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#1: Rescheduling - Wolf Moon Author: TroshenCan Be Found: Exploring Rhydin PostPosted: Fri Dec 29, 2017 5:34 am
OOC - Edit - Will be rescheduled.

I haven't had a chance to get ready, and I'm getting advice on how to prepare for live events to make them go well.

So I'll be postponing this one.

It's really too bad, what with the name of this full moon being the Wolf Moon, but Ah Well! There will be more full moons, after all.

-------------------------------------------------- --------------

Troshen made an imposing figure. In his reserve officer's uniform, cavalry saber on his hip, and riding a chesnut mare, he rode through RhyDin's streets to the Red Dragon Inn.

Leaving his horse in the nearby stable, he strode to the inn, and threw aside the door.

"Evening all! I'm gald to see so many here tonight. I need your help. There have numerous sighings of wolves in the city, and several people have been killed."

"Last month a Merchant and his family were almost killed, and their coachmen's bodies were dragged off into the woods. It is getting out of hand!"

"We will be meeting here at the Inn on Monday at 5 PM Pacific Time (8 PM Eastern Time). The Merchant and his family will be here to recount their story, and ask your help. Please, if you value the safety of the people of RhyDin, come lend your knowledge. Thank you for your time all. If you can't make it, please spread the word. Let people know to travel safely at night. Good night, and good luck!"

And he headed back outside.


Date: Monday, 1 January
Time: 5 PM Pacific Time, (8 PM Eastern Time)
Duration: At least an hour, probably not more than 2 (so ending by 7 PM)
Where: The Red Dragon Inn

So this is the 4th Full Moon event. I'm still figuring out how to get a live event to work the way it's normally done. If you have run successful ones in the past, I could use some pointers. The wolf pack has grown to 3 writers with 4 wolf characters and one monster hunter character.

Order of Events:
5 PM - 5:30 - Just a meet and greet to see who's all here
5:30 - Mystery event in the Inn - The Merchant will tell his story. You're invited to help out and give advice in any way.
6 or 6:30 - A Dueling event, wolves vs monster hunters

So far these events have been about dueling, with the wolves trying to eat people. I don't know how to duel officially though, so we've just done our own fights. I'd like any advice I can get, and will be looking up how to do it. I could use IM's, emails, and links to Dueling rules and such.

For this one though, I'd like to tell people more of the story. The ongoing story I'd like to tell is lycanthropy spreading in the city. I could use your advice!

Link to the story forum:

Link to the previous full moon events:

Red Dragon Inn - Dragon's Mark -> RDI Playables

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