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Come Celebrate the Dawn - Ostara Festival (3/20-3/23)

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 13, 2019 6:54 pm    Post subject: Come Celebrate the Dawn - Ostara Festival (3/20-3/23) Reply with quote

Celebration of the Dawn Goddess - Ostara

Hark! The spring season is almost upon us meaning it is time to give thanks to the dawn. Time to prepare for the earth and all that slept through the winter months to awaken.

Starting on the eve'n of the 20th, the Sintas Camp (a moderate sized camp "located" near the glen; in reality it's in a pocket dimension accessible by certain pathways) is welcoming outsiders to join in this year's spring festivities.


Wed 20th, 9pm RST- Full Moon celebration: This is the last night of winter! Under the light of the Full Moon, merrymakers will enjoy food, drink, music and dancing. This celebration goes until...

Thur 21st, 6:30am RST- Meeting the Dawn: ...The first sunrise of spring! There will be a period of silent reflection and meditation for about one hour, where the camp will cease all activity. Afterwards there will be a large breakfast.

Thur 21st-Sat 23rd: The following events will be open for the full festival

-Egg dyeing and exchange: Eggs are a symbol of fertility and new life. All dyes are natural. Participants are encouraged to exchange or give away their eggs, but it is not required.

-Planting: The camp invites any willing hands to help with the spring planting. Those who help even a little are entitled to a share of crops at harvest. Those unable to help plant in the fields are invited to help with planters and pots.

-Seed exchange: While the camp prefers that participants exchange seed for seed, tokens, favors, or currency may be used to obtain seeds.

-Flower picking/exchange: Many of the camp's spring flowers will be in full bloom.

-Forest walks: There will be guided walks through the camp's surrounding forests throughout the day, however visitors are free to walk the paths at will. They are simply warned not to stray too far or the mists might spit them out somewhere unexpected.

The Fortune Teller: Ailex will be offering special, free readings throughout the festival. She can be found at her wagon (there will be signs).


Ostara will be a vapored/board event. Feel free to post attendance/participation/outfits here or use in personal RDI posts. Not for off-site use, thanks!

I can be contacted through PM or when I am online for a card reading. I use the Shadowscapes deck and they will be 3 card (past/present/future) readings. Some fudging can be made for story purposes.
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