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Family Matters - The Coming Storm

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 16, 2008 10:17 am    Post subject: Family Matters - The Coming Storm Reply with quote

A black sand beach stretched endlessly. Dark water lapped upon its shore, stirred by an unseen breeze, washing over the pale bare toes of the Ice Mage. Wyheree gazed towards the horizon, ebony reflections flickering in her silver eyes - seemingly lost in thought, but the crease in her brow revealed her utter focus, her complete awareness of her surroundings. What had caught her attention was a cloud - small, hardly distinguishable from the nighttime sky. As Wyh watched, the cloud seemed to grow thicker, darker, creeping slowing, unerring towards the shore - it's surface seeming to pulse with unseen energy, unheard thunder.

A growl broke the silence. Spilling from the shadows, a tigress walked towards Wyh, the Darkness clinging to the white fur in stripes and whorls, the sand undisturbed under the massive paws. The tigress stood next to the Mage, staring out at the cloud, ears drawn back, long fangs exposed.

Wyheree's delicate hand lay upon the great beast's neck as they both gazed over the horizon, eyes upon the cloud - and upon a circling dot, blacker than even the night. With a screech, a hawk plummeted toward the Mage and the tigress - only to unfurl its wings to alight on Wyh's slender shoulder, clicking its beak once before falling silent, its keen eyes trained on the horizon.

She lightly caressed the hawk's chest, her other hand light in the tigress' fur as the great cat pressed against the Mage's hip. After a long moment, Wyheree spoke aloud, her voice a murmur over the waves that broke over the shore - and feet and white paws. "It is darker, yes - but it stays where it has been..."

The hawk snapped its beak at the cloud, shifting its weight from one talon to the other - yet the fabric of Wyh's flowing midnight gown was never disturbed. She again stroked the inky feathers of the hawk's breast.

"I know not what it means either, Beloved - save that it is a warning, but to what purpose I do not know."

The hawk chittered, nipping at a strand of her pale hair.

"The sight fills me with unease as well - as it has since it first appeared here." The tigress growled, baring those wicked teeth at the horizon. "Whatever it is, whatever it means - it will not be faced alone."

Wyh smiled as two shapes emerged from the water, one much larger than the other. As they neared, they came into focus. One was what appeared to be a bear, as tall as the Mage's shoulder, its dark eyes glimmering with intelligent purpose. It gave one snuff, then turned to also look at the horizon.

The other form was that of a massive grey wolf - scarred, grizzled, and absolutely gentle, for now a third form could be seen curled between the wolf's shoulderblades - that of a daintly black cat, black eyes peering around the wolf's shaggy neck at the sky.

The odd little group stood on the shore, all staring at the ever-darkening cloud. Waves continued to ripple, flowing over feet and paws, connecting and binding them. The last words spoken were Wyh's - for this was her place, after all. "It will not be faced alone..."

Wyheree awoke with a gasp, her silver eyes flying open - trying to hold onto the images, even as they slipped through her minds like fine grains of black sand. She turned over, reaching for the man beside her - drawing her Beloved closer, seeking shelter in his embrace. As her eyes closed once more, the dream scattered into the night - yet that sense of belonging remained. Whatever the coming storm was - it would not be faced alone.
"Like a sign, like a dream, you're my Amaranthine."
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