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Outside the Counting House

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RhyDin Counting House
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PostPosted: Sun Jun 09, 2019 7:21 pm    Post subject: Outside the Counting House Reply with quote

An old, dilapidated brick building in the Temple District sat in the cross of main roads. Once home to a banking establishment, it had long since held any coin. It now only counts votes. Its employees count, and count, and count...

Outside in the side alley one summer afternoon, employees commissioned year-round were out taking a smoke break. In the middle of their conversation a human with pink hair came out to take a much-needed break.

After taking a drag of her cigarette, a female dwarf continued, "And that's why I think it was a capsized cruise ship and everyone died."

The male half-orc replied, "No, we would have heard about that on the news on television or on the radio or something."

"I told you the cruise was probably a prize for that stupid blue chick's radio station. They would try to cover that up, certainly not talk about it on the air. That'd be more stupid than their usual antics," the dwarf said while waving her hand despondently.

"Well, what do you think?" the half-orc asked the woman who entered in on their conversation.

"About what?" she asked as she pushed the button on her electronic cigarette, then took a long inhale.

The half orc said frankly, "About all the disappearances."

The human answered, just as frankly, "I just thought the Rapture happened and I got left behind."

The female dwarf half choked on her inhale. "What?"

"Well, I'm not exactly a saint," the human said under her breath, "so I figure that's fair."

"No," said the dwarf, still trying to clear her throat, "I mean what's a rapture?"

"I think it's where good people get transported to some special place like heaven. To be honest, I'm not really sure..." the human trailed off.

"So... Does that mean this is hell?" the dwarf asked.

"Getting stuck here all day still having to go to work counting these votes over and over again sounds like another level of hell to me," the half orc replied, "so maybe she's right."

The dwarf took a hit off her cigarette and said, "Speaking of votes, has anyone seen the Mayor recently?"

The human corrected her, "Governor."

"Well, him too," the dwarf responded. "Heck, any of them."

The orc chimed in, "To be honest, I wouldn't know. I don't keep track of all those politicians..."

The dwarf responded, "Well, I still think them and half the population died on a prize cruise trip."

"You know, you're right..." the orc added, "It was about half the population, wasn't it?"

"It sure feels like it sometimes," the dwarf responded.

"I just watched a movie about that. This dude just snapped his fingers and half the population disappeared."

The dwarf looked at her male co-worker with disbelief. "That is absolutely the stupidest thing I have ever heard. And you're trying to tell me people paid money to watch a movie about that?"

"Yeah, it was really popular," the orc said in his defense.

"No. Just, no. I rather go with her 'Rapture' theory..." the dwarf said matter-of-fact-ly, motioning her head towards the human.

"Well, if that is the case..." the half-orc replied, "Knowing all the people that are still around... and knowing all the people that are gone... I'm cool with being one of the people left behind..."

After taking on last long puff of her cigarette, the dwarf responded, "Well, its time to get back to our hell, then. Those votes aren't going to re-count themselves. I wonder how the election's going to go this year..."

Without missing a beat, the orc looked at the dwarf and said, "Heck, Jezzy, since there aren't as many people around, you might actually have a good shot if you wanna run."

Jezzy looked at him and said, "Yeah, well, you wouldn't be able to win if you were the last person alive, Ortham."

Ortham glared at her and said, "Don't make me snap my fingers at you..."

Without looking at him, Jezzy replied as she was walking back into the building, "I got a finger for you..."

[OOC: Feel free to vapor overhearing this exchange. Also, if you are still around to read this, I've love to open a dialog with you on how we can do the Governor StoryLine this year. Please PM me!]
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