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In M'Lord's House...

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 24, 2007 5:23 pm    Post subject: In M'Lord's House... Reply with quote

The market place, by midmorning, had finally emptied for the most part. Save for the carts and those tending them, not many others were about. One lone gentleman moved silently through the old. At the same time, a young woman also made her way through the markets, stopping from time to time at carts, inspecting the wares.

Without a sound he moved onward towards his destination, the inn, only to stop as he passed the young woman moving along the streets. "M'Lady? can you tell me what has happened here that causes such emptiness?"

She was carrying a basket on one arm, and had paused briefly at a vegetable cart to speak quietly to the elderly woman tending to it. As she heard an unfamiliar voice behind her, she turned about and spying the gentleman, she smiled, "Oh it is quiet sometimes. But just wait and it will be busy once more. I'm sure most are in their homes preparing their midday meal."

"It has been near a decade since I walked this place. Forgive me I am called Wolv, and am Lord of the lands far to the northern edges of Rhydin." Slowly he pulled back the hood of his cloak. his features hardened by years of battle. The slightly wolven features stood out.

"It is a pleasure Lord Wolv. My name is Bitaniyah. Most call me Bitah." She gave a curtsey.

"Bitah," his voice soft yet deep showed a slight bit of its usual harshness, "It is a good name. This place was once a glory to view. Its streets full, the tavern loud and busy. It is a shame to see it thus."

She smiled at the comment, "Thank you. Though perhaps you might come some evening. The celebrations here are quite nice."

"Indeed I may do that. Tell me does the Inn still serve Bloodwyne?"

She nodded, "Oh yes. Though I prefer the tea myself."

A low chuckle rose through his chest, "Aye Bloodwyne is not a drink for a lass of your young years unless of course," his head tilted up slightly as he sniffed the air, "No of course you aren't."

She blushed slightly at that but offered no comment. "I'm not what, Sir?"

"Of the kindred or the wolven ones."

A shudder passed through her, "Oh no sir. That I am not."

His brow arched slightly as he noticed her shudder, "You fear them?"

She shook her head, "I do not fear them. I would not wish to be of their kind though. To never see light of day, or forever be plagued by bloodthirst?" Another shudder passed through her.

His words cautious as he tries to hide the fangs so prominent in his mouth, "We....They are not all bad you know and some can even control the hunger."

She gave a weak smile at his words, "It is not that I think ill of them, I simply could not imagine being torn from what I love so dear."

Cautiously he looked around to see if anyone was listening to the words, then a low whisper sliped between his lips, "Some are both." His brow arched slightly as if from a memory very fleeting, then quietly, "Torn from what we love? This happens often in life my dear young one and when life is as long as time itself it happens much."

Eyes widened at the revelation of some being both and then she slowly shook her head, "A long life though is something to look forward to. To see ones children and grandchildren and generations born to those. That is a sweetness beyond measure." There was a bit of a pause,"Or at least it should be."

His eyes lowered slightly, "And to watch those around you pass to the beyonds. this thing is also a curse."

"But to remember them is to let them live once more, if only in our reverie and dreams."

He arched a brow as his eyes flashed slightly, "In your youth you have made an old war torn man remember. Perhaps in my solitude with only my brother to speak to I have forgotten what it is to live.'" There was slight venom in his voice, "Dark elven son of Lloth that he is."

She suppressed a shiver at that last, "Yet even he has his place in the scheme of all things."
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