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4th Annual Matadero BBQ

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Great Wyrm
Great Wyrm

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 12, 2018 8:34 pm    Post subject: 4th Annual Matadero BBQ Reply with quote

This weekend only! Starting the morning of Friday, July 13th and running until the ending of Sunday, July 15th, the Matadero Meat Company is hosting its Fourth Annual Hawaiian Spit Style Pig Roast at the Matadero Carnicería, located in the Marketplace District neighboring the Teas'n Tomes. This year’s celebration, commemorating the grand opening of the Carnicería four years ago, not only features your choice of suckling pig, gilt, and boar but also an assortment of beef cuts grilled to order - all from free range farm raised swine and cattle that are humanely slaughtered. Come get a taste of free range pork and beef as well as fresh cut summer fruit and vegetables! An assortment of beverages, both alcoholic and non, will also be available. Best of all, everything is FREE OF CHARGE.

Boscoe and Lyle Stiggowitz, and volunteers from the company’s main facility, in addition to manning the pit and stalls, will be giving out free t-shirts and other limited time merchandise. In addition, the shop will be open for business all weekend long with special SALE prices on all pork and now beef products! Stop on by the Matadero Carnicería, this weekend only!

(( OOC: Feel free to contribute to this thread with outfits and little blurbs about what your character may or may not have done, as you like. Feel free to create any new merchandise you can think of. My imagination is limited. I only ask please that you do not damage the Carnicería or its NPCs in any way. A more detailed description of the Carnicería can be found here: Matadero Carnicería. ps: Sal was probably not even there. ))

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Ancient Wyrm
Ancient Wyrm

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 12, 2018 9:14 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Sal might not be in attendance, but you know who was? Canaan. That's who. While the Spaniard tended toward avoiding crowds and people in general, Cane was all about partying it up. Especially during the summer. The Cajun could be found manning one of the several grills at any given time, decked out in his summer best (which was a sleeveless tee, shorts, and a backwards ballcap--shocker), sporting an assortment of colorful lei's in keeping with the party's theme, and a different apron for each day of the BBQ.

Friday: "I hate being sexy, but I'm the CHEF so I can't help it."
Saturday: "I turn grills on."
Sunday: "He's with me for my cooking."

When he wasn't making jokes about "getting lei'd" or chatting up friendly customers he served, it was likely the customers would get the chance to see him eating his weight in both pork and beef. He was happy to break bread with anyone who wanted to hang out and have a beer--something else he indulged in quite a bit of.

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 13, 2018 2:30 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

“Are you kidding me?” said young Wade Dean, shocked. “They’re just giving away free food!?”

“That’s what the rumors say,” Jameson answered him, fanning a flier at the boy’s face. “Last year’s fliers were more specific’n this one, but I remember it the same last year, and the year before. Though the year before last it was even bigger with lots of restaurants from all over the city giving food away. Man, what a feast that was.” He smacked his lips at the memories.

“We’re going, right?”

“What?” Jameson snapped out of his daydreams and stood up straight. Rolling up the flier, he bonked the boy on the head with it. “Course we’re going. Who’d be stupid enough to pass up a chance on free food?”

“I’m goin’ with.” Auntie Sizzle’s rocking chair creaked to a stop. Her knees groaned with the rest of her when she pushed up out of the chair to stand. She stood there for a good long minute, then carefully plucked her cane up from where it was leaning against the wall. She thumped around to the side of her chair, dumped balls of yarn to the floor, and picked up the now empty basket.

“Guess that means I’m driving,” Jameson sniffed.


Some time around lunch, Jameson parked the black cargo van on the side of a back street somewhere in the vicinity of the Carnicería. He and Wade helped Auntie Sizzle out of the passenger seat and took turns acting as a crutch for her on the other side of her cane. She had her basket hooked over her elbow, ready to be filled with as much free stuff as they could gather.

Jameson snagged for himself the one gray shirt reading I Like My Pork Pulled & My Meat Smoked. It made him snicker incessantly. Auntie Sizzle wasn’t much interested in a t-shirt for herself, but it never hurt to have spare clothes lying around, so she grabbed the one reading Support Your Local Butcher, since that’s what they were doing anyway. She did take advantage of the sale prices and collected a variety of ham and beef to store away in the freezer for future use.

“Hey, you think Miss Abby’ll like this?” Wade asked Jameson, holding up a coffee mug with a cartoon pig face on it. Jameson laughed and ruffled the boy’s hair.

“You sure do pay attention, don’tcha, kid. Hell yeah, she’ll like it.”

“Jameson,” Auntie Sizzle chided. “Language.”

The drifter rolled his eyes and covertly shared a gagging face with Wade, which made the boy giggle. The kid also chose the mug as his free merchandise to take home, as a gift for Abby.

They hung around for as long as it took them to fill their bellies and Sizzle’s basket. By mid-afternoon the three of them toddled back to the van, helped Auntie Sizzle into her seat, and drove off back home to Old Temple West to show off their score. This inspired a round of other excursions from other members of the household all weekend long.
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PostPosted: Fri Jul 13, 2018 8:21 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Friday the 13th. An auspicious day.

The more superstitious black pit deep in the belly of Abby’s soul told her to stay inside all day. And she had, for the most part. That was until little Wade Dean charged down the stairs and shot into the basement level unit of the building at Old Temple West to deliver her a present.

Everybody in the family knew that she had a weakness for mugs. She was growing quite a collection these days. There were dozens of them literally strung up along the walls high overhead like clunky broken Christmas ornaments left out all year round. The one with the little pig face printed on the side that Wade plopped into her hands made her smile.

“Where’d you get this?” she asked. Wade then proceeded to babble excitedly at her about the barbecue.

Later that evening, she decided to check it out for herself. Abby arrived like she always did anywhere: barefoot. She wore a red racerback tank dress with a picture of Shuri from the Black Panther movie printed on the front, and not much of anything else.

After helping herself to some of the free fare, she browsed the wares. None of the t-shirts much appealed to her, but she snagged the minty green one that read We Got Beef for Ed. She knew he’d at least appreciate the color, and if he didn’t wear it somebody at Old Temple West would.

She found another mug with the Matadero Meat Company’s logo on it and swiped that for herself as well. Maybe it was her lucky day after all.
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Young Wyrm
Young Wyrm

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 15, 2018 2:04 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

After an eventful Saturday morning, Ed packed his truck full of family and his boyfriend and drove the lot out to the Marketplace to investigate the festivities nearby.

Polly was asleep by the time they pulled up and parked the ancient, restored machine. They tucked her into a back carrier, which Goshen insisted on wearing himself so she could rest her cheek on the back of his shoulder and snooze away while they walked. Pert took charge of baby Warren, carrying him in her arms half the time and carefully supervising his toddling investigations otherwise.

All of them hung around to have an evening meal, but they split off afterward. Pert decided to walk Warren home and relax. Cindy and Ginger ran off with Wade toward the Market Square to harass the Wegman brothers at their mushroom stall. Then they proceeded to play a game of splash war in the fountain for a while before finding their own way home. Ed and Goshen stuck around to wait for Roni and Mist, who they expected to meet up with that day.

At some point Polly stirred, hungry. The loud man manning the grills had disturbed her slumber, and so she took it upon herself to retaliate. Yelling nonsense noises that sounded like battle cries, she flung most of her fruits and vegetables from the table, aiming for the work stations. Ed was profusely apologetic and tried to make her stop, but couldn’t help giggling when a bit of pineapple splatted the man in the cheek. Polly was satisfied at that point and gave up on her barrage.
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Mist Gul
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Young Wyrm

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 15, 2018 9:40 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

"Little warrior princess," Mist called by way of greeting, a laughing smile lighting his features as he caught up with Goshen, Ed, and Miss Polly. He bowed, but then offered hugs, before gifting Polly, who was not, by his reckoning, anywhere near spoiled enough with a Moana t-shirt and shorts, and of course, a small stuffed Hei-Hei. There was a rattle inside of the stuffie to make it more bizarre.

Mist was there to put in a few orders for pork and beef, but was enjoying the free feed immensely. Whenever Roni caught up, he'd suggest wandering down the booths and trying everything at least once. He wasn't much for the t-shirts, but he'd cheerfully collect any coffee mugs and such.

He smiled at one point to Ed and Goshen, dipping his head in an elegant bow.

"You have made such a lovely family," he assured them, "I am honored to watch you grow."
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Young Wyrm
Young Wyrm

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 16, 2018 12:24 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

It's quite possible Goshen encouraged Polly's antagonism, especially after the man wearing a pile of lei's went so far as to hiss at her. How dare he! (Nevermind that Polly hissed at him first. She's just a baby.)

While Ed tried desperately to distract, Goshen helpfully provided her with more ammunition every time she ran out, and they were both satisfied when she finally struck her mark. That earned the little girl a scoop of ice cream from a nearby shop, which he spoon fed her in between bites of his own plate of (admittedly) delicious food.

It pleased him that Polly was then further spoiled by their favorite elf, and friend, Mist, who gave him quite a lot to ponder after that remark about the family they'd created.
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Desdenova VonTombs
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PostPosted: Mon Jul 16, 2018 1:17 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

So, as the preparations for the meat fest began, a small and swift figure cut through the workers, careful to keep out of the way. Desdenova sought out Canaan, and there were so many people and so much meat, he actually was reduced to asking people - too many smells to sort through!

Finally, the boy found his quarry and trotted up with a big bright smile on his face. Wearing a green Miskatonic University Second String Lab Rat t-shirt and cut offs and chucks, no visible hat, he was just another kid running loose.

"Hi! Hi, Mr. Canaan! Is there going to be carne asada?" he cheered as he came to a halt and of course, bowed a little, politely. The big Cajun rounded on the boy with a gruff stare, brandishing a pair of tongs in one hand and a half-empty beer in the other.

"What?" he barked, which was his knee jerk reaction to anyone that short talking to him. The man's expression softened as recognition kicked in.

"Oh, hey kid. Why the *** would we be serving carne asada?" Canaan's eyes narrowed a little, and he pointed the bbq sauce covered tongs at Desdenova's face. "You know Sal's from Spain, not Mexico, right?"

"Because, carne asada is awesome," he pointed out, "And I have like, gallons of salsa fresca, homemade. AND uhm Uhm Uhm." Torturous for a moment, but not long enough to really get annoying. He screwed up his face and spit it out.

"Idon'tthinkNile'shaditbeforeandIthinksshe'dre allylikeit." Whew. The smile returned to his features. "I mean. Nile's my friend and stuff and I rescued her from a family vacation so you know ...I thought it'd be cool. I can cook it."

He was much too small and slight for the big grills.

"Uh huh." A sly, knowing smirk drew a crooked line across the Cajun's handsome, bearded face. "All right, my man. I think I can help you out. But I ain't lettin' you touch a grill. I've heard the stories. And let's not forget the photo booth."

God, the man could look menacing without even trying. But the fact that he was meant he was just teasing. Probably.

"What do you need from me? Just some flank steak cooked up when y'all get here?"

What? What?!? Desdenova’s pale face whooshed over bright red, and Cane hadn't said a darn thing naughty. But then he gave a quirky smile to the looming menace, not quite cheeky, but it hid the fact he hunkered down somewhat. At least, he thought it did.

"It was a pretty cool steam punk skull." he pointed out. This not being the point. But he wasn't going to deny it. He was pretty sure it was the fae's fault, but he should have adjusted for them!

"Flank steak with uhm..." pause. He dug into his backpack and withdrew a half gallon plastic jug of reddish liquid. He held it up. "Marinade. It's uhm, papaya, and red pepper, some tabasco, onions, garlic, and stuff. Just throw it in a pan or a bag with the meat and let it soak." Papaya would do all the work, the rest was just flavor.

Cane's mouth fell open, but then he laughed. "You just carry steak marinade around in your backpack?" He set his beer aside and took the jug from Des, rolling his eyes and heaving a sigh. "Weirdo."

Note the sliver of affection. "I'll slice some up and let it marinade in the fridge for a while." Cane gestured with the jug toward the Carniceria, meaning one of the refrigerators in the butcher shop. "I'll be here all day. Y'all come find me later on an' I'll toss it on a grill. Deal?"

"Deal!" Desdenova returned that with a sunny smile and he laughed, showing the backpack. It was just a plain and simple black back pack, but it had a lot in common with his mother's tapestry bag. Everything came out of it!

"Well, yeah. It's easier than carrying it around or pulling my wagon. Thanks. I appreciate it a lot." he assured Canaan, bouncing in place. "You want me to bring you anything?" He probably meant salsa, tortillas, peaches, peppers, whatever, but rather than to say that, he just asked, curious what a man up to his neck in bbq might want.

The party was rather well stocked with summer fruits and veggies as it was, and tortillas were offered along with the other breads. The Cajun scanned the bustle of volunteers who were still in the process of setting everything up under the square tents that lined the street.

"As King Of The Grill, I accept offerings in the form of cash, liquor, and food. Oh, explosives, too." What? Des didn't think Cane was going to do this out of the kindness of his heart, did he? Favors were bad things to owe, so really he was doing the boy a courtesy.
"Explosives are easiest," he nodded. "I'll see ya this afternoon. Thank you!" Beaming smile, and the kid turned, darting back into the fracas, but this time, he just vanished.

Desdenova scurried home, quickly through the kitchen where his mother was blearily trying to use the Force on the percolator to perk faster, while his father, cool and dapper even at that early hour, finished his breakfast.

A few days before, Desdenova had gotten his mother to call Nile’s mother, and they arranged for an amicable exchange of progeny. Which meant that Nile’s brothers were driving her bats, and her parents preferred them alive.

When Nile came downstairs, Desdenova was quick to head her off from the kitchen.

“It’s Friday the thirteenth,” he explained, “It’s meat day. We’ve got to get to RhyDin and follow the smoke.” Half hoping she hadn’t seen the fliers for the big BBQ, or remember it from last year. Because that would be more fun, but, still. Free Meat.

"Meat day?" Apparently Nile had missed that last year. And it was a pretty good bet that she hadn't seen the flyers, having been on Family Vacation Hell until Des had sprung her earlier in the week. "Well, I can get behind meat!"

She was in Bermuda shorts, sandals, and her Triforce tank top, clearly dressed for the heat.

“Meat Day,” he assured her darkly, though on the inside, he was gleeful. “Come on!” He reached for her hand, and looked around cheerfully for Mom and Dad.

“Meat Day!” he called, “Be back tonight. We’ll bring back meat!”

Desdenova’s dad said something about ‘mighty hunters’ while reading the paper, his mother just rolled her eyes and waited on the coffee. And, they were off!

Desdenova pulled Nile through the permanent gate his mother had installed in an old dummy closet, and … voila! They were walking out of the inn’s kitchen to the main room.

"You were talking to your mom before coffee, like living dangerously?" Because nobody tried talking to Ilhar before Talice had had hers. She had to giggle a bit about his dad's comment, though.

"I could always bring him home a deer, too. You eat venison, right?" Nile did, but hers was usually raw. At least she didn't often eat stuff like the hair and hooves and so on with it. "Do we need to ride there?"

“Dad’s good at catching her and putting her back in front of the pot,” he responded with a cackle. “He doesn’t drink coffee at all, just orange juice. The sugar gives him the ability to catch her.” More or less, anyhow. His mom was okay with words that didn’t require her thought.

“Oh, yeah, we love venison. I’ve only hunted for rabbit and squirrel, though. Mom doesn’t have time to go hunting deer or whatever so much.” he explained, and then he considered, jaw moving side to side. “I don’t think so, it’s in the marketplace by Teas ’n’ Tomes.” He trailed off, and shrugged to her.

"Oh, that's not too far. Yeah, my dad doesn't like coffee at all. More for Mom. Safer that way too. She guards our pot." Nile didn't drink coffee either. No bean juice or herby stuff. Bone broth, mmm. She'd probably ask for bones, too, when she figured out where they were going.

"I like rabbit and squirrel, too, but those are like...snacks." Chortling a bit at that, and grinning with all her sharky teeth. "But I can get one and clean and skin it for you guys."

“Snacks,” he cackled. “Mom always let Dad know she was pregnant by making him grilled rabbit.” because they were romantic like that. “He eyes her funny any time she makes rabbit for dinner.”

Happy to offer his hand to Nile, Desdenova started off, almost skipping. Someone was in a good mood! He was all sunshine and less than gothiness. “I want to watch you hunt, that’s got to be a lot more epic than just shooting at supper.”

Nile snickered at that. "Mom doesn't need to do stuff like that, because our type of fae weirdness has her laying eggs." And then she shrugged. It was a tossup if she'd do that if the time ever came, but with the way things were, she was betting on yes.

Just careful of her talons when she took his hand, though she just trotted along. No less happy, just maybe less peppy? But her sibs wore her out. She was resting!

"Oh, my sibs think it's gross when I hunt. Well. York and Ypres don't but they're at the age where they like pulling wings off of insects, too, even though I remind them of how macabre that is." Because the little brats had wings too! Even if they were hidden most of the time.

“Eggs are probably easier than nine months of a little parasite playing nine pins on your ribs,” he noted, sensitively. He could smell it! Carmelizing sauces, burning wood, smoldering charcoals, and Meat. Pork and Beef alike. His mouth watered already, but he’d been up early to grab a jug of marinade to run to Canaan. He wasn’t quite slobbering, but he was close.

“Hah! They better be careful, Lady Fate loves messing with people like that. She’s all hand in hand with Dharma and Kharma, and the next think you know, a giant fly’s making you into a walk.” The skipping tread was moving into a trot! MMmmm.

"Just wait til Dad finds out. He's not as wicked as Ilhar, but that's the kind of thing that'll get the twins in deep kim chee, even if Fate doesn't get them."

Nile would just sit back and watch that sort of thing, whatever happened. And...oh, her nose was literally twitching, now. And she was doing her very best not to salivate. But her pace was probably picking up. She wouldn't quite be dragging Des along, but it would be pretty close.

And. Finally: The Glory that was Meat Day. He paused and indicated the entire festival of Pork and Beef, beaming. It was early yet, and the full weight of the crowds hadn’t shown up yet. He paused, though, and handed Nile a small folded fabric grocery bag. Opened, it had a bright lot of sunflowers printed on the sides.

“It’s a shopping bag of holding. There’s tons of freebies.” he explained. “But I’ve got a surprise for you, so don’t totally cram your maw until we get to the middle of the grills.” he advised, grinning. He had another of the bags, his had a moon and beach scene on it.

Nile opened her mouth--though the bag had her grinning briefly--quirking a brow at Des. "Oh?" There was a lot of maw to cram, though! Still, Nile would behave. And probably have a bit of her uncle's potion, just in case. She planned to eat more meat than anything else, and marinades usually did her no wrong, but better safe than sorry. Some of the fruit might tempt her palate, and that would make her sorry otherwise!

There was Salsa Fresca and tortillas and all sorts of other sauces, relishes, and breads. Nile had best take the potion!

“Yeah. I asked Mr. Canaan if he’d mind making something different for you to try,” he beamed, though he was intending to just oh hay, look at this. But he was too excited. He grabbed a few t-shirts, snickering. “Dad won’t wear ‘em where people can see ‘em. Gentlemen are only seen in undershirts when they’re home,” he explained, “But he’s sure got a lot of them from his college! T-shirts, I mean. But they’re undershirts to him.” His dad was old.

"My dad doesn't at all. Wear t-shirts, I mean." She wasn't going to get any for her younger sibs, but she'd grab one for herself--the Secondhand Vegetarian one--and the Pulled Pork one got a snicker out of her. That one she'd get for Mourne. Hopefully he'd turn different colors, or sputter a bit! And hopefully Ilhar would not.

"You too young to be a gentlemen yet then?" Snickering a bit at that jibe, and reaching out to ruffle his hair, but only for a moment.

Desdenova scoffed, tossing his head. She’d touch for his hair, but she’d feel a rubbery helmet. It was invisible for the moment. Because yes, he’d figured out that she liked his hair! Vain little creature that he was. It was pretty hair, however.

“One is never too young to learn the niceties of the proper behavior of gentlemen, and a true gentleman shall be known even if covered in mud and wearing his sister’s half-slip.” Boy that was specific. Maybe she should ask Jackie about it. Snootiness turned to a grin as he picked out Canaan, working hard over the smoking grills, and tugged Nile for him.

"Should I be telling Jackie she's missing something?" With a pout for being unable to slip her talons through his hair. Why did he have a Happy Helmet?? Nile chortled again when she caught sight of Cane's apron, raised both hands (even if one was still in Des'), and gave a holler for it. The Cajun is not the only one who's going to eat their own weight in meat!

“…Nooo,” Desdenova replied, innocent. He always wore a helmet, his seizures happened randomly despite his medications. So. He just hid them as hats, or nothing, as today.

Desdenova waved to Canaan, and though the man was busy as a eight legged pup in a kitten factory, he grinned to the pair, and slap! A huge stack of flap meat on a platter was put out for them. So Much Carne Asada. Des grinned and grabbed the platter, hurrying to a picnic table to share the bounty with Nile.

“Come on! It’s time to make tacos!” Dun dun dun! He made them up proper, tender sliced pieces of the meat on corn tortillas with salsa fresca, cilantro, and a squeeze of lime.
Luckily Nile didn't seem to be one of those who thought cilantro tasted like soap. Or maybe her Uncle Edmont's potion was just that good! Though Des made good tacos, too.

Little Evil usually was good to her. She wasted no time in cramming a taco into her mouth, eyes half-lidded and practically crooning with pleasure. Doing her best, also, to not forget to *chew*, or bolt it down, either. This kind of meat was meant to be savored, not snorfed down as fast as possible.

Desdenova watched Nile, wide eyed and grinning, before he tucked in with gusto. Canaan was a barbeque and grilling king. About half way through the first pile, Desdenova turned to beam at Canaan, holding up a taco. Then he brought over a big plate of them, leaving them in offering before hopping back and watching Nile mow through the meat.

Now that’s a damn good Friday the Thirteenth!

(Written with the awesomeness of Canaan and Nile <3)
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Eden Parker
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PostPosted: Mon Jul 16, 2018 3:04 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

It is not an understatement to say that the Annual Matadero BBQ is Eden's favorite time of the year. Three days of delicious-smelling free food right outside her doorstep? Please.

Eden spent the entire weekend hanging out at the roast, with her Saturday calling shift being her only break in the action. Like the previous year, she talked to pretty much anyone who would listen, sharing what she liked and what she didn't like (she liked it all, obviously) and helping get people second helpings or pack up to-go containers.

Each day had her sporting a different Matadero t-shirt. She wore her favorite t-shirt on the final day, the slogan reading:

Needless to say, each night she packed a little to-go box for herself with leftovers. By the end of the weekend, she was in such a deep food coma, she totally missed the Diamond Quest tournament.
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Penny Escobar
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PostPosted: Mon Jul 16, 2018 7:39 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Combination free food and an easy excuse to hang out and see Patrick? It wasn’t going to take any arm twisting on his part to convince Penny to join him in the Marketplace on Friday for the Matadero Pig Roast and BBQ. There was nothing saying that she absolutely had to be resting in bed with her cracked ribs from four days earlier. Except maybe Kiyomi.

The pair ending up claiming twin towering plates, which Patrick insisted that he carry before Penny picked out a semi-secluded picnic table for them to sit at. As they ate, and slyly played footsie underneath the table, Penny was an unexpected fountain of knowledge of Hawaiian pig roasts and proceeded to share most all that she knew on the subject with Patrick (and anyone else who happened to join them and listen).

When asked how she knew all of this, Penny followed up with a small but sad smile and answered, “Joey, my best friend. He taught me.” Just as she started to look ready to retreat into herself, her hand was caught in his, thumb brushing over her knuckles and the rings below it as he squeezed.

But before Patrick could say anything, Penny’s smile shifted a little brighter as she rolled her eyes, “And if he was here right now he’d be asking why I’m not working on my third plate already. Or tell us to be drinking lots of pineapple juice. You thirsty?”

Penny wouldn’t wait to see if there was a blush or confusion on Patrick’s face, she just squeezed his hand and slipped off to go get them some drinks.

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Great Wyrm
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PostPosted: Thu Jul 19, 2018 8:55 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Although spending a majority of her time away from RhyDin lately, Jewell hadn't missed the pig roast in the last two years at least so she wasn't about to start now.

She came. She ate. She sought out Canaan to say hi and share a beer if he wasn't too busy. She grabbed a few t-shirts because they were comfortable to sleep in, and laughed off getting bbq sauce on the white shirt she was wearing since she was silly enough to wear white in the first place!

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Ancient Wyrm
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PostPosted: Fri Jul 20, 2018 5:34 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Wearing a Team Sal t-shirt and faded jeans, Colleen was in attendance at the barbecue. She'd been spending a lot of time in the office at City Hall as well as the construction sites in Battlefield Park and Dockside.
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