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#1: Madness 2018 Announced! Author: OliviaCan Be Found: The Scoop or at the dorms. PostPosted: Mon Feb 12, 2018 2:49 pm
Registration of the 2018 DoS Madness tournament is now open! Duelists of any and all levels are encouraged to sign up and test their blades in this annual event.

The tournament is tentatively slated to begin on Thursday, March 15th with a single round being fought each week (excepting round 1 which will span 2 weeks) until we can crown a winner. There's a hard limit of 64 entrants, but no previous dueling experience is required.

Win prizes or just enjoy the action. Bracket pools will be supplied by The Line once the seedings are set, available to spectators and participants alike.

(( Link to the rules, registration, and prizes can be found here: LINK ))

Red Dragon Inn - Dragon's Mark -> RDI Playables

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