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Scarred - The Cavalry Comes

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 19, 2010 12:42 pm    Post subject: Scarred - The Cavalry Comes Reply with quote

Seaside was a relatively quiet barony, tucked as it was away from the main thoroughfares in the northwest corner of RhyDin. Early evening brought a spectacular sunset over the cliffs, which this night was watched in the quiet by the Baroness and her Beloved Mate, cuddled up on the balcony overlooking the shore. The only sounds heard were the sips of warm tea, the soft crash of the waves below, and the sub-sonic rumble of Roran as he held Wyheree close against his side.

With a startled gasp, Wyh leaned forward, setting her teacup down - both her hands going to her temples as she stood, Roran gazing up at her with unveiled concern.

"Kaa'tha, what is it? Are you well?" Wyheree nodded slowly, leaning against the balcony railing.

"Yes - though I fear all is not well in RhyDin this night..." Roran stood, moving behind his Mate, wrapping his solid arms about her waist - both his ears flickering, a frown forming on his muzzle as suddenly, they both angled upriver, towards the city.

"I hear sirens, Beloved, and underneath those, I hear screams, and the clash of fighting." Wyheree looked up at him, motes of jet swirling in her silver eyes.

"I feared you would hear such - I just received a word from Artemus, who is Headmaster of a school for young magic-users in RhyDin - the Arcanum Academy. I give lectures there on occasion." Roran nodded slowly, touching his muzzle to her forehead, the expression in his blue eyes fierce.

"Then you must go and fight with them, kaa'tha, for whoever would target a school deserves no less than your full glory." Both his ears flickered again. "I do not think the fighting will come this far, but if it does, the Manor will not be unprotected." She reached up, cupping his face with her hand, nuzzling her lips against his.

"I shall return as quickly as I can, my kaa'tha." She turned in his arms, drawing him to her for a proper kiss.

Then, reluctantly, The Ice Baroness stepped clear of Roran, mist already swirling about her ankles. Closing her eyes to get a fix on where it was she wished to go, ice crystals joined the mist, the utter cold of the Ice Plane enveloping her in its grasp, and then she was gone, a few flakes drifting off into the fall night.
"Like a sign, like a dream, you're my Amaranthine."
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