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#1: What Just Happened? Author: Sylva PostPosted: Thu May 17, 2018 9:34 pm
(Connected to Arresting Offences)

“So do you like your new job?”

“Yeah! I feel kinda bad that I have broken some plates though,” she answered sheepishly, “Hey, when are you going to get one that isn’t working at the stables?” Sylva asked the young man who was walking with her as they strolled down main street. She couldn’t help but think he was sulking under his hood with the way he was slouched over.

“I like working at the stable plus I get to ride the horses all I want and I get to practice my sword out in the field without being bothered.” Cratos was unphased by her question and had grown accustomed to her frequently asking questions. She was a curious creature and there was nothing wrong with that.

“Hmm.” She could see his point. “Ms. Nicole is really nice. All of Maggie’s family that I have met is nice.” She was lucky to know and have a friend in Maggie. Not just because it got her a job but because it made her life all that much richer.

“Hm? Oh, hey! What is that?” Cratos moved ahead of her to pick the black item laying on the ground. “Looks like a purse. Must be that lady who was ahead of us.” Cratos explained.

“Oh!” She snatched the purse from him and started out into a run in hopes to catch up with the lady and give it back. “I’ll catch up with you at home!” She told Cratos before she turned a corner and was out of sight.

“Hey you! Stop”

Sylva didn’t think it was someone calling out to her. It wasn’t a familiar voice.

“I said stop! If you don’t stop I will shoot!”

The word shoot gained her attention and she slowed to look over her shoulder to see what was going on. She saw some short person..chasing her? And the moment she had turned her head a tall man came around the corner, catching her shoulder with one hand and her arm holding the purse with his other.


She bowled right into the man but was more startled by the fact he was grabbing her in such a way. Her eyes went up to the man who had her, the footfall of the guy behind them quickly coming up. “Wh-wha?”

“We saw you steal this.” The taller of the two men said as his grasp crawled up her arm until it was holding her wrist.

“I did not! I was bringing it back to that lady” Sylva protested quickly.

“That is not what we saw,” the shorter of the two exclaimed, trying to catch his breath. After a few puffs he took out a pair of cuffs attached to his belt, “You are coming down to the station, young lady.” *Click* Went the first cuff into place while the partner lowered her other arm.

“I didn’t do anything wrong!” Sylva whined out in another protest and since she felt the taller man’s grip on her loosen she quickly yanked herself from his grasp, sliding herself back from the two of them. The purse was quickly dropped, as if it were hot lava in her palm and instead that hand quickly went into her messenger bag, fingers grasping around a piece of carved jade.

“Where the hell do you think you are going?!” The taller one shouted and grabbed at her arm, forcing her hand from the bag. Seeing the piece of jade between her fingers he quickly yanked it away. “What is this? Something else you stole?”

Sylva’s eyes went wide and she made a grab at the jade horse. “N-NO! That is mine!” She grabbed the man’s hand, trying to wrestle the precious item free.

“Why would a child like you have something like this? Don’t lie to us! You stole it!” The man popped her face with his knuckles to throw her off.

Instead he found her biting his hand, just short of the jade horse he happened to be holding. It wasn’t no light bite, either. She sank her teeth, fangs and all, into the man’s flesh. His skin tasted like cigarettes and beer, his blood no better. As gross as it was to her, she had no intentions on letting go.

The man howled out and while the shorter man grasped at her cuffed hand. “You little brat! Let go!” While he had gently rapped her across the face the first time, this time his knuckles met her face with a solid punch. Instead of letting go, she bit down harder. It caused the taller man to punch and he didn’t cease until she relented.

When she did release the shorter of the two men used her arm to pull her away, throwing her to the ground. “You’ve done it now, girl! Instead of just going in for a simple case of thievery now you are going in for assaulting an officer.”

She spat out a chunk of flesh she had ripped from the taller man’s hand, “He..took..my-”

Before she could even finish the tall man had torn up the distance between them and drew his leg back before swift kicking the fallen Sylva right in the gut. “Shut up, bitch.” He snarled down while planting two more kicks into the girl’s torso.

Despite the kicks, she made no sound other than the woosh of air leaving her lungs and the wheezing afterward. She didn’t fight back. Would not fight back. How could she? If she attacked them more than she already had she would be in more trouble and if she killed them? She would be no better than she was back then - becoming that monster she was trying not to be anymore.

“Hey! Hey! That is enough, Crosley. Think the kid has learned her lesson.” the shorter guy said as he turned her onto her stomach and finished cuffing her hands behind her back.

“Whatever.” Crosley spat. “She isn’t a kid, Lambert! She is one of those monsters running around. Look at those teeth marks. She’s got fangs! Probably killed those people last week we found drained of blood in the back allies a few months ago.” He snarled as both men reached down, grabbing under one of Sylva’s arms and dragging her up to her feet.

Dazed and completely confused she was dragged all the way to the jailhouse, tossed into a closed off cell in the back of the building. The two men said something that was lost on her. Her head was still ringing and hell if she had any idea were she was. She managed to plant her rear on the ground with her back to the wall which was terribly uncomfortable with her hands still cuffed. She didn’t complain, didn’t scream out about the injustice of it. She just sulked and waited - for what? She wasn't sure.

#2:  Author: Doran IlnarenCan Be Found: Stardreamer Manor PostPosted: Sun May 27, 2018 10:44 pm
"Doran! Hey, Doran!" The call was slightly breathless, as the one calling had been running for some times. "Sylva! The Watch took her in."

"What? Why?!" Eyes wide with surprise and concern, Doran turned to face his friend.

The other youth drew a heavy breath as he came to a stop. "We found a purse that some lady had dropped, and Sylva was trying to catch up with her to give it back when these two Watchmen grabbed her."

"Did you try to assist her?"

Cratos gave his friend an aggrieved look. "I was heading over to try, but then the big one hit her hard, so I thought I'd better find someone."

Frowning, Doran gave a brief nod. "I'll see if I can help Sylva."

"Okay," replied the Cormyrian lad, "I'll see if I can find that lady. If she can tell the Watch that she just dropped the purse, they won't have any reason to hold Sylva."

"You think you can find her? In this city?!"

Cratos laughed at that question. "Well, she was a bit purplish, so that'll help."

One of Doran's eyebrows arched incredulously. "In this city?!" Then he grinned and started heading towards the local Watch station. Along the way, he spotted a constable walking his beat, and decided to ask for his aid. "Excuse me? I'm looking for a girl."

The officer stopped and blinked at him. "Pardon?"

"I need to find a girl. Slim, pretty, kinda innocent-looking..."

The Watchman rounded fully on Doran, and reached out to grab his arm. "All right, punk, I've heard enough!" Taking a pair of cuffs, he brought the youth's wrists behind his back and latched them together. "You're under arrest for soliciting prostitution!" Before Doran could react, he was being marched away.

Oh well, he thought, I needed to go to the Watch station anyway.

* * *

The station house was abuzz with activity; apparently the Watch had been having a busy day. Doran and his captor walked up to the desk sergeant, who was on the phone. "Say again, Central? They've got what? Spiders?! Yeah, yeah, it's Rhy'Din, I've seen weirder. Well, we're pretty backed up here, too. Tell 'em to transport the overflow to New Haven. What?! No, the perps, not the spiders!" Hanging up the phone, he looked down at his newest problem. "Whattaya got, Decker?"

"This punk approached me soliciting for prostitutes, Sarge." Officer Decker sneered at his prisoner, while Doran just shrugged. "Kids today!"

"This right, boy? Trying to get a girl for the night?" Never mind that it was only mid-afternoon. "Are you even through with school yet?"

Doran adopted his calmest expression. "No, and I wasn't looking for prostitutes, either. The constable didn't give me a chance to explain. All I said was that I was looking for a girl. A specific girl, actually."

"So you're a regular?" asked Decker with a scoffing sound.

Doran's silent reaction screamed, Are you kidding me? The desk sergeant's face matched it. "Decker, shut up and uncuff the kid, then go find some reports to file. So," he added to Doran, "you're looking for a friend of yours? Girlfriend, maybe?" When the boy nodded, he chuckled in response. "What's she look like?"

"Slim, cute... mismatched eyes, and reddish hair cut unevenly."

The sergeant was nodding slowly. "Yeah, we got her in back. Hey, Tubraat! Go back to Holding and get that girl that Crosley and Lambert brought in, will ya?" As the officer rushed to obey, his sergeant regarded Doran thoughtfully. "You're Ilnaren's kid, aren't ya? My wife's a theater buff, so she has season tickets to the Shanachie. You're not bad, y'know? Hey, that's funny; Tubraat brought your dad in here the other night, and then your boss, Ms. De Luca, the next day. I have to say, I was kinda embarrassed. That rookie's a good kid, but he really needs to get his act together."

"Well, it could be worse. Apparently, you could have spiders," added Doran with a grin. Then he spied someone across the room and beamed. "Sylva!"

"...doran?" She looked a bit lost at first, but then brightened up considerably as she rushed towards him, only to be intercepted by a mismatched pair of officers. "Hey!"

"Where d'you think you're going?" asked the taller one. "You still owe me for that bite you took out."

"And for stealing that purse," added his partner.

"She didn't steal it!" That came from the station's main door, where a woman with slightly purple skin stood next to a slightly disheveled youth. "Nobody stole my purse, you idiot! I dropped it, and that kind young woman was trying to get it back to me. Now why don't you let her go and get on with catching some actual brigands?"

With a drawn-out sigh, the desk sergeants waved in Sylva's general direction. "Tubraat, get the girl her belongings and cut her loose. Crosley, Lambert, report to the Lieutenant. Kid," and here he addressed Doran, who was still focused on Sylva, "take your girlfriend and get out of here."

Reunited, the three friends walked out of the station house, Doran and Sylva holding hands while Cratos walked beside them. Doran looked at the other lad. "I can't believe you found her so quickly!"

"What can I say? I'm good!"

"That you are!" Doran gave his friend a pat on the back, then squeezed Sylva's hand gently. "So... who wants ice cream?"

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