Children's Day and May Queen Specials!
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#1: Children's Day and May Queen Specials! Author: Hair or Dye StudiosCan Be Found: In the Marketplace PostPosted: Sat Apr 14, 2018 11:30 am
World Class Hair Salon Hair or Dye Studios is running simultaneous promotions for Children's Day and the May Queen.

Special discounts on all braided styles, with children eighteen and under free!
All purple hair styles 50% off!
Come get a sleek new look for spring from legendary stylist Grace Barlow, out of retirement for one week only!

More Details Here!!

As a special note, the salon will be donating all proceeds from both of these events to Sarengrave House at the request of May Queen Nominee Saila DeFortes.

Come check out all our special deals during Children's Day, and don't forget to vote!

Red Dragon Inn - Dragon's Mark -> RDI Playables

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