minion.

"Frank... get the key."
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PostPosted: Wed May 16, 2018 11:13 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Mothers' Day 2018

A slew of people had been brought into the Watch station. Their offense, congregating en masse without a permit. What they were actually doing, picnicking on the grounds of the Botanical Garden. Among those arrested were the Governor, her sons, daughters, sons-in-law, and grandchildren. Others that been enjoying the day were directed into Observatory Complex where they could have their meal undisturbed.

Cate Harker nudged her sister, Maggie. "Is that guy's name really Tub-rat?"

Maggie giggled. "I don't think so, but it'd be funny if it was."

Amidst the insanity, the youngest of the group, Brian, decided he wanted his dinner now, right now, and began to wail as only a hungry infant could. Eregor handed off his son to his mother. Rhi found a somewhat comfortable bench to nurse the baby.

"Hey, none of that, now!" One of rookies pointed. "No nudity in here!"

Rhiannon Harker eyed up the rookie and was ready to give him a piece of her mind. It was however, Pearl, whose cool was blown. "What's the matter, pervert, never seen a baby eat before?"

Officer Bramble gawked at Pearl. "I'll arrest you for contempt."

"We're not in court and you're not a judge." It was Chelle's voice that came from the back of the group.

"Ex-squeeze me?" Bramble asked.

"I'm not your ex and I don't want you to squeeze me," Chelle said as she approached the counter. Currently, she spent her time doing contracts and helping to arbitrate for people. Once upon a time, Chelle had been a prosecutor in London. In Ireland, she worked the other side of the court as a defense attorney. She had this, comically or seriously, and gave a wink to the desk sergeant, who had worked with her researching cases.

"Things just got real," Rick Harker muttered to his sisters.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Bramble, a somewhat burly fellow was now in Chelle's face.

"Let's start with this. You arrested or attempted to arrest a bunch of families having picnics in the park at the city's Botanical Garden on Mother's Day. Picnicking is allowed there and you have the managers of both the garden and the observatory here to verify that." She pointed out Rhiannon Harker and Eregor. "You arrested most of this group for herding people into the building to keep you from interrupting a lovely afternoon for some families. Clearly, you don't have one or don't like your family."

"Ok, so, we can arrest you for obstructing an officer in the performance of his duties."

"Isn't one of your duties to keep the peace in the city?"

"Of course, and you rabble-rousers have made that difficult, today."

Another voice was heard, it was accented. "Rabble-rousers? That lad has no idea."

Sgt. Peters chuckled as she heard the Governor. Bramble was about to get a couple of life lessons.

Chelle just grinned. "I defer, partly, to the family matriarch." After conferring with Gory, she sent her three children along with her niece, Colleen, and nephew, Alinar, off to the Garden Tower.

Maggie looked between her siblings and jerked a thumb toward their grandmother. "This is gonna be good, bad, or ugly, I'm not sure which."

"Well, well, Bernard Bramble." Colleen looked over the officer. "A bit over eighteen years ago, ya made yer grand entrance inta Rhydin, five minutes after yer sister, Bernice."

Bramble swallowed hard. In his zeal in arresting people and hauling them in, he had forgotten the many warnings his mother had given him about getting too big for his britches.

“I was the midwife. Thankfully, yer sister was safely out of way when ya arrived just as full o’ bluster ‘n’ blunder as ya are this day. Ya came out red faced and yer first act was ta let go o’ bundle o’ nasty wind ‘n’ wet mess on yer mother.” Laughter broke out among the other officers. The Desk Sgt. was being chatted up by Bertie. Collie couldn’t help but smile and she playfully chided Albert Hall. “Bert, lad, ask the Sgt. what time she’s off duty ‘n’ ya can flirt all ya want then if she’s agreeable.” Bramble made mistake of letting out a guffaw as Hall was now being taunted. “Pipe down, Bernie, I’m not done wit’ ya, yet.”

Chelle was trying to keep her court face on, but had to keep hiding her mouth behind her hand to keep from laughing.

“In case ya never heard the story, ya were born in the Market Square. Right out in public, don’t ya know. Tell me, should yer mother have been arrested fer nudity that day?”

Bramble paled. “You didn’t cover her up?”

“Answer the question,” Chelle interjected. “After all, you are the one that thinks a mother nursing her infant is worthy of it.”

The counselor’s logic wasn’t wasted on the rookie. “I get it, I get.”

“Good, because the next thing I have in mind, would really frost yer backside. Imagine the members of the Watch bein’ accused o’ bein’ perverts?”

“All right, all right, you win!” Bramble tossed his hands up. “Go home!”

“Oh, Brambley One?” Chelle grinned. “Next time you want to arrest us all at once, try to bring a bigger paddy wagon.”
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Penny Escobar
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PostPosted: Wed May 16, 2018 11:36 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

"Fine," said in such a tone that indicated it was not fine, Penny issued another request. "Well then at least let me make my one phone call or I swear on all that you think to be sacred those spiders you saw earlier will be nothing compared to what I'll --" A hand clamped hard over Penny's mouth suddenly.

"Don't finish that sentence deary, that's how I got locked up in here." Whispered the little old lady covered in off white robes. She lowered her hand and then shuffled away to one side of the cell.

"Okay okay. ONE phone call. Give me the number and I'll slip the receiver through the bars." Declared one of the guards on duty. Penny paused for a moment, hesitant before doing as instructed and then turned to try and face one of the stone walls of the cell in an effort for privacy. She couldn't believe she had to actually call him.

~Ring Ring!~

The phone rang for perhaps fifteen seconds before someone picked up, the voice on the other end getting increasingly familiar. "D's Nuts... and Bolts. What can I do for you?"

"D! Hi, it's Penny." Your wife. "I --- well, I need to ask a huge favor. There was an incident today and well?" Enough hemming and hawing woman, "I need you to come bail me out. I'm in jail."

"Oh!" It was just a few heartbeats and little more, the time in which his tone changed from everyday accommodating to pleasantly patronizing. There was a soft humorous edge limning the words. "Hi, honey. Man, am I glad to hear from you. I was havin' the best dream last night. You were there. You see, it all started with the sensual da--" It cut off abruptly when she cut to the point of her call. "Jail." The tone was more perplexed than flat. It quickly grew curious, but cautious. "Jail. And you need me. What exactly did you do?"

"I didn't do anything! I'm innocent," protesting for both him and then reminding the guards on the other side of the bars. "But the Watch just showed up at a very inopportune time, started shouting and have shoved me in a jail cell. They've taken my things, claiming its evidence and I just didn't know what to do or who to call and ---" She was cut off by the sound of a phone operator's voice coming on the line. Please add five coppers for three additional minutes, otherwise your call will disconnect in the next twenty seconds. "Please D. I wouldn't have called you if it wasn't serious. 32nd Precinct!"

"Penny... Penny!" As if it were such an uncommon thing, D's voice grew gravely serious for a moment. "What. Did. You. Do?"

"They've charged me with public indecency. Can you bring me some clothes too in case they don't give me my things back?" As if having to call her new husband to bail her out of jail enough. She's discovering new levels of complete mortification today.

"Public... indecency." Clearly he was allowing that revelation to set in and, in turn, giving her those moments to draw the same conclusion. The one that took them back to the start of things. "I KNEW IT!" And then he hung up.


D was kind enough to pick her up, and even bring her clothes to change into, but once they were outside of the precinct….

“So. Story time.”

There was a sigh, but Penny knew that she owed him the full story and wasn't going to get away without telling him anything. "I was going to a hot-springs that a friend of mine told me about. She says the kami there will help my leg." Her palm laid flat on her left upper thigh as if that gesture would explain her need for the visit. "So I get to the hot springs, which are secluded by the way, it's not a public place or anything," quick to mention as she looks D's way. "and I've got most of my clothes almost all off and these fools," gesturing to the precinct in general, "start popping out of nowhere shouting about public indecency and asking if I have a permit for my axe in my bag. And then before I know it, I'm face down in the ground with this officer cuffing my hands behind my back."

"So you're tellin' me a bunch of creepy cops were playing peeping tom in the bushes," D paused to let that sink in before continuing. "Waiting to spy you in your knickers and haul you off. Jesus, this city has lost it's damned mind. Again. So, they jumped you like that and... wait, did they arrest Kami too?"

((Thank you to D's player for working with me to get this up!))
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PostPosted: Thu May 17, 2018 8:59 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

For two weeks Garrett had been trying to track down the snot nosed brats who thought they could infest his territory slinging bad drugs. Don't get him all wrong. He didn't have anything against drugs. Usually. What people did to their own bodies was totally up to them. Drink until your liver rots away. Smoke whatever, stuff it up your nose. Pack it in where the sun don't shine. Whatever it is that fills your fancy.

This stuff was different. The average drug on the street is designed to give the user some sort of benefit. A high. A low. Energy. Focus. Peace. Open mind. Vision. All good, at least until the crash comes waltzing into the picture, some worse than others. Sure. This stuff gave you a high alright. Three different kinds. Euphoria. Strength. Lust. A slightly different formula tailor made to capture a nice, wide audience within its slimy net. He could only guess to cause the most havoc.

Because that is what he felt they were up to. This wasn't amount money. This was about causing pain. After the first half a dozen uses something started to happen. The reactions became more intense. And the withdrawals became horrifying. Chasing the dragon only eased the symptoms. And the worst was the user didn't die. No. It was much worse.

"What the **** is it doing!?"

Garrett had one of the street kids posted up against the brick wall of an alley way. He wasn't much of a kid. The brawler guessed he was even older than the late teens he looked to be. Even if it really was a kid, he wanted to smear his face into the rough wall until he scored the grin off his stupid face. When he didn't answer Garrett shook him again.

"How do we--"


Garrett grit his teeth and slowly turned his head to regard the uniformed man who had a cross bow leveled at his chest.

"Release him!" The Watchman ordered.

The burly man didn't release his hold on the kid. Rather he wrenched him towards the Watch. "Go ahead, you deal with him. He--"

There was no chance to explain. Garrett didn't notice the second Watchman who came up from the other direction to grab his arm and it was his turn to eat brick with his arm twisted behind his back. The kid shook himself free.

"Go in peace, citizen!" The first Watchman waved the kid on.

"What are you doing, he--!"

"Quiet! You're under arrest."

Weeks of hunting and cornering all for naught, because of two pimply upstarts who thought they were doing some good. There ran off his chance to get some answers for the twisted mess of flesh that had once been one of his men.

A night in jail was only going to fan the flames of his ire.
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PostPosted: Fri May 18, 2018 9:38 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

It had finally warmed up, and the petite blonde found herself with a craving for ice cream. But not just any ice cream, of course. No, the first warm days of approaching summer demanded something in particular. It took her a little while to find exactly what she wanted, but eventually Tahlia found herself leaned up against the back quarter panel of her Spitfire, with a chocolate and vanilla swirl of soft serve ice cream in a cone. She’d pulled her hair back into a messy bun, to keep it from flying into her treat, and the sun glinted off the golden strands that escaped. She a poster on a teenage boys wall, right down to the smile as she swirled her tongue around the melting ice cream to keep it from dripping down her fingers.

Grinning like a Cheshire Cat, she didn’t notice the two eager Watchmen approaching as she slid the phone from her back pocket, and snapped a few selfies, mid-lick, and possibly playing up a little for the handsome Selkie those shots were being sent to. Holding the ice cream aside for a moment, she sent the pictures to their intended target. This, of course, then had her rushing to keep the drips from her clothes, and her without napkins.

The taller of the two nudged his partner, as if both men's attention hadn’t already been on the blonde, and pointed his chin in her direction. “We oughta bring her in…”

The shorter Watchman, round-faced and a little less worldly, stammered, watery blue eyes darting from woman to partner and back. “Her? B-but why? Jendell - she’s just…really enjoying her ice cream…”

Watchman Jendell grinned, almost leering. “Yeah, but Sellers…look at her...that’s gotta be a crime…” With a smirk, he set off, striding toward the still-oblivious Tahlia.

------------- Several Hours Later-------------

After a rather intriguing phone call from a police station, there was absolutely no way Ace wouldn’t make himself present to the current case at hand. Tahlia…. Got arrested? Whaaat? Oh, he just had to find out what that was about.

And… what better way to bail her out than to show up looking like gold lined his pockets with the soft, rumbling purr of a Cadillac engine? Dressed to the nines in a black suit - slacks, button up shirt - and a blood red, velvet material of a suit jacket, he’d walked in paid the handsome amount without blinking an eye. “Cash or check?” He’d merely asked. After signing his John Hancock to the piece of paper, they’d released her into his custody - and more than capable hands.

“I refused to let them tell me what happened…” He informed her, his overheated palm centered on her back as he lead her out of the station and toward his car. “But I want more than anything... currently… is to hear in your words what in the Hells Nine you did to get arrested…” He slid those deep coagulated crimson eyes toward her, arching a dark brow with intense curiosity as he lead her around the front of the car toward the passenger’s door. However, he didn’t quite reach for it yet. He wanted - no, needed - an explanation!

Tahlia rubbed at her wrists with a grimace, flexing her right hand as they stepped back out into the bright sunshine, and she looked over the Cadillac with a grin. Sensing that they weren’t getting into the car until she explained herself, she reached up to release her hair from its bun, and pulled her bottom lip between her teeth. She wasn’t embarrassed - if anything she might get the papers framed and hung.

“I was eating ice cream. Soft serve. It’s been so cold, so I took out the Spitfire, and went looking. That’s all. Well, until I punched the tall, smirky one…” Those pale green eyes slid up to his face with a wink, and a saucy grin. She’d thought about calling Eddie, but for one, he’d probably still be either laughing, or tearing the Watch house apart, and she’d still be in a cell. Besides, what was the point in being the Devil’s darling, if you didn’t get to make calls like this. Not to mention, that single shot had almost broken the guys jaw - which is why her bail had been nearly…obscene. He shouldn’t have tried to put his hand there. “Apparently that was enough to get me charged with ‘Public Acts of Indecency’ - and resisting arrest, assault of a Watch officer…” Oops.

He simply stood there, waiting for an answer… but he hadn’t quite expected the one he’d gotten. The more she explained, the higher his brows soared until they threatened the integrity of his hairline. He eyed her skeptically the moment she mentioned soft-serve ice cream, and he was fighting delighted laughter audibly, but it twinkled Hellishly in those dark eyes. It brought life to them all on it’s own, and ignited them with an impish flare that perhaps only a devil could appreciate.

Relenting, he spilled a chuckle as his shoulders shook with more silent laughter, his head tipping forward as one arm crossed over his stomach, the other propping on top of it so he could cup his bearded chin. Flaring fingers, he composed himself with a tick of brows to her. “When you say… eating ice cream... do you mean, the way most people do… or the way you do, ma petite colombe. I have to admit, you sometimes get carried away,” he flashed a fiendish smile to her, “... it didn’t happen to be chocolate or cherry flavored, would it?” His brows soared, feigning innocent curiosity of flavor reference to anyone looking in on the conversation. But there was a secretive, intimate twinge to his voice that was known only to them it’s meaning.

“It was not.” She winked, still running her fingers through her hair, bare skin twitching occasionally. “First one of the year has to chocolate and vanilla swirl. It’s a rule.” Whose rule didn’t matter, maybe it was just her being a smartass. “Ugh. I swear there’s a spider on me…somewhere, the place was crawling with them.” She twisted to look at her back, and try to hide the delighted sparkle in her eyes at having amused him so very much. “What do you mean carried away? It was very good ice cream, and it was melting...and I might have taken a few pictures to send Eddie…” Satisfied, for the moment at least, that there were no arachnids accompanying her home, Tahlia batted wide, guileless eyes up at her savior, and darted up on tip toe to kiss his cheek. “It’s not my fault the tall one decided grabbing my ass was going to make me ‘cooperate with the authorities’ - they’re lucky I’m not charging them for the ice cream he’s now sucking through a cracked jaw. You should sic one of your lawyers on them.” Because of course he had one, according to a lot of people, he had all of them. “Just as long as I don’t have to go to court or anything.” She didn’t need that kind of attention.

“A rule that you actually follow?” His brows soared incredulously, as if she was trying to break his mind. “Since when?” He chuckled softly, those dark eyes shifting toward those fingers in her hair. Raising a brow, he answered her bluntly. “... Carried away, like that time we got ice cream and didn’t remain at the parlor for long.” They’d decided to go back to his place and make their own sundaes. Snickering, he shook his head. “Oh, if you were posing, you certainly got carried away…” He mused, squinting at her suspiciously. “I’m almost sorry I missed it…” He murmured, his cheek tipping into the kiss she bestowed on him. His smile spread into a delighted one at the mention of a cracked jaw. “I’m definitely sorry I missed it, then…” He changed his mind.

Lifting his chin, he seemed to consider it. “.. I may be able to arrange one of my lawyers to take care of it. Perhaps compensation for the horrible trauma you’ve faced,” he stuck out that bottom lip in a feigned pout before he chuckled, movement catching his eye before he reached out. Catching one of those eight legged freaks that had decided to peek out now that she wasn’t ruffling her hair, he settled his finger close to it, allowing it to crawl on him and away from her. Once there, he flicked it away and cast his eyes to her. “I’m glad to hear the bail was well worth it, give ‘em Hell, ma cherie,” he hummed.

She managed not to squeal as he removed the spider from its hiding spot, but there was no missing the full body shiver. Even if she did try with a saucy wink. She couldn’t really argue with any of his points, save one. “I follow your rules, mon cher...” Granted, those weren’t particularly difficult, thus far. “Would you? It was wretched - there were all the spiders, and Constable Grabass moaning about his jaw, and I think an ogre...a rotting, nasty thing, and a giant spider. I’m going to need ages of therapy. Or at least a spa day to try and recover. Maybe Kami can join me.” She reached up and slid her hands down his lapels. “Get your lawyer to make the Watch reimburse you, just for the principle of it…” Laughing brightly, she stepped back, all sun-kissed skin, and dangerously delicious “Of course it was worth it, mon vilain - now I can go back to causing some real mischief…”


But now and then, a woman walks up, full blossom, a woman just bursting out of her dress - a sex creature, a curse, the end of it all.
― Charles Bukowski, Post Office
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PostPosted: Sat May 19, 2018 4:15 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

"Doran! Hey, Doran!" The call was slightly breathless, as the one calling had been running for some times. "Sylva! The Watch took her in."

"What? Why?!" Eyes wide with surprise and concern, Doran turned to face his friend.

The other youth drew a heavy breath as he came to a stop. "We found a purse that some lady had dropped, and Sylva was trying to catch up with her to give it back when these two Watchmen grabbed her."

"Did you try to assist her?"

Cratos gave his friend an aggrieved look. "I was heading over to try, but then the big one hit her hard, so I thought I'd better find someone."

Frowning, Doran gave a brief nod. "I'll see if I can help Sylva."

"Okay," replied the Cormyrian lad, "I'll see if I can find that lady. If she can tell the Watch that she just dropped the purse, they won't have any reason to hold Sylva."

"You think you can find her? In this city?!"

Cratos laughed at that question. "Well, she was a bit purplish, so that'll help."

One of Doran's eyebrows arched incredulously. "In this city?!" Then he grinned and started heading towards the local Watch station. Along the way, he spotted a constable walking his beat, and decided to ask for his aid. "Excuse me? I'm looking for a girl."

The officer stopped and blinked at him. "Pardon?"

"I need to find a girl. Slim, pretty, kinda innocent-looking..."

The Watchman rounded fully on Doran, and reached out to grab his arm. "All right, punk, I've heard enough!" Taking a pair of cuffs, he brought the youth's wrists behind his back and latched them together. "You're under arrest for soliciting prostitution!" Before Doran could react, he was being marched away.

Oh well, he thought, I needed to go to the Watch station anyway.

* * *

The station house was abuzz with activity; apparently the Watch had been having a busy day. Doran and his captor walked up to the desk sergeant, who was on the phone. "Say again, Central? They've got what? Spiders?! Yeah, yeah, it's Rhy'Din, I've seen weirder. Well, we're pretty backed up here, too. Tell 'em to transport the overflow to New Haven. What?! No, the perps, not the spiders!" Hanging up the phone, he looked down at his newest problem. "Whattaya got, Decker?"

"This punk approached me soliciting for prostitutes, Sarge." Officer Decker sneered at his prisoner, while Doran just shrugged. "Kids today!"

"This right, boy? Trying to get a girl for the night?" Never mind that it was only mid-afternoon. "Are you even through with school yet?"

Doran adopted his calmest expression. "No, and I wasn't looking for prostitutes, either. The constable didn't give me a chance to explain. All I said was that I was looking for a girl. A specific girl, actually."

"So you're a regular?" asked Decker with a scoffing sound.

Doran's silent reaction screamed, Are you kidding me? The desk sergeant's face matched it. "Decker, shut up and uncuff the kid, then go find some reports to file. So," he added to Doran, "you're looking for a friend of yours? Girlfriend, maybe?" When the boy nodded, he chuckled in response. "What's she look like?"

"Slim, cute... mismatched eyes, and reddish hair cut unevenly."

The sergeant was nodding slowly. "Yeah, we got her in back. Hey, Tubraat! Go back to Holding and get that girl that Crosley and Lambert brought in, will ya?" As the officer rushed to obey, his sergeant regarded Doran thoughtfully. "You're Ilnaren's kid, aren't ya? My wife's a theater buff, so she has season tickets to the Shanachie. You're not bad, y'know? Hey, that's funny; Tubraat brought your dad in here the other night, and then your boss, Ms. De Luca, the next day. I have to say, I was kinda embarrassed. That rookie's a good kid, but he really needs to get his act together."

"Well, it could be worse. Apparently, you could have spiders," added Doran with a grin. Then he spied someone across the room and beamed. "Sylva!"

"...doran?" She looked a bit lost at first, but then brightened up considerably as she rushed towards him, only to be intercepted by a mismatched pair of officers. "Hey!"

"Where d'you think you're going?" asked the taller one. "You still owe me for that bite you took out."

"And for stealing that purse," added his partner.

"She didn't steal it!" That came from the station's main door, where a woman with slightly purple skin stood next to a slightly disheveled youth. "Nobody stole my purse, you idiot! I dropped it, and that kind young woman was trying to get it back to me. Now why don't you let her go and get on with catching some actual brigands?"

With a drawn-out sigh, the desk sergeants waved in Sylva's general direction. "Tubraat, get the girl her belongings and cut her loose. Crosley, Lambert, report to the Lieutenant. Kid," and here he addressed Doran, who was still focused on Sylva, "take your girlfriend and get out of here."

Reunited, the three friends walked out of the station house, Doran and Sylva holding hands while Cratos walked beside them. Doran looked at the other lad. "I can't believe you found her so quickly!"

"What can I say? I'm good!"

"That you are!" Doran gave his friend a pat on the back, then squeezed Sylva's hand gently. "So... who wants ice cream?"
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PostPosted: Sat May 19, 2018 5:15 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

People were packed into the busy thoroughfare that ran from the shipyards up into the heart of the city, a (mostly) humanoid mass that began at the fish markets and ended at the crumbling temple spires at the top of the hill. It was a warm day, and the city seemed eager to make the most of it, filling out this and countless other avenues as they went about their day, running the errands they’d been putting off or hawking their wares.

Despite being packed shoulder-to-shoulder in places, most of the crowd instinctively moved around a figure standing atop a large barrel: a Watch officer, from the 13th precinct of something-or-other based on the patches on his stuffy, unbuttoned tunic. The sunlight glinted off his copper badge, a warning beacon to the many locals who had heard a great deal about “arrest quotas” by now.

He narrowed his eyes at the crowd, scanning the faces nearby for the faintest whiff of criminality, until he found an offender: a short-haired figure in the crowd, pinching the buttocks of her companion hard enough to make her jump. “Indecency,” the man hissed through his teeth, delighted at the breakthrough, and startled several people when he leapt from the barrel to move through the crowd.

He pushed people away by the shoulder with his hand or the end of his baton, ignoring their dirty looks as he moved ever closer to his quarry…

* * * * *

Mallory slid her free hand into Eri’s as they walked up the road from Panacea, away from the docks and towards the narrow, busy lane that was Kabuki Street. Her free hand was occupied with her flip phone, scrolling through texts from Safiya about visits to prospective store locations (and how badly they’d all gone), trusting in Eri’s pathfinding and strength enough to let herself lose track of her surroundings without worry.

There was the security detail, too, but the crowd was thick today with people out shopping and selling on a nice day. Whenever a few random people were successfully glared, glowered, or shoved out of the short distance between the security girls and their assignment, a few more slipped right in to replace them.

Eri was preoccupied, still grinning from the pinch and enjoying the sunny weather. She had not seemed to mind when their detail became separated, and moved through the crowd with a deceptively gentle finesse gained through years of city living. Nevertheless, she sensed someone beelining toward them faster than the rest of the crowd, though she was not sure what it might portend.

She looked at Mallory, about to speak, but saw her distracted with her phone. It was then that a strident voice rang out behind them, insistent as it called: “Hey! Hey, you! Hey!

The witch let out a single annoyed “tch” and the delinquent’s eyes narrowed a bit, but she kept her focus on Mallory as they picked up the pace away from whoever wanted their attention so badly. This lasted until Eri saw a hand come to rest on the witch’s shoulder.

Before the witch could react, the delinquent was growling, “These guys around here never learn with their sexual harassment!” as the furious half-oni reached out with both hands and grasped the arms of the assailant. A simple grunt of effort escaped Eri as she hurled the offender towards the nearest alley with perfect aim.


was the sound the offending figure made as he sailed through the air. The witch blinked after him, startled by his grasp and the swiftness of Eri’s reaction, but her gaze caught a few curious details that flashed in the sunlight: the polished copper buttons on his uniform, and the badge on his breast, briefly visible until he landed in a dumpster with a mighty FWUMP!

People were staring. A lot of people were staring. A few of them even produced phones and holopads to start recording. The witch turned in towards Eri, trying to conceal their faces as she said: “Hey uh, babe?”

Eri had missed those details, but was cooperating with Mallory’s efforts to conceal their faces. “Can you believe these guys?” she asked incredulously.

“That was a Watch officer!” Mal cut in with a quiet, insistent hiss.

“It was?!” Eri asked, blinking owlishly. She tapped her foot nervously, took a quick look around, and decided: “Let’s bolt!” No sooner had she suggested it than she snatched the witch’s hand and dashed through the crowd, leaving started onlookers and a concussed, garbage-smelling officer in their wake.

((Written with Eri's player! Thank you! ^^))
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With the warmth of spring came a renewed interest in the cathartic release of simply running. As Tanya slid like oiled silk through the lingering warmth of the darkening evening, dressed to stand-out in shorts and a tank with a reflective pattern in day-glo teal, EDM filled her attention through the wireless earbuds connected to her phone. The beat was nothing short of infectious, inciting a quickening in the rhythm of soles slapping pavement. With the long braid of turquoise streaming behind, it was hard to miss her, even as she blurred past.

Exertion breeds competition, or so she’d been told. A glance at the screen strapped to her bicep showed her that she was within beating her own personal record for this route, a definite prod in the metaphorical shorts as the towering troublemaker picked up the pace. Perhaps she should’ve been paying more attention to the shouting behind her … meh, **** that. It was behind her.

The phone chirped as Tanya crossed an invisible finish line, prompting a quick look, and a celebratory yipping cheer and bounce. She’d done it! Beaten her old time by a soli-


“Whuu-?” Was about all that she had time to get out, before several somethings or someones launched themselves at her. This, for a number of reasons, would someday widely be regarded as a bad move. One Watchman after another flopped on top of her like someone’s bad idea of a game of Dogpile. She couldn’t even shriek before getting overwhelmed.

The desk sergeant pinched her nose, after Officer Tubraat walked back in, wearing a smug look of total satisfaction. “Tubraat … can you explain to me, please, why we’ve got a woman in holding for speeding, that you brought in off a foot chase?”

The rookie paused, blinking in confusion. “What’s to explain? She was running? Like, really fast! And I-”

Cue another heavy, exasperated sigh. “Nevermind, Tubraat. Nevermind.”

For reasons that might not be immediately obvious, no-one seemed inclined to bother the black and gold Panamera parked outside the watch station, or for that matter, the lithe little blonde who emerged and sauntered into building, maybe a little quickly, ‘The Line’ scrawled across her black t-shirt, cropped short over a pair of ripped jeans that looked like they were painted on. Her ponytail bounced as she stepped up next to the poor belabored Tubraat, and smiled at his superior. From her rear pocket, she pulled out a check, not in her name, already signed and set it on the desk. “I’m here to bail out Tanya Acheron - could you just let me know how much?”

The sergeant blinked, eyes going wide at the reappearance of the lithe little blonde. “Oh sh-”

Smirking up at her much taller companion, she waved at a few uniforms standing around, before leading the way to the car.

“So - now that you’re a free woman once again, you mind telling me what it is you did to get yourself locked up in the first place?” Much like her own benefactor, she hadn’t allowed the officers to tell her what she was handing over a substantial check for. Hearing it from the source was much more amusing.

Tanya walked - more like stalked - out the station door behind her bestie, her face a mask of ‘do NOT mess with me today’. The road-rash on her chin and elbows only added to the overall look. “What I did? I don’t know what the **** I did! First, they said I was speeding! Then they said I was resisting arrest, because I didn’t know who was jumping me! I was just defending myself!” Fuming, she was. Almost to the point where steam was coming out her ears.

She glanced down at the clear plastic baggie the officer had given her upon release, gritting her teeth when she saw the condition of her belongings. “They broke my phone … they broke my damned phone!”

Tahlia shot her friend a look, the Porsche chirping to life as they got closer. “Blue, seriously, take a breath. Apparently the Watch is having a fit of trying to seem effective, or relevant - maybe it's budget time. Or they’re all on something - rumor has it they tried to arrest the former Governor. At least there weren’t spiders...” It wasn’t as if she hadn’t had her own run-in with them earlier - getting mad about it wasn’t going to make the situation any better. “I don’t know how they could think you were speeding - that truck of yours can barely make it to the speed limit…”

“That’s just it … I was running!” Tanya, in a fit of juvenile-esque pique, stomped her foot, knocking bits of spider off. Because yes, there had been. One or two stragglers. Mostly the spindly little shiny kind that creep everybody out. “Running for ****’s sake!” Tanya’s knuckles went white as she clenched her fists, visibly trying to get a rein on her temper. Nostrils flaring, she took a deep breath, letting it out slowly. “At least that stupid assault with a deadly weapon couldn’t stick, not with it being four against one … “ Though it had been a very close thing. “I swear, that Tubraat guy? I’m suing him. Totally.”

Carefully guiding the turquoise tower of vengeance toward the car, Tahlia shook her head with a smoky chuckle. “Blue, Blue...suing some clueless little rookie who, given how frustrated the desk sergeant looked, isn’t likely to have a job very much longer, isn’t really worth it, now is it? Hardly worth the pain and suffering…” Tanya was a smart woman, she could figure out the obvious implication. “Besides, it’s all over - I doubt they’ll pursue anything…I mean, the sheer number of arrests...and you didn’t really hurt anyone…”

“Oh, so very tempted, though.” Heaving a heavy sigh of unrequited frustration, Tanya split off to the passenger side of the car, holding up the clear bag again to give it another look-through. “Do you smoke in this? And, if you do … can I bum one? They crushed my pack, too.” Inwardly, Tanya realized that Tahlia was talking a great bit of sense. Depressing sense, but sense nonetheless. “I hate the Watch … “

((Written with Tahlia's player's help. Couldn't have done it without her! Thank yoouuuuuuu!))
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It was a beautiful late morning. Rand strolled toward the Marketplace. Everything was going well with Val and the twins. He wanted to surprise her with some fresh fruit. The winters were much less forgiving here and she’d was pregnant to boot. As he turned the corner onto the main thoroughfare, he nearly bumped into an officer of the Watch. “Pardon me Sir. I was lost in my own thoughts.” With a smile, Rand stepped around the man and continued onward. Not far down there was a stand that looked promising. It was stocked with greens and rhubarb and if he wasn’t mistaken, a few pints of berries. When he stopped in front he gave the proprietor a smile and bent to examine the goods.

“Ay der sur. Dem strawburries is de best ya kin git.”

Rand looked up at the farmer, taking in the weathered features and the hopeful look in his eye. “Is that right? You sure these are the best?”

“Aint none better. Sweet ‘n juicy as ya like. ‘Ere, try’un.” A worn hand picked a near perfect specimen of the red fruit and dropped it into Rand’s hand.

He lifted it to his lips and wrapped them around the plump red body, biting into the succulent flesh. His eyes closed as he chewed and then opened and he smiled at the farmer. “I think this might be the best ever grown. I’ll take them all.”

A loud voice called out behind him, overtop his last words. “Yeah that’s the guy! Awright, stop right there. You’re coming with us.” A hand landed on Rand’s shoulder and he spun to face the commotion. There were two officers. The one that had touched him was the one he’d nearly walked into before. The other stood a few steps back, holding up a taser with a bandaged hand. “No more sudden moves!” he shouted.

Rand blinked and then addressed the men. “What’s the problem? Should I raise my hands over my head or something?”

The first one responded. “You’re under arrest. Put your hands behind your back.” The one holding the taser was starting to shake a little bit and yelled again. “Slowly!”

Rand stood still with a bewildered look on his face. “Under arrest? For what?”

“Assaulting an Officer,” the first replied, taking Rand’s hands and putting them behind him, starting to cuff him. The second added “and theft!” As the cuffs clicked into place the officer turned to his partner. “What do you mean, theft? We’re picking him up for running into us in the street.” The taser waved at the stand. “He ate a strawberry without paying. Assault and theft!”

Rand gave a long sigh and looked over his shoulder at the farmer. “Please keep those for me, if you wouldn’t mind. I shouldn’t be long.” The man nodded and gathered the berries, pulling them off the display. He wasn’t about to mess with the Watch. “You don’t need that,” Rand said, nodding to the officer with the taser. I’ll be a perfect gentleman.”

The first officer gave a little laugh and pushed Rand to start walking. “Put it away. This guy’s cooperating. Not like that screeching blue haired she devil. I can’t believe she bit you.” There was more laughter after that. The pimply youth flushed and holstered the taser. “She was crazy.”

Rand did his very best not to break into peals of laughter himself. If it was who he thought, this guy was lucky to not be a toad at the moment. But if she’d been picked up too… “you gents must be busy today, arresting two people.”

That earned a sneer from the youth. “We’ve arrested bunches. This town is a mess and we’re the ones gonna clean it up. Probably have to build a bigger jail.” They moved side by side, walking behind Rand down the street. Many heads turned, some jaws dropping open, others looking quickly away.

After a little walking, Rand stopped suddenly in front the open door of another shop. He got a nudge from behind. “Keep going. Gotta get you to the station.”

Rand turned and gave the girl coming from the store a big smile. “Good day to you Maria. How’s your mom and dad?”

The girl beamed back. “Mr. Rand! Mom and Dad say it’s always good when you show up! Are those policemen?”

He gave a little chuckle. “Yes they are. And you know what they like, right?”

Maria laughed and smiled and clapped her hands. “They like donuts!”

Rand was given another shove. “Keep moving. This isn’t funny. You want resisting arrest too?”

Ignoring the pushes, Rand addressed Maria. “Tell your Mom and Dad that Mr. Rand wants four, no, five dozen donuts delivered to the station. Can you do that?”

“Sure thing Mr. Rand!” Maria darted back into the store and he turned, finally stepping the direction he was being pushed.

The thin young officer smugly spoke up. “Gonna have to add bribery to the list!” Rand gave a quick glance to the thicker, older officer, catching a look in his eye and a lick of his lips. As he was guided to the station, he started to whistle softly. It was a beautiful late morning.
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For hours, the Paladin had waited. Watched. A patient hunter, a silent stalker, she awaited her prey. Two kids had been stolen from her beat. She wanted them back. Still as rust in the deepening twilight, her gaze honed on the innocuous dentist's office back doors, she waited.

The car used to snatch the pair of orc boys had cooled. She was fairly certain the kidnappers, the boy's estranged mother and her boyfriend, were waiting for a friend to take them out in another vehicle. Two other units from the Guard waited nearby: a nervous young mage in an old Chevy to the east, and a pair of bombproof ex Marines holding up a lamp post to the west.

The Amber alert had already been broadcast, now it was a matter of grabbing the kids back before the kidnappers were able to work a way out. Her radio clicked and she covered it with a hand, pushing the earphone into her ear.

"Hally, they been in there too long," one of the marines murmured, "They must have another way out."

"Roger, Mik. Dahlia, could someone break through your no magic spell?" Halcyon asked quietly. The mage girl jumped and fumbled before answering.

"Yeah, I mean. I'm not like Merlin or Gandalf."

"Thoughts, Mik, Danna?" Halcyon inquired.

"Sewers," Danna responded shortly.

"Hally, I'm getting information on the boyfriend, he's jumped bail four or five times for attempted. They think he's a skivver," Dahlia hissed urgently.

"I'm going in," Halcyon decided, frowning, "Dahlia, get another scan of the area, see if you can locate on the kids again; Mik, Danna, come around front. Stupid will hold the alley."

"Roger," the others acknowledged. Halcyon glanced back to Stupid, standing still as a statue at the rear of the suspect's car, then walked for the back door of the building. She wound up and kicked the door down, yelling "Officer of the Watch! Put down your weapons!"

Screaming rang through the building, but Halcyon wasn't certain from where. The building was a maze of hallways and small rooms. She drew her sword in one hand and marched down the hallway, spurs ringing a deadly cadence in her wake.

"Hold it--" Halcyon barked out as she booted open a door to a small surgery. She walked face first into a shotgun blast.

The grin on the human male's face froze, his eyes widening. Halcyon gleamed brilliant argent. The shot hung briefly in the air before falling, flattened, to the floor.

"Drop ye weapon, those things only piss me off," she informed him in a low, dangerous voice, her face impassive, eyes narrowed.

"How about this, you crazy bitch!" an orc woman shrieked, rushing up behind Halcyon with a wicked serrated black blade. Halcyon turned easily to meet the strike, steel chiming, and with a powerful shift of arm, she forced the woman back.

"Lay down ye weapons before I has to get stern with ye two," Halcyon noted, dragging a snarl of a grin across her face as she watched the orc woman, "Now. Where are the boys?"

"You can't take my babies!" the woman shrieked. She didn't drop the sword, but she didn't bring it back up, either, gauging the paladin. Her boyfriend stared, biting his lower lip.

"NOW," Halcyon barked, a fluid movement reversing the course of the sword, slashing the serrated blade from the other female's hand, slapping the man upside the head as she brought her blade back up in a smooth helix of motion.

"Hands 'pon ye head, both of ye," Halcyon barked, kicking the shotgun out of reach. The man slowly did as he was told, the woman burst out bawling about her precious babies and her ex was crazy and he never let her see her boys and and and.

Rolling her eyes, Halcyon shoved the big woman alongside her beau.

"Where are the boys?" she demanded flatly.

"In there," he responded, pointing to another office. His gaze kept ticking for the hallway leading to the front of the building.

"I dasn't suggest ye run, there be two more units out there waitin' for me all clear," Halcyon assured him pleasantly, "Now go open that door, woman."

Sniffling and blubbering, all the while looking for something to bash the paladin with, the orc woman shuffled to open the door.

"Grab her, Chuck!" a man yelled. Startled, Halcyon looked back just in time to see a uniformed street officer of the watch fall onto her. He latched his billy club around her throat and got his feet down.

"Drop your weapons, freak!" Chuck bellowed, struggling a lot more than he should have had to just to yank a criminal off of her feet. Instead, he found himself unceremoniously flipped over her shoulder and snatched into a headlock.

"Officer down! Officer down!" he howled. His partner drew a pistol and aimed it shakily at Halcyon.

"Drop him! Drop him now! I'll shoot!"

"Shoot her! Shoot her! She's trying to kill us and kidnap my babies!" the orc woman screeched.

Halcyon exhaled, her brows pulled together in a hard line, her left cheek twitching faintly.

"I am a captain in the watch, ye two dunderheads," Halcyon informed the younger males.

"She's crazy! She's trying to kill us! You saw her! She's one of those crazy paladins, she's trying to kill Gilda because she's an orc! And our two kids! You've got to stop her! Let me get my wife and kids out of here!" the man blurted out.

"How do we know you're in the watch?" Chuck demanded, abruptly managing to squirm free of Halcyon's arm as she loosened her grasp.

"Let me get me badge," she exhaled, annoyed, starting to reach under her greatcoat.

"She's got a gun!" Gilda shrieked. She snatched for her boyfriend's hand and beat feet as the other officer panicked and started firing. They rushed for the car, and halted, finding Stupid standing over the vehicle.

The SUV was not going anywhere. Its engine was mainly on the ground, two deep, enormous hoofprints slammed into the hood. The horse's ears twitched as he stared at the couple.

Halcyon exhaled, holding the second officer's arms and gun pointing straight up. The man twitched several times in reaction. He hadn't even seen her move.

A moment later, he was looking at her badge, and tried to swallow his heart.

"If those two got past me horse and the other officers out there, I will demand to personally retrain ye two morons," Halcyon growled, dropping the young man.

"...We ...I... we just saw... I..." they both faltered miserably.

"Save it," she snapped, exhaling and finally opening the door to the inner office. Moments later, she was swarmed by a pair of young orc lads, wailing for their daddy and step mommy. Exhaling in relief, she picked the pair up, and managed to key her radio.

"Kids are safe. Suspects ran out the back door, tell me Stupid stopped them."

"Acknowledged. We're letting him chase them around," Danna replied, "Two flatfoots marched in there, we couldn't stop them."

"I could," Halcyon responded, eying the miserable pair thinly.
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The guy looked nothing like his profile picture in RhydR. Lucy had checked the dating app one last time before she approached him at the bar. He was at least ten years older than his picture, and there was no way this guy was 6'4".

"Michael?" She tipped her head and offered him an uncertain smile.

"Lucy? Wow! I mean, hey."

"Yeah, hi. Nice to meet you."

But what was the worst thing that could happen? A waste of thirty minutes and a glass of wine?

"Damn am I glad you swiped right." He laughed nervously directing her to a table. "Can I get you a drink?"

“Sure.” She smiled.

Two glasses of chardonnay later and Lucy was starting to think maybe this online dating thing wouldn’t be so bad. Sure, he didn’t look much like his picture. But he was witty, dressed well, and he seemed relatively normal. For Rhy'Din anyhow.

“Oh yeah, you gotta see the running of the welters some time.” He gestured with his pint glass in her direction. “The whole riverside is covered in these silvery glowing---”

"Mike DeOrio?"

"Uh, no." Michael looked over his shoulder at the two men in suits standing next to the table.

Lucy raised a brow looking between them. “Uhh…?”

"Mr. DeOrio I'm hereby serving you with this warrant for your arrest on charges of forgery, solicitation, and racketeering. If you’ll stand up. Turn around sir."

"Solicitation?" Lucy's lips parted, eyes wide.

"No listen, you've got the wrong guy--HEY!" The detective pushed the guy over onto the table in front of Lucy and started to pull his arms behind his back. "You’re making a mistake!”

“No, Mr. DeOrio, we’re sure we’re not.” By now the entire bar had stopped talking to stare at them.

As the officer snapped on the cuffs, Michael pleaded with Lucy. “This is a mistake, okay? Don’t go anywhere! I'll be back before you finish your next drink!"

"Are you serious right now?"

"Ow--not so rough man!" The officers dragged up Lucy's date and started to haul him off. "I'll be back! WE HAD A CONNECTION!"
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Gren and Izira had just partaken in a lovely dinner at a posh restaurant in New Haven. The bill was more than Gren had thought, and he ended up having to use his last spare silver noble that he had tucked in his shoe just in case.

"I think that went well for our first five star restaurant experience”, Gren said.

"Indeed. And we have plenty of time to prepare and save for the next one”, Izira replied.

"Right. Maybe . . . in another year or so. Have I told you how much I love your Honey & Soy Glazed Salmon?" He gave her a little wink as they walked down Ivory Street.

"It is because you do not have to use... shoe money to pay for it?" She paused, "Are you often hiding money in your shoes?"

"Well . . . ", Gren turned a bit red, "It's more . . . I always try to be prepared in case of emergency. I mean, say somebody mugged me and stole all my money. I would at least have a silver noble in my shoe for just such a crisis."

"Should I be searching you for other coins?" She glanced over Gren's suit.

"Right now, you’re not going to find anything. I mean, I've searched every pocket . . . " Gren fumbled through both outside pockets, then peeked within his jacket and saw an inside one. He curiously reached within, and pulled out a folded piece of paper. "Huh . . . I wonder what this is . . . " Gren unfolded it, and to his shock it was a picture of his fellow Drow Ranger, Moriana. It looked like she was in the shower, completely naked (except for some well placed suds), her grey skin otherwise fully on display. She had an angry expression on her face, as if she was in mid yell, and was aiming a fist at whoever was holding the camera. Gren gaped for a moment, then turned beet red and quickly hid the paper behind his back. "UH . . . it's NOTHING."

"Nothing?" Izira slowed, curiously taking in Gren's redness.

"Eh . . . uh . . . Haddon said he got me this suit from the Lost & Found, he must have put this in here! It's just a . . . uh . . . It's nothing really!" Gren frantically tried to fold the paper back up although he was flustered.

Izira could only guess at what it was, but there were few things that would have turned Gren that red so quickly. She looked around, spotting a trash bin near a cross walk. There were people nearby enjoying an evening of walking, and a watch officer keeping the peace. "There." She pointed at the bin for Gren, "We can toss whatever nothing Haddon's given you."

"Yes! Yes, that's a good idea!"

Unfortunately for Gren, as they approached the trash bin, the picture went flying out of his hand, the wind blowing it right into the face of the Town Watchman. Angrily, the officer tore the paper away from his face and glanced at what it was. His jaw dropped, and he aimed his finger at Gren. "STOP! Stop right there you sick pervert!" Gren threw both his hands in the air as a reflex action. The officer put one hand on his hip and held the picture up to Gren imperiously. "Do you mind telling me what you are trying to pull with this disgusting filth, HUH?"

Now seeing what the picture was, Izira's eyes widened slightly, "Oh my..."

Gren stammered mightily "Uh, eh, umm, Officer, I can explain!"

"Go right on ahead, punk, I've heard it all before! This is illegal solicitation of adult entertainment! And it's a DROW on top of that! Degenerates like you shouldn't be on the streets! I'll see you get the limit for this! Turn around you Deviant!" The officer twisted Gren's arms behind him and slapped cuffs on his wrists.

"Gren!" Shocked as the officer handcuffed Gren, she looked at the man, "What are you doing?! That image is hardly an offense to arrest someone over."

The Officer glared down Izira. "Oh, so you're an ACCOMPLICE, eh? Let me guess, this is your pimp, right? Well, young lady, you can just come right down to the station with me. You're lucky I've only got one pair of cuffs. I swear that I won't rest until I've SWEPT these streets of SCUMBAGS like you!" The Officer finished by yelling right in Gren's face.

"No, no please! This is just a big misunderstanding! This isn't even my suit!" Gren cried, squirming around in the cuffs.

"Oh, give me another one! Let me tell you, you better have a good lawyer, pal, because they're going to throw you into a deep dark cell and you're not going to see the light of day for a good long while! COME ON!" He started pushing Gren down the street. "You too, young lady! Breaks my heart to see a woman gone bad."

Izira followed, not because the officer asked her to, but to stay close to Gren. Thinking while Gren protested, she felt herself warming up. Stepping around and cutting them off, "You can't arrest him! You... you... You have no proof!"

"Think again, 'Working Girl', I've got all the evidence I need right here!" The Officer held up the mostly naked picture of Moriana as proof.

Izira bit the inside of her lip as she focused on the picture that the officer held up. The amber in her eyes warming and barely a heartbeat passing before the picture went up in flames. Even the lady looked surprised as she gasped and stepped a bit back.

"WHOA!" The Officer quickly dropped the picture as it went up in flames, sparing himself any burnt fingers. Then he narrowed his eyes at the pile of ashes on the ground. During all the commotion, a crowd of people had slowly surrounded them, curious as too what was going on. The Officer looked around at the citizens, and then gave Izira a mean look. "A dirty trick, eh?" He then frantically stuck his hands in Gren's pockets, looking for something suspicious, but he found nothing. "I ought to haul you two reprobates in anyway, but they'll just dump you on the street in twenty-four hours. You got lucky this time." He reluctantly uncuffed Gren's wrists. "Alright, PUNK, get out of my neighborhood. You better hope I never lay eyes on you again or you'll be sharing a cell with a seven foot orc that'll give you a loooong night of hard lovin'. BEAT IT." The Officer roughly shoved Gren away from him, and then stared down Izira as if daring her to have a problem with that.

She would like to have a problem with it, certainly, but she found herself tired. She moved to catch Gren with the shove, the pair of them looking like nothing more than a nice couple on a date. "It is unfortunate that the Watch has nothing better to do than harass innocent citizens."

"I'm sorry, did you say something?" The Officer replied, putting a hand to his ear as if incredulous at Izira's rebuttal.

Gren took Izira's hand, "We're going! We've taken up enough of the Officer's time!" He then said in a lower tone to her. "Let's go while the gettin' is good, huh?"

The officer got a look, but whatever she had tapped into before was out of her. Else the officer might have found himself with a real hot foot. She nodded to Gren, pulling her eyes away. "Only because I adore you so much...”

Gren quickly led Izira down the street, away from the Officer who was still glaring them down. After a long, awkward pause, Gren said, "That had to have been a prank by Haddon. That wasn't mine." He said after another pause, "Honest."

"Do you truly think I thought that was yours?"

Way too flummoxed at this point for words, Gren merely threw his hand up in exasperation.

She patted his cheek, kissing him. "I think that is more than enough fun for tonight."

"I didn't think eating at a five star restaurant would leave me broke and almost arrested!" Gren lamented, rubbing his forehead.

"Could be worse?"

"Yeah, at least I'm going home, with my fiancee." He gave her a look. "Would you have come to visit me if I was locked up?"

"Of course." She kissed him, "Though it sounded like I would have been sharing a cell with you."

"No, I don't think they'd put males and females together, I would have been with . . . " Then he stopped and gulped.

She patted his arm comfortingly, guiding him along. "Best not to think on it."

"Seriously." Gren blew out a breath and continued up the street with Izira, out of the City, and straight on to the safety of his home.
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"I am NOT a vampire! Are you insane?! I am albino! That is not vampiric!" Pharlen barked as she was hustled from a small bookshop, "I am looking for my husband's uncle!"

"Skip it, lady, we were sent here to pick up a vampire before she could attack an innocent mage trying to enjoy the books," the guardswoman snapped as she dragged along the small and furious albino.

"You jumped when we put the holy water in front of you, that's vampire," her partner, a large half ogre man, agreed.

"That's true neutral, you big dumb ape!" Pharlen complained, "Who's your superior?! What're your names?! What are your badge numbers?!"

"I'm Danna Schoals, he's Mik Twobear," the woman responded easily.

"I want to talk to your superior!"

"Put a cork in it," Danna exhaled, rolling her eyes in exasperation. Mik helpfully clamped a hand around the timelord's mouth. Pharlen glowered. She abruptly went along with the pair, rather than to ditch them and go about her business.

She was going to bust those two down to crossing guards.

The guards hauled Pharlen into the station. They deposited her into a cell before walking quickly away.

"You bring your boss here right now, you – you – you..." Pharlen hollered, abruptly unable to come up with the appropriate analogies for the pair.

"I am NOT a Vampire!" Pharlen yelled, then she paused, hearing an all too familiar ringing of spurs. She stared as Halcyon walked to the cell.

"Oh, you are so dead," Pharlen promised. Halcyon smiled.

"Revenge for not sending me back when I asked," the paladin purred. Pharlen choked, and sputtered, waving her arms. Halcyon snickered, unlocking the cell before fleeing from the outraged Mariner.

"I'll get you for this!" Pharlen managed to squawk.

"Vengeance was done!" Halcyon yelled back from somewhere in the building. Pharlen twitched.


Grumbling, Pharlen stalked from the cell.
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