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#1: A visit to the stables Author: ErwynCan Be Found: Eldicor PostPosted: Thu Oct 27, 2016 4:02 pm
Erwyn is, as usual, was in the stable after her own tasks were completed. She loved being around the animals. She felt more at ease around them. Their thoughts were less complicated. Erwyn talked her horse, it felt natural, and that her horse could understand her. A litter of kittens would gather around her ankles with their little ‘meows’ begging to be picked up and they would attempt to climb up her skirt, vying for attention. So most of the time she’d sit on a bail of straw and play with the kittens until she wore them out and they would crawl off for a kitty nap.

She was cuddling with the last kitten, gently stroking it around her ears and under the jaw. It went limp in her hand as it succumbed to the call of a nice nap. Her favorite really, an orange and white stripped little thing, a ball of fur.

“I can’t get close to those cats, how do you do it?”

Erwyn turned to see a stable hand, leaning on a rake as if resting from his labors to watch Erwyn. Erwyn felt a little warning bell go off. She set the kitten down who dashed back to the mother at the sight of the other ‘person’. Standing she dusts straw from her lap she didn’t answer right away.

“I have a way with animals I suppose.”

“I’d like you have a way with me.” He gave her a leering smile. Erwyn froze for a moment. Didn’t he realize to whom he was speaking to? Maybe he didn’t care.

“I must go.”

He feigned hurt. “Am I not good enough for you?” She doesn’t answer, just turned away to leave the stable. A hand grabbed her upper arm to stop her from turning away; a mouth was close to her ear. “I’ve never had an elf.”

“Let me go.” Erwyn said in a low, controlled voice as she tried to free herself. The grip tightened as he laughs.

Erwyn moved quickly, using the moves she learned from Xenograg, he was proving stronger than she, his grip only tightened around her slender arm. As if from instinct she twisted around and a blinding light shown from her free hand, a ball of energy. She aimed the light at her attacker and it threw him across the room. She immediately ran from the stable, almost colliding into Gwindor. Quickly she told him about the stable hand.
At once Gwindor drew his blade and went into the stable. The stable hand was just picking himself off the floor, seemingly stunned. When he saw Gwindor and Erwyn there, he pointed a finger at Erwyn. “Arrest her! She attacked me with her magic!”

Gwindor only stepped closer and the point of his blade was only inches from his throat. The stable hand swallowed hard.

“You dared to touch the daughter of the queen, tell me why I shouldn’t cut your throat?”

The stable hand started at this bit of news, he looked at Erwyn..

“Daughter of the queen?” He stammered. “I didn’t know….”

“Obviously.” Gwindor growled. “Come with me.”

#2:  Author: ErwynCan Be Found: Eldicor PostPosted: Sun Jan 01, 2017 4:03 pm

Came a protest of a servant with a bucket and mop clearing the floor of slush and water. When she saw it was Gwindor and Erwyn with their suspect, she merely dipped a curtsey and asked for pardon. Gwindor only grunted, Erwyn excused hers self;

“Sorry to walk on your clean floor.” And the stable hand didn’t say anything, just looked scared out of his mind.

Once at the study door, they found it open already with another on his way out. He bowed to Erwyn and saluted Gwindor. The other three entered the study.

“Your Majesty…” Gwindor started... The poor stable hand fell to his knees, trembling. “This subject made advances to your daughter while they were in the stable.”

At first Teleperien was quiet then motioned for Tom to shut the door. She was silent as she watched the stable hand shake. Finally Tele spoke.

“What say you?”

“I…I…I didn’t know it was the princess.” He stammered again.

“So this is how you treat all women you find alone in the stables?” Tele probed. The wretch could only shake his head no. “So you thought my daughter easy prey?”

Erwyn said “I was in the stable playing with the kittens. I guess I could have passed off as one of your subjects.”

Gwindor called out the door and two guards appeared. Tele continued “That is no excuse. No one treats a woman so wantonly, no matter her station or his.”

Tele motioned her hand toward the stable hand. “A day in the dungeon. Find one isn’t too drafty.”

After Gwindor and the stable hand left, Erwyn looked at her mother who didn’t find this too amusing. So Erwyn turned to go, but stopped.
“Mother, when he grabbed at me, I could throw a ball of light, for lack of a better word, I managed to throw off the stableman.” Erwyn stammered. She continued,” I can’t explain it.”

“When did this happen?” Tele asked now quietly, her head slightly turned.

“When the stable hand grabbed me and wouldn’t let me go.”

“All of Master Xenograg’s teaching was all for naught?” Tele asked now frowning. Erwyn could only hang her head and shake it. So Tele continued. “I suggest you find Master Xenograg and tell him what happened. He needs to know.”

Erwyn knew her mother was right, she nodded and turned and headed for the library, where the stairs to the mirror stood. She didn’t relish this meeting. Her master would not be happy with this.

#3:  Author: XenogragCan Be Found: Dojo Darelir (Rhydin City) or Xenodar PostPosted: Wed Mar 29, 2017 9:21 pm
As suggested by her mother, Erwyn seeks out her teacher. She has to go all the way to Xenodar to see Xenograg. She well knows his daily routine, and walks straight from the magic mirror to the keep's annex. She enters a large training hall full of young men and women learning the art of war. Xenograg is in his usual place: sitting in the chair upon a high dais against the north wall, watching the various training groups.

Erwyn follows the wall to avoid disrupting any of the action. Consequently, Xenograg does not see her until she is almost at the dais. He smiles in welcome, but immediately picks up Erwyn's mood. He comes down to her.

"Master, I--" she begins, but he gestures towards a nearby door. She stops talking and follows him through it. It leads outside. The air is cool for early autumn, this far north. Xenograg then surprises Erwyn with a gentle hug. She gratefully returns it, and only then realizes how much she needed one. Xenograg would know that, of course; he is her adopted father.

"Okay," he says as they part. "Now tell me." She smiles, wipes her teary eyes, and begins.

After hearing her story, Xenograg has her tell it again. This time, he asks probing questions about the confrontation. Each split-second action, by both Erwyn and the stableboy, are scrutinized. When he is satisfied, Xenograg gives Erwyn another short hug.

"Sorry to put you through that," he says.

"But your questions made me remember things. It happened so fast!"

"No time to think. That is why we practice."

"I know I made several mistakes--" she starts but he interrupts.

"No fight is without them. You did well enough...." She sighs, feeling better hearing his judgment.

"But," he continues, "this does show need for improvement in several areas: leverage, control, and judgment." Erwyn is puzzled by the last one. Xenograg elaborates.

"Magicians train to use magic. That can lead to the habit of using it--of choosing to use it--first. That was your greatest mistake today. A natural one; no shame. You did not use too much. We will address the habit over the winter, together."

"Yes, Master. And thank you."

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