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#1: Mischief Runs Amok Author: Rats PostPosted: Mon Oct 02, 2017 9:20 pm
Reports are rolling in of an explosion having shaken the foundations of the nightclub Tartarus this evening. Authorities have been unable to access the area on account of the unclear multiple access points as well as the colossal number of rats that have flooded the surrounding streets and swarmed nearby buildings. Various clusters of the sea of vermin have erupted in a number of locations throughout the city. Survivors fleeing the scenes claim that among the squeaking, shrieking throngs are what appear to be monstrous ogre sized rat creatures wielding a variety of makeshift weaponry such as sewer pipes, ball bats, and one reportedly exceptionally unhinged individual in Dockside flinging lit sticks of dynamite in no particular pattern. Citizens are warned to avoid the areas encompassing several blocks surrounding the nightclub’s entrances. Any persons living in these areas are advised to barricade and lock their doors until the tides have passed.

(( Tied to the stunning conclusion of the Chrysalis storyline. ))

Red Dragon Inn - Dragon's Mark -> RDI Playables

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