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How To Make A Nightmare ((18+))

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 06, 2018 3:56 pm    Post subject: How To Make A Nightmare ((18+)) Reply with quote

1. Piss off her best friend for the last time, driving said best friend to do something incredibly stupid.

April 17th - Tuesday - Late Evening

Siobhan. Was. Pissed. The Dullahan was already emotionally unstable and had been relatively listless since they'd returned from Ireland. Her week long deadline was up and Gil would be coming to find her soon...but when she saw the damage that had been done to her best friend and heard what had happened, she was out the door. Her summoned steed was never far, the horse with the flaming purple mane and hooves, eyes and snorted breath, charged out of a tear in the air and into the street where the waiting rider was. Her armor was on, every inch of it black, her head with its gaping maw set in a snarl and the scythe drawn.

She tilted her head back and her eyes went black as she called out a name that she should not have known. She broke the true name was supposed to be invoked without the culling order....but she spoke it. Zagan's. It would allow her to track him no matter where he was and with sharp heels into the demon horse's sides, she tore off down the street, on the hunt for Roni's abuser.

The night before hadn't exactly gone as planned. It ended with five men dead, and him having to pay Timothy's medical bills, and having to deal with his whiny complaints about his knee being busted. He had left the man's apartment after listening to him bitch for a couple of hours, before excusing himself for a business meeting that didn't really exist. It was at some point he was wandering his way down towards the docks to lurk around that a sense of wrongness settled over him, and had him glancing over his shoulder, paranoid. Something about the night had an unease settling in his stomach, it was an unfamiliar feeling, one that he disliked immensely.

The Dullahan cut through the air in one place and ripped a space into another along the docks, in close proximity to her quarry. The steed and rider charged out of the tear on a warpath, the scythe held high and the horse giving a horrible screaming whinny upon locating the target. Him.The intimidating figure of the black rider made many people's blood run cold, and for good reason...especially when she shouted his true name at him from that terrible toothy grin of hers.

It was the whinny of the horse that had him jerking his attention back over his shoulder. The sight of the dullahan atop that flaming steed of hers, was enough to have fear running its icy course along his spine. It was, quite simply put, something that he had not felt in a very long time. The fact that she called his name, his true name simply cemented the chill where it was. There was a muttered curse. His name. The fact that she had it meant one of two things. One, he pissed someone off and was very unaware of it... or she had finally snapped, and was acting without orders. Given the night before, he's certain that it was the latter.

Her eyes were still black and narrowed, focused on him. The horse's hooves thundered and she took a swipe at him with the summoned black scythe. The thing that rendered whatever magic on a person useless, for a small amount of time at least, and took the souls of those that were ordered. Zagan didn't have to worry about his soul being ripped out, she was not there on orders...but she was pissed off so there was no telling what the unhinged Dullahan would do now. Rogue knights were never a good thing.

A shudder rolled through him following the swipe of her scythe. His glamour dropped. Where Roni was lots of dark, he was stark and pale, those near glowing eyes even more unnerving than they were normally. "I didn't think I'd piss you off enough to be so bold." Yeah, he was probably.... going to get his ass handed to him. Why not make it easier?

She snarled and reared the horse up to turn it around as she'd charged past him with the swipe. In a fluid motion that seemed not possible with the bulk of the armor, she swung down off the horse and stalked toward him, "Not here to talk." Her voice was a hiss that felt like it crawled up his spine like his true name had, "Done."

"You never were very talkative. You say that like it should be news. " Those near neon blue hues of his never left her form, especially as she swung down from her beast of a horse.

"I am not the one who harmed her you know." Not that she cared, or that his words mattered in some way at this exact moment.

"Liar." She growled and swung the blade again, a downward stroke to drive it into the pavement and release the shaft so she had her hands free to finally get her hands on him. She had threatened and warned and held back for too long and now she would let loose. She wouldn't kill right was Roni's. But she would make him wish she had.

"Well. I meant last night." There's a moment, before a sneer marred his features.

"I've hurt her plenty, but she always deserved it." The words came flippiantly, before he grinned a touch, then rolled his shoulders. She was gonna kick his ass most likely.... didn't mean that he would make it easy for her.


She snapped, snarling and a savage pushkick was aimed for his chest. Her heavily armored foot came faster than it should have in that armor but then again, she was a supernatural creature...they both were. But her breed was made to hunt the be the executioners to the magical realm of Faerie.

"Name calling won't get you anyw-"

Hey. Her foot moved a lot faster than he thought it initially would, so his words were cut short.....along with the fact that he definitely went flying back a few feet, and landed hard with a grunt, before he was rolling to get back on his feet. A growl of his own rolled free, and those near neon blue hues of his glowed, and rather rapidly, ice began to crawl across the cobbles, making them slick and slippery. Another flippant gesture of his hand has a volley of shards headed her way as well.

It was like the magic formed ice hit intense heat as it evaporated almost immediately within a foot of her. The armor and her anti-fae magic aura making it nearly impossible for him to attack her with his innate abilities. She rushed forward again, swinging a heavy gauntlet at him, aiming for his solar plexus.

Well. Magic was going to do absolutely jack for him here, he figured after it all seemed to melt away. She rushed, and he didn't have much time to do anything other than skitter backwards, and still not exactly avoid her blow. It's enough to leave him winded and on his ass again.

She followed the savage armored punch to his gut with a knee aimed for his pretty face, planning to drive the fanplated poleyn into his nose.

It was also very useless for him to try and throw punches as it'd only mess up his knuckles and be useless. The rules for the longest time had kept her from giving him a well deserved beating. Obviously.... he had finally added the last thing that broke the damn. But of the things he valued, his face was one of them. Vanity was something that clung to him like a shroud. He did at least try to twist out of the path of her knee.

Siobhan knew he valued his face, it was why she targeted it with the vicious knee. Missing his nose the force behind it still would have slammed her shin into his shoulder to knock him over. She didn't wait, as soon as that foot touched the ground again, she pivoted on it to swing her leg out, aiming a kick at him, uncaring where it landed.

Well... from the sickening crack that followed her leg connecting with his body, it was probably his ribs. The noise that came from him was pained, and instead of struggling to get back onto his feet so she could knock him right back off them, he curled, accepted his fate, and stayed down. Probably prayed that she didn't kill him.

She kicked him again with the plated sabaton on top of her boot and snarled. Several heavy blows came down on him from kicks, stomps and punches. Animal like sounds came from the enraged and potentially unhinged Dullahan as she pounded Zagan into the street.

She hissed his name, his true name before giving the command to ensure he would obey it, "Kneel."

It's been a long time since the fae kad known pain like this. Honestly he had been intent on not ever experiencing it again.... Sadly he had just managed to piss off the wrong person one too many times. He wasn't quite sure where the pain started and stopped. Her command had him shuddering, before his battered and bruised body started moving to comply.

She knew that he had used Roni's true name against her, she wondered how it made him feel...she would tell Roni his true name now that she had it. Now that she wouldn't be around to help her...she knew in doing this, breaking the rules, she would be punished for certain. Potentially stripped of her power and life but with Nick gone and Zagan doing what Zagan does, she snapped. Siobhan grabbed him by his hair, gripping it tight at the top of his head and held it before driving her fist for his nose. Broken nose for a broken nose she figured was fair.

Sure, she would get in trouble for this.... but he also knew that her knowing his name would mean that Roni would know it. He knew that the Dullahan would make sure of it. Which meant that he was going to be walking on fragile eggshells trying to keep out of Roni's wrath as well. When Siobhan took him by the hair, his eyes flicked up to her.... at least until her fist connected with his nose, and was met with a satisfying crunch. A steady flow of blood dribbling from his nose wasn't long to follow... Wisely, he actually kept his mouth shut for once.

She still held his hair and growled down at him, "...So many things I wanna do to you....So many bones I wanna break....But your nose is enough. The rest I'll leave to Roni if you or any of your little ****s EVER go near her again."

"Oh. How ****ing considerate of you." The words came rumbled in his gravel voice, dry and unamused. "I'm not stupid. You're going to give her my name. I can expect her anyways. She's an angry thing." Amusement in his voice was bitter.

"Absolutely, I am. The years of her enduring your **** are over, Zagan. I hope she drags out your suffering."

She let go of his hair and pushed him over with a kick. She won't be there to see it, "I suggest you go home and never come back here. For once, in your miserable ****ing life, you should listen to me."

She didn't use his true name again to command him to leave...she could have but she knew her time was even shorter than his. The horse returned to her side and she swung up on it, the scythe disappearing from its place embedded in the ground and back into her hand. She pointed it down at him and narrowed her eyes before nudging the horse forward and through a new tear in the air.

For once, in your miserable ****ing life, you should listen to me. Her words held truth. That was why they echoed over and over in his head as he laid where he had landed from her push, and stared up at the night sky. That would be the complete cowards thing to do.The smart thing to do. But he would not. At this exact moment he was a point in his life where the scales had tipped out of his favor, like he knew they would. And deep down in the pit of his stomach, he knew that no amount of running would save him from Ronixi’s wrath.

He knew that eventually, some how it would all boil down to a point where the Doll he loved so much would kill him. Just as much as the next living thing, he wanted to live…. But it was something he felt to be truth, every time Roni had snarled her promise of his death at her hands. With a shallow huff of breath, that still sent pain lancing through his broken ribs, his fingers delved inside his suit jacket, and an envelope was pulled free. There were blood smears left by his fingers as they traced the name written on the front of it. His curling looping script had marked the contents for Ronixi. Then it was tucked back where it belonged, and he was slowly picking himself up, and on his feet. It was a letter for a later, darker time.

The steps that took him home were slow, and pain filled every single one.

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 06, 2018 9:10 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

2. Take her best friend away, and give her the true name of the man she hates most.

April 18th - Wednesday - Just After Midnight

Roni had let Siobhan know that she was heading out to go lurk at the inn for a little bit. Ed and Goshen had dropped her off back outside her apartment, and she headed back up. She thought it was kinda peculiar that Siobhan was gone, but didn't really think too much of it. So after scrounging up a snack of pizza rolls and ice cream, she settled down on the couch with Lacey who thought she needed Roni's snack, and flipped on the tv to occupy her mind with something and fill the silence before she finally decided it was bedtime.

A door magically appeared in the middle of the living room, crackling with energy. Roni knew the door, she'd seen it a couple times now. Gilcomegaine's mode of instant transportation. He stepped through and was followed by another than she'd not seen before. A cowboy in a holey muddy brown leather duster, two black metal six shooters at his hips, a bowie knife strapped to his leg and a cigar being chomped on. He gave a wide toothy almost manic grin when he saw her, shaggy golden brown hair hanging in his face, barely pulled back in a ponytail, a brown cowboy hat sat askew on his head.

"This ain't where she's at, Gil. What's the dealio?"

The gruff scot had a deep set frown on his face. "...nae...but she'll be here shortly...." He nodded to Roni, grim, "...I wanted t'give'er tha chance t'say g'bye..."

Wait.... What? There's a flicker of surprise. Gil. She wasn't exactly expecting him, but kinda? His words thought, were what had her confused. She finished chewing her pizza bite, and swallowed it.

"Y'know, Gil ya really have this ****ty habit of not ****in' knockin'. Siobhan's not here. But you know that." She shoved the plate onto the coffee table, and nudged Lacey out of her lap. She mewled in protest, before she scampered over to Gil and the stranger to investigate.

"What's goin' on?"

The cowboy started barking at Lacey and laughed. Lacey in return puffed up and hissed.

Gil continued to frown and shot the cowboy a look before looking back to Roni, "....Siobhan's time's'while I would have just come t'collect her t'return her t'Ireland...she did a foolhardy...I'm afraid she's done, lass...when she returns, say yer g'byes..."

"What do you mean?" She didn't really need him to clarify. She was already piecing together what had happened. Siobhan had gone after Zagan. The look that cross her face said she understood exactly what happened

. "No. It's not... She-" There's a shuddery breath sucked in. It suddenly felt very tight in the room, like she couldn't breathe. Like too tight grasping hands were wrapped around her lungs, squeezing. "You can't- Gil-" Her voice cracked and hitched.

"...M'hands'r tied, lass...." He watched her. He wouldn't say he was wasn't his fault. The cowboy took up a lazy lean while the scot remained statue still and straight, waiting.

"I know I've said it before but ya guys really ****in' suck." Her words came softly this time, like she was trying with everything inside her to not fall apart already. She... She knew what this meant.... she just really didn't want to accept it.

They didn't have to wait long before Siobhan came through the door in a rush, her clothes having shifted to her leather jacket and pants, the grey scarf covering the scar around her neck that both men seemed to wear openly, like a badge while she hid hers. She looked like something was chasing her but when she shut the door behind her, her shoulder sagged...she should have known they would have been there ahead of her...she had hoped they wouldn't, she had wanted to try and outrun them...a silly idea. Her eyebrows bunched together and she looked close to tears as she shook her head at Gil, swallowing hard past the lump quickly growing in her throat. She'd lost Nick and it made her unstable...a threat. She knew she wouldn't be allowed to go back to Ireland for Roni to visit....

Her violet eyes flicked to Roni, "....M'sorry...."

The moment Siobhan blew in through the door, those abyssal hues of hers snapped to her, and stayed there.... Her silence pervaded for a moment, before a sob bubbled up, and her steps carried her immediately for her best friend.

"Why'd ya have to go and do somethin' stupid, Siobhan?" She sounded absolutely and wretchedly heart broken, and felt every inch of it.

"...m'sorry, Roni." She murmured again, looking at her feet, regretting her actions...but at the same time, so totally not. She swallowed hard and pulled her into a tight hug, holding her fiercely, "...I couldn't...I was done not doin' anything...m'sorry..."

"Ya didn't have to do that. I would've figured somethin' out, dammit." And then Siobhan grabbed her and pulled her in tight for that hug. She sagged against her, and clung tight. The fae didn't want to do anything without her best friend. Couldn't. Siobhan was the one person that had kept her from completely losing herself for so long...

Her eyes stung with unshed tears as she hugged Roni tight, "...y'can hate me if y'want to...m'sorry..."

"I can't hate ya, because I know why ya did it. I do, I just really wish ya hadn't. I've done really stupid **** for you too." She didn't go into detail, but Siobhan should know that she was talking about Brennan.

For a long moment, silence pervaded the air. The grating noise of Roni clearing her throat was abrupt. "I already lost Nick, and now I gotta lose ya too. I can't do this without ya."

Siobhan lost her voice for a moment before she cleared her throat, "...He won't try anything' if he'll have everything you need....y'don't need me. Y'got Freddy and so many other folks that love ya...that don't do stupid things...."

"And ya shush with that bull****, I do need ya. Yer my best friend, and ya’ve helped me through so much ****. Ya mean the absolute world to me. I don't want this to happen." She clung tighter. Her heart. She was losing a part of her heart.

"I know..." She looked over to Gil with a pleading look but he just shook his head...his hands were tied. She was lucky she was even getting the chance to say goodbye and wasn't just picked up. Though the cowboy did look like he wanted to loose the lasso that had been summoned into his hands.

She pressed her face back into Roni's shoulder, "...M' can do it though...y've gotten so smart and strong and...y'can do anything."

"I wish I could fix this... fix everything. It's all because of ****in' Zagan." And she was going to try, so long as they weren't going to terminate her immediately, she'd be damned if she didn't try to think of something. Anything.

“I'm gunna make him pay for everything he's done eventually." She paused. "Tell me, did you at least break his face? Are there pictures?" Distractions, however brief, were brilliant things sometimes.

She gave a soft brief laugh, "Busted his nose and some ribs..." She would have broken more, "...I left the rest for you..."

"**** yeah ya did. I wish I coulda seend it." Roni grinned, wide and bright.

She pulled back a touch, holding her hands in hers, "...last thing I can do for you is give you a weapon against him...." The dullahan leaned forward again and murmured a name, Zagan's true name, into her ear softly.

Siobhan earned a wildly curious look at the mention of a weapon against him.... at least until she leaned in and whispered something that was like salvation for a damned soul.

"Ya beautiful, brilliant woman. This is why ya are my best friend."

She stretched up to collect her face in her hands, kiss her three times. First two were fluttered for her cheeks, right where the corners of her unglamoured mouth ended, and the last one was a single chaste, full on kiss.

"I promise you I won't disappoint you, and I'll make good use of it. And that I won't stop buildin’ my life... and-and..." Her words choked off, and she had to suck in a breath to keep from breaking out into sobs again.

She smiled, holding her face in her hands and brushing her cheeks with her thumbs before she kissed her forehead, "...I know y'will..."

Gil did not look pleased, he knew what she'd done, giving out the true name of someone was another strike against her.

"Y'dbest forget that, Lass." Gil muttered, "Time t'go, Irish....y'done."

"No promises."

The look that Roni shot Gil was one full of venom. She would never forget the name that Siobhan had given her. It was her freedom. Her way of finally being free. And it had cost her the most important person in her life. For all she cared, Gil could go pound his request up his ass.

Siobhan took a breath, getting her back up and looking like she was going to fight it, her eyes flicking between the two men...she probably could have taken them, but it would only make things worse. So she deflated with a sigh and looked to Roni, "...I love you." Her words sounded strained and tight, her throat closing with emotion as she let her hands slip free of Roni's face and stepped back.

It took everything within her to not struggle and cling onto her hard, especially after Siobhan spoke. She never ever voiced things like that. Showed it like crazy..... hearing it aloud drove the finality of the situation home in her heart. Another sob broke through, and she wrapped her arms around herself, and struggled against everything inside her to not fling herself after her.

"I love you too, Siobhan. So much. You're my heart family."

She wiped at her eyes when tears spilled over her lower lids, swallowing hard and nodding. Her heart was breaking again...she only hoped that the grand chevalier's decision would come swiftly so it would bring an end to the pain that was stabbing into her.

"...C...could you..." She swallowed hard and gave a small whimper as she took the cross Nick had given her off her neck, the only piece of jewelry she wore and put it into Roni's hands, "...Either...keep remember us both by or...or put it back with him..." Her lower lip trembled.

"Yes." She hiccuped. "I'll keep it. It's no good in the ground."

She would keep it. Roni hardly ever wore jewelry, but there was a piece of both of the people she cared about within it. She would wear it. Gingerly, she reached out to collect the jewelry. And once it was in hand, she went and did the stupid thing and made it even harder than it already was by pulling her in for another hug, and burying her face in the crook of her neck.

She nodded, hugging her tight again, not wanting to let go of her...of the only thing left that made her happy.

"Dad's gunna have a conniption if we don't get goin'. Wrap it up!" The cowboy called and Gil sighed at the nature of the young Dullahan.

Siobhan gripped Roni tighter in the hug but she didn't want her getting hurt and she knew that it would come to that if she didn't go willingly soon.

"Piss off, wanker."

Ever so casually, Roni flipped the cowboy her middle finger over her shoulder. She didn't care, she probably was saying goodbye for good, and would never see her again. She clung onto her for a few moments longer, before stiffly, she let her go. It took every ounce of her will and self control to do so.

. "Please, don't make it harder. Don't fight, beautiful. I love ya. For as long as I live. Go. Be proud, I would not of hesitated to the same if I was in your place. "

"I know..." She murmured and gave a faint forced smile, reluctantly letting her go.

The cowboy laughed at Roni's flipping the bird but Gil just pushed him toward the door when he saw Siobhan was coming. Her best friend walked backwards a few steps before turning and heading over to Gil and the door.

The big grizzled Scott nodded and placed a hand on Siobhan's shoulder, murmuring something quiet and she looked like she was going to burst into tears...but she didn't...stubborn girl took a deep breath and looked back to Roni one last time before stepping through the door after the cowboy.

Gil watched Roni a moment, "....If y'need anything....y'just call m'name..." With a nod, he turned and followed Siobhan through the door before it dissipated, leaving her alone.

She was silent the whole time. Her hands stiffly let go of Siobhan, and she had to bite down of her lower lip to keep herself from bursting into tears and falling apart in front of them. Her eyes stayed glued to Siobhan, until Gil spoke.

"Ya can't really give me that." It was all she said, before they were gone.

There was a long moment, where she looked around the apartment, before she finally.... finally, burst into tears, and collapsed, sinking down to her knees in the middle of the living room... and she fell apart. She just said goodbye, permanently, to the single most important person in her life. The one person who had helped her run, made her realize that she was worth so much more than being someones pretty doll. The one that pulled her out of the terrified shell of a person she had been when they first ran together from Zagan three years ago, and the one that grounded her and kept her level.

And now she was gone...and eventually she was probably going to die. There wasn’t any way out of breaking the rules that Siobhan had broken. Rules she had broken to finally give Roni the peace of mind that she had not had since the day her parents gave her away.

Not being able to do anything for Siobhan this time, when the woman had done so much for her only made the whole situation that much worse.

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PostPosted: Sat Jun 09, 2018 6:11 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

3. Give her very little hope…

April 28th - Saturday - Late Afternoon

Roni had spent the past few weeks going through the motions, emptily working on mind numbing boring cases, and spending the nights imbibing in magical edibles or enjoying booze, all while she quietly thought on all the things that were possible now that she had Zagan's true name. She had done a good job at not focusing on all the sadness that brimmed underneath at the fact that she was probably most definitely going to not come out of the whole ordeal unscathed, or alive, for that matter. Today though, was hard. She woke with dying dreams of when it had just been her, and Siobhan against the world with nothing more than what they could carry with them on the bike.

It left her anxious, restless, which lead to her pacing around her apartment. Cleaning. More pacing. Feed Lacey, and eat an apple from the fruit bowl. More worrying, pacing. Gil had told her to call his name if she needed anything. She needed her friend... She wondered if there was any possible way that he could help her. Some loophole. At the least, asking wouldn't hurt, right? So after a moment of thought....

"So Uh. Hey Gilcomegaine? Ya said to call yer name if I needed anything. Uh, yeah... So This is me sayin' Gilcomegaine. And feelin' really ***' stupid, cuz m'just talkin' to empty air."

The door that he used to instantly transport, appeared and opened, permitting the big scot to wander in, a small knowing grin on his face, "Thar's power in names, lass..." He shut the door and it disappeared, no longer needed for the moment. He watched her with his deep blue eyes, much different from the hard cold ice blue of Zagan's. While not terribly warm, they seemed patient and steady, "...Y'need t'talk?"

"Mmmh, don't I know it." This is simply mused softly, before she studied him a long hard moment, before she deflated. "I don't honestly know what I need. I didn't want nothin' like this whole stupid mess to happen." Her shoulders slumped a touch and she anxiously bounced on her feet. "I have questions that I'll hate myself for never askin' if I don't ask 'em. Because she's my best friend."

He nodded, "Ask." Man of few words, "I'll do wha I can t'answer'em."

There’s a slow draw for a deep breath, which was held for just a moment before she let it out. "Is there any chance, any kind of loophole, something that doesn't end with her ceasing to be?"

He sighed, "...possibly. There are probably several in fact...but none within yours or my abilities."

Abyssal hues narrowed on him a touch. "That part doesn't matter much. How?"

"I suppose if a member a th'courts decided tha she'd better serve'em as she is than havin' a new host take th'station, tha's one way. Another would be sacrifice a souls equal t'tha mount tha she's been neglecting." He frowned, "But those would have t'be approved by tha courts an' tha takes a mite longer than she has, I wager." He scratched his scruffy jaw in thought.

"M'just a measly little nobody." This is muttered to herself, "The courts... Some like Zagan, or one of his ****face associates." No one who would do her any favors. Though she did have the true name of one of them. Maybe... Something. There's already some kind of gears churning in that brain of hers. Then she considered him. "How long does she have?"

"Time moves strangely in th' I cannot say fer certain. But, a suitable candidate does need t'be found t' take on tha' since Ireland is tha strongest position outside of tha grand chevalier' may take a wee bit. "

"I sure hope so. The longer the better, if at all possible." Simply. If he'd be awesome and stall when he could to give her more time, if not, then she just better figure it out faster.

"I'm gunna figure somethin' out, Gil. I gotta. The guy who's face she beat in totally deserves it, and more. He's done nothin' but make everythin' miserable and get away with it cuz he's got some power under his belt, and a big ****in' fat bank account."

He sighed, "I am sure he does, but it was nae her decision t' make an' certainly no her place t' call upon her powers t' use his true name...or t' give it to ye." He grumped, giving a stern and disapproving look then sighed again, "...She spoke a him t' me. An' I know how important y'are t' her...considering tha she invoked her abilities fer you an' no fer herself...even when tha snake stole her head."

"It is only fair. Someone who had no right gave him my name and let him claim me as his. For years he crushed me. And now I have his. I can't-..." She trailed off, then shook her head. Less he knew better about what she planned was better. "That feeling of importance is mutual between us. I'd do anything for her." The mention of Brennan had her snorting softly. "He was just as bad. World's a better place." Simply.

"I don't dispute tha...but I find it curious tha she didna break tha rules then t' deal with him." He sighed,

"Because she had a leveler way of thinkin’ back then." And Roni had told her she'd take care of it. That part she wouldn't divulge. "Plus he got what was coming in the end." She's also doing a good job at not looking at him at the exact moment.

"...Though I suppose...she was still dealin' with Nick's passin'..." He didn't necessarily like Nick...but he didn't dislike him either and he knew how much the undead detective had meant to Siobhan. It had made her terribly unstable with his passing and even more so that it had been by her hand.

"And loosin' Nick the way she did broke something in her, Gil. Never in a million years have I seen 'er let someone in like she did Nick. They were good for eachother." She bit down on her lower lip and focused on the pain, not the sting at the backs of her eyes. absent fingers drifted up to touch the Cross that Sio had passed to her.

He looked to the pendant about the younger and smaller fae's neck then back to Roni and sighed, nodding, "....Drink?"

"Yeah. I was plannin' on drinkin' more tonight anyway." There's a pause, before she gestured to the varied collection she had on the kitchen counter. "Choose your poision. I'll get glasses And Ice if need be."

"Whiskey." He headed over to the kitchen to hunt for a short glass and pick a whiskey, most likely one of Siobhan's stock. "...He seemed a good lad." Gil murmured. High praise from the grump of a Dullahan.

Okay. She'll hunt up a glass for herself, and scoot over to the fridge for a couple ice cubes to drop down in it. Then she's scooting for the table because that was a sensible place to sit and share a drink, "He most definitely was. We shared a business too. Decent business partner."

"Still didn't recommend she get involved with' ultimately, I guess I were right..." Gil murmured as he took a sip of the whiskey he poured himself, feeling a touch poorly about his 'I told you so'.

"Yeah, yeah, take the eloquent told you so and stuff it up yer nose." She huffed at him, and sulkily moved to snag the bottle and pour some in her glass as well.

"Havin' connections with others...makes th' job harder. Makes ya prone t' doing foolish things." Gil didn't seem happy about it, just stating fact.

"Yeah, and we've learned the hard way. But sometimes.. Sometimes you need those connections to keep you from going crazy. So it's a risk, I guess."

"I suppose....I find when I need a connection, I talk t' tha others...there are a few reasons why there are six of us after all..." Gil murmured as he took a seat across from her.

"Words like that make me wonder if things would have been easier for her if she hadn't met me. I brought trouble and complications. But then I'd prolly be stuck still, but she wouldn't be in this spot."

"Probably." He answered, not a sugar coating sort, "...but what's done is done....I know she doesn't blame you for this...I am becoming used to being her jailer it seems." Gil sighed.

"Yeah, I know. I'm a pain in the butt." She deflated, and lifted her glass for a good long swallow from her glass. "You've been her jailer before?"

He snorted, "Aye. First time she acted up, with that traitorous cad...She was reprimanded. More a parole officer than jailer I suppose as she wasn't in the chains or cage like this time..." There was the slightest wince at letting her know the state of her wasn't some comfy room in a ritzy penthouse.

"Brennan?" As to said cad he was referencing. She went quiet again at the mention of chains and a cage, before her shoulders slumped a touch. "Jeeze." Softly, before she lifted her glass for a sip.

She wasn't sure what else to say. What could she say, or even do? Shake Gil like crazy and demand that he give her best friend back? Be incredibly stupid and just barge in to some kind of meeting or something and demand the Grand Chevalier release her? She figured that was something close to suicide.

It wasn't his fault, but he was fine if she wanted to blame him for it. "Aye." he muttered at the name then sighed, "....I will try t'get a private word....let her know tha yer alright..."

"If ya can, let 'er know that Freddy's makin' me stay with him. I'll be okay. She'll know. " She paused, and lifted her glass to throw back what was left. "Thank you. Maybe.... Maybe Some kind of wonderous miracale will happen. Major optimisim, because I really don't ***' have much else.."

He nodded at the information. "Freddy. Got it." He murmured and watched her for a moment before he sighed, "...Fer wha it's worth, lass....I am sorry it came t'this...."

"I know, I know." Her shoulders slumped, and she leaned forward to droop on the table. "I am too. I feel so.... angry, frustrated.... and things went waaay sideways." She blew out a huff of breath.

" is a shame..." he murmured and sighed, drinking some of the whiskey.

"Kinda feel like the worst friend ever." She eyed the ice in the bottom of her glass before she set it on the table and left it there.

"Bollucks. Ye are the opposite, lass."

"Don't feel like it." She waved a hand.

"Well ye are, so shut yer face with tha sort of talk. I know tha Siobhan would have none of it..."

There's a dry snort that escaped her. "Yeah, but Gil, she's done and done and done for me. Forever since we've been friends. And then she gave me this. The one thing I've wanted more than anything, and she's in trouble cuz of it and I can't do much at all to fix things for her. Just this once." The scowl on her face is followed by her pushing her glass back his way. She was ready for a refill now.

He poured her another drink, only enough to make the ice float. It gave him a moment to think, "...strange to hear y'talk like tha...she never felt she deserved a friend. Let alone one like you, so she'd say. Might be as why she did, and did, and did fer ya."

"...t'convince herself, maybe."

"She deserved a friend and sooo much more than that. I tried so hard to make her see that, and sometimes I wonder if she ever really did. I had to practically beg her to give herself that chance of happiness she deserved with Nick, and in the end it just made things worse." The sudden burn at the backs of her eyes, and the way her vision wavered had her huffing in frustration. "I just wanna be the one that makes things better for once. Just once, when it really really counts, or- or I'm..." She trailed off, and decided to hide her sudden flare of emotions with more booze, because that was the adult thing to do.

He was quiet, just watching her and letting her talk. He didn't have any close friends, or any friends he couldn't relate. But Sio was family, in a strange sort of way and she had chosen Roni to pretty much give up her life for. To sacrifice herself to help Roni. Part of him was angry because he cared for Siobhan...but he figured his anger was no where near what the fae girl felt for herself with what all had transpired. So he simply sat, quiet, and drank with her.

Roni didn't seem to have much more than that to offer at the exact moment, so she let the silence between them grow. And while it grew, she sipped away at her drink, and let herself stew over things that she honestly had no way of changing. Such things that made her angry, and frustrated, and sad, and a whole slew of other emotions she was honestly tired of dealing with. It was a while before she turned her attention back to him.

"Y'sure there's like no quick way inta bein' a part of the high courts?" Well. Couldn't hurt to triple check, right?

"If there is, I dunna know it, lass....sorry." He shrugged and took a gulp of his drink, giving a sigh.

"Y'know yer on like this median, where I wanna hate ya because ya took my best friend, but I can't cuz like ya were doin' yer job, and I know ya wanna help, but really can't cuz of stuff." She huffed a sigh of her own and sank back in her chair. "But I guess too I can't always depend on others ta fix things fer me. So, I'll figure out how ta get there. And the minute I do yer name's gunna be the first I call." Pause. "Is there a specified amount of time that I have to be part of the courts before I can make a request?" That's an important question too.

"No, y'can pretty much start actin' like y'own th'place immediately after getting a position within th'court."

"That's good to know." Absently. It was filed away into information for later. When she reached that point.

He raised an eyebrow, "...But is a considerably difficult thing t'do...y'usually have t'be blood of an existing member or overthrow one."

Then she gave him a quiet curious look. "Overthrow one? Is there any specifics to that? How do ya overthrow a member of the court?" Because she totally has someone she can overthrow. So long as the way she came about his name didn't complicate things.

He snorted, "Y'want me...essentially an ol' order knight a th'fae lords an' ladies t'tell you, a wee lass, how t'overthrow'em? Sorry lass....I cannae do tha."

"Well. Y'can't knock me fer at least tryin', right?" The laughter that followed was brief and bright. "Even if it's one that really deserves it, and is nothin' but a nasty dirty weasel?" Up went her brows.

"...Aye..." he sighed, "I dun make th'rules, lass, I just follow'em. Figger out a way t'be a lady a th'court an' I'll vouch for ye."

"Rules are made ta be broken sometimes." Simply put, before she lifted her glass for another healthy sip. "I'll figure it out. I Gotta. If this is the only thing I can do fer Siobhan that matters in the end, I'll get it." She had to, because she didn't want to think about what would happen otherwise.

Gil nodded and gave a small smile, raising his glass in silent toast to her good fortune before downing his drink, "....Me thinks there's not much else I can help y'with here, lass..."

He thought a moment, weighing the consequences for himself and her for a moment. He wasn't much one to break the rules...but she was a fae so the fae realm was hers to go to, so it wasn't like she was an intruder...

"...I...wouldn't recommend y'coming with me...but...I could probably sneak y'in for a brief moment t'see 'er...y'wouldn't be able t'get too' there's no guarantee tha' she'll hear ya...but..." He shook his head, frowning, " a bad idea. Nevermind."

She listened as he spoke, and it took a moment, but those abyssal hues widened a touch, before she leaned forward. Then he ended with knocking his idea. A frown of her own tugged at her features, before she pointed a finger at his chest.

"That is a really mean thing to mention, then immediately after say nevermind on, Just so y'know. Especially now that ya mentioned it, I don't care how bad an idea it is, I really wanna do it. Even if it's not the responsible thing ta do." At least she was truthful, and bluntly so. She did not have the art of weaving beautiful lies of half truths and omissions like nearly all of her kind did.

He sighed, "I know...I spoke before the thought could be fully processed..." he muttered and stood, "...Well...I should go....y'try t'keep outta trouble, hm?...but who am I to stop ye?" Gil snorted and summoned the door, stepping through it....the door didn't close behind him, leaving the gate open. If she followed him because she was just too wiley for him, he could claim he didn't know.

"I see." This is said quietly. Her attention tracked him as he stood and spoke. "My biggest problem is stayin' outta trouble. Just so ya know."

Then he was gone through the door that came with his method of travel..... She can't help but note after a moment or two, the doorway conveniently did not close. Maybe she should of thought it through, maybe she should of been responsible. Instead, she was impulsive and followed her heart, and soon enough, followed after the dullahan. He had left the door open. It was like practically begging her to follow.

Who was she to deny him, or the impulsive irrational ideas that her heart suggested?

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4. Remind her why she must cling to that very little hope.

April 28th - Saturday - Early Evening

The portal snapped closed behind her when she wandered through and into unfamiliar territory. Her glamour was neutralized as she walked down the hallway of old smooth stone. Gil was a few paces ahead of her and made a turn that took him through a stone archway. The hum of magic was all around, powerful and old.

The first thing she noted was the magic that reverberated through the building she had stepped into, and the second was that her own glamour was gone. There was a moment, where she reached out to absently trail fingers along smooth stone, before her attention shifted up towards Gil. There's a moment of hesitation, before she picked up the pace, and quickly followed after. Bare feet made it easy to be quiet.

He didn't look back, if he didn't see her, he could still keep up the appearance of just slipping in his watchfulness. Though, he suspected the others knew someone else was there already...that shouldn't be. He turned another corner and into another room and she heard him speak, "...Irish. Yer friend's doin' well enough...try t'take it easy...y'know strugglin' just makes it worse..."
There was a clink of chain and a groan but that was all. Gil sighed, "....I'll leave ya t'yer thoughts..." He turned and headed back out the door, turning the opposite direction of her. He then took up a lean against the wall at the end of the hall...being a look out of sorts without saying as much. Roni had little time.

And Roni could still keep up the appearance of being sneaky, and she was good at it. She kept to the shadows, hung back a few steps and hid when Gil Made his way back out of the room she was assuming Siobhan was locked away into. It wasn't until Gil was at the end of the hall, and had his back turned to her, that she was scooting her way for the door, and through it before she she could hesitate and think about what she was going to see on the other side. So long as the door had been conveniently left open of course.

It had been left open, of course. Inside was Siobhan's would think with the door open, she would have made a run for it or something but when she entered the room, she saw why her friend had not.

Suspended by glittering golden chains that wrapped around her practically nude form was the unglamoured Dullahan. She looked pale, drawn and sickly, her dark hair unnaturally greying from the ends first. Her eyes were closed and every now and again, she grimaced when she shifted, the chains clinking. Her breath was ragged, through parted lips and burns from the gold marred her skin.

Her steps slowed when those abyssal hues of hers fell on Siobhan. Quick observant eyes took in everything in a efficient manner, the pale sickly appearance, the way her hair was greying, and most of all the chains and the burns that were beneath them. "Siobhan." Her voice cracked, filled with all sorts of feelings she didn't think she could voice. She looked absolutely horrible. Quick steps had her scooting forward again, and straight for her best friend. "I really shouldn't be here but I am."

Her violet eyes opened, even those were paling, her eyelids fluttered and it was hard to tell if she knew what was going on with how out of it she seemed. Her eyes closed again and she groaned, murmuring something.

"I'm so sorry, beautiful." This is said softly, before she stepped as close as she could get. She'd reach up, and if she wasn't stopped by magic, and could reach, she'd cup her friend's face in her hands. "I learned some things. I have some ideas. I still might be able to get you outta here."

There was no magic to stop Roni's approach or touch to the drained Dullahan. She groaned softly at the touch and opened her eyes half way again, " ...?" The name was whispered, like she wasn't sure if she was hallucinating or what.

The lack of magic was well appreciated, and followed with her more firmly cupping Siobhan's cheeks. "Yeah, beautiful. I'm here. Shouldn't be, but someone made a mistake, and I am super determined and sneaky, therefore, here." She stretched up to press a gentle kiss to her forehead. "There's a loophole that can maybe get you outta here. I just gotta get to the position of bein' able to enact said loophole. And I have a slim possibility of gettin' there." Which meant that she was gunna do everything she could. Any possibility, meant that it could be possible.

Siobhan: She frowned a touch, "" she murmured, her eyes closing as she seemed to pass out for a moment, limp in the chains that held her...the burning of the gold on her skin woke her again and she groaned in pain and misery.

"I know, I know. But I am stupid and reckless when it comes to the people I love. And I honestly couldn't say no to a chance to see ya again. " There was a brief flutter of fear that ran through her when she went limp, and did not ease up when she woke again. The pain she heard had her heart twisting wretchedly in her chest. "Please just hang on for a little while longer, yeah? Time for me to be the one that does for a while, luv." Softly as her thumbs gingerly stroked at her cheeks.

Siobhan: She gave a small whimper in the back of her throat, her lips parted to pant from the pain...which only caused more pain. "...f...forget....about me....can'
" Siobhan shook her head a bit, "'s. ..OK. .."

"**** that. M'never gunna forget about ya. My life's divided into two substantially different parts. before ya, and after ya." She shook her head as well, then took a moment while her abyssal eyes sought out Siobhan's pain filled ones. "M'still gunna live my life, and be happy, but there's a chance I can get ya home. Which means I'm gunna try. Ya can't stop me, and neither can anyone else. I can't not do anything."

"Nnn..." she could offer no argument. ..she was too weak.

"I'll be careful, I promise." She always tried to be. Freddy was doing pretty good at making it a regular thing. She took a moment to glance over her shoulder and listen quietly for footsteps nearby, or anything like that. She didn't really have a way back, so she was probably gunna get caught anyways. So she would stay with Sio for as long as she could instead.

She whimpered again, shaking her head before sagging again, drifting into unconscious once more. It was another few moments before Gil came back.

She took a moment to savor what little time she might have, and plotted and schemed. The sound of approaching footsteps was enough to have her leaning forward to plant a kiss on her cheek where a thumb had been resting. "Pretty sure my eviction party's comin'. I love ya, and I miss ya even more." And well, when the steps reached the door, she dropped her hands from her best friend's face, and turned around to face... Gil. Slow blink, before she fluttered a wide-eyed look his way, filled with feigned innocence.

"Uh. Hi?"

They're still going with the idea that he was oblivious to her being a sneaky sneak, riiiight?

He was flanked by a panther sized creature with a bone like face and emaciated looking, its glowing green eyes pinned on her as it crouched down. Its shoulder blades moved like slow pistons on its back as it hunched, the feline warning system of a cat ready to pounce but Gil held his hand out, "I will take care of it, Greymalkin. have done your warning well..."

Greymalkin. That was why the cat seemed familiar. Only he was bigger. There was a long moment of her abyssal hues staying on him, before she snorted. "I honestly didn't think you could get any uglier." It was like instinct, open mouth, insert foot. "Plus side I know I have worn out my welcome. I am not in too much trouble, right?" Most likely wrong.

A low rumbling growl came from the beast as it leapt at her for her comment. Gil cursed a rather uncharacteristic word and snapped, "Stand down! I said -I- would take care a it! Yer dismissed!!" One moment the beast's jaws were wide and set to tear out Roni's throat and the next it was a poof of smoke and reformed by the door, padding away slowly, still rumbling.

It was like Roni was anticipating such a response, or something familiar, because Greymalkin lunged, and she was already in motion to avoid it. She was, plainly put, a jerk sometimes. Quiet was a good idea so she stayed that way as the cat retreated.

Gil watched the cat go before turning his attention back to Roni, giving a frown. "Y'shouldn't be here, Lass." A fact they both knew very well, "...C'mon then....I'll see ya home..." he had hoped it had been enough time for her to see her friend.

"I know...I am not in too much trouble, am I?" She acted all sheepish, even hung her head and everything. "I honestly just miss my friend." Truth was always good and less frowned on. Plus she wanted to help keep Gil out of trouble for doing her a solid.

He grunted, looking to the unconscious Siobhan and sighed, nodding, "I understand..." He shook his head, "Nae...y'not in trouble...this time." He gave her a stern look, glancing back over his shoulder in the direction the big fae cat had gone before jerking his head to the side, an indication for her to follow him.

"I'll try to behave from now on." More ashamed shuffling of her feet. She caught his motion, but turned her attention back to the unconscious form of her best friend. "I love you. Keep hangin' on, beautiful." She was going to say those three words every chance she got. Just in case. She let that thought die there in the room, before she turned on her heels back around to Gil and the door. Heavy barefoot steps carried her after him.

She got no response from her bound friend and he walked with her back down the hall. He summoned a door in front of them to open it and through it she could see her apartment.

"...I'm sure it meant a lot t'her t'see y'again, Lass..." he placed his heavy hand on her shoulder, "...sorry it couldn't be more..."

She hadn't expected much of an answer at all. She wasn't surprised. Leaving Siobhan here in that condition had her heart heavy, and her thoughts not the most pleasant. She was quiet as her attention first turned to the door, and the insides of her apartment beyond. "Nnnh. I know it did. If she gets too bad, let me know?" Softly. His words had her head shaking a little. "It's okay, Gil. It was just enough. It's given me a solid visual as to why m'gunna have to do some things." She doesn't elaborate on what things. He probably didn't wanna know anyways.

His quiet response was a nod, and a gentle nudge to her shoulder. Gil, as always, was never a man of many words.

Roni hesitated a moment, and flashed him a warm smile. “Thanks Gil. I’ll call if I figure it out before time.” Then she ambled through the portal, and back into her apartment. It snapped shut after her, and closed off any possibility of getting back in there…. For now. Finding a way back was a problem for another day, if push came to shove. A frown graced her features as she looked about the quiet insides of her shared apartment with Siobhan. With her staying with Freddy, the place looked unused, unlived in. The counters were gathering dust, and the spiders were busy making cobwebs.

The absent thought of how it was a good representation of a certain part of her heart crossed her mind. Then she brushed it off, and stuffed down all the emotions that were trying to bubble up from everything she had seen. Siobhan, chained there, hair greying, covered in burns, in pain and weak. The fact that she hadn’t been able to do anything at all to relieve her friend’s misery drove home the point that she needed to do something, anything, to get her out of there. It just sucked that it meant that she had to find a way to become a member of the courts. Easier said than done. With a heavy heart, and heavy steps, she slipped out of her apartment, locked the door behind her, and started the walk home back to Freddy’s place.

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5. Give her a dream….

May 3rd - Thursday - Late Evening

The old shack wasn't the most defensible position, but it was slightly better than being stuck out in the open. He could hear the quiet groans of the undead lumbering around outside, doing his best not to make any sound that would draw their attention. To think this had all started because he'd agreed to have the Autumnal Feast with Nick's family. It was fine until he got drunk and started biting everyone. It spread faster than he would have imagined. As far as he knew, he was the last survivor on the planet. Despite his attempts to rescue Nick's cute brunette sister before he ran. Oh well.

Roni wasn't quite sure where she had been deposited, other than the fact that there were shambling zombies about... Kinda not unlike the walking dead. These zombies were the opposite of what Nick had been. She was quiet with her steps, and careful not to draw attention... for the most part.. Sure, worst to worst, she could manipulate the dream, but she never did unless she really needed to. And somewhere..... Freddy was there, She needed to find him too, since he was the one that wanted to touch all basis with her and what she could do, and figured it wouldn't hurt to ease his mind.

He picked up on the sound of footsteps by the door, crunching on the dead underbrush. Figured the rotting bastards wouldn't even given him a minute to collect himself. There was a rusty poker by a run-down fireplace, so he snatched that up. Bracing himself, he yanked the door open, raising the poker to swing it at some zombie skull. But his arm froze in mid-strike at the sight before him. "Roni?" His voice a shocked whisper. "You made it! Thank god. I thought I was going to have to spend the rest of my life celibate." Grabbing her arm, he pulled her inside and closed the door behind them.

The sudden sound of the door behind her opening has her whirling around to come face to face with Freddy swinging a fire-poker at her. She flinched, and instinctively ducked before she realized that he wasn't swinging all the way. "Yes, I made it. Of course I would." She snorts softly, and stumbled inside with his help. "No more watchin' zombie things fer ya, yeah?"

"Hey. I'm not the one who infested the world. I just wanted a home cooked meal and maybe have a drunken one night stand that would make Nick blow his top." His voice was still hushed as he lead her further into the shack. He was in the dream, and not lucidly. To his mind, this was reality. "I figure we wait until things quiet down out there and we find someplace secure. Maybe a mom and pop shop with an upstairs apartment. Supplies and a safe place."

"I didn't infest it either." This is mused as she watched him quietly. Most times, even when the dream invasion had been previously arranged for her to invade it, most everyone was stuck in the world that they dreamed of. "Smart thinkin’... but honestly we really don't even have ta go anywhere. We'll be just fine here. Trust me." Thoughtfully.

Giving her a shocked look. "Are you kidding me? All that's here is a smelly old cot and only one pair of silk sheets. One pair! How can we survive like that?"

A squirrel poked its head out of the fireplace and chastised them in a voice that sounded a lot like Barry White. "Will you be quiet. I'm trying to build a nest up here. If you draw those zombies in, I'm going to pelt you with nettles." Then it scurried back up the chimney and Freddy turned to face her again. Now he was dressed in a tuxedo and top hat. A black cane in his right hand and a monocle in his eye. "Plus there are squirrels. We can't live with squirrels."

Of all the things to be concerned about, silk sheets was enough to have a laugh bubbling up out of her, despite the imminent danger just outside the door. The squirrel on the other hand made her snort. Of course the squirrel talked.... and threatened them with nettles. "I-..." She turned back to him, and arched a brow. Tophat... Tux, the works, he kinda looked like a proper old english dude. "No. Livin’ with squirrels is never good, But they're a dream. Just like everythin' else round us right now.” She gestured, and in the spirit of fun, the simple skater dress she wore bloomed into a fantastic ball gown that glittered like the night sky.

"Did ya forget that I was comin’ ta yer dreams?" She smirked a touch, amused. He had been so adamant that she show him that she could do dream things.

"That's much better. The apocalypse is no reason to let yourself go." Giving her ball gown a nod of approval. Then he was rolling her eyes. "I thought I taught you better pick up lines than that." Leaning in close with a sultry look. "Hey, baby. Give me your pants. Mine are dirty and bare legs scare the hamsters." There was a wicked grin on his lips when he finished. "But not right now. That was just an example. You'll need your pants if we're going to make it to Nantucket."

People were amusing when dreaming sometimes. If they were awake and said some of the things they did in dreams... she'd wonder how many drugs were consumed. Freddy really wasn't any different. "Mmh ya did teach me better pick up lines. That one wasn't tryin' ta be one." She wiggled her fingers at him. "Yer not lucid, but m'really here in yer dreams... We talked about it. Remember? I walk in dreams that aren't mine. Whoevers. Ya insisted ya wanted ta experience it first hand."

Staring at her as she spoke, the dream seemed to sharpen a little, the colors standing out a little more vividly. The tux outfit was suddenly replaced with simple black jeans and t-shirt. "Roni? Is this a dream?" Looking around the shabby room as if it were the first time he were seeing it. "Jeez. Subconsciouses are really weird. I like the dress, though. Makes me feel like we should be standing in a circle of mushrooms." Grinning up at her.

"It is indeed a dream." She grinned at him and watched his face filter thought the various expressions as he processed and realized. "They really are, Like I said,. no more zombie stuff fer ya." This was teased. "And Beltane is still here. We can run off and have our own celebrations in the name of it. Ring of mushrooms included, others optional."

"I've always wanted to check out a fairy orgy. Call it a bucket list item. But we can deal with that at another time." The distant sounds of groaning zombies had him looking around again. "Can't go wrong with a classic, huh? Ok. So. You're the Mistress of Dreams. You don't like the setup, why don't you do something about it?" Crossing his arms as he watched her after issuing his challenge.

He's got a smirk playing along her features again. "That has been most definitely noted. We'll check it out together." Mused simply. There's a moment, and a crinkle of her nose, before the dress that she was wearing was similar, but knee-length, and much simpler than a ball gown. "I could. Generally don't, unless I should. But I suppose since you want a show, I can give you one." She reached up to poke his nose gently. Then she turned around to face the front of the shack, and just as surely as it had been there, it was gone, and they were standing out in the open.... Which of course pulled the attention of the Zombies.... but that was okay, because they were just kinda melting into the ground.

His eyes roved the scene, focusing on the melting zombies. "How very Salvador Dali of you." Now standing in empty woods with her. Hands on his hips, facing Roni once again. "You can reshape the setting. Not bad. Now...I'm thinking of an object. Make me tell you what it is." Beaming a smile at her.

"Yeah? Maybe I should paint it, Meltin' zombies. Maybe I'll become a famous artist or somethin'." Amused laughter bubbled up out of her.

And even as she spoke, the landscape wasn't done shifting and changing. The sky became a brilliant blue, and the trees off in the distance shifted, becoming reedy grass and scraggly cliffs that ran along the edge of water that bloomed, and sloped down to a beach. The sand underfoot was warm from the sun, and the smell of saltwater and beach clung heavy in the air. One of the beaches she had frequented when her and Siobhan had stayed in Ireland. She hadn't really thought that one could get homesick when you don't really have a place that ever was a home, but she was.

Freddy's words drew her attention away from the beauty of the landscape, and back to him, a flicker of surprise on her features. "I can't. Zagan couldn't even make me do anything in my dreams, and he has my name."

An appreciative glance at their new surroundings. Kicking off his shoes so he could wiggle his toes in the sand. Then he was looking back up at Roni. "You can't. It's that defeatist attitude that's going to get us into trouble. Come on. Use your imagination. Just because you can't control my thoughts and actions doesn't mean you can't use what you got to convince me." There was a playful waggle of his eyebrows at that. "Use your imagination. I mean, that's what all this is anyway, right? Be creative."

Her combat boots were gone because she simply willed them away. Absently, she wished that she had the kind of control and power over the real world, like she did in her dreams. Everything would be just that much easier. Maybe her best friend wouldn't be locked away in gold chains. She finally gave a shake of her head to clear it, and focused back on Freddy as he spoke.

His words have a touch of a pout curling her lips. "Yer not wrong, I suppose. It is mostly imagination... I think, M'not sure how it works. It just does. " Her tongue was caught between her teeth as she thought for a moment. How did she get him to tell her what object he had in mind? She could seduce it out of him. Or try and scare him.... but as far as she could tell, he was pretty damned fearless. Hmm.

He was pulling off his shirt now, which was soon followed by his pants so he was only in his red boxer briefs. Stretching theatrically, like marathon runners in a movie. "If you don't know how it works, then don't focus on that part. Focus on your intent. Your desire. Dreams are shaped by our thoughts and beliefs. Or something like that. I don't know. You're supposed to be the expert here." With a wink, he was dashing through the sand towards the water.

Like she needed further reason to continue to stare at him.... He stripped down, and she took distracted pleasure in watching him do so. His words pull her out of whatever brief reviere she was in. They earned him a snort. "I am in no way an expert. Honest? I have no ****in' clue what m'doin'- Hey!" He took off. She watched him run a moment, before laughter bubbled up. Then, unlike him, she didn't have to strip. She just took off after him, and at some point the dress had faded away.

Plunging headlong into the water, splashing around happily, before looking back to see what Roni was doing. Grinning when he spotted her dressless self running towards the water as well. Drifting lazily then to allow her to catch up. At least she made it a nice day to enjoy the beach.

It wasn't long before she was splashing her way into the water after him. Instead of waiting for him to straighten up from his floating, she's headed straight for him with intentions on catching him. Or trying to. He could be a slippery person when he wanted to be.

Content to continue floating on his back in the water as Roni got closer. Making no move to get out of her reach. "Any inspiration hit you yet, Slim? Because I am in no hurry now. I could stay here all day." His fingers making little splashes in the water.

"I dunno. It might've." She pulled him closer as he floated, then trailed a fingers up his chest. "I'm tryin’ ta think of what could possibly have ya ta the point of givin' up that object." She leaned down and pressed a brief chaste kiss to his lips. "I could torture ya." The smile on her face says only in the most delightful ways though.

The grin broadening after the kiss. "I feel I should warn had better be some ingenious method of torture." Still lazily floating along, letting her toy with him as she will. "What do you know about me? What do you think would work best in convincing me to do something I don't want to?"

"Mmmh. It most definitely would be." There's a moment of quiet as he considers his latter question and the things that she did know about him. "Well. I know I wouldn't wanna be on the losin' end of a fight with ya. I know ya enjoy havin' fun and definitely enjoy sex, but yer also stubborn and determined like me." A contemplative sound followed her words, and her finger trailed back down. "Threats ta people ya care about would be pretty useless, I think. As would actual physical and painful torture."

"When you put it that way, I sound like a real superhero." His words were tinged with a chuckle. "Seems like you have your work cut out for you. However are you going to handle such a hopeless situation against insurmountable odds?" Obviously teasing her, while enjoying the trace of her finger.

"Mmmhm. Ya could be one, if ya really wanted to. But I don't think that's ya. Ya don't like the spotlight. Unless it's Karaoke." There's a poke of fun, and a curl of a smile. "I do have my work cut out fer me, don't I?" There's an arch of a brow, and her smile blossomed into a grin. "I could work you up to lovely bliss, and keep ya there without the satisfaction of release.... until you give me said object in mind."

A short, acknowledging hum at her suggestion. "Now there's an idea. Could unfulfilled pleasure be my kryptonite? I've never quite denied myself enough to know the answer to that." Bobbing in the shallow waves as they rolled by. "Think you could resist the urge yourself?"

"It's possible, for sure. Men are interestin’ creatures when it comes ta sex." Teased softly, before she decided to steal a kiss from him. "So you could always tell me.... or we could always find out. That one's up ta you," Coyly spoken. His question was met with a slow blink. "Probably. M'good at disconnectin’ when it comes to stuff like that, so it could be a useless method if I was determined enough."

"You'll have to find out the hard way. My lips are sealed." Slowly lifting an arm to make a zipping motion across his mouth. Good thing she had already kissed him. Though he probably would have opened his mouth again for another one, since it wouldn't require him to talk.

"Mmmh. Ya are more difficult then I am sometimes, I swear." This is said affectionately, before she shifted, and pressed closer to him. Her fingers started up with their trailing wandering again, this time down along his chest and further. "But...." She grinned down at him, and leaned in for another kiss. "Challenge accepted." There's a rumbly purr as she murmured that against his lips.

His own low moan echoing her purr as she captured his lips for another kiss. The movement causing him to lose his buoyancy, so he shifted to stand in the water with her. He couldn't say she was on the right track, but he wasn't going to argue her tactics. An arm slinking around her waist as he continued the greedy kiss.

Of course he wouldn't question her tactics. She had hit the nail on the head earlier when she said he definitely enjoyed pleasure. She wasn't sure if she was on the right track either, but the least she could do was try, and enjoy the ride (ha). Her own arms moved to sling around his form and pressed him closer. The greedy kiss wasn't long, before it was turning into something hungrier.

As much fun as it was to make out in the ocean, it would get pretty awkward fast. Without releasing her or stopping the more intense kiss, he slowly began shuffling them back towards the beach. As far as he was concerned, the sand would be so worth the experience.

He started shuffling them back towards the shore, and she didn't make any move to stop him, because... well why should she? He never was someone she had any desire to stop, especially when it involved the both of them in the ways it did now. Sand was worth it, yes, but even in dreams sand was ever unpleasant in certain spots.... But this was a dream, and her domain. She'd remedy that soon enough.

They didn't make it very far onto the shore, pretty much stopping on the wet sand, where he dragged her down so they could be a little more frisky. The waves lapping at their feet and legs. The kiss growing more insistent, his tongue darting between her lips. Hands moving to explore his favorite points of interest on her body.

Wet sand was less inclined to get places, so for now, she doesn't make any gestures, and nothing materialized underneath them. The kiss lingered for a moment longer, hungry and insistent, before she broke away, and her mouth started traveling down to and along his jaw. Meanwhile those hands of hers are exploring, wandering.

A little growling noise escaping him as she began taking the lead in things. Putting up no resistance, since her touch wasn't something he would try to deter. And she always did manage to find really good places to touch. Laying back on the sand to give himself over to her wanderings.

That growling noise had an amused smirk curling her lips as she reached the base of his throat. It was enjoyable to take the lead with things from time to time. And he had challenged her, so all the more reason. With another rumble of a purr, teeth found skin, and bit down. Hard enough to leave a mark, not hard enough to be uncomfortable. Meanwhile her hands continue wandering.

He would have preferred her hands to linger certain places longer... But this was her show and she was trying to achieve something. So as much as he would like to wrestle her to the sand and ravage her, he controlled the impulse. Grinning wickedly. "We should take more trips to the beach if this is how they turn out."

Fingers stopped at the hemline of his boxers and she pulled back enough to simply grin at him. "Agreed. And they probably will. Ya already have trouble keepin’ yer hands offa me when I'm fully clothed. Can only imagine how bad it'll be when m'wearin' a few triangles of fabric."

Her touch was causing an obvious reaction, which only made his resistance that much more impressive. His eyes moving over her, picturing her in a bikini. "We'd better make a strong effort to go to a part where no children are lurking. Because it'll be very bad."

"We can make an effort to explore the more private beaches of Rhy'din. We'll make a valiant.... effort to not mentally scar any more children. Promise. Young minds are horribly impressionable. " It wasn't long before she smirked up at him, and suddenly there was a peculiar lack of clothes on his end.

The quirk of an eyebrow as he was now completely shed of any clothing, feeling the cool breeze in various places. Glancing down at himself, then back up to Roni's dark eyes. "You have me at your mercy now. I must admit, I'm rather excited to see what that naughty little mind of yours comes up with. We may have to remember this and repeat it at a later date." Giving her a wink, a hand smoothing slowly over the arch of her hip.

"Honestly I don't think I've ever had a guy completely at my mercy. There's so many wonderfully terrible things I could do, y'know." Speaking of which, those hands of hers? They’re exploring all sorts of sensitive skin.

A low, throaty groan escaping him as she continued her delicate torture. Hips wriggling a little on the sand as the struggle to give himself to her control continued to wage a furious battle with his eagerness to take her. The hand gripping her thigh tightly as the other kneaded the sand at his side.

She didn't miss anything. That low groan, the one hand that kneaded at her thigh, and the other that did the same to the sand. The needful look on his face. She definitely enjoyed it more than she thought she would. It wasn’t long before lips and teeth were worked into her wanderings.

"Alright...we might need to work restraints into this scenario..." A huskiness to his voice. Restraint in the face of blatant seduction ran counter to his wiring and it was a battle he didn't think he could fight much longer. And Roni was practically working him into a frenzy of lust.

"That can indeed be arranged." There is brilliance in the smirk that plays along her features. Yeah. She was thoroughly enjoying this. More tantalizing kisses followed.
"Or you could tell me that object you had in mind, and I could end your torture."

" very tempting...but not quite so easy..." He knew he was going to lose the tug-of-war with his self-control. Very soon he would have her on her back.

He honestly wasn't the only one struggling with self control. She was just better at hiding it. Every little reaction to each thing she did made it all the harder to not just say screw it.... or more namely him.

"Mmmh? I think it's very easy, yes? Mh. Just tell me what it was."

It was more devious kisses and wandering fingers that made Freddy cave…. Not in giving her the name of the object she so desired, but in giving into the lustful needful things that she was driving him to want. And honestly, it wasn’t like she was any stronger.The game with an intended end, was forgotten, and she was swept up into her body driven by basic instinct. Neither were none too kind, or shy about using lips and teeth, and scratching nails. They were rough in the way they ravaged one another, before it all came crashing down like the waves on the shore they were on…


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6. ….And let her realize she is more than she thought...

May 4th - Wednesday - Early Morning

And as so, brought about the unfortunate side effect of breaking up the dream. There was a hazy moment where they were together, riding out the mind-numbing wave of pleasure. Then he was waking up in his bed. A sheen of sweat covering his body and discovering he'd made quite a mess of the sheets. It took a moment, but he realized his body stung. And there were smears of blood on his skin and the blankets. He sat up, alarmed adrenaline killing the fog of sleep.
"Roni!" Looking around in a panic to see if she was alright.

Roni woke as well, covered in sweat, and gasping in an attempt to catch her breath from something that should of solely been a dream. Her name. The panic she heard in it and Freddy's voice pulled her out of the sleep fog her brain was in, and had her sitting up, kicking against the sheets her body was tangled in. "M'here. I'm good." Pause. There was blood on the sheets. "Are you okay?" This was asked quickly, before her eyes bounced between the bloody sheets, and the claw marks that raked over his body.... and slowly, in the midst a half-awake, half blissed headspace, some of those gears in her head started turning.

He reached out to grab her, searching her. There wasn't a mark on her. Relief flooding him, counteracting the panic he felt. Then she was asking about him. "Me?" He looked down at his chest. Angry-looking claw marks left trails on his chest. It felt like there were matching injuries on his back. "Well...that's..." His own gears clicked into place and he looked up at Roni. "Wait a second. Is that from my dream?" The implications of that were pretty staggering. And it added a whole new level to Roni. Looking at her in something of a new light.

He received a doe-eyed startled look as he grabbed her and searched her over. She was fine. Honest. At the most there might of been a little phantom pain where he had sank his teeth into her neck. "I.... I don't know.... But I distinctly remember scratchin' lots of parts of ya." She leaned closer, inspecting his neck where she remembered biting him, then his hip as well. Sure enough, there were marks there as well that matched what she remembered.

"I... I'm confused. It was just a dream. I shouldn't ah left marks on ya. That's never happened before...." That she was aware of. It had happened plenty of enough times before hand. She was just never aware. And then, there's a brilliant smile that stretched across features, like she had been given the best gift possible. "I- If I really did that through the dream then that changes things. Like really changes things." She could **** with Zagan all she wanted in a completely safe manner. Woe was him.

Peeling himself free of the sheets, writing them off as a lost cause as far as laundry was concerned. "I may have to start calling you Krueger instead of Slim. We'll have to work on your ability to make really bad puns before you off someone in a demented way." Grinning with amusement. This was going to be some useful information. In ways even Roni didn't expect, though he wasn't overly proud of that. "Of course, this gives you an unfair advantage over me if we get into an argument. I could wake up with missing pieces."

She stuck her tongue out at him in response to his possible new nickname change. "I think I'm pretty good at bad punning when I wanna be." Her attention's still roving over the gouges left by her nails, and bitemarks from teeth on him, like she really can't wrap her head around the concept completely. Her eyes slid up to his. "I wouldn't do that to ya. 'Least so long as ya didn't do nothin' to warrant missin' pieces. Plus, I'd prolly just straight up punch ya in person. More satisfyin’ that way."

"Really? With my imagination free to do as it pleases, I'd probably be all for the dream angle. But I tend to prefer unfair advantages." Catching the way she was eyeing him. "I should probably go wash up. This isn't the dirtiest I've ever gotten after a wild encounter, but it's pretty close." Plus it looked like she could do without the perpetual reminder of what just happened.

"Sometimes unfair is fun, but..." She rolled her shoulders, then took a moment to reach out and trace a finger over one of the nail marks. The feeling of scraped skin, and sticky blood on her fingertip cemented that it wasn't just her still dreaming or something. "Alright." Pause, and a look to the sheets. "Only pretty close? I can always try harder next time." Her nose crinkled a touch as she hummed then tugged at the sheets. "Y'got clean ones? I can change 'em while ya clean off."

Giving Roni a look of admiration. "That's one of the things I like about you, Slim. Always willing to go that extra mile." A quick wink followed. "I have more sheets in the bottom drawer of the bureau next to the bed. Just ball the dirty ones up for the trash." Then he was heading for the bathroom and a much needed shower. It would also give him a few moments to think about everything he just learned.

There's a flash of a brilliant smile. "There's no harm in tryin' at least." This is mused, before she finally kicks the rest of the sheets and blankets off of her. "Alright." His instructions on where the new ones were, and what to do with the old had her nodding. Not that he can see it, but there's a pensive look on her face as her attention follows him till he's out of the room. It takes a moment, before she actually motivates and starts moving to pull the pillow and blanket off the bed. Her brained wanted to go a hundred miles an hour with ideas, and she didn't want to let it. So instead, she focused on something to do.

Keeping the shower short and his thoughts as focused as possible. Spending just enough time to clean off the muck and inspect the cuts to make sure none of them were anything to be concerned about. When he walked back into the bedroom he was wrapped in a towel and the scratches looked much fainter after a good scrubbing. " to talk about what we experienced? Sometimes it helps to organize everything in your head." Sitting on the edge of the freshly made bed.

She was perched the the middle of the bed by the time he came back, with a glass of something from the assortment of bottles she had brought with her, nestled between her legs. Doesn't look like she's touched it much though. His words have her pursing her lips just a little. "Uh... well. Mh." Pause. Deep breath. "That's honestly the first time I've had sex in a dream. So it was uh... Definitely new."

The grin touching his lips again. "That's not the part I was talking about. Though I'm glad we could pop each others dream cherries." Reaching over to rest a hand on her knee. "I mean, do you want to talk about this revelation about how your claws made marks on me both inside and out of the dream. Since I obviously wasn't the only one surprised by that."

There's a soft laugh that escapes as he voices that. "Mmh. Indeed. Like I said. Interesting." Then she fell quiet a moment, and lifted her glass for a sip. "I dunno how that worked, or works. Like... I just thought I could just visit and shape the dreams. That it was nothin' special. But now it's soooo much more than just nothin' special, right? I mean... That's somethin' big."

"I'd say that's something big. If you can just waltz into anyone's dream and they're helpless to stop you from doing whatever you want? Maybe big is kind of an understatement." Giving her a thoughtful look for a moment. "Though, in a place like this, I wouldn't take it for granted that everyone is going to be helpless. Especially our friend, Ziggy."

"I dunno if I can even wrap my head around the concept, yeah? Like. The whole thing..." She trailed off after a moment. So many years of being told that she was meant to do nothing spectacular. That she was simply an invader of dreams, a lurker. "I thought for so long that all I could do was manipulate dreams. This is so much more than that." The smile that finds her face is warm. "No. I wouldn't be so stupid as to believe that, he's paranoid. He'll probably have something. But that still doesn't mean I can't **** with him. Let him stew a little bit. I know he's believed me all the times I've told him I will kill him."

Nodding at Roni's words. He probably hadn't needed to give her the warning, but it made him feel better to do so. "It certainly opens up opportunities. Even if, for some reason, you can't affect him directly, there's always the folks around him. But all that planning stuff can wait. Right now I think we could both use a drink. Since you already have yours, that leaves me." He got up from the bed, still dressed in just the towel, and headed towards the kitchen.

"Are you suggesting I slowly deconstruct his life, even if the people most important to him are business partners? Kinda like he's tried to go after my friends and family? I still gotta shoot him a couple more times for Siobhan." Huff. Then she grinned a touch when he spoke of needing a drink of his own, and waved a hand . "By all means, join me in the boozing."

"Whichever will make him squirm in despair the most. Turnabout is fair play, after all." Moving out of the bedroom and into the kitchen. Opting for a bottle of Silvermark rather than anything stronger, since he was still working through some of the implications in his head. He also turned on the oven in preparation for heating up some pizza rolls. Thinking worked better on a stomach full of chemical-laden frozen snacks.

"Mmmh. I'll have to decide on which." She nodded, and let him head out to invade the kitchen. She sat there and waited... at least for a little bit. When it seemed longer than just grabbing a drink, she decided she's go join him and be nosy, because she was really good at stuff like that.

He'd dug out a baking sheet and was spilling the pizza rolls onto it, then sliding it into the oven. "I decided munchies were in order, too." Giving her a smile when he straightened up again. Tipping back the bottle for a swig of the beer.

Oh man. He had pizza rolls? "Mmmh. You are awesome. Munchies are a good idea, and yer choice is A+ choice." She probably still had a giant bag of the things back at her apartment. She shuffled her way on into the kitchen to join him.

"How are you feeling, anyway? What's going on up there?" He reached over to lightly tap the side of her head. "Part of the deal of me looking out for you is to make sure you aren't bottling things up. It seems more important for you to vent with this new development."

Her eyes slid towards him when he tapped at the side of her head, and she made a face. Instead of answering immediately she set her glass down on the counter, and took a moment to hop up and perch there, because chairs were for losers right now. "I forget people not letting ya bottle stuff up is a part of havin' people important ta ya." There's a touch of a sigh.

"Honestly? I'm feelin' lots of things. Like amazement at me. Cuz like. Zagan told me I was a nothin' nobody, and for the longest time I believed him. I still catch myself believin' those words sometimes. So *** him. And I'm excited, because like... that's kinda cool as ***. And M'sad too. I wanna run and tell Siobhan." She had told her best friend everything and anything. "I can't even tell her in dreams, cuz I can't ever find her. I've tried." Truth be told she spent too many dreaming hours trying to find some kind of hint of her friend. More than she'd like to admit.

Nodding as he moved to lean against the counter next to her. "Well, I'm more than happy to keep up the counter-encouragement to Ziggy's negativity. You're definitely more than he would have you believe. And I can understand missing your friend. But, like I said before, if it turns out she sacrificed herself for you, we'll make sure it wasn't for nothing. I don't doubt she'd be damn proud of you."

"As am I. Maybe.... Maybe someday I will be able to free myself of all his words and negativity." It was a pipeline dream. A future she could hope for. One that had everyone she loved and cared for in it. "I know we'll make sure it wasn't fer nothin'. It's just.... It's really strange not havin' her to go and run ta talk to. Like even when she was in Ireland, I could visit, and still tell 'er. But I can't fix that. Not unless I somehow manage ta get a place in the courts back home. And I don't have nothin' or the time to schmooze my way up to a position in said courts.”

"Hope springs eternal, Slim. As long as we're all still breathing then there's always a chance. Even if we can't see it yet." He took another swig of the beer just as the timer buzzed on the oven. Grabbing an oven mitt, he pulled out the tray and slid the pizza rolls onto a platter. The tray went in the sink while the snack cooled. "For now, let's just focus on the things we can deal with."

Unless Siobhan stopped breathing first. But she kept that morbidly depressing and pessimistic thought to herself. "Yeah. I know. Just getting there's the hard part." She waved a hand, then lifted her glass. in two good swallows, she drained a good portion of the contents. "So things like booze, and pizza rolls and Douche Canoe?"

Grinning again. "That's Bingo. Stressing the other stuff right now will only be a distraction. "And don't worry. You have me. With that kind of benefit, the sky's the limit."

She can't help the snort that followed his words. She gave him a playful nudge with a bare foot. "Yer enough of a distraction all in yerself. S'ah good thing ya've got me. I keep us focused." A grin cracked across her features.

And keep them focused she did. They stayed up late conversing on various things like family, when they were kids, life in general. There was probably a second round of pizza rolls, more drinks, and even more talking, plotting of what she could do with Zagan, the implications her newly discovered ability had, and what doors it opened….. And then, when the sun was finally crawling into the sky, and the birds sang their birdsong, the two of them made their way to bed, and drifted off in a tangle of snuggling limbs….

All in all, it had been an educational night….even if she never got what object he had in mind from him.

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7. Bolster her confidence, and let her realize she has limitless possibilities within her.

May 17th - Thursday - Early afternoon

Interestingly, it was almost the same as when they'd arrived last time. Des led them to a set of rickety steps, and up to a second floor porch area. He sat a big canvas bag filled with typical Vietnam era pineapple grenades onto an old table and surveyed the area keenly. Sometimes, there were zombies, but it was daytime, and all was pretty quiet. He withdrew a grenade and went over the safety procedures with Zan. Roni's already done those, she could pick 'n' throw at will.

Roni also took a moment to make Zan swear that whatever he heard here stayed here. Because they were very personal things that she didn't need someone blabbing about. Then she let Des take over on the safety procedures, and wandered her way on over to the bag of grenades, and wasted little time in plucking one up.

Definitely! Once he saw Zan had a good arm and aim, he cheerfully dug a few bottles of soda and water out of his back pack before taking out a few more grenades to prep for throwing. He eyed Roni, while she pitched. "Something else happened, huh?"

"Yes." There's a moment, and a heavy sigh, before she finally pulled the pin, and threw the grenade. Her eyes fluttered closed, and she took a moment to relish in the resounding boom that followed. "Zagan sent someone after me 'n Freddy, ta teach us a lesson or some ***. We sent a message back." Pause. "I told her what happened the next day, and later that night when I left she took off after Zagan, and broke a couple of Dullahan rules."

"...Oh..." he noted, quiet and wide eyed. Fae, Dullahan, even Mariner, as he was, all had to live by specific and conscripted rules. They were never for negotiation.

"Breakin' those rules means she was locked up. And will stay that way till they find someone else ta replace her. When that happens she's stripped of all a her abilities and then killed. There's a loophole, that could save her but I don't see myself gettin’ ta a position where I can use it." Softly, gingerly spoken, mostly because she knew how much the teen liked Siobhan.

He was quiet for a long while. Finally, he pitched a grenade, and snapped, "***." Exhale. He closed his eyes and rubbed at his brows a moment. "What's the loophole? We can work this. I know we can."

"Earlier wasn't an appropriate time ta tell ya." She knows that for definite now, after his snapping. "Loophole is back home, any high standing member of the courts is allowed ta request a certain dullahan ta serve as a bodyguard to them. But back home I am a nobody. I was known as Zagan's little love toy."

He knit his brow as he considered that. "You do still have power in that," he noted after a long moments thought, "But you have to demand it. They are required to treat you as a prized possession, and if that means picking out all the green M&Ms..." Mulling, only to shake his head, "But building that takes time, and unless Zagan's a moron, he'd realize you were also building your own support and army." because if she didn't, Des would certainly coach her for it! "There's more than one court, too. There's Jewell, she might be able to help, depending on how much of her own she was able to get back... but there's Daisy, too. My nightmare. She can demand a mount." Pausing to look steadily at Roni.

"It would take time I don't have ta scratch my way up from the bottom." Then she paused, and smiled a little. "Plus I don't need every man treatin' me like that. The one that matters already does, and it wasn't demanded." Mused, and briefly that stupid happy smile worked its way onto her face again. "He's an intelligent moron. He knows. " There's something dark that flickers across her features. "And as much as it would be awesome if it was that ****in' easy, it has to be from the courts back home." She sighed softly, then yanked another pin, and lobbed the grenade, After the resounding boom, she turned to face him. "There is a little good news in all of this though. First rule she broke was calling on his name. His true name. Second rule was telling me said name."

"Good," he mulled, head tilting. "I'll still ask Daisy to see if there is any cross abyss niceties and such. They all run on concessions made to each other and their own realities, they have to be able to keep their rules and sometimes, those do come at cross corners to other rules. Like..." Pause "Well. She claimed you as family. And him as Enemy. She should be free to chase after him eternally." Primly. Though he knew, that wasn't the way it went. He handed her a fragmentation grenade: bigger more spectacular baddaboom. Then pointed to a stack of oil barrels. "Make it rain."

"That would be awesome. And much appreciated." Her head bobbed on a nod. "I'm gunna take so much pleasure in makin' sure Zagan doesn't breath anymore. At the very least I'll have that. And soon." Darkly, before she collected that fragmentation grenade, and looked it over. Then the oil barrels. A moment was taken to line up aim, and the pin was pulled. She looobbbed it with all her might.

3-2-1. BOOM. A huge explosion, and with it, a spray of old diesel oil. As it atomized, a huge fireball devoured the fuel. The brilliance and heat were intense, Des stepped back, hand shading his eyes, a coyote's grin on his face. "The old gods appreciate irony. It would be fun to sell him to someone worse than him, and take away his voice, so he could only be a helpless slave, unable to do anything to save himself." What a sweet boy Des was! But as he said, he wasn't truly a child, while being very childlike. "The only trouble with those, is it almost always guarantees they'll be back, unless you have a set of very specific wards and runes on him. Best to just let him taste that terror, and then to let the gods suit those last moments to their needs."

There's a brilliant glee on her features when this explosion took place. She didn't step back like Des did either. Though she did squint against the brilliance, because well, it was bright. But fire was fun to watch. "I don't know anything about the old gods. Or really about the new. " There's a crinkle of a freckled nose, before she turned to him. "It's easier if he's just dead. That way there's no one else ever that he can hurt. "I'll be able ta sleep easier at night too. " She rolled her shoulders.

Des tilted his head as she spoke, brows lifting. His mind was working, that was for certain. She didn't know about the gods. Or much of anything. "You said I was older than you, how old are you?" he asked, deceptively absent. Just askin. "Yeah, just dead and not being able to hurt others, that really is the aim, when it comes down to it."

"Twenty one..." Pause. Wait. "Twenty two. My birthday was in February. ****." She forgot about it. "And I kinda lived under a rock. Mamai and Dah were too preoccupied in their own selves. And Zagan just wanted me to be pretty and quiet. I know there's lotsa stuff I don't know about."

"Hn. That'd be too close," he decided after a moment, shaking his head at whatever he'd been cooking up. Then he laughed softly. "Yeah, there's a whole lot you should know. I mean, even if you're a kept concubine, you have rights in the fae court. But if they don't tell you..." a shrug. "And they didn't teach you any gods because you always have the right to become a nun, and they can't stop you. Even if you're devoting to like, Pan or Orpheus or Dionysus. It doesn't matter now, because you have the power of yourself. Even like, Oberon can't put you back where you have denied."

"Huh?" She gave him a puzzled look at the mention of too close. It only grew as he continued to talk. "Yeah. I never learned anything like that. Just broken and told to be pretty and quiet." She rolled her shoulders. "Now I'm still pretty, and very far from quiet. I woulda gladly been a nun if it meant I didn't have to deal with him."

"Wow, you weren't kidding," he whistled softly and pitched a grenade. A smile as it boomed. "We're not human. Whether we're called fae or celestial or abyssal or mystic or god or whatever, we're not human, and if we deal with humans, there's a certain code we have to follow. And almost all of us, if we're rescued from a deadly incident, we have to give at least one Wish to the person that did it. But Wishes are dangerous, and they mainly exist to screw things around. Unless you're a kid. Kid's don't understand the weird stuff that the Powers That Be strew around. So if a kid wishes for a million bucks, they get one million cash... not one million male deer. I was thinking if I could give you a wish, it wouldn't get corrupted, but you're over eighteen. But you don't know what you should know. And there's no one to teach you. Everything I say may not mean anything because there might be a shift of reality between us. But it's sometimes worth the time to try and bridge it."

She listened as he explained, and quietly, she processed what he was saying. Wish granting and stuff like that was definitely new. Her lips pursed for a moment, and she twisted the pin in the grenade she held, but didn't pull it yet. "I really don't know much of anything at all. Sometimes I hate bein' so ignorant. But I really don't...yeah... Like ya said. No one to really teach me." That said, she pulled the pin, and lobbed the grenade.

"There's you," he reminded her with a soft laugh, "And your Dreams. You might have other blood family that doesn't suck, too. Find out you're like supposed to be one of Gwynn's shieldmaidens or one of the wise maids of Arawn's cauldron, or promised over to Freya as a one of her spinners." Humorously. "And if that's so, they're gonna be pissed off. It's going to shake **** up." he mused with a quiet and sinister delight. "Pretty doesn't mean boo to the old ones. Have you ever seen one of the courts of the eldest? Arawn's court alone is terrifying. Power. That's what those turn on. Pretty is fine for the young courts and Titania wants everything lovely and perfect, of course, but when push comes to shove, she'd marry her favorite daughter to a Fomorian just for the power."

Things probably get worse and worse for Zagan as Roni learns that she IS powerful.

"I do have my dreams..." Pause. "Oh! Freddy and I discovered that if like I do somethin' in a dream it translates to real life. Like. I scratch someone in their dream they wake up with said scratch," That's a touch excitedly said. "Other blood family. I didn't think about that. I didn't want nothin' to do do with 'em. But that would be cool as ****." Then she gave him a curious look. "Yeah? Even if I've like never ever met 'em before, it could still shake things up?" Wide eyes. "And Nuh. I don't think I ever have. Like I said. A rock." And Zagan well knew that much. It was half the reason why he had kept her so ignorant.

His eyes widened. "...What..." Stare. Stare. Stare. "Oh. Dude. You're a Dreamweaver. A Nightmare. Even the gods dream, and they fear those. You can open doors in minds and hearts. You can craft madness out of order and sanity from shreds. You can hold a heart absolutely still and not kill, and you can cause death with just a touch." He reached over to catch Roni's hands, "You don't ever need to fear because everyone sleeps. And also, you can cause things to sleep." Pause. "But you're new, and there's a lot of Dreamers who would take advantage, and you totally need to avoid the Nightmare Circus until you're really good at what you do, but I do know King Rat, and I could speak for you."

"A dream weaver? So more than just a dream dancer?" Des would find his own wide eyed stare reflected on her face, especially when he continued on, and started to list all the things that she was capable of. He took her hands, and she let her eyes drifted on up to find his. She was quiet for a long time. "Make people sleep, and all that other stuff. I'm really capable of all that? Like that's really big. And a lot of... Like... Wow." Powerful. That's like bending reality level type stuff. "And there's a nightmare circus? And What's a rat king?" She's still trying... to wrap her head around the enormity of a dream weaver, and all the stuff that came with it.

Especially the part about gods fearing them.

"You can craft the dreams," he looked back into her eyes, and slowly, the darkness over them cleared: he has pretty blue and green mottled irises! "You move within them by opening a door for yourself. You dance, you conduct, you choreograph. What your hand falls upon, is touched in reality. You know those things, but you don't know how big they can be. You can bend reality within the dream." Simply put. He wasn't saying "practice practice practice' but did he really need to?

"There is a nightmare circus, it exist in reality and in Dream, or Dreaming. They are usually the collecting of insane souls who have learned to affect others in their dreams. It's sort of a wild hunt for Dream. The Rat King, and the Cat King and Dog King - they're ... if you are kind to them, they are kind to you. They can be assholes, but they're archetypes. The Rat King often follows the circus, he may rescue souls that shouldn't be there and he may condemn others that do belong there. The Cat King simply does as he does, and the Dog King is a golden soul, or a feral beast. They tend to mirror whoever their talking to." A double handful of various mythos for poor Roni to chew upon!

He had pretty eyes. That was noted at absent when they changed. Hers were always just black. But she didn't mind that. "I didn't realize I could do all that. Like... That's kinda sorta super scary. But cool as ****. Like. I understand why he kept me under a rock the whole time. Like. oh. It's even better than Freddy and I thought, yeah? I could give 'em a real reason ta be scared, and names don't work in the dreams. " There's a malicious delight on her features when she says that. The Explanation of the various kings, and the circus have her curious. "So what could speaking for me to him do?"

"I can't even believe he would keep you under a rock, especially if he knew what you can do. It's like having a Lamborghini and only driving it fifteen miles an hour." he paused, because people didn't do things without a reason. And there weren't many reasons to keep a potential powerhouse ignorant of her abilities. "Unless you're a lot more than a girl born to some creeps, and it would embarrass your blood family to find you in such a position, unable to use your powers or unaware of them. Or with Zagan having you all mind-*** into being his vapid little sex toy." A possibility, but without hunting down Roni's family tree, it was just a possibility. Or, Zagan could really be that shallow and creepy. "You have to practice, to explore, to work with it. You have to be strong and settled in your day life, and you're getting there. You could start giving him nightmares every night. There are ways to block you out, especially since you're new to all this, but in time, with practice, very little can keep you out." He grinned to her, pleased. Because she had a whole vista of ass kickery before her. "Mainly it would keep the Rat King from trying to keep you with him, because he'd know you were new, and it would be prestigious for him to be your mentor. That might be good, but you need to pick that out knowingly, not just being cheerfully kept safe and all without realizing what's going on."

"Then maybe he didn't know. I dunno. That... would be something I would have to ask him maybe." She knew she could get the answer from him if she tried hard enough. There was a brief bout of silence again. "If that's the case. Would that mean that the people I thought ta be my parents might not be? Like I was stolen or lost or somethin's like that? That'd be nice. And Cool. It'd make sense." Her mother and sister were red heads, her father mousy brown. But alas, for now they were only pipe dreams. "Actually, I have been practicing, a lot lately. Freddy's been pushing me to see what I can do with him. So far it's just been the leaving marks on him. Now that I know there's more, maybe that can change. It's be cool. I wish there was like a book or somethin' to make it all easier." She laughed softly, before his words about the Rat king have her head tilting to the side just a touch. "So, if I chose to, he would teach me and stuff?" Just so she was sure she understood the gist of what he was saying.

"Everything people know is in their dreams," he explained quietly and carefully, squeezing her hands. "It's just in dreams, things can be jumbled, come out in different order, or be all symbols. You have to learn how to thread them all together to understand what was done." A pause and he laughed softly, nodding, "Yeah. But you have to be careful. The Rat King, all of those, they don't have to wake up. They don't have a waking form. And time, I mean, in a dream, you can live an entire life.. or it can flash by in a moment. So it doesn't mean anything to them. So don't agree without good anchors, or you can sleep and not return until ... years. Your best anchor is you, and Freddy." A nod and laugh, "You can ask Daisy, too. My Pretty Nightmare. She can explain a lot."

She gave his hands a solid squeeze back. "Because dreams take place up here?" There's a brief tap to her temple, before her hand is back in his. "At least that would make sense ta me. As would having ta make sense of them. I know that already. They are delicate things. And easily changed if yer not careful, which could just make everythin' more confusin' and stuff." This time when she pulls a pin and throws the grenade, it's just to watch something explode. "It sounds like meeting the Rat king is something that can come later. When I'm better. Daisy sounds like a better, safer start."

He nodded, once and then again, smiling as she spoke. She'd learned a lot of basics just by observation. "Exactly." He paused and beamed at the thrown grenade. Then he laughed. "Daisy's a lot easier to deal with. Nightmares or guants are more like the cavalry. They go in hard and fast. A Dreamweaver, they're more like a mage. They craft and coordinate and do sometimes very delicate work. But the basics are pretty much the same. If you nag my Mom enough, she'll clean memories for you, I've been learning to do that, too. It's sort of like sorting out dreams for the information." He nodded, and fetched another bottle of soda from the bag, taking a long drink. He offered the bag to Roni. The backpack was a modernized bag of holding, she'd likely find all sorts of sodas in there. Then he paused, curious. "How does it feel?" he asked abruptly, looking into her eyes.

Sometimes she swears that Des knows like, all of the things. And every time she talks with him, she always felt better. "I'm stillll, god, I feel like I should be takin' notes or somethin'. This is sooo much information." She bounced just a little on her feet, and took the bag when he offered it to her., and started rummaging, and making note of what was in there. She's not sure what all is in there, and wants to see what some of her options were.... at least until his question and eye contact. "How does what feel? The dream stuff?"

He's a lot older than he looks, and he's grown up in RhyDin and Hollywood. He snickered softly. "Don't worry, we'll probably talk about it a lot more." Mostly it was sodas, fruit flavored and caffeinated. Though the longer she rummaged, the more the bag 'tasted' her, and she'd find a few little one shot bottles of vodka and whiskey. He shook his head to her question, though. "How does it feel to learn you are more?"

Vodka and fruit flavored drinks. She could make that work. She settled for a bottle of sprite, and a little vodka bottle, then dropped the bag. Celebrations for little things? "That will help, yeah." SHe cracked the lid off the soda, and took a few swallows to make room for vodka, then emptied the contents of the tiny bottle. "It's... exhilaratin'. Amazin'. And like I dunno. I've gone so long thinkin' I wasn't much of nothin', and now I know that it's so much more, and it's excitin'."

"You're awesome," he assured her with a grin and flopped over for a hug, minding her drink. "You have all the possibilities, and grenades." What could be better than that!? He beamed, curious eyes sparkling brightly. It wasn't often his eyes lit up. "So any time he tries to push you down, or anyone tries, you just remember this. You're Roni." A firm nod. Then he handed her another fragmentation grenade. The oil drums were still burning half heartedly. They needed more oomph.

"One of the awesomest." She beamed a smile back at him. SHe did good at scooping him when he flopped, and hugged tight. "Yer pretty damn awesome too.. You supplied me with the grenades. And opened my brain to the possibilities." That said, she's chasing the words with her spruced up sprite. "Mmmh. I'm Roni, not a dream dancer, but a dream weaver. And the best part about all of it..." She took the grenade, pulled the pin, aimed and lobbed. "NO ONE'S GUNNA TAKE THAT FROM ME." She shouted amid the roar and flare of explosion that followed.

"Ever," he nodded, putting a lock on it, miming it, with a nod. "I need to go get ready for the funeral, I'm playing dulcimer. You and Zan can keep blowing up stuff, when you're ready to go, just walk through that drawing downstairs, you'll go back to the inn. Or you can come with me," he beamed.

There's a brilliant smile. She was riding on a happy high she's certain won't fade for at least a little while. "I'll go. I dunno who it's fer, but I don't mind goin' and keeping ya company if ya want it. " She's nodding a few more times, and eying her dress. It was appropriate, right?

Well enough! With Des leading the way, it wasn’t long before they were off and gone to get ready for a funeral!

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 28, 2018 10:24 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

8. Give her a taste of Power.

May 21st - Monday - Late Evening

A few weeks of playing around with her dream weaving and testing the limits of what she could do had her feeling confident. Her conversation, oh so many days ago with Des had left her feeling even more so, plus she felt ready. So tonight, tonight was the night that she decided she was invading the dreams of a certain jerk that had been haunting her life for the longest of times. Maybe it was the mix of booze and special tea that she had consumed before bed, or the fact that she knew what was to come, or maybe even the fact that she had curled up with Freddy, but sleep came blissfully easy for her.

Then, then she was sifting, sorting, wading her way through the various press of dreaming consciousnesses that were all not the one she sought. And then she found it. Zagan’s dreamscape. Familiar, but ever so foreign after so long. She was met with very little resistance….

And then, she was falling, falling, falling, gone.

Roni found herself nestled back in the comfort of the VIP section of the gambling den of Zagan’s estates. The clamour of the rest of the den was a low din in the background. He was currently at a table in the company of several business partners, and their lovely dolls. They seemed to be deep in some kind of conversation. At least until Zagan looked up, and spotted her standing there, scowling at him. Her glamour was gone, and she was draped in a purple and black dress that hugged her curves close.

“Ronixi. Come Doll, Join us.” He didn’t quite realize yet that it was a dream, it had been so long since her real presence had invaded them.

She snorted. “**** off, Zagan, I don’t take orders from ya anymore. I haven’t for a while. And it’s only gunna get worse fer ya now.” A smirk curled the corner of her mouth upwards. In a blink, the den and their surroundings melted away, and into blackness.

She watched the realization dawn on his features that she was so much more than a figment of his dreams.

A frown pulled his features down as she stalked closer to him. “What are you doing here?”

That gave her pause, a moment to tilt her head to the side just a little. Then her head tilted back and laughter bubbled up. “What am I doing here? I plan on doin’ lotsa things while I’m here. See, Zagan. Ya pullin’ the *** ya pulled? It ****in’ hurt, but it’s also set me on a path of learnin’ some stuff about me and what I can do. I’m not a measly little nothin’ like ya absolutely swore I was.” A hand came to plant itself firmly on his chest, before she gave him a solid shove that sent him off kilter.

At the exact moment, Zagan seemed to not have much of anything to say. There might of been a brief flicker of fear in his eyes. Fear that said that he was well aware of just
what she was and a hint of her abilities. It took him a moment before he steadied his stumbling steps from her shove. “I never said you were nothing, Doll.”

“Nah. Yer right. I think yer exact words were somewhere along the lines of never bein’ nothin’ more than yer pretty doll. That ya would take care of me and I wouldn’t have ta worry about anythin’. Yeah? Isn’t that right?” She pressed closer to him, and he backtrack retreated from her…. At least until he backed into the wall that had ever so gracefully appeared behind him.

“Right? That’s what ya told me. The first night ya tore me from my family, and they just threw me away like I was garbage. That I was yers, and ya were gunna take care of me. That all I wanted or needed, just ask. Then shortly after that, ya proceeded ta beat me bloody, and rape me for the first time. I was a child.” There was a defiant tilt of her head as she looked up at him.

”And ya never stopped. Countless beatings, days of being so sore I could barely function. But I listened, and submitted, and did everythin’ that ya wanted me to do. I sat pretty, and kept quiet. I went to your sick lessons arranged to groom me into further bein’ a doll.” Her hands came up to grasp at his shirt, and yank him down close. “While all the while, every day I screamed on the inside. Raged with a fire that would go nowhere, because if I tried anythin’ ya’d just speak my name and command me otherwise. I lost all sense of self and worth.”

Despite the words she spoke, and the venom in her voice, Zagan’s rumble of laughter could be heard. “Luv, yer a doll. My doll. Yer sole purpose is ta look pretty, and accept whatever I wish to do.”

She growled, and took a moment to slam him back, and bounce his head off the now decidedly brick wall behind him. Just because it would hurt later. “No. Zagan. I’m gunna tell you like it is. Y’don’t own me no more. Y’try ta touch me like that in any way or fashion, and I’ll cut yer dick off with an iron blade, and make ya eat it. If ya think m’bluffin’ go ahead. Come find me.”

Silence seemed to crawl up and pervade the air between the two of them.

“I am not a stupid man, Ronixi.”

“Really? I could honestly beg ta differ on that.”

Zagan snorted, and narrowed that neon blue gaze of his on her. “Watch your step.”

“No. Zagan, perhaps ya should watch yers. Ya can’t bully me inta listenin’ ta ya outta fear any more. Stop playin’ coy.” As she spoke, she let him go, and iron fetters instead circled around his wrists, tied him to the brick. The iron burned, even in the dream. “Yer just bein’ a lil’ bitch because of what Siobhan did. And ya would be damned well stupid ta think that she didn’t give me yer name.”

He snarled, and lunged for her, but didn’t get far. A clank of chain stopped him short, and only made him snarl more. “If you really know it, Ronixi, then please, tell me. Prove it.”

Roni herself merely grinned, brilliantly. “Mmmh. That’s makin’ things easy fer ya.. If yer not scared come and find me in the wakin’ world. Then I’ll ****in’ prove it to ya. I’m gunna make ya my bitch. Then I’m gunna fulfill a promise I made ya a looong time ago.” As she spoke, there was a flick of her hand, and from the waist up, he was very suddenly absent of clothing.

Well muscled, with tanned, occasionally scarred skin, and a pretty face, he wasn’t a bad sight. And truth be told, she was reveling a little in being the one that called the shots. He was helpless.

“Ya always were never ugly. That was one thing I had been grateful for. It’s a shame that ya had ta break me. Perhaps things might’ve been a little better if ya had tried befriendin’ me instead. I coulda been a lovely thing to have in yer back pocket, with all that I can do with dreams ‘n all. But that’s yer **** up. Not mine. I just wanna make sure ya remember it every mornin’ when ya get up and go ta put yer shirt on.” She stepped forward and reached out to touch a finger to his chest.

“I know how petty ya are about yer face, and if it wasn’t fer the fact that I don’t want people askin’ what happened to yer sorry ass, I’d do this there.” There’s a malevolent smile that twists the corners of her mouth upwards, and a darkness that glitters in eyes that were already abyssal. His restraints became more with the wall, to keep him further still, and from thrashing about. Then, simply, because she
willed it so, the nail of the finger pressed to his chest became a razor sharp talon, which she didn’t hesitate to stab into the flesh below.

She didn’t hesitate to press hard, cut deep through skin and in muscle, and ever so agonizingly slow, she sliced her way downward in a line along his abdomen. He screamed and writhed helplessly against it, and was left panting by the time she came to a stop when she had gone about a foot. She was quiet as she watched the blood well and run. Such a pretty satisfying red.

“I want ya ta remember every time ya forced yerself on me and raped me. Every time ya beat me because I made a mistake, or said somethin’ ya didn’t like, or spoke out of turn. Every cruel word, and nasty thing ya have done ta me.” Starting from the top of the first line, she started carving another line into his flesh that was shorter and in a downward diagonal.

He made sounds of pain, and she simply raised her voice, “Ya shot my best friend, and almost killed her. Gotten her in more trouble than she’s ever needed. Several times ya have beaten me so bad I wondered if I was gunna die. Two of those times I had desperately wished that I had at the time.” Her brows furrowed as she focused on cutting another diagonal line, this one angled downwards and towards the original one, so all together all three of them made a P.

“Ya have tried to destroy everythin’ that I am so many times…. And despite all that, Zagan.” A bloody hand came up to catch his face, and force him to meet her gaze. “I’m still standin’. And I’m still gunna destroy ya. I haven’t forgotten my promise ta kill ya.” She let him go with disgust, and resumed carving away at flesh so that the P became a R. R for Roni, R for remember.

“There’s only so long that ya can hide from me, Zagan. I find people fer a livin’. And I get paid well ta find these people. So if yer smart yer gunna start runnin’ and not look back, yeah? I mean. Ya always feel the need ta emphasize what such a
smart man ya are. So run. Though, I do think first when ya wake up ya need ta run fer stitches, cuz ya’ll need ‘em.” She took a step back, and reached up to gently caress his face like he did to her in the past so many times before.

“Or, if ya think m’bluffin’ about yer name, come and find me ass hole. M’ready ta **** yer life up. I got years n’years of rage boilin’ inside of me.” She roughly released his face, before she took a couple more steps back at him, and grinned, in almost a taunting manner. Goading him was the kind of recklessness Freddy was trying to steer her away from, but humming on the faint power rush she had right now? She did not care.

“Bring it, bitch.” She snarled the words, then abruptly, everything went black….

And she snapped awake in her own bed, the smell of blood still in the air, and copper tang taste still on the tip of her tongue. Her hands were clean….. Even though somewhere else, Zagan was waking up to find himself covered in blood, as he had been bleeding for a bit in the dream, before it was over. With a sigh, her attention shifted to the slumbering form besides her. She really shouldn’t of poked Zagan so hard, but it felt nice to call the shots for once. She couldn’t help what she had done, and the consequences were for another day.

Instead of trying to find more booze, or staying up and worrying or relying on any of her other bad habits, she simply curled up close to Freddy, and let sleep claim her again.

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