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The Unpaid Debt Collected

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 04, 2008 12:00 am    Post subject: The Unpaid Debt Collected Reply with quote

This was recovered while exploring an empty manor on a far province. It was recorded in a sketchy hand of a man that had grown more insane every year, until his suicide.

There was laughter coming from the room just before the door opened, allowing a majestic female, his wife no doubt, to enter. "Well, I can see that you have had quite a good time, my dear," she announced, folding her arms over her chest. The girl had quickly hidden herself behind the king, who had taken an annoyed look at his wife.

"And so what if I have? Nothing wrong with that, now is it, my dear?" The queen scoffed at her husband's response. "Besides that, I thought you were away? When did you get back?" He said, pulling on his tunic.

She smiled lightly. "For your information, I got distracted. I apparently needed to pay a debt to one of your former business associates." She settled into a chair near the vanity. "Someone who was very annoyed with your open decision not to pay him for his services."

The king clenched his fists briefly, then strapped his weapons belt to his waist. "Oh, and which of my former associates was bold enough to challenge my choices?" His tone was annoyed, and dark. The girl on the bed slid off the opposing side, and kneeled down.

"I'm very disappointed that you don't remember me, Your Lordship," stated a dark uniformed figure, as he stepped into the room, closing the door behind. His arms folded behind him. His dark auburn eyes looked around the room quietly. "Quite the room you have here, don't you? Though, I would have figured you would enjoy darker coloring."

The lord burst into a rage, drawing his sword, pointing it to the dark warrior. "Get out of here! You are not welcome in my territory!"

The dark warrior chuckled. "Come now, Your Highness. You wouldn't want to upset the ladies now, would you? Besides, I will be leaving in a moment. I've only come to collect that which is mine, and I shall be on my way." The form barely moved, looking directly into the eyes of the arrogant and angry lord.

"I've already told you, criton, you'll get nothing from me. I may look like a fool, but I assure you othersise, sir!" The lord threatened the dark warrior with his sword.

"Your Lordship, perhaps you should learn all the players before you make threats." He offered a look to the girl kneeling beside the bed. She stood gracefully, and approached the lord, taking his dagger, and holding it to his throat, digging it in enough to draw a single drip of blood. "Its a shame you decided to end it this way, Your Lordship. I would have offered you much more than you could have imagined. Instead, you betrayed me. So much for your intelligence." The dark warrior quietly offered, smiling in approving manner to the girl as she stripped the lord of his weapon, and threw it away.

The wife offered a smug smile to her husband as he spit at the dark warrior. The girl pushed a bit more on the dagger, forcing the lord's view to look up a bit more. "I should have killed you when I had the chance, you bastard!" The lord offered with venom.

The dark warror chuckled as he approached the wife. "Yes, that would have been amusing. I would have gotten a good work out." One hand moved out, caressing the cheek of the wife, who closed her eyes and purred gently, rolling her head into the caress of the warrior. "What you should have done was paid me what was due me."

The anger of the lord spiked as he witnessed his wife's attitude toward the intruder, and attempted to move towards it, but the dagger at his throat reminded him he was hostage to what was going on. "You monster! Get away from my wife!"

The warrior chuckled again, looking to the angered lord "And what are you going to do? Bleed everywhere? Besides that, you owe me - You were fooling around with one of my girls. Turnabout is fairplay, don't you think." By now, the wife was lost completely to the caress that the warrior was giving her flesh. The lord's eyes looked out the corner to the smiling and slowly nodding girl beside him.

"You fool! I'll have you beheaded for this mockery!" The lord yelled back.

The dark warrior looked down at the wife. "I find that highly unlikely, considering you don't even know what I've taken as payment for my services to you. I think it's time, my pretty one." The dark warrior pulled his hand back from the wife's cheek, and stepped back. She stood, and took a step to place herself between the warrior and her husband and began to underess. Her dark blue eyes never leaving her husband's own gaze.

"What are you doing, Elisabeth! Stop that! There is no time for this! I order you to stop!" He yelled fiercly. It was too late though. The dark warrior came up from behind the wife. "What have you done to her, you bastard!" The last thing the queen dropped was her crown, and smiled at her former love.

"What have I done? Nothing, except take what is due me." The warrior responded. The final artical of clothing fell to the ground, revealing the beauty before the two men. "I have taken that which is dear to you. And not just your 'beloved' wife. I've emptied your coffers with her dilligent help, and with the help of my pet you were so willing to play with."

The wife fell to her knees upon the pile of clothing, and pulled her hair to the side. As she was doing this, the warrior pulled a silver band from his thigh pocket, and carefully placed it over her throat, locking it in place. The wife bowed her head, and didn't look up. The pet at the lord's side pulled the knife from his throat and stepped back, kneeling in similar fashion to the wife before the warrior. He inturn, moved to the girl, and replaced her collar. From her lowered gaze, there was a gentle smile as the band returned to her neck.

"If you think you can take either back, you're welcome to try..." The warrior offered, stepping between the girls. The lord reached down, and grabbed the sword, and charged the warrior. The dark form didn't move, but the wife stood, placing herself as a shield between her master and her 'husband'. The look on her face showed only admiration, love and total devition, as she grabbed the sword blade, cutting her hand. The lord stopped in mid charge. "She belongs to me. As does most of your 'territory' now, my friend. Your holdings have been put up for bid to your neighbors who where very interested. I should have an offer in a day or so from one of your rivels. Girls, it's time to go."

The warrior turned on his heel, and walked out. The girl with the dagger dropped it, and also took pace with her master. The newest girl let go of the sword, and walked out, tossing her wedding band to the ground, and leaving. The last thing heard was the open weeping of the lord, then silence.
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