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Birthday Shenanigans

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Nicole Brock
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PostPosted: Sat Nov 10, 2018 5:16 am    Post subject: Birthday Shenanigans Reply with quote

While her mother was celebrating in her own way on Friday night, Nicole had gathered up the three Harker children and Limeleneth to decorate for a party at the homestead the following day. Instead of the formal dining room, they opted for the ballroom. The buffet and dining tables with winter decorations were set up on one of the long sides of the rectangular room. French doors at the back of the house opened onto a stone patio which had a view of the rose garden just beyond. Most of the garden was dormant this time of year, but some of the roses, those that thrived in cooler weather, were still in bloom.

Sparkling snowflake decorations dangled from streamers strung across the ceiling. A bundle of glittered blue balloons, snowflakes made from drinking straws covered in sparkling paint, and a couple sprigs of mistletoe made up the central ceiling display. It might have been autumn, but it felt more like winter. A makeshift bandstand was created opposite the French doors. When no live entertainment was running, a stereo system was there to provide background and dancing music.

And then there was food. Ariana had provided several large cakes for the weekend. The main one for the house party was chocolate covered in chocolate frosting and edible roses. Food was being brought in, potluck style, by Colleen’s older children. There were Italian, Irish, and Greek foods in various stages of preparation in her own kitchen. Nicole had plenty of hands in the kitchen to help with stirring batter, rolling out dough, and cutting cookies. Garrick Brock the elder, heading home was set to play music and bartender. Family and friends were invited. Dinner would begin early, about 4 in the afternoon. The day would not be dull, that was certain.
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