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#1: When The Dragon Flies Author: Maerissa LaeAnna Drakonis PostPosted: Thu Apr 24, 2008 10:25 pm
There are tales of dragons who cloak themselves as humans to walk amongst them.

This is but one such tale.

#2:  Author: Maerissa LaeAnna Drakonis PostPosted: Thu Apr 24, 2008 10:26 pm
It was rare for a true gold to hatch. Yet Maerissa knew with every ounce of her being that this egg she held so carefully in her mouth was to be one such dragon. The thing that made a true gold special is that the females amongst them were one of the few that became matrons. With a gold, however, she would be foresworn a protector of not only her progeny, but humans and elves that lived within her domain.

For that end, Maerissa was doing with this egg what she had not considered doing with the others she and her mate had laid. She was about to turn the care of her young dragonling over to another family.

She knew that she had enemies who would seek out the young dragonling if they became aware of her existence and circumstance. However, with great care, the danger was minimal. A family who lived on the remote outskirts of a fishing village had been chosen. The man and his wife had reminded her so much of her own parents when she had met them, that they seemed the perfect couple to choose.

The woman had been unable to conceive a child thus far, though she and her husband had been trying. That had made finding the ones who would be parents for her youngling easier.

The next part had been a bit more difficult. Memories are a hard thing with which to tamper. But that was exactly what Maerissa was having to do. There were many memories that would need to be persuaded to accept things differently than what reality had actually given them to be.

There were the memories of the woman and her husband. There were also memories of the villagers who had dealings with the couple. Those Maerissa had decided to touch as lightly as possible. The spell Maerissa had chosen would encourage those that came in contact with the happy mother and father to not look to close at what they remembered rather than actually introducing new memories. Fortunately humans were able to be nudged rather easily in this direction, accepting usually whatever they were told as fact. Goodness, they would even believe worlds to be flat if one declared it to be true long and hard enough. The simplest tale was usually the one they readily accepted.

A true gold, like all dragons, however were never so easily persuaded, not even by magic. And dragons remembered the moment they crawl from the egg to join their kind. The spell on her daughter would have to be one of forgetting, or better understood as The Binding of Memory. It would still be there, simply not easily or readily accessed, at least not until the time was right and she would rejoin her own to take her place as a matron.

The final spell would be cast upon her daughter after hatching from her egg and taking of a name for herself. This one was intended to give her daughter the appearance and form of a human baby.

Though dragons could easily shift from one shape to another, and some did to take on less imposing forms such as trees or boulders, that usually did not happen until youthfulness had passed and gone. Once changed to a human form, her daughter would remain thus until her natural abilities to shift took full sway.

So it was, that as Maerissa landed and gently laid the egg upon the ground, she hissed softly calling upon ancient magicks such as were called when stars were flung across the night?s sky. These were the ways that were long forgotten by any but those of the most ancient of races. Carefully she wove the spell together, causing to be what was not.

As she continued the incantations of her desire upon the fabric of reality, the egg rolled on the ground to bump into her claw. She caught the faint sound of her young one as it attempted to remove the shell which impeded its progress into the larger world. Her daughter seemed quite eager to join in the celebration of life, so it was on the conclusion of the first spell that Maerissa glanced down to see the young one crawling around at her claws.

Now there is some things that most do not know about the names of dragons. It is rarely known that dragons actually have three distinct names. They have a Name of Binding, a Name of Knowing, and a Name by Which One is Known.

Soon after a dragon hatches, they choose their names, and each is given only to those who earn trust, or for whom society finds need.

The Name of Binding is given only to the most trusted amongst them. A parent will know the name of their young, as their young also know the name of their sires, and the importance of keeping it hidden and in trust. And so, one is bound to the other, generation to generation.

The Name of Knowing is one which all dragons will learn and know. Now this name is special because there are few that could even pronounce this name. Dragons, you see, are not limited to the simple notes and melodies that humans use for speech and other vocalizations. Nor are they limited as other creatures to only growls, hisses, and other cacophonous noises. It is also not well known that dragons? speech often ranges outside of those that such mortal creatures hear. A dragon?s name of knowing is created from this very speech, and so when they tell a human, ?You could not pronounce my name, though you practiced for a thousand years,? they are being neither coy, nor obtuse, only speaking a simple truth.

It is also special because it is by this name that dragons can call each other in time of great need. Though rare to see the skies filled with dragons that will hunt as one being, when they do, it is usually because one has called the Name of Knowing for all the others in the hunt, the enemy is great and to be dealt with in a most expeditious method. Though consider this, if one dragon can induce fear in another, the sky filled with such horrible creatures is not one that any would wish to see for the terror that it would bring. And so, the dragon?s Name of Knowing is the most rare of any ever spoken.

So it is that the Name By Which One is Known becomes the one by which a dragon is most often identified. This is a blending of sounds most easily replicated by humans with their limited speech. Even so, dragons, often being the capricious creatures that they are, will choose a twisting of sounds and syllables that leave a human creating a name of their own by which to call the dragon. So we end up with such titles as Scarr, Icewing, Shivver, or some such nonsense. So, a dragon has only himself to blame though when such are attached to their person.

Maerissa lowered to the ground and gently scooped the young dragonling into a foreclaw, lifting her up to gaze more closely at her. It was then that Maerissa began to teach her daughter the ways of dragons, in the giving and receiving of names. However, to even attempt to translate what transpired between the two would be most difficult, for it was not done in the common tongue of mortals, but rather in the high language of dragons. Once completed, however, both knew of the other?s names, for they had been fully exchanged.

Then Maerissa laid her daughter on the grass once more and spoke forth the spell which would bind her daughter?s memories and followed that with the spell to bind her to a human body.

It was only once these two final tasks were done that she shifted her own form to that of a human peasant woman and made her way to the couple?s house to knock upon the door. When she heard what could easily be assumed to be the husband rising from his dinner, she laid basket with infant on the stoop and retreated to stand nearby behind a tree.

She watched the door open and the man stick his head outside into the cool night air.


Looking a bit confused, he almost shut the door, and only at the last second did the basket catch his eye.


There was a pause as the young woman came to join her husband, and spying the basket, leaned over to glance inside. Upon finding the child, she quickly lifted it and turned to go inside, the door closing behind them both.

Of course, Maerissa was sure that the spell she had cast upon the couple, and any who knew them, would be in full effect by the next sunrise and her daughter would be accepted as their own child. So she turned about to begin the journey home.

#3:  Author: Maerissa LaeAnna Drakonis PostPosted: Wed Jun 11, 2008 3:47 pm
One thing Maerissa had loved from the moment she had first changed form and taken that of a golden dragon was to ride the winds. From the first flight she had taken with Granith until this morning?s flight, they were each an exhilarating enticement to remain forever amongst the heavens.

This morning the flight seemed even more so than most others. It was almost as if it touched her dreams, and called to her of events to come.

There are those who excel at magics, and dreaming, and other things mystical. Then there are those who touch them with an innate ability. Though they don?t often excel at them, they are a necessary part to help hold the threads together. Maerissa was one such creature.

Even as a child she had always seemed to look skyward, and toward the horizon, as if it were calling to her. It was what had given her the wanderlust and desire to set out on adventures. It was what brought her to her mate. And it was what drove her skyward each morning.

Yet now there were things that were different. Her daughter was growing up amongst humans, cared for by human parents, and believing herself to be human. Things had actually progressed quite well, and the youngling?s hiding place had remained as secret as Maerissa had hoped that it would.

Now it was her child who looked to the heavens, and to the horizon as if drawn to it. The girl had already naturally displayed the ability to use the voice within the dreaming by calling to Maerissa. At first it had concerned her that the magic she had used to suppress her daughter?s memories had failed. However, when she had gone to check on her daughter, who was already toddling about, the girl seemed to not recognize her at all.

As Maerissa skimmed the upper edge of the clouds, she recalled the dream and her daughter?s part in it. In it Maerissa watched the sun, larger than any time she had seen in her memory, almost as if it were overtaking the sky, rise over a grassy plain. From it?s brightness she watched as a little girl, whom she knew instantly was her daughter, though she couldn?t see the girl?s features, walk toward her.

As her daughter moved toward her she seemed to grow, not simply become larger in her field of vision, but actually age until she was a woman full grown. It was then that Maerissa became aware of six other women walking closer to her before each turned to go separate ways. Her daughter then shifted form turning as golden as the sun itself, and spread her wings to take flight. In the distance she could hear drums, like a steady heartbeat growing louder, getting closer, however, she never saw the source of the drumming as she had awakened with the morning.

Inspirational Songs: The Sky and The Dawn and The Sun; The Voice
Composer: Brendan Graham
Album: Celtic Women - A New Journey

#4:  Author: Maerissa LaeAnna Drakonis PostPosted: Mon Nov 16, 2009 2:46 pm
Time can, in places of magic, move different from how it does in the mortal world. Sometimes slower. Sometimes faster. Sometimes it pauses to take a breath and enjoy what is right in that moment. It is this ability to manipulate the way time flows which allows creatures such as elves and dragons to not only seem to be even longer lived, but their lands to even be magically enchanted against age and change.

It does, however, often make measuring time, when one of those amongst the ancient races comes to live amongst mortals. Their lands, being so much harder to enchant in such ways, often skip through years, decades, even centuries in what feels to those within enchanted lands, to be merely moments.

It was by this means that Maerissa came to find her daughter having aged three years, in what felt to her to be only an evening within the borders of The Dragon?s Vale. The girl she saw running across the fields that following morning was now five. Yet there was no denying who and what she was, at least not for Maerissa.

Fortunately it seemed that the spell Maerissa had cast on the ones she had chosen to be parents to Lynarion and the villagers seemed to still be fully in effect. The girl, by all appearances, was not only accepted by the village children as playmates, but also taken care of by the people of the village as if she had been one born to them.

Maerissa had come in, looking much as a peddler woman that morning, with wares to sell. Simple trinkets that she would barely notice missing from her horde stash, as they were not of precious metals, nor gems to be easily desired by any. As a matter of course, these were actually items that had been separated from her precious objects and usually remained in the far corner of her cave.

So now, Maerissa kept close enough to the children and villagers with her cart of goods to be able to watch her daughter as she ran and played with the other children. It pleased her greatly to see that the others of the village treated her daughter much as they did the other children.

However, as pleased as she was at this moment, she knew her daughter would not always be so easily favored as she aged. One cannot, in truth, deny one?s nature. Her daughters nature was that of hunter and creatures of prey would eventually recognize this, even before her daughter and the villagers did so.

For now, though, Maerissa sat beside the cart filled with trinket, baubles, pots and pans, and a variety of other things that a peddler woman would bring with her to sell. Her daughter was just a stone?s throw from her and easily in view as she played with the other children. From appearances, she had already established a friendship with one other little girl in particular, and they were sitting at the side for the moment whispering in each other?s ear.

When one of the little boys came over with the thought of picking on her and her friend, she scowled at him. A single look and the boy backed away, running over to his friends who were all laughing at the little joke.

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