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Perchance to Dream Again: OOC How to Play Along

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 25, 2018 1:17 pm    Post subject: Perchance to Dream Again: OOC How to Play Along Reply with quote

What would happen if your character’s darkest nightmares or secret dreams suddenly came to fruition before their very eyes? That is what the Perchance to Dream Again storyline is about. Originally run in June 2008, the premise is as follows:



There are realms and dimensions that many people remain unaware of; one of these realms is the realm of Dream. Dream is where dreams (and nightmares) exist as in reality. The sleeping mind of a person visits the periphery of Dream, hence a person dreams when sleeping. Other minds, those mortals magically inclined and those of other species, can access Dream both more deeply and more freely. One can experience True Dreams, dreams of prophetic nature. Others wander the paths of the world of Dream either in sleep or in waking, interacting with the creatures there, maybe even living amongst them, and perhaps (for the more powerful) sending dreams to others and interfering with how they unfold.

There is a barrier between the physical realms and that of Dream. This barrier has been breached all throughout RhyDin. Two Devotees of Morpheus engaged in a drunken magic battle on the Summer Solstice, breached the barrier of Dream and caused a rippling effect, sending holes and breaches along the barrier throughout the realm. The result? Creatures of Dream--some seen in normal waking hours already in the streets of RhyDin, others apparently returned from the dead, still more twins of those already walking in the great wide world--have been unleashed upon RhyDin. A person may now stumble into their deepest nightmare or greatest fantasy on the streets.


How can I play along?

I have tried to make this SL as open as possible so that everyone can play along (or not play along) in any way that they wish. I hope that everyone can join the SL in their own way. Maybe your character finds her Prince Charming or suddenly comes face-to-face with what seems to be his twin, only his twin is the Knight in Shining Armor your character has always wished he could be. If that isn’t your cup of tea, maybe you just have your character participate in the events that will be taking place throughout the length of the SL or your character tries to round up some of these stray dreams and nightmares that are wandering about.

The possibilities for this SL are endless.

If you have questions on what is okay and what is not, PM me.

Remember: the dreams and nightmares may not always be (in the case of people your character dreams about) the way they were in reality. Say a person has died and someone dreams about them and now that dream is walking around RhyDin. That dream may act more as the person perceives the dead person as having acted rather than actually the way the dead person acted, since the dream is a manifestation of the dreamer, not an actual imitation of reality.


What can’t I do?

While this SL is open, I am asking my fellow players not to do several things:

1) Please do not solve the issue that the SL has brought about. Do not solve all the breaches that have opened between realms, do not destroy all the dreams and nightmares running around on the streets. By doing so, you are limiting the opportunities of others to play along in this SL.

2) I have given everyone a fair amount of OOC knowledge about what is going on during this SL. Do not have your character magically know all the things that you know. Your character should not know that the two Devotees are the cause of the problem. Your character should not know what the problem immediately is and that it is dreams that are running around on the streets; think about it, if you didn’t know they were dreams, what would you think they were? Be creative! Your character should not know how to immediately solve the problem once what is happening becomes evident.

Yes, I understand that there are some characters that will be able to figure some of these things out rather quickly. I ask you, as players, to respect your fellow players and use discernment and respect if you choose to play along with this SL. Just because your character may figure it out, doesn’t mean they should be blabbing it to everyone and their mother, it doesn’t mean they know absolutely what has gone wrong, it doesn’t mean that (even if they do know) that they can fix the entire problem right away.


Final Comments

I would really like for everyone to have fun with this and use it as a means to further their own character or just have a good time.

The SL may seem to go kind of slow, with events being spread out and it taking much longer than it maybe should for the situation to be resolved. There is a reason this is being done, so please do not interfere with it! I want people to be able to participate to the full extent they would like to, giving them enough time to post and play out the ideas that they think up. Therefore, I will be setting the pace of the SL using the playables. If the playables say a few creatures have been reported being seen, please respect that; a few creatures do not mean RhyDin is being completely overrun. When/if RhyDin is being completely overrun, that will be posted.

If you are writing posts related to this SL in your own folder, please post links to the posts in this thread.

Again, any comments or questions can be directed in PM to me.

Game on!
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Mist Gul
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Young Wyrm

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 28, 2018 2:34 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

And then Mist ran into Tiny Brontos.
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Adult Wyrm
Adult Wyrm

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 09, 2018 3:47 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Poor Mist. First brontos, then Jellyfish!
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