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Through a Child's Eyes

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 09, 2018 3:45 pm    Post subject: Through a Child's Eyes Reply with quote

Desdin is six. He lives in a cramped little apartment with his family over their shop in the marketplace. Being the youngest of four meant he had to do a lot of sharing. All of his clothes were hand-me-downs. He got the bowls at dinner last. And he had to share a bed with his older brother Gerrin who snored so loud the whole house shook. Poor little Desdin didn't have a whole lot of his own, but he did have one spot where being so small he could fit himself when he needed to be alone.

High up in the front room there was just this one big window. Down below was where his mother liked to sit and do her mending, but up above was a smaller window--and a narrow ledge. He was spry and little, so he could climb up there and sit for hours, high above the commotion of his family below. Up there he could pretend that he was all alone. He could watch people passing below. Even better, he had the best view of the big fountain in the square.

He liked that fountain. He liked water in general, but they didn't get to the beach very often. Too much to do, his mother would say. When you're older, you can go on your own. But he knew he'd be just like his siblings and have to work in the store before too much longer, and then he would be busy all the time, too. So when the store was open and his mother wanted him out from under her feet, but somewhere within her line of sight, he could go over and play in the fountain.

Not too long ago the Watch had scolded him for splashing around, but he was quick and they were slow. He was careful to keep an eye out for them now. Once there had been tons of goldfish! That was great. He could chase them forever, but when caught them he'd let them go. His mother said he couldn't keep one and he learned very quickly they didn't do well in a jar hidden in the back alley. Now that the weather was getting hot other kids would occasionally come out and splash with him, but really, he preferred it to be just his spot.

It was late and he was supposed to be in bed, but he was up there on his ledge watching the people in the square. There was a pretty lady sitting on the fountain talking to a man with glowing marks on his face. Desin thought that was very neat. Tattoos were so cool and these were even better. Not long after they greeted another man--this one quite dark--and there was one with a pair of horses. They all seemed to know each other, so he imagined what they might be talking about. Boring adult things, of course, it was never anything interesting.

His eyes started to flutter closed. He should get down and go to bed now, because when he slept up there his neck hurt in the morning. But Gerrin was already snoring and he tried to resist. He thought about the book his sister got him from the library that had been full of pictures of sea animals. He couldn't read the words, but he didn't need to. The pictures and his imagination were enough.

In particular he liked the jellyblobs. Kiara said they were jellyfish but they didn't look like fish at all. They were blobs with streamers dangling down and it looked like they could fly. Wouldn't it be so cool if they flew in the air instead of swimming in the sea? He could have one as a pet.

Before long his eyes drifted shut and stayed that way. It was a pity, because while he slept he missed the commotion in the square as a giant jellyfish rose out of the fountain. He didn't see the people he'd been watching scramble as they realized this bizarre apparition wasn't friendly. That was because as he dreamed about jellyfish he imagined that they would be his protectors. Wouldn't that be great? His siblings wouldn't bully him at all if he had them!

Three more jellyfish appeared out of the fountain. Desdin didn't know at all. As he slumbered the four--turned five--did battle in the square. What were jellyblobs made of? In his dream they were really jelly. Inflated blobs full of thick, sticky, gooey jelly. But they lived in the sea, so it probably didn't smell all that great. Down there the twang of a crossbow bolt made Desdin snort and stir, but he didn't wake. He didn't see one of the jellies pop like a balloon to shower the combatants in goop.

Life and dream collided. His little face scrunched up, because suddenly he was seeing a fight. One of the jellies had tangled with the nice kebabman who always snuck him treats. That wasn't very nice! The jellies shouldn't do that, they should be fun. So instead of hurting they would tickle! The riotous laughter in the square was almost enough to wake him.

He liked these warriors he'd dreamed up, too. The pretty lady with her knives, the dark elf with his crossbow. The mage and his glowing runes, and the pale man with his whip. There was another girl, but she faded away before too long. The foursome was mighty and took down the evil jellies until all that was left was the Queen. But they didn't know its weakness and so she ran away to the fountain to go back to the water realm through the portal.


He woke up with a start at his father's angry voice.

"Desdin, get down and go to bed," his father demanded and stomped away. Desdin yawned and stretched, looking out at the square one last time. The lag between dream and reality meant that the people down there were already gone. He hadn't seen the Queen disappear. Or the goop that had coated the square until he woke.

He climbed down from his window never knowing it had all been real for at least a few people.

(Written for Perchance to Dream based on live play with Mist, Cianan, Khason, Sira, and Roni!)

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Adult Wyrm
Adult Wyrm

Joined: 15 Jun 2015
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PostPosted: Mon Jul 09, 2018 3:46 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

(lightly edited log)

Sira: A pleasant, clear night. It was a little warmer than Sira would have liked for this hour, but far better than it had been during the day. She'd come into the city to do a little shopping for the week, and ended up finding herself in the marketplace to grab a light, late dinner. There was a food stall that sold all sorts of things on skewers that were nice and tasty. She got a couple different kinds, some kind of meat that was supposedly chicken, and another of fresh summer vegetables. Armed with something to nibble on she headed for the big fountain to sit while she ate.

Mist Gul: Cheery, but rather than to have his gaze in the stars and sky, golden eyes were keen, intent, present. It was too dangerous not to be paying attention in the marketplace. A couple of shopping bags looped over his shoulder, his step light as he moved along through the thinning crowds. A pause, spotting a familiar face, then likely eying the food she had, he altered his own course and stepped to the booth to purchase a few skewers and veggies. He trailed after Sira and dipped a nearly comic bow to her. He didn't want to get the skewers into his hair, or vice versa. "Hello. May I join you?"

Khason: It's not often that the Maraskai ventured into the City any more, other than to work. Tonight, it had been work and business both... the first done, the second in progress. The grey mare arches her neck around, muzzle resting on a shoulder covered in glass-silk, as the horseman fits another brick of dried, compressed algae into the pack saddle on her back, carefully balancing the load. The bricks are dense, heavier than one might expect given the material - but Seraki's short in the back, and stronger than she looks. Collecting the halter's lead, and the reins of the fleabitten mare, Kha nods his thanks to the merchant. All loaded.

Sira: She had been lost in her thoughts when Mist approached. It's hard to miss him with his glowing runes, but she had, and she started when he spoke. "Oh, go right ahead," she said with a faint smile and a gesture to the open stretch of ledge.

Mist Gul: "Thank you," a flare of brilliant smile, and he turned to settle on the indicated space, tossing his head to get his hair out of the way. His bags set aside, and he rummaged into one to withdraw a bottle of watermelon water. He set it between them with a nod. "Have some, if you like. It's good. No sugar, so I can't get all hyperactive." He didn't need sugar to go high strung, but humor him.

Sira: She glanced at the bottle. "Oh, thank you. I didn't think to get something to drink." She carefully bit into a chunk of chicken. "These are pretty good."

Mist Gul: "I like most food that's cooked outdoors, especially in summer. It means I don't have to heat up the kitchen," he chuckled softly, pausing to gnaw on a pork chunk. "It always reminds me of good things. Sitting around a fire and trying not to drop anything into it."

Cianan: Cianan was in the area as well, moving from one shop to the next, peeking in to go about the goods, and just distract himself from things. Sweet shop? Sure. Clothing shop? Especially if they had some nice vests, or a good jacket. The Drow's hair (which had grown) was short, but smoothed back, and he had on no tie this evening. The buttons on his shirt were mostly open, as he tended to do when he wasn't at work.

Sira: "I don't cook much, I'm not very good at it. But it's easy enough to stick something on a grill or over a fire. But I really like it when it's warm out and there are plenty of places to buy food on my way home." She was about to take a bite out of a vegetable when she spotted Cianan. She lifted a hand to get his attention.

Mist Gul: He laughed softly. "I had to learn. But I started with this. I like doing it now..." His head tilted as he watched her wave over to Cianan. He regarded the drow man for a few moments before nodding. "I remember him. That's Cianan, right?" Find out now before you mispronounce it!

Cianan: Cianan paused, and his head turned when he saw something in his periphery. Oh. It was Sira! That was unexpected, he moved, tossing his shopping back over his shoulder. Mist was there as well? He sauntered his way in their direction, stuffing his free hand in his pocket. "Evening."

Khason: No stirrups on the leather pad that serves as Amaiat's saddle, but the Maraskai doesn't need any. A hand on her withers and a boneless slinging vault hook a leg over the flea-bitten grey's back, and Kha settles astride comfortably, legs hanging long and weight over the mare's shoulders. Collecting her reins, the other horse's lead gets looped under a thigh as he surveys the visible marketplace from that vantage, attention caught and held first by a figure far to tall and pointy in the ears to be Maraskai... but otherwise similar. A familiar one, at that, a count that doubles as Kha takes note of the woman beside the elf.

Sira: "Yes, Cianan," she repeated the name, a little more loudly as the drow drew in closer. "Good evening. Out enjoying this lovely night?"

Mist Gul: "Hello," a chime of voice, a smile flared to Cianan, and then pausing, head tilted once more, and he waved to Khason. "It's a lovely evening."

Sira: She hadn't noticed Kha over there until he'd mounted up. Once she had she raised a hand to wave. Lips parted to offer another greeting, but there was a bubbling noise behind her that drew her to twist around and peer into the water instead.

Cianan: "I am. It's been a while since I've been out shopping. Just decided to get a few things. How about you both?" He paused glancing up at the night, "It is a nice night out." His jabbed his tongue into his cheek, considering it a bit, "How are you all"

Khason: A smile flashes, easy and natural, for the two familiar figures. A third, recognized if not familiar... the drow receives a polite nod, as the nudge of a lizardskin boot sends the mare toward the fountain, reins slack on the mare's neck. A slow, ambling pace... suitable for moving a horse through crowds, and with no sign of flightiness from either animal.

Mist Gul: "I'm doing well. I'm taking a bit of time off of work. Well, in the city. But there's not much to be done in the village other than to make sure that the goats are milked and the chickens are fed." humorously, taking a few more bites of the kebab. "I picked up a few things for the cave."

Cianan: "Mm. Did you ever get the bears out of your cave, Mist? Or are they at least starting to pay rent, now?" He shifted, and brought the bag down off his shoulder, reaching into it. A box, that was opened up for some small macarons, brightly colored! He would offer them to Mist and Sira.

Sira: Sira peered into the water a little longer, but whatever caused the bubbling didn't appear. She turned back around. "I've been well. Cianan, I've been meaning to give you a call--" Oh, there was the bubbling again, this time more intense and when she turned the water was churning with little eddies.

Mist Gul: "They have their own caves. The big one doesn't bother me so much, though. The female doesn't mind me, her cubs regard me as a sort of chew toy snack and petting dispenser," he replied, amused. He paused, brows quirking, as the fountain started bubbling. He glanced back curiously.

Cianan: Bubbling? Cianan paused in his offering of cookies, to pull the box back slightly as he turned over his shoulder trying to figure out where those bubbling sounds were coming from. "Someone have a Jacuzzi or something? " His brow furrowed, and soon he was dismissing it to put the box in reaching distance for Sira and Mist. "I mean, that's good for the winter right? All that snuggling."

Mist Gul: "They have their own cave for that," he scoffed softly. He finished off a kebab, so he reached for one of the macarons. He loved those. "Jacuzzi, is the bubbling tubs...?"

Khason: A shift of weight brings both horses to a halt, a bit behind the drow. Head turned to the side, the flea-bitten mare watches with reserved interest, just the canny attentiveness of an animal, as Kha arches his body in a mounted bow. "Good evening, Mist, Sira. Elf." He might be forgiven not remembering Cianan's name, if he'd ever heard it. "Does something live in the pool? If so, I think it's hungry." Are there still goldfish in there?

Sira: She was done with her kebabs as well, so she also reached for a sweet. At the moment the bubbling was just that. Weird, out of place, but just bubbling. "It wouldn't surprise me if something lived in there." So far she was wary, but not all too concerned.

Mist Gul: "Hello, Khason, it's good to see you again. How is your home faring?" he asked with a flare of smile, only to shrug slightly as he glanced back to the pool. "I don't know, but I've seen quite enough water fae to not be surprised at all if there was one in there."

Khason: As comfortable on horseback as another might have been in a lounging chair - and far more so than he would have been in a lounging chair - the Maraskai's smile as as easy as the breeze. "It's doing very well. I've opened up the cavity in the back, and turned it into a living quarters, so I no longer wake up with a horse's nose in my face. At least they're too well trained to turn the other end toward me, else I might have had something less pleasant to wake up to."

Mist Gul: Mist's trying to turn all the elf like species into cave dwellers.

Cianan: "Mm. No doubt. There used to be a horse trough with a gigantic lobster in it." He wasn't sure how that all came about, but he remembered it. "Also all the things I put in the sewer.." Not on purpose, but, you know, it was out of his hands.

Sira: She listened to the chatter going on around her while still watching the water froth. For a moment it seemed to calm, but then instead of many little bubbles one giant bubble started to form. And it started to glow.

Khason: Kha, at least, came pre-disposed to the concept of using a cave for functional purposes. And the climate's much more friendly. Though it's one of the few times that the horseman has been seen in the temperate port town without a sweater on. He shows none of the signs of considering the climate warm, though... in fact, the tension in his shoulders might suggest that it's a bit chilly. It is, for a Maraskai. Glancing down at Cianan, he inclines his head politely. "I've seen a lobster. It reminded me of a scorpion, with the tail curved the wrong way. What is a sewer?" Glancing up at the glow, the Maraskai focuses on the bulging object cautiously.

Mist Gul: He snickered softly at Khason's living issues. "I'm glad Steven and Greg have their own stable. I remember sleeping with Bitty, my first horse. She was a perfect lady." Well that sounded much odder than he meant it to sound.

Cianan: Cianan was moving to collect one of the macarons for himself, and glanced over to Kha, nodding his head. The box would be offered in that direction as well.

Sira: "Rain's stables is nicer than my house..." she noted dryly. And then the glowing bubble, which had been rather pretty, really, burst. Or rather, what was causing it broke through the surface. The jellyfish was much, much larger than one you'd typically find at the beach. With it's cap flared it was a good four feet across and those tentacles... as the thing rose out of the water they trailed at least seven feet below.

Mist Gul: Something glowing that wasn't him? His brows quirked and he glanced back, then slid to his feet, narrowing golden eyes as he tried to look through the dark water and bubbles. ...There it is. His eyes widened and he stepped back again.

Khason: The extended box catches the horseman's eye belatedly, deflecting his attention. There's a flicker of a smile to go with the shake of his head. "No, thank you. I've found most of the local food is a bit... rich for what I'm used to."

Sira: All white from top to bottom, ghost-like and ethereal. Sira was up from the fountain in a flash, she didn't even notice that despite displacing the water, it didn't seem wet.

Cianan: "...Huh." Cianan took a step back, and then a second when the glowing started gaining height, "...One of you aren't doing this for an illusion, or prank are you?" He just wanted to be sure before he did something. Let's keep slide stepping back to give the thing more room.

Sira: Sira side-eyed Mist. As far as she knew he was the only one among them who could create illusions.

Mist Gul: "I don't even know what that is," he admitted, wide eyed. "Uhm. Hello?" he ventured to the jelly.

Khason: Sitting back on his ass bones on the riding pad, the Maraskai turns his attention back to the gelatinous blob rising from the water, drawing a slow breath as he reaches down to rest a hand on the mare's shoulder. "I do not think that I could create anything like that. Not even if I knew what it was. It's hard enough just using dust to create little birds-eye illusions." Ears pricked, the mare watches the strange apparition as intently as her rider - unlike the one behind her, who is backing up to the end of her lead.

Cianan: "I think I'm going to put the macarons down.. if it eats them, maybe he'll leave us alone." Cianan took the box, and slowly placed it on the ground, and shuffled back a few more feet to give it a wide berth.

Sira: Just as if it were swimming in the sea, the jelly's smooth gelatinous bell fluttered serenely, its tentacles fluttering a little as it hovered there now fully out of the water. "It's a jellyfish? But... it's huge!" Sira, stating the obvious. The jelly was mostly still until Cianan moved with the box and then one of the tentacles swiped in his direction.

Cianan: Well. Cianan was going to bolt out of the way, dropping his shopping back, and taking up a quick roll, only to land on his butt. Coughing, and undignified, he was now struggling to get back up to his feet, and start reaching for the pouch resting against his outer thigh! "Okay. It didn't want the Macarons. We may have a problem!"

Mist Gul: "...What's a jellyfish? It doesn't look like a fish..." he pointed out, hopping back when it swept its tentacles towards Cianan.

Roni: Today was one of those off days, where the office felt claustrophobic, and as much as she enjoyed Freddy's company, she didn't quite want company today. So she ended up grabbing a couple of books, and a stack of case files that she needed to work on, and stole away to Siobhan's and hers apartment down by marketplace... Instead of accomplishing anything close to useful like work, she cleaned. and dusted, and now, she was on her way home. At least after food, because currently she wandering about, trying to decide on what she actually wanted to eat.

Sira: Luckily for Cianan, the jelly was neither fast nor very coordinated. "It's... that." She pointed as she scrambled backwards. The fountain was bubbling again and the next three jellies to emerge were only half the size of the first.

Khason: Without looking away from the blob, Kha tips his head in response to Sira's identification. "I've heard of jelly, and fish. I think the sailer's on the ship I arrived here on pointed out things they called jellyfish, but those were always under the water. They said they couldn't come out. The top does look like one, but I never saw the part underneath." Really, the top's kind of pretty. The bottom's horrific! However, at least Kha's remembering a little more about them, now. "Don't they sting?" That has the Maraskai legging his mare back and away, and reaching for the bow sheathed behind the saddle! Laminated horn, short, thick... and unstrung.

Cianan: Oh thank goodness! He was rolling back up to his feet, and sliding to the side. Battle ready! "...So.. does anyone know where their vulnerable parts are? Like.. guts, and stuff? They.. look weird." He wasn't exactly sure. Go for the eyes? What eyes? Go for the joints? No go there. It was like fighting a gelatinous cube.

Mist Gul: "...What..." he noted, wide eyed, and backing away another step. "What... what are they? Are they dangerous?"

Sira: "They don't usually fly." Oh crap, now there were more!? "Yes, they usually sting. The dangly parts have thousands of them." The jellies had apparently been waiting for the whole gang to appear, because now that all four were out, they were floating towards the foursome staring at them.

Cianan: "Hey.. so.." Cianan was shifting to the side. "I'm going to go.. I think you have this all covered here, right?"

Mist Gul: "Uhm." he noted, intelligently, lifting his hands, casting a shielding spell over them all, a simple partial sphere glimmering in pale tones of the blue of his runes. "I really don't want to just cast one them, I don't know what will happen."

Khason: Dangly parts are dangerous. The Maraskai takes note of that, as he slides off the mare's pad-saddle, dropping to the ground without the bow. A short word sends the mare, ears pinned flat, skulking back the way they'd just come - toward the algae-merchant's booth, her herd mate close at her hip. Really, a bow would be a fairly useless weapon, against something like that. A startled glance tips toward the drow, but Kha makes no reply, merely straightening from his landing to look up at the nearest of the four jellies.

Sira: "...Chicken," she accused Cianan. Though she was also eyeing the best way to get out of the square, even if for the moment it appeared they were safe. "They just want to cuddle." A fair dozen tentacles collided with Mist's shield and bounced off harmlessly.

Mist Gul: "Tentacles are bad. I've seen the internet," Mist pointed out tersely. He glanced back. "Roni?!"

Cianan: "Oh. No. I'm not afraid." Cianan waved off that notion. "..But, you know. This seems like it's going to be a lot of effort." And he'd lazy. But he sighed, "Fine, fine." He swirled his hands around and four orbs of light came to life, he was going to send them flying around the jelly fish, each one would get their own. Distraction! Blobs of light floating around the.. blobs of supposed fish.

Sira: Oh look. Another meatbag to play with. One of the smaller jellies remained behind with the shield, while the others were seeking out easier targets.

Khason: A hand slides under the loose drape of the glass-silk shirt, to tug lightly at the handle of his whip. The dull glitter of scaled leather is a clean white against the cobbles as its coils drop to the stones around his feet, and Kha steps out of them to flick the lash into a coil to one side, balanced on a back-turned wrist. Far more effective against gelatinous things! Maybe... Watching the tentacles lash against the shielding, the Maraskai studies Mist for a moment,

Roni: Commotion.... was always enough to draw her eye, as was the sound of her name. She blinked twice. "Mist! The **** are those?" Well. They look like jellyfish.... but obviously they are not of the normal variety. And Yeah, She's not coming any closer than she had already wandered.

Khason: before turning his attention back to the blobs. "If they are aggressive, won't they turn on whoever they can, if left alone?"

Mist Gul: "Nononono go back into the water go back into the water!" Mist yelped as the jellies meandered. He'd hoped they weren't smart enough to figure out moving away from the shield. He nodded to Khason, and with Roni standing there, that pushed his thought process along quickly. His hand clenched, he made a throwing motion with a spoken word, flicking a softball sized spin of light after the Jelly closest to Roni. It wasn't a fireball,

Mist Gul: rather a small spinning nimbus of sunlight energy.

Sira: "I would think so," she sighed. Seeing as they were already doing just that! Vendors at their stalls who had been watching unconcerned because doesn't stuff like this happen all the time? Were now fleeing as the jellyfish floated their ways. One of the smaller ones was heading right for Roni, while another had managed to corner the kebab vendor. The flashy orbs Cianan had made didn't seem to draw their interest.

Sira: Oh, but Mist's light ball was more effective! The jelly listed off its course. Except now instead of glowing white, it turned bright red!

Mist Gul: Oh great, it's eaten one of those color changing lights!

Cianan: Ugh. Cianan grumbled and stopped moving his hands to direct the balls of light, and they would just slowly fade out of existence. Well hell. Cianan just withdrew his bat from the ouch, shifting it over and resting it on his shoulder. He glanced from the side, and over to the macarons in the box still on the ground, before he reached back into his hip pouch and withdrew a small hand crossbow. He lifted, and fired at the red one. "I don't know if poison will work on these things. "

Khason: Teeth flash in a smile that's as easy as usual, as Kha singles out one of the jellies. A flick and snap send the lash uncoiling backwards, to lick around over his head - at least the Maraskai takes care that no one is standing too closely behind him! Hopefully, Mist had dropped that shield to throw magic through it... otherwise, rather than the razor-leathered lash slicing toward the tentacles of the nearest jelly - the one who'd stuck around close to them - it

Khason: would just be splatting against the inside of a shield.

Sira: Sira didn't have very many tricks up her sleeves. Throwing fire would be great right now, but that never seemed to work when she wanted it to. She palmed one of her throwing knives, wondering if these things were solid enough for that to work, and there goes Cianan firing at it! "Oh I really hope that doesn't bounce off..."

Mist Gul: "What normally kills them?" he asked reasonably. He eyed the red one. The shield he'd dropped when he realized it wasn't all that much help. He ducked when Khason lashed at it, then gauged the distance between he and Roni anxiously.

Roni: .....She can't help but stare at the Jelly headed her way for a moment, though before she has a chance to do anything... magic comes to smack it away. "This is the second time this week... that somethin' random's decide ta just screw peoples days." A sigh, and a frown as it went from glowy white to angry red. "I think ya made it angry Mist." Ever casual, while her fingers are delving under skirts, before retreating with the Sigma she always carried.

Roni: She sucks when it's super up close and personal, but she's a pretty accurate shot. So, she liked guns. Most of that was Antonia's fault. Or that's who she would blame.

Sira: Two hits! The jelly that Cianan had fired upon was hit by the bolt and something rather unusual happened. It's shape distorted upon impact and then it sort of... popped. Raining down red jelly all over the square. The whip, on the other hand, sliced through the tentacle, which came cleanly off and fell whole to the ground where it writhed. That jelly also turned red and now it really lashed out at Kha.

Sira: "I don't know how to kill them... they mostly just leave you alone!" Oh jesus.

Cianan: "...I don't know.." He popped one! Hooray! He gave his hand crossbow a bit of a pat, and backing up. Tucking his baseball bat under his arm so he could snag another crossbow bolt out of his pouch!

Sira: Over there on the other side of the square, one of the jellies had caught the kebab vendor in a tangle of tentacles. Just wrapped him up. It should have been extremely painful--after all, those nematocysts are full of stinging toxins. But for some reason he started to laugh uncontrollably.

Khason: A flick recoils the lash as it carves through a tentacle, and in the same motion the Maraskai is ducking to the side, away from the rain of red jelly nearby - and the tentacles lashing at him! A shoulder tucked into a forward roll, and Kha keeps his arm extended to keep the whip out of it as he snakes back to his feet, the continuation of the motion circling the lash back around behind him with a hiss across the cobbles to aim a crack toward the body of the jellyfish. Just to see if this one would pop, as well! "The sailors said they get eaten by little tiny slugs." For dodging tentacles, Kha's voice is more controlled than one might expect. Then again, Maraska's not nearly as peaceful as Rhy'din.

Mist Gul: "...Oh Gross!" Mist yelped. He was a lot faster with defensive spells, and flicked his fingers at the mandala on his chest, then outwards. A swift flash of energy rushed outwards, intended to flash-fry the goop. He hesitated when the vendor started laughing, his brows knitting. "...What...?"

Sira: The jellyfish Kha was battling seemed to know what the pale Maraskai was going to do. It rose high enough that its bell was out of reach of the whip, but it really wanted to tangle with the man, so the tentacles took the brunt of the lash. This time one didn't fall, but it writhed with the strike and tried again to whip at Kha.

Sira: The jelly that had the kebab man kept hold for a couple of minutes and untangled to seek another victim. The man dropped to the ground, literally rolling around laughing. So one jelly was down, one jelly was picking on Kha, and one was all the way over there. Where had the big one gone?

Roni: Uncontrollable laughter pulls her attention briefly from the Mad Jelly that initially had been focused on her. A headtilt and brow perk followed two beats. "So much fer a whole day of nothin' eventful happenin'. Damnit." Grump.

Cianan: Cianan would move to give Kha some support, with the bolt loaded in, he'd take aim and fire again, hoping to pop the thing! A harsh twang, and another poisoned bolt went flying. Wait. Where had the big one gone, the bolt was fired, and Cianan wasn't looking to make sure it hit. Paranoia had him scanning around looking for the big one.

Khason: One jelly popped, one eating a kebaber, one trying it's tentacles at whip fighting... where's the last one? Pivoting to scan the area, this time, the Maraskai doesn't drop and roll to dodge tentacles. Instead he steps into the flailing, lifting an arm to let one wrap around it. It would find that silk about as permeable as the glass it's named for - and not made from. The whip's already snapping around over his head again, to aim a broad slash of sharp-scaled lizard hide at the tentacles - including the one he'd aimed to intercept with his arm! - when Cianan fires a second bolt. It's entirely possible the Maraskai gets doused in goo.

Sira: There goes another tentacle! But the second bolt didn't work like the first had. Instead of hitting the bell from the side it hit underneath, which apparently didn't work the same way! The bolt disappeared into the jelly and it was now trying to get Cianan with what tentacles remained. But this meant it had to drop lower again.

Mist Gul: Tiny little slugs. His brows knit as he thought that over. He glanced back at the remaining jellies and dashed for the afflicted man. This time touching over his eye, he cast a diagnostic spell over the vendor, trying to keep the rest of them in sight.

Sira: Sira had moved away from those two, and was scanning the area for the big jelly. It was as if it had disappeared. Maybe it had left the square? The third small jelly that had dined on kebab was now going after Roni. And then for some reason Sira looked up. "Oh sh--!!" It had risen high above the group and now was dropping right into their midst!

Cianan: "Oh. Crap." Cianan slung the hand crossbow to the side, and raised up the baseball bat, enchanted heavily as it was, and swung hard, in a wild left handed swing to try and connect and block the tentacle from getting too close. Laughing? No thanks. Of course, the balance wasn't quite right.

Sira: The vendor was... okay. A rash had broken out over his skin which probably wasn't going to feel nice, but the laughter was starting to subside. The stingers instead of stinging caused a little hysteria!

Khason: Poor, abused jelly! It's just as well that Kha had left his bow on the mare - the bladed heads might have sliced right through the jelly's body, and who knows where the arrow would have ended up? With the jelly dropping, and going after the drow, Kha doesn't ask twice for a chance - and he doesn't just bring the whip slashing around again. Ducking past the creature while it's distracted, the horseman hops up onto the edge of the fountain to gain more elevation... and again the whip slashes, but aimed to whip up from behind him, over and down onto the top of the jellyfish. Kha hadn't spotted the one dropping from above, just yet.

Mist Gul: "Oh boy." He muttered, and cast a quick antihistamine over the poor fellow. "Pull out the spines," he noted to the man's co workers, getting back to his feet and returning to the fray. "The stingers are giving a rash and ... like... laughing gas...?" Maybe they'd gotten into Smilex gas? Who knew? He paused when he noted the one descending on Sira, and quickly flung two of the hot sunshine orbs at it.

Sira: "Guys! Up!" Sira had a knife in either hand, and although she had seen what happened to the bolt, she hurled both at the descending blob. Both got swallowed up whole, but the jelly also veered a little off course to come down outside of the group instead of right on top. The tentacle Cianan batted was knocked away and it was just trying again when Kha's whip hit the bell. Gross! This one popped, too, and the goop is reeeaaallly sticky. And smelly.

Sira: One direct hit! The first sunshine orb hit the Big Mama and made it list and shudder, but pushed it enough that the second one didn't hit.

Cianan: "Up? Up?" Cianan looked up. "Oh." He needed to get back into ranged, after that tentacle was shunted away with the smack of the magical bat, he was making a dive for the crossbow. The bat went back into his arm pit, and Cianan was soon running up a wall, while his hand was back in his pouch searching for another bolt, so he could potentially get the high ground.

Khason: A pop... and the whip licks back and over, to snap like a rifle's discharge a few meters behind the Maraskai. Just to send the jelly spraying, rather than have it stay on there. It doesn't matter how sticky or smelly that slime is, Kha would rather go through it than end up in the water behind him - and not just because of what had come out of it! Launching off the fountain's edge, he skids on the edge of the jelly slick until the soles of his boots bite into the cobbles beneath it. Catching his balance, Kha doesn't go for the largest one. Mist, Sira and Cianan all seem to be focused on it! Taking a moment to orient himself, the Maraskai searches for the remaining smaller blob, instead... the kebabeater.

Sira: The big one... wasn't looking so big anymore? For some reason it looked like it had shrunk since getting struck! On the other hand, the blob that was going after Roni had grown!

Mist Gul: "That's so nasty," he muttered, then glanced around anxiously to find where his grumpy puss sister was.

Cianan: Cianan was going to stay horizontal, coming to a stop and hanging stuck on that wall. He had a handful of crossbow bolts now, sticking between his fingers, and he was loading another one up! "Yo. Tiny Girl! Watch yourself!" He had a good vantage point to call out to Roni! Then he was taking another shot for the momma jelly!

Sira: Sira had lost a shoe. The flat had gotten stuck to the ground by the goop and so now she had just the one as she tossed more knives at the big jelly. They did nothing but keep it distracted and focused on her while Cianan got into position and... Direct hit! But instead of exploding like the others it just shuddered... and shrunk again. Now it was almost as small as the other gloopers had been. "Keep hitting it!"

Cianan: "It's hard to reload while I'm up here!" Cianan called down from the side of the building he was at! He at least had good sights on the bell of the jelly! He grabbed the baseball bat and shoved it back into the hip pouch, before attempting to reload his hand crossbow. Whoops.. one of the bolts slipped out of his hand, and bounced off the floor. Next bolt!

Khason: Still in a low crouch, one hand on the cobbles - the unslimed ones, fortunately! - and boot soles gluey with goo, Kha completes the flick that had snapped the whip to bring it forward, and coil it on the ground before him. Those boots wouldn't be coming off as easily as Sira's shoe... they're strapped on. This time, the Maraskai uses his free hand to fumble for the pouch around his throat, removing a blue stone - an elongated egg shape, just a few inches long, which he wraps his fingers around. With the focus stone in hand, there's a warping in the air above the kebabeater headed for Roni - just a distortion, to focus and concentrate light, much like using a magnifying glass to start a fire. Just gathering the surrounding light into a small, focused point, aimed at the top of the jelly. How effective that would be.... well...

Mist Gul: He held his fire as he saw Khason's movements, tense, golden eyes fixed and cool.

Sira: Fire bad! It certainly hit the jelly, but unlike the projectiles it didn't pop. What happened instead was it went a bit mad, going through a whole rainbow of colors and lashing out blindly. Oh no. Did not like that! We got a runner, ladies and gentlemen! It was trying to leave the square.

Khason: Now, if that has that effect... Knuckles paling even more around the stone, Kha's going to have a hellacious over-strain headache. But he's dealt with those before. Pale eyes narrow on the jelly, and he spins the Lens around it - to keep the pinpoint at its outside. Hopefully, that would send it back toward the fountain... if not, he wouldn't be able to hold the lens for more than a few meters. And talking while holding it at all is out of the question.

Mist Gul: Ah hah. A foxy grin flared across his features, and this time, he threw a large, spinning ball of fire after the fleeing jelly, a fluid movement to pitch it as if he was launching a fast ball over the plate.

Cianan: "Someone please protect the macaron, while you're down there!" He did decide to help after all! Cianan fired off the next bolt with a savage PTWONG! Aiming again for the flaming bell!

Khason: Hopefully, the macaron hadn't been under the jellyfall!

Mist Gul: Not the macaron!

Sira: Cianan's yell had distracted Sira. She looked towards the box, just a flash of a look, to see that it was closed, and it was enough that she missed the oncoming tentacle! It hit her arm just as the bolt hit! The jelly shrunk again, now only about two feet across. It too decided it'd taken enough pain and was fleeing for the fountain! The other blob had gotten redirected by Kha's next hit, and struck again with fire, and while it didn't pop it fell from the sky to pancake against the ground where it lay still. Ded.

Mist Gul: "Sira!" he called, running towards her, but not willing to throw another fireball with her so close to the damn thing.

Cianan: "...Oh darn. I'm never going to hear the end of this." Cianan's feet detached from the wall, and he twisted in the air to land on his feet with a grump! Oof, a careful back stretch, and a shake out of his limbs, before he reached down to pluck up the bolt he dropped, and headed over to Sira, "Is she alright?"

Khason: Poor jellies! The Maraskai isn't going to be much of any help with the remaining blob. Pupils contracted to pinpoints, Kha keeps his eyes squinted nearly shut as he fumbles for the pouch again, to slip the focus-stone back into it. The lens dissolves as soon as his concentration is broken, the air un-warping as though it had never been distorted, but Kha seems entirely unconscious of the blob headed back toward the fountain. Hopefully the remaining jellyfish had let go of Sira's arm before heading for the fountain!

Sira: At first she was going to say she was fine. The tentacle had hit her in the sleeve, so maybe the stingers hadn't penetrated? But no. After a minute she clutched at her arm which was now tingling... and try as she might she couldn't stop the laughter! Oh god. The jelly had made it to the fountain and dove right into the water. Anyone watching would notice that it just sort of disappeared.

Cianan: "...I didn't even know Sira could laugh." Cianan watched on horrified. The jellies had been defeated, they could slink off.

Mist Gul: He skidded to a halt beside Sira and muttered as he realize the Jelly vanished, then he turned to her. "...It's kind of... cute," he agreed with Cianan. Thus cementing the fact that Sira likely would be clacking their heads together soon. "Antihistamine spell," he noted, giving her a moment to say yes or no. Or gigglenod or guffawheadshake.

Khason: Straightening up slowly, Kha blinks away the glaze of a migraine enough to take note of Sira's laughter - and Cianan and Mist's preoccupation with Sira. Which suits the Maraskai perfectly, since it allows him to gather his shirt up out of the way, exposing the broad band of leather laced around his waist and lower ribs. The purpose is simple enough.. the whip flicks out, to snap softly and dislodge any detritus or slime remaining, before whipping back in to wrap around the leather and lock itself in place. Dropping his shirt over all again, Kha moves toward the other three, though he doesn't approach too closely. Mostly because healing isn't something the Maraskai is anything resembling a professional at.

Sira: If she could glare at the moment she would be giving Cianan such a black look. But she couldn't. All she could do was clutch at her sides and keep from doubling over from the full body tickle the venom caused. She could only nod to Mist. Emphatically.

Cianan: "..Yes. it is." Cianan sounded quite perplexed when he agreed with Mist! ...He still took a step back.

Mist Gul: Antihistamine it was, a simple cantrip which would feel like a fine spray over the affected area, and should begin to neutralize the other effects. He coughed a few times, because laughter is contagious. He thought he did it well enough, but he didn't, really. But, he did start plucking out the spines and flicking them to a trash can.

Khason: Belatedly, it occurs to Kha that there had been four - but with the amount of goo around, and the fact that seeing isn't his strong point at the moment, the Maraskai takes a cue from the others that it's been dealt with. Exhaling a long, careful breath, Kha inclines his head to the three politely before half turning toward where the algae merchant's booth is. The merchants had fled for shelter - in his credit, the old man had tried to drag the mares off as well, though Amaiat would be about as budgeable as a thousand pound brick. A short word brings the battle-mare picking her way back toward the fountain, pack-horse tagging along behind her reluctantly.

Sira: Two popped, one pancaked, one disappeared. The jellies had been dealt with, and look, only two casualties! The kebab man had taken off as soon as he could stop laughing, and Sira there felt almost immediate relief from the spell. The spot where she'd been struck still tingled, but she managed to stop laughing and take in big gulps of air.

Cianan: "Sira. How are you?" Cianan peeked over to her, raising up on his tip toes to look at her from his position a bit back.

Mist Gul: "Do you want me to take you to the emergency room?" he asked, taking in a breath and looking around warily. Roni seemed to have grumped her way home, he'd go find her soon.

Sira: "I'm fine," she insisted between breaths. "I'm fine." She shook her head at Mist. "No, that's okay, I'm fine." Three times means they'll believe her more, right? She scratched at the rashy spot and pulled free another spine. "Jesus."

Khason: Which reminds Kha of something else... with a hand resting casually on the mare's withers, Kha grinds a boot sole into the cobbles to break loose some of the slime, and then the other. Just so that he can cross to the macaron box, and bend down to retrieve it, horse serving as seeing-eye beast for the most part. Extending the box toward the drow, Kha nods toward the offering. "Your cookies survived, I think."

Mist Gul: "Well, call me if you aren't, I need to make sure Roni's okay," he smiled with a soft laughter. He couldn't remember if Sira had his number, so he drew out one of his cards to give her. "Oh, good, it'd be awful if the cookies were ruined, those are so good," he added with a flicker of smile. "It was ... interesting to see you all," he added with a laugh and bow.

Cianan: "I'm glad you're alright!" Cianan called, glancing over to the box of macarons. He's just going to make sure, slyly, that the box was still in tact.

Sira: She took Mist's card. She couldn't remember if she had his number or not. "I am going home before something else pops out of somewhere." She stole a macaron from the box, since it seemed fine! "Cianan, I'm going to call you eventually." And then she was leaving.

Cianan: "Oh. Well. Fine. But, I don't do dirty talk during work hours." Sheepishly, he scratched his head. Oh. Now he was going to go collect the box of Macarons. "Mist. Take one of these to Roni, please?"

Khason: Kha doesn't care who takes the box! It probably didn't get too much slime on it. He also doesn't seem to notice Sira stealing a macaron out of it, passing it off to the drow before collecting the mare's reins to pull himself up and astride.

Mist Gul: He eyed Kha suspiciously for a moment, pausing. "Are you alright?" he asked, pausing. He laughed and took one of the macarons, closing his hand over it. Piff! It vanished. For now.

Khason: Settling his weight over the grey's shoulders against, Kha nods a farewell in Sira's direction as she vanishes, before turning toward Mist. "I will be. Just need to get out of the light." And sound, and public.

Mist Gul: "Take care then," he responded. And poof. He was gone.

Khason: It's the horse's shift in weight that confirms the pale elf is gone. There's just a nod to the darker elf, before Kha nudges his beast into motion, the pack mare trailing behind. Out of the marketplace... and soon enough, they'd be starting the long ride over a bridge between the city and the rocky desert much further south.
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