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#1: Invitation to the Tower of Fire Author: SpellCan Be Found: Who knows. Out and about? PostPosted: Mon Feb 29, 2016 8:38 am
Dear students and faculty of Bristle Crios,

In the spirit of inclusiveness and the idea that magic can only advance through gained knowledge through study, I invite all of you to the Tower of Fire. For those who may not know. The Tower of Fire is one of the four Elemental Towers upon the Twilight Isle. The magical, and even primal energies, of fire reign supreme within the confines of the volcano that the Tower is stationed at.. but, don't worry ? there won't be any eruptions of lava searing under my watch, so things will be relatively safe. But I would suggest if you have an affinity toward air magic, or are part water-fae/elemental that you stay clear of the roaming fire elementals that patrol; even though they will be under strict orders to do no harm.

Within the tower there is a library that can offer curious witches and wizards their chance to study what usually only the Keeper of Fire can look upon. As for those wanting to study creatures rather than books, an assortment of fiery wildlife scamper about the volcano; one of which is a dragon that recently laid eggs and would not be stressed if one or two were adopted by students.

Feel free to come in groups or even alone if you like, though groups are more preferred. Buddy systems are a good thing!

Have a great day!

Professor of Dark Art Defense and other such things
Twilight Isle Keeper of Fire

PS. Fiona, come over for tea sometime.

Red Dragon Inn - Dragon's Mark -> Bristle Crios

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