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Entre Nous

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Lirssa Sarengrave
Ancient Wyrm
Ancient Wyrm

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 02, 2011 9:34 pm    Post subject: Entre Nous Reply with quote

We are secrets to each other
Each one's life a novel no-one else has read.
Even joined in bonds of love,
We're linked to one another by such slender threads.
-Entre Nous, Permanent Waves, Rush

It had been a difficult several days. One thing after another drew apart the slender veil of naivete. Lirssa could not tell if the distance was growing or lessening with that parting veil of secrets.

School was tomorrow. She had taken the afternoon to see how long it took her to walk to school. The absence of Dante was keenly felt. It was a shame he had not been there for the trip to the inn. Lirssa was pretty sure a few nips to her hand would have been appropriate. Still, she had learned what she needed to know -- it took far too long to get from school to the Outback. The other things she had learned she crushed back in her thoughts.

All of it kept washing up to the shore of her conscious, refusing to be ignored. The cure of activity was all well and good, but it did not keep her thoughts away. They were still there with each punch of the bag and climb of the rope. She played tummy time with Raza, rolling on the living room carpet in mimic of him, which actually did help until he needed to be changed and get a nap.

She gathered up the toys into the basket while Maman settled Raza for his nap. A third and fourth check of her messenger bag, and the clothes cleaned and pressed for tomorrow, Lirssa started to wander the halls.

The walls had witnessed much in the past days. Her fingers trailed over their paint and paper and wondered what they thought. How many rooms, how many walls, how many little secret places where things hid in the loft?

But even with the walls there was room to grow, to see, to connect. Lirssa went through the doors, and back out, and around. Tonight the inn she hoped would keep her thoughts busy. Her parents understood her need, giving her permission for one last late night on a school night.

Lirssa grabbed up her coat, and Dante with her this time, and went to that inn hoping for noise, laughter, and the thick scents of people with their own secrets.
Cirque du Soliel contortionist -- skills similar to Lirssa's

"Anyone can handle a bad girl. It's the good girls men should be warned against." - David Niven
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