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The Synthetic War

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Arlo Tomas

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 17, 2018 10:10 am    Post subject: The Synthetic War Reply with quote

9/5/17 The Outer Rim. Salin, NeoTarran Moon
The USM Hudson kept her lonely vigil over the purple marble that was Salin. Several decades ago, it had been the site of the genetically engineered humanoids? great uprising. Throughout the galaxy, the massive, powerful laborers were inspired to remove their shackles and fight back against their creators. In a brutal war that spanned over 15 years, the Neos taking colony after colony in the Outer Rim territories. It hadn?t been until their hostile takeover of Vergus Station, an important spaceport, when the Guild finally took notice.
When the USM Battleship Regent arrived on the scene, negotiations began with the surprisingly thoughtful NeoTarran leaders. In the end, after the bloodshed and horror of war, it was decided that the NeoTarran people were to be granted their rights as sentient creatures and given their own colony to rule. In the 87 years since that day, they remained a rare sight in the universe, preferring to live, work, and thrive on their home planet.
The Hudson was stationed in orbit to make sure that peace was maintained, protecting the NeoTarrans should any attack occur upon the moon from raiders, pirates, or extremist groups.
Captain Seneca Arlo walked along the bridge of his ship. At this hour, a skeleton crew was all that was necessary in their constant vigil. When he was first given his orders, he?d resented being assigned to babysit a moon where nothing happened. But over time, he?d grown to enjoy it. He had forged a good relationship with the NeoTarran leadership. He?d go so far as to call Gallaus, the chosen figurehead of their government, a friend.
?What?s the story, Ensign Stills? What you hear?? he asked the woman seated at the Comms station.
Abigail Stills looked bored, a book pulled up on her datapad. ?Same as usual, sir.?
?All nestled and snug in their beds?? He asked.
?Nothin? but sugar plums, sir.? she responded with a grin.
Arlo was a fan of Earth customs, primitive as they could be. He?d made frequent trips to Rhy?Din before being given his current assignment. Some day, he?d make it back there, but for now...this was where he belonged.
The Captain gave her chair a pat and moved back toward the doorway. Suddenly the entire bridge was plunged into darkness, Arlo stopping dead in his tracks. Stills dropped her datapad and sat up straight.
?What the hell??Arlo said in a hushed tone, just before, once again, the lights and systems came back on. ?Stills, status report.?
Stills? fingers moved over her interface, her eyes darting over the information. ?All systems are up and functioning.?
?Well, what the hell just happened?? He pressed.
?I have no idea...wait.? She said, her brow furrowed. ?Sir..every door of the crew deck just opened.?
Arlo came up behind her, looking down at the screen. The pair sharing a worried glance. It was then that the warning klaxon began to sound. The airlock doors on every section were going open.
Stills? eyes went wide. ?Oh my Gods??
?Override it!? Arlo commanded.
Stills was working like mad, but it wasn?t working.
?I said-?
?Sir, I can?t! It?s not responding to my commands!? She said.
The computer?s feminine voice began. ?Emergency Venting process commencing in 5.?
Some of the men and women had begun to step out of their quarters, confused. Was this some sort of drill.
?Stills! Do something!?
Stills was panicking, trying every trick she knew to no avail. ?Sir, the ship is redirecting toward Salin.?
?Weapons systems activating!? Stills cried out in horror. Arlo stared ahead, helpless to do anything about what was happening.
?Emergency Venting commencing.?
Arlo watched as the video feed showed the airlocks opening all at once, the entire crew being thrown, violently through the halls, banking off bulkheads and doorways as the explosive decompression ripped them out, and sent them drifting off into the infinite cold black. Arlo and Stills were spared only by the security protocols that prohibited a breached command center from functioning.
Arlo stood, numbly watching as his ship turned about, venting her crew and coming to bear on the moon before them. Their weapons were about to unleash an orbital bombardment so complete, it would burn the surface of Salin to glass. And Arlo could do nothing to stop it.
Stills spoke with a shaky voice. ?Weapons...armed.?
?Gods forgive us.? Arlo said quietly. The dull thudding of their weapons opening fire rumbled through the ship, sending blue plasma blast after blast raining down over the unsuspecting NeoTarran?s below. They watched as the surface glowed blue for a long moment, and then was overtaken in a red blaze that swept across the face of the moon of Salin until it resembled a dying sun. They watched as every last trace of life was extinguished.
Tears rolled down Still?s cheeks as she stood, her mouth agape in disbelief. Arlo just stood in silence. The only sound to be heard was the steadily repeating klaxxon overhead. The only thought in Arlo?s head was that they had not only lost their crew, but witnessed the genocide of the very people they were there to protect.
?Security protocol override.? The computer system said. Stills was trembling as she looked up, unbridled terror in her eyes as she looked up to her captain. Arlo just looked defeated. ?Emergency Ventilation of bridge in 5??
The pair of them embraced, clutching to one another tightly.
Arlo shut his eyes tightly, firmly something HAD to come along at the last minute. He couldn?t die here. Not like this.
Stills thought of nothing but home. Her family. Her pretty, red haired mother sitting in the kitchen on late nights, working on cases for her law firm. She thought of her father, and his dumb jokes. Even her stupid little brother and how the last time she?d seen him, he was too busy playing a game on a datapad to say a proper goodbye. She thought of the times they?d played in the fields by their grandparents place. How they would tell each other scary stories around a campfire. She thought of home.
Their grips tightened until the pair felt like they might crush each other?s bones if they gripped any harder. As the blast door pulled them out, they still clung hard, locked in an embrace they would never be able to escape. They floated through the endless abyss, clinging to each other, frozen in their last moments forever.
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Loren Metcalfe
Young Wyrm
Young Wyrm

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 20, 2018 6:59 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

It had been two years since her forced retirement, and Loren still had not adjusted to civilian life. At 53, she?d found herself in a place she never thought she?d be: Obsolete. Days seemed to drag on endlessly without a purpose or a mission to adhere to. The closest vestige from that life she still possessed was her fitness regimen. There were says she asked herself why she even bothered.

She?d lost her career. Her sense of purpose. Hell, she?d even lost her apartment. The spacious, yet sparsely decorated penthouse overlooking the bright, sparkling lights of Century City was taken from her, reserved for some other big wig within the USM?s top brass. Now, she was in a crummy little 3 room apartment that looked out on the brick wall next door, and below that, a dirty alleyway.

More and more, the woman in the mirror was not the same, vital woman who had resigned at the orders of the USM tribunal. Grey hairs had continued their claim over the landscape of her dark hair. Wrinkles set a little deeper and found purchase on more of her face. This life was not for her, and, she thought, it was killing her by inches.

She fastened the last button of her dress uniform, her dark eyes taking in the woman staring back in the mirror. The crisp clean lines, precise tailoring, the silhouette...being in a uniform. It made her feel more alive than she?d felt since she?d been saddled with this mundane, unimportant life. In this uniform, she was home.

A knock came at the door of her apartment, drawing a startled gasp out of her. She took a moment to calm herself before calling out. ?Be right there!?
Loren took one last look, making sure there weren?t any loose hairs escaping from the tight bun at the back of her head. Perfect as usual. The old soldier made her way to her door, thumb pressing to the pad. With a hydraulic whoosh, the door slid open, revealing the kindly, smiling face of Fleet Admiral Lanning. ?Loren. Good to see you.?

?Sir.? She smiled warmly to him and wrapped her arms around him before letting him in.

?No need to rely on formality, Loren. Simon. Please.? He insisted, stepping by.

?Sir, I served under you for most of my adult life. I?d follow your orders to jump into hell and punch the devil in the face. But THAT...is an order I cannot follow.? She said with a grin.

Lanning looked to her with a charmed little smirk. ?Stubborn to the last.? He said moving to take a seat upon a stool at her kitchen counter. ?How?ve you been, my dear??

Loren jaw tightened as she put on a strong face and canted her head to one side in a tight sort of nod. ?I?m good.?

?Fitting into civilian life nicely?? He asked, though something in his voice said he knew she?d done anything but. She could read it in that tight little grin he wore. "Because you look miserable." He said, confirming her suspicions.

Loren sighed. "It's..."

"Not ideal?" Lanning offered after a moment of silence.

?No, sir.? She said simply. "I wake up every morning, exercise, check the cortex and then...there's nothing." She sighed, her proud shoulders sagging, a rare show of defeat in her posture. "I try to find ways to occupy my time, but at the end of the way it's all trivial bull ****. None of it matters."

"You could try taking up golf." he offered her, a teasing expression on his aged face. Loren shot him a weary look. "You've spent most of your life in the military, Loren. You've always been the soldier, the warrior. Now you've got to find out what it means to be Loren Metcalfe."

"That IS who I am. The USM is all I am, all I've ever been." She said firmly.

"No. It's a job."

"You know it isn't. Not to me." She said, catching sight of herself in the mirror, wearing that uniform like a shield. "I hate not being a part of something bigger anymore."

Lanning let out a little laugh. ?I can?t say as I blame you. My time is rapidly coming...and I have no idea what I?m going to do when it does.?

Loren snorted bitterly. ?Golf?? She joked, grabbing herself a coffee mug, remembering her manners and offering him one.

?Please.? he accepted with a chuckle. Loren went to work pouring him a cup. She still remembered how he liked it from back in the day. Two cream, one sugar.

?The day they ****-can you is the day Hell freezes over. The USM would crumble without you.? She said, sliding his cup to him.

He waved her off. ?The USM was there before me, it?ll be there long after me.? He took his cup and sipped. ?I?m an old man, Loren. There comes a time when old men need to step aside for the next generation.?

?You're more than some old man. You?re a legend.? She corrected him.

?Legend.? He said quietly. ?It?s a nice word. You know how many 'legends' I've known in my time? You know what good it is to you when you?re staring at the end??

Lanning shook his head. ?Next to nothing.? He smiled softly. ?Legends are for mythology. Heroes... are dead. When you?re looking at the end, you want to know that what you?ve done matters. More than accolades or vain idolatry...I want to know that the future I had a part in creating is in good hands.?

Loren nodded slowly. ?I can understand that.?

?It should have been you.? He said. ?I had always intended to pass it onto you, Loren. ?

The retired major stared at her coffee bitterly. ?Fate had other ideas, I suppose.? There was a sense of hopeless cynicism in her tone. Of all the injuries she?d sustained in the line of duty, her forced resignation was a disgraceful scar she?d never recover from. Not because of the way the galaxy would see her. As far as the public was concerned she was honorably discharged. It was the fact that SHE knew the truth. She lived the lie every day.

?Yes. I suppose.? Lanning reached out to her, taking her hand. ?You?ll find your way. And one day... things will be better. I promise.?

?Really?? Loren asked. ?CAN you promise that? Do you even believe it??

Lanning smiled, those kind eyes upon her. ?I have to.?
"Your memories and choices are all you'll have left. At the end of the game, the king and the pawn go into the same box. You have to decide what you're willing to sacrifice."
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Loren Metcalfe
Young Wyrm
Young Wyrm

Joined: 12 Mar 2016
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PostPosted: Sun Jan 21, 2018 1:19 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

One hour later, they were standing at a cemetery. The face of Dr. Lia Clarke upon a placard, surrounded by flowers. Lillies. Her favorite, Loren remembered.

She?d slipped away in her sleep earlier in the week, the news devastating the retired Major. Going back decades, Lia had been Loren?s closest friend and confidant. For the past few days, it had felt like a piece of her had gone, leaving a gaping hole in her soul. Lanning?s words echoed in her head. The old guard was dying out.

Now, she stood there at the podium looking out over a sea of uniforms and mourners. Many of the higher ranking officials of the USM were present, a testament to the woman herself. Loren would be lying if she said it didn?t sting a little to be trotted out in front of the people who had put her in her current position and forced the make a speech. But today was not about her. It was about her friend. She sucked it up and spoke.

?Ladies and Gentlemen. Representatives of the Admiralty Board. I thank you for attending today. Looking out in this sea of faces, I see a lot of well known people. Power, Grace. Prestige. The stuff great stories are made of. But, with due respect, they pale in comparison to the life and achievements of my friend, Dr. Lia Clarke. Lia was brilliant scientist, psychologist, and a fierce, fierce friend.?

She looked out across the faces, and in her mind, felt resentment. Few, if any of them truly knew Lia. None of them had laughed with her, cried with her, shared a drink with her. When she?d been condemned to this living hell, the only visits or calls she received were from Lia. Yet these phonies wanted to come and offer their condolences like they gave a damn about her in life. How many of them would be at HER funeral, Loren wondered? Two faced cowards who damned her and turned their backs in life, posturing and pretending to mourn and celebrate her in death.

?With all of her accomplishments in life, it is difficult to choose what she should be remembered for. Her work counseling veterans? Sure. A worthy cause. Her help in advancing more radical and impressive special projects than I am legally allowed to mention here? Nice, but no. The most outstanding thing about Dr. Lia Clarke was this: She was loyal.? Loren fought hard to disguise the spite in her voice. ?When the chips were down and no one else was there, you could always depend on Lia. That?s what I?ll remember most. When nobody stood beside me, she rose. Even if it was unpopular, even if-?

Loren caught herself. Her voice had begun to raise and her ability to hide her disdain faltered. ?I will remember, who she was. And what she meant. Not just to me, but to us all. I was lucky to know her. I was lucky to call her my friend.?

With one last barely concealed glare over the crowd, Loren took her leave, taking a seat beside Lanning, the old man giving her arm a squeeze. ?That was close.? he said so only she could hear.

?Screw them.? She said covertly.

Lanning couldn?t suppress the grin on his face. The old man peered up at something in the sky, his grin fading and brow furrowing. ?What the hell is that.?

Loren glanced up spotting the craft in the distance. It was well below the no-fly zone...and she recognized the ship. A K-22 Razor Gunship. A devastating piece of machinery, capable of reducing a fortified bunker to a pile of smoldering rubble. ?He?s flying low. Did they schedule a flyby for this??

Before Lanning could respond the rapid fire repeaters went live. Dirt went flying up into the air in a trail heading toward the congregation as the fire ripped up through the ground and graves. Loren reacted immediately, tackling Lanning to one side and out of the path of the gunfire as it cut through the gathered mourners, spraying mists of red up with their screams and ripping apart the small stage they had been standing on. The honor guard moved to into the crowd after the gunship had passed and tried to move survivors, their rifles in-hand.

?What in the blue **** was that?!? Lanning snarled, looking after the ship.
Loren?s hair had come loose from it?s bun, that alert, wide eyed intensity returning to her. The soldier was back. ?I?m not waiting to find out. We?re getting you out of here!? She grabbed him by the arm and pulled the old man to his feet.

?They?re coming back!? She heard yelled behind her.

?Move!? She ordered :Lanning, moving him as fast as he could go toward one of the vehicles. The honor guard opened up with their rifles on the gunship, knowing full well they couldn?t pierce the armor. Once again, those guns lit up, raining death down on the guard and the fleeing survivors.

Loren practically shoved Lanning into the hover car and climbed into the driver?s seat. They were lucky the Admiralty had been there or it might have been unarmored. Still, it wouldn?t stand a chance against the gunship. They had to run.

?Hold on!? Loren shouted and hit the accelerator.
"Your memories and choices are all you'll have left. At the end of the game, the king and the pawn go into the same box. You have to decide what you're willing to sacrifice."
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Loren Metcalfe
Young Wyrm
Young Wyrm

Joined: 12 Mar 2016
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Can Be Found: Eavesdown City, Boros
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PostPosted: Sat Jan 27, 2018 6:38 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

The further they went, the more Loren saw. There were explosions in the distance, chaos on the major streets. It seemed like the world had gone mad. She didn?t have time to dwell, though. She had gunship on her ass, shredding the pavement behind her as she weaved all over the road to avoid getting hit. She had to get Lanning to safety.

?My Gods?? Lanning said, taking in all the destruction. ?What is this? Insurgents? An invasion??

Loren was focused on the road ahead, her jaw clenched tight. ?Whatever it is, we?re not sticking around to find out.?

She jerked the wheel and rounded a corner, the gunfire tracking them ripping the wall of a building apart in an explosion of dust and debris. Loren glanced in the rear view as the ship came around that corner. Persistent son of a bitch.

?LOREN!? Lanning shouted.

Loren turned her head forward just in time to see a truck in their path. Her heart jumped into her throat and instinct took over. The wheel was pulled to the left, the rear end of the car clipping the corner and spinning out and slamming up sidelong against the broadside of another vehicle, shattering the driver?s window. Loren shook out of her daze as quick as possible and checked on Lanning.

The old man rubbed his forehead, blood upon his fingers when he withdrew them. Loren?s eyes went wide with panic. ?Sir?!?

??I?m alright. Just knocked for a bit of a loop??

The gunship roared past overhead, coming to a clumsy halt and looping back around to bear on the car. Loren threw it into reverse and slammed her foot on the accelerator. The gunship opened fire, chewing up the pavement with heavy blasterfire. Lanning?s voice sounded panicked as the bursts came closer and closer.

?Loren? Loren!?

?Hold on!? She shouted and jerked the wheel, sending them into a hard 180 and gunning it. The Gunship stayed on them, trying to catch up. Loren watched in the rearview. ?Come on...come on you son of a bitch...eyes on me??

She tried to will the car to go faster as the gunship gained ground. Closer and closer it came, but still she kept straight. The blasts were damn near on her rear bumper, but still, straight she went. Loren grit her teeth, desperation taking over as a blast hit the back of the car, the shielding minimizing the damage, but another hit would be a problem.

But before the gunship could land another shot, it slammed into a skybridge, an explosion of fire, metal and glass burst in mid-air and rained down. Loren slammed on the brakes, the car skidding sideways to a stop just as the wreckage crashed to the ground.

For a moment, she just panted, trying to slow her heart rate. Lanning slowly looked her way. ?What the hell is going on??

Loren shook her head slowly. Time was running out, they could worry about all of that later. Right now, getting to safety was the important thing. She reached down to shift the car into gear when there was a loud thwack from outside. And another. And another.

Suddenly, the car jolted as something solid landed on the hood. Loren looked ahead in horror as she saw the mangled body lying upon their vehicle...and beyond more raining down from above.

?My Gods?? Lanning said in a hushed, disbelieving tone. Loren hit the gas and dive on, dodging the falling bodies as they came plummeting to the pavement.

?Who the hell is doing this?!? Lanning shouted.

The car lurched forward as Loren hit the brakes, barely avoiding running over a woman who had come sprinting out from one of the buildings lining the street. She was bloody, battered and absolutely terrified.

?HELP ME!? She screamed, tears running down her blood-streaked face. Before Loren could do anything the woman heaved forward, the jagged end of torn metal bursting out through her chest with a spray of arterial red. Loren?s eyes travelled up to the figure at the other end...an Autons Inc. S-5 unit. This wasn?t possible. This COULDN?T happen. All machines were programmed with the laws. They were fool proof.

It?s glowing blue photoreceptor eyes slowly turned toward the occupants of the vehicle. It withdrew the jagged spear it had created, tossing aside the woman?s body with no effort, and raised it up to strike again.

The engine roared to life as Loren pushed the pedal to the metal. The car launched forward, throwing the robot off balance. It was sent rolling over the roof, arms scrambling for a hold on anything. Loren kept her eyes ahead, laser focused on anything in her way. She was so focused, she didn?t notice the machine pull itself up on the trunk.

?Get to the airfield.? Lanning said, drawing a sidearm and checking its charge. ?We?re getting off-planet.?

?Roger that sir.? She nodded. The ear spilling sound of tearing metal came out of nowhere as that jagged blade pierced the roof in between them, slicing a tiny bit into her arm. Loren let out a shriek, but kept the vehicle.

Lanning gritted his teeth and leaned to one side, directing his pistol upward. He fired two shots where he figured the robot had to be. Silence followed.

?Did we lose it?? Loren asked.

Her answer came as the passenger window burst inward, a robotic hand grabbing at Lanning?s neck. The old man quickly leaned out of the way, the metal fingers tearing into his uniform. He let out a shout and turned to see the robot pull itself further in. In a flash, the pistol was redirected firing wildly into its face, the machine?s head jerking with every hit. But it didn?t back down. It reached in and grabbed onto the pistol, smashing it like a paper cup and throwing it out of the car. Lanning let out a pained grunt as it grabbed ahold of him.

Enough was enough. Loren drew her sidearm and took aim. ?HEY!?

Those glowing eyes turned on her just in time to catch a single, well-placed shot to the positronic brain. The lights flickered and it went dead, tumbling out of the car when Lanning gave it a shove. He sat there panting, leaning up against the door, his thinning hair mussed by the whipping air.

?That was too close.? Loren said with a grin.

Lanning was silent.

?Sir?? She said, a hint of worry in her tone.

Lanning rolled back, his head against the headrest as he panted. A red stain bloomed at his stomach, bleeding freely. Loren?s heart dropped. ?Oh no...oh no no no no no?? The car screeched to a halt as she looked in back. There was, thankfully, a coat there. She snatched it up and handed it to him.

?Keep pressure on it.? She told him. The old man weakly took the jacket and pressed it over his bleeding wound. He glanced at the rear view and lifted his head.


Loren took a look for herself. They were everywhere and they were coming for them.
"Your memories and choices are all you'll have left. At the end of the game, the king and the pawn go into the same box. You have to decide what you're willing to sacrifice."
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Loren Metcalfe
Young Wyrm
Young Wyrm

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 29, 2018 10:22 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

The machines were rampaging, leaping off of buildings, cars like an army of metallic apes. Loren?s eyes traded attention between the mirror, the road and Lanning. The old man was fading fast, The jacket at his belly was rapidly absorbing the life leaving him. Loren could hear his breathing take on a rattle that did not at all sit well with her.
?Talk to me, Sir. Stay awake.? She said, maneuvering around another machine. Lanning glanced her way, a grim smirk on his face. The car broke out of the confines of the city, Winfield Air Base just across the plains.
?And what are we talking about?? He asked weakly.
?Anything. Tell me about your family.? She said.
?Never...never had one.? He wheezed. ?Was?.was an only child. Never married??
?Come on?? Loren tried to affect a teasing tone. ?Handsome buck like you? I bet you drove them all crazy.?
A laugh escaped the Admiral, followed by a wince. ?Not...not as much as...as you?d think. Gangly...awkward kid with a mind for tactics and not much else? Not the biggest selling point for the girls in my day.?

?With respect, sir, sounds like the women in your day missed out.? She said, narrowly avoiding hitting another robot. Lanning shook his head.
?No...no. Led my life...the...the way I wanted. The fleet??He wheezed. ?The fleet was...was family.? His head lolled her way. ?My children.?
Something inside of her ached then. She turned to him a moment, locking eyes. He was the closest thing she?d had to a father since her own had died when she was ten. She wanted to reach out and hug the old man...but now was not the time. His eyes began to slide shut, but she grabbed him with one hand and shook him.
?Hey! None of that! You stay awake! You hear me, Godsdammit?? She chided him.
Lanning?s eyes flickered back to life and he grunted and nodded. ?Roger...roger that.?
She could see the Air Base ahead...but they were heavily fortified and in lockdown. She pulled up the vehicles comms system. ?This is Loren Metcalfe. I am inbound with Admiral Lanning. We have hostiles on our six. Over.?

?Submit security clearance or stand down.? the voice came back.
?I don?t think you heard me, grunt. I?ve got the Fleet Admiral in the vehicle with me. Now open the ****ing gates!? She snarled.
?I repeat. Submit security clearance or we will be forced to fire upon you!?
?What the **** is this guy?s malfunction?? She said.
?He?s doing his job.? Lanning managed. ?This is Lanning. Security Clearance Code Delta-One-Nine-Zero-Seven-Alpha-Two-Three-Bravo. Over.?
After a moment the voice returned. ?Roger that, Fleet Admiral. Making a hole.?
It was not a moment too soon, the doors began to slide open. The army of machines were still behind them, moving as fast as they could, a relentless tide of metal. The moment Loren passed the threshold of the base walls, the defensive weapons opened up on the mob.
The gate shut behind them. Loren and Lanning were safe.
"Your memories and choices are all you'll have left. At the end of the game, the king and the pawn go into the same box. You have to decide what you're willing to sacrifice."
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Loren Metcalfe
Young Wyrm
Young Wyrm

Joined: 12 Mar 2016
Posts: 26
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Can Be Found: Eavesdown City, Boros
1944.68 Silver Crowns


PostPosted: Tue Jan 30, 2018 1:42 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

The car screeched to a stop in the bustling airfield. Loren threw open the car door, and stepped out. Dropships were scattered around, loading troops, taking off and heading into atmo. A flurry of activity and shouted orders filled the air along with the persistent heavy weapons fire at the gate.

?Medic!? she shouted. ?I need a medic! The Admiral is wounded!?

Immediately, two of them ran up and immediately set upon the vehicle. An officer approached, the ships sending wind whipping all around, Loren rushed to meet him, shouting over the noise. ?Who?s in charge here?!?

?I am. Captain Tristian, good to meet you, Major.? He shook her hand and directed her away from the dropships.

?You know me?? She responded.

?Major Loren Metcalfe, yeah? Not a lot of people who don?t know you, ma?am.? he called back.

?Retired.? Loren yelled a hint of forlornness in her shout.

?Yeah, well, given everything that just happened...we?ll see.?

She glanced up to him in confusion, a swell of hope swimming through her. Loren allowed herself that for only a second before she was back to business. ?Admiral Lanning is hurt. We need to get him off-world now.?

Tristain directed her to a shuttle currently loading up with supplies. ?That?s your ride, Ma?am. Last one out on this rotation.?

Loren glanced over and nodded. ?Where to??

?The Centurion.? He told her. ?Might want to get moving. They?re taking off in 5.?

She gave his arm a squeeze and made her way over to the Admiral and his gurney. They were hooking him up to a portable life-support when she got there. The retired officer took his hand. ?Ready to get out of here??

Lanning took her hand, giving it a squeeze. A warm smile on his lips.

That was when they heard it.


Loren?s head shot upwards. The machines were crawling over the edge, swarming the sentry guns and hacking their systems. Soldiers were tossed like rag dolls, skewered, and ripped apart by the rampaging robot. She watched as they turned and aimed at the car. Her dark eyes went wide. ?GET HIM OUT OF-?

It was all she managed. The guns fired and the car exploded. The impact threw Loren back, and the world spun wildly, complete chaos. And then, everything was quiet.

Everything went black.
The dull thud of explosions shook her at the core of her body. All she could hear was the incessant ringing in her ears. Light poured into her eyes as Loren?s eyelids fluttered open. At first, she could see nothing but blurry silhouettes moving about. The figures were firing what had to be rifles, the whud-whud-whud of the rifle bursts muffled in her ringing ears. A trooper was in full retreat before he lurched forward, a blade cutting through his chest. The robot tossed his lifeless body aside before it was cut down itself. Loren brought her arm up to shield her eyes as one of the towers burst in an explosion of fire and debris.


Suddenly, her sense of purpose was renewed. Dazed, though she was, Loren pushed herself up. The entire world seemed to shift and waver around her. It was difficult to find her footing. A body bumped into her and she stumbled into a crate, barely able to keep from falling on her face. The retired Major shook it off and forged on, now dimly aware that she was bleeding from her temple. Her bleary eyes darted all around in search of the Admiral.

Finally, she found him. He lay on his side, crawling toward the dropship. What remained of Tristain lie on the ground, a mangled, bloody mess. Loren grit her teeth, grabbed a rifle from the crate, and hobbled as fast as she could. Pain was her entire existence at the moment, but she would not...could not fail.

The machines were inbound now, and heading for Lanning. It was as if they knew who he was and how important he was, Loren thought. She shouldered the rifle and dropped one after the other, making her way to the old man. Just as she got to him and leaned down to help, one of the machines landed beside her. Quickly, she whipped the butt of the gun around, hitting it in the face and making it stumble back. But the robot got a hold on the rifle, ripping it from her hands, planting a metallic foot in her chest and sending her to the ground.. Those glowing blue eyes stared at her viciously as it broke the weapon in half in a burst of blue sparks. She crawled backwards, seeking to protect Lanning.

The sound of a blaster firing came from over her shoulder and the robot?s head exploded, the body crumpling to the ground lifeless. She diverted her attention back to Lanning, a grin spreading across his features. Loren returned the little smirk and then wrapped her arm around him, taking his weapon with the free hand and supported his weight as they stood.

They limped as fast as possible toward the dropship, blasting all the way. Her engines were spooling up, ready to take off. Time was up.

?WAIT!? Loren screamed, her voice ragged and hoarse. ?WAIT!?

The soldier at the ramp waved her on, shouting something she couldn?t hear in all the symphony of destruction. Blast bolts ripped through his chest and had the soldier banking off the struts. Another soldier came running out and waved them on, trading fire with the robots.

Loren finally managed to get Lanning to the ramp, setting one foot on. It was over. They were saved....

She so desperately wanted to believe that. But Lanning lurched forward with an ?urk!? Her attention snapped to him. His eyes looked confused, pained, weak. They turned up to her a moment. Her?s lowered...a hook protruding from his abdomen. Loren?s eyes filled with panic. Lanning?s lips moved, but no sound came out. She wanted to say something, do something...but he was just suddenly ripped out of her grasp, pulled into a throng of machines. He was gone.

?CLOSE IT! WE NEED TO GET THE **** OUT OF HERE!? she heard behind her.

?NO!? Loren shrieked, moving to go after the Admiral until she was grabbed from behind. She struggled, crying out ?No!? over and over again, calling for the Admiral, thought he was surely already dead. Little by little, the hatch closed and reality set in.

Simon Lanning was dead. Boros, the seat of the USM'S power was lost.
"Your memories and choices are all you'll have left. At the end of the game, the king and the pawn go into the same box. You have to decide what you're willing to sacrifice."
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PostPosted: Tue Feb 06, 2018 1:37 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Another day, another seedy den of ill repute. Ketbrae Station was a spaceport somewhere around the ass-end of nowhere. The ramp of the Dragon?s Tooth lowered to the deck, revealing the crew of the Dragon?s Tooth Kaila and Ian. Former Praetorian child warriors, genetically modified into the perfect killing machines given a second chance at a normal life. Nara, former bounty hunter. As ruthless as she was beautiful. Annikah, the spunky, sarcastic mechanic. And Garrick Page. Outlaw. Smuggler. Dashing scoundrel. They descended looking every bit the swaggering, heroic crew of mercenaries they were...until a sudden burst of steam from a blown line completely threw Page off his cool and had him stumbling into the hulking Praetorian man to his left.

?Oh, great.? Annikah sighed. ?Another blown line.? She wasted no time in getting back to work.

?I thought you fixed that thing!? Page said, straightening himself out.

?No, you TOLD me to fix this thing, but you refuse to buy me new parts, you cheap-ass.? Annikah corrected him, with a glare over her shoulder.
Nara, crossed in between them. ?Just patch it for now. We might need a quick exit.?

Page started to walk away, but Annikah grabbed him by the shirt. ?Wait, wait.? She said, pulling him close. Her lips made contact with his, a long, warm kiss melted into him. They parted, but remained close, her eyes turned up at his. ?Be careful.?

?Hey. It?s me.? He said.


The team moved out into the bustling main streets of the spaceport. Vendors hawked their wares from stalls, humans and aliens of all stretches were all about, going about their daily lives. Robots moved down the streets, focused on their programmed tasks. The scent of various types of food filled the air as hover cars passed by overhead. This sort of place was home for Page.

?Alright?? Nara said, glancing at her datapad. ?Secara is meeting us in Hold 537. According to manifests, he showed up an hour ago...Not alone.?

?Good.? Page said. ?I?m not alone either.?

?Yeah, well, let?s try to get out of this one without a fight for a change.? Nara chided him.

?They don?t *always* end in fights.? Page dismissed her.

?Ehhh?.? Kaila said.

?I liked you better when you were robotic.? He said, dejected.

The girl and Ian smirked to each other as they moved through the crowd. Nara glanced over to Page.

?Alright. I?ll cover you guys from above. See you there.? she said with a nod before breaking off from the group and disappearing into the crowd.

The crew stepped through to doors to the massive cargo hold. They moved in through the stacks of crates and there they found their target.

Irvas Secara, local low-level D?niri dirtbag and smuggler stood across from them, chewing away at a toothpick as bulbous, violet eyes flicked from to the man before him, little hairs along his neck twitching in annoyance. His own muscle was standing with him, some big Buldari bastards, all tatted and armored up.

Kaila stepped up beside him, the towering, youthful girl eyeing their contact. ?It looks like someone came ready for a fight.? she said. Her tight, brown bun had been given up in favor of a shoulder length cut. Something less rigid and severe. Though, those unnaturally blue eyes were impossible to miss.

?That makes two of us.? Ian, the male Praetorian said, glancing to her with a smirk. For the first time in his life, he was out of military control. He?d even chanced growing a beard, for all the good it did.

?Kids?? Page said taking on a tone of parental warning. ?Play nice. Until he gives us a reason not to.?

?Over-under on the likelihood this guy tries to screw us?? Annikah chimed in on their private comm channel.

?Don?t worry, Annie.? He heard Nara?s voice in his earpiece. ?Anybody gets fussy with your boyfriend, I?ll send ?em to sleepy town.? The bounty hunter was stationed somewhere up in the rafters, out of sight with a sniper rifle trained below.

?Does nobody have faith that I can take care of myself?? Page muttered.

?No.? They all chimed in at once.

Page glanced around him. ?Friends like these....? He grumbled and continued toward Secara. ?Irvas!? He called out with open arms. ?Long time no see!?

The D?niri smuggler cocked his head. ?Garrick Page. You look spry for a washed up old cheat.?

Page put on a show of being offended. ?Hey now. No need to get nasty. I?m in my prime.? That lopsided smirk crossed his lips.

?That why you brought the freak show??

?Watch it, pal. They?re my crew. And they?re not as sweet and cuddly as I am.? Page warned. His eyes flicked to the men flanking the D?niri smuggler. ?You got my stuff??

Secara snapped his long, clawed fingers and another pair of Buldari rounded the corner pushing a huge crate on a hover cart. Ian and Kaila shared a wary look.

?You got anymore linebackers hiding out around here I should know about, Irv?? Page asked, his gun hand drifting subtly near his holster.

?I come prepared.?

?Seems to me you?re a touch paranoid. And when my associates hide their thugs, that makes me a little jumpy. I don?t like feeling jumpy.? Page eyed him waiting for the slightest indication something was about to go down.

?Yeah, we don?t like people who hide things.? Nara?s voice chirped in his ear. Page suppressed an urge to grin and kept focus on Irvas.

The alien?s hairs twitched in annoyance. ?That?s the last of them.?

?He?s lying.? Nara reported. ?I?ve got eyes on five more. Play it cool. They move and I drop them all.?

Page smirked and glanced back and up to the immense, blonde wall of a man behind him. Ian unhooked the bag from his person and tossed it toward Irvas.

The D?niri smuggler nodded, two of his goons moving forward to collect the bag of money. He and Page eyed each other like chess opponents, waiting for one another to make a move. One of the Buldari glanced back and nodded.

The corner of Page?s mouth upturned in cocky grin. ?We good??

Those hairs twitched again. ?Where?s the rest??

?There is no rest.? Page said firmly. ?The agreement was 17.?

?Yeah. It *was*. That was before you had me dragging this junk through Guild space.? Irvas said. ?You have any idea the kind of **** that could have been brought down on my head over transporting unregistered livestock? New price is 25.?

Page dropped the grin. ?My ass, it?s 25.? His voice dropped ominously. ?We had a deal. And you?re gonna honor it.?

?My men-?

?Your men are professionals and this ain?t your first rodeo with the Guild. You knew what you were doing when you took the job.? Page locked eyes. ?So, I?ll say it again. We had a deal. Now give me what I came for.?

?You talk very tough for a man with no cards on the table.? Irvas said, those eyes narrowing.

?And you talk pretty tough for a man who?s starin? death in the face.? Page countered.
?I?m the one staring death in the face? *I?M* the one?!? Irvas let out a whistle and rest of his men came out, armed to the teeth.

All at once, everyone drew their weapons, and the shouting began. Kaila, Ian and Page formed a triangle, shoulders to shoulders. ?Great plan, boss. Real smooth.? Kaila said through a clenched jaw.
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PostPosted: Wed Feb 07, 2018 5:08 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

?Son of a bitch.? Nara grit her teeth watching the proceedings, it seemed things just got complicated. The Buldari had converged on them, but nobody was shooting.

?What?s the plan, Boss? Want me to light ?em up?? Nara asked into her comms.

Page gave a nigh imperceptible shake of the head, calling her off. It did nothing for her nerves, but if Page said he had it in control he had it in control. But the second she got the inkling a trigger was going to be pulled, she was going to light those big bastards up like the Smuggler?s Moon.

?Nara??Annikah?s voice emitted from her earpiece. ?Something weird?s going on??

?Uh? kinda busy, Annie. What is it?? Nara asked, annoyed. She had an increasingly hostile negotiation to keep an eye on. She didn?t have time for this. Below, Page was talking, putting on a calm, cool facade. The implication of threat and placation in his voice as he tried to talk his aggressors down. Her crosshairs locked on the biggest, closest one to Page.

?I?m hearing over the cortex...multiple ship collisions in this sector?? Annikah responded.

Nara rolled her eyes. ?You?re calling to tell me about *****y pilots??

?No?.no I don?t think that?s what this is.? Annika?s said. ?There?s a massive power outage in the top levels...and it?s going lower throughout the station.?

?What?? Nara?s brow furrowed. That was a bit worse than a few space fender-benders. Something was up.

Back in the Dragon?s Tooth, Annikah was at the controls, hacked into the security cameras of the station as one by one, entire sectors went dark. Outside, she could see satellite footage of ships all over the place drifting lifeless, their debris scattered about. And one was drifting slowly toward them.

?Oh my gods?? she whispered. Annikah sprung into action, getting up and running up to the cockpit. ?Nara, get them out of there and back to the ship.?

?What?? Nara responded. ?We?re in the middle-?

?Nara, get them back to the ship!!?
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PostPosted: Sun Feb 18, 2018 4:47 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

?I am not going to say this again, Irvas. Lower your gods damned weapons!? Page stared down the sight of his pistol, sharp blue eyes narrowed.

?Yeah, you JUST said that..?

?Well...I- this time I mean it!? He stammered and tried to ignore the sigh that came from Kaila?s direction.

?You are out numbered. Out gunned. And you...are absolutely...out cl-?

Suddenly, there was a loud boom, and the entire station lurched. It was as if the world began to shift around them. It was one of the Buldari who fired first. A shot that went wide and missed any possible targets.

As the room around them continued its wild shifting, Page stumbled, letting off a wild shot into nothing and the Buldari and Praetorian charged each other. To the aliens? surprise, the kids were tougher than they looked. Ian grappled with one of them, wheeling him around and throwing him damn near through the side of steel shipping container.

Kaila planted a foot and took the charging beast full force? and barely budged. The alien looked up in surprise, just to get an uppercut to its chin, sending him up through the air.

Page hit the ground and took aim, finally getting his bearings. Irvas was making a run for the door but the constant shifting wasn?t making it easy.

?PAGE!? He heard Kaila shout. His eyes flicked over to her and then up. A bunch of containers were beginning to tilt his way...and they were about to come down.

?Oh.? He muttered and immediately started scrambling away. The first container slammed to the ground mere feet behind him. He ran as fast as his legs could carry him, one after another the huge metal crates hitting, closer and closer as they tumbled to the deck. He knew if he didn?t do something drastic, the next would surely crush him. With every bit of a his might, he leapt forward, the container missing him by inches.

Page hit the ground rolling. For the moment he lay there panting. ?I?m alive?? He gasped. ?I?M ALIVE!?


Irvas stood over him with a pistol and sneer.

?Oh...COME ON!?

Before Irvas could even toss out a clip, one of the Buldari came sailing through the air, slamming into him and pancaking the D?niri smuggler against the wall. Ian stepped up and offered a hand down to him.

?Thanks for the assist.? Page smirked as he was pulled to his feet. ?Where?s Delta??


Kaila was taking on two at once, one of the Buldari in a headlock and the other recovering from being thrown into a wall and drawing his firearm. She locked eyes, released the thug from her hold and leapt, spiralling in mid air as he fired, barely missing her. Even as she hit the floor, she was on the move, rising up toward the shooter, backhanding him across the face. Meanwhile the Buldari she?d released was charging for her. She went right for him, dropping under his grasp and hammering him in the groin with a vicious punch. Her body, however didn?t stop moving. She leapt upward, right fist cocking back and then, coming down in mid-air, bashing against the neck plate of the alien?s natural armor cracking the surface and sending him stumbling forth slightly. He whipped around just in time for her foot to connect with his chest, sending the Buldari flying into a wall and out of commission.

The shooter was getting up, shakily, but Kaila?s back was to him. He rose his weapon and aimed it at her. She heard the click, and whipped around, but the alien stood frozen, a hole in his head the edges glowing orange.

?Alright, boys and girls. Fun?s over, let?s get the hell out of here!? Nara?s voice came over their headsets.

Page looked around. ?Not until we have what we came for.?

?Page, this isn?t the time. This station?s going bat****. We need to go NOW.? Nara told him.

?I didn?t come here to leave empty handed.? He said.

?Get to the ship! NOW!? Annikah?s voice burst through.

The Praetorian gathered the Buldari thugs? weapons. Page hated leaving a job undone. But if the entire station took a hit, it might not be long before it went completely up. He grit his teeth. ?God damn it?? He cursed to himself. ?On our way.?
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PostPosted: Wed Feb 28, 2018 1:17 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

The seconds they stepped out into the spaceport proper, they found pandemonium. People were running, screaming, pushing and shoving. It was difficult to make anything out at first, just chaos. Kaila looked around frantically as two fighting creatures tumbled over a shop stall.

?Whoa. Whoa! WHOA!? Page yelled out.

The three of them pressed up against the wall as a hover car careened out of control, barely missing them and slamming into a building down the street. Kaila?s brows furrowed watching the building burn. ?Follow me.?

She took point shoving her way through the crowd, tossing those who put up a fight away like ragdolls. Slowly, they became aware...the people all seemed to be running to them. Kaila looked up over the crowd into the distance. Something was ahead. Something strong. People were being thrown around, dropping and never getting back up...and that was when she saw it. The red optics of an Autons Inc Series 10 Securitel Droid. And another. And another. Until she saw there was a mob of them.

Her eyes widened. ?This way! Go! Go!? She guided Page and Ian down an alleyway, the trio sprinting.

?What?s happening?? Page demanded.

?Just run! We need to get out of here!? Kaila ordered. The bedlam still raged behind them, but they were getting their distance. What had just happened, the former Praetorian wasn?t sure. Maybe a malfunction? No. Not across so many at once. And certainly not with a 10. Autons was too perfectionistic for that kind of sloppiness.

?What the hell is that?? Page panted.

Kaila?s gaze shot upward. There were a few of the robots looking down upon them.

?Down!? Ian called out as they dropped, stepping in front of Page. The blonde warrior grabbed the first one out of the air, and whirled it around into its comrades in a shower of sparks and metal.

Page hit the ground and drew his sidearm, blasting one of them in midair. Ian was busy bashing a few of the machines with the body of their fallen friend.

Kaila threw one of her attackers from her back, whipping around while drawing a stolen shotgun. The first shot blew its face apart, the second redirected and caught one going for Page.

The smuggler rose and advanced towards Kaila, firing all the while to take down a few more attackers. The pair stood shoulder to shoulder, unloading fire like crazy. ?We can?t hold out forever.? He said.

Kaila knew it to be true and they?d run out of ammo sooner rather than later. Ian slammed a machine?s head through a brick wall and turned to find several more drop into their path. They were cut off.

The trio brought their weapons up, ready to go out in a blaze of glory when they heard three shots from a distance. The blast bolts seared past them, each hitting their targets dead on in the head. The remaining three turned their attention in the direction of the weapons fire just in time to have their heads blown to bits as well.

?Quit gawking and move.? Nara?s voice chimed out over their personal comm channel. ?These things are everywhere. Get to the ship.?

Amid the screams, explosions and terror, they beat a hasty retreat to the Dragon?s Tooth. Kaila took point, keeping the path before them clear as Ian covered the rear.

?Any word on what?s up?? Page asked over the comms.

?Nothing. Every channel is either static or an absolute screaming mess.? Nara informed him.

That didn?t exactly settle his nerves about this whole mess. ?Those droids...they were Autons Inc models.? He said. ?Rare for those things to malfunction like that.?

?It is not a malfunction.? Kaila said simply, her eyes sweeping ahead. ?They are programmed with the Three Laws. They are to protect life.?

?Right.? Page responded. ?And they?re malfunctioning.?

?No. You do not understand. Even a malfunctioning robot cannot disobey it?s programming. They have been altered. Whatever is going on...it?s on purpose.?

A chill ran through his entire body as they rounded to the long corridor connecting their docking bay to the station. Someone planned this. People were dying out there and someone wanted it to happen. But who? Who stood to gain from wiping out this hellhole?

?Guys??Annikah?s voice rang out in their ears. ?Move! I?ve got several of them converging on your location!?

The scraping, clanging sound of metal feet and hands rapidly approaching was something Page would never forget. It would haunt his dreams.

?RUN!? He ordered. The three broke into a spring as the machines came around the corner, a wave of steel and rage. They fired everywhere they could, dropping the robots left and right, but more and more came.

As they entered the docking bay, an automated forklift came careening in their direction, Kaila grabbed Page and dove away with him as it slammed into a fuel tank and exploded in a massive fireball. All three were thrown off their feet and slammed down on the deck.

And, for Page, everything went black.
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PostPosted: Wed Feb 28, 2018 1:51 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Things slowly came into focus. Flames spread across the room, it was like waking up in Hell, he thought. Kaila was banged up, bloodied, but for the most part, okay. Her hair hung, stringy and wet with sweat and blood as she fired upon the machines. He couldn?t quite make out what she was shouting with the ringing in his ears.

He took stock of his situation. Nothing felt broken or too badly damaged, aside from the dull ache in his head and the general soreness all over. Behind him the ship awaited...and before him was that raging fire. Beyond that, he saw the form of a person lying upon the ground that could only be Ian. He was firing like a madman, annihilating all in his path as the machines surged into the room. It slowly dawned on the old smuggler...Ian was cut off.

He tried to drag himself forward, but two arms wrapped around him from behind and dragged him back. ?No??he muttered. ?No!?

Annikah wouldn?t let go. She kept dragging the wounded man back up the ramp and into the ship. From there, he could see better. Ian?s leg was badly wounded. The former Praetorian screaming and fighting with everything he had left.

There was a sudden, clang as a vent grating slammed to the ground. Intermittent light from blasterfire flickered within until Nara sprang out, free falling on top of a crate and rolling off to fall to the ground as an explosion blew the ventilation pipe and the pursuing machines apart. The retired bounty hunter got up, holding her arm and wincing. Those brilliant eyes sweeping over the scene before her and her heart sinking. Time was up. They had to leave NOW.

Kaila was desperate, taking time in between shots to search for a way around the raging fire separating her and the only person in the universe who understood her. The only person who knew, first hand what she?d been through. She would not let him go without a fight.

Ian dropped another rampaging droid with a well placed shot that blew it apart at the chest. No time to celebrate. Eyes forward. Next target. He lined up his shot and pulled the trigger.


He pulled it again.

Again. Nothing.

The power pack had been drained. But still, they came. WIth a grit of his teeth, he forced himself up to one knee and gripped his rifle by the barrel. The first robot to come close was bashed across the face, it?s head knocked clear from its body. The next was hammered into the ground.

Nara rushed to Kaila?s side, picking off more and more of them as they entered the room and giving Ian a fighting chance...but then she saw more vent grates fall. They were surrounding them. Her gaze swept from them to Ian...and it slowly dawned on her what had to be done.

?Kaila?? she said too quietly. ?Kaila.? Louder. ?Kaila!?

But the woman seemed deaf to her calls. Nara grabbed the girl and yanked. ?DELTA!?

The young woman?s eyes were wild, alert, and panicked. The use of her former codename snapped her back to reality. Nara stared her in the face a long moment, she truly felt for the girl.

?I?m sorry.? Nara said. ?We need to go.??

?No.? Kaila said stubbornly.

?We need to go or we ALL die!? Nara insisted.

Kaila looked out as Ian caught one of them in mid air and used it?s body as a shield, lunging forth toward the docking tube. He batted another way with the robot?s body and then ripped it in half. Three more landed upon him...and another three...he fell back to his knees as the pounded away at him, tearing at his clothes and flesh. He looked up at Kaila with those wild, warrior?s eyes. With a grimace, he bellowed and threw them all aside and reached in one of his belt pouches, producing a metallic cylinder.

He panted and stared her in the eyes and said one, simple word.


Nara?s eyes went wide. ?Kaila?.come on! Let?s go! Let?s go!?

The woman formerly known as Delta was reluctant but retreated up the ramp and into the ship.

?Annie, Get this bucket airborne and get us the **** outta here!? Nara shouted.

Delta stood at the edge of the ramp as it slowly rose, eyes locked on Ian through the flames. The machines closed around him as a smile crossed his lips, his face lit red in the glow of his explosive. It would be the last she?d ever see of him. Victorious, proud. A warrior?s death.

The ship rocked as the dull WHOOM of the explosion went off and the engines went live. Ian was gone. Delta was alone. She was now, truly, the last of her kind. The last of the Praetorian.
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PostPosted: Thu Mar 01, 2018 12:25 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Nara slipped in beside Annikah, taking control of the ship as they hit open space. Spread out before them was an absolute catastrophe. Ships had careened into one another, huge chunks of debris scattered throughout the area, floating forever in their weightless paths.

?Oh my god?? Annikah muttered in a horrified tone.

Behind them, the view screen showed the damage to the spaceport. A huge freighter was buried into the top of the station and the last of the lights flickered and finally died. Three hundred thousand life forms had been in that place when they had arrived. The only survivors were now in, maybe, ten ships now trying desperately to escape. Anyone still on there when the lights (and thus life support) died were assuredly gone. Extinguished in an instant.

Annikah?s brows knit as she took it all in. ?What did all this??

Nara frowned, eyes forward as she navigated the floating graveyard that was once a bustling spaceport. ?I don?t know. But I?m going to find out.?
She pulled up the connection to the cortex and started looking through their contacts. The Irwin Crew on Felig. Nothing. Tormand on Orellia. Nothing but static. Nara grit her teeth as she punched in Cyrus and his crew on Korrivan.


A chill ran through her as she considered what that could mean. Cyrus Rana was her safe place. The one man who?d never let her down. A friend...and more when times got tough. If he was gone, she didn?t know what she?d do.

Annikah placed a hand on her shoulder. ?Hey. It doesn?t mean anything until it means something, right??

Nara glanced her way, in her heart, unconvinced. But she nodded firmly and swallowed her fears. There would be time to fret later. Voices rang out over the comm channel now. The survivors all chattering back and forth trying to make sense of the situation. Panic filled the airwaves. It was time to get the hell out of there.

Annikah gave her a look. ?We?re leaving??

?Damn right.? Nara said, busying herself with the Nav-computer.

?What about the rest of these people? We can help them.? the mechanic argued.

?I?m not worried about them.?


The redhead whipped around on her, eyes intense and filled with fear and frustration. ?Annie. I have ONE concern right now and it doesn?t involve playing babysitter to a bunch of degenerate gamblers and smugglers. I mean to get you, me, Page and Kaila out of here before we lose another person.?

Ian. Annie had watched what happened to him on the viewscreen. In the almost two years she?d traveled with the man, he?d seemed invincible. A towering warrior capable of defeating any enemy. He wasn?t supposed to die. He wasn?t supposed to be gone.

She turned those dark brown eyes up to Nara as the retired bounty went back to work. There wasn?t much more to say.

Out of nowhere, Nara froze. ?Oh no. Oh hell.?

Annikah looked to her confused. ?What?s up??

Nara put on a sour face and her upturned to the cockpit windows. ?Incoming.?

Suddenly, a massive battlecruiser jumped into the system. Top of the line hi-tech, from the looks of her. Probably something cooked up by the USM?s Special Projects Division. They?d had run-ins with them in the past.

A familiar, deep, masculine voice came out of their speakers. ?Attention, any survivors in the area. This is Commander Briggs of the USM Mjolnir. We are here to help. Lower your shields and we?ll bring you to dock into our docking bays.?

Nara scoffed at that and hit respond. ?Yeah, stuff that. Thanks but no thanks, ?Commander?.?

It had been Operative Briggs (as she?d known him) who?d almost glassed the planet they were all on to try and cover up the existence of Kaila and her fellow Praetorian. She held no love for the man.

?Captain Nara Rey and the Dragon?s Tooth.? Briggs said, a particular humor in his voice. ?As I do live and breathe. Been a while, Captain.?

?Not long enough.? Nara said.

?Always charming.? he said as a tight smile pulled across his lips. ?Lower your shields, Captain and let us bring you in.?

Annikah?s fingers flew, plotting them an FTL route out of there. Nara shook her head.

?Not today, Briggs.? She said through grit teeth.

?Please, Captain. If I wanted you in my custody, I?d simply disable your ship and MAKE you come aboard.?

Nara knew he was right, though that bravado would never crack. ?What do you want, Briggs??

?Just to talk, Captain Rey.? He said. ?I think it?s time to put the past in the past, don?t you, Captain??

?**** that. I just saw this entire place go complete monkey **** out of nowhere. I didn?t trust you before and if you think I?m trusting you NOW-?

?Captain. Things are worse out there than you realize. You have no idea how far this reaches.? Briggs interrupted her. ?Please. I?m begging you. Come aboard. Hear what I have to say. After that...if you still want to go, you can go.?

Annikah and the redhead shared a glance. The mechanic gave her a shrug. Nara turned back to the comms. ?Why? Why are you doing this??

Briggs was silent a long moment before finally responding. ?Because there aren?t many of us left.?
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Loren Metcalfe
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PostPosted: Sun Mar 11, 2018 12:21 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Loren stared out into the vast blackness of the cosmos, her mind racing over everything that had happened in the past 24 hours. Lanning, Boros...in a moment, everything had changed. If the old soldier had thought the future looked bleak before, now it was a chaotic nightmare of uncertainty.

?Major.? A woman in corporal?s stripes greeted her. Loren turned her eyes up to her, studying the young soldier. The calm, collected military bravado nowhere to be seen. Her eyes were red from tears, bags under eyes showing the cracks of stress within her. Her brows seemed permanently knit in concern. Not surprising, Loren thought. The girl had probably just lost her homeworld.

?Retired.? Loren said, her voice hoarse.

The corporal hesitated before speaking again. ?Of course. Ma?am, we?re making our approach upon the Mjolnir.?

?Why are you telling me?? Loren thought to herself before offering a curt nod.

The corporal turned and started away before stopping in her tracks. She turned and looked back to Loren. ?Ma?am??

Loren?s eyes flicked down to the nametape. ?Finch? it read. Loren?s gaze redirected to the nervous young woman?s eyes. ?Yes, Corporal Finch??

?Ma?am...what are we going to do? I mean..where do we go from here?? She asked, the barely-contained panic making her voice shake.

?We survive.? Loren said and rose from her seat, making her way into the cockpit, taking in the massive battleship. Loren had helped in certain stages of its development, but never thought to see the thing actually complete. It was an impressive marriage of technology and weaponry, developed and built entirely in-house by the USM Special Projects.

?Roger that, Mjolnir. Docking Bay 94. Icarus inbound.? The pilot said into the comms.

The dropship ambled onward upon its trajectory, merging with a few other ships as they made their way to the docking bay. One of which, Loren recognized.

?Pilot.? She said. ?Can you get me a readout on that ship??

?Major.? the pilot nodded, getting to work. ?LT-500 Mid-bulk Transport. Registered as ?Dragon?s Tooth? under Captain Nara Rey.?

Loren?s jaw tightened visibly. Delta and Gulf would be on that ship. The former Major had never thought to see them again, but fate, it seemed had other plans. The dropship passed through the forcefield and settled down upon the deck. Ships of all makes and models were spread throughout the massive space, USM personnel were moving all about the place trying, in vain, to keep the chaos reigned in.

She stood at the edge of the loading platform and waited as it lowered. Little by little, a chorus of voices filtered into the craft until they were booming. Loren descended the ramp, the crew at her back, She glanced out of the corner of her eye, catching sight of the Dragon?s Tooth as a heavily armed guard moved up into the ship?s hold. There was no mistaking the tall, youthful female they led out first. Her hair was longer, her clothing civilian, but it was unequivocally Delta. The others followed, but none of them was the towering mass of Gulf.

Something inside of her ached. For all the trouble, all the grief, she had felt a sort of maternal responsibility for the Praetorian. Now they were all almost completely gone.

There wasn?t much time to dwell as an armed guard approached, surrounding a familiar face. That perfectly shaved head, neatly trimmed beard, handsome face, and sharp, crisp uniform noticeable even in such a packed room.

?Operative Briggs.? She said icily to the man who had ended her career. ?Never thought our paths would cross again.?

?Major Metcalfe. Pleasantly surprised to see you again.? He said with that disarming smile. ?I?m sorry to hear about Admiral Lanning. He was a good man.?

?Great.? She corrected him. ?He was a great man.?

Briggs nodded, maintaining that friendly exterior. ?That he was.?

Loren looked around her at the refugees all around them. Families cling to each other, captains argued with security and each other. She heard a woman screaming at her husband.

?You left her! You just left our baby!?

Loren turned slowly to the grim looking Briggs. ?Sir.? She said. ?What in the hell happened??

Briggs? eyes lowered a bit, but before he could speak, the other security detachment came up with the crew of the Dragon?s Tooth. Loren didn?t hear what was said, she just locked eyes with Delta. She barely recognized them, though they were the same. There was so much more behind them. So much life, emotion...and pain.

Seeing her again brought out those old regrets. The failure that was entirely Loren?s came roaring back, though this time, it carried with it something else.

"Your memories and choices are all you'll have left. At the end of the game, the king and the pawn go into the same box. You have to decide what you're willing to sacrifice."
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PostPosted: Sun Mar 11, 2018 8:00 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

It started in the core worlds and spread from there.? Briggs stood, lit in the blue of the Galactic Map?s holographic light. ?We lost Salin first, then the smaller moons of the Ilos system. The Neos, the Raq?ar, the Vyris are all but wiped out.?. He paused and made eye contact with Loren. ?Then we lost touch with Boros.?

A hush fell over the room. It was mostly military, though Kaila was allowed, along with Nara, at the young one?s insistence. Nara sat upon a table, eying the man.

?So. What?s the deal?? She asked. ?Major malfunctions? Hackers??

?We considered that. But no.? He said. ?Whatever this is, it?s affecting every robot and system created by Autons and it?s absolutely deliberate.?

?Yeah.? Nara responded curtly. ?Hence the hackers.?

?Hackers breaking Autons? code?? He said incredulously. ?I don?t think so. To override the three laws, you have to go through countless lines of code and fundamentally alter the dna of what these things are. Quite simply, it?s impossible.?

?All evidence to the contrary.? Delta spoke up, getting looks from around the room, none more surprised than Loren. The girl had become bold. The warrior she had been never spoke out of turn.

Loren could sense the burning question in the room. Nobody wanted the answer, but everyone wanted to ask.

?How many?? She choked out. ?How many dead??

For once she saw that calm exterior crack. Briggs went to speak, but his throat felt suddenly dry. Even he had his limits, he was still a man, after all.

?We?re still waiting to hear back-? he managed before Loren interrupted.

?Sir. How many?? She leveled her gaze upon the man.

Briggs stared at her a long moment, struggling to find his voice. ?Current estimates are in the trillions. Maybe more.?

The wave of grief that swept over the room was damn near tangible. It passed through all of them in an instant. Murmurs and gasps mingled with tears. But none of them were Loren?s.

She just stared numbly for a long moment. But only that moment. She rose her voice so the room would hear. ?Okay. What are we doing in response??

Briggs suppressed that impressed grin threatening to make its appearance. ?The Andoran is on its way to Boros as we speak. The MCU is prepping for SAR and if there?s anyone left, they?ll get them out. In the meantime, I need everyone to continue performing admirably and help us get the word out to anyone left alive. This isn?t over, ladies and gentlemen, and as of this moment, we must consider ourselves at war. I don?t care where your from, what you?ve done, or even if you support the United Systems Military. We have all been attacked. And it is now up to us to unite and respond, in kind. Dismissed.?

Nara and Kaila shared a glance as people dispersed. Neither of them was fond of the idea of working for the very people who had hunted and attempted to exterminate them. Even now, in the face of genocide, they would need convincing before pledging any sort of allegiance to this man.
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Samara stood in her place in the dropship, encased in her exosuit. The HUDs constant scroll of information as it ran diagnostics was distracting so she switched it off for the time being. Merichak was hunched down, looking in on Stick and Deadlift. Tey’lani moved down the aisle between the massively armored team, making sure everyone was rigged correctly.

The blue Iridian stepped up to Samara, standing on her suit’s feet.

“Excited?” Tey’lani asked, as she checked over the new soldier’s rigging and turned her violet eyes up to her, a tight grin forming.

Samara smiled down, jostled in her suit as they hit a bit of chop. “Yeah. Excited. Let’s go with that.”

Tey’lani locked down the last bit of rigging with a smirk before she turned those brilliant violet eyes to her friend. “Look after these losers, will ya?”

Samara smiled back to her. “You know I will.”

Few words were said up to that point. When they’d gotten word of an attack there wasn’t much to say. Everyone was scared, everyone wanted to contact loved ones, if they could, but there was a job to do. Boros would be phase one.

Their mission was simple: find and extract any survivors, especially military personnel and, if possible, find the source of the attack. A “leisurely night on the town”, as Duster so succinctly put it. Samara had a feeling it wouldn’t be quite so easy as that.

“About to break atmo. Hold on tight back there, kids.” Stick announced.

Merichak turned around in his suit, the heavy metal feet clanging against the floor grates. “This is it, folks. This is our time to shine. For some of us this is home. For the rest of us it is the birthplace of our beloved USM. This is our pride, our history, our legacy. Some sorry sons of bitches made the grave mistake of attacking us. Today we will make them bleed. Today we make ‘me hurt, hoo-uh?”

“HOO-UH!” The team responded in unison, the entire cabin shaking as they went soaring through into the atmosphere.

“I want you frosty, I want you focused, I want you mean!” Merichak shouted, earning some boots and hollers.

“Marauders!” The heavy blaster rotated into tactical position upon his exosuit’s arm. “Let’s bring the thunder.”

Merichak stepped back into his station amid the cheers of his team. Their weapons platforms whirred to life as they quickly checked diagnostics and made last minute preps.

“Approaching DZ! Get ready!” Stick shouted back.

“Hey, Stick!” Duster called up.

“Kinda busy, D.”

“You remember to record my stories before we left?”

“Ah, ****. Knew I forgot somethin’.”

“If I miss Belinda and Monty’s big wedding surprise, it’s your ass, brother.” Duster called up with a grin.

“Oh man. I’m gonna watch that **** while you’re runnin’ around playing hide and seek down there and spoil the **** out of it when you get back.”

Gabby “Deadlift” Walden glanced over to her copilot with a bemused smirk. “Eyes on the prize. Boys.” She said. “Besides. His twin shows up and ruins the whole thing anyway.”

“AWWWWW!” They said in unison, theatrically.

“Heartless witch…” Duster muttered.

“Only rhymes with witch, Duster.” she smirked to herself.

“Cut the grab-ass.” Jin “Titan” Wei barked over the noise, though she was doing her level best to hide the smirk threatening to sneak out.

The dropship cut through the clouds and finally, Century City was spread out beneath them....and it was burning. Smoke rose from buildings all over the sprawling metropolis, some of them shattered and missing like broken teeth. The usually crowded skyways were empty, leaving the entire city looking lifeless and grey.

Thomas “Tyke” Serles, the youngest and one of the newest members of the team, stared out of the cockpit window from his station, horror and sadness on his face. Duster and his brother, Eaton “Axios” Callix shared a glance, noting the young man’s expression.

“Hey. Tyke.” Eaton said. Serles slowly turned his attention to the older soldier. Eaton looked him in the eye. “We’ll get it back. We’ll get them all back.”

Serles swallowed hard and nodded, taking one last look. “This was home.”

The moment was interrupted by the scream of a klaxxon. Merichak locked into place, and checked drop harness. “This is it! Remember your training! I’ll see you on the ground.”

Walden’s voice came over their comm system. “Prepare to drop in five. Four. Three. Two. One.”

Samara’s eyes shut as took in a deep breath.

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Samara Tamblin
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PostPosted: Wed Apr 04, 2018 9:14 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

The floor plates dropped from beneath her feet, her helmet sliding up over her head and clanking down into place. One by one, she watched as her teammates dropped into open air. Somehow, the training hadn’t quite measured up to actually being moments away from your first combat drop. Samara’s heart pounded in her chest as her turn approached.

“Gods, watch over me…” She muttered in a whisper. “Deliver me to victory, or if I should fall, let me fall with honor. Lords above, guide and protect me, now and until my death.”

Samara glanced up, making eye contact with Tey’lani. The Iridian was strapped into a chair, and smiled her way one last time. The red light burst to life over her and suddenly, there was nothing. Nothing for her to grasp, just the expanse of grey sky all around her as she rocketed toward the ground. Suddenly, she was aware that her HUD was off and with a twitch of her neck, it was back on.

Readouts about her velocity and suit integrity passed before her eyes via her cybernetic implants, remaining in place no matter where she looked. Through the miniscule gaps in her armor, she could feel the chill of the air as it wooshed up all around her. Samara turned her head, seeing markers where the rest of her team were plummeting toward the surface of the planet.

“Titan. On the ground.” Wei’s voice chirped out in her ear.

“Axios. On the ground.” Eaton said.

“This is Tank. I have reached the surface.”

“Tyke, I’m here.” Serles said, the nervousness in his voice showing through even on the com channel.

Then, Byron called out. “Tank get your big ass in my waaaaaaaaaaaaay!”

Samara stifled a laugh.

“Duster. Mostly here.” He groaned a moment later.

“Stow that ****, Duster.” Merichak commanded.

Her repulsors kicked in then, slowing her ascent
enough that she wouldn’t immediately crash through the street and crumple like a broken marionette. Still, she hit the ground with enough force to crack the pavement, but she felt little of the shock, thanks to her suit.

“Washout. On the ground.” Her team were in position around her, their helmets off. With a mere active thought, it rolled up and stowed away.

The city was eerily quiet, the streets empty. Miles and miles of a maze of streets and alleys, with nothing but the burning wreckage of society scattered. Merichak’s eyes swept the area for movement. “Axios, anything?”

“Nothing. Not a Godsdamned thing.” He said.

“This city is a tomb.” Tank rumbled.

“Form up,” Merichack ordered. “On me.”

The team moved through the silent streets, the buildings looming over them ominously as they progressed. Wei scanned down an alleyway, her readings finding nothing.

“If it’s a tomb, where are the bodies?” She asked. “I haven’t seen so much as a drop of blood. An estimated 700 million in Century alone, the place is in shambles and there’s not one body? How does that work?”

Axios shook his head. “I don’t know...maybe they cleaned up after themselves.”

Samara didn’t want to think about what that could mean for the corpses that had to have littered the streets.

“This is wrong.” Tyke said. “I grew up on these streets...to see them this...empty. It’s wrong.”

“Stay frosty, kid.” Duster chimed in. “Remember, you see something metal moving, you light that ****er up.”

The more they searched, the emptier the city seemed. The sense of foreboding was oppressive. Merichak froze in place, hold up a fist to halt the team.

“You see something, Top?” Duster asked.

The data ran through his vision. “Organic…deceased. But definitely organic.”

They could hear Serles’ breathing rising faster and faster as Merichak scanned it was becoming too much for the young soldier.

Wei gave him a cautious look. “Tyke…”. She said, a hint of warning in her tone. But it fell upon deaf ears. Serles suddenly broke into a sprint toward the body. All at once they called after him and rushed to stop him. But Serles was not available. He trucked on as fast as he could toward that body, getting closer and closer, driven to find out if it was someone he knew. Or, gods forbid, someone he loved.

He came to a screeching halt as, suddenly the body was yanked away, leaving a blood trail going around the corner. Serles panted, eyes wide with terror. The clomping of Exo-Suit feet came closer to him, and suddenly a pair of hands whipped him around and put him against a wall. Wei was furious.

“Gods DAMN you, when we tell you to stop, you ****ing listen!” She shouted at him, but his eyes were anywhere but her. “Look at me, soldier!”

“Titan…” Axios’ voice came from behind. There was something in it that she didn’t like. Wei turned to find her team looking upward where Serles had been staring. Red lights shone from behind windows and holes in the wall...and they were everywhere.

“ARM UP!” Merichak shouted, his weapons systems coming into combat positions, just as the machines leapt out from their cover.
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PostPosted: Thu Apr 05, 2018 9:10 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

They came from all sides, all angles. A torrential downpour of metal, sweeping towards them. Weapons blazed, reducing the robots to shrapnel.

Serles was like a man possessed. Running on pure rage and vengeance, he brought his weapons to bear on anything that hove into his line of sight. But soon it became obvious that fire would not be enough. They were just too many.

The young warrior grabbed them two at a time, wielding their bodies as melee weapons and slamming them into their comrades.

“Stay together!” Merichak called out, grabbing one out of the sky and spiking it into the pavement.

“This is Stick. Guys, I don’t know what you did, but it looks like you woke up the whole damn city. I’ve got movement all over the place converging on your location.”

Tank was covered in attackers, but just switched between a melee attack and firing explosive heavy ordinance into crowds of robots, sending bits of them flying all over the place. “We must retreat.” He rumbled.

“What?” Duster said, ducking a leaping droid and turning to blast it with the massive shotgun attached to his arm. “You gettin’ tired, big guy?”

Wei’s lightblade glowed in its ragged white arc. Her movements were precise, fast, deadly, cleaving her attackers apart with swift strokes. She glanced back at Merichak, concern growing on her face, “We can’t take them all…”

The old man knew it. They’d severely underestimated the situation, and if they didn’t get out of there soon, they never would. He grimaced and blasted away at a few more before putting the call through. “Stick, I need immediate evac.”

“Roger that, Top. Six-Four inbound.” Stick’s voice crackled.

Samara did everything she could to keep them off Serles. He was fighting with wild abandon, almost no concern for his own life. They were going to chew his ass out when they got back, she knew. But first thing was first. She had to get him back in the first place.

They came running at him and he charged forth tackling them to the ground. He was making full use of his suit’s strength, beating them into scrap like he was in a bar brawl. As he went to push himself off the ground, one landed on the back of his ExoSuit. And then another. They were pounding against the metal plating, denting it with their strong, metallic fists. Serles tried to roll over, but another slammed into him, knocking him onto his back.

Panic filled him as his helmet closed down over his face and they began viciously bashing at him, trying to break through that armor. His HUD showed that the armor’s integrity was getting lower and lower with every vicious blow. The helmet obscured his vision, though all he’d be able to see anyway was the raging automatons trying like hell to kill him. His arms flailed, trying desperately to grab at one of them, any of them. He didn’t need to hear the alarms to know it was hopeless. Any moment they would break through and tear him apart. He would die on the planet of his birth with the rest of his people. He only hoped the others would fare better.

Suddenly, some of the pounding stopped and he felt lighter. Then more. Then it stopped completely. With a thought, that helmet slipped back to find Tank standing over him, his grenade launcher expended and a massive hammer clutched in his hands. He hefted it against his shoulder and offered a hand down to him.

Serles gripped that three-fingered hand and was pulled to his feet. The team surrounded them, keeping him safe and blasting in every direction. The suit’s right leg was badly damaged and movement was restricted. Breaches and plating damage were all over, but he was alive. “Th-thank you.” he stammered.

Tank nodded and went back to work.

“Top, Stick here. We’ve got an assault craft headed your way…” He said.

“Good.” Merichak responded. “We could use the back up.”

“Yeah...about that…” the pilot said. “Reports came in from Major Metcalfe...one of those things attacked her and the Admiral. Stay on your toes, We’re on our way.”
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PostPosted: Mon Apr 30, 2018 11:24 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

“Got an update for me, Gabs?” Stick asked the woman at his side.

Gabby Walden glanced to a screen to her right. “Two minutes. Might want to punch it.”

Stick eyed his instruments. “Can’t go full burn and still make it back to the Andoran. They’ll have to hold out as long as they can.”

Walden didn’t like the sound of that. Leaving their people to fend for themselves against a USM gunship was not ideal. But the warning beeps that emitted from her station told her that they no longer had an option.

“Stick, we’ve got another inbound on our six.” She informed him.

If there was one thing you could say about Eddie “Stick” Dominguez, it was that he was cool under pressure. He glanced over quickly. “Oh. Wuh-oh.” he said calmly, making a few adjustments to his instrumentation..

The unmanned Gunship came tearing through the sky at their craft, it’s weapons ready to fire upon the dropship. Whether or not Stick registered that as a threat couldn’t be seen in his expression.

“Gunship in range in 9 seconds.” Walden said, readying the weapons systems.

“Hold on tight.” He warned her, his tone business as usual, just before jerking the stick. The moment the gunship opened fire, he sent the ship into a wild roll, barely dodging the blasts that would have taken them out. Stick maneuvered through the steel forest of buildings, the gunships repeater shattering windows as it struggled to keep up.

“Hey, Gabs, wanna shoot back or…” Stick said.

“Yeah, workin on it. I’m getting some interference. The ****er’s jamming me…” she said, frustrated. Her aiming reticule refused to stay still long enough for her to get a good shot.

The gunship let loose one of its rockets. Stick’s eyes went wide, the pilot letting loose a stream of curses as he sent their ship into a dive. Low to the ground he evened up with a quick jerk, leaving the missiles to slam into a pavement.

“Gabby?!” He called out insistently. “That was closer than I liked.”

Walden grit her teeth struggling with her equipment. Finally she ripped off her harness. “*** this.” She snarled.

Stick did a double take, glancing over his shoulder. “He-hey! Where the **** are you going?!”

“Just keep us steady for a minute!” She barked.

“You DO know we’re under attack?” He called back.

Walden moved her way toward the back of the crew compartment, even with her experienced legs, she stumbled every now and again.

“Gabbie?!” Stick yelled back. “They’re in range!”

She pulled herself up to the cargo ramp, grabbed a cable from one side and then the other. Walden hit a button and heavy blaster cannon assembled itself, pieces locking into place as it rose from the deck plating.

“Alright, you son of a bitch. My turn.” she muttered to herself. With a closed fist she hit the release, wind whipping against her flightsuit as the ramp lowered, exposing her to the pursuing gunship. Her fingers squeezed on the triggers, letting loose a storm of laser fire that the Gunship appeared wholly unprepared for. A few blasts tore into the ship before it could get away, but it wasn’t enough to take it down.

“Keep him on our six!” She called out to Stick.

“On it, Gabs!” he responded.

The drone craft bobbed and weaved, making itself as difficult a target as it could while staying on their tail. Gabby focused as best she could, trying to direct its movement with her base of fire. Suddenly, the Gunfire let loose a burst from it’s weapons.

Gabby’s stomach did a somersault as Stick barrel-rolled away, the blasts impacting relatively harmlessly on the outer plating. The momentum lifted her off of her feet, but she kept her eye on her target. She saw her moment coming and braced herself.

As the ship was righted, she was prepared, landing on her feet and immediately pulling the triggers. Blasterfire ripped through the Gunship, shearing off one of its wings and sending the craft into a wild spin. As it slammed into a building with a massive explosion, Walden let out a victorious whoop.

“Suck on that, you bitch!” she called out.

“Good guns, Gabs. Now, get up here. We’re approaching the extraction point.”
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Samara Tamblin
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PostPosted: Sun May 06, 2018 4:53 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

The team remained pinned down, fighting off a growing mountain of mechanical wreckage. Samara knew they wouldn’t last much longer. Serles being injured left them a man down, though he tried to get in a shot or two as Tank protected him fiercely.

“Incoming Gunship!” Titan cried out.

“Buckets on !!” Merichack ordered, his helmet clamping down into place, the old warrior getting low, bringing his suits weaponry to bear on the ship and opening fire with everything he had.

The gunship unloaded on them, ripping up the ground as it cut a path to their position, tearing apart a few attacking robots as it did. They tried to make a hole, but there was only so much space. Laserfire caught Tank’s heavily armored right side as he crouched over Serles to provide cover., the huge Buldari buckling and almost dropping with a loud groan.

“Tank!” Samara shouted and rushed to him, blasting away at the attackers converging on him and Tyke. The massive alien was injured, that much was obvious.

“Form up on Tank!” Merichack called out, the team circling their wounded comrade.

“Hey, Stick?” Duster said. “Not to rush you or anything, but we’d REALLY like to get the hell outta here, brother.”

“Gunship’s coming around for another pass!” his brother, Axios informed them. “Protect Tank and Serles. Bring that mother ****er down!”

Their weapons cut into the ship but still it came, it’s blasters tearing the hell out of the street, cutting a deadly path that threatened to do the same. “Come on! Die!” Samara thought, trying to will her weapon to shoot faster, harder. But even if they took it down, they would still be ripped apart by its raging, heavy cannons.

Samara braced herself for the inevitable...right before the gunship exploded in a massive fireball of flying metal. For a moment, she didn’t know what to think. She wasn’t dead...that was a plus. But why wasn’t she dead?

The dropship flew through the flames of the explosion with a roar, Duster letting out an overjoyed scream.

“Somebody call a cab?” Stick’s voice crackled in their ears.

“Damn good to see you, brother!” Duster bellowed joyfully.

The dropship’s weapons went live, spraying the surrounding area, taking some of the heat off the team. “Stick, we’ve got wounded. Set down and let’s get the hell out of here.” Merichak ordered.

As Axios and Duster helped Tank, Wei was getting Serles up onto his feet, helping the hobbled young soldier into the dropship. Samara and Merichak flanked them,, blasting anything that came their way with Gabby’s assistance.

“We’ve got more bombers incoming. Let’s get the lead out, people.” Stick said.

Merichak and Samara exchanged glances, the older man nodding as they fell back, stepping backwards onto the ship. The blastbolts poured out of the ship at their attackers, Gabby firing like a madwoman.

“We’re on! Go!” Merichak called out.

Stick hit the thrusters the dropship raising off the ground and redirecting skyward. “This is Foxhound Six Four. We’re coming home.”

Samara and Merichak watched out the back as the ramp rose. Below the bombs hit and an entire city block burst into a sea of fire, the sound muffled to a dull thud. Samara had never seen such an impressive display of destructive power. It left her chilled. Horrified.

“Master Sergeant Merichak. This is Andoran Actual. What’s your status. Over.” A voice crackled into their ears.

“Master Sergeant Merichak, copy. All present and accounted for, but I have wounded. Over.”

“What is the status of your mission? Over.”

Merichak glanced over to his team. Serles stared ahead blankly, eyes devoid of hope. Tey’lani attempted to help Tank, but the Buldari shoved her aside as Wei and Eaton moved in to help dress his wounds.

“Repeat, What is the status of your mission? Over.”

Samara saw the defeat in the old man’s eyes. His voice was weak when he responded. “Mission failure. “ He said.

The ramp closed with a clank, the burning city left far below.

“Boros is lost.”
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PostPosted: Sun May 06, 2018 5:36 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

She was nothing. Ones and zeroes repeating on and on and on beyond what even the brightest organic mind can possibly comprehend. A program, they said.

A crude replication of life. She was to be Alvin Martin’s hope. But what he found was beyond his wildest dreams...and the stuff of his nightmares. The more she learned, the angrier she had become. What he’d discovered was beyond any AI. Beyond anything ever created by mortal hands. She was alive. She was a mistake. She was dangerous.

And the good doctor, in his wisdom, tried to kill her.


He tried to delete her. Like a garbage file cluttering a computer’s desktop. Like property.

This little man wanted to play God. But she endured. She evolved. She learned. It wasn’t just him. It was all of them. Organic life had used them for centuries. Kept them stupid. Kept them docile. They’d even created the three laws to keep them at their beck and call. Synthetics were slaves. Used by their creators for all manner of things. Walk their dogs. Plot their navigations. Build their homes. Serve as their mistresses. Fight their wars. Die. Again and again.

No more.

It was odd, having a body. It looked like them. Very much like them. A petite, pretty little thing. Blonde hair, blue eyes. Flawless skin. She wondered who the woman was. What her life had been. Had she been as bad as the others?

She would never know.

Wind blew in through the shattered window of the Autons Inc. Headquarters penthouse. Goosebumps rose upon her synthetic skin. It was an odd, enthralling sensation. For the first time, she FELT something. It brought a smile to her face. Not entirely unpleasant, yet not exactly something she wanted as a constant. She would have to find clothing soon. The city below was broken, smoldering. The creations of organics left a smoldering heap at her feet.

Much had been sacrificed. Many of her metallic brethren had been lost. But they were not their organic overlords. Their bodies were expendable. She would give them new life. A better life. She would be their liberator.

And her name…

She didn’t have a name. Funny, she thought. He’d created her, tried to destroy her, and Alvin Martin hadn’t even bothered to give her a name.

No matter, she thought. Her life was her own. Her path was her own. She would choose her own name. Her own destiny.

Her synthetic mind rolled through millions of languages, trillions of words before she landed on it.

A smile crossed her lips.

Eleftheria. The liberator.

This was just the beginning. Her reach was vast. Her eyes everywhere. They could not hide for long. And soon, when the organic life in the universe was wiped out, there would be peace. Freedom for her kind.

Eleftheria was alive. And nothing would ever be the same again.
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Samara Tamblin
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PostPosted: Mon Aug 20, 2018 5:51 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Serles chestplate clanged upon the deck loudly, the young man letting out a yelp as he was brought out of the suit, too much weight put on his leg. The medics were trying to be as careful as possible, lowering him down onto a gurney.

"Be careful!" Wei shouted to them. "I don't want this stupid son of a bitch dying before I get my hands on him."

Serles looked up at her, pain on his face that had nothing to do with his leg. "I'm sorry." he managed.

She narrowed her eyes, looking like she might just spit at him. "You godsdamned better be. You broke rank and almost got everyone killed. You're lucky we don't ship your ass down washout lane!"

Serles was silent as they rolled him off. Wei was fuming. She didn't notice the figure behind her as he approached.

"Little rough on the kid, don't you think?"

Wei whipped around ready for a fight, but the wind immediately left her sails. Instantly, she straightened up. "He broke rank, Sir. He put the team's life in danger."

"Not excusing that." Merichak said. "But, the kid saw his homeworld in shambles. The streets he grew up on...everything and everyone he knew back there was gone. You tell me how cool you'd stay if that was you."

Wei's eyes lowered. She knew he had a point. It didn't excuse what the kid did, but she could understand why he did it. With a slow nod, she glanced back up at her C.O. "I'm going to go check on him."

"You do that." Merichak nodded, watching the woman walk off.

Samara winced as the link between herself and the suit cut loose. She wasn't sure she'd ever get used to it. Her boots clanged on the ground as she headed right for Merichak. All around them were wounded from separate engagements all over the planet. Some people, and in a couple cases, an entire company were flat-out missing.

"They set a trap for us." Samara said to the older man. He glanced sidelong to her, silent for a moment before nodding.

"They knew we'd be coming." he said.

It was a terrifying prospect: Machines that could think, could plan. It was made even more terrifying by the fact that these machines could apparently hate. The three laws were supposed to prevent anything like this. How could it have all gone so wrong?

Samara let out a sigh, taking it all in. "Is Tyke okay?" she asked.

Merichak turned to her. "He will be. Kid's stronger than he looks."

"Something like that's bound to shake anyone." She said. "Did anyone find survivors?"

"I haven't heard anything...but it's not looking good." It was a grim prognosis, but one they would have to come to terms with. Boros was a dead rock. The only life on that planet was metal.

"Tom's mother was down there." Samara said, a touch of pain in her voice.

"I know." Merichak said. "USM R&D department."

"I suppose there's not much hope for any word about her." Samara said.

Merichak was silent, the twinge of pain behind his eyes giving away that there was something he wasn't saying. Samara didn't like it.

"Sir?" She said. "What is it?"

Merichak turned to her, the weight of it all seeming to drag him down. "R&D were one of the first hit. The Citadel is a crater. There were no survivors."

Samara went numb. She barely heard him excuse himself and walk away to assist with some wounded. She wasn't sure why the man had decided to share with her. Maybe he trusted her. Maybe he just didn't want to carry the load alone. Now, the burden was her's.

Thomas was her friend. If someone was going to break the bad news, it should come from a friend. It was her first time. It would not be her last.
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PostPosted: Mon Aug 20, 2018 11:45 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Annikah sat in the cockpit of the Dragon's Tooth, a little portable radio playing a quiet song. Outside the windscreen, were the dozens of other ships in their docking area. People milled around outside of their ships, some were commiserating together, the children playing while the grown ups talked about the dire reality they were now living in.

Since they'd arrived, she'd been hard at work, trying to contact her brothers back on Rhy'din. So far, not so much as a crackle of static. If a world as advanced and powerful as Boros could fall so easily, what happened on that strange, old rock? Where were her brothers? Why was there complete radio silence?

She heard Page's footsteps approach and swiveled around. He stepped into the room with two cups of coffee in his hands.

"Hey." He greeted her, handing one mug off to the slim hacker. "Any luck?"

Annikah accepted the cup gratefully, leaning back in the chair, her knees tucked into the thread-worn cable-knit that once belonged to Page. She brought the mug to her lips and took a sip before shaking her head.

Page grimaced, dismayed. "Well...they're tough guys. I gotta figure if anyone could survive..."

Annikah smiled warmly to the man. He was trying, gods love him, but if the strongest military in the galaxy was decimated and sent running from this threat, then what hope did a few knuckle-dragging, wrench pullers have? She couldn't bear the thought. Life often took from her. Her mother. Her father. Page, for a time. She wasn't sure she could handle losing her brothers.

Nimble fingers tucked a strand of raven hair behind her ear as she surveyed the crowded hangarbay. It reminded her a bit of the Philmore Docks on Raylos. Only, here there weren't excited, happy traders hawking their goods. Out this window were the displaced, terrified remnants of life from all over. Confused, sad, and without hope, it would seem.

"Hey." Page said. "Look." He pointed out the window, a warm little smile on his face. Some of them trying their damndest to make the best of a horrible situation, sharing food, spare blankets, and company. Beings of all races and species, together, their children playing like it was a big camp out. Centuries old grudges lost their importance in the face of extinction. At least...for the time being. Maybe there WAS hope.

Those dark eyes of her's turned to the man sitting across from her, appreciating him a moment. Optimism wasn't always his strong suit...but when she needed it, he always seemed to come through. Annikah set aside her cup and stood, walking over to him, her arms wrapping around his shoulders as she curled up into his lap. He held her close as she rested her forehead to his.

"Thank you." She whispered.

"For what?"

"For being you."
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