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Slidin' Safari

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Desdenova VonTombs
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Young Wyrm

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 12, 2018 5:42 pm    Post subject: Slidin' Safari Reply with quote

"Okay, ready?!" Nile cheered as she readied herself. She squared her shoulders, one foot firmly on the yellow plastic of the slide, the other on the slide mat. Desdenova waggled his butt to get settled, his feet down, as well, helping to hold them in place against the rushing water.

"Ready!" Desdenova called back, leaning forward a bit. Nile pushed off and hunkered behind Desdenova, gripping his shoulders as he reeled back.

"Whoa!" Desdenova yelped.

"This is fast!" Nile called back, balancing between keeping herself on her feet and not shoving Desdenova off of the mat, "Ready!"

"Contact!" Desdenova responded, wide eyed. Nile grinned and flapped her wings. They, and their slide mat, scooted along even faster.

Those two and water didn't have a great track record, inevitably, they ended up sprawled in a puddle or pond wondering what happened. But this did not keep them from once more challenging the laws of physics.

But for the moment, they zoomed around the water slide track with mad speed, throwing a magnificent rooster tail in their wake. The inevitable crash was certain to be just as epic. Daisy quietly observed the mayhem from on high, waiting for that moment to step in and prevent a whole-sale collision.

The troubling thing was that every time the pair flew off the slide, they glided back to the ground on a hump of ice. Ice. Soon enough, there were maverick blobs of ice shooting down the slide with everything else.

"Maybe I ought to make slush instead," muttered Nile with a grimace. She didn't actually want to hurt anyone.

"As long as they can go over the ice," Desdenova responded, shrugging, "Try the slush!"

It was for SCIENCE, after all.

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