Boudoir style drawings (Link to pictures up)
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#1: Boudoir style drawings (Link to pictures up) Author: SenkaCan Be Found: WestEnd, Kennesaw Studio, or Little Elfhame PostPosted: Sat Feb 10, 2018 10:27 pm
Senka Tihomir is offering boudoir style drawings just in time for Valentine's Day (or single's awareness day. Treat yourself!)


(Note: Most are PG-13 however if any are deemed too racy for the site please PM me and I will remove or place an offsite link.

These obviously are not 100% Boudoir style but use your imagination. Some liberties had to be taken in finding a picture that would work. Some requests were made to expand the mediums offered, so this is more than drawings. Original artists are credited when I could find one. Larger pictures available on Senka's Tumblr and Polyvore. I hope those who signed up enjoy. The playable closes on 2/13 to view the entire collection. Click on individual set to see credits)

Red Dragon Inn - Dragon's Mark -> RDI Playables

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