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Praying the Devil Back to Hell
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Connar Valdor
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Old Wyrm

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 13, 2019 10:16 pm    Post subject: The Bear and the Wolf Reply with quote

"Being a Musketeer must make your family very proud, Devabriel." The bear-of-a-blacksmith had taken a tour of the freshly cleaned shop and was now hovering over Connar again. "And one of the Cardinal's Musketeers no less. A high honor indeed. Your skills with weapons and your allegiance to the king surpassed only by your devotion to the church."

Connar stopped the sharpening motion of the wet stone as he was pulling it midway up the blade. He looked up at the giant of a man before him and crooked an eyebrow. "Are you mocking me, Brossard?" His tone was flat.

Brossard gave a deep belly laugh. "Did I touch a nerve, mon ami? I wouldn't want to ruffle any of your feathers while you're taking an edge to your sword. It would be a shame if you were to cut yourself."

"Oh, I'm sure my comfort and safety are high on your list of concerns for the day." Connar leaned the blade against the bench and used the rag on his lap to clean the sweat and sooty residue from his hands.

"There are many men, hundreds even, who would do almost anything to be one of the Cardinal's Musketeers, but you, you wear the tunic with such disdain and disgust."

"I must have missed the lessons on being jovial at charm school." He looked up at Brossard, offering a barb of his own. "Though I hear ignorant bliss comes with layers of blubber. Have you ever seen a sad whale?"

" who's being nasty?" The playful tone had faded from Brossard's voice. "God has blessed you beyond most, wherein is the reason for the contempt in your eyes? I'd love to know before I break your jaw and make it difficult for you to speak the answer."

Connar rose slowly to his feet, having to crane his neck to look at the blacksmith's fleshy chin. "Have you ever seen a trapped animal, Brossard; have you ever come upon a wolf with its leg caught in an iron clamp? Would you call the look in the wolf's eyes contempt?"

Brossard pushed his fingers against Connar's chest. "I don't see any chains on you; there are no irons binding your legs. Is being a Musketeer not living up to the dreams of a poor country boy or whatever hell hole you climbed out of?"

He could feel his jaw tightening and the sweat running cold as it trickled down his temples. He wasn't inclined to fight the behemoth blacksmith; the last thing he needed was a week in the infirmary. "Not all chains are made of iron, Brossard. The strongest links are the ones we create for ourselves. I fight against a prison of my own making."

"We mortals are but shadows and dust. Shadows and dust..." ~ Proximo
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