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#1: Jagen's Arrival Author: JagenCan Be Found: Inviting you to play chase or go hunting PostPosted: Sat Mar 17, 2018 4:52 pm
Ahh, the sights and smells of the city!

Jagen is a newcomer to RhyDin. He's a German Shepherd-Husky mix.

Place of orign: The arctic tundra
Can be found: Inviting you to play chase or go hunting
Occupation: Part time Sled Dog, full time Hunter

Although he answers to Jagen (with a J), his name is actually pronounced Yagen, (with a Y), in the German pronunciation.

Jagen has the thick coat of a Husky, but the black and brown coloring of a German Shepard.

Jagen's father left Germany to see the world, being tired of herding sheep his whole life on the farm. His travels took him to Alaska, where he met Jagen's mother, a lead sled dog. Together they started their own "transportation" and "wild animal control" business. But their true joy was raising thier family.

So Jagen was raised on the road between the cities and towns of Alaska. Eventually he explored farther and farther on his own. He still keeps in touch when he can.

Jagen speaks and understands fluent english and german, but only rarely speaks.

As there are often leash laws, Jagen has a business relationship and friendship with Troshen. But it's one of equals, just to satisfy local laws.

The Dragon's Inn is accomodating, and Jagen keeps a basket of bones, tugging ropes, and tennis balls behind the bar.

But don't be surprised if he asks you for a pilsner!

Hunting, herding, chasing, long hard trips leading a dogsled team. Wildlife management.

Tracking by his excellent sense of smell.

Jagen has a Bachelor of Science degree in Wildlife Biology and Conservation from University of Alaska Fairbanks.

Pleased to meet you!

Red Dragon Inn - Dragon's Mark -> Getting To Know You

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